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Separating product timeline fact from fantasy: Interbike Edition

Now that some of the hype has died down a bit from Interbike, it’s time to take a look at what exactly all these vendors have promised…and which ones might actually meet their promises. But as is always the case, … Read More Here

Things I learned at Interbike

I figured a good Sunday post would be just some random thoughts I had around Interbike – being it was my first time there – and my first time really ‘covering’ any sort of event. There was quite a bit … Read More Here

Interbike Power Meter Seminar Wrap-Up

The last two weeks have been crazy busy – but perhaps one of the more interesting parts of Interbike was the Power Meter Seminar, which was held Wednesday morning just prior to the show floor opening up.  The seminar (now … Read More Here

An interview with Barry Redmond of Brim Brothers

Last week while at Interbike I had the chance to sit down with Barry Redmond of Brim Brothers and talk about where they as a company stood in their quest to develop a cleat based power meter.  There’s of course … Read More Here

Spending time with the LeMond Revolution Fitness ANT+ Trainer

There were/are very few non-bike vendors at Interbike that actually show up at BOTH the Outdoor Demo, and the Indoor Expo.  In fact, I think PowerAde was probably about the only other one.  But perhaps that shows something about the … Read More Here

A bit of time playing with the Tacx VR Trainer

Over the past few months I’ve received more and more e-mail asking what I thought about the Tacx trainers, and how I thought they compared to RacerMate’s CompuTrainer.  And it wasn’t until I started poking at the Tacx trainers that … Read More Here

A look at Pedal Brain

Out of all the companies developing iPhone based cycling computers and/or applications – it’s actually Pedal Brain that’s been beating the drum the longest.  I had a chance to sit down…well…stand up actually, with Matt Bauer – the founder of … Read More Here

Hands on with the iBike Dash at Interbike

I first heard about the iBike Dash a few months ago, while looking at information related to their normal iBike Aero power meters.  The iBike Dash represented a bit of a departure from the companies past power meter products.  In … Read More Here

The Las Vegas Triathlon (not much of a) Race Report

If you were following my Tweets this past weekend, you know that things weren’t quite all rosy in Las Vegas for me.  Shortly after wrapping up my week-long wandering of the Interbike floor, The Girl and I headed out for … Read More Here

Talking with Timex about the future of the Timex Global Trainer

One of the great things about Interbike is the ability to sit down with engineers and product folks about their products and have a good chat.  While some companies shy away from having their top engineers show up at trade … Read More Here

Interbike Exhibition Day 3 Overview

While the show floor may have closed here at Interbike, my coverage hasn’t quite ended.  I still have numerous posts to write, edit and publish – which will keep on trickling out over the next few days.  Still in the … Read More Here

A look at CompuTrainer’s new RacerMate One software suite

Back in July RacerMate announced a complete overhaul of their existing CompuTrainer software, which came in multiple pieces.  The new software suite – dubbed RacerMate One – would integrate all of the existing software components together under one roof, while … Read More Here

A brief teaser of the Joule with CycleOps, plus their power meter seminar session

I had a bit of time to spend with the guys from CylceOps and the Joule.  This would be the first time I’ve had a chance to get hands on with it, and I must say – I’m pretty impressed.  … Read More Here

Interbike Exhibition Day 2 Overview

I’ll be honest – I have no idea how my day got so busy yesterday.  But I got to meet-up with tons of people and got tons of great content for ya’ll.  Just a matter of having 45 minutes per … Read More Here

Analysis and Discussion with Garmin and MetriGear about new Vector Power Meter

Note: Please see in depth post on Vector “Everything you ever wanted to know about the Garmin Vector pedal based power meter” posted here (it’s a whole lot more detailed and in depth, and includes comprehensive Q&A with the Garmin … Read More Here

An entertaining introduction to Cyclocross racing at CrossVegas

I should preface this by saying that before last night I knew just about nothing about Cyclocross…well, except that it involves bikes, obstacles and occasional running.  So I suppose in many ways it’s kinda like triathlon – though without the … Read More Here

A look at Quarq’s new Power Meter Configuration/Diag App, and Dual-SRM mode

Power Meter manufacturer Quarq made a number of announcements on Wednesday related to power meters, so let’s get into the quick recap: 1) Introduction of a mountain bike power meter unit 2) Announced upcoming compatibility of Cinqo’s with SRM Power … Read More Here

Polar/Look Power Meter Session

While I’ve previously outlined the new Polar/Look power meter, I wanted to touch on it again now that I’ve had a chance to poke at it first hand.  Also, in order to make this post really awesome for those of … Read More Here

Interbike Exhibition Day 1 Overview

Today was the first day of the big show…and boy was it busy!  So busy in fact I never even had a chance to sit down and write really anything…well, except notes from interviews.  And there were a lot of … Read More Here

Demo Day 2 at Interbike

The second and final day of the Outdoor Demo Day’s here at Interbike promised to be pretty packed – as most folks end up coming in for a day of outdoor action, followed by a few days of indoor action … Read More Here

A trifecta introduction to E-Bikes

Before I arrived at Interbike, I kept on hearing about these E-Bikes.  To me, it just sounded like a bike that really wanted to partake in the whole e-revolution.  You know, e-mail, e-file, e-everything!  Next thing you know, they would … Read More Here

Braving the mountain ledge bike bus…Interbike style

When Interbike moves to Anaheim next year in August, I’m fairly certain the attendees won’t find anything like the below.  That’s unfortunate, as I think it’s scenes like this that really make Interbike a truly unique event – something different … Read More Here

Demo Day 1 at Interbike

While I’ve got all sorts of product and feature specific items lined up all week long, today’s first day at the Outdoor Demo was more about getting a lay of the land.  Lots of land.  The drive is about 30-45 … Read More Here

Getting set for Interbike!

Next week I’ll be hanging out in warm and sunny Las Vegas for Interbike.  I arrive Sunday and will be there all week long, eventually finishing up with racing in the Las Vegas Triathlon on Sunday. Luckily, my badge for … Read More Here