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What I wear: Cold weather running

Back a bit ago I got a question as to what my cold weather running gear looks like – after all, I do pretty much run outside no matter how cold it is. “Searched your blog but couldn’t see much … Read More Here

“You’ve lost too much weight, we can’t help you”

This whole triathlon sport is costing me quite a bit of cashola.  $1,300 for the bike (yes, cheap, I know), $500 for Ironman registration fee, and countless other hundreds of dollars for various other ancillary costs (ok, it’s actually probably … Read More Here

Ekk! Tri shorts going invisible!

Rur-roh Scooby!  My tri-shorts are going translucent…and in some scenic places too! I had picked up a pair of Pearl Izumi Tri shorts back earlier this summer.  They seemed to work fairly well, fairly basic – but good.  However, the … Read More Here