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My 2,500th post! Here’s 25 blasts from the past!

Friday, at around 5AM my time when I was putting the finishing touches on the Fenix 5 In-Depth Review, I logged into the WordPress control panel and noticed something interesting: I was at 2,499 published posts.  That review would make … Read More Here

Sorry about the site outage, was not a day late on SOPA

Just a quick note to apologize for the DC Rainmaker outage earlier today.  For reasons a bit unclear to me, BlogSpot/Blogger decided that it wanted me removed from the universe.  Perhaps my recent request for WordPress developers to assist with … Read More Here

Results of the 2011 DCRainmaker Survey

You may remember back in January I asked you to complete a brief survey about what you wanted from my little place on the internet.  At the time, I didn’t quite know what to expect when I put it out … Read More Here

The Blog: A summary and historical view

Every once in a while I get questions on how exactly this little ole blog works, or where it came from, or what my goals are, etc…  And I piece meal little answers together here or there. But I figured … Read More Here


It was three years ago today that I made my first post here.  At that time I had just registered for Ironman Canada and was preparing (at least mentally) for the road ahead to my first Ironman race the following … Read More Here

How I attempt to balance training, work, life, and blogging

It’s funny, I get a surprising number of questions regarding how on earth I manage to balance work, training, life and blogging. And, to be honest.  I don’t. No, not ‘I don’t know’.  But rather, ‘I don’t’ as in ‘I … Read More Here


A minor milestone passed back a few months ago that I forgot to note.  Well, I didn’t exactly forget, it’s just that it was right after Ironman Canada and right before Nation’s Triathlon, so I didn’t quite squeeze it in … Read More Here


I’m a bit belated in this post.  Despite being in both ‘recovery’ and ‘taper’ mode at the same time, life has become busy.  Which is good, I enjoy busy. But last Wednesday marked a minor little footnote in my blog: … Read More Here