European Readers: Clever Training Europe is here!


With about half y’all outside North America, it’s time to get you the same 10% discount that my US readers get from my partnership with Clever Training.  And there’s no better company to do that with than Clever Training themselves!

Yup, Clever Training is now operational in Europe.  A few months ago they opened up a European locale and a number of DCR readers have been ‘beta testing’ the platform since.

Those long time readers will remember I partnered up with Clever Training four years ago this fall, with the goal to partner with a sports-tech focused company that also gives DCR readers a great deal.  And while Clever Training has long shipped worldwide (and still does, usually for a $29 flat-rate charge) – it left overseas readers with a customs/duties/taxes import issue – especially going into the EU.  Well this solves that!

Beginning back in the April timeframe I started rolling out the links to a handful of reviews, enabling folks to try it out and help with any feedback.  So far so good!

So what do folks in Europe get?  Basically the same as the folks in the US, except that it’s shipped from here so you’ll get it faster and without getting nailed on taxes from the US.

  • Same 10% DCR Discount on everything non-sale/non-clearance (no VIP membership required in Europe!) – use coupon code DCR10BTF
  • Free shipping over a certain threshold (still in flux, but right now at 95EUR)
  • All VAT/Taxes included, so you won’t get that
  • Ships from the UK, direct to every country in Europe
  • Two options for shipping for those that need it right away
  • All the same great brands

Now as with any operation that’s finding its groove, there will continue to be tweaks.  Be it price, shipping policies, and certainly products.  They’ve been expanding products weekly, essentially working from the list of most popular products on the use side of the house.  This means today you’ll find things like:

All the Garmin goods
All the Polar goods
All the Suunto stuff
PowerTap P1 pedals
Scosche Rhythm+ optical HR strap
Tacx NEO
…and much more!

But there’s many more brands coming online, and if there are suggestions for specific products that folks want to see sooner – feel free to drop those in the comments.

If you’re looking for the links, they’ll generally be at the end of every review in the tables, but it’s often easier to find them on the sidebar:

CTUK (1)

Or, you can just hit up the Clever Training Europe site and search for what you want.  Just remember to use the DCR code of DCR10BTF to save 10%.

Oh, and before anyone gets all Brexit concerned, CT has already been looking at options to open a continental Europe based operation depending on the eventual trade agreements reached.  But like every other business in Europe, there’s still far too many unknowns. But fear not, it’s something CT started even before the vote.

In the event you run into any troubles, you can contact the numbers on the site.  Or, to make your life easier you can just e-mail: (don’t worry, it goes straight to a real-life human that I talk with 18 times a day).

With that – thanks for reading, and supporting the site!

(P.S. – To get things cookin’, they’re doing a huge monthly giveaway for European folks, swing on over to enter!)

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  1. Alexey Goloviznin

    Pls. start to sell to Russia, it will be a bomb as we still have no VAT on such purchase!

  2. Hm, no delivery to Norway. So “Europe” should rather be “EU” (+UK in time to come)… On the other hand, the swiss are on that list too. So, just a mistake of leaving out the Norwegians?

    • Just sent over a note to get clarity on that. I agree with you with the Swiss there, I’d have to imagine Norway would be the same. The CT folks said they’re validating and I should hear back shortly. Thanks!

    • John

      LOL, it looks like someone doesn’t understand how common markets work. 😉

  3. Rem

    Great news, any chance that we get Spartan ultra available from EU site ?

  4. Roland

    Skulpt Chisel would be great – haven’t found that anywhere in Europe yet !

  5. Rowan

    Will there be pre-order for the Cycleops Hammer?

  6. Ronald de Waal

    I hope Clever Training is not to expensive.
    For example, I like to buy a polar M400 incl. HR, in Holland retailprice from €146, average €155-160.
    Clever Training: €185.85.

    link to

  7. Alex

    I’ve used that code last week to buy a Fenix 3 HR. Already using it!
    Thank you!

  8. raider

    > Ships from the UK, direct to every country in Europe
    As others have already noticed, this should say – every country in EU (+Switzerland). We’re becoming tired of this… Still, other UK sport gear sites are able to efficiently handle VAT deductions for years when goods ship outside EU borders. They should better get a grip, soon they might do it anyway when ship from UK :|.
    link to

  9. Maarten

    To add to Ronald’s comment… a Garmin edge 1000 bundle goes for 459 in a classical bikestore which also sells online. Clever uses a price of 585… Ok, there is the discount but that’s a huge difference.

    For not starting a price discussion. I was very happy with the service of Clever when my Viiiiva failed. I was unpleasantly happy with the tax surprise. Great they made the step over the big pool of water between us. This is great!! To be competitive I expect they’ll need sharper pricing. I wish for them to be successful.

  10. Ronen

    I hope they have better service than in the states. I bought a Garmin HRM Tri strap and sent it to the hotel with expedite shipping which I got from the VIP program (no 10% discount!!!). The product didn’t reach me in time. They blamed the US postal service and didn’t take responsibility. The result was I was 135$ short, no product and no VIP treatment!

  11. Crispin E.

    Just to confirm I was one of the ‘public beta testers’ (a Scosche Rythm+ bought from the site quite some time ago now). Service worked fine for me (delivery in UK), so early indications are good; hopefully now they are officially live the span of products available will increase. Happy customer so far.

  12. Adam

    I still can’t believe we voted to leave…

  13. Tim Grose

    Good to hear but since you mention a Tacx Neo, even with 10% off, I can find this about £200 cheaper with 2 UK retailers and about £150 cheaper with 4 others including one I could drive 15 mins to and collect it in person.

    • Hi Tim (and others)-

      Just a quick update, as I noted yesterday CT is working hard on pricing. They’ve cut the price of the NEO already, bringing it to £999.99, or £899 with the DCR discount code. Which makes it equal to Wiggle and cheaper than most others. Linkage: link to

      Thanks for the support!

  14. Judith Ormston

    Ships from the UK, direct to every country in Europe…

    So they didn’t factor in Brexit then?? ?

  15. Alettou

    Great news!

  16. 8

    very cool !
    shipping, taxes and additionnal costs are always a drag when ordering from the US or Asia…
    Excellent news !

  17. Marcel

    Looking forward to seeing them stocking the GoPro series 🙂

  18. imelted

    This looks good. Nice selection and at least some Garmin items are priced really competitively when compared to Finnish prices. Now I have to convince myself not to buy a new gadget. Thanks you Ray!

  19. Robert Black

    Any plans for them to sell the bsxinsight?

  20. Tod

    has it been 4 years already… time does fly.

    p.s. also, thanks for the good news

  21. Doug

    Hey Ray. Great news, well done. Am sure teething issues will be sorted out soon, much like Brexit

    what about DCR branded kit like swim floats?

  22. Peter K

    Great news! just trying to order a powerpod but coming up with errors when I try to complete the order- will give them a call in the morning.

    Would be good to add paypal to the site,

    • Peter K

      All sorted now- bank decided to have a random ‘Did you really spend £££ at Clever Training?’ moment- roll on power pod in a few days!!

    • Peter K

      One more point on the Powerpod, from the description text on the Clever Training site it’s not clear one requires a speed sensor, which I recall from your review, unless this has gone away it would be good to highlight on their site!

    • Thanks for the support Peter!

      On the product listing, typically the way retailers work is they take specific product listing assets from a manufacture (i.e. Velocomp, Garmin, Polar, etc…), which includes exact wording and pics. This helps ensure everyone is ‘in-line’ and doesn’t end up going off with some weird features/text.

      But, you’re point is definitely valid and something I can bring up to the Velocomp folks to in turn look at getting the boiler text updated.

    • PhilN

      I ordered a Powerpod from the UK site then saw that you need a speed sensor. Tried to cancel the order the next day but was told it had already been dispatched.

      Returned as soon as it arrived and even though it says on the website “In the event your new training device does not meet your needs, please return the item with all original accessories and original packaging for a refund upon receipt.” I am still waiting for the refund notification over a week later despite having emailed them twice to see when I will get this.

    • PhilN

      Now received an email confirming refund.

    • Thanks Phil. As you noted, the CT folks confirmed you received a refund today, they’re also tracking down if there was some error upon return, or other reason why there was a delay.

      Again, thanks for the heads up.

  23. Hans

    looks like they still might have some issues 🙂

    after 2 clicks I get a 404:
    click 1: on the image in this article that takes me to the clever trainer site (link to
    click 2: bottom middle in gift ideas I click on the Scosche RHYTHM+ Armband (link to

    and voila, 404 it is.

    • Thanks – I’ll pass it along. I believe it’s because the gift ideas one is hard-coded to a slightly older SKU name for the Scosche which isn’t redirecting properly. Thanks!

  24. William B.

    Great news this has happened as I like many others want to support the site for the fantastic advice and information provided. The trouble is having just had a look at a couple of items its significantly more expensive for me then Wiggle for like for like products. The Edge 520 for example (with the top Wiggle discount admittedly) is £189 whereas on Clever Training its £225 (when you include the 10%) discount.

    As a paid up member of this site I will use CT where its comparable price wise but I suspect they have a tough task against someone like Wiggle, especially when they merge with Chain Reaction Cycles.

    Maybe if they could get some exclusive products that could get around the issues for them in the early days of the EU store

  25. Tom K.

    I’d love to see Garmin Vivoactive HR. The previous Vivoactive is there but not the new one.
    I’m really fighting myself not to buy it from local Garmin reseller.
    Already asked Clever Training customer support and it suppose to be available in max. 2 weeks.

  26. gingerneil

    Great to see CT in the UK. However… as others have said, they simply aren’t price competitive. A quick look for a Fenix 3 grey with HRM run – Amazon (3rd party, but fulfilled by Amazon with Prime) £320, CT £410!! 🙁

  27. Robert Black

    Gingerneil it will change in time, Ray did say that their business in the states carries no weight with Garmin Europe so they are starting from scratch, in regards to cost prices and rebate tiers etc

    • gingerneil

      Here’s hoping… Because otherwise I’m not sure they’ll sell anything! I’d love them to succeed, and for kickbacks to Ray, but for now I’ll have to stick with the Amazon affiliate link.

    • Fear not, changes are in the winds on pricing. Some things actually have already changed, and others have pending meetings.

      Starting from scratch is indeed part of the challenge, however, I suspect it won’t take long to stabilize.

      Also, in general the pricing seems far more CT-favorable when looking at brand new things (i.e. Edge 820 isn’t really found in many places, and in those that it is, CT is competitive even before 10% discount).

      Anyway – I’m sure you’ll see changes. I had a conference call this afternoon with them to discuss all the comments, and they have read all 43 comments to date, plus any Twitter/Facebook notes on it and are working to address each and every item.

      Thanks for the support!

    • gingerneil

      Thanks for the update – great to hear.

  28. James Jordan

    Pity there is still no easy way for Australia to buy from Clever Training.

  29. Maarten

    I’m very happy with my ViiiiVa, mainly bought based on your review. That thing is just great. Since 4iiii products are hard to get in EU, that would be a great addition to their portfolio and stand out from the croud!

  30. KamilN

    What about 4iii power meter, will it be avaible?

  31. Hans Van Eylen

    Clever Training Europe is definitely not yet ready :

    I tried to order a Garmin Fenix 3 HR on Monday (evening around 19:00) but hit a problem with payment: PayPal was not available as an option and the credit card option gave an error (Transaction cannot be processed) so I sent them an e-mail about it.

    On Tuesday afternoon I hadn’t received a reply so I called them and was told to wait. It could take up to 48 hours to reply to my mail. Not sure why they couldn’t help me on the phone.
    On Wednesday afternoon I still hadn’t received any reply so I called them again. This time I was told a technical guy would call me back asap.

    It’s now Thursday 11:00 and still haven’t heard from them, either through e-mail or via phone call. Not the best customer experience so far…

    • Hans Van Eylen

      5 minutes after posting my comment I received a mail from Clever Training with information that should have been available on Monday evening, but at least the problem got sorted out.
      I do wish they would enable PayPal though.

    • Thanks for the support, and sorry for the troubles.

      I circled with the CT folks yesterday to see what occurred. It sounded like there was a an error given by your bank on Monday, which due to a mistake on their end took too long to get back to you on. It sounds like they’ve addressed that so it won’t happen again.

      They are looking into Paypal for Europe, but don’t have a specific timeframe/availability defined yet.

    • Simon

      Hi Ray, i want to support your good work and buy a Powertap P1 via clevertraining europe but have a similiar or the same issue like Hans. Transaction cannot be processed.

      I sent an email about two days ago, but haven’t recived an answer until now, two business days later. If they don’t solve the problem soon, I have to move to another shop, because I want to have the powermeter in two weeks for my training camp.

    • Thanks for the support attempt!

      I just chatted with them about this. There are two parts:

      A) The transaction failing: It’s currently being rejected from your bank. Approximately a dozen times actually. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do in this case. Maybe reach out to your bank and see if it think it’s fraud or something?

      B) The delay in answering you: They’re tracking this down and should come back to me shortly on this.

      Thanks again for the support!

    • Simon

      Thanks for your really fast answer! I tried again after your comment and now it is working. I’m glad that I can give you something back. Keep up the good work!

  32. Andy C S

    Just noticed it’s really hard googling for CT Europe.

  33. Nico

    Unfortunately all Garmin products are *not* available: could not find the Vivoactive HR 🙁
    Same goes for the Favero bePro.
    as for the Scosche Rhythm, only the black strap is available.

    Do they plan to have more items available?

    • I believe the Vivoactive HR should be up shortly. It’s really Garmin there limiting that for reasons that make little sense. For Scosche, hmm, I thought there was color straps, I’ll check if they went out of stock and why.

      On bePro, I believe that was on the short-list to add.

  34. Roy

    Delighted CT is operational in Europe. I wanted to buy two mounts. The Velocomp Combo Garmin/Powerpod Mount and one Velocomp Combo TT Garmin/PowerPod Mount.

    Not listed on their EU site but are listed on their US site.

    Hopefully, they’ll add them soon.

  35. Stefan

    Hi Ray,
    do you know whether clever training will start selling Stages on their European platform as well? Would be great :-).

  36. Anders Mogensen

    Great with the European site! Dont see the DCR code working on the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, is there a reason for that?


  37. JAVIER


    Are they going to sell Stages and 4iiii in the european shop? Right now, just a couple of products, a very small percentage of the items that are avalaible in the USA version.