Woot! Awesome day!

Short version: The Nation’s Tri (Oly) rocked.  I don’t have the complete results yet (not posted), but based on watch times, I’ve got:

Swim: 26 minutes
Bike: 1:05
Run: 40:12

Total: 2 hours 16 minutes (+/- 30 seconds), based on original start watch.

I’m really psyched about it, and can’t wait for the full results to post.  I’ll write-up something more detailed once the results post.  As it stands now though, that’s a 22 minute improvement over just 45 days ago.

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  1. Great job on the race. Bring on the race report!

    Stay tuned…

  2. Damn, what have they been feeding you? Thats an awesome time!

  3. Race report still coming later tonight – but here’s the official time/placement:

    7th in AG, out of 90 in AG.

    7 561 Ray Maker 25 Alexandria VA 15 26:17 3:20 16 1:05:30 1:05 11 40:12 7 2:16:22