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The inauguration as seen from the masses

We survived. Which, is about as much as one hope for when you go fish with a few million of your friends. We walked a lot. About 7 or so hours worth of walking, standing, walking, more standing, and more … Read More Here

Run towards the buns

Saturday is all about the run.  Run far, run sorta fast…but run long.  So I did.  Just shy of 21 miles worth of bank deposits in 2.5 hours.  I was a bit unhappy though as I couldn’t get the speed … Read More Here

Wanna build your own bike path?

Over the last week and a half I’ve had the entertainment of watching various road/construction crews rebuild the bike path in front of my house.  I have a ‘running path’ on the side closest to my house, and a ‘bike … Read More Here

A ‘relaxing’ loooong weekend

Well…that was the plan anyway. Sometimes things doesn’t exactly go according to plan. Post-Ironman is an interesting time. Once the initial muscle pain subsided I still had the general fatigue in my body. Just always tired, but not always sleepy. … Read More Here

Enjoying the Taper

I continue to have more time that I know what to do with.  So, I’ve been filling up the rest of the days will all sorts of fun things to keep me busy. Friday: After knocking out a mini-IT2 trainer … Read More Here


After the century ride on Friday, it was time to clean up the pad and prepare for my parents to arrive painfully early Saturday morning.  I spent the weekend (and today – Monday) running around doing all sorts of interesting … Read More Here

Boo-Boo and Bambi

Today…well today was a long day. I knocked out my first century ride. Technically 101 miles. Except, this wasn’t no flat-ground century. Nope, this was back up on Skyline again (in case you haven’t noticed by now – every one … Read More Here


In many ways, my weekends are somewhat predictable.  Run, Swim, Laze Around, Sleep, Bike, Run.  Repeat.  But, I try and mix things up as much as possible to keep the routine from becoming stagnant. Saturday: I met up with the … Read More Here

Faux Race

This weekend was a solid mix of different stuff, not overwhelmingly busy – but just good-type busy. Saturday: At 6:53AM I was laying in bed deciding whether or not I wanted to join up with the running group to do … Read More Here

Let the sun shine…and the rain pour.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to stop and enjoy the day. So I did just that. While last weekend inaugurated the warm weather back to DC, this week brought in the *nice* weather. Woohoo! After my 20 mile run and then … Read More Here

The Squirrels are out to get me

This weekend was chalk full of stuff. Let’s begin where all weekends begin… Saturday A few weeks prior a local race director/triathlete (really good one) had e-mailed me asking if I wanted either into either the National Marathon or a … Read More Here