First Look: The Cycliq Duo Mount for Heavier Gear


A few weeks back Cycliq announced a new product on Kickstarter.  You’ll remember Cycliq is the company behind the Fly6 and Fly12 combination bike safety camera/lights products.  They combine front (Fly12) or back (Fly6) lights with a camera that’s always recording, so that in the event something happens you’ve got some proof you weren’t the stupid one.  Of course the benefit is that you’ve still got a bike light, so unlike merely having insurance video – you get something functional.  Or you can just capture deer attacks.  Your choice.

In any event…

Their latest product is much simpler – and cheaper.  It’s simply a mount.

You might remember during my Fly12 testing I actually snapped a 3rd party mount with the Fly12.  That’s because the Fly12 with its 6hr battery/light life is far heavier than a typical GoPro action cam that normally attaches to a combo mount.  Granted, this 3rd party mount I was testing was a prototype – but still, it demonstrated the need for more heavy duty mounts.

Thus, the Duo to solve that, being the name of the new Cycliq mount.

What you get:


With this new mount, Cycliq has partnered with Barfly, maker of plenty of cool combo cycling mounts.  Well, technically they’re called Tate Labs, but everyone knows them by the Barfly name.  In this case, Cycliq is doing the aluminum portion, but Tate Labs is taking care of of the mount insert pieces.

You may (not) remember a post that I still haven’t posted yet about the newish Barfly system.  Essentially, instead of having to buy unique mounts for each bike computer manufacturer – you’ve now got these simple disc inserts that are compatible with their mounts.  And even better for consumers and retailers alike, you get all of these discs in the box at once.  Sorta like if you combined the Barfly box with the Cycliq box:


Cycliq has followed in those footsteps with their mount.  When you purchase the Duo, you get five bike computer inserts with it:

– Garmin (default)
– Wahoo ELEMNT
– Cateye
– Polar
– Mio/Magellan

Note, I validated that the Sigma GPS units also work with the default Garmin mounts just fine.  Lezyne doesn’t seem to work with any of those unfortunately.


You can also buy other discs from Tate labs should things change down the road and you need a new bike computer mount type.  All these discs are simply swapped out using a hex wrench for the two screws.

DSC_5520 DSC_5518

Now the bottom is where things differ from the Barfly mounts.  In the case of Barfly, they’ve got a similar modular system on the bottom.  That allows swapping out action cam mounts, other bike lights, Di2 junction boxes, etc…  But with Cycliq, they’ve machined the GoPro mount straight into the mount arm itself.


This is done for two reasons.  First is that it gives it more strength, which is of course the purpose of this mount.  And second, is that they’ve actually cut the grooves a bit deeper as you can see.  This pulls the Fly12 up closer to the bike computer, making it slightly slimmer.

Finally, the last notable thing about mount is that they’ve put the mounting screw on top.  Just one screw required, and the unit has a small hinge, versus two screws.  This is notable because some mounts have two screws going in from the bottom, which is moderately annoying to install.


Oh, and they’ve also created a slightly different thumbscrew to make it easier to get a bit more grip on it when tightening.  But it’s still totally compatible with the GoPro thumbscrews, so if you lose/whatever your screw, you’re still good with any standard GoPro thumbscrew.

A Quick Test Ride:


It’s cold out today.  Beautiful.  But @#$#@ cold.  I mean, not like Finland cold of course.  Or Polar Bear Plunge cold.  But colder than I wanted.

Side note: Did you know I have an entire link tag for the term ‘Freezing my ass off’?  It’s reserved for the coldest of stupid situations.  Today did not qualify.  But numerous past posts have.

And more importantly of course, y’all wants me indoors on the Tacx Flux trainer putting it through tests for next week’s review.  Same goes for the CycleOps Magnus and Hammer.  So for the Duo mount, I decided to just do some loops around the cobbled block to see how well the mount handled.  My specific concern was of course the mount snapping.  When you get a heavier unit like the Fly12 on it, that’s a legit concern.  And no better place to try and snap mounts than cobbles.

But that’s also of course why Cycliq designed the Duo – to handle heavier goods.  In any case, I got it all mounted up:


And then it was off to do a few loops.  Here’s some of that video straight off the card:

Nothing earth shattering exactly, but that’s sorta the point: It didn’t shatter.

The Kickstarter Campaign:


This would be the third time that the company has gone to the Kickstarter well, and in all three cases they’ve surpassed their goals.  I had hoped to have this post up three weeks ago, but the French postal system did not cooperate, and the mount they initially sent me was returned to them in Australia.  Our post office is closed for a remodel, and apparently their desire to deliver/hold mail is also on holiday.  Thankfully though the Cycliq folks are in Europe this week and swung by yesterday to drop off a unit for this quick test.

The point of which is that their Kickstarter campaign closes in about 34 hours.  Less hours if you failed to read this until Thursday.  I understand, eating turkey leftovers and opening newly arrived Cyber Monday boxes is a full-time job, and a full-time distraction.  It happens.

The mount is still available on Kickstarter for 44AUD (Australian Dollars) – the earliest/cheaper ones are sold out, so that’s all that’s left.  Still, that translates to $32USD, or 30EUR.  All of which is cheaper than anything else out there that’s a combo mount made from machined aluminum.  Shipping is slated for December and January, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything in the way of that.

Thus if you’re in the market for a combo mount that’s machined aluminum and durable, and that comes with basically all the inserts you’d need for any bike computer – then you’re in luck.

With that – thanks for reading!


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  1. Well I’ve been using K-edge and be very happy with them. However, it is very nice to get some proper competition – both on price, but also on functionality. The multiple exchangeable mounts is a brilliant idea and I expect that it will force K-edge and others to fall into line.

    I’ve got a couple in order through the Kickstarter project. It will be great to help clean up my handlebar.

    What on earth were you wearing while you are doing a little ride? Your shadow seem to indicate that you were wearing flares! Really?

    • Nah, just a heavy winter coat. I did this loop like 8 times over the last two days trying to get this video, and each time something else went wrong (not enough charge, forgot SD card once, time stamp wasn’t updated another time, upside-down one time, too dark after sunset, etc…). So by this time, I just had given up on wearing cycling stuff and stuck on a heavy winter coat.

  2. Doug

    Hi Ray, how do you feel this mount would work with the Power Pod?

    I’m thinking the extended length could cause more vibration than the supplied mount which is clamped quite tight to the handlebar but would it have any affect?

    ….also, any plans for a new podcast? I’m missing the 30min of sports tech round up

    Cheers, Doug

    • It should be fine in general. Though, the slightly rounded out portion may give it a tiny bit more flux than a standard GoPro mount which is flush on the bottom. I’d be less concerned about out-front vibrations, since this wouldn’t really be much different than the vibrations seen on something like the PowerPod branded tri bar mount.

      New podcast coming up this week!

  3. Hey Ray, a while back you mentioned a new phone app for the Fly12. Any update?

    • Andrew Hagen

      Hi Norm – we are working on an updated iPhone app in the background. Many of our customers are providing feedback for features and functions which the team are working on. While it is a priority for the software team, I don’t believe it will be ready for a beta release for at least 4-5 weeks.

  4. Ray

    I’m still waiting for a TT combo mount. Seems Powerpod produces one but when I inquired K-Edge about one they seemed to have something on the horizon and told me to check back next month. That was around Mid November.

  5. Nemo

    Thanks for the review. I’ve been using the Fly with the provided mount and found the thumb screw (or maybe just the mount itself?) became too loose and wasn’t tightening down. Maybe this is because I take it on/off the bike frequently? Anyway I had been eyeing the kickstarter but didn’t really see a need for this mount until I saw your comments about it having the GoPro type mount system machined directly into the mount itself, making it ride a little snugger.

    • RayG

      I’ve been using the bolt that comes with the GoPro fitting on my K-Edge mount because I couldn’t get the thumb screw tight enough, either. And that was after having to file down the tabs on the Fly 12 because they wouldn’t fit into the mount.

      Cross fingers, but I haven’t had any problems with breaking a K-Edge mount in nearly 8 months of regular usage.

    • Andrew Hagen

      Hi Nemo – if you have a close look at Ray’s pics, you will see a new type of thumb screw that we have designed to go with your Duo Mount. It is more robust and we have adjusted the length of it (compared to the thumb screw you get with your Fly12) so it looks better but more importantly, takes less time to screw in or out!

    • Patrick

      The included Fly12 thumbscrew has a Phillips screw in it, same as authentic GoPro thumbscrews. After you hand tighten it, you can use a screwdriver to quarter turn it a bit more. You’ll find that you don’t need a lot of force, but it does lock the Fly12 tight into the mount. Do not over-tighten, once you feel resistance, stop.

      I do this with my K-Edge mount every time as hand tightening doesn’t really do it and it can bounce around on rough roads.

  6. Hi Ray, one thing I have wished for in the other Garmin Mounts I have been using is the ability to plug a usb power line into my Edge 1000 while it was on the mount for really long rides. The Garmin out front mount and other mounts I have block access to the usb port on my Edge 1000. This one looks like it might be curved in a way that would permit that (without anything attached to the bottom of course). Can you tell from your unit if that would work?

  7. Augsburg

    Glad to see the mount works with Polar, as I prefer to use my V650.

  8. Jonas S.

    Too bad they add 21 AUD for shipping to Europe, which basically increases cost by nearly 50%…

    • Yes, there is a significant cost but even with that, it is cheaper than the K-edge.

    • John Kane

      I have too much attached to he bars (especially as it is winter, so lights are a must), so instead of the Cycliq type bar mount I decided to back this instead – it’s a faceplate (versatile) type mount
      link to kickstarter.com
      It’s out front, will take GPS/comp and Gopro mount below and will also (in future) get a phone mount (in case people still like to use their expensive/fragile phones as their means of data/mapping)
      In response to the postage costs for Europe there was a backer plan that included the whole kit and delivery for $49 which I thought was very reasonable.
      I don’t suppose Ray, that you will be receiving one of these Form Mount devices for testing?

  9. Patrick

    Barfly mounts don’t rate particularly well. Garmins fly off the mounts, it breaks Edge tabs, the mounts themselves move on bumpy rides, and for the “dual” mounts they currently sell, good luck getting any stable video. I have witnessed all of the above happen either to myself or people that I’m riding with.

    Here’s hoping that the switch to aluminium works out, but until long-term reviews come in, I’d be very cautious.

    • Well I hope that DCR won’t mind me posting this here.

      I had a Garmin 500 with broken tabs. I bought a replacement mount (female) from these people link to dogearsgps.com
      I think that these are just a couple of young guys with a bit of imagination and some skills. The replacement I received in aluminium was fantastic. I screwed and glued it to the 500 and I can tell you that it was better than new.

      If you have a problem with broken tabs on a Garmin then one of these replacements will rescue you.

    • Whoops,… I meant replacement mount (male).

      A slight gender identity crisis there I think!

  10. Ken

    My not-so-little anymore son VOLUNTARILY did his first Polar Plunge at age 5 & now has a dozen year streak going. Will The Girl let you start the peanut younger than 5…like this year?

  11. Scott

    Do they make an adapter/disc that’s compatible with phone cases, such as Rokform, Quad Lock, and Tigra Sport?

    • Andrew Hagen

      Hi Scott – as Ray pointed out in the post, we are working with Tate Labs/Barfly to provide the plastic mounting portion which means that as they make new adaptors for different products, they should work with the Duo Mount!

  12. Neil Jones

    Have to say I don’t like this growing trend of established companies launching new products via kickstarter etc – it just seems a way of passing all the development risk onto the consumer.

    • Andrew Hagen

      Hi Neil – we totally get where you are coming from here. With the Duo Mount, you would have seen on the campaign and in our updates, we are already manufacturing them. We have not yet received the funds from Kickstarter so the development risk for this project is actually still with us. This might cause you to ask “why then are you using Kickstarter?”. The answer simply is as I stated in the campaign video, we chose the platform to provide these mounts to all of our previous Kickstarter backers as a ‘thank you’ from us for supporting us in the past. Hope that makes sense – we considered this issue very carefully and all agreed it was the right platform for the purpose.

    • Neil Jones

      Thanks for the detailed answer Andrew. I can see the reasoning behind your decision, but I still think this model doesn’t best serve the needs of the consumer as consumer protection laws generally aren’t applicable to Kickstarter-type transactions where the consumer is receiving a “reward” for their investment, rather than purchasing a product. Of course, many Kickstarter companies will still look after their investors when it comes down to faulty items (potentially a higher risk with Kickstarter projects) , but there’s a difference between this being done on a goodwill basis and being enshrined in legislation. Of course you can argue that the consumer should understand all this and weigh up the risks before they back a project, but I suspect the majority of backers generally just think they’re buying a product.

    • Roady

      Any news/details when these will be available to order online outside of Kickstarter? (which I missed). Very interested as I’m on my 3rd combo mount and still not happy with vibration on my heavy VIRB. I’m moving shortly over to an ELEMNT head unit (from an 810) so need to buy new mount(s) anyway.

  13. okrunner

    Love the Cycliq deer video. Had nearly the exact same thing happen years ago. Still to this day, don’t know how the deer avoided hitting me. I looked over and she was about a foot from me on the left side running along side my bike trying to avoid running over me. A car had just passed the opposite direction and she must have come over an embankment and didn’t hear or see me. I didn’t see her until I heard her hooves clicking on the asphalt. I’m used to dodging an occasional road kill but the live ones are a little more tricky.

  14. Steven

    Ray, I am curious whether you have had any Aluminum Garmin / Camera mar the surface of your handlebar? I have always used one layer of electric tape of the handlebar whenever I need to put on an aluminum mount and see that you aren’t do that.

    • Every once in a long while, but honestly, it just doesn’t bother me there. I’ve usually got far more scratches from the bike falling over somewhere than in that area.

  15. The guys from hidemybell did a similar thing and included a bell:

    link to hidemybell.cc

    • Andrew

      The main selling point of this mount is it’s strength due to the weight of the Fly12, but the HideMyBell is pretty neat if you also need the bell hidden away.

  16. Michael

    A similar product with an additional bell can be found at http://www.hidemybell.cc

  17. biker jk

    I received my Due Mounts on January 31 (kickstarter for January delivery). My Wahoo Elemnt doesn’t fit into the Wahoo disc/puck. I would have to apply a huge force to insert it, risking damage to the tabs on my computer. I have learned of two others experiencing the same problem. I obtained a support ticket from Cycliq on Tuesday and have had no response.

    • Andrew Hagen

      Hi Biker JK – I’m glad to hear you have received your Kickstarter Duo Mounts on time. This is something we have worked very hard to achieve and are very proud of.

      Having had a quick look in our support system, I can see that our first response to your support ticket was 36 minutes after we received it. I also understand that the team have sent you a direct email requesting photos of your units so we can help you out. If you have not received any of these responses please email me direct.

      I know you and I have also corresponded directly before and I hope we resolved those queries to your satisfaction. I’m sure we will work through this issue with you and make sure you can use your Wahoo Elemnt and your Duo Mount in the same way that some of the Cycliq team (I use a Garmin) here are using their Elments.

      At the end of the day, if you have the wrong adaptors, we will just send you new one. If you are finding it does not install easily, sometimes you can adjust the adaptor by removing it and rotating it 180 degrees.

      Again, we want to help you and look forward to addressing this query to get you set up correctly.

      Ride safe

    • Thomas A Lieb

      Shortly after receiving mine, I reported on a problem with my two Duo Mounts. Unfortunately, neither of the original Wahoo mounts worked. I requested replacements but was sent only one. This new one works, but I still need another. I’m hoping this post can get the matter resolved.

  18. John

    Hi, wondering if anyone else is encountering my issue with the dual mount and has a recommended solution. Whenever I have the camera mounted and running under my Garmin, the signal from my Stages power meter is consistently interrupted. Take off the camera, and instantly no issues. Seems like the camera is directly in between my Garmin and crank arm with the power meter. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  19. Rochester Cyclist

    Your affiliate link for the Fly6 is directing to the page for the Fly12.

  20. I can’t be the only one where this thing is already broken after four months?
    Next one made from titanium? That would justify the current price.

    • Larry L

      My Cycliq Duo mount broke the exact same way after 5 months (and if you look on amazon, this happened to at least two other reviewers.) I had it torqued to 2 nM as stated in the instructions. I submitted a ticket to Cycliq and they agreed to replace it, but they are out of stock without an ETA. I am trying the K-Edge Garmin XL combo mount, despite k-Edge stating it is not designed for the Cycliq. However, after three rides, the two little bolts near the junction started to loosen, similar to here link to regex.info.

    • Andrew Cushen

      It took 2 years, but mine just snapped at the hinge too. This seems to be a weak point.

      What’s worse is that the hex head is stripped, so I can’t unscrew it to take the Fly12 out. Gonna have to get out my Dremel and cut the thing off :-(

  21. Fsuzi

    I have a madone sl and it comes with bontrager flare insert at the seatpost. Is there an adaptor for cycliq fly6 CE that can be mounted into bontrager flare insert? I have seen one for cycliq fly6 2nd gen but not the CE version
    Thank you

  22. Mark Holland

    I’ve just bought the latest Cycliq Duo mount as part of a Fly 12 Sport purchase. I have a Garmin Edge 1030 which I intend to go on the top half of the mount. HOWEVER, the Cycliq Garmin adaptor is rubbish – it leaves my Garmin Edge 1030 loose. Not loose vertically but loose in a rotational sense (at least 10-15 degrees play in the mount). Has anyone else found this with the latest Cycliq Duo mount? I’ve tried to buy an alternative adaptor but the Cycliq screws don’t sit flush on the alternative. So I’m still on my original Garmin mount with the two bands on the stem. Cycliq support seem asleep…