Huge Fall Sale: 20% off All Trainers & Most Power Meters, $150 off Fenix 5 (including Fenix 5 Plus)


Like clockwork, it’s that time of year again! The now annual 20% off sale.  Now technically, it’s semi-annual since it happens now and in the spring.  But I don’t think anyone’s complaining about the chance to buy a brand new just released trainer for 20% off.

No matter what you call it, there are some amaze-balls deals in here.  And while my title says all trainers and almost all power meters, the reality is that this applies to boatloads more devices/products too. More about your imagination than anything else, in terms of finding solid deals.

To briefly back up: Historically speaking we see the biggest sports tech sales clustered in two timeframes: November (up to/around Black Friday), and May. It’s now November, and we’re starting to see some companies announce sales.  Plus we’ve seen some Black Friday ads start to appear on the interwebs.

In general, sales fall into two buckets:

A) Retailer driven sales
B) Manufacturer driven sales (specified by the manufacturer, but then sold through retailers)

Within the US, manufacturers have to approve virtually all sales, to stay compliant with MAP policies (Minimum Advertised Price).  Said MAP concept doesn’t exist elsewhere.  So in the case of the Garmin sales below, those fall into bucket ‘B’ above.  Whereas everything else in this post falls into bucket ‘A’ above. Make sense?  Good.

Garmin Fenix 5/5 Plus Series Sale:

So we’ve got one major sale here being driven by Clever Training for 20% off, though we’ve actually got a secondary Garmin sideshow sale that starts as well, which I’ll briefly cover first – because it’s pretty solid!  The Clever Training 20% deal starts TODAY (right now), but the Garmin deals start TOMORROW/FRIDAY, November 9th.  These do NOT require any VIP deal, but are straight up discounts available starting tomorrow:

Garmin Fenix 5 Series (non-Plus – starting Friday, November 9th!!!):

Garmin Fenix 5S – $150 off (Amazon/Clever Training)
Garmin Fenix 5 – $150 off (Amazon/Clever Training)
Garmin Fenix 5X – $150 off (Amazon/Clever Training)


Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series (the one with music, contactless payments and maps) – Starts Nov 9th:

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus – $150 off (Amazon/Clever Training)
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus – $150 off (Amazon/Clever Training)
Garmin Fenix 5X Plus – $150 off (Amazon/Clever Training)


I’m going to let Captain Obvious point out that this is the first time we’ve seen the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus on sale, and Garmin didn’t disappoint here.  I do NOT expect this to mean there’s an imminent Fenix 6 or something on the way. Instead, this is actually a bit of an annual pattern here from Garmin to put the latest Fenix series on sale. Also, I suspect they want to jab their knife in a bit deeper to Polar’s just launched Vantage multisport series.

Note that this being the start of the holiday sales period, things will obviously come into play over the next three weeks.  However, I can say incredibly confidently that you won’t see any deals greater than 20% off for the eligible items listed below in the VIP sale.  You’ll likely see individual watches/bike computers go on sale, maybe maxing out around 30% or so (primarily in Europe), but since none of those are eligible for this sale, it doesn’t much matter in this context.

Retailers and manufacturers work pretty closely this time of year to ensure that someone doesn’t buy something on sale this week, only to have it get deeper on sale in two weeks. That results in lots of administrivia overhead that both sides hate. So instead, they tend to vary the specific items on sale so that there’s no point in the holiday season where something gets more on sale.



For many of you, this is actually the much bigger sale. And it only happens twice a year, starting now (today).

And it’s not just power meters and trainers, it’s almost anything.

In this sale, each Clever Training (CT) VIP member is given a coupon code (FALLVIP) that’s good for 20% off a single non-sale item including all trainers and most power meters.  It doesn’t matter if that item is the Tacx Neo 2 trainer, Wahoo KICKR 2018 trainer or the CLIMB, the PowerTap P2 power meter pedals, the new Polar Vantage series, or Oakley aero helmets.  Your choice, but it’s only available to CT VIP members. I explain how to be a VIP Member below.

There are a handful of limitations, most notably that it’s not valid on non-power meter Garmin stuff, GoPro, Fitbit, Quarq, Favero, and a few others I list down below in the restrictions. Those are all manufacturer driven restrictions. Note: The Favero Assioma pedals are still valid with the usual 10% off DCR Coupon Code (DCR10BTF).  And if you live in Europe, the trainer-specific deals can’t be shipped to you.

With that in mind, there are some incredible deals to be had for trainers and power meters here – or other high-value items.  Especially new trainers and newly released power meters, even more so going into trainer season.  Here’s some quick guidance on both categories:

Power Meters: You’ve seen all there is to see on new power meter announcements for the year.  The next time we’ll see meaningful power meter announcements is usually in April, clustered around Sea Otter (usually for shipping months later).  So basically – if you want a power meter for the next 6 months or so and want to save 20%, it won’t get better than this anytime soon.

Trainers: This is super simple – everything is out, and don’t expect anything new till at least next summer (likely June or July).  And even better is that almost everything is available immediately, save a few last minute stragglers going into the next 2-3 weeks.  This year brought the deepest and most complete trainer lineup we’ve ever seen.  Definitely check out my just published 2018 Trainer Guide here!

The sale is members only, but it’s simple to get started:

  1. Pick out the item you want to buy and add to cart (see below list as a starting point)
  2. Add the Clever Training VIP membership to your cart
  3. Add VIP members-only coupon code (FALLVIP) upon checkout to save 20%.
  4. Enjoy gadget!

There are too many deals to list, because obviously that’d be tens of thousands of items that Clever Training carries, even helmets and other sports gear.  But you can find all trainers Clever Training carries here on the trainer landing page (it’s basically everyone).  ALL trainers listed qualify for the sale!  Yes, all of them!


You can find all power meters Clever Training carries here on their power meter landing page.


I’m going to call out the most notable ones in the table below:

DCR Best VIP Tech Deals - Fall 2018

ItemYear Announced Regular Price Review/Related Post
4iiii Power Meters2015-2018From $399 DCR Post Here
AeroPod Aero SensorSpring 2018$499 DCR Post Here
COROS PACE GPS Multisport WatchSpring 2018$299 DCR Post Here
Cycliq Fly12 CE Front Bike Light/CameraFall 2017$279 DCR Post Here
Cycliq Fly6 CE Back Bike Light/CameraFall 2017$179 DCR Post Here
Elite Drivo II Trainer Summer 2018$1,199 DCR Post Here
Elite Direto 2018 TrainerFall 2018$899 DCR Post Here
Elite ZumoLast week$699 DCR Post Here
CycleOps Hammer 2 (H2)Summer 2018$1,199 DCR Post Here
CycleOps Mangus 2 (M2)Fall 2018$699 DCR Post Here
Kinetic Smart Control 2018 TrainersFall 2018$1,050 DCR Post Here
Lezyne Mega-C Bike ComputerSummer 2018$199 DCR Post Here
Lezyne Mega-XL Bike ComputerSummer 2018$199 DCR Post Here
NPE Cable ANT+ to Bluetooth Smart ConverterSpring 2017$59 DCR Post Here
Pioneer Power Meters2015-2018From $499 DCR Post Here
Polar M460 GPS Bike ComputerApril 2017$329 DCR Post Here
Polar OH-1 Optical SensorFall 2017$79 DCR Post Here
Polar M600 GPS Android Wear WatchLate 2016$329 DCR Post Here
Polar Vantage M GPS WatchFall 2018$279 DCR Post Here
Polar Vantage V GPS WatchFall 2018$499 DCR Post Here
PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals2015$799 DCR Post Here
PowerTap P2 Power Meter Pedals2015$899 DCR Post Here
STAC Zero Trainer (with power)2017$479 DCR Post Here
STAC Halcyon Trainer (with power)Summer 2018$799 DCR Post Here
Quadlock Bike MountsFrom Fall 2017from $29 DCR Post Here
RunScribe PlusFall 2017$249 DCR Post Here
Scosche Rhythm 24Winter 2018$99 DCR Post Here
Suunto 9 SeriesSummer 2018$499-599 DCR Post Here
Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR2017$277 DCR Post Here
Stages Power Meters2015-2017From $529 DCR Post Here
Stages LR Dual Power MetersLate 2017From $999 DCR Post Here
Tacx Flux 1 SmartMid-2018 Edition$699 DCR Post Here
Tacx Flux S SmartFall 2018$749 DCR Post Here
Tacx Flux 2 SmartFall 2018$899 DCR Post Here
Tacx NEO 1 SmartLate 2016$1,369 DCR Post Here
Tacx NEO 2 SmartFall 2018$1,399 DCR Post Here
Tacx Bushido Smart2014$799 DCR Post Here
Velocomp PowerPod Dual ANT+/BLEFall 2017From $199 DCR Post Here
Wahoo KICKR Trainer 2018Summer 2018$1,199 DCR Post Here
Wahoo KICKR CORESummer 2018$899 DCR Post Here
Wahoo KICKR SNAP Trainer 2017 (most recent)Summer 2017$599 DCR Post Here
Wahoo KICKR CLIMBSummer 2018$599 DCR Post Here
Wahoo Headwind FanSummer 2018$249 DCR Post Here
Wahoo TICKR-FITJanuary 20198$79 DCR Post Here

So you’re probably wondering about that VIP requirement?  That’s basically akin to what REI does with their twice-yearly members-only sale.  Except in this case the Clever Training VIP membership only costs $4.99.  And the proceeds of that go to ‘Girls On The Run’, a running focused charity.  So it’s basically a win-win.  You get a massive savings, and an awesome charity gets supported.

And of course, your gadgetry purchase helps support the site here (as all Clever Training purchases do).

The only power meters excluded from this sale are Favero Assioma and Quarq/SRAM. Those are manufacturer specific choices by those companies. Non-power meter exclusions are GoPro, non-power meter Garmin stuff, Fitbit, again, also per manufacturer requirement.  Finally, the Elite Fuoripista and Tacx Neo Smart Bike are excluded, as is the Wahoo Desk and ELEMNT/BOLT. [Update: The Kinetic R1 has also been now removed from the sale, per manufacturer request.]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here’s what I expect to be a few frequently asked questions:

How many items can I get a discount for?

One item. Just one, and only one.

Is this per household?

No, it’s one item per member (per human).  Thus, if you have multiple unique VIP members in a household, then you can have multiple people.  You can sign-up to be a Clever Training VIP member here.  I explain more of the details here.

Which brands doesn’t it work on?

At this time, it’s not valid on non-power meter Garmin stuff, GoPro, and Fitbit.  Also, the Wahoo bike computers (ELEMNT/BOLT) and Wahoo Desk are excluded. Finally, the Elite Fuoripista, Kinetic R1, and Tacx Neo Smart Bike are excluded. There are some additional non-tech exclusions listed on CT’s site.

In the cart it says it doesn’t work?

Validate that you only have one item in the cart, and that it’s not one of the above listed items.  Also, validate that if you’re not already signed in as a Clever Training VIP member, that you’ve got the VIP membership option in your cart too.

Do I get VIP points on top of this?

No, since it’s a large sale item. No double-dipping here.

Are there some fancy details I can read somewhere?

Yes, right here (end of page, some text).

When does this end?

November 17th, 2018 at 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  However, I’d really stress to get orders in now. You’re a million times better off getting your order in and canceling later if you change your mind, than waiting.  This isn’t so much a sales pitch, but just word to the wise (be it inventory, etc…).  Clever has done a good job stocking up (containers worth!) based on what demand looked like last year for this sale, but it’s always hard to know.

What happens when it ends?

It’s over. End of the road.  Time to eat turkey for Thanksgiving.  Don’t do Thanksgiving? Fake it – eat Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

What about Europeans and CT Europe?

In this case, it’s a Clever Training USA-specific sale, though per the next item some things can be shipped internationally.  In the case of Clever Training UK/Europe, you get 10% off all year round on everything, whereas the US folks get caught up on the whole MAP thing I mentioned earlier on.

Is shipping free?

Yes, US shipping is free as long as your order is over $49.  For items that can be shipped internationally, it’s $29 flat rate.  Generally speaking, trainers can’t be shipped internationally.

Should I wait for a better deal?

Frankly speaking, for the items in this post, there won’t be any better deals this year. There’s never been a case in recent memory where people got trainers or power meters for more than 20% off (aside from accidental small retailers bulk loading sales and then having to undo them).

Typically speaking for the US folks we see Black Friday-specific sales (meaning, just those couple days) as more accessory in nature rather than big ticket items like trainers/power meters. In Europe, you tend to get more selection, but that’s because European retailers don’t need approval from the device manufacturers like in the US. Whereas within the US, MAP basically means all these sales are pretty much locked and loaded already.

Is this the end of the FAQ section?


Phew – there ya have it! Go forth and enjoy.  And feel free to drop any questions you have down below on recommendations, etc… I’d be happy to try and help ya out.  Thanks for the support!


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  1. Joë

    Any chance the Assiomas get the 20% off treatment on Black Friday?

    I know they were excluded from the Fall sale last year too but don’t remember if they were included in the BF sale. What about the Vectors?

    • I don’t expect any sales on Vector anytime soon.

      I don’t have details on any Black Friday sales that Favero themselves might be running, though that’d be rare. Perhaps they’ll see the action here and want to jump in.

    • Wyatt

      I think they were just excluded from the spring sale, because I snagged them with the 20% off code last fall. They took until the end of January to arrive due to being backordered, but I’ve been very happy with them.

    • Joë

      Oh, that’s right!

      Hmm… I’ve waited this long; waiting two more weeks couldn’t hurt.

    • Wyatt

      Not sure where you’re located, but even with the 20% off on the Assioma’s it was still around $1000 CDN for them after exchange, shipping and duty/taxes–the 20% definitely helped lessen the blow a bit though! :)

    • Eugene Chan

      I snagged Assioma Duos with one of CT’s mystery coupons, it ended up being valued at 23.5% off. I was pretty surprised when the coupon worked…

    • Al

      I had my wallet ready to buy the Duos this morning, only to see the exclusion. Now back on the fence. I haven’t signed up for CT yet, is a “mystery coupon” something they send often to VIP members?

    • Dan Genzer

      FYI – the REI 20% off one full-priced item applies to the Garmin Vector 3 pedals so you can get them for $799 until November 19.

    • Christian Andrade

      Would these be taxed if purchased from REI? I just purchased a KICKR Core from Clever Training and wasn’t a tax on my receipt, but it’s on backorder until the end of the month.

    • Dan

      Yes, there would be sales tax depending on your state. I’m hoping that somehow Clever Training would match it…I know Garmin are excluded from their current promotion and that’s why I was surprised that REI was allowing it at least on the pedals.

    • I would assume whether or not it was taxed would be related to whether there was an REI store in your specific state.

      Side note, if one does decide to purchase via REI, you can use this link here which supports the site: link to dcrainmaker.com

      Simply click on through and shop like normal (including delivery to your local store).


    • Yup, Clever is working to see if they can match it. Ultimately, it’s a Garmin decision on whether or not to allow it (which would be all or nothing for everyone).

    • Christian Andrade

      Thanks Ray and Dan. I’m in Texas and the tax would take a good chunk away from a great sale. I’ll stick with Clever Training for now and see if I get an update on the backorder shipping before the REI deal expires.

    • Ross P

      Looks like Clever Training does have the Vector 3 units included in their sale. I just picked up a pair.

    • John

      The Garmin Vector 3 are now included in the Clever Training sale. I purchased a pair at 20% off. I would purchase these over the Assiomas at the $80 cost difference.

    • Joë

      Oh, wow. Awesome!

      I completely agree John. If Favero was smart they’d join the sale because the small difference is worth it.

      Thanks for the heads up everyone!

    • John

      I stayed up late last Spring to buy the Assioma’s. I could not get the coupon to work. I thought it was a website issue. I woke early and grumpy and found out that Farvero had changed there policy. This and a lack of sleep made me irritated, so I delayed my power meter purchase in hopes of a better option.

      I am now a very happy Garmin owner. I have always liked the Garmin’s better. With the 20% off I think they are better value too!

    • Scott

      There is no REI here in Wyoming but, they always charge me tax for some reason.

    • Scott

      Apparently, it was added to the sale in the last 24 hours. I just purchased mine!

    • Scott

      The REI website is now telling me they aren’t available for purchase.

    • Josh

      I’m pretty happy with my decision to get the Assiomas at launch last year.

      The Assioma Duos were on Clever Training’s site for $735 for a few weeks after launch. I used my membership to knock 10% off of them, and got them for $660 shipped!

      And now they are talking about adding Garmin Cycling Dynamics to them. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  2. Steve

    Thanks, Ray. Any reason that you omit the Core? I would guess it would be a popular choice.

  3. Scott Buchanan

    Want a Neo 2 can it be bought from .com but shipped from the UK…. yup want to avoid the VAT/import duty?

  4. Frankie Frank Frank

    As a PSA for U.S. buyers: note Garmin is offering $50 rebates on most Edge devices no matter where purchased. Bought a 520 on Amazon for $220, which becomes $170 after mail in rebate direct to them.

    Tis the season for deals.

  5. Paul

    How about deals in Canada(quebec)?

    • Wyatt

      It would be nice if trainers would still ship to Canada (I bought my KK Road Machine from them back in 2012), but at the same time it’s probably a good thing to try and buy these new trainers local since so many seem to have potential issues (i.e. the new Kickr/Kickr Core) and I imagine the warranty process might be easier going through an LBS vs. a retailer in a different country (I could be wrong though).

    • Ian

      Drive to an REI by the border? It’s 20% off for members as well.

    • Wyatt

      Might be an option in some places, but it would be about a 2000km round trip to the nearest one from me lol.

    • Luc

      I was at a demo day yesterday and got my Core for 10% off. I was expecting a steeper discount, but it’s better than nothing I guess. I wanted the Climb too, but 10% wasn’t making a big enough dent in the $850 CAD regular price.

  6. Kees

    Wahoo Headwind fan normal price $249.99 instead of the $599,- ;)

  7. HK

    Is the Garmin deal valid in Canada?

  8. Garry Curley

    That’s a cracking deal on the Polar Vantage V, even for Europeans with the shipping:

    $499.00 – 20% = $399.20
    Plus $4.99 VIP Membership and $29 shipping
    Total = $433.19

    That’s about £330.00. Pretty good deal. Just depends how much duty could be applied on import.

    • Thanos Gatos

      It REALLY depends on import fees. According to this tool (link to thomas.vanhoutte.be), having it shipped to Belgium makes no sense.

      Does anyone have experience importing a watch or electronics and maybe know how much the customs fees would be?

      Ray, as far as EU is concerned, should we expect to see any deals showing up for watches like the Vantage, given Black Friday is coming up?

    • Jens

      duty would definitely kill the discount….
      BUT why isn’t the Vantage V available at clevertraining’s UK site? I was hoping to get it there with the discount but they don’t have it!! I thought they were the same store only different regions?
      Are the discounts only valid for US customers then, i.e the US site?

    • ReHMn

      You can find my post from one year ago here: link to dcrainmaker.com

      I described the import costs in detail…
      Personally I went for a 920XT Tri bundle (HRM-Swim +HRM-Tri HRMs)!
      On CleverTraining list price 349 USD, which was 332 EUR. Postage fees from USA to EU 22 EUR and import tax or EU customs fee (call it as you wish) 57 EUR.
      So, overall it costed 411 EUR.

  9. Charles Heimberg

    Thanks for the info Ray, just placed my order for the KICKR 2018. Another benefit is that you earn VIP points even when using the 20% discount, unlike REI’s membership where sales and discounts don’t earn dividends. So know I have 95 PTS to use towards an Elemnt or Elemnt Bolt. Which leads me to a quick question, which screen is easier to read for someone who is getting older and uses reading glasses, but would like to ride without having to wear readers or a bifocal?

  10. Sam Trz

    Maybe I just need to drink more coffee and reread the post, but are you saying this is the best sale we can expect on non-Garmin watches as well, or just the best sale on trainers and power meters?

    • I wouldn’t expect anything better than 20% off the newest GPS watches (non-Garmin). Polar historically hasn’t discounted their watches in the US, mainly just accessories.

      Suunto has sometimes done upwards of 25% off for BF, but it’s unclear if they’ll do that this year or not. And when they’ve done it, it’s sometimes been mixed on whether the absolute latest are included. I think you could probably wait another 5-7 days for Suunto specifically to see if anything leaks for upcoming Black Friday deals and then purchase at the last minute under the 20% deal if nothing comes up.

    • Sam Trz

      Any chance your Vantage review will come out in that 5-7 day window, for those of us on the fence between the Spartan Trainer and the Vantage M?

    • Realistically, no. It’ll probably slide in just before/after BF. Just a bit backlogged this week with trying to get moved into the office and building Ikea office furniture. So most things that were on tap for this week slid to next week.

      That said, it’s a tough pitch. Here’s my quick run-down of winners:

      GPS Accuracy: Suunto Trainer, easily
      Optical HR Accuracy: Split, seems to go either way depending on workouts
      Running: An edge to Vantage for things like structured workouts
      Cycling: Kinda a wash, maybe (barely) a slight edge to Polar for better dual-sided power meter support
      Swimming: I’ve only done OW with both on same trip, blah for both. No issues with indoor pool on Suunto, but haven’t done much indoor on Vantage M yet.
      Navigation: Easily, far and away Suunto here (since Polar doesn’t have it yet)
      Smartwatch stuffs: Also the win to Suunto, no smartphone notifications on Vantage yet
      24×7 Tracking (HR/steps/etc…): Polar here, easily, by a mile. Primarily due to the platform side of things.

      Let me know if there’s other categories you’d like winners declared on. Also, I reserve the right to entirely change my mind, though, honestly, after 2 months of using it, that’s unlikely.

    • Thanos Gatos

      And how would the Vantage V compare to the FR935? I’m right in the middle of the two. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Honestly, I don’t think it does at this point.

      That’s in many ways been the challenge of the Vantage V coming in at the same price as the FR935. Initially their hope was superior GPS and optical HR accuracy, but clearly it’s not better for GPS. Optical seems to be better some days, and the same others (meaning, so-so).

      Feature-wise, there’s no real competition there.

    • Thanos Gatos

      So, if I am reading this correctly, you’re saying it’s a no-brainer in favor of the FR935. Is that right?

      If so, what about the GPS issues people have been reporting since the latest firmware and GPS update?

      Thanks for the help and for all the great work!

    • Correct.

      The GPS is basically the same as before, just with slightly less issues. So still corner-cutting a bit more than it should.

    • Sam Trz

      Thanks for all your help!

      I’ve been pretty happily using an OG vivoactive for the last few years, so I get the sense that either way is an upgrade. Is there an appreciable difference in how they work as a watch to be worn daily?

  11. Steve

    Thanks so much Ray! I didn’t get the code in my email yet (or see it on the CT website), but because you posted it, I was able to order the CLIMB this morning. Thanks again!

  12. Fantastic! I just ordered a new Kickr 2018.

    My wife gets my old Kickr.

  13. Dudeness

    In for a kickr core. Thanks CT!

  14. Alex Whyte

    Kickr on the way!!!! Thanks Ray and Clever Training!!!! Have been waiting for this for two months!!!

  15. RTellis

    What are the odds that your review of the Elite Zumo will be published before the sale ends?

    Even at 20% off I don’t want to drop the money on a new trainer that I haven’t been able to read your review of yet.

    Getting the Core for not much more than the regular price of the Zumo is a great deal, but if the Zumo will meet my needs for $200 less I’d rather have the money.

    • It totally depends on if they can resolve the two outstanding items. My review is basically done, save for comments regarding those two outstanding items.

      (They were the weird ERG mode smoothing/faking, and then the overages that could be interference spikes or could be something more problematic. Right now the ball is in Elite’s court.)

    • Jay Y

      +1. Really interested in a review on the sumo (even ifs it not the in-depth technical review). Thanks for all the effort and detail you put in your reviews and the website.

    • RTellis

      If I understand what you wrote about those issues they shouldn’t affect me if I’m using the power matching with my P1 pedals. Correct?

  16. Chris

    Please point out that it is US only at the start of the post, not at the very end. It’s ok if us Europeans don’t get those great discounts on trainers, but don’t get our hopes up for nothing.

    • Julien

      +1 … So disappointing at the end ;-)

    • I added something shortly into the CT section that notes the European restriction. Realistically though, many other things can be shipped to Europe…and there’s a bunch of conversation here in the comments about how best to take advantage of that (where it does and doesn’t make sense).

    • Malcolm

      On the flip side, I guess those of us not in the US, should be glad that, unlike in the “home of capitalism” there isn’t the concept of a Minimum Advertised Price that retailers are allowed to sell to us at :-)

  17. gingerneil

    Am I being way too optimistic hoping that we may see a gropro H7 deal ?

    • Last year they did combo Hero 6 Black deals. So basically the same $399 price, but you got something else with it. Like SD cards, an accessory, etc… That tends to be GoPro’s pattern for their newest ones.

    • Nighthawk700

      In the US, if you look at some Black Friday leak sites, there are a few Go Pro deals already listed. Like Ray said, you have to pay the full $399, but then some give accessories, some give gift cards to use at that store. For example, Target is giving a $60 gift card; Best Buy is giving a $30 gift card and 128 Gig Memory card.

    • gingerneil

      Thanks. Let’s hope we get something in the UK.

  18. Guillermo Guerini

    I’m going to buy my first ever power meter and I’ve been leaning towards the Assioma (DUO) for a long time. Unfortunately Favero is not part of the current 20% discount, while the PowerTap is.

    Assioma Duo: $799 – 10% (VIP DISCOUNT) = $719.
    PowerTap 2: $899 – 20% = $719.

    Exactly the same price! What should I do?? Help me!!

    • Wyatt

      I don’t have experience with the PowerTap’s, but I really like my Assioma’s. The charge on the batteries lasts a really long time (I forget when the last time I charged them was between charges) and I’ve only done it a handful of times as more of a precautionary measure, usually before leaving for a race (triathlon), in almost 10 months of owning them. Super easy to swap between bikes as well. I think they look nicer than the PowerTap’s even with the pod (which makes for a nice handle when putting them on/taking them off).

    • Also of note you can actually still pickup the PowerTap P1, which is $799, and then the 20% atop that. :)

      As for the choice, I think we’re seeing Favero deliver more on software features than PowerTap. Both are great pedals though.

    • foot

      Powertap P1 listed as $679.99 with 20% looks like good deal.

      Spend Points 34 Points
      Subtotal $679.99
      Use points on spend -$34.00
      Shipping & Handling $0.00
      Discount (FALLVIP) -$136.00
      Grand Total $509.99

    • Al

      Wow great price on the P1, good enough to sway me from hoping and waiting on the sidelines for the Assiomas to be discounted. Too bad Favero decided to sit out… I was really set on buying a Duo, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll be happier with the P1 and $175.

  19. Just bought a KICKR CORE! Availability after purchase was listed as “Backordered : Expected Early November” — which feels optimistic, because that’s basically now. As always, thanks for the heads-up and info!

    • That’s actually an accurate date. I checked with CT, and they’re basically expecting the next shipment to arrive in the next couple days. They’ll be updating the site (for new orders) as the day goes on for new CORE orders coming in.

      It’s more than likely if someone waits till the end of the day for the CORE specifically, it won’t arrive till end of the month.

  20. Mark

    > I do NOT expect this to mean there’s an imminent Fenix 6 or something on the way. Instead, this is actually a bit of an annual pattern here from Garmin to put the latest Fenix series on sale.

    Do you have an idea when a Fenix 6 might come out? I’m due for an upgrade. I don’t need any of the features in added to the 5 Plus range, and the vanilla 5 series feels like it’s been out for a bit.

    • Historically speaking Garmin operates on about a 12-18 months refresh cycle for the Fenix lineup. Historically as in, every single time.

      The last Fenix edition was the Fenix 5 Plus in June 2018. The one prior being the base Fenix 5 in January 2017. That was actually the longest of the refresh cycles. But I certainly wouldn’t expect anything under 12 months.

      (Folks that like to stir rumors will point to the singular time Garmin released a Forerunner 230/235 a mere few months after the FR225 as reasons why a Fenix 6 will magically come out in September. But those folks would be failing to realize the unique situation that was, where basically one produce kept sliding later and later and Garmin was somewhat forced to release it to keep up with others, while the next product was waiting on key features to be solved. Either way, out of the last 3-4 years, that’s 1 out of pattern cycle out of about 40 or so products.)


      So in other words January has a high likelihood of annoincement? Even so, how long after ces do they usually have stock to buy?

    • Frank-enstein

      No: see Ray’s comments. Fenix 6 will likely be January 2020.

    • Scott

      As early as June 2019…

    • Surely a 935 update must be due in the new year, it was released March 2017 wasn’t it?

      Is the 5s Plus still your daily driver Ray?

    • I suspect the FR935 is due for an update sometime. Though, historically Garmin hasn’t done the Forerunner triathlon series updates at CES (January). So I doubt that soon.

      When I’m not testing watches, I tend to use the Fenix 5 Plus (non-S, non-X).

    • Gregory

      Same here…just ditched my 935 for a 5 plus, titanium non DLC. Reduces the weight, works the same, but love the spotify and audio pace prompts, especially for PR purposes. And maps is great when you like to just park car, wander and run

  21. Jari

    “Wahoo!” I’m gettin’ a Kickr….h-o-p-e it’s not a l-e-m-o-n ;p
    Thanks Ray and CT for the heads up!

  22. Henry Harper

    How long does the Garmin sale run? Same length as the Clever sale but ending a day later?

  23. Dom

    Ray, any chance that we’ll see the Forerunner 645 Music on discount during the next weeks?
    I’m looking to upgrade to a Spotify-ready watch and the 645M checks all the boxes for me (while being substantially cheaper than the F5plus).

    • Not sure on that one. I suspect when the Fenix 5 series sale starts tomorrow that we’ll get clarity on any other unannounced sales. This was the only one of the Garmin pile that slid out.

  24. Cameron Seamons

    I’m thinking of snagging a scosche rhythm 24, is your review coming out for that soon? Have they fixed some of the issues reported with the earlier units?

  25. Trevor Carr

    Trying to decide between the Kickr core and the Tacx Flux s for my first smart trainer. At 210 pounds will the 10% incline of the flux s be enough since I would probably be less for someone my size? I would go with the Tacx if I would not see much of a difference, but I don’t want to feel like I am maxing it out and regret not going for the kickr core.

  26. Christina

    Hey Ray!

    Something I’m confused by I’m hoping you can clear up. With the kickr core, do I need a front riser block? The videos I’ve seen of yours include the climb, so I’m assuming I’ll need to get a front block if I don’t have the climb for the core, but I wanted to make sure. Trying to round up bits and pieces now that I have one on order! Thanks!

  27. Evan

    The banner says Suunto 9 is included in the CT sale (“Plus wearables from Suunto, COROS, and Polar (including the new Polar Vantage and Suunto 9 series)”), but when adding to cart it says ineligible. Any clarification there?

  28. andrejs

    When I try adding of the Suunto 9 models to the cart, it doesn’t seem to be eligible.

  29. cgsjr

    Any idea of when the Kinetic R1 review will but finished?

    I currently have the ‘Rock and Roll Smart’ with the inRide and love it,
    (not willing to do without the rock and roll movement).

    thanks so much for all of your expertise Ray

  30. Justin

    :( Tacx Neo Smart Bike is not included

  31. Tim

    Gah….Now this makes the decision between the Vantage V and Fenix 5s+ that much harder! I wish the final DCR Vantage review was out…haven’t found any other really thorough reviews out there yet. Ray spoils us. :)

  32. Dan

    Ray, any update on the Lezyne Mega-C or Mega-XL review now that Strava integration has been resolved?

  33. David Beever

    Hi Ray

    Will CT have a VIP sale available on their .co.uk site for us Brits? I can’t see one.


    • No VIP sale planned for the UK. The pricing structure there makes it more challenging, especially since UK folks can take 10% off anytime just about anything. Versus US folks are a bit more limited.

  34. Mike Richie

    $150 off on Garmin Fenix. I think that is where the prices for these watches should be anyways. Just sayin’.

  35. Ben

    Any progress on the open water swim issues with the Fenix 5s?

  36. Jason

    Are the fenix watches on sale already? Doesn’t seem like it to me but I’m not up on the pricing.

  37. Tony

    Tacx Flux1 for $700 or Elite Zumo for $700?

  38. Robert S.

    I just recently bought a Kickr Core through Clever Training. I haven’t even finished setting it up yet (got the cassette on Wednesday, cassette tool will arrive tomorrow). This hurts.

    • Paul

      If you’re still within the return window (sounds like you are) try contacting Clever Training VIP support and see if they’ll give you the difference. They’ve done it before for me when something I bought went on sale within the return period. Otherwise you could always return it for a refund and re-purchase it at the discount (though that would be a royal pain).

  39. Brian A Simmons

    The customer service in Clever Training is out of this world good. I feel like I’m going through a Chick-Fil-A drive through, both in how courteous they are and how fast they fix any issues.

  40. Blaz90

    I tried to order the KICKR CORE on the CT UK site with the 10% discount, but it says this item is not valid with coupon codes.

  41. Ed

    Me, yesterday: I’ll just wait until next year to pick up a Neo 2 when they start going on sale.
    Me, today: So I just bought a Neo 2.

  42. Jason

    I’m trying to decide between the FR 935 and the Fenix 5. Is it likely there will be any sales on the 935 or is Garmin strictly focused on the Fenix line?

  43. Paul in Kirkland

    I’m having a hard time trying to time a purchase of the Vivoactive, based on the weird releases. It seems like Garmin updates it every 12-18 months, but they just released a music version this summer. Should I be expecting the next rev to be in the next couple months – based on the original VA3 release of last fall – or is it more like another year, because of the music refresh this summer?

    I really wish they’d realign things. Seems like everything got out of whack this year.

  44. Alex Whyte

    Thanks Ray!! Always the best reviews and guides. Bought the 2018 Kickr and can’t wait to use it. I already have my zwift setup with my old dumb trainer so shouldn’t be to hard to add in the new smart trainer.

  45. John

    I would jump on the Assioma pedals if they were included in the 20% offering. I was disappointed when they were not included in the Spring. I hope Favero reconsiders or does a black Friday deal.

    If not I can wait.


    • giorgitd

      Agree…now that we are entering NH winter…Assioma DUO at 20% off? Buy today. Assioma DUO at 10% off. Wait. Those prices are not going up and I don’t really NEED power pedals until spring…

    • John

      Yep same for Iowa, my smart trainer will due until spring. Also, although I like power pedals, other options crank/hub are getting very attractive price wise.

    • Aldo

      +1 here. Seems like they are selling pretty well to not join the sale. But since I am not in a hurry to get I can wait too.

  46. Greg

    Thanks Ray.

    I just ordered the new dual side Pioneer PM. Getting one in Europe has always been hard, so the 20% discount was perfect.

    I prefer to run Shimano cranksets, and with my cranky knees, I’m fussy about pedals. That left me with a choice of Shimano, Stages or Pioneer. Niggling doubts about water resistance and Stages, ruled that out. Shimano’s still new at power and with acknowledged niggles and no BT, Pioneer feels like the best bet. Hopefully it will prove to be as good as my old Power2Max.

  47. Jimbo

    Of course, I joined VIP and bought a Kinetic InRide last week. Might have saved a few more dollars. Oh well.

  48. Scott

    I can’t get anything in my cart for greater than a 10% discount? Is the website not working?

  49. A

    Ray, I would recommend the Amazon/Clevertraining link to be on separate Tab instead of opening on your page. Users need to go back to your page all the time

  50. Michael

    Trying to decide how to use my 20% (thank you Ray/CT). If I want to use power to help me track overall improvement in my training would a dual sided power meter be overkill? Thanks for any help on this.

    • Here’s my simple hierarchy (from best to least-best):

      Dual-sided power measurement (i.e. dual-sided pedals, 4iiii Dual, Stages LR, Pioneer as well)
      Full power meter, but not split left/right (i.e. Quarq, Power2max, PowerTap C1, etc…)
      Single-sided power meters (i.e. Stages left-only, 4iiii left-only, all left-only pedals, etc…)
      Non-direct force power meters (i.e. PowerPod)
      Things on Kickstarter that haven’t proven themselves yet.

      Some might debate my ordering of left-only vs non-direct force, but that’s just my opinion.

    • Lynne

      What about Wattteam Powerbeats?

    • Given about an hour ago they announced they’re basically ceasing operations, I wouldn’t recommend that route at this point.

    • Lynne

      Wow. Thank you. That insider knowledge just stopped me from making an expensive mistake. I’ll try and figure out which stages will work with my mtn bike then or get pedals

    • okrunner

      Wow. Thanks for the headsup on Watteam.

    • Mike Richie

      Gulp, so I went with the last item on your list, but I really want IQ2 to succeed.

  51. Alan

    Is there any reason why not to buy a fenix 5x plus in this deal (from CT US site shipping to UK)? I can only think of the maps installed will be US and not european.

  52. Hany

    Hey Ray

    Not sure where to ask this question, but what would you recommend for an entry level running watch. I am thinking of getting one as a gift to motivate my elderly mother to exercise more. Something under $200, shows, pace, perhaps some training plan or intervals. I looked at the forerunner 35 & 235, M200 & M400 all on the CT website. I know Garmin is not on sale but I get VIP points. Also I’m just wondering about all these watches being 2-3 years old now.


    • Hany – read here link to dcrainmaker.com

      which says

      Running – Sub-$200 Watch

      There’s lots of options in this range that are solid. The Garmin FR35 is one to look at, as is the much older Polar M400. Meanwhile, the new Polar M430 I mentioned above is only $209USD, so basically, close enough. Then virtually all of the TomTom Spark Watches are available here except the higher end bundles. The Polar M200 is another option, but to me it’s just a bit wonky compared to the other units I’ve noted.

      Also, see my warning on TomTom in the next paragraph.

      Running – Best Sub-$100 Watch: TomTom Runner/Spark

      TomTom continues to nail this category. Their base watch often sub-$100, it’s a no-brainer. It usually floats in the $89-$99 range. It’s got GPS, a few different running modes, and some might even find the Spark for that price range as well (which nets you the other sport modes like swimming and cycling). Seriously, it’s an awesome deal

    • Hany

      Thanks Greg for the link. I missed that.

  53. Eli

    Shame they only carry etap and not di2. Drive trains are expensive too

  54. Dan Gaz

    I am trying to figure out the box size needed (at minimum) to mail a Wahoo KICKR. Any ideas?

  55. Best Buy has Fenix 5x Plus at a $200 Discount! Hurry!!

  56. John B. (Chicago area)

    Thanks so much for the info.

    Ray does an excellent job reviewing products, and aided my choice of a Garmin Forerunner 935 for my triathlons (finished my first 70.3 at Steelhead this year).

    I also was happy to order the $1000 Stages bilateral power meter today for $810 (20% off in exchange for $800 sale price). This will aid my training and races as I found it very difficult to pace myself based on perceived effort on rolling hills.

  57. Bertram Redmeijer

    As expected Tacx is cleaning out their previous Tacx Neo (1?). They are on sale for 999,- euro’s – at least in the Netherlands, by Futurumshop (and maybe elsewhere as well, do a Google).

  58. Hxs

    This is going to be a tough call between Kinetic R1 and Kickr Core.
    One is a proven performer in ERG mode.
    Another has rocking motion but unknown in how responsive ERG mode is, if resistance have fine step or coarse step like Direto, if it has resistance floor like Direto or not. etc.

    tough choice.

    • Hxs

      Well, nvm.
      Kinetic R1 is now not applicable for discount.
      Therefore too big of the price difference from the Core then.

    • Paul

      That sucks, I was thinking about buying the R1 too, wish I had ordered sooner before they removed it. Still might go for it since I’m hoping the rocking will make long trainer rides more comfortable, and it still gets the normal 10% discount.

  59. Phil S

    Hi Ray
    General point about Clever Training in the UK.
    The currently have the KICKR Climb at £449 which is £50 cheaper than ALL other UK online retailers (Wiggle, Evans, Sigma etc)
    Yet they don’t appear in the ‘Shop Now’ part of a google search for KICKR Climb.
    Feels like they’re missing a trick.
    Never seen them in Shop Now for any product. Any chance you can push them to work on this. If they have great deals, I want to see them.

  60. Bailey

    Looks like the Garmin Varia RTL510 is on sale, both Amazon and Clevertraining have it for $149.99.

  61. Scott

    With new firmware and other updates considered, what would be your recommendation between the Suunto 9 and Fenix 5X Plus if GPS accuracy is the most important factor and battery life second most important? (For ultra running)

  62. ms

    A Clever Training comment.

    I ordered a Kickr Climb for CT last Thursday around 10 AM. It arrived Friday & I’m 800 miles away. Point of origin was listed as local. They seem to have prepositioned stuff for rapid delivery. Seems they must be moving a lot of stuff.

    • Yup, they now have three distribution warehouses/centers across the country they’ve brought online in the last few months, which will speed delivery to the timeframes you noted in many cases. It comes as part of their larger merger with JackRabbit (mainly a running store).

      You’ll see more of this type of ‘good news’ type stuff as time goes on.

  63. Martin Hillbrand

    How do i get the 10% in the European shop?

    • European folks can use coupon code DCR10BTF, which gets 10% off immediately everything except Wahoo stuff. Though, the Wahoo bit is being worked on (still) for EU/UK.

    • Roger

      Any idea how likely a Wahoo discount will be, and if it might be coming anytime soon?

      I’m in the market for a new trainer and the Direto is £100 cheaper than the CORE in the UK. 10% off and I’d have choice but to go for the CORE.

    • I honestly don’t know. I don’t anticipate it changing overnight, but, ya never know.

      Ultimately, as you point out, Wahoo’s simply losing sales because of it. People in the EU are far more likely to go to Tacx and Elite given the free-market nature of prices in the EU (as protected by law).

  64. Alan Taylor Farnes

    I can’t figure out how to get the 20% discount to kick in. You’re saying that if I’m already a Clever Training VIP I essentially have to make a new account profile and add VIP again? And I can’t use any VIP points I have banked? As weird as that is, I tried that and still can’t get the 20% discount to kick in. Any help? Is there a coupon code to enter?

    • Hi Alan-

      If you’re already a VIP member on Clever Training, then simply sign-in with your account. Add whatever item it is that you want to the cart, and then add the FALLVIP coupon code upon check-out.

      It sounds like it was the coupon code piece of the puzzle you were missing.

      Thanks for the support!

  65. JB

    Looks like Garmin is coming out with a Fenix 6, hence the $150 discount
    link to activejr.com

    • Nothing more than just random guessing there. The video is actually from over a year ago, retitled/re-branded because the Fenix 5 Plus already released this past June.

    • Check your facts Ray, the video nor the article has been retitled. The content in the article has been tweaked to reflect changes.

      Regarding the random guessing, I was pretty much spot on with the Fenix 5 Plus “random guessing”

    • Sorry, thought the video title had been updated. However, my point is correct – the video is from over a year ago, and thus isn’t about the ‘Fenix 6’ more than it is about the next version which ended up being the Fenix 5 Plus (6 months later).

      As for the article – it has indeed been tweaked. The original date of that was over a year ago, but now the date shows Oct 2018 (the comments from a year ago giveaway that it wasn’t this year). So it’s been updated to appear more relevant to people arriving now.

      Whereas my point above with the article is also still valid – it’s just guesses. Be it in the timeframe or anything else. Which JB (commentor above) appears to take as truth that any of those things are true. For example, I specifically called out why CES 2019 isn’t likely in this post.

      I have no problem with speculation type posts – I enjoy reading them too, but I think they need be fairly clear about it – and not tweaking the underlying content of posts/dates merely to gain SEO traction on buzzwords.

    • Ray, again the original video and article was about the Fenix 6, this is clear with the graphics in the actual video which cannot be changed post upload, as you know.

      Also in the original article I referenced that it was likely a Fenix 5 Plus would come first, but I have since removed that reference to make it relevant, surely you also do this?

      Regarding it not being clear it being a speculation post, the first 2 paragraphs make it pretty clear its speculation and not Fact and then throughout the article.

      Anyway peace out, I like your content

    • Sorry, I’m not trying to pick a fight here. I like the content you – and read it daily.

      My point is merely that the date at the top of the post shows Oct 2018, but the article was from a year ago. I don’t actually update the dates on my posts to time-shift them, nor meaningfully change their content later* without it being made clear an update has occurred. That’s all.


      (*I’ll make minor grammatical/error updates/etc edits within the first day or so, but not major direction-changing type things without notice something has been changed. If I add a section, I’ll call it out in an update.)

    • Scott

      I think it is misleading and deceptive to go back and change the date when it is over a year old.

  66. Arty

    Seems like CT is having lots of orders coming in. I placed my order since last week and its still being processed! ;)

  67. Mr T

    Can anyone answer this question for me? Im looking at getting the fenix 5S plus. Ive read the sale is only through Dec. 1.

    But my question. When it comes to displaying hours- the software on my current watch 645Music never displays the hour as a full sized number. Even if the timer is one a single data page it is always a small number in superscript followed by the min and seconds.

    Is this the same on the fenix?


    • Paul

      Yes, that’s how the Fenix 5X does it, so I’m assuming the plus models do it the same way. One option to consider if that’s something you need would be a ConnectIQ data field. If you could find one that displayed in the format you want you could use that.

    • Pete

      I also have a 645 music. Do you think it is uglier than the 5s or 5s plus as far as wearing it daily? Also, trying to decide on wether to switch.

  68. Casey schumm

    I just ordered a Kickr’18 from CT. The item is “backordered until early November”. Doesn’t anyone have an idea what kind of wait we are looking at for this item?


    • Hey Casey-

      All folks with backorders of major products (including the Wahoo ones), will receive the weekly backorder status e-mail a bit later today (Florida time). That’ll include the latest dates.


    • Christina

      Do they actually have dates for when shipments are expected then? When I bought the core it still said “expected early November” and I remember reading somewhere that was likely to be within a few days? Here’s to hoping it’s soon soon soon! :D

    • Yup, they do. Right now CT is waiting for finalized tracking numbers so they know exactly how many units they’re getting this week. As well as locked down numbers for the next two weeks.

      In general, CT is hesitant to provide super-detailed date info without having tracking numbers (from any vendor), since that’s sorta the proof in the pudding type of thing.

    • Megan V

      If it helps – I ordered the Core in the morning on Nov 8, and just got my shipping notice. Definitely not the “early November” that I had anticipated but hopefully here by Saturday!

  69. Charlie

    I understand trainer choices are a personal decision, but I’ve run into a bit of a conundrum and would love any input.

    I currently have Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control unit from 2017. It works (I know, rare!), but I’m getting a bit sick of the warm-up, calibration etc.

    As a bit of a primer, with the winter coming in NC I’ll be doing the vast majority of my training inside with a little bit outside on the rare nice weekend. I do NOT foresee myself using zwift or any augmented reality platforms, but I will probably be using TrainerRoad or SufferFest for structured workouts. Currently I’ve been using the Kinetic Fit app.

    I’m of two minds on what to do next. One option is to get the 2018 Kickr. It would give me greater trainer functionality, remove the need to calibrate every time, and give me the portability and adjustability for uneven floors.

    My other thought is to get the Garmin vector 3 pedals and downgrade to a “dumb” trainer (Roadmachine etc.) This would give me the option of doing power training outside and get power readings inside. As well, I do kind of like the idea of the simplicity of a fluid trainer that doesn’t need to get plugged in etc., lower maintenance.
    However, I’m not sure if I would miss the trainer controlled resistance particularly in structured workouts.

    Looking to take advantage of the sales, so any recommendations or advice are welcome!


    • Chris A

      Here is my scenario:
      I’m a novice triathlete in suburbs of Houston. Weather is rideable almost all year, but the roads are dead flat and drivers aren’t great with cyclists. I typically can’t make the early LBS group ride, so I’m mainly riding solo. I also ride a 9s bike, so options for PMs are limited. I bought the KICKR Core last week with the Clever Training sale and ended up only being ~$120 more than the KICKR Snap at full price, which was what I was planning on getting at first. I’ll be indoors with my KICKR for the next few months not worrying about the weather and drivers.

      If I were you, seems like the Vectors and the dumb KK Roadmachine will be best for you. Better set up and versatility for indoors and outdoors. I could be wrong, but I think you can just buy the fluid resistance unit and swap it for the smart unit rather than getting a whole new trainer.

      Just my 2 cents.

    • You could split the difference. You could pickup the PowerTap P1 pedals for about half the cost of a KICKR, and then you could pickup the Zumo for the other half. Two birds with one stone and all that. :)

    • Charlie

      That’s a good point. Although, based on my research, I am partial to the Kickr/Vector 3 as they tick all my boxes of what I’m looking for. Plus, my MO is to get the highest quality items I can then keep them for a while (my 5-10+ year old arcteryx apparel tells this story well.)

      Obviously I’d love to get the Kickr + Vector combo. But unfortunately it’s not currently in the cards. Maybe next year!

      Thanks for the input and all your hard work.

  70. Marco

    The CT USA sends to Europe also? Or is better buy stuff from CT UK? The prices are different even with the currency coversion.

    Any help on this?

    • Many items can ship to Europe. $29 flat rate intl shipping (but not for trainers). Also, you’re responsible for taxes/duties, so you’d need to do the math on that.

      CT EU/UK ships from the UK, and has free shipping for most items you’d likely buy. You get 10% flat-rate off of everything there except Wahoo stuff. And no duties to deal with.

  71. Anonymouse

    Ray (and anyone else with an opinion):

    Thoughts on the Zumo v. the Snap? I was hoping for your Zumo review before the sale ends, but that’s not looking likely (is it?). I think I prefer the direct drive in theory, but am curious as to whether the bigger flywheel of the Snap makes it a “better” riding experience and worth dealing with having to keep tire pressure as constant as possible and needing to calibrate each ride.


    • I’d probably trend towards Zumo, but it’s a tough one. Elite confirmed last night they’ve got fixes in the works for both of my issues. The first issue is/was trivial (ERG mode broadcasting), and the second issue they found the bug (acceleration overages). But of course, validating that bug fix works is the main ticket.

      I haven’t ridden them side by side to see which one feels better though, so that’s one element that’d be outstanding. But man, not having to deal with tire pressure is a pretty big ticket.

    • Anonymouse

      Thanks. I was leaning that way anyway, and this cinches it. Now to convince Mrs. Mouse that we can afford it!

    • Oliver Glanz

      Thanks for the Clarifications. What about the noise difference between Kickr Core and the Elite Zumo. Does the Zumo’s noise level lean more towards the Kickr Core or towards the Tacx Flux S? If the Zumo is making less noise than the Flux I would go for the Zumo….

    • The Core is silent, the Zumo has a bit of a low growl roughly the same as the Flux and Direto.

    • Oliver Glanz

      Thanks for the quick reply. This is helpful.

  72. Hey Ray,

    Any idea if the Garmin edge 520 plus will be discounted anywhere for black friday/cyber monday?


    • That’s a tough one. Historically we have seen the Edge 520 (non-Plus) seen some discounts for BF/CM. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen, but, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Edge 520 Plus discounts. If anything, I’d guess about $50 off or so.

      Note: This applies to the US. I fully expect to see Edge 520 Plus discounts in Europe this BF/CM. Europeans get the best deals for CM/BF when it comes to Garmin Edge discounts, year over year some really solid deals.

    • Jari

      FYI I see Garmin is running a $50 rebate on the 520 +/520 Nov 1-Nov 30 for US/Canada.

  73. Charlie

    Thanks for the input. I have reached out to Kinetic to ensure the fluid resistance unit would fit, but that could be a great option!

    Funny you mention you’re in Houston. I may be moving there next year for school.


  74. batman

    Hi, thanks for all your reviews!

    I have been a repeat visitor to your site because of your fantastic independent reviews and the fact that you didn’t have any commercial ties.

    Now that you have moved your site from being an independent review site to a commercial site, I’m curious to know if you noticed any difference in site traffic?

    • I don’t really follow?

      I’ve had a partnership with Clever Training and Amazon for more than 5 years. I don’t partner with any manufacturers, just these two retailers and REI.

    • batman

      I understand. Yeah I’ve seen more commercial postings from REI and Amazon during the last year or so (could be a coincidence).

      As long as they sell the stuff that you review, impartiality is okay.

      I really appreciate all the great work that you put into reviews!
      Many thanks!

  75. Scott

    would appear that wahoo blue SCv2 also excluded from VIP sale.

  76. Charlie

    Idk if anyone already posted on this but Backcountry is also having a 20% off one item sale right now. They’re the same as Competitive Cyclist so plenty of cycling stuff and running stuff through BC for those interested.

    I’m not sure how long it runs but I’d guess till end of November.

  77. mendelea

    I tried ordering the Tacx neo 2 Sat and only got 10% off.. What gives??

    • Hmm, that’s odd – what time of day did you try? And do you know if you used the FALLVIP 20% off code (or the regular 10% DCR discount code)? I know lots of folks picked up the Neo 2 with the 20% off code.

      I ask because the sale closed last night (11:59PM US Eastern Time on Saturday).

  78. Alex

    Coupon ‘FALLVIP’ is invalid. Please email sales@clevertraining.com if you feel you have reached this message in error.

  79. john branum

    Any word on the Pioneer power meters availability? I ordered a sbt-pm91 from clever training during the VIP sale and haven’t gotten an update yet. I emailed customer support last week and they told me they’d be emailing out an update for all pre-orders early this week, but it’s Friday and I’ve still not heard anything. Seems like there’s some unanticipated supply issues.

    It even looks like there’s very limited availability from Pioneer’s website…