Incredible deals: Garmin FR910XT for $299, FR310XT for $169, Edge 800 for $229, Ambit for $349





Let me just put this out up front: This is without question the most significant sports technology gadget sale I’ve seen since starting the blog some 5-6 years ago.  No Thanksgiving Black Friday, Christmas, or Festivus deals even comes close to this.

[Update: July 19th, 2013: Please note these deals have EXPIRED!]

Let’s dive right into it, and then I’ll give some analysis and recommendations:

Garmin FR910XT: $299 without HR strap, $337 with HR strap (originally $399/$449) – Until May 27th.  Also, you can get down to $249 with a $50 mail-in rebate from Garmin where you send your old Garmin in to ‘Girls on the Run’ (a non-profit). Details at end of post.

Garmin FR310XT: $169 without HR strap, $199 with HR strap (originally $195/$234) – Until May 27th

Garmin Edge 800: $229 without HR strap, including $100 mail-in rebate (Originally $449) – Note rebate now expired!

Garmin Edge 800 Bundle: $379 with HR strap, Speed/Cadence Sensor, City Maps, including $100 mail-in rebate (Originally $649) – Note rebate now expired!

Suunto Ambit1 (original Ambit): $348 without HR strap, with HR strap $373 (Originally $500/550) – Until May 31st

Also of note, but honestly a bit less exciting are two other deals:

Saris Bones 3 Bike Rack for Car Trunk:  $127 (originally $143)
Saris Axis Steel 2 Bike Rack for Car Hitch:  $159 (originally $179)

I haven’t reviewed or ever touched those two racks, but they came along in the sale bundle, so I figured I’d at least mention them. [Update: These prices were updated due to an error.]

Phew…ok…with that out of the way, let’s talk about what’s going on, and what to do.

Why things are on sale

First up is the Suunto original Ambit (hiking/running watch). This is the easiest of the bunch. With the new Suunto Ambit2 and Ambit2S out, Suunto has removed the pricing restrictions on these products until May 31st.  Allowing companies to price them as they see fit during this time period.  That one is straight-forward given the new Ambit2/2S.

Next is the Garmin Edge 800 cycling unit.  Like the original Ambit, it too was replaced back in January with the newer Garmin Edge 810 unit.  In this case Garmin has removed the minimum advertised price restrictions for the Edge 800, causing the price to drop.  In conjunction with that, they’re also offering an $100 rebate for another 13 days.  It’s like a perfect storm for a massive drop down to effectively $229.

Then we’ve got the Garmin FR310XT multisport/triathlon watch.  This isn’t a huge discount off of the previous price of $195, but it’s the lowest the watch has ever been (and the lowest it ever was until last week when it hit $195).  Obviously with the Garmin FR910XT replacing it over a year ago, it’s not the newest kid on the block.  This is a short-term sale until only May 26th.

Finally, we’ve got the Garmin FR910XT multisport/triathlon watch.  This is a short term sale – and quite frankly what I view as the biggest.  There’s no clarity on why the deep short-term discount, but I have to suspect it’s due to the Ambit2/2S release, alongside with the Tom-Tom release pending this summer – both adding pressure on Garmin and the desire from them to likely ‘lock-in’ any customers on the fence.

Which device to get and why


Let’s get the easiest out of the way first – the Ambit.  While this is a ‘good’ deal, it’s far from a great deal.  It’s only $50 cheaper than what I believe is the maximum reasonable market price for the device.  Meaning, I don’t see how this device can attract any buyers above $400 anyway, given competitive pressure from the Garmin Fenix.  Further, given Suunto’s declaration of limited future support for the device, it’s sorta headed into the retirement home.  There’s no two ways about it unfortunately.


Then we’ve got the Edge 800.  This is an AWESOME deal if you’re looking for mapping.  As I said in my Edge 810 review, Garmin has not made for a compelling reason to justify the price difference between the Edge 810 and the Edge 800.  The feature set of ‘new’ things on the Edge 810 is just too small to make sense.  A graphical user interface overhaul a new product does not make.  Until they increase the phone connected features and open up 3rd party support to sites like Strava, I remain in the camp that the Edge 810 is overpriced and unimpressive.  Thus, at $229, the Edge 800 is a  steal.  Especially if you download the free Openstreet maps for it – saving you the cost of buying Garmin’s map service (for the how-to on that, see my Edge 810 review section on it, but it applies to the Edge 800 as well).


Next is the Garmin FR310XT and FR910XT and trying to decide which one to get.  If you’re a runner, and don’t do the swim/bike thing, then the FR310XT is the obvious choice.  The only thing you’d get out of the FR910XT is a tiny bit bigger battery and a barometric altimeter.  Both of those tend to only be applicable to ultra runners (trail runners in the mountains more specifically).  Beyond that, basically the same watch for runners.

Now, for triathletes/swimmers/cyclists – there’s big differences.  Let’s start with those that swim/run.  In this case, the FR910XT is definitely the better bet.  The FR310XT doesn’t do indoor swimming, but does keep track of distance outdoor swimming.  Though, unlike the FR910XT, the 310XT can’t measure stroke outdoors.  So here the clear winner is the FR910XT for swim tracking.

For cyclists, it comes down to two features: Advanced power meter metrics and the barometric altimeter.  The FR910XT supports the TrainingPeaks power meter metrics of TSS/NP/IF, as well as the left/right power balance features that some newer power meters have.  If you don’t have a power meter, or don’t plan a near-term purchase, then go with the FR310XT.  If you have a power meter, stay with the FR910XT.  Then we’ve got the barometric altimeter.  For cyclists in the mountains, this can be valuable.  However, for Florida-folks, don’t bother.  Further, even for mountain folks the elevation data will get corrected afterwards in most online services anyway – so it’s really only if you’re truly using it in realtime that you’d want the barometric altimeter.

Finally – for triathletes just starting out.  For you, save your cash and go with the FR310XT for now.  There’s simply no other triathlon watch anywhere near that price point, let alone one better than that (other than the FR910XT).  The closest non-Garmin competitor to the FR310XT is the Magellan Switch/Switch-Up, just over $250.

Oh, and I should point out – there’s no FR910XT replacement coming this triathlon season. Simply not going to happen, it’s far too late for any announcements for the season, and I assure you, I don’t have one in testing either.  Remember the FR910XT really only hit the market in widespread quantities last March-April 2012 (despite being announced in October 2011).  A typical Garmin product cycle is a minimum of 2 years.

That all make sense?

If not, no worries, post questions below and I’ll be happy to try and get everyone all straightened up.  For in-depth technical questions, I recommend you check out the product reviews (and subsequent comments on each one).  Also, there’s the product comparison tool, which has every unit in it.  And finally, my general GPS recommendations post from a few months ago (still relevant)

Garmin FR910XT: $299 without HR strap, $337 with HR strap [Product Review] – And save another $50 with the mail-in rebate for older Garmin Forerunner users.
Garmin FR310XT:
$169 without HR strap, $199 with HR strap [Product Review]
Garmin Edge 800:
$229 without HR strap, including $100 mail-in rebate [Product Review]
Garmin Edge 800 Bundle:
$379 with HR strap, Speed/Cadence Sensor, City Maps, including $100 mail-in rebate [Product Review]
Suunto Ambit1 (original Ambit):
$348 without HR strap, with HR strap $373  [Product Review]

If you use the Clever Training links above (which I have a partnership with), then you’ll help support the site.  It is somewhat important that you use those links, otherwise it doesn’t exactly support the site as I don’t get credit for it.

Also note that everything above qualifies for free US shipping with Clever Training.  Though, it doesn’t qualify for the usual DCRainmaker Clever Training discount of 10% off your cart via coupon code DCR10BTF because they are deep-sale items (but any accessories you buy do get discounted).  Oh, and the Edge 800 rebate PDF form is here.  And the $50 Garmin Forerunner rebate is here.

Thanks for your support of the site, I appreciate it!  And have a great weekend!


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  1. NewClydesdale

    Ray considering the FR910xt is on sale at REI for about the same price is there an advantage (other than helping you out) over going with Clever Training vs REI?

    • Ray Maker

      Aside form the $2 price savings, it’s primarily support for the site. Being an REI member I definitely understand the benefits to REI. I would note that the 910XT/Ambit deals at REI don’t count towards your year-end dividend, due to being sale items.

    • Tommy

      Be aware that if you buy it through REI they are going to add sales tax. Because they have physical locations in most states, they charge sales tax on all purchases even those over the internet. Depending on your local tax rate, it will end up costing you more through REI and they don’t qualify for the year end rebate.

    • Chris

      ^ True about the sales tax, but if the unit breaks down after the 60-day replacement period offered by CT, you’ll have to shell out $99 for Garmin to ship you a refurbished version. REI will refund it, no questions asked*.

      * I often wonder how long their policy will last, assuming it’s abused fairly often. I was at my local REI this afternoon and eavesdropped on a REI employee telling a customer to go ahead and ride the heck out of his new MTB shoes, because he could always come back in two years for a new pair (!!). Then at the cash register, a woman next to me asked to return her clearly-used-for-a-long-time little Nalgene bottle because the plastic strap had worn through. The bottle probably cost her $15 tops, but she still got a brand-new one from the store.

    • Tommy

      Chris – You bring up a very good point about the lifetime replacement policy. I suppose the REI sales tax is like buying insurance in the event of breakage after the 60 day period. REI is very good about their returns and although there are those that takes advantage of the policy (I have seen the same thing with shoes – I saw a guy come in with completely trashed work boots and trade them for a new pair. He had been doing it every year for years. I could not imagine doing this, but if an item stops functioning prematurely, that is another matter), they tell me they have no intention of changing the policy. Items that are still sellable they actually resell in their annual garage sale, so it is not a total loss for them.

    • ekutter

      Garmin has a 1 year warranty. So why are you paying $99 after 60 days? Did I miss something somewhere? That said, the REI take it back almost no questions asked policy is pretty impressive. But even more impressive is the knowledge we get from using this site. So which is more important to you? Easy return if anything goes wrong or rewarding Ray for all of his great work?

    • John

      Chris, REI announced today that they no longer will offer lifetime returns, and wil now limit it to one year with proof of purchase, citing abuse of the policy by customers as the reason for the shift.

    • Tommy

      I am not surprised they are changing their policy and am 100% supportive of it. One year should be more than enough time to evaluate a product. They say they will still offer lifetime coverage for defects so if an item dies earlier than it should you will still be covered. Sadly, people were flagrantly abusing the policy (hence the nicknames “Rental Equipment Inc.” and “Return Everything, Inc.”) and it needed to be addressed. If I run 500 miles in my trail shoes, I do not expect that any store will give me another pair for free, but there were those that bought a pair once and then got lifetime replacements, which is sad (and unethical in my opinion).

    • Ray Maker

      Out of curiosity, anyone have a link? Been doing a bit of poking but not finding anything readily available.

    • Tommy

      Ray, below is a link to a Seattle times article about it. I do not think REI has updated their Website fully yet. reading some of the flagrant abuses referred to in the article, it seems the change was due.

      link to seattletimes.com

    • Eli

      Thought I posted this, but REI’s web site has been updated:
      link to rei.com

      We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not satisfied with your REI purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund. Items must be returned within a year of purchase, except items purchased from REI-OUTLET which must be returned within 30 days of purchase.

      REI’s guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents.

      Google cache shows the old policy is:

      Every item you purchase at REI is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

      You can return or exchange your item by mail or at any of our retail locations, regardless of whether you made your purchase online, by mail or in an REI store.

      Also of note is this new part:

      You must have a proof of purchase (store receipt, gift receipt, shipping invoice, or member purchase history) for all returns and exchanges.

  2. Shaun Moran

    $100 rebate only for residents of US and Canada :-(

  3. kingCobra

    This post seems like a pretty major sell out.

  4. JR

    Hey Ray…will they ship for free to Canada too? Might need a 910xt – since I never seem to win your contests!!!! ;-) Cheers!

    • JR – I am in Canada and I ordered from them before. I paid shipping and ended up with very unreasonable brokerage fees ($110 for a $350 purchase) charged by UPS. I complained and had some of the money reimbursed back, but it may get pretty expensive in the end. Just be aware and do your math.

    • Rafael

      For the ones buying from canada: you can contact ups in avance of your shipment (or refuse delivery) and advise them you want to do customs clearance yourself.
      It only takes a trip to the local ups center to pick up paperwork, take it to cbsa office, have it stamped (pay duties if any and GST/PST/HST), and go back to ups to pick it up, no brokerage or any fees to ups paid.
      Also, you would surprised on how many items dont have any duty on it, just need to pay sales tax. But is still would be great if they shipped via usps”

  5. John

    I have been quite happy with my Edge 500. Is there a compelling reason to move to the 800?

    • Ray Maker

      No. The primary reason someone goes with the Edge 800/810 over the 500/510 is for the mapping capabilities. Especially turn-by-turn directions, just like those found in a car GPS. If you tend to ride the same courses/routes each week, then you probably won’t use the mapping functions.

    • Chmouel

      just to followup on ray, I just switched to a 800 and aside of the mapping capability I do prefer the touch screen which is very responsive and easy to do compared to do a button press which take some movement in the bike when you go at full speed.

  6. Luka

    Just ordered a 310xt pack with all the extras from clever training, and this is only marginally cheaper.. so im still very happy :D

    (of course i used the links here)

    just waiting for it to ship and arrive here in JP… (such agonising wait!)

  7. He5x

    I own a 310XT, but can never seem to get accurate HR data. My 305 HR monitor was even worse. I know Garmin has made improvements with the 910XT. Is it worth upgrading for the HR accuracy, or is there a way to fix my 310XT?

    • Victor

      Hex5x, I believe HR accuracy is more a byproduct of the HR strap band than the watch. If you buy a new HR strap, it should improve.

    • Ray Maker

      Correct, it’s 100% related to the HR strap. Check out this post as a starting point for looking at HR strap issues (and cheap ways to fix them): link to dcrainmaker.com

    • FreeAgentMike

      I had HR issues with my 310XT for years, despite trying all the ‘tricks.’ Then I saw a reference on this site to the Wahoo HR Strap and tried it. I haven’t had a problem since. Highly recommended!
      (link to wahoofitness.com)

    • adrenaline_Jen

      I agree 100% about Garmin HR strap defects.. I replaced mine and it fixed the trouble. Wish I’d known about replacing it with a Polar strap before I shelled out for a 2nd Garmin one. I actually did get Garmin to replace the strap (free) too, so now I have a back-up in case the one I bought fails. :)

  8. KP

    Looking to the future, would it be better to invest in a Suunto Ambit 2 (which has just launched & they will launch new features) or use the 910 (to get only bug fixes) for a year at the current price band?

    • Ray Maker

      It’s tough, as the $100 gap between the two makes the 910XT more tempting than the Ambit. Otherwise, I would have said go the route of the Ambit as a better long-term play because of the potential for updates. As you noted, I wouldn’t expect any new features on the 910XT at this point.

  9. Daniel

    I want the FR910xt but I’m afraid that as soon as i purchase it, Garmin will release a whole new watch replacing 910,
    I wish Garmin would be a little bit more open with whats coming and approx when in the future but probably never going to happen since it’s bad for business… or is it, maybe I choose another brand…

  10. KevDwyer

    Victor, Hex5x,
    I have the 310xtand experience HR reading high, and later in a run, reading low ( about half of actual rate.
    I purchased a 610 complete with HR and that has the same issues. I purchased the Polar strap, and ECG gel but whatever combination of strap or watch I use the problem persists.
    The lack of reliability can be infuriating, especially the randomness of the HR issues.
    My Polar HR unit is rock solid, if they can do it why can’t Garmin ?

    • Tommy

      I experienced the same problems with the Garmin 610. I think it is partly the strap (I tried three different straps and it did not resolve the issues) and partly the watch (specifically I took issue with the algorithms they use to calculate calories burned). While the FirstBeat technology may be theoretically more accurate, from my personal experience it was not. My real concern was lack of internal consistency (two laps at the same distance, time and heart rate would have wildly different calories burned) and consistency between the watch and FirstBeat (the watch would calculate a very different total than FirstBeat with the same data uploaded). I think it i just the nature of Garmin, they excel and the GPS and other areas not so much at the HR monitoring (Polar excels more here). I replaced my 610 with a Timex RT2 which I really like. I think you just need to decide which feature set is more important to you. I really want the added battery length of the 310 or 910, but I am not willing to give up HR accuracy to get it.

  11. Chris Thompson

    Wow. As an added bonus,, Garmin is offering a $50 rebate if you buy a 910. And then send them your old Forerunner. The details are on the REI site.

    • Ray Maker

      Oh, very nice catch – I’ve added details on that to the post. Forgot about that deal (and benefits a good cause too with Girls on The Run).

  12. TriSports.com 25% of select Garmin

  13. What about shipments to Europe? Do you have experience ordering from Paris? What about customs, taxes, etc.


    • Ray Maker

      The US rebates for the Edge 800 (or the $50 for the 910XT) won’t apply unless you have a US forwarding address. So we’ll ignore that.

      For taxes/import fees, it depends a bit on your country of course. Here in France I get dinged 19.6% on import. So, looking at a typical Euro price for the FR910XT at 350€ – that’s $443US. This represents a savings of $144 pre-import (over $299US). On the customs forms, it would show a value of 299, which means an import tax of 58€ (cheaper depending on if they do the currency conversion right, but usually they – your carrier – don’t). So you’re still saving $86 pre-shipping, more if the 299 was down-converted to Euros and thus reducing your tax import cost.

      The shipping info tab on each product would show you the cost to ship it. Enjoy!

      I import stuff in on a weekly basis, so it’s one of the few things I’m really good at understanding. ;)

    • I think you’re always better of buying it in Europe. Law in Europe states (at least) 2 year warranty, while this is different in US. (For instance, your iPhone bought in Europe has a two year garanty, no matter what Apple tells you!)
      Also, I think it makes more sense to buy it in Europe from a customer care point of view. You’ll get your product back faster and so on.
      If you’re looking for a 910XT “all in”, (HR strap) here you can find one for 344,99 euro’s (you’ll have to take out the quick release kit for €20).
      I used them for a couple of things, and always very fast (2-3 days) and at the bottom of the market – in Belgium that is.
      link to cardioshop.be

  14. Guillaume Rondy

    Do they ship to the UK?
    Doesn’t seem to be working on REI and I cannot find an equivalent discount on UK websites?

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Guillaume – let me know if the above answer (posted at the same time as your question) helps cover it. Enjoy!

  15. Keith

    Ok stupid question non triathlete who runs occasionally swims doesn’t bike likes the vibration alarms trt 2.0 or now lower 910xt?

  16. Keith

    Ok stupid question non triathlete who runs,occasionally swims doesn’t bike likes the vibration alarms: trt 2.0 or now lower 910xt?

    • Ray Maker

      The FR910XT is definitely a more powerful watch than the TRT2, but of course, the TRT2 is slimmer and can be used as day watch. In some ways, it comes down to whether or not you want to use it as a day watch. If not, then look at 310XT or 910XT. Since you don’t swim, I’d actually save a bunch and go with the 310XT.

  17. Matt

    Is there a discount on the FR910XT Triathlon Package or just the watch and watch with HRM?

    • Ray Maker

      Right now it’s just the watch/watch+HRM packages. Let me ask and see if there’s an option for the bundle as well.

  18. patti theroux

    My question is also about the HRM strap. I have several garmin units. Have never been happy with the reliability of the hrm straps. Will read your review on that…but I am I right to say better off not bothering with that add on? I use a polar strap when I want heart rate data. Wearing 2 watches is annoying but reliable. Thoughts?

  19. Erin

    I’m a little confused. I already have a garmin hrm, so if I just get the watch, it will have the hrm capabilities, right? And I can use my current hrm?

  20. I dont want to take away from clever training and the relationship you have as well, but if you cant get the 910xt there, Trisports.com has the same deal going on for $299 for the 910XT

    Now, here’s my question. I have the 310xt and have used it the past 3 years and love it. Is it worth it for me to upgrade to the 910xt? its still somewhat of a cost to upgrade even with the deal going on. but like all triathletes, its still a gadget and we all need new ones :)

    • Ray Maker

      For upgrading 310XT to 910XT, it depends in my mind on two factors:

      1) Do you want to use it in the pool to track laps?
      2) Do you have a power meter?

      For swimming, that’s probably the biggest feature, primarily pool based (in openwater the 310XT works on wrist, but no stroke data).

      For cycling, the 910XT has additional power meter metrics the 310XT doesn’t have. So that may be an item for some.

      And of course, I really appreciate folk’s support here via the Clever Training deal. I know they’ve said they will honor all orders placed (they still have stock of course, but in the event they sell out – they’ll still give everyone the low price).

    • ekutter

      I actually had a 910 and after 6 months I sold it and went back to using my 310. 910 had speed/distance accuracy issues and many people still have problems with the altimeter. I don’t swim much any more and use my Edge on the bike so it was primarily a running watch. Haven’t missed the 910 a bit.

  21. Greg Hilton

    Ref the UK. Amazon have the 310XT for £165 delivered. From the USA place it will cost you $165 + $29.99 shipping + VAT + import duty + whatever you may get charged as a handling fee….

    Quick calculations gets the total price up to £152 + handling fee, so not a lot in it!

  22. Tommy

    Does the introduction of the Timex Run Trainer 2 impact your GPS recommendations? The RT1 was a hesitant recommendation in the Running (mid-range) category due t bug issues. Does the RT2 correct enough of the issues to make it more highly recommended than the Polar RC3 or the Garmin FR210?

    • Ray Maker

      I see the Polar RC3/FR210/TRT2 all very tightly in the same group. Each has minor pros and cons as to why you’d choose one or the other. I’ve been thinking of updating my overall recommendations, specifically for that category (the other categories haven’t changed since).

      My recommendation would mostly be to understand which of the tiny differences matter to a given person. For example, the TRT2 has nutrition alerts, the other two don’t. The RC3 has more data fields/pages to show, the others have less. The FR210 has more flexibility with interval functions.

      I did outline it a fair bit in the TRT2 review as well (towards the end), but recognize it’s a tough choice between all three.

  23. Derek P

    Ok, I know this should be an easy question to answer based on Ray’s body if work. If I get the Garmin 800, what would be the best and least expensive Power Meter to pair it with (or should I wait for an upcoming product to come out for Power?)

    • Ray Maker

      Technically the Stages Power Meter. I’m hoping to have an update (positive) there shortly (I realize I’ve been saying that for a while too). But basically $699 (new). And some used ANT+ wireless PowerTap’s as well typically in that general range.

    • Eli

      There is also the iBike for ~$600 ($500 plus $100 updgrade to support sending to the garmin) but that doesn’t measure power directly and probably needs a much longer explanation to talk about it.

  24. Harrison

    I’m a sucker for deals.

    My 610 will be 2 years old this August. I’d sure love to have a 910xt or edge 800. I explore a lot of new territory on my bike, which is why I lean towards the 800, but the usefulness of the 910xt is just incredible. Plus it could easily work as a backup for my 610 for just running.

    And the rack deals are just as exciting, considering I’ve been looking at that Saris Bones rack for the past few months!

    • ekutter

      If biking is your primary interest, go with the Edge 800. It is a pretty amazing bike computer. Having the maps is great for trails or new terrain. Big screen. Reliable. If you don’t care about swimming, the combination of the 610 and Edge 800 is about as good as you can get right now.

  25. Nicholas

    After placing an order with your link for a 910xt this morning, (it was rejected due to my credit card being from South Africa) I went to amazon and paid $299. This same afternoon I went back to check on the order and the price for the same base model has dropped to $230, so order cancelled and reordered. So TLDR: Base Model 910xt is $229.99 on amazon.

    • Ray Maker

      Are you sure on that? I’m not seeing the 910XT below $299 anywhere.

    • dc2172

      I saw that too!
      Bought two of them at the $229 price. Kept thinking all along it was a mistake.
      Got my receipt emailed, clicked the link again just to make sure and the price was back to $299 on the amazon website. Receipt says $229 so hopefully not a mistake!

    • Ray Maker

      Awesome, congrats on grabbing it!

      (Coming from someone who has grabbed a few airfare mistakes in my days…)

    • Nicholas

      I too thought it was a glitch and sure enough 15 minutes after I posted, it was back at $299. Sorry for not supporting this great blog but stoked I saved $170 (which adds up to a ton of South African Rands)

    • I saw the $229 but was not quick enough !!!

  26. Angela

    REI is also discounting the FR910XT for their anniversary sale starting today. $299.99 w/o HRM, $339.99 w/ HRM

  27. Hi Ray-

    I apologize as this seems to have been covered in a previous comment, but I currently have a Garmin Forerunner 405 with HRM. My understanding is that all of these units come equipped with HR measuring capability, and the additional fee is solely for the strap; the unit itself (if I purchase the less expensive unit – eg – 310xt for $169) should work with existing straps. Is this correct? Thanks

    • Chmouel

      all ANT+ watch (i.e: at least the garmin) should work with any ANT+ HR (i.e: at least the garmin) the differences between some hr strape shipped with some high end garmin model is the quality of it (there is a blog post of ray explaining of all of that if you do a search).

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Paul-

      Yup, Chmouel is correct. All units (except those like the Garmin FR10) come with the ability to utilize the HRM strap if you purchase one. So if you get the base unit of any of these now, and then decide 3 months from now that you want the strap, you just spend the $30-$50 for any ANT+ strap on the market (Garmin or otherwise), and you’re good to go.

  28. Henry

    Thanks Ray for the heads up, just ordered!

  29. Jennifer

    I’m trying to decide between the 310XT and 910XT. The swimming upgrade will be of minimal use for me. So, I think it comes down to the barometric altimeter. I live up high in the mountains of Colorado and do all my running, cycling, hiking up high. I have the Forerunner 405CX without the barometric altimeter. What is the difference between having/not having the barometric altimeter option? How does my 405CX determine altitude? Is BM more accurate? Thanks! Your site/reviews/info is super awesome. I already bought the Edge 800 through your link today.

    • Ray Maker

      The 405CX uses a GPS based altimeter. Thus if you find that ‘ok’, then you’ll be good with the FR310XT’s altimeter (it’s slightly better than the 405CX’s). If you tend to do a lot of riding/running in the mountains and you often use altitude as a metric on the watch (and make decisions based on it), then the FR910XT might be better.

      If however, you’re mostly just looking at the altitude data later online, it’ll be corrected there anyway.

    • Jennifer

      I can trade in my 405CX, so price for 910XT would be $249. And the 310XT is $169. It is a no-brainer to go with the 910XT?

    • Ray Maker

      Sorta. ;) But of course everyone values $80 differently.

      Thanks for the support!

  30. david ware

    I have a 705. Is there a reason to upgrade to the 800? What would you recommend? Thaks.

    • Ray Maker

      The 800 is definitely an upgrade to the 705, mostly for cleaning things up and speeding them up a bit. It also supports the advanced power meter metrics the 705 doesn’t. It’s not a massive upgrade, but more of an incremental one. And, for many, the much cleaner quarter-turn mount system tends to be worth it (most folks hated the Edge 705 mount, especially mountain bikers where it tended to snap easily).

    • Eli

      I have a 705 and just upgraded to an 810. So assuming most of the functionality is the same outside of the new stuff mentioned in Ray’s review I would say change is very noticeable.

      I do lots of group rides and use the course functionality (download route off ridewithgps) and have to say the 810 does it much better. Many times the 705 is just too slow at rendering the map making scrolling around useless and when a turn comes up it can sometimes be pretty slow rendering the map. Plus I like how the screen is noticeably bigger and the way the directions are slightly transparent so the map is slightly visible under it. Still getting used to the touch screen vs the buttons on the 705 (sort of feel like I like the buttons more, but may just need to adjust) Overall the 810 feels much faster which I like.

      BTW the original 705 mount was easy to break but they did change the internals around where the newest of the 705/305 mounts were much stronger (I broke one mount and the newer one does well)

    • Tisztul_A_Visztula

      Just a small note about Edge generations:

      1. Edge705 has no “stairs” in logged elevation data
      2. Edge800 does have them
      3. Edge810 has no stairs again

      I just checked it exporting other people’s rides from Garmin Connect. The mistery for me why Garmin did not modify this approach for 800 (and 500). A month ago they launched a new firmware for 500, but it does not deal with this at all.

      Sidenote 910XT has the same bloody stairs.

      Manual elevation cal of Edge (if I understood well)

      1. Edge705: waypoint in the neighbourhood at the very start with elevation data

      2. Edge800/810: manual typing of the known elevation, which can calibrate the unit at any time during recording.

      As far as it concerned 910XT is not like 800, but like 705.

      From this elevation freak perspective only 810 is an approved unit for me. Now I have no hope that the stairs and the manual elev cal approach of 910XT will be transformed to similar to 910XT.

  31. David

    I just jumped on a 910xt from Clever Training. Without this site, I don’t know that I would have even know Garmin was having this sale. Thanks Ray!

  32. stevea

    just looking for thoughts from anyone who cares to reply. wanting watch for mainly running, some cycling (road), no swimming. starting to run ultras so prefer longer battery life. honestly, not sure i will ever run longer than 50mi ultra, maybe a 100k. most of my runs are on hilly terrain, not mountainous. half of runs on technical trails with tree cover, switch backs. i want a watch with long lasting battery, accurate gps even on technical trails, and ability to switch to bike for cycling/duathlons (and waterproof for hours in the rain running). i’ve been leaning towards the 310. when i first saw the 910 dropping to $300 i started second guessing myself. when i saw the 310 was dropping to $170, seemed to confirm that the 310 was the one.

    what say you dc and readers?

    • Ray Maker

      That’s tough, it depends on how much you value the altitude calculations. Don’t get me wrong, the GPS-based altimeter can be good, but the barometric is definitely more accurate (especially if we’re talking dense trees or other poor satellite conditions).

      You’ll get a touch bit more battery out of the FR910XT than the FR310XT, but I’m guessing for a 100K you’d likely be still good battery-wise on the 310XT.

      Hope this helps!

  33. Steve-

    I am more or less in your shoes. My biggest need is battery life and price is a concern. I think the 310xt is probably the best bet. I am flirting with doing Triathlons, but the 310 should still work with that. I’ll probably get one as I have a 50miler next Sunday

  34. Brad

    Based on your excellent reviews, I have been planning to buy an Edge 500. Now with this sale, the 800 is effectively less expensive than the 500. Other than the difference in mapping capabilities with the 800 and the smaller size of the 500, do you have any thoughts on which way to go for someone who has neither at the moment? Thanks Ray!

    • Ray Maker

      It really comes down to whether or not you ride the same routes over and over, or if you explore a bit. If you’re like me, I tend to more or less ride the same routes over and over – so I know them and the smaller Edge 500 works perfectly.

      But, if you explore some to uncharted waters, then the Edge 800 is a better bet. For example, I got the Edge 800 for my Dad’s Birthday last year. He rides about 50-70% on the same major routes/trails in the Seattle area, but he also explores a bit outside of that. So this allowed him to explore easier than dealing with the phone and checking it constantly from your pocket.

      Not sure if that helps, but just to put it in perspective.

    • Brad

      Yes, that helps, thanks. I’m a creature of habit with my routes, plus I like the smaller size so the 500 it is!

  35. Tom

    Many thanks, Ray. Just re-read your review to seal the deal and just purchased the 910XT from Clever Training using your link. Thanks for the great work and reviews. Big fan of your site. Cheers!

  36. Brian

    Ordered a Garmin 800. Thanks! Is anyone receiving order confirmations via email?

  37. J.

    I’ve been on the fence about the 910XT, and the sale makes it tempting, but I don’t badly need the 910XT’s multi-sport features. OTOH, the 210 feels too limited. Any thoughts on the likelihood of a 610 replacement arriving soon?

    • Ray Maker

      The earliest we’d see something for the FR610 is announcement in the fall (I’d guess that’s likely). However, whether or not announcement is tied to availability is the real question. Garmin has made a concerted effort since last summer to make those two items (announcement and availability) almost identical. This started with the Garmin Swim, continued with the FR10, and then was pretty much the case with the Edge 510/810 (one lagged a few extra weeks).

  38. Kim A.

    Ordered the 910XT. You just cost me $300. But my husband is now getting an amazing Father’s Day present. :)

  39. anbody

    And I guessed that one NDA would be lifted for the announced time.

    Do you have any news on a new Timex Global Trainer supporting open water and indoor swimming?

    • Ray Maker

      I’ve heard nothing on a new TGT front.

      It’s a pretty small engineering team at Timex (you can pretty much count them on one hand), and I know they’re still cooking on the Timex Run Trainer 2 side and optimizations – so I’d be surprised if we see something like a TGT2 come out of nowhere there.

    • anbody

      Thanks. Sounds like the Suunto Ambit 2 is one of the few full feature watches atm with a decent look and every day capabilities.

  40. Rick H

    Thank you for the multiple in-depth articles to help me navigate through the multple GPS/Sports watch/hiking options! With the sale I decided I could buy a 910XT and a handheld Garmin for hiking at a later date without costing too much more than a Fenix or Ambit. Due to all your hard work, I ordered a 910XT through your link.

  41. Tracey

    I’m looking through all of the triathlon bundles through Clever Training, REI, and Amazon. Is there a reason I shouldn’t buy the base model 910 for $299 then purchase the HR, cadence sensor, quick release mount, and bike mount as separate items? Purchasing a la carte from Amazon works out to $415 and CT $430. Am I missing something?

    • Ray Maker

      I pinged the Clever folks to see if we can get the bundle price addressed, or at least a faux-bundle price (like you did). Hang tight! I appreciate the support!

    • Ray Maker

      Ok, I just got an e-mail confirming the official tri bundle isn’t on sale unfortunately. However, playing around I got the equivalent contents to $397.

      For the FR910XT HR edition + the GSC10 cadence sensor + the FR910XT quick release kit it’s $404, then applying the DCR discount code of DCR10XBK saves you $6.69 on the accessories, getting it to $397.

      If you added the separate Forerunner bike mount (keeping in mind the quick release kit includes two quarter-turn style bike mounts – which is what you want, not the rubber want), it would be $411.23 (including the discount on accessories).

      Make sense?

    • Tracey

      Thanks for the tip. A la carte seems the way to go. One more question. REI says it won’t ship to Hawaii due to the lithium battery. Is this a problem for Clever Training anyone else?

    • Ray Maker

      I know Hawaii folks have ordered in the past without issue from CT – so I think you’re all good. Thanks!

    • That shipping restriction is such a PITA. And so inconsistently applied. I am in HI and had no problem getting my 910 from CT.

      Unfortunately, I just bought mine a month ago.

  42. Steve

    Currently have the 305, am a newbie to tri’s, did one sprint so far but want to do more. I like the 305, except for the finicky cradle to transfer data, very frustrating at times. Have an older cateye on my bike, but want to upgrade my bike and likely going to an Edge… have nothing to measure swims at this point. Would the 910 be my best bet for all 3 sports, nothing else for the bike? or the 310 and then get something like an Edge 800 in the future for the bike?

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Steve-

      With the 910XT and the quick release kit, you’ll get a nice compact unit on your stem/handlebars that looks almost like the Edge 500. Now the Edge series allow 8 data fields per page at once, versus 4 for the FR910XT (though both allow multiple data pages).

      Given you’re a triathlete, I’d upgrade from the FR305 to the FR910XT. For two reasons, one because you’ll benefit from the additional functions in the pool with the 910XT (you wouldn’t with an Edge), and two because if you’re willing to part ways with little-red (the FR305), you can get another $50 back – bringing it down to $250 all in.

      Hope this helps!

  43. Michael H.

    I like your reviews and was hoping that you can help me out with a suggestion. I currently have the motoactv and definitely like using it but I want something a little more waterproof. I’m starting to get into running a lot and I also mountain bike. I think these sale prices are nice, but I’m not sure if I should jump the gun and buy one or just wait. What would you recommend, based on what I currently have? or do you think I should wait for other options to come out later?

    • Ray Maker

      Since you have the Motoactv, I’d go more towards the 910XT than the 310XT. Only because the 310XT you’ll end up with something fairly similar (except truly waterproof, as you said). Whereas with the 910XT you’d get indoor swimming capability and a barometric altimeter (useful if your mountain biking includes mountains).

      The only scenario I could think of on the Edge 800 side would be if you like topo maps while mountain biking. This tends to be focused on folks doing longer trips though in unknown areas, rather than just loops in a local park. Make sense?

    • Michael H.

      After a nice trail run today, I decided to order the 910xt. Thanks for your help Ray! :)

  44. Avi

    Hi ray, thanks for the great details and help. I am not sure what to get. I have the fr310 and just started to do triathlons. I don’t have a power meter on my bike. I am debating btw the edge 800 vs the fr910. It’s a great price for a power meter but I would like to have an indoor tracking capability. Any suggestions on what to get?
    Also – does the 800 comes with a sensor to mount on the wheel to measure the power? Thanks!

    • Ray Maker

      Both have indoor tracking capability, so no worries there. By default neither come with teh sensor to mount to the wheel (GSC-10, Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor), but both are compatible with it so you can pick it up seperately (now or later).

      Since you already have the 310XT, the 910XT would primarily give you the additional indoor swimming functions (since you don’t have a power meter).

      Whereas the Edge 800 would giving you mapping and navigational/routing capabilities while on the bike. So it comes down to whether you want indoor swimming, or mapping on the bike.

      Hope this helps!

    • Avi

      Thanks Ray!!

  45. Josh

    910xt ordered thru clever training, many thanks for all your hard work!

  46. oldSAP

    thanks for this Ray. but i’m experiencing an error when i purchase using my credit card with billing address here in the Philippines and the shipping address is either Canada or United States. i’ve been using the same credit card with clevertraining before with no problems at all. they said there might be an error in my billing address but i have copied my exact billing address already but to no avail. hope you could talk to their people about this. thank you again.

  47. Peter Kingsland

    So tempted to go for the 910XT but would love to see if the Tomtom will be a serious competitor at a lower price!

    If the Tomtom battery will really do 10 hours (with GPS, screen and sensors at a 1sec sample rate) I’d be happy with that and if it could talk/upload to a phone like the Edge 810 then I’d be completely sold…..

    Worrying they didn’t mention phone sync at release- even if its a future update, would be a major selling point?!

    Any updates on tomtom bringing you their new toy Ray??

    Cheers for the initial thoughts ;-)

  48. Jeremy

    Hey Ray, I’m a relatively new runner but a swimmer at heart with an eye toward doing my first tri in the next 12-18 months. (I’ve got a few other running goals I want to hit first) Living in the northern part of the US, open water swims are limited to a few months until I spring for a wetsuit. Your review sold me on the 910 but I’m trying to justify the cost since I haven’t actually done anything of note just yet. What are your thoughts on using the 310 for my running now (and eventually biking) and then picking up the Swim down the road when I start doing more swimming? From just the training aspect, that is. I obviously wouldn’t use both during a race. I’m wondering if I should “grow into” the 910…

    • Ray Maker

      You’d definitely grow into it – and in some ways it might ‘force’ you out into doing more openwater swims (if for no reason than to justify the purchase).

      That said, if you don’t plan to use the FR910XT in the pool (or openwtaer), and since it doesn’t sound like you have a power meter, then the FR310XT would definitely cover things for now.

  49. Amanda H

    I already have a Garmin 410 with the HR monitor. Can I use that HR monitor with the Garmin 910?

  50. Lars

    Hi Ray!
    I’m about to buy the Edge 800 (via CT of course) – just because I want to own it… Is there any rational reason to yield to my desire, if I’m already using a 910XT?

    • Dr. D

      In the same boat as you, Lars. I tend to map our my cycling routes before I leave home, so not sure if I really need an 800. ;-)

    • Ray Maker

      Rational? No. But ther’s also nothing rational about swimming with a few hundred people whacking each other and then jumping on a bike and finally running simply for the ‘fun’ of it. So we can throw rational out the window.

      If you’ve got a 910XT and you tend to ride the same things over and over again, you’ll probably not get much out of the Edge 800 (except additional data fields on a single page). But, if you go un-seen places then you’ll have more benefits.

    • Lars

      “But ther’s also nothing rational about swimming with a few hundred people whacking each other and then jumping on a bike and finally running simply for the ‘fun’ of it.”
      Good point!

      Damn! I hoped you could present a good pro or contra! Now I have to decide by myself again… ;-)

  51. Steve

    Do you have a photo of the Garmin HRM3 box? I just bought it from Amazon but it doesnt say HRM3 and I can’t figure out if they sent me the correct one. It just says “Premium Heart Rate Monitor”.

    • Ray Maker

      Unfortunately I don’t have the box (or pics of it), it game in a plastic baggie when it came for me. That said, the HRM3 SKU should be 010-10997-07 (Garmin HRM3 SKU) – which tends to be written somewhere on the box.

      If you’ve opened it up, you’re looking for a grey stripe along the left side (unique way to tell), as well as “L” and “R” printed on it. No other Garmin strap has that. See some pics mid-way through this post: link to dcrainmaker.com

    • Eli

      Without opening the box the pic on the front for the HRM3 shows the strap as mostly gray with the electronics unit black and a bit of black on the left in the pic.

    • Steve

      Thanks. I sent you a photo of the box via email. Remarkably, the box and insructions don’t say HRM 3, though the UPC code matches what you sent to me. The box was sealed with tape so I otherwise wouldn’t have known if I had the correct hear rate monitor. So much for Garmin customer service.

    • Steve

      Forgot to add that the instruction booklet says it was printed in January 2013.

      Thanks Eli, though a newbie like me wouldn’t have known the colors without your advice and Ray’s.

  52. Jennifer

    I made a purchase at Clever Training yesterday and never received an email confirmation, though I did receive a confirmation screen after purchase. I just called them and the person I spoke with could not find my order by looking up my Order Number, Customer ID or Last Name. He said he could not do anything further and I would have to wait until Monday to speak to the warehouse. Kind of unsettling as it’s my first transaction with this company. Now I’m wondering if they have my order, or if I’ll miss out on the sale.

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Jennifer (and the other two folks who didn’t get e-mail confirmations)-

      I’ve been in contact with Clever Training over the last few minutes and they’re investigating. They assured me that if there was any technical problem, they’ll absolutely honor the price – so no worries there.

      If there are others who didn’t get a confirmation, please feel free to shoot me a quick e-mail and I’ll have them track them down. You can use the contact form here, it goes right to my e-mail: link to dcrainmaker.com

      Sorry for the troubles, and thanks for your support!

    • Ray Maker

      Just a quick update on the missing e-mails. They tracked it down to a few hung orders in the notification system, those three were then manually processed and should be good to go. As before, if there’s any others, feel free to just contact me and I’ll get you taken care of quickly. Thanks all!

    • Jennifer

      I have received my email receipt. Thanks Ray.

  53. OK,
    so I have currently a RoadBike, MountainBike,CycloCrossBike, and soon TriBike.
    The Roady and Tri bike have Powertabs and the other bikes a GSC10.
    Electronically I have a Swim a 310XT and a Computrainer.
    My dilemma is that the 310XT only supports 3 bike profiles, I read that the Edge 800 only support 3 profiles as well.
    Though my thought is that changing a profile in the 800 would be easier.
    I can’t see any real benefit to get the 910XT since my combination of Swim and 310XT get’s me all the functions.
    In my mind I think the 800 would give me navigation a bigger screen and some more power data. It would also make it easier to follow routes that I map on a PC, right?

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Tim-

      The Edge 800 with the latest firmware supports 5 bike profiles, I have five on mine now – mostly how I track different power meters.

      As for the maps/etc, indeed. I think I’m going to put together a post sometime this week on ‘How to add free maps to your Edge 800/810’ – as well as how to add courses.

  54. Dan

    Ray –

    I cannot decide between the Edge 800 and the O-Synce Navi2Coach,

    Any reason(s) to get one over the other?

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Dan-

      The main reason to get the Edge 800 over the Navi2Coach is that the Edge 800 understands map routing, whereas the Navi2Coach doesn’t. Meaning that the Navi2Coach is like the Edge 500/510 in that it does breadcrumb style GPS tracks for navigation. So it’s essentially just hundreds (or thousands) of little dots that you’re following.

      Whereas the Edge 800 actually understands streets and routing. So it knows you’re on Maple Street and need to turn left on Cowbell street, and that if you miss Cowbell street, you can take a left instead of Redemption Street. Whereas the other units on the market simply point you back in the direction of the breadcrumbs via arrows.

      Hope that helps!

    • Dan

      Thanks, Ray. I just ordered an Edge 800 from CT!

    • Ray Maker

      Thanks Dan for the support!

  55. Joseph

    While the original Ambit with HR monitor is on sale at REI this weekend for $374.93, it still might make sense to buy the Ambit2 no HR monitor for $400 assuming you have the 20% coupon. I did and love the watch!

  56. Shaun Hurry

    Well played Garmin…I see what you did there. It’s time to upgrade to a new watch and have been on the fence with getting the 910XT, or holding out for the Ambit 2/2S. And then TomTom comes along with their vague ‘summer’ release! Any hints on what month they are referring to on that? Hmmm what-to-do-what-to-do…

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Shaun-

      No, in general when folks say ‘summer’, they tend not to mean the beginning of it. Only because then they’d say ‘June’, as to entice you to wait. Just my guess.

  57. JakeB

    Did garmin ever fix the 910xt pace problems? I remember hearing a lot of complaints about that feature. I train by pace not HR so it is a concern for me. Although I know I can always set it to auto-interval with very short intervals. It just seems like for that price I shouldn’t have to do a workaround for a broken feature not working.

    • Ray Maker

      For most people, yes. There are some folks out there that still see it – and for those, neither I nor anyone else seems to have a good answer as to why there’s a subset of folks that have the problem. Wish I knew why and whether it was tied to a certain batch/etc…

      That said, I don’t see any issues today, and I know many others that don’t.

  58. Moe

    Hi Ray,

    I want to jump on the 310xt deal but one thing that’s keeping me on the fence is Garmin’s support for it. Obvioiusly software/firmware can’t be updated much longer if at all but what about parts and accessories? How much longer do you think they and 3rd parties will continue to support the 310xt?

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Moe!

      For the most part there’s only a handful of FR310XT-specific parts out there, primarily the quick release kit and straps. The rest of the accessories are in use across the entire range of Garmin products (including the FR910XT).

      That said, Garmin support still covers you for quite a while (years+). So I don’t think you have much to worry about there.

  59. Dan

    Has anyone experience with the Oregon 450 for general cycling? I already have a 310xt, and now I am looking for a GPS for navigation to explore new routes and find my way through the city. I don’t train very seriously, I am more of an everyday bike user.

    It looks like the better value than the Edge 800 for general cycling use, larger screen, much more memory, and a 3-axis compass. Does speed/cadence and heart rate, but no power meter and no virtual partner.
    It is a bit larger and takes replaceable batteries, which is a big plus for me.

    link to forums.mtbr.com

    I’ve found some conflicting reviews about the screens in sunlight. In general the Oregon seems to get more consistent good reviews and the Edge has a much better mount..

    Has anyone both Oregon and Edge and can comment?

    • Ray Maker

      Sorry, I don’t have an Oregon 450 to compare with, sorry!

      That said, I know a few Oregon users to frequently read here, so i suspect someone else may be able to help there a bit.

      One minor note, is that the Edge 800 does support external charging with a battery pack, so that may mitigate things for you slightly (it can be a bit messy on the bars, but if you have a front bag/pack up there then it’s not too bad).

  60. lucian

    I found this offer for ambit 1, for $309.Is this valid?

    This is the link:
    link to campmor.com

  61. David

    I was going to grab the 310xt, but last night I saw a 910xt for $265 at amazon (like new at the warehouse deals). Couldn’t resist. Bought it through your links. Thanks Ray!

  62. Leanne

    Given the sale, is it just plain stupid to pay more for the Edge 500 than the Edge 800?

    There’s been lots of comments already about the 500 vs. the 800 but what’s your advice for someone completely new to the cyling world? I’m a runner at heart but recently bought a road bike for cross-training (and as a much needed concession to my knees). Already hooked and can see myself really getting into it (and for that reason ruled out the Edge 200 because of the lack of ANT capabilities.

    Do I need the mapping abilities? Not daily. I’m doing mostly group rides on pre-set routes in a small(ish) Florida beachtown. But if I start traveling with my bike, the mapping abilities would be useful.

    I prefer the size of the 500 but am having a hard time paying more for less features. Am I missing some key consideration? Is durability of the touch screen on the 800 a concern at all for anyone?

    • Ray Maker

      Yup, it really does come down to preference in size (size matters?). From a functionality standpoint, the 800 obviously does more, but takes up more space. For triathletes, the Edge 500 fits a bit better because of the limited places to put it (aerobars/etc…). But for road/MTB folks, the Edge 800 tends to fit quite nicely on the stem, so it’s not bad.

      No problems with the touch screen, never heard any complaints there. ‘It just works’. Gloves/water/etc are no problem.

    • Leanne

      Thanks. Your site is fantastic (I’m sure you hear that a lot) but it’s been super helpful.

  63. Joe Rzepiejewski

    I cant find my 310 so I needed decided to upgrade to 910 (wanted to for a while now). I actually had an order with TriSports.com as it was the same price, but cancelled and went to link to clevertraining.com to support ya. :-)

  64. tony

    Just got my 310xt upgraded to the 910xt using the links through the site. Man using the credit card details on clever training was super sensitive, it kept rejecting my card. Lucky they have PayPal there to use!

    Now its time to get the 310xt out the door to help pay for the upgrade!

    • Ray Maker

      Thanks for sticking in there Tony, I appreciate it! They do a lot around fraud-filtering, and sometimes it catches a good guy. Sorry about that!

  65. For those of us duathletes who primarily bike/run and live in Canada with more than our fair share of indoor training… Is the FR910XT still the winner? (currently have Edge 500 GSC10 & Powertap 2.4SL Ant+).
    Want: foot-pod capable watch with multi-sports!

    In reading DCR’s awesome reviews, I think the 310XT has everything I’m looking for (including an extra race entry fee), but I couldn’t seem to be able to compare the 910XT & 310XT in the product comparison tool.

    I note DCR personally uses the FR910XT, which would usually be the one I’d get… but with not swimming???
    Any input from any duathletes or tri-guys who have used both appreciated!

    • Ray Maker

      If you primarily bike/run, then the FR310XT probably does have everything you need. Since you have the Edge 500, you’ve already got the additional power meter fields there.

      On the comparison tool, here’s the two side by side: link to dcrainmaker.com

      And I’d agree, given you’re not a swimmer, the only benefit for you with the 910XT over the 310XT is really those power meter fields. And on your Edge 500 you have those fields, as well as the barometric altimeter.

  66. is the 100$ trade in, possible in germany too?

    • Ray Maker

      Unfortunately not – at least not unless you have a US forwarding address (there are many companies that do that, but typically not for a single letter). Sorry!

  67. Larry

    I’m mostly a runner, but I also like to do some kayaking in the summer. Since that doesn’t really involve my arms going under water, can I presume that the 310 and the 910 (even the TRT 2.0 for that matter) would all be perfectly fine for simply tracking distance and pace?

    • Ray Maker

      Yup, absolutely. The FR910XT doesn’t capture stroke information in a kayak (I tried), so definitely either would work. Enjoy!

    • Eli

      Yes it does. See:
      link to thinkkayak.com.au
      ok, not built in and the 310xt can do it too :-p

      You would think that a watch with an accelerometer could do it built in so it could be added. I’m sure Garmin won’t do that for any of their existing products but maybe the Ambit 2?

    • Ray Maker

      Yeah, but those are just cadence sensors (ultimately). Thus data comes out at cycling cadence. Not discounting it (it’s cool), but it’s not stroke or other things like stroke length, etc… They’d work on anything from the FR305 to 910XT. The TRT2 actually wouldn’t work there because it doesn’t support that sensor type.

      Ambit2 could see something there.

      Ultimately though, all these companies only have so many resources and focus on the most bang for their (development) buck.

    • Eli

      I would think anything more then cadence would be much more complicated. Well maybe add some strain gauges to the shaft where the blade attaches to measure power and with kayak paddles having two blades you could make use of left/right power. What else would you measure?

    • Ray Maker

      Without going too far off topic, yes, kayaking power meters are out there today. It was announced about two years ago, and then the NZ national team got ahold of them pre-London for the Olympics, it wasn’t until just late last year that they opened it up to others: link to kayakpowermeter.com

      Simply uses the ANT+ PM spec.

  68. Larry

    Thanks for all the great info. The 310 is probably overkill for me, but at the price I don’t see any reason not to go with that.

  69. Cesar

    Thank you for this posting and all the information that you always provide. I’m in my third tri season and have been eyeing the 910xt for a while, just ordered it from clevertraining!!!

  70. Gene

    Thank you for mentioning the deals!
    If I mainly do running now, would you recommend the Forerunner 410 or the 310, given that they are about the same price (at least on Amazon for the 410 & Clever Training for the 310)? I kind of want something that I do not have to charge daily or remember to charge before an activity. Even though I don’t need something like the 310, I prefer something more water-resistant than IPX7 because my other regular watches are all resistant to 100 m, and I’m used to taking them into the pool without a second thought. I already own a Garmin for running, but plan on given it to a member of the family who is starting to get back into shape.

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Gene-

      Definitely the FR310XT. In part because I find the FR410 a highly annoying unit with the touch bezel (different than touch screen on FR610). Most people either tolerate or hate the FR405/FR410. I generally hate.

      From a battery standpoint, the FR310XT is about double the FR410, though obviously not everyday watch-style.

      Hope this helps!

    • Dave

      I note that Ray has a strong dislike for the 410, but its worth mentioning that I and at least 4 friends have the 410 and love it.

      I also have the 310xt and find it frustrating after the 410, i’m not sure why but the 310 takes longer to start up and get a gps lock, scheduled workouts take a few button presses compared with the 410 which comes up as soon as you touch the watch. Also the time is always on which is handy.

      The biggest reason for me using 310 is having four items on the screen at once opposed to three. I was tempted to upgrade to the 910 as hoped the interface might be more the 410 but i think is more like the 310 so holding off.

  71. Chris Brown

    Picked up the 910 w/o HR for 299 at REI with my membership will give 25 back – great deal. Ray you rock

  72. Jeff Stucky

    Hey Ray,

    Just FYI, I ordered the 910 from CT to help support your site. I’m sure you’re probably aware, but your product reviews are becoming popular globally. I left MS in 2011 to join Novartis in Switzerland. I actually found out about this sale from a German friend in Novartis. He’s not into SBR, but he loves your gadget reviews. Kudos and Cheers!

  73. Dan

    Hi Ray,

    I love your reviews and tried to support you by buying from Clever Training, but they didn’t let me.
    There is something wrong with the way they do the address verification. I tried many times but I always got a fraud warning. I called them and they were friendly and told me my address was wrong, but it is exactly as it appears on my credit card bill. In the end they couldn’t do anything. Highly frustrating.
    You may want to pass that info on, the address problem will cost them some customers.

    • Ray Maker

      Hi Dan-

      I checked in with Clever this morning and they’d definitely like to get it sorted out with you (or at least understand more on why so it doesn’t prevent others). I have the e-mail address you provided before, but can you confirm that’s correct? Feel free to just drop a quick yes/no note here – or use the contact page. Would love to help you out (and ensure you get in on the deal).

      Thanks for the support, and sorry for the troubles!

  74. Dan

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for looking into this, the email is correct.


  75. Jeremy

    Thanks! Just bought a Garmin 800 for a killer deal, hope you get a $$ kickback for the great post!

  76. What is the likely hood of the Ambit 2 and/or Ambit 2S going on sale by 2014? Also, what is the likely hood of another similar watch to the Ambit & Ambit 2S being created by this time at a competitive rate? I really like the Ambit 2/S features, but $400-550 for a watch is somewhat steep. I am an Open Water Lifeguard and enjoy swimming, hiking (2-5hrs), running, and would like to eventually get into biking. For these interests, the Ambit 2/S seems pretty spot on to what I’m looking for.


    • Ray Maker

      By or within 2014? Plenty of opportunity for new watches similiar to the Ambit2/2S to be created by then. I’d expect that in 2014 you might see an update to Fenix, or might see others get in the game (i.e. Polar/Timex/etc…).

      On the triathlon side, you have Tom Tom this summer, and surely Polar will release an updated triathlon watch by next spring.

      I’d say that honestly it’s a bit too far out. Sorry!

    • Has Tom Tom contacted you yet about reviewing their upcoming product? Do you think it will be in the Ambit-tier or more like the Nike SportWatch-tier?

    • Ray Maker

      Yup, I’m in good contact with them. Expect more info in about a month or so.

  77. Larry

    Received my 310XT, through CT of course. I read in your 910 review that you generally recommend 1s over Smart Recording. I just run with my watch and no accessories. Does 1s remain your recommendation.

    • Ray Maker

      Yes, definitely. Primarily because it’ll reduce some of the cut-corner issues you’ll otherwise see.

  78. stevea

    well, bit the bullet and bought the 310 through CT and got it on 5/24. ran that next week and had it for a half marathon this past saturday. so far, i LOVE it. i am sure i haven’t even put a dent in discovering all the features since i have not done any cycling on it, yet. one feature i had not realized: it distracts me enough right now my runs are done before i am ready for them to be done. thank you for your great reviews and for the heads up on the sales.

  79. Adrian

    Hi Ray, edge 510 and 800 seems to be similar in price.

    Except for the mapping capabilities of the 800, would the 510 be a better choice since it is a “newer” model?

    • Ray Maker

      If you don’t need mapping, then yeah I’d go towards the Edge 510 for the added connectivity features. But really, they’re very different models because of the mapping.

  80. Kevin Tan

    Hi Ray,

    Used your code to buy FR10 from CT. Now am looking for a little extra and am looking at 310. Unfortunately, missed this promotion. Will there be a promotion coming around soon? Keeping my fingers crossed.

  81. Dognews

    I’m seriously considering the garmin 910 in the near month 2014, should I hold out for the new garmin that may replace the 910.