My warmed nuts

Yes folks – it’s not every day that someone willingly warms my nuts.  But earlier today (or was that yesterday…I’ve lost track, I guess it depends on how you count the dateline and all) – I had my nuts warmed.  And at 41,000 feet mind you.  That’s like six-mile-high-club territory.  I was careful to avoid any of the issues that Steve previously outlined, especially given that the little seat-back temperature gauge reading a chilly -51*F outside.  But through careful countermeasures, I was able to overcome the chilly outdoor temps and keep my nuts warm.

So here ya’ll go – my warmed nuts:

(You have no idea how many warm nuts jokes you can make when given a 11 hour flight)

On that note… we’ve (my brother and I) made it to Guam, where we’ve got about a 23 hour layer before making the short hop over to Palau tomorrow night.

(As an aside, I’m a gazillion hours ahead of you – so you’ll have to bare with me this week as I use night when it’s morning your time, etc…). 

I’m really looking forward to swimming tomorrow morning in what I presume will be clear water (it’s dark now, I can’t see).  I’ve got my little Garmin 305 with me and will be plotting my open water swim route later on to figure out how many yards I swam.  Since starting triathlon last spring I haven’t had any open water swims where I could see more than a foot or so in front of my face – so I’m super-excited about this.  Plus I’ll be able to swim every single day (both casually and for a workout) – woohoo!  And there won’t be one darn flip-turn involved.

I also found out about a weekly Saturday morning easy trail run that’s done in Palau – I might just join up for.  Depends on how my knee feels and all.  Don’t want to start back too early before it’s 100% only to delay things.  Anyway – I’m tired as heck, so it’s off to bed.


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  1. I think I prefer not being able to see the critters in the open water :-)

  2. blogging is crazy…you’re someone really far from usual!!!

  3. i know you miss boston. there is driving sleet and rain here.

  4. Thanks for your sharing that heart-warming tale of your nuts. There is nothing like warmed nuts on a long flight!!!

    Have fun in Palau. I would really love to be diving there.

  5. Reminds me of SNL’s Schweaty balls skit. Who doesn’t like schweaty balls?

    Have a great time in Palau!

  6. Don’t work too hard…it IS vacation afterall, and enjoy your hot salty nuts

  7. My father was in the Palaus as a nineteen year old with the First Marine Division in 1944. A vacation it was not!