First Ride: Quarq’s New DZero Power Meter Series


(Update – May 18th, 2017 – See my full and new in-depth review published here!!!)

Quarq is turning 10 years old this year, and at Eurobike they rolled out a complete refresh of their power meter lineup.  This refresh covers all their models from low to high end units, and adds in additional OEM options for folks to buy power meter ready cranksets as part of bikes shipping from major bike manufacturers.

The DZero Models:


While these Quarq models are all new, the particular power meter location on the bike remains the same: the crank spider.  Thus, think of this as an evolutionary upgrade rather than Quarq going in a new direction on power meter measurement (i.e. to pedals or some other spot).

The new units feature hardware changes that now support the following:

– Revised strain gauge design for higher accuracy
– Dual ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart broadcasting of power/cadence data
– New multi-color LED for more status clarity (matches eTAP LED’s)
– Support for Qalvin BLE edition (no longer need ANT+ adapter to configure)
– Support for Boost 148 (52mm chainline) compatibility for mountain bikes
– Support for BB386 EVO bottom bracket compatibility

The new strain gauge design increases in particular the performance of OmniCal, as it gives them higher levels of accuracy there than previously.

In addition, they’re carrying forward technologies/specifications that they’ve integrated into past units:

– 10K temp compensation (details here in my behind the scenes post)
– OmniCal: Allowing you to change chainrings
– Accelerometer cadence
– IPX7 waterproofing
– Standard CR2032 batteries
– 2 year standard warranty

On the battery front, they’ve slightly reduced their battery claims to be more realistic.  The current units state 200 hours, versus 300 hours in the past.  Some might mistakenly attribute that to the addition of Bluetooth Smart, but in reality Quarq says it’s just them as a company being a bit more realistic.  The addition of Bluetooth smart from a battery standpoint is negligible.  They noted that 300 hours was (and still is) quite achievable if you were looking at summer riding time, where battery conditions do better than in colder weather.  Whereas if you were talking winter, then it’d be more at the 200 hour level.  For most people, it’ll likely sit somewhere in the middle.  Either way, the discussion is really just academic – since we’re really just talking about a $1-2 CR2032 coin cell battery.

As noted above, they’ll broadcast power and cadence over Bluetooth Smart now, which they’ve tested with a number of apps (i.e. Strava), as well as Polar head units.  I meanwhile tried it out on a Suunto Spartan down below in my first ride.  But more than that, it allows them to have a Qalvin version of their configuration app that ‘just works’ on iOS/Android for configuration changes.

The older ANT+ enabled Qalvin still works, but you just can’t update the firmware on the new units with it, since that must be done via Bluetooth Smart.  They expect to retain the existing Windows/Mac versions of Qalvin using ANT+ USB sticks, whereas the Android/iOS version will use Bluetooth Smart.  This is roughly inline with what other companies do on updating of firmware.

The new models see a slight dip in price, from $20 cheaper to $270 cheaper – again, depending on the exact model.

Here’s the rundown of the models/names/descriptions/price:

Quarq DZero Prices

Model NameDescriptionPrice
Quarq DZero Power Meter Chassis (Carbon)For traditional 10- and 11-speed chainrings. Exogram carbon or forged aluminum crank arms. Hidden or non-hidden bolt spider. 130 BCD and 110 BCD.$1079 / €929 / £858
Quarq DZero Power Meter Chassis (Aluminum)For traditional 10- and 11-speed chainrings. Exogram carbon or forged aluminum crank arms. Hidden or non-hidden bolt spider. 130 BCD and 110 BCD.$779 / €779 / £693
Quarq DFour Power Meter Chassis A DZero power meter for Shimano 11-speed drivetrains, compatible with Shimano’s 4-arm chainrings.$1179 / €1029 / £968
SRAM RED DZero Power Meter Chassis The SRAM RED Power Meter moves to the DZero platform. Exogram carbon crank arms. Hidden bolt spider. 130 BCD and 110 BCD.$1079 / €929 / £858
SRAM XX1 Eagle Power Meter CARBON TUNED crank arms, DZero spider. 170 and 175mm. 168Q. Conventional and Boost variants.$1129 / €979 / £913
Spiders only below--
Quarq DZero Power Meter Spiders DZero$679 / €679 / £583
Quarq DZero Power Meter Spiders DFour$779 / €779 / £693
Quarq DZero Power Meter Spiders XX1$729 / €729 / £638

Availability for these starts in just two weeks, on September 15th.  So none of that 2017 messiness here.

Oh, and finally – in case you’re curious where the DZero name comes from, it’s named after one of the two particle detectors located at Fermilab in Warrenville, Illinois.

Quarq Prime Power Ready:


Next, to briefly touch on something I stumbled into at the Tour de France this year – Quarq Prime.  Quarq Prime is a platform/program that allows bike companies to sell a bike with a crankset that’s ready to accept a Quarq power meter spider.  Those cranksets are called ‘Quarq Prime Power Ready’.

At a high level, this isn’t terribly different than you just managing to pick a compatible power meter for your bike’s crankset.  But behind the scenes there are some minor changes in the cranksets to make the experience cleaner.  For example, the interface for where the two units attach is specifically designed to minimize zero-offset movement (which in turn increases accuracy/shift).


Second, they’ve include a nifty toolset with each Quarq spider that gets shipped.  This gives you a T20 (not T25) Torx wrench, that’s designed to be a bit longer for easier installation.


But ultimately, this is really about converting folks who have bought one of the Quarq Prime capable bikes to getting a power meter relatively easily.


There will be 2017 model frames from Canyon, Felt, Fuji, and Trek – among others.  These are based on the SRAM Force & SRAM Rival crank sets.  The folks at Bike Radar put together a pretty good round-up of bikes that are Quarq Prime already.

A First Ride:


Monday morning I went out for a very wet ride with the new unit.  It’d be hard to imagine worse summer riding conditions than those of that morning.  Thunder and lightning continuously shook our starting location like a bad rock band.  Apparently I drew the short straw of the morning ride instead of the more pleasant sounding afternoon ride.  But it’s okay: they had Snickers bars on-hand for ride nutrition, which makes it all better.

My loaner bike wasn’t too shabby either:


It was equipped with the also just announced SRAM HydroHC road disc brakes integrated with SRAM’s RED eTAP system.  And then of course, a SRAM RED DZero power meter down below.  In fact, this particular prototype unit has a nifty translucent face plate that allows me to see the electronics inside:


In any case, pretty geeky stuff aside, I got it all paired up with both a Garmin Edge 820 as well as a Suunto Spartan Ultra GPS watch.  I used the Edge 820 to pair to the ANT+ signal, while I used the Suunto Spartan Ultra watch to pair to the Bluetooth Smart signal. The Quarq does both concurrently.  I had no issues during the ride on the ANT+ signal.



However, on the Bluetooth Smart signal it only recorded the second half of the ride on the Suunto Spartan.  I’m going to give it a 90% chance that this is Suunto’s issue, since my experience to date is pretty similar for other power meters I’ve tried with weird Bluetooth sensor recording issues on the Suunto Spartan.


In my case, I did not ride with another power meter on the bike – so I can’t say whether it was accurate or not.  Though the numbers were at least consistent with my expectations for the effort I was putting out.  As part of a full in-depth review, I’ll of course touch on accuracy.  And I’ll also touch on compatibility in more depth and validate whether it was a Suunto or Quarq issue.

On the ANT+ Edge 820 side though, the data looked clean for both power and data, as also seen in the screenshots above.

I can say though that the rain didn’t appear to impact things otherwise, nor the humidity or thunderstorms.  Not that I’d expect it to.  This was however definitely a case where having those new HydroHC disc brakes was pretty sweet.  Zero issues stopping there.



Speaking of other groups within SRAM, one interesting tidbit that came out at the SRAM Disc Brakes media presentation pieces was that during their testing they actually run special edition Quarq units that also capture data from sensors at the brakes.  This measures how much a rider brakes individually in both the front and back.  This is then wirelessly transmitted electronically to the Quarq for download later.  Further, Zipp also uses what sounds to be a similar setup for aerodynamic sensors for out on the road.  All these entities being under the SRAM umbrella.

Another tidbit that was notable on the eTAP front was that 15-20% of eTAP sets sold are for triathlon/TT bikes (there are only two kits, a TT and a road setup).

With that – thanks for reading!  I’ll likely aim to do a full in-depth review of the lineup this fall, once they start shipping.  In the meantime, feel free to drop questions below.

Interview with Founder:

Updated to add: On Thursday evening at Eurobike, I sat down with Jim Meyer, founder of Quarq to talk about everything from the new power meters, historical tidbits, and what Kickstarter Jim wants to launch with Quarq.  Oh, and how to get SRAM to buy your company.  Fun times.  See below.  Note that you’ll see something other than the side of the RV around the 1-minute marker…


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  1. Peter

    The Quarq Riken currently retails for 680 euro, so 100 euro for BT. Personally I’d go for the less expensive option.

    Regarding “improved accuracy”, could you expand on that? The Quarq website list 1.5% accuracy for both the existing (Riken) models and the new DZero.

    • Hi Peter. We have improved accuracy all the way around the pedaling circle and across the rear cassette, with 1X and 2X chainrings. And the measurement circuit has better temperature compensation, so there is less reliance on the 10K temperature compensation (software correction). Our qualification tests for new power meters use static testing, with a range of weights or forces, and dynamic testing. Right now we do not want to claim better than +/- 1.5% accuracy given the range of bikes and conditions a power meter can encounter. We are though hopeful there will be a broadly accepted test for power meter accuracy sometime in the future.

    • Dave

      Hi Troy, will there be a version of the new Quark that would work with my S-Works carbon chainset? Thanks for any info!


    • Hi Dave. The Quarq for Specialized and Quarq for Cannondale spiders remain on the previous platform. I do not have a changeover date for them.

    • Troy, is there any update on the Quarq Dzero for Specialized? I’m in the process of chosing a power meter now, but run S-works Carbon cranks

    • Hi Scott. We continue to make and sell the Quarq for Specialized power meters using the previous power meter platform. I have no new information.

    • Toby

      I’m thinking of buying a qarq but am currently using ultegra 6800 52/36, what are the models that are compatible with this please?

    • Hi Toby. If you have a Shimano crankset, the chainrings will bolt straight onto the Quarq DFour Power Meter Chassis. This power meter was designed for Dura-Ace, so the colors are not a perfect match, but the chainrings are directly compatible. If you have an alternative crankset you could use DFour with your choice of 11-speed Shimano chainrings or the Quarq DZero Carbon Power Meter Chassis with traditional 130 BCD or 110 BCD chainrings. There is more on DFour and its compatibility on the website.
      link to quarq.com

    • Toby Miller

      Thanks for the switch reply,
      And with ultegra 6800 using the dfour, what spindle and BCD options should I select, sorry I’m a little slow on the uptake with technical specs

    • Hi Toby. The spindle depends on the bike. Bikes with threaded, 24mm Pressfit and BB86 bottom brackets use the GXP spindle. Bikes with BB30, PF30, BBRight or BB386EVO bottom brackets use the BB30 version. You will need to the pair the power meter with a SRAM bottom bracket bearing assembly. Shimano’s 11-speed chainrings only have one BCD. If you choose Quarq DZero, you need 110 BCD to use traditional 52-36 chainrings. Please call or email the Quarq Customer Service team for more. They will tell you everything you need to know. link to quarq.com

    • Richard

      Troy@Quarq … not sure if you’re still following this thread, but a follow-up on this question. I read through the thread re: the comments on the Cannondale mtb problems, but I didn’t see any other comments as to whether Quarq is still planning a spider suitable for use with a Cannondale SISL crank or not – any update? Thanks!

    • Tiago

      Will the price on the quark for specialized be going down since it it is the old platform and doesn’t have all of the features of the new dzero? Seems kind of silly to pay more for an older platform.

    • Mouli

      I just seem to understand it better now except that my bike spec says the
      “Praxis conversion bottom bracket” – I have Ultegra 6800 Di2 with a 52/36 at the front. I am looking at buying the DZero / DFour but when I think I am ready to buy I am getting stuck in choosing the compatible Quarq set. Can you help me on this.

      btw, the contact us page on quarq.com is broken.


  2. Matthew

    Slight typo in: “since we’re really just walking a $1-2 CR2032 coin cell battery” near the top. Unless CR2032 have evolved and can now walk 🙂

    • Tiago

      Will the price on the quark for specialized be going down since it it is the old platform and doesn’t have all of the features of the new dzero? Seems kind of silly to pay more for an older platform.

    • Tiago

      Replied to wrong post, can’t seem to find a way of deleting.

  3. RunningBezz

    Can you upgrade an existing Quarq or riken powermeter to the new Spider?

    • SummitAK

      The new Quarq spiders only support the 8 bolt Quarq/SRAM spider interface. Most older Quarqs use the 3 bolt SRAM spider interface. I do know the Elsa RS uses the 8 bolt interface and I think this is also true for the XX1 variant, but both of these PMs were released within the last two years. Easy enough to just check the back of your pm for the bolt count.

    • SummitAK: You are right. We have just published a page for the DZero platform spiders that uses revision codes to explain what products can be upgraded, so you do not need to remove your crankset and check the bolt count. See Specifications > Compatibility. link to quarq.com

  4. Daniel

    Any word on price reductions to current Elsa line once DZero begin shipping?

  5. Joe E

    Once you showed the bike, the PM became a lot less interesting 🙂 I want it!

  6. Mark Milliken

    Wow this is very cool! Decisions, Decisions! Love the disc brakes, when I slow at 90kms an hour sometimes I get a squeal with my regular brakes which tells me I’ve locked the back up and it may get interesting in a hurry, if I don’t back off! Good times!

  7. part_robot

    Looks great… until you see the weight. Carbon cranks and a spider for 559g for a 110BCD? That seems at least 100g too high if you compare to Power2Max or Quarq’s own spider-only offerings. Can that be right?

    • Hi part_robot. The weights as published are correct. The weights are for the chassis (crank arms and spider) bolted together plus the pedal washers. All Quarq and SRAM carbon power meters now use Exogram hollow carbon crank arms. The SRAM XX1 Eagle power meter uses similar CARBON TUNED crank arms. We believe the weights compare favorably to competitor products with two-legged measurement.

    • part_robot

      Oh that’s actually pretty good then! Equivalent components for Cannondale Si (not SiSL2… that’s clearly stupidly light!) crankset is 500g assembled with the spindle and that’s with a normal spider and not a power meter. Nice work! I take it back 🙂

  8. cycloscott

    sigh… another strikeout for mtb based powermeters. And no, SRAM single ring cranks aren’t an option for people who live and ride on actual mountains.

    • codyish

      If you can’t ride with a 1x (especially with Eagle) then you probably aren’t the kind of rider that needs a powermeter. I see a lot of 1×11 and 1×12 setups everyday, but maybe we don’t have real mountains in Colorado.

      A standard 2x easy gear is 24×36 or a .66 ratio, which is the same as a 28×42, a typical trail bike setup 1×11 would be 30×42, slightly harder. With Eagle you can get a nearly identical easy gear with a 34 chainring (34×50 = .68) or you could use the a still typical 32×50 to get an easier gear than the easiest gear on a 2×10 (32×50 = .64).

      Don’t be grumpy, do the math. And don’t try to say that a 32×10 isn’t hard enough – that’s 30mph at 110 rpm. It’s a mountain bike, not a fire road bike.

    • cycloscott

      AFAIC… it’s not just the top and low end. It’s the gaps in between. Sure, running a 30×42 gives a super low gear. Comparable to a 2x, and eagle blah blah. But every shift is a MAJOR change in cadence and effort. Especially at the low end. With Eagle, we’re talking about an almost 20% difference between that 42 and the 50. That’s just stupid.

      …and that’s coming from a singlespeeder. Sure, dump it into the super granny gear and settle in, but it’s a poor solution to being able to work through every gear.

      btw… I’ve finished top-10 in the country in CX Nats, but what do I know about “the kind of rider that needs a powermeter”.

  9. Lars

    What prevents one from installing the DZERO POWER METER SPIDER only option on an common SRAM RED crankset for example. Why does it have to be Power Ready?

    Thanks for an awesome page .

    • Hi Lars. The standard SRAM RED crankset uses an integrated carbon fiber crank arm and spider, and you cannot replace the power meter spider. The SRAM Force and SRAM Rival cranksets continue to use the 3-bolt interface. We are offering another option to bike makers, which is the Quarq Prime crankset. A good way to explain the 8-bolt interface is that it relies on the bolts for security instead of the interface, much like the wheel nuts on a car. This lets bicycle dealers or bike owners swap spiders and crank arms without impacting accuracy. It also makes for more consistent zero offsets, which is how we recommend you check the health of your power meter from day to day.

    • Lars

      Thanks for the explanation 🙂

    • Bob

      So what would be the ideal 8 bolt interface crankset to use with my existing SRAM Red 22 setup ?

      I was thinking Force 22 with 3 bolt but I would be buying everything new so what would be best?


    • Hi Bob. I could not tell if you already have a power meter or not. If not, I would recommend either the SRAM RED DZero power meter chassis or the Quarq DZero Carbon power meter chassis in Hidden Bolt (HB) configuration. The SRAM RED and RED 22 power meters – prior to the SRAM RED eTap graphics – are 3 bolt. They will not work with the new 8-bolt DZero power meter spiders. The standard SRAM RED cranksets have a one piece carbon spider that cannot be upgraded. The DZero spiders page on the website lists compatibility with previous products.

  10. Jack

    With the new spider only models will these be similar to the Quarq ones offered for Cannondale and specialised and work with existing cranks or will they only be able to be fitted on Prime power ready cranks?

    • Hi Jack. The spiders can be used for Quarq Prime and to upgrade an existing power meter that uses the 8-bolt interface. Please see my comments above and this page on the Quarq website. (Look under Specifications > Compatibility.) link to quarq.com

  11. Mike

    What a shweet bike…DANG! So, you liked the disc brakes in the rain? I’m just about to pull the trigger on a roadie with disc…thoughts?

    • I like it – pretty sweet. This could convince me to cut-over and just do an integrated eTAP road disc brake setup. They’re saying they’ll actually start shipping early November, even though it may take a bit of time to catch-up to orders/fulfillment/etc…

      Perhaps if Quarq shoots over a DZero power meter equipped bike with eTAP & road disc brakes…I’d knock out some sort of combo-dish review post.

    • Dave

      I’ve got a Specialized Diverge Pro CEN. I’d never have a non-disk bike again.

  12. Even though the write-up is awesome, I’m still a bit confused. If I have a new Trek SC with 4-arm Shimano Ultegra, 52/36 (semi-compact) 11 speed, what Quarq do I get? The spider only? The whole chassis thing? Because the whole chassis version is kinda pricey.

    • jack

      That’s what i am trying to work out. Can you just buy the spider only if you don’t want to replace cranks? or does this only work with prim cranks?

    • Adam

      Same here. In fairness to Quarq they’ve obviously tried to make the options easy to understand but it’s still not very clear to me. Some of the price lists have three options for seemingly two variant. What’s the difference between the hidden-bolt and non-hidden bolt options? Are these priced differently? And more importantly, will these ever actually be available in Europe?! I’m still waiting for someone (anyone!) to actually stock a 170mm Riken AL that I can buy without the massive lead-time of an on-request order from the US.

      Anyway, I’m 99% sure that you can’t fit a Quarq spider to any Shimano crankset, so you’re going to need the chassis too. However, in my humble opinion, the DFOUR makes very little sense at all. The chainrings are arguably the weakest part of the higher tier Shimano chainsets, but you’re keeping those and ditching the better part (i.e. the cranks). You’ll have to either take the Shimano chainrings off your current chainset and you’re left with some virtually worthless cranks, or buy some new ones at a ridiculously inflated price. Then you’re locked into using them forever more and it still looks like a bit of a bodged fit.

      Is an asymmetric 4-bolt pattern really worth all that?!

    • Mayhem

      What is there to be confused about? No, unless you’ve got a Quarq Prime crankset you cannot get just the new spider. The DZero spider is not compatible with any older cranksets regardless of whether they’re made by Sram, Shimano or anyone else.

      The DFour will fit Shimano 4-bolt chainrings while the different variants of the DZero is for conventional 5-bolt chainrings, that is the only difference. For power meters where three prices are listed the first is for a complete chassis with carbon crank arms, the second price a chassis with aluminium crank arms, and the third only the spider.

    • John

      The DFour, like the Elsa RS before it, has an aluminum spider with Quarq carbon crank arms. You use Shimano chainrings but can’t use the Shimano crank arms. FWIW, the 9000 big chainring matches aesthetically, though 6800 and 5800 chainrings also bolt up.

    • Adam

      Sure, I understand the design of the platform and compatibility etc etc.

      What I want to know is what/when/where I can actually buy one of these things! What are the hidden/non-hidden bolt option variants? Are these the spider bolts, chainring bolts? At the moment the Quarq website is only listing the NHB option.

    • Janos Grosz

      As the Shimano cranks are one piece, the actual crank arm can not be separated from the spider part. So it is not possible to buy the QUARQ spider and install it into a Shimano crank. I guess that the spider-only version is for those who want to upgrade from Elsa RS, where there is a separate Exogram carbon crank arm. If you want to buy it for existing Shimano crankset, than you have to buy the chassis, and istall the chainrings onto that from the Shimano setup.

    • I will try to answer all of questions in the above thread here. Many of you have already stated correct answers. Thank you for being so knowledgable about our products!

      Quarq DFour will work with 11-speed Dura-Ace (except 9100), Ultegra and 105 chainrings. The graphics and geometry align with Dura-Ace, which has a distinct silver appearance. To swap over from Ultegra you need to buy the chassis and fit the Shimano chainrings.

      The Quarq DFour chassis offers Exogram hollow carbon crank arms, the Quarq DZero power meter spider and, if your bike includes a BB30 bottom bracket, a true BB30 solution. We use the Shimano chainrings so the drivetrain’s mating surfaces come from one manufacturer for optimum performance. This is something SRAM strives for too: A system designed and built together so it delivers the best performance possible.

      Hidden Bolt is seen in SRAM’s 11-speed group sets. One of the chainring bolts/bolt holes is hidden behind the crank arm. Non-hidden Bolt is what you see in many aftermarket chainrings. All 5 chainring bolts are visible. We offer both options so you can use the chainrings your bike comes with and the chain drop pin will be in line with the crank arm.

      We are still populating the Quarq website with Hidden Bolt options. All Quarq DZero power meters will start shipping on September 15 from Spearfish (USA). Quarq DFour from October 1. The SRAM XX1 Eagle Power Meter will be available on November 1.

      Many of our resellers are informed about product changeovers ahead of time as a courtesy. You may not have been able to buy product from them because of this. They strive not to have superseded product in stock, but you will get the lower priced, newer product when it arrives and not be disappointed. It’s a tradeoff, I know. I am sorry it is frustrating.

      The DZero spider is compatible with Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets and some current power meters. Please see my comments above.

    • Malcolm

      The non-hidden bolt is the more conventional layout where all five chainring bolts can be seen when looking at the cranks. The hidden bolt design was brought in a few years ago on SRAM Force and Red cranks. One of the five bolts is hidden behind the crank arm. Apparently it ‘makes better use of carbon fiber to further improve stiffness and shed weight’.

    • Abhinay Pochiraju

      Hi Guys !! Thanks for the review DC !!
      So Im trying to get info on he Quarq Dzero Alluminium but I need to understand how the same would fit on my trek BB90 Bottom bracket on a 2011 Madone , sort of trying to allude to the discussion above :

      If I have to buy the Spider plus cranks (Dzero, Aluminum) & the BB90 kit, am I good to go on my original (BB90, 2011, Trek Madone shimano 105 setup) ? or do I need to buy the chain rings separately as well ? I assume the chassis will come with the cranks + spider so the kit is all I need to make it compatible with my existing 53 x 39 chain rings. please clarify.

    • Hi Abhinay. You want the Quarq DZero Aluminum with the GXP spindle. You will also need the BB90 bearing kit if you do not already have a SRAM crankset. You interpreted all of the correctly. Your chainrings should be the 5-bolt versions, so they will bolt onto the power meter.

  13. Remco Verdoold

    Ray have you ever seen spider or crank power meters that are suitable for triple configuration? Or am I going to get pedal based meters which seem more fragile and expensive.

    • I don’t think so in terms of spider based. Not sure off-hand of any crank arms that might work (perhaps something compatible with Stages. Keep in mind on Stages you can kinda mix and match as long as it works at the attachment point.

  14. Geez. I have no idea how you survived riding disc brakes, Ray. Nobody got their leg sliced off?

  15. Shawrx

    Can I put one of these new spiders on my Specialized crankset? Or am I still limited to their $999 Specialized specific spider?

  16. Tobias

    I´m in the market for my first powermeter to fit on my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 2015. So far I´ve had my eyes set on P2M and since I run Rotor 3D30 the spider only Type-S or NG is the available options.

    Have I understood things correctly if a QUARQ DZERO POWER METER CHASSIS for €929 would give me both cranks, PM and are compatible with the Praxis Works rings I use? So just add a new PressFit BB and I would be up and running for approx 960€?

    • Hi Tobias. The chassis will give you the crankset and power meter spider together. The Non-hidden Bolt option is likely best for your Praxis Works chainrings. You will also need a SRAM bottom bracket as you suggest. Please call or email the Quarq Customer Service team if you want to make sure.

  17. Ismo

    This sounds very interesting:

    “…Further, Zipp also uses what sounds to be a similar setup for aerodynamic sensors for out on the road.”

    So basically ZIpp uses something similar than the PowerPod for measuring the wind etc.? I wonder if it actually is the PowerPod.

    • We actually talk about this a little bit (more the general test setup) within the Livestream I did with Jim later that evening. It’s up on Facebook.com/dcrainmaker

      I’ll be uploading the cleaner local/HD copies here in a few hours to YouTube as well.

  18. Arno

    Are these powermeters compatible with Rotor cranks ?

  19. Andy

    Im still confused by all power meter options.

    Ive got 4 bolt Ultegra cranks and I’ve no idea what power meters i can use on it.

    Does anyone make a 4 bolt power meter crankset that i can whip my chain rings off my existing setup and screw them into the new 4 bolt power meter crank?

    These companies don’t make it very clear at all to me.

    • Hi Andy. I’m sorry it’s not clear. We are working on new tools for the website to improve that. You can use the Quarq DFour Power Meter Chassis. Please see my comments above.

  20. Lars

    As a SRAM RED owner I must say that I am disappointed about the pricing, 1000 USD for a power meter is simply so 2010. The trouble for SRAM RED owners is that the pricing of both Quarq and Stages is at the 1000 UDS mark if you want the carbon crank arms that fit the rest of the group.

    I guess I will wait another 6 years for a price drop, and be content with the fact that my TACX NEO can messure watts. Just hard to take for a ride outdoors on that thing 🙂

    • John

      Looking at the current market for L+R power, I’d consider that to be a pretty good price especially with carbon crank arms. I would’ve thought the Neo would’ve cost you quite a bit more…

  21. Graham R

    So from what i can tell, on my 2014 Giant TCX1 with Sram Rival gear my best option is the D Zero Aluminium – as i don’t think the Rival can take just a spider right?

    you guys really need to get a product matrix rolling 🙂

  22. Derek Chung

    HI Tony@ Quarq,

    Is the XX1 Eagle crank power meter compatible with the new Cannondale Scalpel SI and F-Si bikes? they have the 6mm offset that made the previous XX1 Quarq PM incompatible.



    • Hi Derek. Unfortunately the SRAM XX1 Eagle power meter is also incompatible with Cannondale bikes that have the AI offset drivetrain. This includes the Scalpel Si and the F-SI hardtail.

    • Hi Derek. I have a quick update on Cannondale compatibility. I talked to a bike shop owner this morning (at Eurobike) who works on Cannondale racers’ bikes and he believes the Boost version of the SRAM XX1 Eagle power meter may work. He’s close to SRAM’s Dealer Service center in Schweinfurt, so we are going to send him a pre-production sample for testing. We will update the Quarq website with new compatibility information if this proves successful.

    • Derek Chung

      Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!!

    • Tiago

      I there! Great question.
      I also have a Cannondale F-Si team bike, and I’m bound to use the Stages powermeter – I like it a lot, but it’s still a one-sided option. Being able to use a Quarq Eagle would be great, also because I have a Quarq Red PM on my road bike – and consistency is key when training with power – can you please update on compatibility information as soon as possible?
      Other option would be using the DZero spider on my SiSls crank – is it compatible?
      Thank you!
      Tiago, from Portugal.

    • Hi Tiago. Unfortunately we do not offer DZero spiders for the Cannondale crank you mentioned. The work on Eagle compatibility with the Scalpel Si and F-SI bikes should begin this week.

    • Tiago

      Hi Troy, thank you for your answer!
      It’s a shame the DZero spiders are not available for SiSls – it’s a great crank!
      Regarding the Eagle compatibility with the Scalpel SI, the “Team” Edition offered by Cannondale already comes with an Eagle crankset, so it should work (I hope!).

    • Tiago

      Forgot to ask! What about the chainrings? Will there be Sram Eagle chainrings without direct mount option?

    • Hi Tiago. Yes, we (SRAM) are now selling X-SYNC 2 chainrings in 104 BCD. Our investigations into power meter use on the Si and F-SI bikes continue. We have no answer on that yet.

    • Tiago

      Any news on using the Quarq on the Scalpel Si/f-si bikes? The Scalpel comes with an Eagle crankset stock. I’m assuming it’s the boost version? So the Quarq boost should work, right?

    • Hi Tiago. It requires a new spindle and we are working through that now. We need to build and test the new crank arm, spider and spindle combination.

    • Derek


      Thanks for the update. Hopefully you can update us with a solution soon.


    • Filipe

      Hi Troy@Quarq,
      This means that the Boost version does not work on cannondale f-si (AI offset)? If so when will you have a version that works?
      Thank you,

  23. Mike

    Will the Power Ready cranks be an option on Trek Project One bikes?

  24. DavidG

    Hi Troy,
    Is the DFour compatible with BB90 [on a Trek Speed Concept]? If so, is any kind of adapter or specific bearing cups required? I can’t find a BB compatability matrix anywhere in the literature.
    I have a Riken R on another bike but that’s GXP BB.

    • Hi David. The Quarq DFour power meter is compatible with BB90 bottom brackets. Use the GXP version. If the bike does not already have a SRAM crank, install it with a BB90 bearing kit for SRAM/Truvativ GXP cranks. You need different bearings because GXP spindles are tapered, not 24mm all the way across. The Quarq Customer Service team can give you more details.

  25. Marlon

    What are the plans for BB30a/PF30a comparability?

    • Hi Marlon. BB30 versions of Quarq and SRAM power meters work with BB30A and PF30A bottom brackets. Remove the 5mm spacer behind the preload adjuster on the non-drive side of the crank spindle to obtain the extra 5mm.

  26. Dat

    Can’t find HB & BB386EVO versions for the DZERO CARBON POWER METER CHASSIS on the Quarq site to order.

    • Hi Dat. HB versions will go up soon. Quarq DZero and SRAM RED DZero begin shipping from September 15. Quarq DFour from October 1. SRAM XX1 Eagle from November 1. BB30 versions ship with the hardware (spacers and wave washer) for BB386EVO.

    • Dat

      Thanks! Today I have Sram Force CX1 BB30 44t with hidden bolt. If I plan to upgrade it to DZERO which kind should I choose – NHB or HB? If I understand correctly, from what I have I can only use chainring. Therefore it makes no difference – HB or NHB. Is it so?

    • Hi Dat. The Hidden Bolt (HB) spider will align the chain drop pin with the crank arm correctly. Your chainring will though bolt onto both the HB and Non-hidden Bolt (NHB) spiders.

    •  Dat

      What I have now (SRAM Force 1 crankset + 44t chainring) have no chain drop pin.

    • Dat: You’re right. Sorry. Both spiders will work. You may want to remove the captive nut in the chainring and use five standard chaining bolts if you choose NHB. The power meters come with new chainring bolts.

    • Dat

      Troy: what about chainline for xx1 eagle & xx1 eagle boost versions in comparsion with original xx1 eagle crankset?

    • Hi Dat. The chainlines are the same as the standard crankset with conventional and Boost options. The difference is that with the power meter you make the change in the spider, not the chainring. You must choose either a conventional or Boost chassis or spider. The X-SYNC 2 104 BCD chainrings are the same for both.

    • Dat

      Thank you, Troy. What core differences between DZERO CARBON & DZERO RED? I personally do not see anything except the labels on the crank arms.

    • Hi Dat. You are correct. The difference is the graphic on the crank arms. All DZero platform Quarq and SRAM power meter chassis use the top tier materials. In this case, the Exogram cranks arms.

    • Dat

      Troy: Which operating temperature range for DZERO XX1? Is it suitable for winter usage?

    • Yes. We test each power meter and program the 10K temperature compensation from -17 to 54 Celsius (0-130F).

  27. Mike

    Hi, I was thinking about buying a Quarq power meter for my Trek Emonda with Ultegra 11S .
    From what I understood up till now, that would be Quarq Elsa RS. Do the newest addition to Quarq series are applicable as well? Could someone explain it to me as to a laic I am?

  28. Hi Mike. Quarq DFour is the direct replacement for ELSA RS. I wrote a little about its compatibility in comments above. In summary, it was designed for Dura-Ace 9000 but works with Ultegra and 105 11-speed chainrings. You want the GXP version in your desired crank length, plus BB90 bottom bracket bearings for SRAM cranks.

    • Mike

      Hi Troy,

      thanks for the (very very quick) answer. Can you tell me when can I expect DFour to be available in Europe?
      DFour would be that (link to quarq.com)?
      Why do I need bottom bracket bearings for SRAM cranks, are they necessary to install the crank?

  29. Hi Mike. DFour should be available in Europe mid-October. You need different bearings because Quarq and SRAM GXP cranksets and power meters have a tapered spindle that seats them correctly. The bearings on the non-drive side have a slightly smaller inside diameter.

    • jb

      will the bb386 crank work with bb86.5 frames. i have a thm m3 crank with 30mm axle on my giant tcr.


    • Hi JB. We always recommend the GXP versions of our power meters paired with SRAM Press Fit GXP bottom bracket bearings for Giant frames. This solution is designed specifically for “BB86” bottom brackets, which is what Giant bikes use.

  30. Hey Folks!

    Just as a super-quick heads up for those following along on comments, I added to the post the interview I had with Jim Meyer (founder of Quarq) on Thursday evening live at Eurobike. It’s about 75 minutes long and covers a ton of cool topics from the beginnings of Quarq, to their new units, to current R&D projects and even a Kickstarter he wants to launch. You can watch it all above: link to dcrainmaker.com

    Plus of course, he answers all your live questions. Enjoy!

  31. Kris Jones

    Any chance of the Prime crankset being sold separately? If someone wanted to build up a bike and be able to split the cost might help.

  32. Hi Kris. We Are only selling Quarq Prime Power Ready Cranksets to bike makers right now. We will though keep your suggestion in mind.

  33. Bryan

    Im a bit confused, i have a wilier cento uno sr with a bb386evo and a shimano 5800 crankset, the quarq website says to get the dfour bb30 version including spacers to fit a bb386evo. How is this done? The bb30 spindle is to short to fit bb386evo.

  34. Hi Bryan. DZero platform power meters with carbon crank arms have a spindle that works for all of the 30mm bottom brackets – as shown on the website. This includes BBright and BB386EVO and, as mentioned above, BB30A and PF30A. Our carbon power meter crank arms have always used this spindle, but now the power meter spider has been designed with additional clearance for BB386EVO frames.

    • Vince

      So DZero 30mm cranks have a WIDE spindle now? I have a 30mm BB with outboard bearings, which essentially a wide platform similar to BB386Evo. Will they fit my bike? I thought that the left 30mm crank didn’t have enough clearance for a WIDE format due to the integrated aluminum spacer next to the crank. Thanks!

    • Hi Vince. SRAM and Quarq power meters with carbon fiber crank arms have always used a wider spindle with removable spacers. I do not know the bike or bottom bracket you are describing. Please call or email Quarq Customer Service. They will be able to help you.

  35. Alejandro

    Hi Troy, i have sram red quarq power meter 2016 (with the new graphics) its possible to made an upgrade so i don’t have to purchase the complete power crank, if so wich version i have to purchase to made the upgrade.
    Thank you

    • Hi Alejandro. Yes, you can do this. Buy the Quarq DZero power meter spider in Hidden Bolt (HB). Be sure to identify whether you need 130 BCD or 110 BCD. It will bolt straight on and replace your current power meter spider.

    • Alejandro

      Its easy to made the upgrade on my own?
      Thank you Troy.

    • Hi Alejandro. If you are comfortable removing and reinstalling a crankset and chainrings you can comfortably do it on your own. The power meter spiders ship with a combination T-handle and screwdriver, T20 Torx driver and new interface and chainring bolts. You will need an 8mm or 10mm allen wrench, to remove your crankset, and 5mm and 6mm allen wrenches for the chainring bolts. We will have a video on this soon. In the meantime, the Quarq customer service team can can guide you through it.

  36. Matthew


    When will SRAM Red eTAP groups be available with the new SRAM Red DZero power meter? The SRAM website is still showing the older power meter model – link to sram.com

  37. Tobi

    So my question is wether i buy a Elsa RS or wait for Dfour? (birthday present for my wife 🙂 )

  38. Lars

    I have got this old mtb quarq.
    It is broken and the Quarq Support did not really help me.

    Now I am interested in the new Quarq XX1 Eagle Version.
    Do you know if there a crash replacement program for my old powermeter?

    • Hi Lars. Quarq offers a limited crash replacement program. Please call or email the Quarq Customer Service team and they will give you the details.

    • Lars

      I did that already but did not get a response.

    • I am sorry, Lars. Please try again. Email thinkfast@quarq.com. The Quarq customer service team is truly top notch.

    • Lars

      Last year when I recognized it has a fault, I wrote them.
      Nothing happend. So I bought a Power2Max.
      After I have seen the new XX1 Eagle Version I wrote them again last week.
      I received an email with standard issues I should do. Things I have done several times before. I answered them. Nothing happend. Yesterday I wrote them again. Nothing happend.
      When I am writing the Power2Max support half an hour later my phone rings and they call me directly… That is top notch…
      I think they don’t want me as customer.

    • Hi Lars. I returned to the office today. The Customer Service team has been overwhelmed with emails about the DZero platform. They have your enquiries and will respond shortly.

    • Lars


      good to hear. Meanwhile I received an email from the support. And they want to offer a crash replacement program for the new pm’s

    • emile

      That was a pretty low blow to make a scene in public to guilt trip Quarq… after the new quarq came out : really shows that you are trying to score the newest product vs having one that works, will you try to return your iphone 1 when the latest one comes out?

  39. Jonatha


    So we Quarq DZero spiders for regular (3rd party) 5-bolt chainrings, for SRAM hidden bolt 5-bolt chainrings, a XX1 Eagle spider and the Quarq DFour for Shimano 4-bolt chainrings – what about a campagnolo (4-bolt) compatible spider? Any plans of offering it in the future?

    Thanks Ray for a great first-ride report!
    Thanks Quarq for your great powermeters!
    (I’m riding a Riken with sram rings on a shimano drivetrain and an Elsa with Praxis rings on a campy drivetrain – happy with both – just wishing for a campy compatible spider as icing on the cake 😉 !)

    • Hi Jonatha. Unfortunately we do not plan to offer a power meter for Campagnolo-equipped bikes. It’s great to hear you like your RIKEN power meter. Thanks for supporting us.

  40. Rob

    Had hoped when I first saw dzero power meters, it was going to offer me an option to upgrade my force and rival cranks to power meter. But apparently despite the prime crank looking identical to my force crank, from the above comments you can’t. Any chance quarter will bring out a version that will let you? Now that would be a game changer.

    • Hi Rob. SRAM Force and Rival owners should use the Quarq DZero or SRAM RED DZero chassis. We do not plan to offer power meter spiders for upgrades for those cranksets. Quarq Prime is the first standard crankset we built with the 8-bolt interface. As mentioned here and on other websites, this interface was designed to offer easy installation by bike shops and riders while maintaining data integrity, which is important to us. As Jim Meyer, Quarq founder and Technology Director says, “This is everything we know how to do in a power meter done all at once.” The 8-bolt interface is part of that.

    • rob

      Troy, That sounds like marketing guff to make us buy a new crank set. The forces measured in a powermeter spider are perpendicular to the screws holding the spider on to the crank arm, whether you use 3 or 8 is irrelevent.The forces measured are all rotational and hence passed through the interface between crankarm and spider, not the screws. If 3 screws are inadequate to hold the spider onto the crankarm securely then all Sram customers should get a refund as you are telling us its inadequate to safely hold the spider to the crank arm and hence unsafe. So what is it, marketing or unsafe design for three bolts? What it actually is, is a massive marketing mistake, Sram/Quarq could have wiped the floor in the power meter market, selling aftermarket powermeter replacements for all its non-red cranks, every Sram force/rival owner would have happily upgraded, i’d have bought 3 to start with. But like most people i suspect i don’t need a powermeter enough on each bike to justify replacing the whole crankset on them. Which is something Sram clearly agree with hence the quarq prime crankset as OEM.

    • Rob,

      All Quarq and SRAM products go through heaps of testing. All cranksets must meet internationally recognized fatigue and ultimate strength standards, in addition to passing additional internal SRAM safety and performance standards. All SRAM cranksets including 3-bolt and 8-bolt designs from Quarq meet the same safety and performance standards.

      As much as you and I both would like power meters to have uncomplicated cause and effects on all engineering aspects, it turns out that reality is messy (a shocker, I know). The big effects are easy to understand, but there are dozens of error sources that are 1% or less. Some are easy to measure and correct. Others are not. Our switch to 8-bolt addresses a number of these small error sources. Our internal testing and evaluation of the 8-bolt system yielded numerous advantages, enough that we decided to make the switch from the 3-bolt interface.


    • Dmitry

      agree with you. i think quarq engineers want we to switch to P2M.

    • Rob

      Yes you would have thought that if P2M can make an accurate power meter that retro fits a SRAM crank that SRAM could do it. Looking forward to P2M price drops in response to new releases. So that will be 2 to P2M and none to SRAM. Why would you go out and spend 1100€ on a quarq when you can spend 690€ on P2M?

  41. Erik

    Ray, will these be up on Clever Training and will they be eligible for the VIP program? I see on Quarq’s website that they’ll be available on September 15th…

    • Yup, totally eligible for usual DCR reader Clever Training code (DCR10BTF). I checked with the CT folks, and they just received the listings assets about 2 hours ago from the right folks. So they should be up soon, but because these listings tend to be fairly complex (numerous SKU’s due to different models/crank lengths/etc…), it might take a few days for them to get them all finished/validated.

  42. Erik

    Maybe I missed it somewhere on here, but I checked with Quarq and they said that, if you buy the DZero Aluminum, you can purchase the carbon cranks to upgrade at a later date. It’s kind of a weird scenario at face value, but it might matter to some of us who have to explain our purchases to others…

  43. Jeff

    considering the incredible tech support from Troy@Quarq i thought it would be useful to ask this in public.

    I am considering either the DZero Carbon or the Red Hidden Bolt (HB) version;

    Couple of questions…

    As far as I know, the Yaw front derailleur requires Yaw chainrings, and therefor Red HB version would be optimal?

    Can non-hidden bolt chainrings (such as praxis) be used on the Red HB version? Other than chain drop pin location being a little “off” is it compatible?

    IS it possible to explain what the Yaw chainrings do that make the Front Derailleur behave differently and adjust the cage without (in the mechanical version) any cable tension change?

    Water Ingress, is obviously an issue with *some* power meters, and *some* batteries / usb ports.
    With this in mind, can you explain the likely outcome if water penetrates the seals of the battery compartment, for examples with some it might fry the electronics, with some it might be simply need drying out.
    In my experience, some companies that likely do the majority of their testing in desert conditions really don’t seems to understand what Northern European winters, autumns and springs (and often mid summers!) are really like.

    Much appreciated.

    • Hi Jeff. I definitely recommend SRAM’s X Glide R (Yaw) chainrings for a front derailleur with Yaw technology. These chainrings feature thicker construction and shift pins and ramps that are optimized for shifting with Yaw front derailleurs. SRAM truly does build groupsets as an integrated system for better performance.

      The SRAM 11-speed X Glide R chainrings that come pre-installed on bikes almost always have a chain drop pin installed for the Hidden Bolt pattern. When you buy 11-speed Yaw chainrings as an aftermarket upgrade they have two pins so you can use them either way.

      Non-hidden Bolt chainrings from most manufacturers will bolt up to a Hidden Bolt spider. There is no design change that stops you from doing it. The chain drop pin will be off, like you said.

      Power meter chassis and spiders ship with the chainring bolt kit for Hidden Bolt and Non-hidden Bolt. For Hidden Bolt you can install the captive nut to make tightening the bolt behind the crank arm easier. Here is the simple manual for it: link to quarq.com

      Every Quarq and SRAM power meter that leaves the factory is tested for waterproofing. The test is inherited from the infamous kitchen sink test Jim Meyer talks about in his presentations. Back in 2009 Quarq supplied power meters to the Cervelo Test Team. They stopped working at the first training camp where it rained heavily every day. Jim was there. He took the power meters off the bikes and back to the hotel, and submerged them in the kitchen sink. They stopped working then too! Lots was learnt about water proofing over the next few months.

      DZero platform battery compartments are designed with fine threads and a rubber o-ring that prevent water ingress. Should the compartment get wet inside — if, say, the cap was not tight — note it only needs to be hand tight — you should remove the battery until it dries out to prevent corrosion. Thoughtful water proofing and moisture removal is also used for the power meter spider’s cover plate and circuit board, which adds to this.

    • Hi Jeff. I didn’t properly answer your question about Yaw front derailleurs. The derailleur cage and the chainrings work together to prevent rub or rasp and give you 22 usable gears. When you shift the front derailleur, the derailleur cage also twists to roughly follow the chain line. This is a good video on it. link to youtube.com

  44. Dmitry

    Hi guys, Is Dzero supports pedal smoothness and torque effectivity metrics?

    • HDK

      Like to buy one of these, but it is still not up on Clever Training. Ray, any idea when they will become available?

    • Hi Dmitry. Quarq and SRAM power meters do not include those metrics. For the DZero platform we chose to focus on accurate power output from both legs because we know that delivers improvement and, with the right tactics, race wins. We are certainly interested in new metrics and closely watching the sports science on them. If they prove their worth they are something we can add with a free firmware update.

    • Erik

      Based on current environment, I’m sold, too… but I think I can wait for Interbike and I’d like to try and wait for Ray’s buyer’s guide… Says the guy who went and bought a trainer in June. Hey, when the wife says “ok”, you gotta act before she rethinks the decision.

    • Dmitry

      Thanks, looking forward to this update.

  45. Daniel Carpenter


    Any idea when the hidden bolt option will be available on the website?


  46. S.A

    When using DZero with Polar head unit, does it show power balance like in the picture I’ve attached? I know this may be more Polar related question, but maybe someone here have tried it.

    • Hello S.A.,

      I am not sure how Power Balance displays on the Polar M450, not yet that is. I have one charging away on my desk as we speak. I will test it out this evening and report back in the morning.

      Alex Miller

    • Hello S.A.,

      The screen you’re referencing is displaying force vectors, not power balance. Quarq power meters, new and old, do not calculate or display force vector data. So the answer to your question is, No. The DZero power meter will not display this data.

      The metric that DZero power meters do offer is power balance. Power Balance shows a percentage split of power generated (during a full revolution) by your left and right leg; such as 52% / 48% (Left vs Right).

      Additionally there appears to be an issue with Polar head units displaying our Power Balance data right now. It has yet to be determined if the cause is something on our end, Polar’s end, or a combination. We are currently looking into why this issue exists.


    • chris

      Hello Alex,
      The left/right balance is not displayed on my Polar V800.
      Any news about a fix for this issue?

  47. Roeland

    Hi Troy,

    Can I fit the dzero spider with my bb30 FSA Gossamer crankset?

    Many thanks!

    • Hello Roeland,

      The FSA Gossamer crankset is not compatible with the D-Zero power meter spider. The correct choice in your situation would be to purchase a non-hidden bolt (NHB) D-Zero BB30 chassis, which includes new crank arms. The D-Zero chassis is offered with the choice of aluminum or carbon crank arms (D-Zero Aluminum / D-Zero Carbon). You would then need to specify BCD (110 or 130), and crank arm length. The BCD is likely printed on your existing chain rings and the crank arm length will be stamped into the back side of the crank arm near the pedal insert.

      If you have any other questions, please contact Quarq customer support for further assistance.


  48. BambooDavid

    Hi Quarq, (Troy, or Alex)
    I have the Red 20 with the Yaw front derailleur. (got it right before the Red 22 came out.) which DZero setup would I get for that setup?

    • Hello Bamboo David,

      There are ultimately 3 options that will work for you.

      1) To keep branding within the SRAM RED family, you would want the SRAM RED DZero Chassis (power meter spider and crank arms).

      2) If you prefer a bit more brand neutrality, the hidden bolt (HB) DZero Carbon chassis offers the same power meter and crank arm technology found on RED, but arms branded with the Quarq logo.

      3) If you are looking for something a bit more cost effective, I suggest the HB DZero Aluminum chassis. This model features the same DZero power meter spider as the first 2, it’s just mounted to aluminum crank to keeps price in check. The best thing about this model is the low buy in price and the option to upgrade to carbon crank arms down the road if you wish to do so.

      As for chain rings, all three of these power meters allow you to transfer over (and continue to use) your existing SRAM RED 10sp chain rings. Just be sure to designate hidden bolt (HB) when you order. Once you have model sorted out, you still need to specify crank length, BCD, and bottom bracket type.

      All SRAM crank arm lengths are printed on the back side of the crank arm around the pedal insert. Have a look at your existing cranks to see what you currently use.

      The same goes for BCD, you will find either “110 BCD” or “130 BCD” printed on your current outer (large) chain ring. Make sure the BCD of the power meter matches the BCD of your existing chain rings.

      Bottom bracket type can be a bit trickier sometimes. You already have a SRAM crank which makes it a bit easier though. It is either GXP or BB30 and you’ll want to keep things the same here too.

      If you have any questions regarding bottom bracket type, power meter features, pricing, etc., give our Customer Service team a call.

      Alex Miller

    • Lars

      I have the exact same setup as bamboodavid, and would properly go for the 3) alu option to start with. How do I upgrade to carbon arms in turn? Do you sell them seperatly? Thanks.

  49. Hi Lars. We do sell them separately. Please contact the Quarq Customer Service team for more info. In fact, if there’s something you don’t see on the website, don’t hesitate to ask them if it’s available or what the alternatives are.

  50. Joel Engström

    Is weight the only difference between the dzero models? How important is the weight of the crankset, is it just overall weight or does it have greater impact(rotating weight)?

  51. Joel Engström

    Interested in the dzero al version. I have read that the riken al doesnt go so well with shimano chainrings and that one rather should use chainrings from for example Sram. Is it the same for the dzero al? Whats the problem with shimano chainrings on the riken/dzero al?

    • Hi Joel. Newer Shimano chainrings have four arms and four chainring bolts. Quarq DFour is made for these chainrings. Quarq DZero AL will work for older, 5-arm Shimano chainrings.

  52. Really excited about this lineup. Ray – do you have an estimated timeline for your in-depth review?

    • I don’t have a specific timeframe at the moment, mostly as I don’t actually have a unit yet. 🙂

      I had told the Quarq folks not to worry until they got back from Kona, since my Eurobike/Interbike/ANT+ Symposium travel schedule meant that was about the soonest I’d get to it. So my guess is they undigging themselves now from that same royal flush of events (+ Kona).

  53. Jeff

    One thing not clear on the site is the weight of the Red Zero.

    It says 578/559g (130/110 BCD)

    is this for BB30 or GXP … or both?

    I would expect GXP to be a little heavier, or BB30 to be a little lighter (in standard RED BB30 is ~50g lighter).

    Add rings and your looking at a bit over 700g for a compact?

  54. Phil Wilks

    It’s awesome how someone from Quarq is jumping in on these comments 🙂

    I’ve just bought a new Canyon Aeroad which has a Shimano Ultegra 6800 chainset. My plan was to replace this with a Quarq DFour power meter and at the same time replace the chainrings with Dura Ace ones to get the fully integrated look. I would then sell my complete Ultegra chainset on eBay.

    I understand that I’d need to replace the bottom bracket as well, which is a pain as it’s press fit and would mean taking it to a bike shop and having someone hammer it out.

    Is there an alternative option where I wouldn’t have to replace by bottom bracket and “bolt on” the power meter? I’ve see on the Quarq website that the DFour is bolt-on upgrade for Shimano 11 speed chainset, but I don’t understand how this can be the case when the bottom bracket needs changing. Any advice is appreciated 🙂

    • Ben

      Hi Phil,

      Sorry for the delay! There isn’t an alternative that will keep you from replacing the bottom bracket. The bolt on upgrade is in reference to bolting on your Shimano chainrings. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Ben Crowe

    • Phil Wilks

      Thanks for letting me know Ben. For the moment I’m sticking with my Riken but one day I’ll make the upgrade 🙂

  55. Will L

    Ok, I’m new to both SRAM cranksets and Quarq, but am considering a DZero.

    I recently got a new bike with a stock GXP Rival22 crankset. Want to upgrade to a carbon crankset and PM at the same time. (Familiar with power – I have 4 other PMs on other bikes.)

    Should I get a Quarq DZero Carbon or a SRAM Red DZero? Is branding/appearance the only functional difference between the Hidden Bolt DZero Carbon model and the SRAM Red model?

    If I go with one of the above and later want to change chainrings, will I be limited to only SRAM Red / Hidden Bolt chainrings or will I be able to use other third-party 5-bolt 110BCD chainrings? Thinking of possibly trying 1x and/or oval at some point and don’t want to be limited by crankset PM choice.

    • Dallas

      I have been told that the Red crankset and the Hidden bolt Carbon crankset are the same other than grpahics. Praxis makes rings that are compatible with the Sram hidden bolt cranks. (Their Buzz Rings)

    • Ben@Quarq

      Hi Will and Dallas,

      As you both said, the Red DZero and Quarq DZero non-hidden bolt are only differentiated by the graphics.

      If you go with the Red DZero or Quarq DZero non-hidden bolt, you will still be able to change chainrings in the future – whether that is 1x specific rings or non-SRAM rings.

      Ben Crowe

    • Will

      Thanks Dallas and Ben!

  56. Madison Racer

    Not sure if anyone from Clever Training or Quarq is still answering questions on this post, but on Clever Training there is a note about Quarq power meters being a special order item shipping in 1-3 weeks. On the Quarq website they note that due to high demand orders will be shipping 1st and 2nd weeks in December. So I guess if I was to order today at the earliest I would get the PM is the first week in December? (which would be 3 weeks from CT)

    • Ben@Quarq

      Hi Madison Racer,

      We are working through a bit of a backlog of orders creating a longer lead time. For the most up to date lead times, you can give us a call at 1-605-642-2226 or at thinkfast@quarq.com.

      Ben Crowe

  57. Filipe Clerigo

    Hi Ben or Troy,
    Any news for cannondale f-si AI owners? Is boost version compatible? If not, when do you expect to have a Cannondale f-si AI offset version?
    Thank you

    • Hi Fillipe. The Boost version is incompatible. We are looking at what’s necessary to bring an AI (Scalpel-Si and F-Si) version to market. I’m sorry but we have no ETA yet. We have just begun our investigation.

    • Filipe

      Thank you for the information.
      In the meantime as necessity leads to invention i discovered that if i remove the internal chainring of my double chainring power2max it has exactly the required 56mm chainline for the AI-FSI. So i will fit a 34T Wolftooth (power2max is BCD 110×5) and see how it goes!
      This should not be such a tough task…

    • Tiago

      Hi there! Any news on the Eagle Quarq for Cannondale Scapel-Si? Just saw a picture of Manuel Fumic’s bike, using a Quarq! 😀
      Thank you!

  58. anthony

    Ray, thanks for all the info. Going to get a new DZero from the VIP sale. Wondering if I should stay w/ non-hidden bolt crank or move to a hidden bolt? Or just get a red dzero? Is there any difference or just what rings you want to run? I use sram Force rings and have moved the chaincatcher so its behind the crank arm, but wondering if I should just get hidden-bolt as that seems to be where sram is going? All this is run on Di2.

  59. paul

    Anyone have experience using GXP -> bb90 converter?
    I wanna get the new Quarq Dfour and I have a Trek with bb90 bottom bracket. I read some comments about converters having flex and creaking issues.

    • Hi Paul. The BB90 bearing kits for Trek bikes are not a converter, they are a replacement bearing set with inside diameters that match SRAM’s (Quarq’s) GXP cranksets and power meters.

  60. zscs

    I’ve bought a 168mm/normal (non-Boost) version of XX1 Eagle Quarq DZero, ~1.5 months ago – however, I’m still waiting for the power meter because my shop not received it (shop located in Germany). I read on quarq.com, those power meters will be shipped in December only. May I expect to receive it before Christmas? 🙂

  61. Roman Liverovsky

    I can not find any information in the internet, if Quarq DZero is compatible with polar v800? And if it is compatible, than is there an ability to receive both power and cadence data from Quarq DZero on polar v800?

    • Davesee

      Hi Roman–I checked with Polar support 2 weeks ago and they had not tested it yet but said they would post on their website when they did (in compatibility section–gave no time frame)–hopefully some readers know the answer. And a review from DCR shouldn’t be too far off.

  62. Ashwin Balachandran

    Hi Troy,

    I am building a new bike. The bottom bracket is English threaded

    Am I right in doing the following

    1. Get the al dzero gxp 170 mm
    2. Buy chainrings
    3. Buy sram gxp bottom bracket

    And I am good to go ?

    Also, apart from the material used and number of bolts , is there any difference between the dzero al, carbon and the dfour ? Specifically , functionality wise, they are all the accuracy and features wise?

    Ashwin Bala

    • Hi Ashwin,

      Yes, that’s everything you need. The power meter comes with chainring bolts.

      The entire DZero platform shares the same measurement system, electronics and features. Their functions are the same, like you said.

      Good luck with the bike build!


  63. Tiago Almeida

    What about using a Quarq PM with the Force CX1? Which model should be used, regarding the single front ring?
    Is it compatible with the Cannondale SuperX, 2016 “old” model, BB30, without AI offset?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Tiago,

      Quarq DZero Carbon, Quarq DZero Aluminum and SRAM RED DZero will all work with Force CX1. They are designed to remain accurate when you go from one chainring to two or vice versa.

      Get DZero Carbon or Aluminum in the hidden bolt (HB) version if you want to bolt the chainring straight on. Otherwise get the non-hidden bolt (NHB) version, which will give you a little more flexibility in chainrings. Pop the captive nut out of your CX1 chainring to install it on the NHB spider with regular chainring bolts. SRAM RED DZero only comes in the HB version.

      You need the BB30 version for your bike. And please check this, but I am confident you need the 110 BCD size spider too.

      Quarq’s customer service team are always ready to help if you have more or more specific questions and answers.

  64. stevo


    Does anyone know if the DZero will be compatible with any of the Polar bike computers now that it runs with Bluetooth?


    • Hi Stevo. The Quarq DZero platform power meters work with the Polar M450, V650 and V800. The power meters adhere to the Bluetooth cycling power profile.

    • Oskar

      Are we sure it works with Polar V650? There is no confirmation of this on polars website (link to support.polar.com). I’ve got the V650 and have set my eyes on stages since there is no sign of quarq beeing confirmed working with the V650 unit.

    • Alex Laws

      I have a Polar V650 and just installed Quarq Dzero Aluminium. Only one ride so far (120km) but it seemed to work just fine. You’ll need the Qualvin BLE app to perform manual zero offset as the Polar head unit has no calibrate function.

  65. Lch

    DZERO RED powermeter gxp version is compatible with bb386evo? If i use bb386evo to gxp adapter

    • Dmitry

      I have asked this question by mail. answer:

      The DZero will work with the BB386 frame. If you want to continue to use the 386 to GXP adapter then you can use the GXP spindle; otherwise, our BB30 spindle is long enough to work with the BB386 frame as well. As for using the Force22 chain rings, I would recommend getting the hidden bolt option unless you know that your chain rings have two catch pins on them.

      Casey Bergstrom

    • Lch

      Thanks for sharing (;

  66. Tobias

    Dear PM-Pros,

    I am new to PMs and try to sort it out for my next Tri-Bike. Today I learned that I cannot use a “Spider-only” Power2Max PM on SRAM RED Cranksets because they have this integrated crank/spider. So I thought DZero could be an option… however, looking at the photos of the Dogma with fitted DZero-RED it seems that this really is a Force-Crank with RED graphics on it.

    So it´s basically the same as a P2M with Force-Cranks (instead of RED), correct? Or is there any significant difference between a DZero-RED and a P2M-Force configuration if all the rest of the group is RED eTap?

    Apologies if this is a stupid question – and thanks for answering it anyhow 🙂

    Cheers, Tobi

    And if so, what

    • Tobias

      Just another question as I am unable to solve this via the data I can find on the net:

      Is anyone able to make a weigth comparison of a “Quarq DZero SRAM RED” versus a “P2M NG SRAM Force” configuration (both with identical chainring etc)?

      I tried desperately… and failed 🙁

      Would be nice if someone could help here – and I hope it is of general interest as well.

      THX, Tobi

  67. Ashwin Balachandran

    Hi Ray,

    Any update on when the In depth review of dzero will be published ?

    I am planning to buy one but as most things goes, I first read your review before I buy 🙂

    • Joel Engström

      Just bought a quarq dzero al based on Quarqs reputation and the company’s costumer service inkl the answers in this thread during black Friday/cyber Monday. Looking forward to reading your in depth review!
      Looks like it will take some time before I receive the unit so hopefully I can read the review before I install it.
      Have you planned a date for the review?

    • In chatting with them today, it sounds like review units are about two weeks away, so my guess is based on that – a review in mid-late January sounds possible. Though, it’ll depend a little bit on when exactly things arrive in December, as once Jan 1st hits I’ve got 4 straight weeks of travel (one to CES, and three to Australia), so that minimizes the chance of power-meter focused reviews in that timeframe since I’ll likely just rent bikes in Australia.

  68. Danny

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know how I’d go about fitting a Rotor noQ aero ring to my Quarq dZero and if it’s even possible. I’ve ordered all the stuff but think I may have made a mistake…

    It’s a 110BCD Quarq.

    Thanks in advance.

  69. Joel

    I recently bought the quarq dzero al. I have no problem pairing with the app but would like to know what the result should be when I try too check current firmware.

    • Hi Joel. The Quarq DZero platform power meters are currently on firmware version 1. We’re updating the Quarq website to show the different generations of power meters and their firmware versions.

  70. Chris

    Hello Troy,
    On my Polar V800, I cannot see the left/right power balance.
    Do you have some news about this issue?

    • Paul Aebischer

      Just purchased and had installed a DFour. Whenb we refer to the app I assume we are refering to Qalvin? I have had zero luck getting this app to detect or manually enter the PM ID and have the app pick the PM up. No big deal since we are in firmware version one, but would like to check battery levels.

      On a Pixel XL running 7.1.1.

      Any ideas?

    • Chris

      You must use Qalvin BLE (not Qalvin).

    • Paul Aebischer

      Yes, thank you. After talking with tech support some units apparently did not have BLE enabled. I used the PC (ANT+) version to communicate with the PM and it automatically enabled BLE on the unit on it’s first connection. Qalvin BLE app now works and connects.

  71. Andy

    Quarq Dzero has a big problem. After a sprint with full effort, It shut down and then show zero or just a few watts. To get it going again, i have to stop and take a new, manually calibration. Hope they fix it in the next firmware.

  72. Chris

    There is a firmware update available (version 2), but I didn’t found the release note…
    Unfortunately the power balance issue on bluetooth is not fixed.

    • dat

      How to update firmware? Any mac/pc software or smartphone app?

    • Hi all,

      Quarq’s engineers can reproduce the “full effort bug”. They have identified the cause and are working on a fix. We will share more about this in early January. The fix is not in the firmware version released last week. We have only just begun field testing with beta firmware that contains the potential fix.

      The engineers have investigated displaying Power Balance on Bluetooth low energy (BLE) cycling computers. As far as we can tell we are doing everything right. i.e. Following the BLE specification. So now we are now working with BLE head unit makers to debug the problem. As above, we will report in early January, but we may not have made as much progress on this.

      Please use Qalvin BLE for iOS and Android to update firmware on the DZero power meter platform. Should you have any problems please contact Quarq’s customer service team.

    • Paul Aebischer

      Thanks Troy,

      That confirms it then. I saw update 2 on the BLE app, but no mention on the support site. I attempted update on multiple devices but failed each time.

      Pixel XL running 7.1.1 and would immediately pop back with a disconnect error. Second device a Nexus 7 running 6.0.0 and the app would connect but sit and stall applying update. After 15 min of no progress I cancelled.

    • Chris

      After trying unsuccessfully on my Asus Zenpad (Android 5.0), I have been able to install the new firmware with my daughter’s iPhone.

    • Paul Aebischer

      *looks around for a spare Apple device*

      Nope, only Android devices. Hope the firmware update function also gets sorted.

  73. Raúl Ordóñez

    And power peaks and zeros? Since I have it I have had 1 power peak and several zeros. Also the maximum effort failure. Is cadence normal to be so unstable?

  74. All people experiencing the maximum effort failure can confirm if the issue repeats continuously within one training, or it just finishes when manually zeroing?

    This, being confirmed by Sram, it’s a very serious issue for all the users, I hope they inform anything about it ASAP.

    • Hi Raúl and Antonio. I am confident the problems you describe are caused by the full effort bug. If you are seeing a spike or drop in power after experiencing the problem you can fix it by zeroing the power meter. Quarq’s customer service and engineering teams thoroughly reviewed the symptoms that customers reported and the engineers reproduced the problem. We are currently testing the next version of firmware that will fix it. We hope to have the firmware out soon.

    • Thanks for the info Troy.
      I hope.u can fix it soon, it’s superannuation not being able of doing high intensity series…

      And of course, I really hope it can be solved via software nor hardware… (Please)

    • Hi Antonio. It is definitely software (firmware). No hardware changes or modifications are needed. I will have a better idea of the release date next week.

    • Raúl

      Do you know something about the new firmware?

    • Hi Raúl. Beta testing is progressing well. As of today we are on track to have the new firmware out at the end of January. Please be aware that if any bugs are found during testing we will need to do more programming, create a new beta and field test again before we release the firmware, which will push the date out.

    • Hi again Troy, any news about the new firmware?

    • Hi Antonio. We are on track to release it next week. We will make announcements on Facebook and Twitter and email customers when it’s out.

    • Joel

      Have you seen any official notes on it?

    • Hi Joel. We posted the release notes on the website yesterday. link to quarq.com

  75. zscs

    Installed my brand-new SRAM XX1 Eagle DZero today afternoon (I used Stages power meter earlier). I did a very short test ride and my Garmin Edge 520 received Cadence data only by some reason (Watts were completely missing). I tried to calibrate the sensor 5-6 times and I got (as far as I remember) error code 114 (?). Probably the error came because I missed to turn crank to 6 hours position (drive side). At home, I noticed that red light was blinking on the spider, in the meantime I got low battery message on the head unit. I replaced the stock cr2032 battery (Panasonic) to a brand new one (Energizer), paired the XX1 with Qalvin BLE (latest version. Mobile: iPhone 5 SE). Software reported that power meter has Firmware version 1 and version 2 is available for download. I have updated the firmware to version 2 and afterwards, calibration went successfully. 🙂
    Tomorrow I will have the very first test ride, I hope everything will be fine and I will also get Watts as well. 😉

    • Hi zscs. How did your first test ride with your XX1 Eagle power meter go? If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Quarq Customer Service.

    • Zsolt

      Hi Rebecca,

      I tested it yesterday and today morning as well, in quite cold temperatures (-15°C, 5°F). Everything was fine, I haven’t seen a single problem so I am fully satisfied with the product. 🙂
      The ride where no watts were reported (firmware v1): link to connect.garmin.com
      My first ride from yesterday, updated firmware, etc.: link to connect.garmin.com
      It seems that the initial problem was coming as a result of cold temperatures + Firmware v1 + drained battery.

      Many thanks for asking & have a nice day! 🙂

      Best Regards, Zsolt

    • zscs

      I noticed one strange thing so far. Sometimes my Garmin Edge 520 shows half of the power and half of the cadence only. You can see one example here (K1 sprint): link to strava.com
      Sometimes happens in lower Watts as well. Fortunately this problem occurs only in very rare occasions.

    • Hi zscs. Thank you for the report. We are aware of this bug and have a firmware update that solves it. The firmware is being tested now and we hope to release it to everyone very soon. You may have seen a few comments in this thread about it already.

    • zscs

      Hi Troy,
      Thank you for the information. I was not sure whether this is the same issue reported here previously. Good to know, looking forward for the next firmware and thanks a lot for your great support! Best Regards, Zsolt

    • zscs

      Hi Troy,
      I know it from my daily work, it is important to report back the positive results as well ;-), so my XX1 Quarq DZero works perfectly with the new ‘Firmware 3’, sprints measured perfectly as well, no Watt-issues anymore. (an example from today: link to strava.com ) Thanks a lot for all of your help and also thanks for your colleagues! Best Regards, Zsolt

  76. Borja

    Hi DC / Troy / Rebecca

    It is possible to swap between different crank arms in the same platform?

    Tri position: 165 mm
    Road position: 172.5 mm

    • Hi Borja. It is possible to swap between different crank arms in the same platform. For older power meters — those with a 3 bolt crank-to-spider interface — we recommend we do it at the factory. For new power meters with the 8 bolt interface you can do it yourself. The entire DZero range has the 8 bolt interface. Please contact the Quarq customer service team for more info.

  77. Alejandro G Ceñal

    Hi, are news about quarq Xx1 Boost and Fsi/ Scalpel Si??
    Maxime Marotte use a quarq in his Scalpel Si.

    • Hi Alejandro. Our work is ongoing, but it looks like we must modify the power meter spider or crankset to make the SRAM XX1 Eagle Power Meter fully compatible with Cannondale’s AI. Unfortunately I have no estimated time for completion.

    • Patrik

      I have the same issue. Scalpel SI 2017 with eagle 6mm offset. Any news about a compatible quarq spider combination?

    • Alejandro G Ceñal

      Avancini have the older Quarq in a Scalpel too, the older, no prototypes, WTF??

      Sram (Quarq) must have a conversation with cannodale, because his riders have the solution

  78. mousset

    hello dc !
    when do you think you’ll be able to publish the review of the quarq d zero ?
    I would like to compare it to Power2max type s and NG

    the quarq is cheap, but I saw so much troubles with them in the past I’m not shure I want to try


    • I installed the DZero unit in late December, prior to leaving for CES & Australia. I did get some rides in on it, but I won’t return back home till Feb 1st, so my guess is a review in mid-February or so.

  79. Paul

    Hello, I have a Canyon Ultimate CF SL 2017. The bottom bracket is a shimano PF41. Can I use this BB or will I need to purchase another ?

    • Hi Paul. You need to purchase a SRAM Press Fit GXP bottom bracket for your Canyon Ultimate. Shimano cranks have a 24mm spindle. SRAM’s GXP crankset spindle tapers from 24mm to 22mm. The SRAM bottom bracket matches the crankset spindle’s taper.

    • Paul

      Hi Troy,

      Thank you for replying so quick. Just looked the Sram bb up and I think it’s 89.5 whereas the shimano is 86.5.. will this be ok ?

    • Hi Paul. Yes, it will be okay — it’s the correct part. An alternative name, which you will find on the websites of many resellers, is SRAM BB86 bottom bracket.

  80. Erik

    Troy@Quarq: Is there a way to convert from one bottom bracket type to another? For example, if we had a BB30 bike and purchased a BB30 version of the Dzero, but later found ourselves with a bike with a BB86 bottom bracket, would we have to buy a new Dzero or could we convert it? Thanks!

    • Hi Erik,

      There are many ways that you can convert BB30 or GXP spindles to opposing bottom brackets with the use of adapters or crank arm swaps. You can contact us at Quarq customer service and we can talk you through every scenario.

      Our customer service number is 1-800-660-6853 or +1-605-642-2226 if you are located outside of the US, or you can email us at thinkfast@quarq.com.

  81. andrew Gray

    Is the new Dzero compatible with Q-rings? i know some power meters struggle generating an accurate reading from these chainrings

    • Hi Andrew. Power values will be inflated 1-3% with elliptical chainrings. This is true for most direct force power meters. We have developed firmware that looks at cadence many times inside each pedal stroke and corrects this, but we have more work to do before it is released. There is no ETA for it right now.

    • Zsolt

      Hi Andrew,
      I’m using 110mm Q-Rings on my road bike, works fine with all cranksets I have had so far (however, now I’m using them with P2Max). I have 2 sets: 52/36 and 50/34.
      On my mountain bike I’m using AbsoluteBlack 32T Oval chainring (104mm) with my new Quarq XX1 Eagle DZero, works and fits perfectly. 😉

      @DCRainmaker: any plan for the future to measure and test Q-rings and/or other oval rings? Some of us would be really grateful for such a test, how much differency is caused by the ovality of a chainring to – for examle – a Quarq crankset. 😉 (Control measurement could be done with a stationary trainer like Elite Drivo or a PowerTap rear hub, etc.).

      Thanks! 🙂

    • I don’t plan anything at the moment, in large part because Dan Connely and Tom Anhalt have already done some great work there showing the math behind it.

      link to bikeblather.blogspot.com.au


      link to djconnel.blogspot.com.au

  82. Loukas

    Question on the new Quarq XX1 Eagle DZero, is if fully compatible with the new Scott Spark (normal version – no RC)? Seems that there are some imcompatibilities with some brands (ie cannondale)

    • Hi Loukas. The SRAM XX1 Eagle Power Meter — the DZero MTB power meter — is compatible with the Scott Spark range. Scott’s Spark uses Boost 148 axle spacing. We make power meters for conventional and Boost 148 bikes. We do not currently offer a power meter for Cannondale’s Asymmetric Integration (Ai) bikes. That’s what we’re investigating and what you read about above. Boost moves the chain line outboard 3mm while Cannondale’s Ai moves the chain line outboard 6mm. We do not recommend using either power meter on Cannondale’s Ai bikes because you will not get optimum drivetrain performance.

    • loukas

      Clear, thanks

    • Daniel

      Wouldnt it work if you combine the driveside quarq crankarm/spindle with the non-driveside crankarm/ai-spindle from the scalpel-si? The stock directmount chainrings on scalpel-si have a 6mm offset, so thats would be the same as a conventional bike if I am correct..?

  83. Alex


    When about will the quarq eagle xx1 be available for cannondale F-si?


  84. Hi Alex. We have no ready solution and are investigating it more. Unfortunately I cannot offer a release date until this work is done.

    • Bart Pieck

      Hi there
      Ik have a sram force 22 gxp crankset 130 bc.
      Can i buy only the dzero spider powermeter ??

      Or must i buy the dzero al gxp


    • Alejandro G Ceñal

      But why you not contact with Cannonade???, the have the solution, I think they use the older quarq XX1 gxp with spacers, or something similar, but it´s only a supposition

    • Alex and others… We have concluded our investigation into Cannondale’s Asymmetric Integration (Ai) mountain bikes. We must design and manufacture a new power meter for full compatibility. Unfortunately projects already under way stop us from doing that. As described in another post, Boost 148 moves the chain line 3mm outboard while Cannondale’s Ai moves the chain line 6mm outboard. Some riders are satisfied with the SRAM XX1 Eagle Power Meter’s performance on Cannondale bikes. We cannot, however, recommend this because you will not get optimum drivetrain performance and efficiency. I appreciate your interest in Quarq and a compatible product for your bikes. I am sincerely sorry we cannot help you.

    • Dan

      Thanks for keeping us up-to-date Troy. After emailing Quarq in the Fall, I’ve been keeping an eye on this tread hoping a version would be available. While I’m disappointed there won’t be an Ai-version, I also appreciate your transparency. Thanks man.

  85. Hi Bart. You must buy a power meter chassis, not a spider. Your Force 22 crankset uses a 3-bolt crank to spider interface. The power meters use an 8-bolt interface. We recommend DZero Carbon, GXP, 130 Hidden Bolt (HB) or SRAM RED DZero, GXP, 130. Your Force 22 chainrings will bolt up to both power meters and both use Exogram hollow carbon crank arms. Quarq DZero AL will also work. It’s a little heavier and therefore a cheaper option.

  86. Hi Troy@Quarq first of all, thank u for having kept us informed about the new firmware, thats a good service!!!
    Now I´d like to make u one suggestion, is related to the autozer that is possible to make backpedalling 5 times, have u ever thought about doing the same in a more “easier way”. F.Ex. qhy 5 complete backpedals? its even dangerous sometimes, Why not a couple of backpedalls instead of 5? I think anybody who wants to calibrate the quarq will be happier if you make it easier. (P2m, for example just being 3 seconds with no pedalling)

    Thnaks for reading!!!

    • Hi Antonio. We call the no pedaling zero a “coasting zero”. It is in development but there is no release date. We want to make sure it works correctly for every cycling discipline and situation, so there is a lot of iterative programming and field testing. In the meantime we recommend zeroing through your cycling computer, because you can verify the health of your power meter — make sure the numbers do not change greatly from day-to-day — and zero it at the same time.

    • Vitaliy Uvakin

      Hi Troy.
      When calibrating power meter, what return value should I expect?
      I just Installed it today, didn’t really have a chance to take it outside. But few minutes on the rollers I was getting 300watts and when calibrated return value was 180 first time, and 215 second time. Also, where I can set crankarm length?

  87. shawn

    Hi Troy@Quarq ~

    I bought a non hidden bolt dzero aluminum gxp last week, and I want to upgrade it to red(etap) crankset in the future.

    But I notice that red(etap) is a hidden bolt crank.

    Does hidden bolt red crankset compatible with non hidden bolt Dzero spider?

    • Hi Shawn. Yes, it is compatible. The DZero HB and NHB spiders work on the SRAM RED, Quarq DZero Carbon and Quarq DZero AL crank arms.

    • shawn

      Hi Troy@Quarq~

      I upgrade my dzero firmware yesterday from v2 to v3 via Qalvin ble.
      I notice that the watt of dzero is unnormal(always under 10w) and can’t show left/right balance value.

      I want to setting or reset dzero by Qalvin ble.
      But I can’t find any manual or instruction video on your site.

      What should I do now?


    • Hi Shawn,

      I would recommend contacting Quarq customer service; they will be able to walk you through any steps you would need to do on your DZero. Our customer service number is 1-800-660-6853 or +1-605-642-2226 if you are located outside of the US, or you can email us at thinkfast@quarq.com.

  88. james

    Is it compatible with Qring Aero(110bcd, 50,34) chainring? I was told to cut some of it because of battery case size.

    • Hi James,

      Our 110BCD power meters are not compatible with Rotor 110BCD Aero Q-rings due to the inner diameter of the outer chain ring being a solid circle and impacting our battery compartment. We would not recommend modifying a chain ring because it could affect its structural integrity. If you would like to use Rotor chain rings on our 110BCD power meters, we would recommend the Rotor OCP#3 chain rings; they do not have the solid inner diameter that the aero rings do.

  89. stefairborne9


    cheers for the review DC, I am after chnging the DZERO between my Trg and race bike regularly and am unsure what model Power meter I require. My trg Bike is a Trek madone with BB90 and my race bike has BB30.

    Could you please explain what I need to do to acheive this and what DZER model I require? .

    Many thanks

  90. stefairborne9


    cheers for the review DC, I am after changing the DZERO between my Trg and race bike regularly and am unsure what model Power meter I require. My trg Bike is a Trek madone with BB90 and my race bike has BB30.

    Could you please explain what I need to do to acheive this and what DZERO model I require? .

    Many thanks

  91. yingjie

    Can i use dzero NHB with O.symetric?(110BCD 52-38)

  92. Andrew


    Why is the Aluminium DZero not compatible with BBRight whereas the carbon one is?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Andrew. The carbon fiber versions have a longer spindle with removable spacers that makes them compatible with BB30, BBright and BB386EVO. The aluminum version has a shorter spindle only compatible with BB30.

    • Andrew

      Ok thanks Troy. Seems a shame to have made them different but nevermind… I guess it’s an easy justification for me to buy the carbon one!

  93. Ben C

    Is the Quarq DZero single sided where it only measures the right leg and then estimates the power for both? Or does it measure both the left and right power outputs independently / separately ?
    Just out of interest… I’ve had a fractured leg where I lost all leg strength (due to being in a plaster-cast for 7 weeks) and it initially left me with an imbalance.

    • The Quarq measures total power at the spider, so whether you were pedaling single-legged on either side or with both legs, it’ll capture that total power accurately.

      Where it estimates is the balance metric (i.e. left/right balance). In that case it’s basically just splitting the difference between upstroke and downstroke, which roughly aligns to left/right balance. Roughly being the key term there.

    • Ben C

      Ray, thankyou for the extremely rapid reply in under 4 minutes.
      I take it does left / right balance, but it’s estimated. Are the Garmin Vector2 or Powertap P1 the only powermeters for true left / right balance ? The Pioneer l/r powermeter looks considerably more expensive.

    • Andreas

      I would like to know if the Dzero power meter can be connected without problems with SRM PC8? If yes how the calibration works? Thank you.

    • Hi Andreas,

      The DZero will connect with the SRM PC8. The PC8 will use the SRM Power Control Mode or standard ANT+ communication, which our DZero can communicate in both. The one thing that we have seen that is strange is that the calibration can jump around while Auto Zero is enabled. We aren’t sure why this happens; however, it seems that when Auto Zero is off then the jumping doesn’t occur. As for calibration, you would go through the normal calibration process that the SRM PC8 uses.

      Casey @ Quarq

    • tommy

      I sense an in depth review for the dzero coming on!!!!

      Great, being waiting for this since last year.

    • It is indeed. Likely another week or two away, but been collecting data since late December (albeit with a massive gap of January for trips to Vegas for CES, and Australia for Tour Down Under).

    • Vitaliy

      My garmin doesn’t show balance and I can’t turn balance option on in the app for some reason.
      Am I missing something?

  94. liam haslam

    hello, bit off topic but i was looking at getting the quarq elsa rs for shimano ultegra 6800 52/36 setup, it says for shimano 4bolt systems (105/ultegra/dura ace) but then says has to be sram bottom bracket compatiable on the site,so was wondering would it go on my canyon aeroad bb30 or would i have to get a new bottom bracket? thanks

    • Hi Liam Haslam,

      The Canyon Aeroad frame should use a pressfit bottom bracket and a GXP crank set. You will need to replace the Shimano bottom bracket in your frame with a SRAM BB86 bottom bracket; this is due to our GXP cranks having a tapered 22mm end on our spindle, which makes them incompatible with Shimano bottom brackets.

  95. Andreas Matiatos

    Thank you Casey@Quarq

  96. Douglas Young

    Is it normal that the cadence value seems to bounce around quite a lot even when i’m pedaling fairly smoothly? Usually only a few RMP’s but it keeps changing quickly.

    I’m used to seeing the numbers from my garmin cadence sensor and that tends to be more stable.

    • Hi Douglas,

      It would be best to reach out to our customer service so that we can do some trouble shooting and gather more information. You can reach us at 1-605-642-2226 M-F 9 am to 5 pm MDT or send us an e-mail at thinkfast@quarq.com.

      Casey @ Quarq

    • Michal

      I think it’s normal as I observe same thing with my unit, and have seen same readings on other Quarq Dzero owners Strava rides. It’s no issue for me to be honest as It’s doesn’t seem to affect power readings at all.

  97. Alejandro

    Is there a solution from quarq for the 2017 cannondale scalpel team edition ?

    • Daniel

      Wouldnt it work if you combine the driveside quarq crankarm/spindle with the non-driveside crankarm/ai-spindle from the scalpel-si? The stock directmount chainrings on scalpel-si have a 6mm offset, so thats would be the same as a conventional bike if I am correct..?

    • Alejandro, Daniel and others… The direct mount chainring with the 6mm offset will not work. The power meter uses a traditional 104 BCD chainring and we cannot manufacture a 104 BCD chainring with the 6mm offset. For Boost 148 (52mm chain line) we made a new power meter spider that includes the required 3mm offset. Unfortunately we will not be making a power meter for Cannondale’s Ai bikes. Please see my post above on February 16 for more details. We appreciate your interest in Quarq power meters and we’re sorry we cannot help you.

    • Daniel

      Maybe I misunderstood something, but check out my picture, looks good to me. Or do QUARQ have different offset/DS-spacers than normal sram-cranks?

  98. Alex Masidlover

    How would the DZero four cope with being moved between bikes semi-regularly (once a week during the peak season)?

    Would it be any worse/better than moving a 105 crankset, which is a 10-15 min job? The 105 takes a little, very gently, persuasion with a rubber mallet to install / extract; would doing that regularly damage the PM?

    I’m currently looking at the Watteam as well which I’d stick on my 105 cranks but they plan a multi-crankset single ‘pods’ option which would then make transfer much easier… This feels like a much more mature option from a long established player, but I can’t afford to buy two and won’t be commuting on my TT bike so I’ve got to get an option that I can move.

    I’ve vaguely pondered the Powertap P1s but a) I don’t really want to commute on Look style cleats since I have traffic lights (stop lights) every few hundred meters and b) I can’t bring myself to spend £900 on any one item of kit at the moment…

    • Hi Alex. This is perfectly acceptable and will take the same amount of time as moving a regular crankset. Please make sure you zero the power meter (use the Calibrate command in a cycling computer) each time you move the power meter between bikes. We recommend you zero before every ride anyway, so there’s no real change there. You will need Quarq (SRAM) bottom brackets in both bikes. Should you use a GXP power meter chassis, you tap it out from the non-drive side, so the rubber mallet will not be near the power meter spider. For a BB30 chassis you remove the drive-side crank arm, including power meter, before tapping out the spindle, so that is safe too.

    • Alex Masidlover

      Thanks Troy – now I just have to build up the courage to make my biggest ever triathlon related purchase! 🙂

  99. Tommaso

    Hi, I’ve just recived a Dzero Carbon bb30.
    I need to instal it on a bb386 frame, but on the “Road Cranksets and Bottom Brackets User Manual” the bb386 session is missing.
    I remeber I’ve red it somewhere, I remeber I need to remove the preload adjuster, what I don’t remeber is the correct order of the spacers and the wave washer.
    Can somebody help me finding the manual or just telling me how to put the spacers?

    • Tommaso

      Quarq support have sent me the PDF with the correct procedure, maybe it can be usefull to someone else, so I leave it here:

      1. Remove the preload adjuster and aluminum spacer(4.84mm) from the non drive side crank arm/spindle. Set them and the drive side aluminum spacer(13.01mm) aside, they are not used for fitting to a BB386 frame.
      2. Install wave washer onto the spindle followed by the thicker(3.2mm) black plastic spacer.
      3. Insert spindle through the frame/bearings from the non drive side until the thicker(3.2mm) black plastic spacer and wave washer are sandwiched by the crank arm and bearing.
      4. Place the thinner(2.5mm) black plastic spacer on the end of the spindle sticking out of the drive side bearing.
      5. Place 2 qty. clear plastic shims onto the end of the spindle sticking out of the drive side bearing. (0.5mm)
      6. Use a torque wrench with an 8 mm hex bit socket to tighten the drive side crank arm bolt to 54 N·m (478 in-lb).
      7. The wave washer should be compressed, but not flattened when the crank bolt is tightened to 54 N·m (478 in-lb). Check the crankset for excess drag in bearings and for play by rocking the crank arms back and forth. Add/Or remove clear plastic(0.5mm) shims to get proper compression on wave washer.

  100. Vitaliy

    I just installed it on BB30A frame yesterday, I believe you won’t need any spacers except dust covers for bearings and wave washer installed closest to non drive crank arm as it shows on BB30 installation sheet.
    If you won’t get wave washer compressed, but not completely flat with up to 54Nm torque, than you can use shims between wave washer and bearing dust cover. Again, just like on manual for BB30

  101. Vitaliy

    Page 10 or 11

  102. Hi Daniel. Cannondale’s Ai goes 6mm outboard or to the outside, not the inside. Thinking of a regular chain line as 0, Boost takes it 3mm to the right as you show. Ai goes another 3mm to the right.

    • Daniel

      I know, but driveside crankarm on scalpel-si team is placed so far out that it uses chainrings that has a 6mm offset to left/inside. So the only thing that is different with a sram bb30 AI-crankset is that the spindle is longer, that is why I was thinking of using the nondriveside crankarm together with tha quarq driveside arm. Cannondale is not using a special offset to get correct chainline on AI-frames, the use longer spindles.

    • Vincent

      Hi Daniel

      Did it work the boost version on the scalpel 2017?

    • daniel

      I have not tried, still think its a chance it would work, but dont know. I ended up putting on a stages crankarm.

    • Dan

      Daniel – which version did you purchase? Was it the Stages Carbon power meter for SRAM GXP MTB (168mm Q-factor; model 901-1168)?

  103. Hi Vitaliy. Please contact the Quarq customer service team on thinkfast@quarq.com and they will be able to help you.

  104. Nuno Lemos

    Good evening
    I’m quite interested in buying the new Quarz dzero but I have a question. How will it work with my Polar V800 (Bluetooth Smart Link only)? Is the information given the same as given by a Garmin?
    Thank you

  105. Chris

    The DZero works fine with the V800, except that power balance is not displayed.
    I hope this bug will be fixed soon…


    I bought the qarq red dzero on Thursday of last week and I have only worked well for a while. I put it on the roller to install it went out to the street to try it and scored well, but that was the only time it did. I have updated it to the last version, I have paired it several times, I have removed the battery and put a new one and there is no way to make it work well.
    Now it only marks for 1 second and then it goes to 0, giving peaks of 10-30w, in the qalvin application, the same happens with the W and the N.
    I’m desperate
    What problem can it be? Thank you
    My email is rmaring86@gmail.com

  107. Nattakrit Wu

    Does these works of other cranks in the market like that of Power2Max, e.g. Rotor 3D+? Or o let with Srams and/or Quarq ones?

  108. Marc T

    Hi Ray
    Do you have an update on the full review. I was about to buy the DFour but was holding off because it looked like the review was imminent.

    No problem if its not, but will wait a little longer if your likely to publish it soon.


    • It’s imminent. Was just outside 5 minutes ago taking photos for it in fact. 🙂

    • Jtaime

      Still waiting for the full review 🙂 I work in product development and I’m not confident of buying any new products with just marketing information. Even with tens millions of RD budget and several decades in the business it still seems that the new generation products are often released too early. 😀

  109. Marc

    can i just clarify. I currently run an etap groupset with sram etap compact cranks. if i want to run the quarq dzero, i just need the spider right?

    thanks in advance

    • Hi Marc. In most cases you must replace the crankset. The SRAM RED crankset on bikes with BB386EVO bottom brackets has a Power Ready spider that can be replaced with a DZero power meter spider. Other bikes use a SRAM RED crankset with an integrated carbon spider and you must replace the crankset.

    • Marc

      Thx troy@quarq. How do I check what bottom bracket ? It’s a on a colnago c60 if that helps

    • Hi Marc. The newest Colnago C60 frames use a PressFit GXP (BB86) bottom bracket. I believe older frames use a threaded bottom bracket. I think they use Italian threading, which means both sides screw in the same way. You would need an Italian GXP bottom bracket for them. (English threaded bottom brackets have a reversed thread on the drive side.) I would recommend asking your bike shop or the retailer who sold you the bike to make sure.

  110. Sam

    Looking forward to a more in depth write up on the Dzero. In the meantime a couple of quick questions;

    1. With a Garmin 520 set to manually calibrate before every ride should I have the Dzero set to auto calibration also, or turn off auto?

    2. What sort of calibration numbers should I expect to be seeing? There is very little info I can find out there on this meter.


    • Michal

      1. Autozero is triggered by backpedaling during ride. Live it ‘on’ as it might be useful and doesn’t interfere in any way with pre-ride zero offset/calibration done on Garmin. It’s just additional way to zero offset your power meter without stopping and getting off your bike.

      2. Anywhere between +1000 and -1000. It might might drift significantly in first days/weeks of use, before newly installed chain rings settle down. Doing hard sprints (preferably outside) can speed up the process. I would recommend doing zero or autozero more often for few rides after installing chain rings.

    • Sam

      Legend, thank you!

    • Thanks, Michal. You are spot on. Sam: Once the number has settled down, a shift of less than 50 points from ride to ride or day to day is okay. Contact the Quarq Customer Service team if you see more than that.

  111. Markus

    I have a 2016 Specialized Tarmac S-works with dura ace crank. If upgrade with a Quarq Dfour BB30, what kind of spacer/adapter would I need for my bike on drive side/non drive side to aline and mount my power meter in a correct way on my bike? Are suitable spacers also included when buying a power meter?

  112. CL

    hi, im looking forward to buy the whole Quarq Dzero Carbon Chasis (Arm and Dzero spider) 110BCD.

    im using Rotor Qring and need to move my Qring to the crank. im abit confuse about the HB and NHB matter when i choose on the options.

    which 1 should i pick to match my Rotor Qring?

  113. claudio castelli

    hi troy,

    yesterday i bought quarq dfour, delivery is expected tomorrow.

    two question:

    1)i use shimano dura ace 9000 pedals. for this pedals model do i have to add washers?

    2)will be in the future a version of dfour compatible with 9100 chainrings?

    thank you.

    ciao dall’italia,


    • Hi Claudio,

      Pedal washers are typically not necessary for clipless pedals, but you can use them for reliable interface or to aid with a bike fit (Q factor). To remain competitive and to respect resellers who have existing products in stock I cannot reveal new or potential products before their official public announcement.

    • Claudio Castelli

      thank you rebecca.

      i understand


  114. Bartjan Oskam

    I have an SRAM red cranckset. Can I use the quarq spider dzero on that crack?

    So I do not have to buy a dzero set including cranks. In other words is the sram red crank dzero ready? The type of my sram red is 130bcd, 53-39T, 11speed, 172,5mm, carbon. 2016 version

    See also the picture of my sram cranck set.

    Best regards and thanks for your kind advice,

    • Hi Bartjan. The SRAM RED crankset has an integrated carbon crank arm and spider. Unfortunately you cannot fit a power meter spider to this crank. You must replace it with a power meter.

  115. Hi All-

    As is usually the case, once I publish an in-depth review I close the preview/first-look post to new comments. Just helps keep things a bit tidy for newcomers.

    Fear not though – you can still comment till your hearts content over on the in-depth review of the DZero here: link to dcrainmaker.com

    Thanks for reading!