Ouch! The pain train has arrived!

Ok, it’s not fair.  I haven’t even begun my 16 day hard push prior to the Philly Half – and I’m already sore.  Well actually, still sore.  Still feeling Sunday’s 26.2 miles of fun.  Although it’s not bad at all anymore.  I found the swim on Sunday afternoon REALLY helped.  It’s just that when I woke up on Monday…not.so.good.  But I did lots of waddling and I’m just about back to normal.  I went for a swim after work today, just 1,500 yards to loosen up.  And then I did have a 4-ish mile run tonight with the running gang.  It was costume night (and we of course dressed up, all coordinate in fact!) – but I’ll save the pics for tomorrow.  Loads of fun!

So you remember my goal for Philly – a 1:23 half marathon, just enough to qualify for New York on time alone.  But I’m starting to think that in three weeks it almost might be easier to drop 11 minutes off my full marathon time (and qualify for Boston) then to run a 6:20/mile pace for 13.1 miles.  I still had energy left on Sunday, and was at times going 7:15’s anyway’s (the required pace for Boston for my AG).  But I don’t think I feel like running another 26.2 miles anytime in the immediate future.  My legs might disown me otherwise.

At any rate – here’s the plan I put together for the next 16 or so days.

This week (Oct 28 – Nov 4th):

Monday: Rest/limp/waddle (Done!)
Tuesday: 3-5mi easy run/waddle (Done!)
Wednesday: 8×400 @ 95s per 400 (plus warm-up/cool-down)
Thursday: 5.5mi @ 6:25/mi
Friday: No run, just swim
Saturday: 9mi @ 6:35/mi
Sunday: 10×400 @ 90s mi per 400 (plus warm/cool)

Tues/Thurs/Sat – Cycle as usual
Weds/Fri/Sun – Swim as usual

Next week (Nov 4th – 11th):

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5.5mi @ 6:25/mi
Wednesday: 10×400 @ 90s per 400 (plus warm/cool)
Thursday: 5.5mi @ 6:15/mi
Friday: No run, just swim
Saturday: 11mi @ 6:25/mi
Sunday: 7mi @ 6:45/mi

Tues/Thurs/Sat – Cycle as usual
Weds/Fri/Sun – Swim as usual

The last week (Nov 12-18th):

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5.5mi @ 6:15/mi
Wednesday: 8×400 @ 85s per 400 (plus warm/cool)
Thursday: 5.5mi @ 7:30/mi (mini-taper)
Friday: No run, just swim (mini-taper)
Saturday: 2mi @ whatever (mini-taper)
Sunday: [Race] 13.1mi @ 6:20/mile…ouch

Tues/Thurs – Cycle mostly as usual
Weds/Fri – Swim as usual

So, I know I can run that fast – at least like to the mailbox.  Perhaps all the way across the street.  But 13.1 miles is like to another city, or even a state! In my case, I can in 13.1 miles cross three state/territory (DC/VA/MD) lines from my house. We’ll see about this…

My training plan is purely based on absolutely no formal training methodology.   I consulted the two speed running books I had, and both didn’t include a 3 week speed plan to drop 10 seconds off your 10 Miler time and convert it to a Half-Mary time.  Go figure.  It does say under ‘Suggested rest period’ for Marathon: “14 days”.  Uhh…check.

It is funny though reading through some of these books with respect to pre-race warm-up routines, which often encompass about 8 different items to do the 60 minutes prior to start time.  Yikes.  I simply try to do a quick 2-3 minute run and the two ‘runners stretches’ and call it good.  Apparently I have much to learn.


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  1. I’m pretty sure your waddle is probably faster than I can ever hope to run :-)

  2. That is a hardcore pace. I don’t run my two miles that fast.

    Good luck!!

  3. We all have much to learn, always, and wind up doing whatever works for us, invariably.

  4. I would say you should rest till you feel 100%. You gain fitness by resting after stressing the muscle groups and a mary wears you out alot. You will not lose any fitness in a week. Take 3-4 days of nothing and if you feel good after that, take one more. My suggestion. Good job.