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2009 Chesapeake Man Aqua-Velo Race Report

The Chesapeake Man Ultra Triathlon is essentially a Ironman Distance Triathlon, but because World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) owns the naming rights to “Ironman”, these non-M-Dot races (referring to the logo of the M with a dot) are usually called something … Read More Here

Swimming the line

Last week following the Nation’s Triathlon, I stumbled on some pictures on Flickr from the event.  There was a huge assortment of pics taken on that day – ones of athletes during each of the sports, a few artistic ones, … Read More Here

Friday Tidbits

Without a doubt, the most important item to call out this morning, actually occurred this past Sunday morning.  As some of you will remember, my Mom’s been training for her first triathlon this summer.  And on Sunday, she officially became … Read More Here

Weekend Part I – Luray Triathlon

For all three of you who may have noticed, I haven’t posted since last Thursday (almost a week ago!).   That’s been due to a lack of internet, land telephone or even cell phone coverage where I’ve been staying since Friday.  … Read More Here

Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 – 2009 Race Report

The Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 course is a bit different than most triathlon courses out there, primarily due to its point to point nature.  This means that instead of starting and ending in roughly the same place, you actually start … Read More Here

IMRI 70.3…Med tent edition

Well…suffice to say that didn’t exactly go as planned on multiple fronts.  I collapsed at the finish line and then found myself in the medical tent a short bit later with a sweet 102*F core body temperature. I’m good now, … Read More Here


Ok, I’ve only got a second – sorry – got all behind this weekend. Suffice to say…the girl and I are ready to roll: See the Great White Shark there?  Well, hopefully he doesn’t appear tomorrow (again), at the same … Read More Here

What is qualifying? The definitive guide to the biggies

Back a while ago, someone asked what all the hubbub was about ‘qualifying’ for various big events within the Triathlon or Running world.  So here’s the quick rundown of how it all works for the top events in each sport.  … Read More Here

Send me to Antarctica, among other things…

The first thing I shall draw your attention to is a fully updated Garmin 305 review post.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, review posts that I do account for a fair chunk of traffic to my blog, so I … Read More Here

Washington DC ITU Pro Race Spectator Report

If you’ve been following along in the tri world you likely know that this past Sunday here in little ole Washington DC there was a major pro triathlon as part of the Dextro Energy ITU World Championship Series that’s stopping … Read More Here

2009 Washington DC Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Race Report

The first order of business in any triathlon is packet pickup, which I accomplished the day before downtown at the Hyatt.  It as pretty cool seeing a number of the pro’s hanging out in the lobby, preparing for their race … Read More Here

How to race tri’s with a Garmin Forerunner or Edge

While I have many posts on how to get the most from your Garmin Forerunner, it was pointed out to me recently that I don’t actually have any posts on how best to race with it.  So this one will … Read More Here

Kinetic 2009 Sprint Tri Race Report

As far as race days go for triathlons, you couldn’t ask for a better day.  Despite enough rain lately to consider building an ark, the sun decided to shine for just one day (in the middle of a 10-15 day … Read More Here

Escape from Ft. Desoto Tri Race Report…btw…1st in AG.

Some races you just have a good feeling about, while others you don’t. Back a few weeks ago I had a ‘less than ideal’ feeling about the National Half-Marathon. But this past week, I was feeling pretty good going into … Read More Here

Packed and ready to roll…and run…and that swim thing.

I have arrived.  Well, to the Tampa airport anyway…just waiting for my bike case to roll off the ‘oversized’ luggage area.  But that should happen relatively soon.  I had forgotten how much more ‘fun’ it is to pack for an … Read More Here

New DC triathlon race announced to go with ITU World Cup Race

I’ve heard about this for months and even had some e-mails with the ITU folks about it – and as of today, it’s FINALLY announced – The US Dextro Energy Triathlon.  As many of you already know, there’s an ITU … Read More Here

Thoughts on triathlon coaching

A get about an e-mail a day from someone asking for advice on topic XYZ or gizmo ZYX.  I’m always happy to help anyone who e-mails me – so feel free to keep the questions coming!  Every once in a … Read More Here

The 2009 Schedule…revealed

Given it’s late January now, and I’m past all the New Year and Inauguration stuffola, it’s time to get on with the new year.  Training has resumed back to a normal workload with plenty of harder double-workouts about half the … Read More Here

To improve my running, I need to improve my cycling

I was chatting with the coach the other day and noted that one of my goals for 2009 is to really improve on my run off the bike.  I can run quite well independent of a triathlon, but my runs … Read More Here

Rain rain go away, don’t come back another day

Once again I went camping and watch a friend compete in a tri (her first Olympic Distance event just a few weeks after her first sprint). While the weekend was a blast – it would have been sooooo much nicer … Read More Here

Nations Triathlon 2008 Race Report

You may already know the resultant, but let’s talk through how it all went down. Pre-Race: I was a bit concerned with logistics race morning as a TON of streets were closed and since our bikes were already checked in … Read More Here

Hardware Collection – Nation’s Tri – 3rd place in AG

Details later on…off to the pool (not to swim, just to enjoy the 95* day).

Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat

Monday marked a return to the norm.  The ever constant and cyclic training regime: Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat (actually, there are many rinses, fear not).  Except, the cool thing is that since I’ve got a race on Sunday (Nation’s … Read More Here

Me vs the Hurricane

Let’s be clear…I won vs the Hurricane.  Well, actually…we won. Because I’m tired and already behind a day on getting this written up and posted, we’re going to go with pure picture mode.  Booyeah! (Our little Spot Tracker GPS trail) … Read More Here

The Tattoo

There has been much discussion amongst the populous regarding whether or not I’ll be getting a tattoo with a little M-Dot logo or other pictorial to signify my finishing an Ironman.To round up some of the comments:Jeanne took the more … Read More Here