Clever Training & DCR Exclusive Deal on Garmin Edge 800: $279

August 1st, 2013 – please note: This deal is now expired.  Thanks for supporting the site!


Just a quick heads up that Clever Training worked out a deal to offer exclusively to DC Rainmaker readers to pickup the Garmin Edge 800 for $279 – no rebates or other funkiness required.

While the Edge 810 has taken over the ‘top spot’ of the Garmin navigational bike computers, as I noted in my review back in January, I see little reason to spend the extra money for the newer Edge 810 these days.  And in fact, I generally use the Edge 800’s myself as my primary bike computer.  Here’s my full in-depth review on the Edge 800 GPS bike computer.


With the detailed step by step instructions I put together two months ago, you can download for free all the maps you’ll ever need.  So there’s no reason to spend additional cash for the Garmin paid maps.  Instead, utilize the free Openstreet maps and save a bundle.  This will also give you turn by turn routing (as in, ‘Turn left on Maple street’), as well as POI (points of interest – for critical places like Dairy Queen).


Normally the Edge 800 had been selling closer to $400, then recently down to $329 as the lowest price out there.  So this is another $50 off of that at $279.  Not too shabby!  I don’t think we’ll see it go much lower, as that’s quite a bit lower than the Edge 810 already, and any much lower would likely become unprofitable for retailers.

This deal will only last until end of day next Wednesday (July 31st).  By using the Clever Training links above (which I have a partnership with), then you’ll help support the site.  It is somewhat important that you use those links, otherwise it doesn’t exactly support the site as I don’t get credit for it.

In addition, there’s also the Edge 800 bundle available as well, for $399 – this includes the following:

  • Edge 800 Unit
  • Garmin Premium Soft Strap Heart Rate Monitor
  • Garmin GSC-10 ANT+ Speed and Cadence Sensor
  • Data card preloaded with City Navigator for U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico street maps
  • Bike Mounts

Lastly, the Edge 800 qualifies for free US shipping with Clever Training.  Though, it doesn’t qualify for the usual DCRainmaker Clever Training discount of 10% off your cart via coupon code DCR10BTF because they are deep-sale items (but any accessories you buy do get discounted).  I appreciate your support!

Actually, there’s a secondary deal worth noting.  The Garmin Edge 500 is now down to an effective price of $199, as Garmin is currently offering a $50 mail-in rebate for it.  Plus, you can add in the DCR 10% savings on your Clever Training cart as well for this one (you can do the math, it’s on the original $250 price).  You’ll just use coupon code DCR10BTF.  Note that the Edge 500 rebate is time-limited and ONLY applies to purchases made prior to the end of July 31st (Wednesday).  Oh, and yup, free shipping is good there too!  [Edge 500 In-Depth Review here]

Finally, for those curious on how deals are created… Essentially Clever Training works with companies in the sports technology market to put together deals on a given product (or sometimes a flotilla of products, as you saw back in May).  Once they figure that all out, they then bring it to me where I give my feedback if it’s a worthy deal.  Assuming it is, I present it here.  My goal has always been to get you awesome deals in products that I think are worthwhile.  So I’m always lobbying for deals on cool products in the segment.  For example, I’d love to see a sweet deal for you on power meters – and hopefully, that’ll happen at some point.  But as I promised last fall, you won’t see ‘save $5’ type deals published here.  As is usually the case here…go big, or go home.


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  1. On peut trouver les DQs a Paris? ;)

  2. Erol

    Hi Ray,

    I have a kind of stupid question. I am looking for a solution to have a turn by turn routing for running. I am using the FR600 and this watch doesn’t offer it. Would it be possible to create running routes on Garmin Connect and load them on the Edge 800 and take it for a run? I am running a lot in different cities around the world and would like to create proper training routes instead of running blind. Would this be possible with the E800? I would just keep it in my hands whilst running. What do you think. Would appreciate any answer as it is important for me. Thanks a bunch.

    • Yup, you could – absolutely. However, note that the Edge 800 doesn’t include “Pace” as an option, so everything would be in MPH/KPH (i.e. 8MPH, rather than 7:30/mile).

      You can use the FR310XT/910XT quick release kit also to run with it on your wrist as well (check out the Edge 800 and Edge 500 reviews). It’s not the most subtle system, but it does work and some do it.

    • Juro

      It’s a bit overkill. Even the cheap Garmin watches allow to download a course you can build e.g. on link to and set it up in a way that you get a “warning” before every turn. So if you do not need to stare at the actual map, you should be able to make your “training scenario” work with simpler running models. I used to do this on my old FR305.

  3. @Erol: I guess you can use it for that too. I use it to go biking to places I don’t know and I get turn by turn routing – you’ll get distance and time to next turn and also a small map.

    You c

    • @Erol: I guess you can use it for that too. I use it to go biking to places I don’t know and I get turn by turn routing – you’ll get distance and time to next turn and also a small map.

      If you have a quick release kit, you can also wear it on your wrist, but is is kinda bulky and heavy for that.

      Also: I don’t think you can register running cadenence with it, only heart rate and the route.

    • Tristan is correct, the unit won’t show pace (only speed, ala MPH), and won’t connect to the footpod. But it will connect to your HR strap.

  4. Erol

    Hi Tristan,

    Thanks for your reply. I read it in Ray’s Edge 800 review that it will not give any pace just kmph or cadence. So I am thinking to keep my FR610 for all recordings and the E800 for the navigation.

  5. Kenny

    Thanks for having this deal.. I was on the fence for the $229 and decided against it.. But since then I’ve done some more riding not in my normal area (aka off the bike trail) and maps/navigation was definitely something I want.

  6. gEONZ

    Hopefully I clicked through to the right places. My Garmin was lost somewhere in the house… two years ago now. I’d decided it was time to start shopping…

  7. PutoLuto

    Kinda funny-ironic, gEONZ, that you lost a satellite GPS tracking device which, by definition, should be inherently un-losable. Yes. It is a word, I swear.

  8. Dustin

    How does the 800 stack up against simply using an iPhone? From what I can tell off other sites, the main issue seems to be battery. Not sure if I want to drop another $279 plus tax if I can use my pre-existing iPhone 4s and get basically the same data (and just buy a iPhone holder for the bike).

  9. Antoine

    Thank you Ray ! (from france :) )

  10. Barry

    I decided to pull the trigger on this deal since my 705 is getting flaky. While going through the order process I got a popup asking to type in my email for another 12% off. I went through the process and eventually it said the discount wasn’t available on this product. The whole thing seemed unprofessional and fishy so I googled reviews of the company and they weren’t very good. I decided to back off. The savings isn’t worth any hassle.

    Anyone taken advantage of this deal and got the product in hand?

    • Hi Barry-

      Sorry for the troubles. I’ve checked with Clever Training and they’re running down with the developers to see why an errant 12% pop-up was triggered. As noted, additional discounts aren’t valid on sale items.

      That said, I’ve partnered with Clever Training since last fall and have had really good feedback thus far. No doubt, there have been a handful of issues, but almost all of those were related to international users getting tangled up in credit card fraud filters requiring a manual validation to process an order. For the 1-2 other people, I believe that Clever went the extra mile to not only fix the originating issue (as you’d expect), but then make the customer beyond-happy. Here’s a look at the last deal I did in May: link to (note, I never delete any comments here on the blog)

      Again, thanks for the support – and the feedback!

    • Merrill

      Only 1 transaction with Clever so far…

      I ordered the Wahoo Scale and 2nd SC sensor awhile back.
      Used the DCR 10% off code, and the transaction went smoothly.
      Delivery (to Aus) was reasonably priced and only took a week or so.

      Just waiting for the Wahoo Kickr to fall under $1,000 so I won’t have to pay the 10% GST on imports, and I’ll use them again.

  11. Ken

    Barry – I’ve recently started ordering through Clever who I’ve found to be very prompt in deliveries, returns, replacements and questions…via email or phone. I pulled the trigger on the 800 deal yesterday so I’m a few days away from being able to confirm delivery but so far no reason to believe it won’t be processed cleanly. That deal ends tomorrow I think.

  12. Chris

    No problem ordering here by Paypal. No pop-up windows. Quick too: product has shipped the very next day via U.S. Postal Service option (far superior to UPS).

  13. Jennifer

    I placed my order Thursday morning and it arrived on Monday. No issues at all!

    • Thanks for the support Chris and Jennifer!

      And thanks to everyone else as well. It looks like quite a few folks were able to take advantage of the deal – which is great!

  14. Mike Harris

    Just ordered one this morning…still $279. Hopefully you still get credit!!

  15. j

    Dang I missed it :(

  16. Jennifer

    Follow-up comment to the Clever Training customer service – I commented before that I ordered mine last Thursday and it arrived Monday; great, no issues. My brother also wanted one but just couldn’t justify the cost/pull the trigger right now (he just got a 910xt a couple of months ago); my mom decided to buy it for him so she had me place the order for her on the 31st. My mom just called me to say that she just got off the phone with Clever Training – she lives in Arizona and has a different last name than my brother (who lives in Chicago) and I used my email address for the confirmation – all of which were red flags to the fine folks at Clever Training so they called my mom to confirm that she had made the purchase and it wasn’t fraud. Quality service!

  17. Simen

    Can I sign up to be notified by email if you (and Clever Training) launch a new sweet deal? I already have an Edge 800, but wouldn’t want to miss a good discount on new training gizmos, particularly not on a power meter of your recommendation.

  18. Mark

    Careful if you order from the Netherlands as customs in the Netherlands will add an extra fee :(

    The Edge 800 did cost me EUR 57,- extra due to tax at customs.