Tomorrow I’ll be on TV, live in New York City!


Just as a quick heads up, tomorrow (Friday) morning I’ll be on the Good Day New York for FOX TV in New York City, live!  I’ll be chatting about all sorts of sports & fitness technology goodness with the folks there.  From my recommendations on which running watches to my thoughts on fitness and health platforms.  You won’t want to miss it!

The show (Good Day New York) is broadcast live online at their site (if this exact link doesn’t work on Friday, simply click on ‘Good Day NY’ at the top of their site and poke around).  But I’ll also have a clip to share afterwards.  Additionally, I do believe some satellite TV companies do re-broadcast the NYC feeds of most of the area affiliates (i.e. FOX), so if you happen to get the NYC variant of FOX then you’re good to go!

Currently I’m slated for early in the 9AM hour (US Eastern), but things could shift slightly.  And of course, like anything else with live TV, I could be preempted by more important things.  For example if Miley Cyrus decides to straddle another wrecking ball naked, or if some world leader gets shirtless on a pony again.  But hopefully it’ll be a calm Friday news-wise.

Thanks for reading, or rather in this case, watching!

Update post-show!

Here’s a link to the segment, as well as the embedded video below:

New York News


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  1. Lutfi Zakhour

    Good luck Ray! I’ll try to catch you online, from Abu Dhabi

  2. Ian Blackburn

    Good luck Ray!

  3. Rob

    Start of a new career!!!

  4. Rob

    Also, don’t forget to wear the puffy shirt.
    link to en.wikipedia.org

  5. “some world leader gets shirtless on a pony”
    🙂 very good!

  6. Anthony Anicete

    Good Luck Ray

  7. Denis

    Please share a youtube link afterwards.

  8. Oliver Medina

    Congrats and good luck!
    Will you share the clip for those who can’t see you?

  9. Good luck. Time to set the TiVo!

  10. Captain Chris

    You are one cool dude! Break a leg!

  11. Jason

    Wrote! Congrats ray and good luck.

  12. NMS16

    Good luck. Make sure to try and get some miles in in either Central Park or the Hudson River Greenway (or both).

  13. Randy

    Fantastic. If you don’t know who Greg Kelly is (or if you don’t watch The Soup), you’re missing out.

  14. Sonny

    If you and the girl happen to stay the night, would enjoy meeting you:

    link to nyccraftbeerfest.com

  15. Gary

    Ray of all the cool stuff you have done I think this will be the coolest. Well done and best of luck.

  16. Eric

    TV appearance then Katz’s? I could think of worse Fridays.

  17. Joe

    Next stop…Letterman?

  18. Alfie

    Break a leg! Looking forward to seeing it!

  19. MAGNUS

    Awesome. Good luck. Will def check out the links once you get them posted.

  20. Long Run Nick

    Ray, don’t let any New Yorkers try to sell you a bridge, 5 years later and I am still waiting for my deed. 🙂 Enjoy and have fun!

  21. Patrick

    That was great. Nice work!

    What HR Zone was your interview? I’m sure I would have been even higher 🙂

  22. Oleg

    Your heart rate during the the show was a little high 😉

  23. David Freeborg

    Nice job Ray

  24. Steve Balk

    Well done Ray. Small case of nerves with the heart rate, go figure!

  25. Yiannis Galatas

    Nice to catch you on video apart from photos and articles!

    Your HR reminded me of mine before my second 5k race earlier this year (with minimal warm up…)

  26. David Manley

    Well done on your segment Ray – if you hadn’t been wearing the Scosche we wouldn’t have known how nervous you were.

  27. Harm v Baar

    Well done.
    Video is on their site: link to myfoxny.com

  28. Thanks all for watching!

    It’s funny, I actually wasn’t that nervous – just a bit of a higher HR than normal. Fwiw, that’s below my Z1 HR level, so felt pretty normal. 🙂

    • Alice

      So happy for you, Ray, and congrats,you did great and,the lady newsperson seemed really friendly,, even managed to charm a smile out of you 😉

  29. Zepi

    Fox? Seriously?

  30. RJB

    Excellent job Ray! Have a safe trip back
    across the pond.

  31. Frankie

    Someone needs to give you a permanent weekly/daily segment on T.V. Great job!

  32. Empewu

    Awesome. Great job, congrats !!!

  33. Chris

    Well done – I thought you presented the message well, avoiding jargon and being clear and concise. Good TV spot,

  34. laq

    nice job!

    actually you brought up a interesting point on recovery time… one of the reasons i liked the garmin 620 is that is tracks recovery time… do any apps track recovery time and … where can i learn about it?

  35. Mike Richie

    You were great Ray, the two watches you showed are probably the most current and unique. Concise and to the point – you need a longer forum though 😉 You certainly seemed calm and collected, but I imagine your normal heart rate would be sub 90, even while up and talking, no? (although 6100 steps by 9:00 am is alot of steps). We need the Maker Show.

    • Yeah, pre-segment my HR just walking around was roughly 90BPM. Segment, a bit higher. Normally if I’m just working/typing at my desk it’s about 50BPM. If I’m sitting on the couch, about 40-45BPM.

      As far as the steps go, I had done a run earlier in the morning (just a short 30 minute one) – which the FR15 counts in steps.

  36. Jason

    Great job Ray. It’s cool to heR and see you after reading your stuff for the last year! I’m thinking that Tom Tom unit is perfect for me. I hate the chest strap and use the wahoo app religiously with the cadence sensor. Would it link to the app like the scosche does?

    • Thanks!

      Unfortunately TomTom hasn’t enabled re-broadcasting of the Cardio unit to other BLE devices. I’m not sure if that’s because they haven’t gotten around to it, or if because there’s some other reason (non-technical).

  37. Josh

    Well done man. Enjoyed the clip and hopefully many more out there will be attuned to the amazing service you provide for all of us. Have a great weekend.

  38. eugene

    thats not the voice i expected to come out of your body

    good job Ray

  39. BillM

    Great to put a voice to the face. Hopefully the mass explosion of viewers won’t change your site too much as the balance seems just right between personal stories and the tech stuff. Less of the personal stuff would lead to people like me who just occasionally need to read reviews on stuff when we are actively looking for something, drifting away when we are just doing our happy thing with our devices. Keep up good work.

  40. Hugo

    It’s nice to actually see you in “person”, gives a more personal touch to the website.
    Well done.

  41. Filipe Lopes

    Great job!

  42. Bravo4699

    cool to put a voice with the words…thanks ray

  43. chris thompson

    Great segment. They definitely could have had you on longer.

  44. Tonny Madsen

    Yes, pleeease…