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Hands-on: Cycliq’s new Fly6 CE & Fly12 CE with Garmin integration and more!


Today Cycliq announced their two latest products – the Fly6 CE and Fly12 CE (CE = Connected Edition).  For those unfamiliar with the company’s past products, both of these units are combination bike lights and cameras.  The Fly6 is the rear-facing unit, while the Fly12 is the front-facing unit.  The name ‘Fly6’ originally came from the phrase ‘on your 6’, as in, behind you.  Oh, and their ‘Duo Mount’ is their own custom mount designed for holding heavier objects with a Garmin atop it.

Since announcing their first product almost four years ago, the company has iterated with a bunch of minor enhancements, but this year they’ve pretty much totally overhauled the units inside and out.  It’s cool to see this finally come to fruition, as it’s been something they’ve been working on for the better part of two years.  The company first showed it more widely to journalists back at Interbike, though it’s not until today that things are being unwrapped.  The unit meanwhile is set to start shipping in about 3-4 weeks.

Yesterday one of their staff swung by to drop off both units to try out.  Given that just two days prior I had an unboxing of a different type, I haven’t been able to spend a ton of time with these yet.  So this is a pretty limited first look, and then down the road, once all the software finalizes, I’ll dig into a deeper in-depth review.  With that, let’s dive into this quick look.

The Tech Details:


Each of the units has had both minor and major changes to them since their previous generations.  However, let’s start with the most common pieces first.  These are changes/updates applicable to both units:

– Both units now have ANT+ Lighting profile support (so Garmin and other bike computers can control them)
– Both units can now connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart (so you can configure settings)
– Both units now use USB-C for fast charging (woot!)
– Both units can support constant-on battery power packs for super-long adventures
– Both units now use a new 1/8th turn locking mechanism so no tools are required to add/remove from bike
– Both units had their respective mounts re-done (each slightly differently)
– Both units have had an overhaul on the exterior look
– Both units can now record at 1080p at 60FPS
– Both units now have electronic image stabilization
– [Update] Neither unit includes WiFi anymore, meaning you can’t transfer footage to your phone, only via computer.

Phew, got all that?  Good.


Now, there are some specific unique items for the front and rear pieces, primarily around battery life and such.  Starting with the Fly6 CE:

– Fly6 CE Battery Life: This has been increased slightly from 6 hours to 7 hours of riding time.  The battery has gone from 2600mAh to 3200mAh.
– Fly6 CE Weight: This has been decreased slightly, going from 127g to 110g
– Fly6 CE Lumens (Brightness): This has been increased from 60 lumens to 100 lumens.  Note there are multiple dimming settings
– Fly 6CE Camera Angle: Increased from 100° to 135° of recording angle

And here’s the Fly12 CE changes:

– Fly12 CE Battery Life: This has been decreased slightly, going from 10 hours to 8 hours.  The battery went from 4400mAh to 4200mAh.
– Fly12 CE Weight: This has been decreased significantly, going from 244g to 195g.
– Fly12 CE Lumens (Brightness): This has been increased from 400 lumens to 600 lumens.  Note there are multiple dimming settings.
– Fly12 CE Camera Angle: Remains the same at 135° of recording angle

You may be wondering why increase the battery life on the Fly6, but decrease it on the Fly12?  Well, the company said they heard from their current customers that they valued a smaller size/package over the larger battery life.  They said that 8 hours still seemed like the sweet spot, which allowed them to shrink the unit a fair bit in both size and weight.  I can’t say I’d disagree with that.  For me, if I was commuting each day, I’d probably charge it mid-week and on weekends anyway, so the extra 2 hours wouldn’t likely mean much to most people.

DSC_5493 DSC_5490

As noted up above, the unit automatically starts recording video as soon as it’s powered on.  The light portion can be adjusted/enabled/disabled separately however.  From a video standpoint, the two units standardize on 1080p60, but they also support 1080p30 and 720p60.  In addition, the Fly12 CE can now do 1080p30 HDR, which should give things a bit more clarity in mixed light situations.  All of these settings can be adjusted via the connected phone apps:

2017-11-14 14.55.27 2017-11-14 14.54.57 2017-11-14 14.54.48

Next is probably the most interesting new feature – which is the addition of the ANT+ Lighting Control device profile.  This is the same lighting control profile that Garmin, Bontrager, and now See Sense are supporting.  This, in turn, allows head units and wearables to control the lights on your bike.  At first this may sound silly, but the general idea here is such that it automatically does this.  When I turn on my Garmin head unit, it’ll automatically turn on my lights.  And inversely, when I turn off my head unit it’ll do the same for my lights.

DSC_5514 DSC_5531

In addition, you can quickly control settings like whether the unit is set for flashing or solid lights, and see battery levels on your Garmin itself too.  Note that basic ANT+ lighting control is available even on Garmin’s least expensive bike computers these days, which is kinda neat.  The more expensive units have additional options like seen below.


Still, even aside from the standard options, Cycliq says they’ll be releasing a Garmin Connect IQ app to allow even further control of the lights.  This would mirror what Bontrager did as well, and lets them tap into areas like camera settings that aren’t natively supported by the ANT+ Lighting profile.


Previously the Fly6 didn’t have the ability to transfer footage to your smartphone, whereas the Fly12 did.  Now both cameras do, and you can do overlays of data atop it.  For example, you can connect to your Strava account, and then pull in your GPS data and overlay it atop your actual ride video.

Note that neither the Fly6 or Fly12 has GPS within it, instead, it uses the GPS track and data from within activities uploaded to Strava.  Said differently: If you’re not using Strava, you won’t get data overlays.  You will however get time/date stamp overlays.

Image Quality:

So, the big question is what about image quality.  After all – that was one of the main complaints that people had about previous units – but really the Fly6 in particular.  Well, keeping in mind that while we see a bump from 720p to 1080p for the Fly6 CE, the Fly12 CE doesn’t actually see an image quality bump in terms of straight resolution.  Instead, it sees image stabilization as well as HDR mode (High Dynamic Range), which helps in under and over-exposed areas.

With image stabilization being done via EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), it’s essentially using a larger sensor size and cropping a portion of the image to keep it nice and level.  That’s why cameras like the GoPro Hero6 can shoot in 4K, but can’t provide image stabilization at the full 4K resolution.  Instead, they leverage that 4K resolution and crop in slightly to keep the image stable.

So first, let’s look at the resolution itself.  First up we’ve got the forward-facing Fly12 CE.  Below are some screen captures from it (don’t worry, the full videos are below too).  I’ve picked some random places in traffic where you can see both directly next to me, as well as a car a lane or two away.  As you can see, there’s no issues picking up license plate numbers here:

This was an overcast day, about 90 minutes or so before sunset.  So not exactly ideal conditions for license plate pickups, but not exactly super hard either.  Overall, that looks good.

Next, we’ve got the rear-facing Fly6 CE.  You can see that because the rear light ring is around the actual camera lens, you get a bit of a reddish tone to it.  Not ideal, but not horrible.  As far as license plate readout, it’s still perfectly fine (again, none of these photos are edited, straight out of file), but it’s clear that it’s not as sharp as the Fly12 CE.  I’d have a tough time saying this is on par with a GoPro at 1080p though, it’s just not as crisp.  Readable yes, but super crisp no.

This difference in sharpness doesn’t surprise me, since the two units are clearly using different image sensors or processors.

So what about stabilization? Well, it didn’t seem to work on my unit.  I suspect that even though the beta/prototype app I was using said it was enabled, it would often flash to showing it wasn’t enabled – and you can definitely see that in the sample (that it’s not super smooth).  Additionally, the mount I had appeared to be 3D printed, and there was a tiny bit of play in there, making matters even worse.  In any case, within the below video you’ll find everything:

Once I get a final unit I’ll upload more samples.  I think that once they enable the image stabilization things should be significantly different.  And additionally, once they get a final mount, that should help a fair bit too (since there won’t be any wobble like I saw).



Overall I think these products are well thought through, and hit home the features that they needed to remain competitive in this market.  The redesigned external looks make the units, especially the Fly12 CE, no longer look fugly, which is great.  And the rear taillight’s newly tweaked rubberized strap + quick lock system seems to finally land on a design that looks like it might last (previous straps had longevity issues).  And if nothing else, it’s at least quick to take on and off.  Plus, the pricing for them is fairly competitive – $179USD for the Fly6 CE, and $279USD for the Fly12 CE (I’d say perhaps the Fly12 is a bit high in price, but not incredibly high).

When it comes to image quality, I’d say the jury is still out.  Diving that into two pieces you have image resolution – which is clearly superior to their past attempts.  The Fly12 CE being the most clear, with the Fly6 CE being good, but not as crispy.  Then when it comes to stabilization, the settings options didn’t seem to be applying on my prototype/beta unit, since it clearly wasn’t stabilized.  Thus, I’ll defer judgement there until they’ve had a chance to sort out those minor bugs with the app.

[Update/clarification] Note that while the app shows ‘review footage’, you can’t actually download that footage to your mobile phone like you could with the Fly12 unit, which means you need to download it to a computer.  Cycliq says they did this to save costs, but that’s a pretty odd decision.  Certainly the Fly12 wifi transfer was never all that awesome in terms of how well it worked (often finicky), but at least it was there.  Now you need a computer to transfer the footage.  Unfortunately, that app isn’t yet available.

While at present only Garmin on the head-unit side (to my knowledge) supports the ANT+ lighting standard, now that we have four different lighting vendors (Garmin, Bontrager, See Sense, Cycliq), perhaps we’ll see other companies start to support the lighting standard (cough, Wahoo, or, cough).  But certainly companies like Sigma or Lezyne could also add support easily too.

Given the short timeframe between now and shipping (which is slated for about 3 weeks away at the start of December), some of these could make a pretty good present under the tree, especially as people have settled into largely dark commutes.  Note, I will try and add some night time photography with these.  It’s a bit tricky though because any photography of bike lights is really more of a function of camera technique than the light itself.  Still, I’ll try.

Thanks for reading!


Update: You can now order the Fly12 CE and Fly6 CE from Clever Training! Doing so helps out the site here, as well as gets you 10% off using DCR Reader coupon code DCR10BTF.  Plus, free US shipping!

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  1. Philip Turton

    I am really disappointed by the customer service with Cycliq. You send an email, you get a ticket, then a week later you get an instruction. It usually asks you to format your SD card. Then you email back, then a week later they suggest trying a different SD card, or check that its on the approved list etc (of course most of us tech savvy fold have already done that!). Then they want you to send a video file of turning it on and off (or not as as is the case with my faulty unit which just stopped working!). So terrible delays, but now the support@cycliq.com email address is dead- bounces back all emails. I’ve tried from different computers, and by raising a new query with a new email- nothing. Zilch. I am therefore not able to continue my request to resolve my faulty Fly 6CE, or communicate with them! I can’t send the video file via the wetransfer process they ask, as it bounces back as undeliverable. I really would like DC Rainmaker to try, and give them a message that their customer service sucks. Or HAVE THEY GONE BANKRUPT???

    • sorry to hear about your issues. not sure what’s up with smtp for them but they have answered my tweets before — @cycliq

      try that

    • Ernesto Acosta

      Ben Hammond, our normal contact person with Cycliq, has stopped answering e-mails. Two of the four tabs on the back of my Fly 6 CE have broken off, making secured attachment to the mount impossible. So I wrote to Ben. After an initial response from Mr. Hammond I have not heard back from him, nada, zilch, crickets! I have tossed my Cycliq Fly 6 in a box with the rest of other useless gadgets. Can’t attach it to the mount-bike so it is essentially useless. The Fly 6 and Fly 12 were devices that showed a lot of promise. But a rushed launch and bad customer service have ruined the customer experience. Too bad.

    • Hi Ernesto – apologies – I have been away. I will get back to you shortly. Anyone else awaiting a response I will make sure I get back to you this week. Many apologies, and we’ll make sure we get a new device out to you given the issue with the mount breaking. I’ll be in touch.

      If anyone else needs to reach out directly to me, please do.

      Kind regards

      Ben Hammond

    • Ernesto Acosta

      Good morning Ben,

      Roger Samson from Cycliq already contacted me.

      No need to apologize, you and Cycliq have always been extremely responsive; that’s why the silence was disappointing.

      As I have stated here, and elsewhere, the Fly6 CE is a great product, full of potential for making all of our rides safer. Some of the early issues, however, made many consumers shy away.

      Once the FW issues were sorted out, my Fly6 ran flawlessly and as advertised…until the tabs broke off.

      In any event, thank you for looking into this. It shows that you and Cycliq read DCR and pay attention. Now if only Garmin would follow your example.



    • Steve Ohrmund

      Hi Ben,

      I have not received much response to two tickets submitted and a promised reimbursement for shipping costs (Veronica). I received a FLY6CE that did not work and went through all of the recommended fixes listed. Then repeated the same steps after initial contact with customer support (Glen). However, all of this effort was for not. Once reporting back to customer support, I had two emails kicked back and then total silence for a week. The next reply asked me to try a different SD card which I don’t have . . . just more work on my end. I work enough as it is so I submitted a ticket to return the product and receive a refund. That ticket was ignored and then outright closed with no response or resolution. I just want a refund at this point. The experience has been awful. Ball is in your court. Please help fix this situation.

      Thank you,

      Ticket #40308

  2. Sorely Disappointed

    Had been watching Cycliq for a while (to include the weekly videos I’d get from being on the mailing list), saw a sale and was excited to pick up my first Fly6CE.

    When it finally came (much longer than expected, even paying double got expedited shipping), reviewed the manual and plugged it into a wall charger.

    No Q charging indicator light.

    Tried 3 wall chargers and 2 USB-C cords.

    Battery came at 28% — firmware is 2019 / immediate prior version. And of course firmware instructions recommend having 50%+ battery life. Doesn’t matter either way, since trying to turn on and off a few times and connecting via CycliqPlus app has apparently drained it to 0% (per app and beeps).

    Submitted a support ticket; we’ll see how long it takes for a response….and resolution.

    Was really looking forward to being able to capture my rides (especially since on the last commute a Tacoma came so close I could touch its side).

    But now I’m sorely disappointed with what was supposed to be an awesome Father’s Day present.

    Wish I would have seen this thread earlier.

    • Sorely Disappointed

      2019.06.16 2013 EDT — Submitted a trouble ticket; forwarded it to Ben Hammond.

      2019.06.17 0348 EDT — Cycliq responds…with links to support article about the Fly6 not turning on. But, the device (would) turn on … it’s the battery that won’t charge. Nothing in the support response addresses the battery not charging. But, I did all the troubleshooting steps that were possible with a 0% battery.

      2019.06.17 0420 EDT — Responded to Cycliq support email with results, and restating that battery won’t charge

      2019.06.18 0057 EDT — had not received another response from Cycliq support partway through another Perth business day, so sent a follow up email.

      2019.06.18 1030 EDT — still nothing back from Ben here or via email. And no further response (yet) from Cycliq support.

    • Sorely Disappointed

      Like Eric K (below), I rarely ever make public posts. I broke from that trend to provide another anecdote to those being gathered here. The good news about today’s post is that there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel, and I want to be sure to share that side of the story, too.

      2019.06.20 0851 EDT — (Facebook) Sent a private message to Cycliq’s page on Facebook, noting the ticket number and asking how you go about getting customer service.

      2019.06.20 1652 EDT — (Facebook) Generic reply, but at least a same-day response!

      2019.06.20 1959 EDT — (Support Email) Apologized for the delay and stated that the unit would need to be inspected. Provide RMA# and shipping directions. *Note* Unlike something I saw in prior comments, I had to ship domestically to an address in Oregon. Support email indicated they would (1) reimburse RMA shipping (up to certain value) and (2) send a replacement unit as soon as they received proof I had shipped my defective unit.

      2019.06.20 2005 EDT — (Facebook) Sent a follow-up apology and said to reply to the support email

      2019.06.20 2113 EDT — (Support email) In response to my question about tracking tickets online, I learned that *only retailer accounts* are able to log into the support website to track tickets. End users should just reply to the support email(s).

      2019.06.21 1114 EDT — (I emailed Support) Provided a tracking number for the defective device I’m returning.

      Fingers crossed!

    • Ben Hammond

      Hi Sorely

      Apologies for the delay in getting in touch with you. I agree that it’s been a poor experience for you to date – both with the product and with your support related enquiries.

      If you wouldn’t mind reaching out to me directly, I’d appreciate the opportunity to follow this up directly myself.

      You can reach me on ben.hammond@cycliq.com

      Kind regards

      Ben Hammond

    • Sorely Disappointed

      Hi Ben — thanks for reaching out, but I’ve been CC’ing you on various communications since 16 JUN 19. Maybe you’re tracking and just haven’t responded?

    • Hopes were raised, but still Sorely Disappointed

      And the saga continues … quite the roller coaster (they responded, yay! no progress, back to ground zero)
      Ticket 40430

      2019.06.24 0950 PDT (My action) Defective unit was delivered to the Oregon-based RMA address. Supposed to trigger a Cycliq action to send a replacement unit.

      2019.06.24 1941 EDT (I emailed Support) Emailed Cycliq to state that unit had been returned and to request a status update on the replacement.

      2019.06.24 2049 EDT (Support Email) Stated that replacement had been ordered and provided an order number. Told to expect processing of the order to take 24-48 hours. Then the item would be shipped and a tracking number provided. Shipping expected to take 3-5 business days.

      2019.06.24 2109 EDT (I emailed Support) Thanked Support for the update, but expressed concern that while my RMA return took 2-3 calendar days to get back to them, the replacement might take 4-7 business days overall. Asked if the replacement unit would be coming straight from the China warehouse again.

      2019.06.25 0257 EDT (Cycliq Order Email) Your recent order has been processed. You should receive a tracking number within two business days.

      2019.06.26 0151 EDT (Paypal) Cycliq *did* reimburse the shipping for the RMA return of the defective device.

      2019.06.28 2238 EDT (I emailed Cycliq Orders) It has been 3 business days since this notification was sent and I have not seen any shipping information. Please provide tracking information or a status update on this replacement.

      2019.06.30 1000 EDT (waiting…) Waiting for business hours in Australia to resume to see … if … any … progress … has … been … made. (Like actually shipping the replacement unit)

      If the replacement doesn’t ship soon, rapidly coming up on month since opening the gift (45 days since ordered) and not having a functional unit. So here’s hoping the replacement unit works as advertised… if/when it gets here.

    • Had some contact from Cycliq.... but still Sorely Disappointed

      2019.06.28 1003 EDT (emailed Ben Hammond) — Forwarded Ben the order confirmation and brief recap of “support” to date. Asked for an update on the shipping for an order, since the stated 2 days had passed.

      2019.06.28 1039 EDT (email from Ben Hammond) — Apologies, with a note that shipping might be affeced by Cycliq being in the middle of a warehousing supplier change.

      2019.07.02 2342 EDT (emailed Ben Hammond) — It’s been more than a week since the order was processed and still no shipping information…. please provide an update.

      2019.07.03 2118 EDT (email from Veronica, Cycliq Logistics) — I hope this email finds you well and apologies as well for the inconvenience that this delay has caused you. Upon checking, it is in transit already. We just had a delay in updating the tracking # in our system due to our recent warehouse movement. We will keep you posted for the tracking #.

      2019.07.04 0709 EDT (text from DHL) — Package info provided, delivery estimate next day (2019.07.05 by end of day).

      2019.07.04 2240 EDT (email from Cycliq orders) — Provided a tracking number. Coming from Hong Kong (same as last time).

      2019.07.05 End of Day EDT (waiting…) — no further contact from DHL, and no updates on the DHL tracking website.

      2019.07.06 1530 EDT (waiting…) — DHL tracking updated; package made it to the USA and cleared customs … but I’m not expecting any further updates until Monday, because DHL doesn’t do weekend deliveries* … so best case scenario is that it gets delivered *2 weeks* after the order was (re)processed.

      N.B. The Fly6CE is *in stock* on Amazon through a 3rd party (fulfilled by Amazon) and my Prime membership says if I order in the next 8 hours it’ll be delivered for free on Monday (2019.07.08). Current reviews there put it solidly 1-star. Why doesn’t Cycliq leverage this logistics infrastructure in the U.S.? (2) Does Cycliq support/RMA still apply through Amazon-based purchases? Or do you deal with Amazon returns instead of Cycliq?

      *I think you can pay for Saturday delivery in the U.S., but I doubt that option was selected

  3. Eric Kroymann

    I don’t normally make public posts. I’m am so disappointed with this company. They want to sell globally, but they have no customer support. ZERO. There is no telephone number, you open a ticket online, and play email pingpong for days/weeks.

    On 6/8/2019 I ordered direct both the fly12ce & fly6ce. The fly6ce is DOA. It doesn’t work, period. I shouldn’t have to wait weeks for a replacement. I was hoping to use these on RAGBRAI this year, and recommend them to people. Not now. Anyone who asks me I will say to STAY AWAY from this company and products.

    • Eric Kroymann

      Ticket #40394

      Yes I charged it.
      Yes I upgraded the firmware.
      No I cannot discharge it (it won’t turn on unless plugged into USB-C power)
      Why do I need to send you a picture of the SD card that I ordered FROM YOU.

      I also cannot check the status of the ticket online, your site is broken.

    • Ben Hammond

      Hi Eric

      Thanks for taking the time to share your (poor) experience with Cycliq – that’s definitely not good enough from us.

      I’d like to extend my personal apologies for the delay that you’ve experienced in getting this resolved.

      I’ve requested the information from our support team with regard to your case with the intention of getting this resolved to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

      I’ll be in touch directly, but in the meantime if you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to email me on ben.hammond@cycliq.com

      Kind regards

  4. AmyVS

    I want to echo the OPs experience with Cycliq. Customer service is woeful. I have been corresponding with Cycliq for seven (7) months concerning my Fly 6 and Fly 12 CE units — neither of which are operable. Both units were bricked when I attempted to update firmware months ago.

    Cycliq support keeps asking me for photos and information, then offers the same troubleshooting and firmware updating instructions over and over again. I spent untold hours working through Cycliq’s (terrible) instructions, and finally gave up in disgust.

    Now I’m sitting on over $500 of useless equipment.

    • Steve Ohrmund

      Argh Amy,

      Gutted to hear this. I just purchased the FLY6CE and I’m having the same experience. That is a lot of money to just throw out the window. It makes me sick to my stomach.

      I hope for our sake and Cycliq’s they get their act together but to this point . . . this has been one of the worst purchasing decisions I have ever experienced. Just egregious behavior like I have rarely seen.



    • Ben Hammond

      Hi AmyVS – really disappointed to hear this, and my sincere personal apologies that you’ve had such a poor experience with the product and the subsequent interactions with the support team.

      We want to make sure that all of our customers get on the road and feel safer with cameras they can rely on.

      If you could please reach out to me at ben.hammond@cycliq.com with your details, I will make sure I follow up this case personally and we get things working for you to your satisfaction or arrange a refund (not our preference as we’d prefer to have you out there feeling safer on the roads).

      Please get in touch.

      Kind regards

      Ben Hammond

  5. Philip Turton

    Terrible customer service. Having requested support as my Fly6CE stopped working, a month ago I have had zero progress in the month! First I had the issue that their contact support email address blocked everything, and all contact failed. They suggested the fault might be with the memory card and asked me to try another which I did. That didn’t work. So they decided to send me a new memory card anyway, to try. That came last week and of course hasn’t miraculously worked as anyone could have reasonably predicted. So here I am 4-weeks down the line with the faulty product just waiting waiting waiting for a response. It’s really diabolical and contrary to the warranty standard you would expect.

    • Ben Hammond

      HI Philip

      Appreciate you sharing your comments here, and my personal apologies that you’ve had such a poor experience in getting your concerns resolved.

      I’d like to follow this up directly with the support team so please email me directly as we want to make sure you’re back on the road with you Fly camera ASAP (hopefully we can resolve any outstanding issues, and although we are happy to refund you, we would much prefer to have you able to use the product).

      Again, my apologies. Please get in touch on ben.hammond@cycliq.com

      Kind regards

      Ben Hammond

  6. Doug

    I am not impressed. I submitted a support ticket a week ago for my Fly 6CE that stopped functioning. I had hoped to have some response by now, and have a new unit at least on route to me. The Cycliq website for the last week has indicated that my ticket remains under review. How long does it take to decide to send me a replacement unit and a return label for the old one?

  7. Dave Wyman

    My 6 is an inert lump of plastic and electronics. The 6 will almost never turn on and when it does, if I stop riding for a while, it shuts off and stays off. Sometimes I can wake it through the otherwise useless app, sometimes not. Or it mysteriously loses its charge when I haven’t used it.

    The 12 isn’t much better, although it seems to work somewhat consistently. Also, because of the way it’s designed, the mount can’t be adjusted while the 12 is on it, which seems to me to be a really bad idea.

    At the moment,the 6 is bricks, charged but unresponsive.

    • Doug

      Mine too. I left it for three days. Then it turned on, but died less than 10 minutes into a ride. I got an e-mail asking me to shoot videos of it powering on with and without the SD card and was asked to provide the serial number and proof of purchase. I purchased it directly from Cycliq. I can’t turn it on to pair it with my phone to see the serial no. I don’t have time for this nonsense. Cycliq needs to step up and support it’s products. It took a week for it to get back to my first request for support. How long to I have to wait this time? If Cycliq intends to do business in the US, it needs a US Distributor that can provide support and process returns from within the US on a timely basis.

      This site needs a long-term review of the Cycliq products. 0ver 690 comments and not very many are positive.

    • Doug

      I’m still waiting. It’s been over a week since I submitted the videos to Cycliq and not a word. My Fly6 CE is a paperweight.

    • Ben Hammond

      Hi Doug – I’ll keep it brief here suffice to say please accept my sincere apologies for the poor experience you’ve had / are having with the support team. I am chasing this up internally and will make sure your enquiry is attended to as quickly as possible.

      The most important thing that I can offer is that we get you back out on the road with a product that meets your needs. I hope that we can turn this experience around as we believe that having a Fly camera on your bike will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

      If we can’t we will be happy to refund you. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me directly on ben.hammond@cycliq.com and I’d be happy to help with any other issues.

      Kind regards

      Ben Hammond

  8. Mia

    Perhaps my experience with Cycliq support is unusual, but on both occasions I’ve contacted them I’ve had a quick response. Most recently I logged a ticket this morning (UK) and got a response half an hour later. I have been very happy with my Cycliq Fly 6 CE until I dropped it on the floor breaking the lens cover. I am hoping to get a spare part for it as I don’t really want to buy a new Fly 6 CE. I still think it’s a good camera and light and has done the job I wanted it to until I broke it!