Ironman Rhode Island 70.3

This new IM branded race was announced a few weeks back, and looks like a pretty cool one.  Given all my family is up in the Connecticut/Rhode Island area, I decided to swap it out in place of the Vineman 70.3 that I had tentatively planned for next year’s schedule (mid-July).  It’s about a month out from Ironman Canada, so it will still serve its purpose from a training perspective.  And it will give my relatives an opportunity to come out and cheer – especially my Grandpa.  I signed up shortly after it opened, thankfully after someone e-mailed me (hello mysterious reader S.!) asking about it – good thing they reminded me!

The course looks cool, it starts at the beach and basically wanders it’s way to the state’s capitol building.  Yes, one could say that in Rhode Island that probably does mean crisscrossing the state a few times – good thing it’s not a full Ironman!  One thought I had is that Rhode Island has notoriously bad roads, so hopefully they’ve picked something a little smoother than most of the ones I’ve been on.  It is too bad that it doesn’t end back at the beach though, because that time of year the beaches are PACKED, and it would have increased the crowds quite a bit.

I do wish they would post some of the route maps and stuff online though.  Seems like they would already have that documented given the whole process associated with putting together a new course.

Moving on…Of note is that the Philly Tri is now open for registration.  I’m hearing rumors of an expected quick sellout – so you may want to consider registering now.  It’s on June 21/22nd and they offer both an Oly and Sprint course.  It’s also a regional championship qualifier race.  I signed up for the Oly last weekend, woohoo!

Also in the miscellaneous category, I got an e-mail about an upcoming Ironman workshop this weekend in the DC area, more info here.  It’s this Sunday night at 6PM out in Reston (the 18th).  The presenter list looks pretty solid.  I think I’ll go – just for the heck of it.  I should be back from Philly by then, unless I take a few too many wrong turns.

And lastly, I think I’ve decided on where I’m going to go on vacation using some of that vacation time I have to spend.  My brother (he’s 22) and I are going to head to this location the week before Christmas.  I let him come up with a list of half a dozen places, and we narrowed it down from there.  I’m not going to say where quite yet.  But I’ll give a hint, it’s 8645 miles from IAD (DC) – as the crow flies (of course, we can’t get there nonstop).  The first person that successfully guesses where we’re going will get a post card.  Well…ok..anyone that requests a post card will get one too.


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  1. I am going to toss out China as my first guess.

  2. i almost guessed vegas until i saw someone else guessed china and realized vegas is a million times too close….um, without doing any research i’m guessing iceland.

  3. I am becoming very impressed with the 70.3 destination selections.

  4. 8645 miles!? That is freakishly far away. Can a crow really fly that far? ;)

    Europe is too close. My guess is Tokyo. Second guess, I’d be jealous, Sydney, Australia.

  5. I’m in for Philly! Still trying to find out if there’s any way to get back to the start for RI70.3 – they say they’ll have buses, but wondering if that will include bike transport… don’t really want to have to drive back and forth 35 miles after a half IM!

    I’ll guess Thailand. But Sydney rocks!

  6. I’m going to guess New Zealand. Autralia is cool, but New Zealand rocks!

  7. The island of Palau from Survivor fame? That’s my best guess with the help of Google Earth. Madagascar or New Zealand would work too.

    I am new reader to your blog…have enjoyed so far. I have my eyes set on Vineman 70.3 myself, hopefully your absence means I can move up one more spot in my age group. Good luck!

  8. i’m guessing somewhere in africa. seychelles perhaps?

  9. This may be a little late but can I have a postcard?