Heads Up! Suunto Ambit2 & 2S sale from $219


Effective immediately until June 30th (Update on July 9th – extended for an unknown time period): Extended  there’s a pretty substantial sale on the Suunto Ambit2 & 2S exclusively at Clever Training.  The 2S is down to $219US from $350.  Meanwhile, the full Ambit2 is down to $319 from $500.  All colors and bundles with and without the HR strap are on sale.  Neither the Ambit2 R nor the Ambit2 Sapphire are on sale, and since this is a deep-discount item it doesn’t qualify for the usual DCR Reader discount.

Ambit2 S Base (Editions: Black, White, Red, Lime): $219
Ambit2 S Heart Rate Bundle (Editions: Black, White, Lime, Red): $249
Ambit2 Base (Editions: Silver, Black): $319
Ambit2 Heart Rate Bundle (Editions: Silver, Black): $349

My take here is that the 2S is the best deal of the bunch – especially if you’re a triathlete (or rather, primarily if you’re a triathlete).  The core differences between the Ambit2 and the 2S is that the Ambit2 has a longer battery and a barometric altimeter.  That’s basically it.

For those who are getting into the sport of triathlon and in need of a watch for the summer, this (2S) is a pretty fantastic deal – and the cheapest we’ve seen the Ambit2/2S ever.  While the regular Ambit2 is also a solid deal, it’s less of a steal because the FR910XT is on a $50 rebate right now down to $349 (and of course, that’s valid for the DCR discount).


So why the sale?  Well, likely due to the internet rumors/postings (including even Suunto’s own site and that of an exhibition guide) of new models coming down the pipeline.  But, I’d caution that said rumors haven’t specified a date for actual availability.  And I’d point out that I don’t expect to see any new units actually available in your hands this summer (from any company).  To that end, that’s why I’d reason this is a fantastic deal if you’re lacking a watch and want something to carry you through to next year.  And as always, it’s better to train now with something and improve – than just always be waiting for the ‘next best thing’.

On the flip side, if you’ve already got a perfectly functional GPS watch for this summer tri season – I’d probably stick with it.   The reasoning being that a number of companies are past due for new releases (including Suunto and Garmin), plus you’d be able to see how the Polar V800 is maturing by fall as well.

And what about for runners?  Well, the 2S at that price is really solid – but, for a pure runner there are a lot of options in the $200-$250ish range, so you’ll want to balance features and customization with price.  The 2S at that price would easily be the most customizable device there.  However, it would lack Bluetooth connectivity to your phone – which both the TomTom and Garmin units have.  If you’re more of an ultra runner, then the 2S is a far better option than the FR220 or TomTom unit, because it includes navigation related functionality.

And for those that can’t quite decide between all the options – I’ll be publishing an updated version of my Sports Technology recommendations tomorrow morning (Summer 2014 Edition, here’s my winter 2013 edition).  Plus, you’ve always got the product comparison tool that you can mix and match and compare any number of watches and their features.

Thanks for reading (and thanks for supporting the blog via Clever Training)!


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  1. Harald

    oh, a new recommendation fpr Summer 2014 :)
    looking forward to that!

  2. Jim Jones

    Love my Ambit 2S. I’ve had it for almost 2 years now. For anyone on the fence, it’s worth getting.

    • Bart

      Looking to replace my run only Polar RS800 i look at the release dates and:
      Ambit 2S – Product Announcement Date APR 29, 2013 and Actual Availability/Shipping Date May 2013
      Time flies but the watch is only out for a year (except beta testers).

    • Mikey T

      No vibration. It ‘s a nonstarter.

    • lapelosa

      Which one is better or what’s the difference between Suunto Ambit 2 GPS outdoor HR and Suunto Ambit 2 Sapphir HR? Please advise which one to go for.Thanks.

  3. I just bought a 2S a month or so ago– it was my first sports watch. I love it. Solid piece of gear.

  4. Josh

    Amazing watch but still not as comfortable as my Fenix 2. I hope they figure out how to embed that gps chip like garmin has.

  5. Abraham

    Is there a reasonable way to transfer data off the Suunto without using their closed Windows application?

    All my computers only run linux, so the ability to pull raw .FIT or .GPX files off the watch is crucial.

  6. Abraham

    To answer my own question, it looks like the project at openambit.org is hopeful.

  7. JoggwithoutAmbit

    should you buy one … or waiting for the Ambit3?
    … maybe there will be the same behaviour of Suunto like one year ago regarding the Ambit1*. Means: No upgrading offer and no real updating of the Ambit2…
    *) Remark: I bought this watch and it had less features than the V800 has … and surely most of the buyers was waiting (at the end almost a year) to get the promised features for running/biking … but never for swimming. And then the total stop of updating after a final one months later. What will happen with the Ambit2 future?

    • They added a lot of features in the Ambit1 timeframe though, more than any other company did or has done since.

      And, as far as the V800 vs the Ambit (1 per your mention), there’s no way one could argue the V800 has more features than the Ambit1 has (let alone the Ambit2). Not even in the same ballpark.

      Now, will the V800 have more features 6 months, 8 months, or 16 months from now? Perhaps…too soon to tell.

    • Querfeldein

      I would argue that the updates by Garmin to the Fenix were at least on par with those to the Ambit by Suunto. Full training features, satellite lookup and push notifications were all quite substantial (and never promised when the Fenix first went on sale).

    • Actually, I’d agree that’s fair. For the Fenix1 they’ve added a ton of stuff since then (and continue to).

    • JoggwithoutAmbit

      …but no more for Ambit1 (swimming e.g.) – sorry, Ray ;)

  8. Michael

    TomTom Bluetooth Uploadability?! Well I have the Multisport and avoid the phone upload functionality due to the fact that you can’t export from TomToms website and if you want to re-export your activity after a performed phone upload to get other files you need to go through iTunes and TomTom Connect again. Therefore this argument has to be considered with caution. Otherwise I am happy with the TomTom but still think about the Ambit 2S every now and then.

    • Tom

      I suppose it depends on what training software/app you are using. I use Strava and Mapmy** so I have no need to re export files (or even use computer). For me, the Multisport’s bluetooth automatic sync/upload ability is key. I just sync/upload in car, while waiting at the gym, on subway train, in meetings, etc. Makes vacation/travel much easier too. If/when I upgrade, I will make sure new watch has this feature.

      Ambit 2s at current sale price is very tempting and it certainly has many cool/fun features with the apps. my guess is they will add bluetooth in Ambit 3.

  9. Rob Montgomery

    I’ll stick with my Sapphire that I got for $389. Can’t imagine a better deal than that. Although I’m a sucker for these things so I will probably buy the Ambit 3 as soon as it’s out :)

  10. A

    I have heard that Suunto Ambit 3 Peak and Ambit 3 Sport are coming out at Outdoor” trade fair in Friedrichshafen/Germany (from 10. to 13. July)

  11. Lior

    But I just bought my Ambit 2S two weeks ago from CT…

  12. Helena

    Including shipping+taxes+import fees this would be about 235/240 euro’s to the Netherlands. Still a very good deal. Does anyone know if you can use Suunto watches while you’re charging them (with a portable charger)? I use that function when I use my Garmin with ultra distance events and consider it necessary.

    • Helena

      For other people wondering about this, someone in the review comments mentions that it works with the Ambit2:
      I used the Ambit2 with Powermonkey Discovery and it worked great! Had the powermonkey in my pocket and the usb cable connected to the watch. Surely the connector is not that tight but it is easy enough to check every once in a while wheter the watch is charging.

  13. Jurgen


    Very interesting offer. I have read the extensive review of the Suunto, but still have one question.

    It seems that the Ambit is rather weak when it comes to creating complex interval workouts (e.g. by time, or speed or power) and uploading them to the watch.

    Do you know if this was ever fixed? Maybe with an firmware update?

    That is one of the features of my old Forerunner 305, which I reaaaallllly like!

    Take care and thanks for the work you are putting into your site.


    • It’s not changed. I view creating intervals on the Ambit series as a bit of a pain in the butt still. I don’t know if we’ll see a firmware update addressing that.

  14. Helena

    I just read the review comments and was shocked to discover that apparently the Ambit can only hold about 15 hours of data (in 1 sec recording mode). I have single workouts that are longer than that. I think this makes it unusable as a watch for ultra runners. My Garmin 310XT holds hundreds of hours of data. I train about 30 hours a month, and I rarely have to delete workouts from my watch.
    “The storage of course highly depends on the data, storage intervals, amount of laps etc, but in general we promise 15h with everything logged and 1sec storage interval. It’s a circular memory and the tail is overwritten when the memory gets full. A single log can fill up the whole memory, but is stopped and saved if it hits its own tail.”

    • JoggwithoutAmbit

      I guess Suunto still having problems with storage amount or the handling with saving-/storing-options … this may be a reason why the watch only shows a small amount of running(etc.)details regarding to e.g. the Garmin FR610 …

    • EB

      I’m not clear where that text is from? My interpretation is that there is a live data buffer and when it gets filled up then at least some of it gets copied to another memory type on the watch.

      That is how systems I have used have been designed too. In the case of computers they would have a direct link between the data loop memory and a HD that bypassed the processor. In the case of micro-controllers the processor would have a small amount of data but a memory chip would be somewhere else on the board.

      I would guess it would also be cheaper to use crap slow memory for saving data to and good memory for the live stuff.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the 310 had more than one type of memory too.

  15. EB

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the heads up. Discount on the 2S more than compensated for shipping and import tax. Didn’t have much luck with the XT910 so hopefully this will be better.

    My interpretation of the manual is that changing the GPS sampling frequency effects just the GPS, or does it reduce the power meter sampling frequency too? I can’t see why they would need to be coupled.

    Also, as regards using a footpod, it says it re-calibrates the pod distance to the GPS frequently. Did they ever tell you how frequently? I can see how this might be better for runs that involve short periods with changed of pace on the same terrain. Not so much constant running or fell running etc.

    As the watch itself does cadence I’m guessing the pod must do a better job than the accelerometer or there would be no point?


    • It re-calibrates at the beginning of each run, roughly in the first 1-2KM. For the footpod usage, most people use it because it can provide more stable pace (sometimes), as well as for indoor running with better accuracy.

    • EB

      Hmmm, just checked the manual: it ‘auto calibrates at short intervals’. I’m not sure that I would interpret a single calibration near the start of each run to be at ‘short intervals’. I thought it would mean every 30s or minute.

      I don’t have the same stride length at the end of a run as I do at the start and if it is too early it would calibrate during warm-up. And what if the terrain changes from a really muddy field to a scramble up a climb of loose stones…

      Sounds like a bad way to program it. Hopefully they’ll change it. Thanks for letting me know. I think I’ll leave the footpod at home.

  16. Dave Manley

    Wiggle in the uk doing a great deal this weekend on the ambit with HRM – £200

    link to wiggle.co.uk down from 400

    • EB

      Hi, I think that is the Ambit 1. In the Q&A someone does ask which model it is (in Spanish) and the reply says it is ‘uno’.

      The Ambit 2S is £209 on Wiggle and even with postage and Import VAT and Import Tax it is still more than £30 cheaper through clever training($219+20%+2.5%+$29).

    • EB

      I missed off the £8 handling fee that Royal Mail charge on my calculation above.

      Still £25 cheaper, but as it has taken 10 days for them to even start the postage process and it will take some time for it to cross the pond it seems Clever Training is a bad idea if you are in the UK.

  17. looks like the ambit 3 will be presented at this weeks outdoor fair in germany:

    link to forums.watchuseek.com

  18. Dennis J.

    Now that the Ambit 3 has been announced, I’m wondering if the prices on the Ambit 2/2S will go any lower than this. The 2S at $219 seems pretty tempting. I’m also looking at the FR910XT I missed the sale in May.

  19. ME

    I bought the Ambit 2s in this great deal, thank you.
    I want to use it also to measure pedal cadence and speed (on cycling!)
    I can not understand what the best ‘pod’ i should biy for that (convenient and cheap) – will it be the Garmin pod?

  20. Matt Rand

    I purchased an Ambit 2 about 3 weeks ago. While I like the watch and the potential functional ability I have NOT been able to get the moveslink software to load and function on my computer. I am better than most with a computer, and not being able to connect the watch to to moves count account essentially takes 90 percent of the function away from the watch. I have contacted Suunto on the phone 3 times and they were NO help. Thye told me to try a new computer. I also tried to get support via email, wich was also no help. If anyone out there knows how to fix this I am all ears! I like the watch and if I could get it to connect than I will keep it.


  21. Art

    If my exercise profile is 75% run, 20% cycle, 5% swim. What is the downside of buying the Ambit 2s for $219 instead of buying the Ambit 2r for $249?

  22. Richard

    Princeton Watches has the Ambit2 Sapphire for $379 with HR monitor, $359 without HR monitor while supplies last.

  23. Art

    Is the following comparison with between the Suunto Ambit 2s and the Garmin Forerunner 220 accurate:

    FR 220 Advantages:
    Live tracking
    Custom Workouts
    Ease of Use

    Ambit 2 S Advantages:
    Supports cycling and swimming
    Has deep running analytics: EPOC, VO2, Recovery etc.
    More accurate instantaneous pace

  24. Peter Chilvers

    I have recently been given the ok to start training again. Looking at getting a HRM GPS watch. Read loads of reviews and was planning on getting….well here it gets difficult. So many to choice from. Made my mind up to buy the Fenix 2 ….then saw some concerned replies. However, thought I would go ahead and now I see the Ambit 2 is discounted etc etc.
    So, am I better to get the Ambit 2 or Fenix 2 or or….In your write up you state the Ambit 2 is a better watch if cheaper…but all are reduced.
    Any chance you can clarify this Ambit2 verses Fenix2 at the current prices. Can brain dead with information overlaid.


    O….and great reviews. In depth and clear.


  25. lulu

    is this ANT+ compatiable? i have gamin HR that i use with my GARMIN 810. would that work with this?

  26. Jean-Louis

    Hello, I have a forerunner405 and I’m planning to upgrade. I’m hesitating Btween the Garmin Fenix2 or Garmin Forerunner 910XT .

    I run 4 to 6 time a week, I go cycling once a week (between 30 to 60km <- I'm french a you probably guessed w/ my poor english) and I rarely go swiming.

    What would u advise me?

    • Honestly…neither. I’d really look at the FR620 as a better option for a runner. They added in a bike mode which should take care your once a week ride.

      Ultimately though, you may want to check out the Summer 2014 recommendations guide, as I think the next short little bit is probably a non-ideal time to buy a new high-end multisport watch given some of the recent shifts in things.

  27. Finn

    Ordered the Ambit2 S Lime last last week. ETA is this weekend. Excited for my first GPS watch. :)

  28. Gonzalo

    Thanks Ray for your reviews. I run 4 times a week, it will be my frist watch. i dont want to expend mor than 180 bucks.
    My options are polar m400 169 with band, ambit2 s or r with band 179 and garmin 610 refurbished 117 with band also.

    Which is better for me?