Heads up: Garmin Fenix2 on sale to $299, VIRB/VIRB Elite down to $229/$299


Hope everyone is preparing for a good weekend ahead (or, for you in Australia and the Middle East, already having a good weekend)!

Just a super-quick heads up that Garmin has temporarily dropped the price on two different products for the next 9 days until September 1st.  Both the Fenix2 multisport watch and the VIRB action camera are getting some price-love.

Quick and Dirty Details:

They are as follows:

Garmin Fenix2 Base (no HR strap): $299, down from $399
Garmin Fenix2 Bundle (HRM-RUN strap): $349, down from $449 (choose from the dropdown list)
Garmin VIRB regular: $229, down from $299
Garmin VIRB Elite: $299, down from $399 (choose from the dropdown list)

Thus basically, $100 off of all except the VIRB base which is $70 off.  In the case of the VIRB Elite, you can get it in either white or the grey-ish color.  All items get free US shipping, though none qualify for the additional 10% DCR discount due to the sale.

Fenix2 Sale Thoughts:


So why the sale?

Well in the case of the Fenix2, I think for two reasons.  First is to undercut sales of the Suunto Ambit3 which hits stores on September 1st.  Then you have the Polar V800 which launched this summer and is working away on adding features and becoming more competitive.

Second, there’s long been the assumption that Garmin will eventually replace the FR910XT watch.  I don’t expect that to happen this week or in the next few weeks, but as I said way earlier this summer in my 2014 Recommendations Post I’d expect that by the end of the year we’ll see something from them.  The Fenix2 is/was not considered a replacement for the FR910XT.  Never was and came from a totally different group.

VIRB Sale Thoughts:


As for the VIRB sale?  Well, that’s actually been going on and off all summer with various retailers (they basically get permission to list as a discounted price for a set period).  I suspect there’s a few things at play in allowing the price drop.  First is simply trying to lower the price to draw attention away from GoPro and other units in the increasingly crowded space.  Second is that GoPro has *always* released a new camera in October – like clockwork for years.  No doubt they’ll continue that tradition, and leaked rumors certainly seem to support that.

I don’t expect to see a brand new VIRB immediately.  I think it makes sense for Garmin to actually wait and see what GoPro does announcement-wise.  Meaning, if GoPro just focuses on video quality (i.e. full frame 4K), then Garmin is actually in a much better position competitively for the next 12 months.  Whereas, if GoPro does both 4K and things like GPS/sensors (or significantly increases battery), Garmin is in for a tougher ride no matter how you slice it.

Like most consumer electronic companies, the imaginary ‘cutoff’ for any new product announcements is basically the first week of November (most prefer October at latest).  After that, all new announcements are pushed to CES the first week of January – after the holidays.

With that – as always, if you use the links above through Clever Training you help to support the site.  Here’s the rundown of them as well with Amazon, though the VIRB isn’t on sale at Amazon (just Clever Training).  Again, there’s no savings of 10% at Clever Training because of the deep-sale nature of these.

Garmin Fenix2/Fenix2 SE
Garmin VIRB (Elite)
Garmin VIRB (Normal)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Flo

    Then you have the Polar V800 which launched this summer and is working away on adding features and becoming more competitive.
    Has there been a single feature added to either the watch or the flow site? I didn’t notice anything in the last 2 months…

    • They added features in June, and they’re scheduled to add more soon. “Working” implies currently under progress, versus “worked” being past tense and done. ;)

    • SteveT


      When the Polar programmer gets back from vacation I’m sure we’ll get even more new features. LoL


      From the Polar Release Notes:

      Release date: 3rd of July, 2014
      Version number: 1.0.10


      Improvements to heart rate monitoring with Swimming profile
      Minor bug fixes improving quality

      Release date: 18th of June, 2014
      Version number: 1.0.8


      Tests: Continuous Jump test can’t be cancelled with back button, fixed
      Sport profiles – Free multisport: speed and cadence sensor signals not found when changing sport in some cases, fixed
      Sport profiles – Other indoor: ‘GPS fix found’ vibration and sound played in Start mode, fixed
      Training: Running cadence value is 0 instead of “_ _” when stride sensor is lost, fixed
      Training: Training target of 50 m is shown as 0.5 km, fixed
      Fine tuning of some display symbols and texts
      Wider restoring of your training history after firmware updates
      Lots of minor bug fixes improving quality

      Release date: 2nd of June, 2014
      Version number: 1.0.3


      Improved sync with Polar Flow App
      Improved accuracy of recovery status calculation
      User interface enhancements
      Minor bug fixes improving quality

    • Anne F.

      Any news on polar willing to let us use our data outside of polar flow/beat. I love their products, but not being able to use my data the way I want is a deal breaker!

    • They established timeframes that are listed in the post.

      That said, there are no less than three (creative) apps now that can indeed export Polar Flow data to .TCX and like file formats.

  2. Gunnar

    I had the fenix2 for a week or two and became frustrated with activity upload issues to my iphone 5. (Same problem with my edge 800). Have you experienced upload issues with the fenix2 or have they fixed this?

    • I’ve got the 5s, and haven’t had any real upload/sync issues with mine (or my FR620) lately. Initially it was a pain, but it seems reasonably happy lately on that front. I use manual sync on the Fenix2. So basically when I’m done, and when I’m ready, then I go to the menu and press ‘Sync’, versus doing any sort of automatic sync.

    • MAGNUS

      This is what I do and have not experienced any issues, regardless of length or activity type.

  3. aaron

    I’ve been eyeing the Fenix2 as a potential long-term replacement of my 610. It is hard b/c the 610 still works fine so any ‘upgrade’ would be for the aesthetic factor, hiking features, and the live tracking. Do you envision the Fenix2 being a long-term option (3+ yrs)?

    Also, would my old HR strap for the 610 work with the Fenix2?


    • The FR610 strap would work with the Fenix2, but you wouldn’t get the two running dynamics features (which may or may not matter to you).

      We’ve seen that for the most part the Outdoor team (Fenix is under) tends to give continual upgrades to products (far more so than the fitness team, which is the Forerunner/Edge). For example, the original Fenix upon release is pretty much a totally different watch than that of today with firmware updates. And even the Fenix2 has had a ton of features added. The only odd duck was the Tactix, which has had many minor updates, but is sorta the middle-child timeline-wise.

  4. David Smoot

    I am on the mailing list for ANT Alliance. They are promoting the Ant Symposium September 23rd-26th with an email I got a few days ago. In that mail:
    Garmin has chosen this year’s ANT+ Symposium to unveil the next chapter in how they approach products. Don’t miss this opportunity to be there when the world finds out.

    This is most definitely an effort to clear out old inventory of the flagship because something new is in the pipeline. Tough call to buy or wait and see. Also Interbike is coming and there probably will be some announcements for competitor products.

    • Typically speaking, announcements there from Garmin at the ANT+ Symposium would be more underlying-focused. Thus, chipset focused, protocols, things of that nature. I wouldn’t expect any consumer-facing product there to be announced.

    • Parker

      Any update on the release of the “920xt” and thoughts on price drops on the 910xt?


    • The FR910XT was on sale a few months ago, and currently has a $50 rebate. The main sale in May was likely to drive in-season purchases instead of not-quite-yet available competitor units (like the Polar V800).

    • Parker

      Thanks! I was wondering if you have heard anything on the 910xt’s replacement and whether the release of that product would cause the 910xt price to drop substantially more than it is available for now (Clever Training discount plus $50 rebate)?

  5. Kevin

    Thanks for all the reviews and info, When will your Ambit 3 full review be coming out as I am stronlgy considering replacing my piece of junk Garmin Fenix-2 for the Ambit 3.


    • KenZ

      I finally replaced my piece of junk Fenix2 (actually unit #3, they were all junk) with an Ambit2, since those are on super sale all over the place. Has worked flawlessly out of the box, with no lockups, sensor drops, nothing. The main reason I’d gone withe Fenix was the # of points allowed in a route (10k), whereas Ambit is only 1k. However, the Fenix was unable to actually load a large route without totally locking up, so that was pointless anyway. The Ambit successfully downsampled my recent 120 mile trail run in BC down to 1k points, and it worked great the entire run…. all 30 hours of it.

      Summary: Fenix blows, Ambit is at least working to spec so far. Try the Ambit2; it’s a bargain right now.

  6. Andreas

    Sale in US only? When will Sweden get some love?…


    I’ve noticed the VIRB Basic/Elite have been marked down on Amazon for some time now. Looks like with the announcement of this sale the price of the Basic is down an extra $20 but the Elite is up an extra $20? Doesn’t really make sense.

  8. Mike

    In keeping with the speculative tone of the conversation, I ask Ray and other readers if (or when?) they think Garmin will hop on the wrist-based heart rate trend.

    • I think eventually all companies will be forced to. But I don’t foresee any of the big ones doing it immediately (Garmin, Polar, Suunto). By immediately I mean before next Spring. Perhaps after that, but I think that will depend a little bit on what some of the other players do. For example, if the iWatch includes support that would speed timelines, since it represents a major player going for the tech. Whereas if it remains just Samsung (in the non-fitness world), then I don’t think that’ll push timelines.

      Of course, other companies are doing integrated today including TomTom, Adidas, and Soleus. But there’s a difference in volume between that and what a Garmin/Suunto/Polar do, and thus some of the imperfections of the technology would become more pronounced at scale.

  9. Jamie

    I Cant see any Garmin price love in the UK. :o(

  10. Hank

    Does it mean that Fenix3 will be coming around soon? Hope it will be out during September. Have you heard any news Ray?

  11. Kevin

    When will your Ambit 3 full review be coming out?

    I am stronlgy considering replacing my troubled second Garmin Fenix-2 for the Ambit 3.

    • It depends a little bit on when Suunto finalizes things. If they hit September first, then I’ll be aiming for sometime in September. It’s tricky in that the next 3-4 weeks are a bit of a nightmare for me travel-wise. I’m home exactly one day between now and Sept 14th. So a lot of it I can work on from wherever, but other pieces require being at home with a bike, etc…

      Obviously, I’ve been using it since June, but much of what makes the Ambit3 different from the Ambit2 is app-driven, and is just coming together recently.

  12. Gabe

    Hi Ray

    Curious is there any hand off from the Fenix2 to their Edge Gps devices? I just ordered the watch but I like to continue using my garmin edge 510 for the larger screen during my bike leg of triathlons.

    • With ANT+, you can connect to the same sensors concurrently – so no issues there. For example, on my most recent triathlon I used the Fenix2 for all three legs, but really only looked at the Edge 1000 on the bike segment.

  13. a_circelli

    So, there 2 options:
    1. Garmin 920 this fall (interbike?) with no wrist base hr
    2. 920 best year (maybe with wrist based hr)
    Am I wrong, Ray?

    • a_circelli

      ….next year…

    • Matt B

      Ray has been pretty liberal with his hints (I’m sure as liberal as he can be) without coming out and saying it. The 910xt successor “is not coming out in the next few weeks”, but “probably will be before the end of the year” (paraphrasing). Meaning, it likely won’t be out at Interbike (9/9-9/12) and he specifically said he doesn’t expect a hardware release at the ANT+ Symposium (9/24-9/25). Seeing as how they released the 910xt in Kona, 10/11-10/12 (Kona 2014) is a pretty good bet for the successor.

      As for optical heart rate… no, I don’t believe 910xt successor will have that. Combine the previous statements with “But I don’t foresee any of the big ones doing it immediately (Garmin, Polar, Suunto). By immediately I mean before next Spring” — the new Garmin Tri watch will not have optical heart rate built in.

    • Eli

      There is supposed to be a big unveiling from Garmin at the Ant+ symposium but don’t know what it is. Product announcement doesn’t make sense as the symbolism doesn’t really get much/any press

  14. Brett

    Ray, thinking of upgrading my 310XT, mainly because I want to…

    Would you go Fenix 2 or 910? I actually mainly run with the watch but I have put in my 40th list to do an Olympic Tri :) Thanks muchly

  15. Ryan

    WooHoo, Ray mentioned the Middle East! 113 degrees (I’m American) tomorrow in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    • Yuck. I board a flight increda-early tomorrow to Jeddah for a day of meetings before jumping to Al Khobar for two days. Guess I don’t need a long-sleeve coat.

    • Lutfi Zakhour

      Make sure to take your CamelBak – you’ll need all the extra fluids! If you find yourself in Riyadh late next week let me know!

    • Jim Reed

      The humidity on the east side has been intense the last week or so. Nothing like 110ºF with 80%! Enjoy.

  16. Lutfi Zakhour

    Hi Ray,

    I’ve had my fenix 2 for a few months now and even though I don’t use it much (have an FR620 and a Swim) the buttons have become jammed, or stuck in-wards. Basically I can’t use the watch much except to tell the time – otherwise I have to go nuts pressing the buttons to make them work. Have you heard of this happening to anyone else?

    Thanks for all the fantastic articles – you keep me posted and motivated!



    • That sounds like a salt build-up issue. Go ahead and put some warm/hot water (not crazy hot, just nice-hot) in a bowl with some soap. Plunk the watch in there for about 15-20 minutes and towards the end shake it a bit and press the buttons some. That should clear it up.

    • Lutfi Zakhour

      Perfect – thanks!

  17. gboehm

    REI is having the exact same sale if people want to go in and look at them in person before making the purchase. I bought mine this morning.

    • Gabe

      Good idea. There are a few sites btw with the same sale if you are looking to avoid paying tax. Congrats on the new watch. Mines arrives Tuesday

  18. Tyler

    The Garmin site doesn’t seem to have the sale prices; only vendor sites.

  19. Juan Otavo

    Hey Ray, Should I wait for the replacement of the 910xt, or should I go for the fenix2? Right now I own a 910xt.

  20. Aleš Kramaršek

    Hey Ray, what do you think, should I go for the fenix2 or V800 …. ?

    Thank you.

    Greetings from Slovenia. :)

  21. Jim


    Have an older polar rs800cx. Very hard to see screen due to glare and curvature. Mainly running…have a 500 for bike. Would you go 610 or Fenix 2…prefer to keep price low and not wear a brick like the 310

  22. Pauric

    When buying the watch from Clever training, should I also be able to get the 10% discount. I can’t get the DC code to work. I’m buying 2 of them so would be a significant discount.

  23. Jeremy Palmer

    Very unhappy with Fenix 2 and I bought it in Dubai for $550. I live here. It is my first GPS watch. Ultra trac gets stuck all the time. Swimming indoors is totally off always (yes I entered the correct pool length). Recovery time almost always says 0 hours. What can I do with this thing?

    • On the swimming, have you tried other swim watches previously? They can be a bit tricky sometimes in understanding how to ensure there isn’t extra movement. I’ve put a bunch of tips within my FR910XT review, in the swim section on how to improve accuracy: link to dcrainmaker.com (see end of section titled ‘Troubleshooting swim data’)

      As for 0 hours, are you wearing the HR strap?

      In any case, I’d suggest contacting Garmin support if you’re having other problems.

    • Jeremy Palmer

      Ooh. Thank you Ray. I’ll check out the swim options. I do wear the HR strap sometimes. I should do that again and then check the recovery. Thanks for the info. Oh, how does one go about contacting Garmin? From their website? Thanks, Jeremy

    • Yes, the website will list the right contact for Dubai. In general I recommend calling as you tend to get quicker answers.

      On the recovery item, a HR strap is required there, since it uses heart rate variability to determine recovery.

  24. Jonas S.

    Amazon links for Garmin Virb are both dead (at least the German ones).

    • Hmm, it looks like the German site uses different SKU’s (which breaks the geolocate and passthrough logic). I’ll see what I can do, but no worries if you’re trying to support the site. Once there you can simply search for it in the toolbar. Note that I don’t believe non-US sites are part of the discount unfortunately.

  25. Philipp

    Hey Ray, would like to order the fenix with HRM from clevertraining, but it only gives me the option for watch only.

    • I just chatted with them, they’re looking into why it just disappeared and should have it fixed shortly. I’ll post back here in the comments once I get the green light.

      They just swapped over their entire website platform on Wednesday and are working through some little odds and ends (but doing so about 24×7).

      Thanks for the support!

    • Ok, all fixed!

      (Yes, really, that quick! Thanks for the heads up!)

  26. Scott Buchanan

    Am completely happy with where I am garmin wise ( buggy software excepted!)
    Fenix 1
    FR 620
    Edge 810
    Virb Elite

    BUT am pulling my hair out with regards the Swim and the need for an Ant+ stick. Would be kinda o.k if it would talk to the GC App on my phone S4 but….. It won’t grrr. As an ultra low volume seller doubt the Swim will get upgraded any time soon and even then what chance BT?
    Ho hum!

    • I know that the TrainAlyze app just added support for it via ANT+, but it looks to be iOS only at this point: link to trainalyse.com

      I have no idea if they’ll upgrade the Swim to be BT capable (I can only hope, it’s my favorite swimming watch and what I normally use). If they upgrade it, I have no doubt that it’d get BT.

  27. John

    Ray, do you think the Fenix 2 is a good deal at this price for someone who is in the market for a tri watch? I would guess that a 910 replacement would be priced the same as the current 910 ($399).

  28. Ryan


    Currently considering getting the fr220 or now the Fenix2(given the sale price). Primary use would be for running. Do you think the extra $50 is justifiable for the expanded features of the Fenix2?

    I’m intrigued by the notification ability but as you mentioned in the review the watch is not really ideal for long term use due to the lack of low energy Bluetooth mode for notifications. Is that something that potentially could be addressed in a firmware update? Or would it be a no go for sake of incorrect Bluetooth radio in the watch?

    Thanks for all the great work!

    • For the FR220, I definitely wouldn’t expect Bluetooth Notifications. For the Fenix2, while it has them, battery can be a bit limiting there.

      If you set that feature aside, I sorta prefer the size of the FR220 over the Fenix2. Though obviously it’s a far less powerful watch – for a pure runner, it’s not as big of a deal since the FR220 has so many running features in it. Only the most advanced features like running dynamics an additional data fields per screen aren’t there. Hard call.

  29. anthony anicete

    Any idea if the new garmin 920 includes weight scale integration? As an aspiring triathlete struggling with weight issues it’s a plus for me.

  30. Andy B.

    I have the FR620. I am having issues with HRM. First of all the sharp top right and top left edges are making snag marks on all my dri-fit shirts. My wife also has the same HRM and it is cutting into her skin under her breasts. Have they redisgned the HRM at all? Do the FR620 and Fenix2 use same exact HRM? My HRM may need a new battery because the last two runs said my avg heart rate was in the 80’s. Looks like I need to find a small screw driver to get to the battery. That is also poor design.

    • Gabe

      I’m wondering if you have the hrm strap too loose. In the case of your wife the hrm should be placed further under her boobs.

    • Andy B.

      I will try making it tighter but it is pretty tight as it is now. My wife has tried moving it down but it doesn’t work as well lower and to put it bluntly, she has large breasts. I hope that eventually they design a HRM that has more rounded smooth edges.

    • Andy B.

      How long should the battery last in the HRM? I’ve used my FR620 for 6 months. I just replaced the battery today to see if anything works better.

    • For troubleshooting HR issues, start here: link to dcrainmaker.com

      For your wife, try this: link to dcrainmaker.com (it worked for my wife, and many men as well).

      All Garmin units use pretty much the same strap – and realistically speaking, the entire industry is more or less using the same strap.

  31. Robert Black

    Hi Ray and everyone else, do the top of the range Forerunner’s ever see this kind of discount? that’d make buying from CT a no brainer, as it is we get done for 20% vat in the UK and depending on the delivery agent up to another £10 for customers clearance fee’s.

  32. Chris G

    Ray, great website which I have found very useful however, I have a dilemma with which watch. I have an 810 on my bike and I was looking to get a multi sport watch to help with training for my first Tri early next year. I was looking at the ambit 2 but then seeing your note regarding the Fenix 2 sale I’ve looked at the Fenix and it looks to do lots of things that I think I might use but here in the UK it’s more expensive than the Ambit 2 and 910 so I was tempted to buy from clever training as the exchange rate would make it more affordable but, I was wondering whether the guarantee is a worldwide one or would it be only valid within the US. Any ideas? Also, would the Fenix 1 be a good on the basis it’s £262 (still a little more expensive than the ambit 2)

    • Robert Black

      Hi Chris, The warranty is world wide and garmin’s European base is in the UK so no problems there. For cheaper/cheapest prices in the UK google Handtec, That’s where I got my NOH 610 for £155 obviously they do new stuff as well which is all clearly marked, I only made the decision to purchase after spending 20 minutes on hold to garmin to verify they were authorised sellers. Which they are.

    • Chris G

      Thanks for that. Handtec have it at £350+ but if I use 1.5 as the exchange rate, and 20% VAT and £20 handling I still make it £259.99 which is still significantly cheaper than the cheapest price I’ve seen it over here in the UK. Thanks again

  33. Rob

    Hi Ray and others,

    Love your website.

    Was thinking of upgrading to a fr220 but with this sale on the fenix 2 even with the conversion rate from Aussie $$ it has given me a moment of pause. It will mostly be for running and a bit of riding aswell. I liked the Fenix but was always just a bit to much $$. Now with this sale is it a better running watch to have?

    • It’s tough, as it’s totally different than the FR220. If you’re doing almost all running I’d go with the FR220, but if you’re blending a bit, the Fenix2 would definitely be a better option.

  34. Robert black

    Looks like there now out of stock, can’t add one to the basket. The other big seller in America. Doesn’t ship abroad but I have a cousin in law in New Jersey, What’s family for eh?

    • Chris G

      I ordered but it’s on ‘preorder’. I wondered why that was. Maybe they’re selling like hot cakes now then?

  35. Kd

    Has CleverTraining already sold out of the Fenix2’s or is this still a website conversion glitch? I cant seem to order one from them anymore.

  36. Gabe


    Im enjoying the watch – Question – Would you explain how you use it in a triathlon? – do you select multisport? how does it know when to switch to bike then run?

    i tested the GPS accuracy out on a 30 mile bike ride yesterday compared to my Edge 510 and they were very close on distance, etc. Very cool.

    • Hi Gabe-

      I walk through some of the scenarios within the Fenix2 in-depth review, including how I use/used it in triathlons. But yes, multisport is the way to go.


  37. f00l

    Ray – I clicked from your excellent site thru to Amazon to give your site the referral when I ordered the fenix 2. Once on the Amz site I edited the url from www.* to smile.* (as is my usual practice on Amz) to support an animal rescue site and completed the purchase.

    Afterwards I started to wonder. Had my altering the url to the ”smile” site to support the charity effectively taken the referral $ away from your code and given those $ to the non-profit? Or do both your site and the charity get their $? My apologies if I goofed. Thx.

    • Thanks for the support. In looking through some of the documentation this morning, it doesn’t appear as though changing to smile breaks anything with supporting DCR. So I think you’re good to go! Appreciate it!

  38. Paul De Rossi

    Bugger, looks like the sale is over… Bought the Garmin810 last week and was about to go for a Virb!!

  39. Mark Skelton

    I ordered one yesterday for delivery to the UK. Anyone have any idea how long it might take to be despatched and delivered?