Ekk! Tri shorts going invisible!

Rur-roh Scooby!  My tri-shorts are going translucent…and in some scenic places too!

I had picked up a pair of Pearl Izumi Tri shorts back earlier this summer.  They seemed to work fairly well, fairly basic – but good.  However, the next open water workout after my 70.3 back in early September I noticed that the front of them all of a sudden started to disintegrate.  Like in one workout.  Not good at all – especially in the locations it was disintegrating.  Thankfully it was an early morning swim at a quiet lake with only one other person.  I returned them to the store and they gladly exchanged them for a replacement pair.

However, today – I noticed it’s happened again (I’m not sure if it was the first pair, or my second pair).  I got out of the pool and noticed that the shorts were in the same state – nearly disintegrated.  Thankfully the pool was empty at the time I went this afternoon.  What’s interesting is in both cases it was the next swim workout after a race (that I used this particular pair).  I’m not sure what to make of it – other than it’s time to switch brands. 

Like they say – Show me once – shame on you; Show me twice – shame on you again; Show me thrice – time to get new tri shorts.  Or something like that….

Here’s the photographic proof.  Note the two silvery sections  – that’s the area which has gone translucent.


To prove my point about exactly how translucent these are – I’ve put a piece of paper behind it with some text on it.  “How” is right!


So…got any recommendations?


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  2. I have a pair of DeSoto tri shorts that did the same thing. They were the pair I had always used for swimming. I think it is something with the chlorine. Probably worth getting a pair of jammers to wear in place of tri shorts, since jammers are designed to be durable in chlorinated water.

  3. I like the Hannulink compression tri shorts – i’ve worn them for racing and training (even in chlorinated water) and they’ve held up like a champ.

  4. I have these same shorts. They are not supposed to go in chlorinated water. I think that is the cause of them going clear.