Hands-on: Cycliq’s new Fly6 CE & Fly12 CE with Garmin integration and more!


Today Cycliq announced their two latest products – the Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE (CE = Connected Edition).  For those unfamiliar with the company’s past products, both of these units are combination bike lights and cameras.  The Fly6 is the rear-facing unit, while the Fly12 is the front-facing unit.  The name ‘Fly6’ originally came from the phrase ‘on your 6’, as in, behind you.  Oh, and their ‘Duo Mount’ is their own custom mount designed for holding heavier objects with a Garmin atop it.

Since announcing their first product almost four years ago, the company has iterated with a bunch of minor enhancements, but this year they’ve pretty much totally overhauled the units inside and out.  It’s cool to see this finally come to fruition, as it’s been something they’ve been working on for the better part of two years.  The company first showed it more widely to journalists back at Interbike, though it’s not until today that things are being unwrapped.  The unit meanwhile is set to start shipping in about 3-4 weeks.

Yesterday one of their staff swung by to drop off both units to try out.  Given that just two days prior I had an unboxing of a different type, I haven’t been able to spend a ton of time with these yet.  So this is a pretty limited first look, and then down the road, once all the software finalizes, I’ll dig into a deeper in-depth review.  With that, let’s dive into this quick look.

The Tech Details:


Each of the units has had both minor and major changes to them since their previous generations.  However, let’s start with the most common pieces first.  These are changes/updates applicable to both units:

– Both units now have ANT+ Lighting profile support (so Garmin and other bike computers can control them)
– Both units can now connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart (so you can configure settings)
– Both units now use USB-C for fast charging (woot!)
– Both units can support constant-on battery power packs for super-long adventures
– Both units now use a new 1/8th turn locking mechanism so no tools are required to add/remove from bike
– Both units had their respective mounts re-done (each slightly differently)
– Both units have had an overhaul on the exterior look
– Both units can now record at 1080p at 60FPS
– Both units now have electronic image stabilization

Phew, got all that?  Good.


Now, there are some specific unique items for the front and rear pieces, primarily around battery life and such.  Starting with the Fly6 CE:

– Fly6 CE Battery Life: This has been increased slightly from 6 hours to 7 hours of riding time.  The battery has gone from 2600mAh to 3200mAh.
– Fly6 CE Weight: This has been decreased slightly, going from 127g to 110g
– Fly6 CE Lumens (Brightness): This has been increased from 60 lumens to 100 lumens.  Note there are multiple dimming settings
– Fly 6CE Camera Angle: Increased from 100° to 135° of recording angle

And here’s the Fly12 CE changes:

– Fly12 CE Battery Life: This has been decreased slightly, going from 10 hours to 8 hours.  The battery went from 4400mAh to 4200mAh.
– Fly12 CE Weight: This has been decreased significantly, going from 244g to 195g.
– Fly12 CE Lumens (Brightness): This has been increased from 400 lumens to 600 lumens.  Note there are multiple dimming settings.
– Fly12 CE Camera Angle: Remains the same at 135° of recording angle

You may be wondering why increase the battery life on the Fly6, but decrease it on the Fly12?  Well, the company said they heard from their current customers that they valued a smaller size/package over the larger battery life.  They said that 8 hours still seemed like the sweet spot, which allowed them to shrink the unit a fair bit in both size and weight.  I can’t say I’d disagree with that.  For me, if I was commuting each day, I’d probably charge it mid-week and on weekends anyway, so the extra 2 hours wouldn’t likely mean much to most people.

DSC_5493 DSC_5490

As noted up above, the unit automatically starts recording video as soon as it’s powered on.  The light portion can be adjusted/enabled/disabled separately however.  From a video standpoint, the two units standardize on 1080p60, but they also support 1080p30 and 720p60.  In addition, the Fly12 CE can now do 1080p30 HDR, which should give things a bit more clarity in mixed light situations.  All of these settings can be adjusted via the connected phone apps:

2017-11-14 14.55.27 2017-11-14 14.54.57 2017-11-14 14.54.48

Next is probably the most interesting new feature – which is the addition of the ANT+ Lighting Control device profile.  This is the same lighting control profile that Garmin, Bontrager, and now See Sense are supporting.  This, in turn, allows head units and wearables to control the lights on your bike.  At first this may sound silly, but the general idea here is such that it automatically does this.  When I turn on my Garmin head unit, it’ll automatically turn on my lights.  And inversely, when I turn off my head unit it’ll do the same for my lights.

DSC_5514 DSC_5531

In addition, you can quickly control settings like whether the unit is set for flashing or solid lights, and see battery levels on your Garmin itself too.  Note that basic ANT+ lighting control is available even on Garmin’s least expensive bike computers these days, which is kinda neat.  The more expensive units have additional options like seen below.


Still, even aside from the standard options, Cycliq says they’ll be releasing a Garmin Connect IQ app to allow even further control of the lights.  This would mirror what Bontrager did as well, and lets them tap into areas like camera settings that aren’t natively supported by the ANT+ Lighting profile.


Previously the Fly6 didn’t have the ability to transfer footage to your smartphone, whereas the Fly12 did.  Now both cameras do, and you can do overlays of data atop it.  For example, you can connect to your Strava account, and then pull in your GPS data and overlay it atop your actual ride video.

Note that neither the Fly6 or Fly12 has GPS within it, instead, it uses the GPS track and data from within activities uploaded to Strava.  Said differently: If you’re not using Strava, you won’t get data overlays.  You will however get time/date stamp overlays.

Image Quality:

So, the big question is what about image quality.  After all – that was one of the main complaints that people had about previous units – but really the Fly6 in particular.  Well, keeping in mind that while we see a bump from 720p to 1080p for the Fly6 CE, the Fly12 CE doesn’t actually see an image quality bump in terms of straight resolution.  Instead, it sees image stabilization as well as HDR mode (High Dynamic Range), which helps in under and over-exposed areas.

With image stabilization being done via EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), it’s essentially using a larger sensor size and cropping a portion of the image to keep it nice and level.  That’s why cameras like the GoPro Hero6 can shoot in 4K, but can’t provide image stabilization at the full 4K resolution.  Instead, they leverage that 4K resolution and crop in slightly to keep the image stable.

So first, let’s look at the resolution itself.  First up we’ve got the forward-facing Fly12 CE.  Below are some screen captures from it (don’t worry, the full videos are below too).  I’ve picked some random places in traffic where you can see both directly next to me, as well as a car a lane or two away.  As you can see, there’s no issues picking up license plate numbers here:

This was an overcast day, about 90 minutes or so before sunset.  So not exactly ideal conditions for license plate pickups, but not exactly super hard either.  Overall, that looks good.

Next, we’ve got the rear-facing Fly6 CE.  You can see that because the rear light ring is around the actual camera lens, you get a bit of a reddish tone to it.  Not ideal, but not horrible.  As far as license plate readout, it’s still perfectly fine (again, none of these photos are edited, straight out of file), but it’s clear that it’s not as sharp as the Fly12 CE.  I’d have a tough time saying this is on par with a GoPro at 1080p though, it’s just not as crisp.  Readable yes, but super crisp no.

This difference in sharpness doesn’t surprise me, since the two units are clearly using different image sensors or processors.

So what about stabilization? Well, it didn’t seem to work on my unit.  I suspect that even though the beta/prototype app I was using said it was enabled, it would often flash to showing it wasn’t enabled – and you can definitely see that in the sample (that it’s not super smooth).  Additionally, the mount I had appeared to be 3D printed, and there was a tiny bit of play in there, making matters even worse.  In any case, within the below video you’ll find everything:

Once I get a final unit I’ll upload more samples.  I think that once they enable the image stabilization things should be significantly different.  And additionally, once they get a final mount, that should help a fair bit too (since there won’t be any wobble like I saw).



Overall I think these products are well thought through, and hit home the features that they needed to remain competitive in this market.  The redesigned external looks make the units, especially the Fly12 CE, no longer look fugly, which is great.  And the rear taillight’s newly tweaked rubberized strap + quick lock system seems to finally land on a design that looks like it might last (previous straps had longevity issues).  And if nothing else, it’s at least quick to take on and off.  Plus, the pricing for them is fairly competitive – $179USD for the Fly6 CE, and $279USD for the Fly12 CE (I’d say perhaps the Fly12 is a bit high in price, but not incredibly high).

When it comes to image quality, I’d say the jury is still out.  Diving that into two pieces you have image resolution – which is clearly superior to their past attempts.  The Fly12 CE being the most clear, with the Fly6 CE being good, but not as crispy.  Then when it comes to stabilization, the settings options didn’t seem to be applying on my prototype/beta unit, since it clearly wasn’t stabilized.  Thus, I’ll defer judgement there until they’ve had a chance to sort out those minor bugs with the app.

While at present only Garmin on the head-unit side (to my knowledge) supports the ANT+ lighting standard, now that we have four different lighting vendors (Garmin, Bontrager, See Sense, Cycliq), perhaps we’ll see other companies start to support the lighting standard (cough, Wahoo, or, cough).  But certainly companies like Sigma or Lezyne could also add support easily too.

Given the short timeframe between now and shipping (which is slated for about 3 weeks away at the start of December), some of these could make a pretty good present under the tree, especially as people have settled into largely dark commutes.  Note, I will try and add some night time photography with these.  It’s a bit tricky though because any photography of bike lights is really more of a function of camera technique than the light itself.  Still, I’ll try.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nathan B

    Hey Ray,

    Any word on pricing of these units?

  2. Jeremy M

    Will these be up on Clevertraining (US site) soon?

  3. Greg

    I have an original Fly 6 and the Fly6[v] so seeing the new mounting is encouraging. I have been holding off buying the Fly12 (aesthetics and weight) Looks like both have improved dramatically. While these devices won’t prevent accidents they can certainly simplify identifying the cause. time to update my Christmas list…

  4. John

    Ray, setting the date/time on the old Fly6 was a terrible experience, having to write the current date and time to a text file on the SD card every time the battery ran down. In fact, that was the reason I sold mine.

    Has that improved on the new version with the Garmin integration?

    • Hi John,
      Agreed setting date and time on the old Fly6 was tiresome, to say the least. The date / time settings can be adjusted by connecting it to your app (it will auto sync to your mobile phone’s date / time) or via our dedicated Mac/PC desktop settings app.


  5. Lee Weikert

    Glad that they are allowing head unit integration, however in actual use having the head unit control the lights to turn them on/off kills the battery life of my lights because they are still “on” waiting for the signal to turn on from the head unit. I bike commute 40 minutes each way and I am lucky to get halfway home before I get a low battery warning so now I have to power down the lights by the button and turn them back on by the button so I don’t have to charge them every day. Defeats the purpose of having the head unit turn them off/on.

    • Kevin Collings

      Have you noticed a hit on your head unit’s battery life? Using an Edge 520 & UT800 light I noticed my 520’s battery drained a lot faster if i connected it to my light.

  6. Kevin Collings

    Any change in physical dimensions from the Fly6(v) to the ce? Looks more compact from your pictures.

    • Hi Kevin,
      Here are the dimensions of the new devices vs the old ones:
      Old Fy6v:
      Max Width: 3.8cm
      Max Length: 8.5cm
      Max Depth: 6.0cm
      Weight: 127g

      New Fly6 CE:
      Max Width: 3.4cm
      Max Length: 8.0cm
      Max Depth: 4.0cm
      Weight: 110g

      Old Fly12:
      Max Width: 5.9cm
      Max Length: 10.3cm
      Max Depth: 3.5cm
      Weight: 244g

      New Fly12 CE:
      Max Width: 5.4cm
      Max Length: 8.3cm
      Max Depth: 3.0cm
      Weight: 195g


    • Kevin Collings

      Wow, thanks! That’s a substantial improvement.

  7. I was allready taking a look at the rear light as a second POV for video’s and combined with the light and easy mounting this would be very usefull, the 1080p does look alot better than the 720p it used before!

  8. Alex

    Any chance you can review Drift Ghost 4K? I has no light, but designed as bike DVR (“dashcam”).

  9. Drew W

    What’s with the excessive noise in the Fly6 video? The Fly12 seems to be nice & quiet, but the Fly6 sounds like you are riding through a hurricane.

  10. Mark

    Ray, can you do some tests of the app connectivity under Android? That’s where the Fly12 had been consistently bad.

    I (and others too, if you check the app comments) have been unable to reliably connect to the Fly12. So really, all I’d want the Fly6 for is the better battery life and the Fly12 for the brighter light.

    The idea of a Connected Edition is laughable if you’ve ever tried using their Android app. Maybe there is hope for the ANT+, but that’s only because it’s probably a much more rigid standard.

    Any idea if with ANT+ you can have the power switch on on light control both units?

  11. Ken Jude

    Watching the video footage, you must really trust those Parisians not to open car doors!

    • Parisian drivers are very predictable.

      Actually, you’ll notice that all the cars I’m driving between/etc are already moving (or actively being driven). Anytime I come near a parked car I drift just a bit towards the middle of the road in case. ;)

      One of the things that helps is that motos use the middle of the lane, so it’s kinda a well understood avenue here.

  12. steve24601

    I travel with panniers/trunk bags that block the seatpost. Is it possible to mount to a seat stay? Maybe upside down to get something resembling the correct angle?

    • Hi Steve,
      We have developed mounting solutions for these types of scenarios. There is a mount for your pannier rack and also an underseat mount that extends past your seat saddle bags.
      I have attached 3D CAD drawings to this comment to give you an idea of what we are planning. We hope to give more information soon about the specs, price etc.


    • William

      For those with bottles mounted behind the seats, there may not be space to put another underseat mount?

    • Andrew M


      These look interesting. I look forward to seeing them released.

    • William

      By the way, possible discount codes for previous customers to upgrade :-)

    • Taylor


      Is there any plans to sell a retrofit kit to outfit the new mount on the old Fly6? I have the current model and would love to be able to use a quarter turn mount for it rather than a strap. I’ve been in the same boat as Steve – I have a rack with a trunk bag, so the seatpost mount doesn’t work for me. I’d love to have something like the first CAD drawing that bolts to the reflector mount bracket on my rack and holds the Fly6 with the ability to remove it easily.

    • Hi Taylor,
      Unfortunately, we don’t have this in our plans. I will bring it up at our next design meeting though!
      Thanks for the suggestion.


    • Taylor

      I think if you offered a kit that is just the male quarter turn mount, molded onto a curved piece of plastic that is the same curvature as the current model where it presses against the seatpost, you’d be able to remove the strap from the current model and then just use two strong zip ties to attach the new male mount to the previous generation light. I had been trying to come up with an idea for a 3D printed quick release mount, because right now I don’t have a good way to mount it to the rack of my commuter bike while still being able to remove it when I’m at work.

    • Augsburg

      I do hope more mounting options for the Fly6 are made available. The seat post mount is a non-starter for us – with seat bags and Cane Creek suspension seat posts. Need something suitable for the attaching to a bike rack or a 22mm bar on an accessories mount (e.g., Minoura). Cycliq, please keep in mind many of us that are exposed to traffic hazards and desiring cams are commuters or using bikes as transportation. We are not riding stripped down road bikes (like DCR).

    • Dan

      Check out Bud Hammerton (bud.hammerton@gmail.com) and his shapeway’s shop (link to shapeways.com). He designs and sells custom 3d printed parts and has developed some stuff (Rack mounts/ICS mounts) which may work for you. He would have to design with the new mount but it should take very long for him to do so. I have had him make 3 separate designs for me for various types of Fly 6, Varia, and Gopro mounts. He already has a varia mount similar to Graema Klass has below which can be attached to a waterbottle mount or an ICS (or other integrated saddle mount).

      Fizik ICS / Cycliq Fly6 Adapter
      link to shapeways.com

      Dual Varia Fly6 Rear Rack Mount
      link to shapeways.com

      For my bikes I use a fly 6 and varia mount attached to a cheap seat rail water bottle via screws. I like it and have only had one fly 6 mount fail on me during a crash [it was already compromised by an accident] and during the same crash the varia stayed attach the whole time.

      Highly recommend getting a leash or making one from a lanyard since during my last crash it kept the fly6 from hitting the deck despite the mount shearing off.

  13. Mark

    Only tangentially relevant, but does anyone know of a decent black box recording camera with similar functionality to Cycliq but without liggts? I’ve heard of a few but all seem to fail on something such as battery life, recording quality or lack of continuous loop. I’d love to get something like the 12 but don’t need the added weight or expense of a front light.

    • Mark

      Someone already mentioned the Drift, and I thought GoPro has a loop mode. I believe there were other bike specific cameras from Shimano and Garmin (Virb) with loop modes. And there’s the Rideye which I replaced with the Fly12. Rideye is a pretty small company, the camera needs better waterproofing and a better mount.

    • Yeah, you can always look to cheaper/older GoPro’s if you don’t care about lights. And coming up on Black Friday it’s a good time for that. GoPro has a loop mode.

      As mark noted, Rideye is totally unusable (imho) due to their mount design. I’m also not sure if they’re in business anymore.

    • Phil A

      I like the fly6. I also got the fly12, but have issues actually mounting it. I can make it work on the road bike, but I cannot figure out any way to mount it to my Trek Speed Concept. Maybe with the new turn mounts, I can figure something out.

      I had a GoPro I was using at first, but my issue with that was battery life for a long ride was annoying with the GoPro. I had to stop multiple times to put in a new battery, and that was assuming I remembered.

      I like that the fly6/12 could basically run for the whole bike ride with no issues. As others said I really did not care about the lights, because I already have good tail and head lights, just a long running camera would be great. I may have to try the new fly12.

    • yogibimbi

      I just wrote to TomTom on that for their Bandit. The thing has a claimed battery life of 3 hours, and I asked them if it does continuous recording. No idea if it takes SDXC or just SDHC cards, but with a 64 or 128 card you don’t even need to loop it. Like: ever;-)

    • Mark v2

      Well, I can’t find any GoPro or Drift or any other action camera with decent battery life. What I’m looking for is a front camera for incident recording during my long 6hr rides during the daytime. Cicliq ticks the boxes except for the heavy and expensive light that I don’t need.
      The search continues…

  14. William

    I know there are third party apps out there that can overlay data on video. I would like to use a Cycliq native app to edit the videos on a computer. It’s very slow trying to overlay Strava data on the video using my iPhone.

  15. Tommy

    Any news on light modes? I was always disappointed that there is no solid pulse on the existing fly 6. Flashing is not good for depth perception and pure solid doesn’t attract attention.

    • Hi Tommy,
      We have pulse, flash and solid light modes at various intensities.
      We don’t have a solid pulse but I will raise this as a possible future firmware upgrade (no promises though! :))


    • Tommy

      Thanks. Take a look at some of the research on depth perception and flashing lights and you’ll see what I mean. Cheers

  16. simon

    as you mention in the last paragraph – be very good to see what the nightime footage looks like – they are lights after all !

    Here in central London that’s when I feel most vunerable on the road – hopefully I’ll never need a witness cam but you never know

  17. John Watson

    Do these units have a greater SD card capacity compared to the old models? Or is it 64/32 for the fly12/6 ce?

  18. captainobvious

    Does the new rear camera/light have a tally lamp I can see while riding or did they continued with the stupid spinning red light that smears the video and is invisible from riding position? and no I don’t want to pull out my phone to see if the camera is turned on….

  19. ian

    I am looking for one camera to shoot front and back, is that possible? I have enough ‘stuff’ on my bike these days.
    So thinking Garmin…not to mention I have a Garmin radar tail light already…what I really need is the radar to have a camera too…

    And what do people find, front or rear is more valuable for safety?

    • Ken

      Sadly, it depends which direction the threat is coming from.
      I find the biggest problem is on busy two lane roads were the passing car/truck/bus starts to pass, gets along side & then tuck back into the lane because of oncoming traffic resulting in either a part of your anatomy puckering or you getting crowded onto the shoulder to avoid contact. I’ve had a few close calls but, thankfully, never an accident. However, the lack of front license plates in this state means at most it could be identified as a model _____ car, but not the specific one. Front & back won’t do much to help with a T-bone at an intersection either.

      The ideal solution is a follow-me drone (like Air Dog) with avoidance (for bridges/underpasses) & a multi-hour battery. I’m not holding my breathe waiting.

    • Ian

      Thanks Ken, what about the skewer based mounts, or is that just an easy way to break off a camera on your bike ?

    • Robert

      Sure it’s possible. You just need a Garmin VIRB 360 camera mounted on your helmet. Here is a video I made at a local group ride a few months ago: link to youtube.com


      – Camera costs $799.99, so not cheap
      – Battery life is only about an hour or so
      – You really need to mount it on top of your helmet if you want a good line of sight to everything around you

  20. yogibimbi

    It would be perfect if the Fly12 with its big battery had also a USB A out to charge other devices and the USB C in would be accessible without exposing the card and innards, so that I could charge it with my wheel dynamo. That would be real great for cycling tours, where I have my phone up front to do the navigation, but a lot of phones, at least my Xperias, can’t deal with the ups and downs of the dynamo (any time the dynamo spins down, I have to restart the bloody phone, so, not very practical), so the Fly12 could also serve as a buffer.

  21. Cal C

    Due to the following:
    * My home state of WA (Western Australia) just introduced ‘metre matters’ legislation, but there’s no means to enforce it without either the police being magically everywhere at once and motivated to enforce OR cyclists constantly filming. (With the aggressive road environment in WA, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Fly6 is from WA)
    * there are active Australian facebook pages dedicated to murdering cyclists with cars. Yep. Nice.
    * Talkback and commercial radio encouraging people to “squash cyclists” until they learn not to ride their bikes.
    * “Accidents” keep happening and drivers keep getting away with murder
    * How often do you see drivers on their iphones? Pretty much every tenth driver is looking at their crotch most of the time.
    * I like my old Fly6
    * I will be upgrading my cameras when these new ones are available.
    * Video evidence is the only evidence that has worked in the past
    * More of these cameras on the road will go some way to decreasing deliberately aggressive behavior towards us from the general population
    * these new cameras look to be really sophisticated with great upgrades and fix every problem with old models and add new features
    * GoPro share price is about USD $8.30
    * Cycliq is trading at AU $0.02

    👨‍🏫 I did the math and bought shares in Cycliq. (ASX code: CYQ)

    • Cal C

      * GoPro market cap is US $1.207B
      * Cycliq is AU $10M

    • yogibimbi

      GPRO used to be trading at a max of 93.70 on September 1, 2014 (I don’t know that from memory: link to finance.yahoo.com), so they’ve come a long way. Probably going to meet CYQ somewhere in the middle. Now I only have to find out how to buy CYQ with my European stock depot.

    • Cal C

      Great, I hope it’s possible for you.

      I view the need to support them as my primary motivation to buy their shares.* Small though my share purchase may be… The main thing is that NO ONE else makes a product with commuting and training road cyclists in mind. Lots of companies make cameras for skateboarding or crashing your bmx or riding a mountain bike off a cliff to impress your mates.

      *Terms and conditions apply. Past performance is no indication of future returns.

    • yogibimbi

      ;-) Thanks for the *

      I have been doing Nasdaq so far with reasonable success. Portfolio is currently up 40% to where I started about 3 years ago. But I guess, with the stock market the way it is going, you would have had to be distinctly daft to make much less over the last 2.5 years.
      The added excitement right now is of course that there is an idiot with his chubby fingers on the red button, who might just start a nuclear war for kicks (“hello, Minuteman. You are fired!”) or do something unfathomably dumb that sends the stock market right down the drain, and, since it as unfathomably dumb, nobody is able to predict it. Look how great the exchange rate of the dollar is after just one year of mismanagement from the top and random stupid tweets. Down 10%. And I have the feeling we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  22. Ken

    Meh. I have one, it attaches by replacing the ‘nut’ on the side opposite of the quick release, which typically means the right side, making this less than ideal (Unless you’re in Britain or Australia). Even if you left-side mount it on the front wheel facing rear you’ll get a little bit more than a seat mounted camera but you still won’t get the license plate if there isn’t one on the front. (you also tend to get video of your crotch while riding) If you put one on the rear wheel, facing forward & are sideswiped you may very well be veering off into the bushes before the rear plate ever makes it to camera.

    Bottom line, depending upon type & direction of collision they may not capture the important stuff if the other vehicle doesn’t stop. That being said, they may help & I use & recommend having one.

    • Daren

      Key Questions:
      Are the buttons on the back of the Fly 12 operable with gloves – old one is very difficult.

      How does the rear mounting compare with the previous version. Mine snapped in half and I lost my Fly 6 – replaced FOC by Cycliq. I preferred the strap only option.

      I was really hoping for a saddlerail Go Pro mounted red Fly 12 equivalent with lower output. I also converted my Fly 12 to a much better Exposure mounting for easy transfer between my bikes. This setup is much easier to remove than the Go Pro because the Fly 12 is a bit of a lump.

      And I get 1:50 on full beam, so lower capacity is not such a good thing. Black case will, however mark less from cable rub.

    • Hi Darren,
      Fly12 CE buttons are on the left and right sides of the unit.

      The Fly6 mounting is with a strap and receptor mount. The Fly6 CE mounts directly to this. The 1/8 turn allows you to quickly remove/insert the Fly6 CE (and thus leaving the strap receptor mount on the seat post).


  23. Andrew

    Question about this product can the light use garmin’s auto feature for light intensity adjustment like with the varia light (the light adjustment decisions appears to be inside the bike computer and nothing to do with the light specifically)? That feature appears to be greyed out on the screen you show in the picture.

    Also would be nice if these lights cameras and even the bike computers were to start adopting wireless resonance charging which can be used over a distance. IE park your bike in the garage near your charger and all devices get charged at the same time instead of spending several minuets removing and plugging in all the devices you have on a bike. Would also be real nice for an e bike to have everything charge that way including the bike.

    • Hi Andrew,
      We have a Garmin Connect IQ app (still in internal alpha stage at the moment) that will allow you to adjust light modes and intensities.

      Yes, wireless charging is the holy grail :)


  24. William

    Can the phone app handle two Fly12? If I get the new Fly12, I might put my old Fly12 on the rear – cover with a red or yellow film.

  25. RayG

    Owner of a Fly 6 (and a warranty replacement) and a Kickstarter Fly 12 here.

    Good to see buttons of the Fly 12 have moved away from the rear where cables got in the way. I hope they’re easier to find and use with winter gloves on, too. Changing from flashing to steady and back under different conditions is very annoying with the current model.

    Also like the quarter turn quick release. The thumb screw is hopeless and I need to use a bolt to stop the Fly12 moving when I hit bumps. With this I would be able to take the camera off easily.

    And every time I turned on/off my GPS, then Fly6, then Fly12, I longed for a single switch to do all of them. So well done on that feature, but I hope it doesn’t reduce battery life as well. Surely bluetooth would have been a better option than Ant+?

    The 10 hour run time for the current Fly12 is for the dimmest flashing mode, I expect, and not relevant to real life use. Especially as the battery degrades. I currently get maybe 5 hours using dim and bright flashing and bright steady, depending on the conditions.

    Is the battery at least replaceable, so you don’t have to buy an entirely new camera when the battery inevitably fails?

    And, instead of having to connect to the app to set the time regularly, is it just able to maintain an accurate time? Or, if it is connected to your GPS, can it get the time from the GPS?

  26. Changren Y.

    Is the new Fly 12 CE StVZO-compliant? That is, is the headlight designed not to glare other road users?

  27. Brian S.

    Did they give you a discount code or a bundle rate if both are bought together?

  28. Sean

    Are the video overlays (time/date stamp, optional gps from Strava) data accessible to the user? I’m a data scientist and I’m going to train an algorithm to detect “dangerous” encounters with automobiles and auto capture the license plates from the video, if all the necessary data is accessible.

    • Hi Sean,
      As mentioned above we have a limited Beta version to overlay your Strava onto your video. The link to register your interest is here: link to cycliq.com


    • Sean

      Thanks, but that doesn’t quite answer my question. I’m interested in having access to the raw data/API to make an app that overlays my own data (like how Strava gps data would be overlayed). This app would automatically capture license plates and flag dangerous drivers.

  29. Paul C

    Are there any plans to make a heavier duty out front mount for the new integrated (non-round) bars for the heavy fly 12? Specifically referring to the mounts that attach underneath the bars with two screws. I snapped a Most solid Aluminum mount within a month. Not fun to have it and my Garmin snap off in a corner and have my cleat crunch it. I had a hard time but was able to get Most to replace the mount but will not put the Fly 12 back on. I like the new lighter version but still concerned with that much weight that far out front it would only be a matter of time before it snapped. Thanks.

    • Hi Paul,
      Have you seen our Duo Mount? Perhaps this is what you are looking for? link to cycliq.com


    • Paul C

      No, that mount does not solve my problem. What I am looking for is a mount that attaches via two screws underneath the bars. This is used for the new style integrated bars which are oblong/non-round. I will try to attach a picture of the current mount that broke with the original Fly 12.

    • Andrew S.

      Why not a duo mount that also supports your x style mount on top as well? That way our Lezyne units would also work.

  30. Lee

    How attention-getting is the Fly6 CE lighting? Do you have any videos of the Fly6 CE lighting in action? I consider rear lighting to be a huge safety item, and the original Fly6 failed miserably in this regard. I purchased the original Fly12/Fly6 combo and ultimately stopped using the Fly6 because the lighting was so dim it was worthless at alerting drivers to my presence. Has this limitation been successfully addressed with the CE?

  31. Stephen Huntress

    All sounds great. Using ant+ with Shimano DI2 top mount buttons for light switches could be pretty cool. Garmin for display and Shimano for controls.

  32. Nedim

    I am really interested in the connectivity and how it changed/improved. I still have the old Fly6 (non-connected, it’s ok) and returned the Fly12 purely because connectivity was an issue. From method to stability, it all just sucked. Any insights the changes?

  33. Markus

    Can I provide some feedback to Cycliq as an existing Fly12 user please…

    1. Buttons need to be proud so they are tactile and easy to find. The current Fly 12 buttons are difficult to locate in comfortable conditions and impossible to locate with cold hands or gloved hands. I’ve added bump stickers to mine but they will probably fall off. This is an essential design feature which always surprises me when people don’t consider it.

    2. Active light being invisible when mounted under the handle bars. I know the audible feature was added to get round this but I’m not going to be listening out for a beep every few minutes when I’m cycling in heavy traffic. Interestingly, the charging LEDs are visible from the back so could a firmware update make it so the green charge LED is on when the unit is running?

    3. No shims. I commute on an old steel frame bike with 24mm handle bars and I suspect many people don’t use their prime bike for commuting. Not having shims for the mount was an annoyance, especially given they would be cheap to add.

    4. Microphone performance is poor for picking up conversation. The other day I shouted out to someone who was about to “door” me and when I played the video back, I simply could not hear myself shouting! I was just a couple of feet from the mic too.

    5. It would be useful for as many of the options to be available in the config.txt file as possible for those of us who are stuck with an incompatible smart phone.

    6. I’d prefer a flash mode which doesn’t act like a strobe light! Just a simple 1-flash per second would be fine to draw peoples’ attention – it doesn’t need to be some sort of Star Wars effect.

    7. When I first got the unit, it recorded video upside down and kept switching off mid-ride. I’ve fixed both issues but this has meant switching off the idle detector and without the upside-down visible on LED, I have sometimes forgotten to switch it off.

    Anyway, I am pleased with the Fly 12 and hope the new one is a great success (and maybe, some of the points I’ve made above are included). I would have already bought a Fly 6 but until there is a solid bolt-on pannier rack mount, that isn’t going to happen.

    All the best,


  34. Nick kelly

    Hi really interested in the fly12, but what I need to know is, I have a intergrated out front mount which holds my GARMIN, and I would like to sit underneath the GARMIN so does this come with the mount so I can attach it underneath?



  35. Gary Cziko

    I see no mention of the video file formats produced by the new models. The WAV format produced by my current Fly 6 is very inconvenient to use on a Macintosh. Has this now been changed to mp4 as provided by the Fly 12?

  36. David Sherrod

    Current Fly 6 and Fly 12 user – recently purchased (within last 2 months). I’ve yet to see either battery life met – even with the light turned off on the Fly 12. Just yesterday both were fully charged, and both batteries ran dry before the ride was over (6 hours). The increase on the Fly 6 battery is welcomed – the decrease on the Fly 12 isn’t. How are they measuring the 7 (Fly 6) and 8 (Fly 12) hours? Lowest video setting and not using the light? There seem many reasons to upgrade, but as I ride distance (and not so much commuting), battery life and the ability to have a light at night (without needing to mount _another_ light) are important to me.

    • William

      With the upgraded lights, you can attach an external battery pack to extend the time. It’s a pain to have to store the extra battery packs and cable. I sometimes use the Orfos FlarePro light that attaches to an external battery for extra visibility.

    • David Sherrod

      Looks like an interesting option eventually – but they aren’t taking orders, and the last messages on their social media and blog appear to indicate manufacturing difficulties… And my hope was to not be carrying even more – the Cycliq combination is enticing.

  37. Cam

    Will the Lights control work with a Garmin Edge 520 ?

  38. Michael Swann

    Would other frame rates be possible with these cameras such as 25 or 50 FPS?

    I’m a bit surprised that an Australian based company hasn’t implemented frame rates more suited to our 50 Hz mains frequency to avoid flickering lights when using 30 or 60 FPS.

  39. Damon

    Can anyone tell me if this is able to pair to the Fenix 3 to make use of the connectivity?


  40. Auldain

    Just bought the original Fly12 cos it was on offer as a result of the new one coming out. Returned it the same day it arrived, for refund. Reason? Even using Clcliq’s included long reach Garmin mount it was impossible to use the wifi/single photo shot and off/on buttons – both were hard up against the stem front plate. I hope this new version has the buttons and the memory card and usb access on the side. It looks like it does on the photos although DC R hasn’t mentioned it. Also the old model weighed a hefty 256gms.

  41. Brad

    Cycliq is shipping late. They now say they will ship in January. I have included the email I received from Cycliq yesterday.

  42. Tim Smith

    Careful! I ordered the Fly 12 CE 2nd December only to be told after paying it would be shipped mid December, then got a mail two days ago saying it will now be after Christmas due to “high demand”. I am still waiting to hear back from them because I would rather cancel my order and get it off the shelf in the New Year, rather than fund their start up, which is what consumers are being asked to do when they take payment and then delays delivery by 30/45 days….it means they are only placing the order with the manufacturer once they have payment, which they hold onto until they have the unit/s on hand. That’s a very cheeky Aussie approach and very unprofessional, possibly even illegal.

    • Hmm, not really.

      Companies wish they could get products in a mere 15-30 days from them placing an order. Realistically, it’s 2-4 months depending on the sourcing partners and shipping situations. To recap:

      A) They’re delayed a bit, but did start shipping
      B) There’s a lot of demand, thus, they don’t have enough products to fill that demand. No different than Apple who had a 4-8 week backorder period for a new iPhone X.
      C) They pay for materials and production slots many months in advance.
      D) I think when you get listed in the Australian Stock Exchange and have been in business 3-4 years, you’re past startup titling (more like just ‘small business’)

      Now, if your order actually said it was shipping in mid-December and then now it’s delayed, then that’s less than ideal. But it’s not illegal, just annoying. It wasn’t clear from you whether it’s simply not making it in time for Christmas, or this year.

    • Tim Smith

      Doubt very much they pay months in advance. The set up you are describing is manufacture from scratch. These sorts of units are sitting ready to be put together. The case is often the biggest differentiator. I am just an annoyed consumer waiting for my money back as they haven’t fulfilled the order – perfectly reasonable request. They might have listed and might have been in biz for 4 years but this sort of attitude is still start up mentality and when they are under 20 employees operating out of small premises all of my concerns still stand. Skully has about $13m in start up funding and went bust without fulfilling orders. Where have they started shipping to as a matter of interest and how many units?

    • You didn’t answer the question – was your order simply delayed a few days to be after Christmas now instead (and not next year)?

      And again, every company pays months in advance for orders. They have to order components from suppliers and get them in. Doesn’t matter if it’s Cycliq or Garmin, Apple or Google. This isn’t just a wooden block, everything has to be sourced, and usually that’s not overnight. You’re welcome not to agree with that, but that’s the way it works.

      I’m not sure where they’ve shipped to yet, but they opened up pre-orders on December 4th, but I didn’t click to see delivery dates. From the generic e-mail I received it said limited quantity for early orders, so presume that simply means they sold out of what they could produce. The e-mail above your comment clearly shows that current orders are fulfilled now in January.

    • Tim Smith

      It was supposed to be mid December and now its early January, that’s pretty vague so I say “Hey Cycliq, can I have my money back?!” and they say “hmmmm we’ll get back to you on that!”. I’ll update you tomorrow when they get back to work in Aus. I would still debate whether and what they pay for in advance and to say they have started shipping is pointless unless there is some indication of how many consumers have actually got what they paid for.

    • Hi Tim

      Just thought I’d jump in here. Firstly, you’re right, we did expect to ship in mid-December. Unfortunately the increased production run had a knock-on effect for the delivery of our entire first order, and we communicated with everyone that had pre-ordered as soon as we were aware of this.

      I’ve sent you an email re: your specific circumstances and would like to take this opportunity to personally and publicly apologise for the change in the shipping date. For the record, we are happy to refund you considering the change in circumstances from when you ordered (I asked my team to refer these enquiries to me so I could respond personally, so apologies for any confusion caused on our willingness to refund – we actually allow a refund even if you change your mind, in any case).

      While it doesn’t change anything, rest assured our team is working really hard to get the products out in to the market as soon as we can. For those that have ordered a Fly12 CE, these will be shipping mid-late next week, with the Fly6 CE following in early January.

      Kind regards

      Ben Hammond
      Director of Marketing

    • Tim Smith

      Thank you I have responded to your mail.

    • Brad

      I ordered early in as well, and there was no guaranteed ship date. They stated that they expected to ship on December 15th, but it definitely wasn’t a firm commitment

    • Tim Smith

      I realise that you might want to help them out and I am not going t drag this out but when your order confirmation says “Please note: if you have ordered the new ‘Connected Edition’ Fly12 CE or Fly6 CE products, these will be shipping by courier in mid-December.” ….what reason would you have to suggest it was just a maybe? Over and out on this one. Merry Christmas everybody!

  43. Cyclecam

    Late delivery has its positives. Now Santa & the elves have to get back to work to provide another Christmas present. Hmmmm power meters …. off to read other DC reviews. I’ll get my Fly6 CE sometime in Jan, no problems