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My wetsuit makes brown water

After removing my wetsuit in T1 during the Nation’s Tri on Saturday, I left it in the transition area for the rest of the race (dragging it along on the bike or run didn’t seem like it would improve my … Read More Here

The Nation’s Triathlon Race Report

Boo-yah, that’s about all I have to say. Here’s the short version: 7th in age group (out of 90), with PR’s in every category known to mankind. 7 561 RAINMAKER 25 Alexandria VA 15 26:17 3:20 16 1:05:30 1:05 11 … Read More Here

Woot! Awesome day!

Short version: The Nation’s Tri (Oly) rocked.  I don’t have the complete results yet (not posted), but based on watch times, I’ve got: Swim: 26 minutes Bike: 1:05 Run: 40:12 Total: 2 hours 16 minutes (+/- 30 seconds), based on … Read More Here

Through the washer & dryer – gel still good!

As I was folding clothes I found an unexpected guest – my Hammer Gel bottle (complete with gel still in it).  Apparently I had grabbed it out of my gym bag by accident when taking all of the clothes out … Read More Here

Cell phone in Ziploc is your friend on the bike

Perhaps this is stating the obvious.  But it took me about all summer to realize it.  If you toss your cell phone in Ziploc bag and then into your back jersey pocket, it not only keeps it from getting wet … Read More Here

Two Thirds of an Oly Tri Tuesday

I had to drop a coworker at the airport (Dulles), so I took the opportunity to do tonight’s ride out on the W&OD trail.  By starting out near Dulles it is much quieter and far fewer intersections.  I had only … Read More Here

How to swim with your Garmin Forerunner GPS

After purchasing the Garmin Forerunner, I was determined to use it as much as possible to get the most out of my money.  On an average day I have two training runs/rides/swims, and I use the GPS for every outdoor … Read More Here

Aerobars Review Part II

I set out earlier last week to decide which were the best aerobars for me.  The bike shop guys were fairly useless in their ability to help me choose – but I was someone expecting that since it’s a ‘personal … Read More Here

Twofer: New Aerobars & New Running Group

Tonight was a good night in training land.  I had decided last spring when I first got my road bike that I would just get ‘decent’ at handling a road bike before I put on aerobars.  I reasoned that if … Read More Here

Kirkland Tri Spectator Report

This morning I went to the Kirkland Sprint Triathlon to watch a few friends race.  It was a good time, and seemed to be a well run event.  In many ways I wish I competed in it, but it was … Read More Here

Tri Coach – should I get one?

As a follow-on to yesterday’s post, I’m trying to figure out if I should get a coach, and if so – what type of coach I should get.  I think I’m at the point now where a coach would be … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – Registration Complete

It’s now official.  I just finished plunking down the $490US for Ironman Canada 2008.  I think I did save $2 for the “Active Advantage”, which I’m pretty sure is officially a huge waste money (the Active Advantage thing). You know … Read More Here

Triathletes vs Great White Sharks

On Friday while driving along the coast near Monterey I stumbled into preparations for the Pacific Grove Triathlon, which looks like an awesome race – and is definitely on the radar for inclusion next year. It was setup so that … Read More Here

Big Kahuna 70.3 Half Iron Race Report

So here we go…my sorta long race report for the Big Kahuna 70.3 in Santa Cruz, CA. Pre-raceI got up around 5AM after about 6 hours of sleep, pretty good for the night before a race, and a bit later … Read More Here

Is the bank open? Ready to withdraw.

I’m now ready to withdraw my training deposit from the bank. Hopefully the bank is open on Sunday’s. Hmmm… I’ve probably over trained for this event, in fact – I know I have. But I don’t think I over trained … Read More Here

Sea Change

Wow…peace and quiet. Yesterday when I arrived at the Rec Center, I noticed they had replaced the front entry carpets with nice new ones. As I went downstairs to the pool, I thought to myself – wow, it’s quiet in … Read More Here


Ok… I dislike taper. Well, actually I can’t decide if I dislike it. The problem with taper is now I have so much time on my hands. Today for example, my schedule only called for a 65 minute ride (about … Read More Here

Ironman 2008 registration slumber party

As midnight approached I decided to go stake out my ground. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Would the line be hundreds of people long, or just a few? Turns out, it’s roughly 30 cars, a few dozen tents, … Read More Here

T minus 365 days

In mid-July I realized that if I really wanted to do an Ironman at any point in the next 12-18 months I’d better signup for one. With IM CDA filling up in a matter of days, and other major races … Read More Here