The Elusive Wahoo Fitness iPhone ANT+ Bike Case Giveaway

As of today, you can’t get the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Bike Case. Well, can’t legally get them without breaking into either my house or the Wahoo Fitness headquarters at an ‘undisclosed location’.  Otherwise, they aren’t available till January.

But I have two of them in my hands right now.  One for test/review, and one two give away to you: My peeps.

Chip – one of the guys at Wahoo Fitness has offered to giveaway one device to ya’ll.  Now normally I supply toys for giveaways out of my own pocket, but since this is 3-4 weeks before anyone else can get one – I figured I’d make an exception.  Well, actually, I’d make an exception anytime it’s cool enough – I’m not a big guy on random rules.  And this is cool enough.

In short, the Wahoo Fitness iPhone ANT+ Bike Case takes your existing iPhone device (3G, 3GS, 4), and protects it from that hideous tasting nutrition drink near your handlebars.  But, more importantly – it includes an ANT+ sensor directly in the device, allowing you to integrate straight with everything from ANT+ Power Meters to ANT+ Cadence/Speed Sensors, and heart rate straps.  There’s a gazillion apps out there for it now as well, which I’m sure you’ve seen me use from time to time.  And before ya ask, it supports adding an external battery pack to help out the occasionally slim iPhone battery life.  But, you can go over to their page to read all the marketing fluff – this is about giveaways.


(P.S. – You do NOT get my Rubber Elephant.  Mine!)
This contest is gonna run a bit different than most of my previous ones…simply because I want to get the device in your freezing little hands as soon as possible (and, secondly, because I leave Monday night for overseas…again).

Here’s the deal-e-o: Leave a comment, get an entry.

While I love having folks double-up via FaceBook, Twitter and Blogs – it’d be a bit tight to reconcile all those votes and ship it out before Monday night’s flight (and yes I could beg The Girl to help…but, I prefer to still get Christmas presents).  Of course, feel free to (Re)Tweet and FaceBook Like this all ya can – as that’s greatly appreciated, and helps get the word out.

Simply leave a comment below – perhaps something festive, perhaps something funny, or perhaps something relevant to the giveaway. Your choice.

The winner will be chosen at random though, so don’t feel bad if your comment creativity scale is a bit low this weekend.  It’ll just make it more entertaining for me to read all the comments (as well as for you to browse them).  Which reminds me – I do indeed read every.single.comment in the giveaways (as well as every other comment posted on any post).  I try and respond to as many as possible, but sometimes eating cookies takes precedence.  You understand, right?

Anyways – the comment period closes on this Monday, December 13th at 5PM Eastern (2PM Pacific).  Like all my contests, I ship it anywhere – even overseas, so all may enter.  Oh, but a new iPhone is not included…no matter how creative your comment is (unless it includes your credit card number).

Thanks all – and have a good weekend!

PS – for my previous thoughts on the Wahoo Fisica ANT+ Sensor stuff, see this post.


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  1. Really low on the creativity today!

    But I’ll leave a comment anyways.


  2. Another awesome giveaway!

  3. The Man With The Plan

    I want one

    (and that doesn’t refer to the yellow elephant, nor to any other rubber toy you may have laying around your bath tub)

  4. Anonymous

    Happy holidays

    from doron from tel aviv

  5. Well this would be quite the Christmas present!

  6. Merry Christmas Santa Rainmaker

  7. Marry Christmas Santa Rainmaker

  8. Henry

    A new gadget for the cyclist, yes please! Merry Christmas!

  9. that’s really cool!

  10. Count me in.

    Brian from Little Rock

  11. i’m in. thanks for running the contest!

  12. This looks really intriguing, I may have to give it a closer look

  13. Ben

    I just got a new iPhone so this would be fun to play with.

  14. Denmark, this time?

  15. great early christmas present!

  16. All I want for Christmas :-)

  17. please put me down for two, facebook Share!

    ho ho Ho!

  18. Woo hoo!

    oops, I meant Wahoo…

  19. Merry Christmas!
    Thanks for blogging!
    Pick me!

  20. Would make a great Christmas present for my girl!

  21. Tom

    I’ve been using my Garmin 305 for biking and running and haven’t venture yet into using my iPhone on the bike as I was worried about its safety. This gadget looks intriguing.

    Here comes Santa Claus…Here come Santa Claus…

  22. If I won, I’d have to use my wife’s phone since she has the android and I have a stone age flip phone… =)

  23. All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

  24. It will add some assymetry to the EDGE, but that’s fine. :)

  25. lvl

    Holiday greetings from The Netherlands!

  26. eric

    What a reason to “have” to buy the iphone! My real wish for a present is your race list for 2011!!!! Thanks for all the great treats.

  27. This would be a GREAT gift for my brother. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I simply love this blog…

  29. Shane W

    Happy holidays!

  30. Thanks for the great reviews. Always entertaining to read!

  31. If I win, could you please add some of “the Girl’s” cupcakes?

  32. Sonnofa

    Dammit! I have been vacillating on wether or not I should spend the money on the Tanita BC-1000 Scale and your review pushed me into the yes category. Before I can get my credit card out I came across your Wahoo review, which appears to be another “must have”

    You are costing me some serious money here. However, if the Wahoo was to show up in my mailbox, all would be forgiven!


  33. Sam

    My iPhone arrives this week – ANT+ support would be great!

  34. jp

    oooh, this would go so well with the not-so-secret x-mas iPhone that is headed my way.

  35. Ted

    All I can say if I win is Wahoo!


  36. Since reading your review of the garmin forerunner 305 (Which I found via google), I’ve been a regular. Love the blog.

  37. Free iphone, my credit card number is 234… Wait, this doesn’t sound legit…

    Well hopefully i at least win an iphone case…

  38. So excites about this!! Have been waiting for the case. The dongle just wont stay put enough for my triathlon training and have been super depressed I felt I wastes money on it. REALLY cant wait to be able to get one of these!!

  39. Count me in.

    Happy Holidays.

  40. I am lusting for one of these to protect my iPhone from my inability to spit cleanly away from the wind.

  41. Merry christmas! Thanks for the great site! cheers!

  42. Jim

    Ray – I totally dig the blog. Keep up the great work.


    PS….my Bday is not 12/25 :)

  43. Merry Christmas. Great blog. Aloha!

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. would be great to use this on my brand newwwwwwww iphone!

  46. Elfin’ Fantastic Man

  47. Looking forward to reading your review And I am in the Wahoo Case Giveaway

  48. Chris N

    I’m in.

  49. Nothing fancy here…just wishing some holiday cheer!

  50. Count me in please.

  51. Two entries please, comment and facebook.

  52. Thanks for all your great reviews.
    I check in even before I check work email ;)
    Wahoo, what a great way to carry my iPhone on my bike. Always afraid it will fall out of my jersy pocket.

    Nothing better for Christmas than giveaways!

    Happy Holidays from NY

  53. Count me in. Happy holidays.

  54. Yo Ray! You know my boy Tyler Ross. Hook me up! I want one desperately.

  55. merry Christmas to me?

  56. Jake C

    midwest man could use this, we are just getting iphones now… this would make up for all the lost years without having one!

  57. This would be a sweet Christmas present for sure.

  58. Thanks for all the great info.

  59. Hope you didn’t catch your flight yet. Would love to try this case out.


  60. Eli

    Love the giveaways

  61. Shane

    Very cool new case. Would be great for my wife who has a tendency to drop her iPhone.

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  65. Alain

    Tank you for this site.

  66. Hans Jacob

    Does it fit IPhone 6?