“You’ve lost too much weight, we can’t help you”

This whole triathlon sport is costing me quite a bit of cashola.  $1,300 for the bike (yes, cheap, I know), $500 for Ironman registration fee, and countless other hundreds of dollars for various other ancillary costs (ok, it’s actually probably thousands).

And now this – a new suit.  I only got this thing about 18 months ago, and it was really nice and fit well.  Ironically, I got it about three weeks before I started marathon training last year.  This summer at a ceremony I went to I realized that I could have probably completed a swim workout inside my suit.  It was waaay to big.

So a few weeks back I swung by Nordstrom (where I got it) and asked about getting it altered to fit me.  They said to drop it off at the cleaners first before any alterations were done.  I then did that last week and then today I went ahead and went back to Nordstrom to get it all sized and fixed.  They had me change into it and then stand up on the little platform while they poked and prodded.

The alterations gentleman was not amused.  Seriously – he was seemingly unhappy that I lost weight.  Now mind you, I wasn’t overweight before, I just was more ‘built out’ – and now I’m more ‘refined’.  Either way, between the sales dude and the fitter/alterations guy – there was no joy being exerted in my general direction.  It wasn’t like they were apologetic about being unable to help me – they were simply quite upset that I lost so much weight that the suit doesn’t fit.  The conversation/fitting ended with a terse “You’ve lost too much weight, we can’t help you!”.  Goodbye.

So…now I’ve got to buy another suit.  That’s a lot of race registrations and bike parts I could buy with that money.  And for something I wear what – once every few months?

In unrelated notes – had a fun 12.4 mile run this morning, cruising along.  It’s nice that the long runs are short enough again to have fun pushing the speed.  Of course, the obvious disadvantage of that being that the Marathon is two weeks away – it better get cool quick.  Ran with a few tri dudes during the group run.  I ended up cycling with one of them this afternoon instead of my planned ride.  But it worked out well, we did about 35 miles worth of laps (plus transit to the location) around windy Haines Point.  Ironically I found out later during the ride that he came in 6th in our age group at the Nation’s Tri (I came in 7th).  That’s good though, because he’s a stronger cyclist than I am – so I got pushed a bit.


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  1. I had the same problem! I wear suits to work every day and my fiance always told me I looked like a little boy in a big man’s suit when I wear them. Go to S&K Menswear in Bailey’s Crossroads and they will alter it for you. So far, I’ve gotten 3 of my suits done there. I price shopped around and they are by far cheaper than “specialized” tailors. Screw Nordstroms and their too good for you attitude!

  2. I didn’t drop a suit size, but all this stuff does just make the weight melt off, doesn’t it! Good luck!!

  3. Another good option (I get all my suits here) is Mens Wearhouse. I go to the one on Rt 1 in Potomac Yards just south of Crystal City. If you buy your suits there, they will alternate them (after the initial charge) for as long as you gain/lose weight.

  4. psywiped

    I’ve lost over 90lb the past 9 months, gone from a 44 waist to 34 and an 3XL shirt to a M, goodwill and salvation army are my new friends.