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Eurobike Sports Technology Things That Didn’t Fit: Part I

There’s a gazillion things to see at Eurobike, and many of them simply don’t make the cut for a bigger full-sized post.  Sometimes it’s because they are too early in the development cycle and lack full details, sometimes because I … Read More Here

Updates from Tacx about upcoming new features, iPad trainer control app

I spent a good bit of time at Eurobike talking with the Tacx folks about their upcoming TTS 4.2 software update, as well as what’s in the pipeline for the one after that – version 4.3. I’ll be spending more … Read More Here

An early hands-on look at the Mio’s new ANT+ cycling computers

One of the areas I was looking forward to checking out with coming to Eurobike this year was companies which aren’t offering products in the US market – but rather focus on the European market exclusively.  Of course, within the … Read More Here

The update without an update: Garmin Vector Power Meter

[Please Note: Garmin Vector has been released, you can see my first look at it here.  In the interest of keeping things clean, I’ve disabled new comments here, and all comments should head over to that post.  Thanks!] Over the past … Read More Here

The fun side of Eurobike: Day 1 in photos

Ok, I’ve written enough power meter posts for one evening.  But don’t fear, I’ve still got more to write, rather I’m just deferring them until the ferry boat ride tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at some … Read More Here

Power2Max announces updates to power meter, upgrades for existing owners starting at $10

Power2Max has announced a software and hardware update to their existing Power2Max ANT+ crank based power meters.  The update adds emulated/calculated left/right power balance, as well as a temperature sensor to aide providing accurate power measurement and correcting drift issues … Read More Here

First look at Pioneer ANT+ left/right power meter and head unit

Note: Updated 8/31/2012 at 5:15PM Easter Time This year at Eurobike, Pioneer has finalized and announced details of their upcoming power meter solution, which is due to be out ‘roughly’ in January 2013.  The unit has made the rounds on … Read More Here

First look at new ROTOR Power Meter

This week ROTOR announced their first entrant into the power meter world with their new ‘ROTOR Power’ product.  The ANT+ compatible head unit measures and reports individual left/right power output – making it one of numerous new power meter products … Read More Here

On the move to Eurobike, what do you want to see?

Later this afternoon we’ll pack up shop, grab a rental car and make the 7-hour trek to Eurobike.  Well, actually, we’ll make a 7-hour trek to a town in Switzerland across the lake from Eurobike.  Thursday morning I’ll tackle the … Read More Here

Eurobike: Got tips and tricks? Share them here!

With my Eurobike 2012 registration complete – I’ve started looking at all the goodness that is the massive bike show just a month away over in Germany.  In the course of doing so, I realized that I know so little … Read More Here