Cell phone in Ziploc is your friend on the bike

Perhaps this is stating the obvious.  But it took me about all summer to realize it.  If you toss your cell phone in Ziploc bag and then into your back jersey pocket, it not only keeps it from getting wet from an ancillary sweat – but also keeps it dry from the random out of the middle of nowhere rain showers.  Yes…the kind that make said cell phone look more like a sponge than a useful electronic device.  But my trusty little gadget keeps on ticking….err…buzzing.

Oh btw – ironically the plastic bag also keeps gels from getting on the cell phone keys.  Cause cleaning it off kinda sucks.  Go figure.

And in case your wondering – no, I don’t use the cell phone while riding (or even touch it).  I have a policy (a me-policy) that says no matter how many times I may feel it vibrate back there, I won’t answer it or even look at it.  It’s there because if you’re out on a long ride in the middle of nowhere and something happens to you, it can really be the only way to ‘phone a friend’.

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  1. Next thing you are going to tell us that you bring your cell phone along with you on your swims. You can probably put it right next to your Garmin sitting inside your swim cap.