A minor milestone passed back a few months ago that I forgot to note.  Well, I didn’t exactly forget, it’s just that it was right after Ironman Canada and right before Nation’s Triathlon, so I didn’t quite squeeze it in there.  Plus, I lacked the correct culinary objects like last year to adequately express my milestone.

Better late than never, right?  In the case of cupcakes…damn straight it is.

IMG_4846A (Peppermint and Red Velvet cupcakes, from nearby bakery Buzz in Alexandria)

As of this past September, my little ole’ blog turned 2 years old.  Since then I’ve somehow managed to write 428 posts about everything from Handling your Nuts to my Warmed Nuts to having dinner with the First Lady.  In the process I’ve had about a quarter of a million unique folks drop by to read about whatever random thoughts float through my head.  And in some cases, as a bonus item – it’s even triathlon related!

I started it simply for me, with no real specific end-state or topic goal in mind.  And now, almost two years later – I’m not entirely sure I have a real specific end-state yet.  I just blog about whatever I feel like – my life I suppose.  From your perspective as readers it’s probably like shaking a magic eight ball as to what the next post will be.  Sometimes you get hard core training, sometimes it’s a product review, and sometimes you get cupcakes.

On any given day over 50 countries show up at my blogstep representin’, with various former entities of the British Empire leading the way – US, Canada, UK, Australia – though I have strong showings from my Northern European and South American friends as well.  But apparently, I’ve managed to tick off the censors in China…as I have just about an equal number of visitors from Iran as China. :-/  My bad.

So, just for fun – here’s a few of the more random posts I’ve done:

1) The Battle of Ben and Jerry Flavors (Bonus: Effects of eating a full container)

2) Accidentally punting a pigeon in front of the US Capitol while on a run

3) Ironman Registration Slumber Party (my second ever post actually)

4) Wearing female clothing…

5) Having my laptop fly off the top of my car (and other associated fails)

Though, there are plenty of hidden nuggets in the 418 remaining other posts out there…especially for all you long time readers.

So, to all who have dropped by, subscribed or posted a comment – Thanks! – I appreciate it.  I hope I can keep on finding interesting things to write about, but based on what I can see in my little (occasionally flickering) crystal ball – we’ve got all sorts of fun coming up ahead of us.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Happy Blog Birthday!!!

  2. you are officially the first person i’ve seen buy their blog cupcakes.

  3. Wow! Has it been two years? Have I been stalking you for that long???

    Happy Birthday to your Blog!!!

  4. like the new banner! Happy 2nd birthday to your blog! Don’t stop now, I just joined the party within the last few months :)

  5. Pia

    Thanks for writing and happy blog birthday! I really enjoy readig your posts and your photos are amazing too!

  6. Is it a birthday or an anniversary? If the latter you should be getting something cotton…maybe a nice new running shirt…maybe not!

    Congrats, keep ’em coming!

  7. Congratulations on your two year anniversary. I’m a fairly new reader to your blog and have enjoyed it immensely. I’m still going back through culling the ‘nuggets’ as it were. Keep up the great work!

  8. Congratulations Ray! A new posting from you popping up on my Google Reader tends to make things a bit brighter.

    Keep rocking, racing and giving us your amazing photos!

  9. Hey, congrats! You’ve become one of the best blogs out there, IMO. Keep up the great work – it’s always an interesting read!

  10. Happy Blog Birthday, you are now entering the terrible twos!

  11. Kim

    Wow you’ve only been blogging for two years? It seems like you’ve always been around!
    Love reading your posts!!
    Happy blogoversary!