Interbike 2011 Day 3 Overview (All sorts of fun stuff, non-sports tech)

Ray’s Note: Like the previous two days – The Girl has been including her take on the show floor by covering the non sports technology goods.  Here’s her post.

For the last day of interbike I thought I would keep things light.  I decided to wander the floor and find random things of interest and draw goofy conclusions about the industry! Here’s what I concluded!

I would like to start with what is obviously the most import discovery of the day… Bertie’s Bakery is catching on! As you can check out in the picture below, I even have bike companies making personalized bikes for me; making it even better…they’re Canadian! Thanks Bobbin Bikes!

Bertie's Bicycles

The Color Wheel: The use of color to attract the attention of the buyer was overly prevalent! Grey and mauve are definitely out, and bright colors and animations are back in!






Sex Sells! Lots of Companies took advantage of the booty making it into the marketplace! Boy are they creative…and ever so appropriate to Vegas!





Fun art displays were all over the convention floor!





Graphic tee’s were a great vehicle to get your message out there!

FU Cancer

IMG_9569 IMG_9618

Hope you’ve enjoyed the show!  I had a blast wandering the floor and helping out – especially meeting many of you (and handing out some of the now infamous DCRainmaker cookies I made).  Thanks everyone!

As always, if you’ve got any questions (or if you just found this useful), feel free to drop a comment below.  Thanks for reading!

For the latest Interbike coverage, remember I’ll be tweeting nonstop, so you can catch all the latest action there.  And here on the blog you can use this tag to see all the Interbike 2011 posts. Thanks for reading!


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  1. I have to say that both of you have done a fantastic job this past week! Thank you for covering all of the tech stuff as well as the lighter and goofier side of Interbike.

    I look forward to all of the detailed reviews coming out over the next couple of months!


  2. You found some real gems out there, Bobbie! Glad to see some guest posts from you and I hope you brought back some fun shirts for yourself

  3. Top work.. Thanks guys.. Better then Velonews and Cycling news’s guff coverage they do..

  4. Well done DC and Bobbin! – Like Batman and Robin – investigating the latest leads from cycling world wide. Great to get the inter-bike news for downunder. Keep up the great work. Cookie in Oz.

  5. Excellent post and excellent blog! Thanks! Absolutely loved that graphics with the cranc saying n”Better or Worse, Richer or Poorer ” et.c. Do you know who’s made it and if it’s orderable somewhere?

  6. Ray,

    if you need someone to ride against with the tacx, I have access to them at my shop. we sell them and have been for a year. I rode ours all last winter.

    I know that you ride away from me but it will give you someone else to ride against.


  7. Hi Falken-

    That was part of the Interbike Crankart exhibit, which you could purchase the posters. Here’s all the information we have:

    Title is: Repeat After Me
    Artist is: Erica Birkman (USA)
    Price was: $50

    Interbike CrankArt exhibit #18A

    Hope this help a bit!

  8. Coil posts, thanks for great work while covering the more fun part :-) You make perfect couple, I always enjoy reading your posts! :)

  9. Even though it is a cartoon, I still can’t help but think that naked bike riding cannot be comfortable. And the seat! Think of the seat!

  10. I am afraid that Interbike starts facing the same problem (perhaps a good problem)the Eurobike does – too many vendors and too little time.

    I came back a bit frustrated, since there are too many interesting companies and getting enough time for in depth conversation becomes very challenging.