Ok… I dislike taper. Well, actually I can’t decide if I dislike it. The problem with taper is now I have so much time on my hands. Today for example, my schedule only called for a 65 minute ride (about 20 miles). Normally on Tuesday’s I have a 90 minute or so ride, followed by a 4-6 mile run (brickesque). In total with transitions, etc… I usually block about 2.5 hours for working out. With that only taking 65 minutes – I have all of this extra time. I cleaned my walk in closet yesterday. That’s normally a really bad rainy day in the winter weekend project – not a 83* outside on a weekday evening project. I did end up going for about a 2 mile walk, out and back to a local baseball field to watch some folks play for a bit. But that only killed about an hour. Monday night I got my bike all cleaned up and shiny ready for this weekend – so I couldn’t do that again.

Today was tough too. I ran with a friend at work during our lunch break – just three miles, but it was good because it kept it an easy run. Normally my Wednesday run is 7-8 miles, so it was a bit odd not having to go the distance on a weekday. Add to that the swim was only 1800 yards. So in less than 30 minutes my workout was basically done.

Normally I do swim/run back to back but because I ran during lunch I didn’t have much to do after work besides the swim. Maybe I’ll take up pottery or something.

Hmm..actually – I do need to pack since I leave tomorrow for Santa Cruz for the 70.3. Ugh…and I have to get the bike all boxed up. That’s always a bit of a wildcard as far as time goes. Sometimes it closes up quick, sometimes it just takes forever. Oh well, off to box a bike I shall go.

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