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Huge Spring Sale: 20% of all trainers, many power meters, and plenty more

It’s that time of year again – the semi-annual VIP 20% off sale! As with last fall and last spring, there are some amaze-balls deals in here.  And while my title says all trainers and many power meters, the reality … Read More Here

Huge Fall Sale: 20% off All Trainers & Most Power Meters, $100 off Fenix 5, GoPro Hero6 deal!

It’s that time of year again! The now annual 20% off sale.  Now technically, it’s semi-annual since it happens now and in the spring.  But I don’t think anyone’s complaining about the chance to buy a brand new just released … Read More Here

Huge Spring Sale: 20% of all trainers, all power meters, and plenty more

If something happens twice a year…one might say it’s semi-annual.  Thus, one could posit that this sale, which happens almost precisely 6 months since the last time it occurred might indeed become semi-annual.  But no matter what you call it, … Read More Here

Huge Sale: 20% off all new trainers, Fenix3 HR, and boatloads more

Update: Head over to my full Black Friday Deals Page here! As I noted a few weeks ago, we’re seeing companies shift their holiday sale efforts earlier and earlier each year.  It used to be that Black Friday marked the … Read More Here

European Readers: Clever Training Europe is here!

With about half y’all outside North America, it’s time to get you the same 10% discount that my US readers get from my partnership with Clever Training.  And there’s no better company to do that with than Clever Training themselves! … Read More Here

Heads Up: Garmin FR910XT for $249, TomTom Cardio for $219 (optical HR GPS)

Starting today, a handful of products are on a fairly big sale  – the Garmin FR910XT, TomTom Runner Cardio, and a deal with the Scosche Rhythm+.  As is usually the case, I tend not to create standalone posts on any … Read More Here

Heads up: Garmin Fenix2 on sale to $299, VIRB/VIRB Elite down to $229/$299

Hope everyone is preparing for a good weekend ahead (or, for you in Australia and the Middle East, already having a good weekend)! Just a super-quick heads up that Garmin has temporarily dropped the price on two different products for … Read More Here

Heads Up! Suunto Ambit2 & 2S sale from $219

Effective immediately until June 30th (Update on July 9th – extended for an unknown time period): Extended  there’s a pretty substantial sale on the Suunto Ambit2 & 2S exclusively at Clever Training.  The 2S is down to $219US from $350.  … Read More Here

A quick look behind the scenes at Clever Training

This past week post-marathon limping, The Girl and I have been down at the beach with friends, enjoying the sun.  The Girl and her family, as well as many family friends have long come down to the greater Tampa area … Read More Here

Massive Suunto Ambit 2/2s Exclusive Clever Training Sale

******[Update: Please note this deal is now expired!]****** As I promised almost exactly one year ago when I announced the Clever Training partnership, I’d only make a full-on post about something deal-related when it was a massive deal.  Thus this … Read More Here

Clever Training & DCR Exclusive Deal on Garmin Edge 800: $279

August 1st, 2013 – please note: This deal is now expired.  Thanks for supporting the site! Just a quick heads up that Clever Training worked out a deal to offer exclusively to DC Rainmaker readers to pickup the Garmin Edge … Read More Here

Incredible deals: Garmin FR910XT for $299, FR310XT for $169, Edge 800 for $229, Ambit for $349

      Let me just put this out up front: This is without question the most significant sports technology gadget sale I’ve seen since starting the blog some 5-6 years ago.  No Thanksgiving Black Friday, Christmas, or Festivus deals … Read More Here

Administrivia: Deal on Garmin FR110, update to Clever Training coupon code, and consolidated support page

After running the marathon Sunday, then running straight to the airport Sunday night, then up early again for another long-haul 10hr flight (this) Monday morning, and then doing booth duty for 3hrs upon landing…I’m pooped.  So, we’ll keep this short … Read More Here

Sweet new partnership with Clever Training gets you discounts

Summary: You get a 10% discount on everything that Clever Training sells with discount code DCR10BTF, and free US shipping. Update: As of May 6th, 2014 a VIP program has been launched.  Full details here! I’m pretty excited to announce a new long … Read More Here