My 2,500th post! Here’s 25 blasts from the past!


Friday, at around 5AM my time when I was putting the finishing touches on the Fenix 5 In-Depth Review, I logged into the WordPress control panel and noticed something interesting: I was at 2,499 published posts.  That review would make for post 2,500.

Which…is sorta mind boggling to me.

It doesn’t feel like 2,500 posts, somehow, it feels much smaller.  But sure enough, it doesn’t lie.  And actually, there are slightly more posts than that, as drafts don’t count (15 of those) – nor do ‘Pages’ that I use for some content (43 of those).  There are a handful of guests posts mixed in there, but with the other 43 pages not counting, it’s definitely over.  So one way or another, 2,500 times I’ve pressed publish on something and hoped for the best.  Oh, plus 609 YouTube videos.


This fall will actually mark the 10th anniversary of the site.  And quite a bit has changed since then.  Posts used to be shorter (much…much shorter), and actually slightly more frequent.  Over time things leveled out to the average of 3-5 posts per week.  Some weeks far more (at trade shows), and some far less (when travel or life got busy).  And all that ignores some moderately big changes in life.  When I first started the blog, I didn’t even know The Girl.  These days we’ve got not only a dog, but a little 8-month old peanut as well.  Back then I lived in Washington DC, and now I’m in Paris.

For fun, I decided to pick every 100th post since then.  So post #1, #100, #200, #300, and so on – all the way up to Friday’s post #2,500.  Some of these posts are more meaningful than others, and many entirely random snippets into a piece of my life.  If you’re looking for more random snippets, at the bottom of every post you can choose to go forward/back to the next day’s post (or day before). I promise – so much more randomness (especially earlier on).

The Girl has been asking for a calendar view for years on the blog – a way to just pick a date in the past and get lost in posts.  Some day it’s definitely something I’d love to see.  Until then, here’s your weekend distraction.

But first…a huge thanks for reading!  Especially to those that have been here since the beginning!

(Note I shortened some titles to make them fit)

1-t-minus-365-days 2-getting-a-speeding-ticket-while-riding-a-bike 3-back-to-the-trackand-seattle-29-thumb

#1: T minus 365 days               #100: Getting a speeding ticket    #200: Back to the track…and Seattle.

4-a-few-random-tips-for-new-or-old-bloggers-thumb 5-cycling-and-cupcakes-33-thumb 6-adventures-in-triathlon-rving-27-thumb

#300: Random Blogger Tips           #400: Cycling and Cupcakes   #500: Adventures in triathlon RV’ing

7-slowtwitch-com-and-dc-rainmaker-partner-for-weekly-mailbags-thumb 8-the-elusive-wahoo-fitness-iphone-ant-bike-case-giveaway-5-thumb 9-week-in-review-april-17th-2011

#600: Slowtwitch and DCR!       #700: Wahoo bike case giveaway!           #800: Week in Review

10-the-blogs-i-read-every-day-a-compilation-of-awesomeness 11the-mother-of-all-triathlonendurance-sports-black-friday-deals-listing 12-how-to-kick-butt-in-indoor-triathlon-races-5-thumb

#900: Blogs I read daily                  #1000: Black Friday Deals             #1100: Kicking butt in indoor tri’s

13-the-current-state-of-bluetooth-smartlow-energy-in-sports-technology-and-why-it-matters-to-you-thumb 14-weekinreview 15-EpicSkiing

#1200: State of BLE in Sports             #1300: Week in Review                #1400: Epic French Alps Skiing

16-Giveaway-IMG_7763_thumb 17-WeekInReview_thumb 18-IMG_0077_thumb

#1500: Giveaway Extravaganza            #1600: Week in Review            #1700: Garmin Vivofit Review

image 20-Santa10KP1180873_thumb 21-LimitsPowerMeter

#1800: Week in Review                    #1900: Santa Clause 10K Race       #2000: Limits Power Meter

22-StagesPricDropIMG_8295-720x480 23-5RandomThings-2016-01-17-12.30.09_thumb 24-WeekinReview

#2100: Stages drops prices                  #2200: 5 Random Things                #2300: Week in Review

24-PolarM600Review 25-Fenix5Review #26-guest-post-the-girl-speaks-thumb

#2400: Polar M600 Review            #2500: Garmin Fenix 5 Review           BONUS: The Girl’s First Post

Phew – so there ya have it, 2,500 posts in 25 posts or less!  What’s interesting to me isn’t necessarily the random selection posts above, but all the posts in between.  For every post seen above, there are 99 other posts not shown.  In general, the older the posts of mine, the more random and non-tech they were.

Maybe by the time September comes along – the 10th anniversary of the blog – I’ll have that calendar thingy working that The Girl asked for, allowing you to simply see a photo like the above for every post ever written.  Massive distraction for sure!

With that – thanks for reading and coming along for the journey!


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  1. Josh

    Congrats, happy to support and be a VIP member

  2. Niklas

    Congratulation from Sweden to a very successfull and interesting blog with many good articles and rewiews!

  3. David E.

    Post 2000 was about Limits. HA. That *must* have made you chuckle.

    Congratulations. Not a day goes by that I don’t visit DCR. Your reviews are second to none, and I’ve enjoyed being a spectator to your life and your growing family.

  4. Dan Lipsher

    Well done, Ray! Looking forward to the next 2,500.

  5. Elliot

    Congratulations Ray! I’ve been reading for 6 years! Here’s to another 2500 posts!

  6. Goncalo

    Congrats from Portugal!

  7. Kevin Conover

    Congrats, impressive feat. It was great to meet the 4 of you at Christmas. Thanks for taking the time to visit, and for taking the time with the blog. I have no idea how you can keep up with everything.

  8. Ian S

    Congrats Ray, your blog is always a highlight for me. Here’s to many more posts!

  9. Mario Lira Junior

    Congrats Ray. Whenever a colleague of mine asks for advice on some piece of equipment, it´ll be strongly based on your review, and always followed by an indication that the person should drop by your blog and readup before putting their hard-earned reais into something…

  10. Eli

    Congrats but only 2,474 posts from you including this one :-p

  11. Paul R.

    Looking forward to the next 10 years of informative and fun posts. Best to you and your family.

    – paul

  12. Patrick Utrecht

    Congrats on the milestone. Looking forward to the next 2.500! Looking at it makes you wonder where time goes… Big changes in life as well in technology, hopefully the upcoming decade will be at least as interesting as the last. Keep up the nice work, and tell the Girl that people do wonder about her? (your?) newsletter, but I can see life being busy for you guys.

  13. Adam W

    Well done Ray.

    Great to see you still going extremely strong.

  14. Congrats, Ray! I made a calendar view for my blog on its 10th birthday that reads its data from the WordPress database and makes a little visual overview: link to

    I’m happy to share the code if you’re interested.

  15. Scott E

    Well, okay, I guess after that much time and that number of blogs your tribe is official an extended part of our family. I mean heck, another decade more and we will sure to be digital integrated anyways way beyond Strava, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


  16. Rob

    Thanks for all the great reviews and advice. And well done on all your personal milestones. Good luck for the next many thousands of posts, cheers!

  17. slartiblartfast

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Looking back on the old postings reveals some quite significant life changes although certain themes carry through. Interesting to know if you are planning to stay in Paris long term or where your next move may be.

  18. Rok

    Gratz Ray……..hahahah first post… reply.
    Good job on doing this site. You are my hero!

  19. H.W.

    Congratulations on this impressive series, hopefully many more will follow! It is always relaxing to read your site and learn something along the way (and spend some money).

  20. alainquimarche

    Congrats from France for the excellent job ! Still N°1 after all these years :)

  21. Stanislav Sokolov

    Congratulations Ray! Great life journey and a ton of cool sports gadgets! Keep up the great work!

  22. Ifor

    Well done. But how many comments have your name on them. That will be scary.

  23. Congrats Ray (and Girl and dog and peanut). 2500 posts is a heck of an accomplishment. At 5,000 I’m guessing 3 more kids, 2 more dogs, a cat, and maybe a ferret and you’ll all be living in Africa.

  24. The links to the old posts are great, but how about a trip back in the Wayback Machine?

    link to
    (The earliest page archived.)

  25. David Hogan

    Great Job Ray! Keep it up!

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