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I’ve got some cool stuff to announce!

Starting today, I’ve partnered with Slowtwitch to bring my Weekly Mailbag right onto the main page of Slowtwitch.  Not familiar with Slowtwitch?  No worries!  ST is one of the largest triathlon-related sites on the whole wide internet (yes, even the parts Al Gore created).  They publish great in depth articles with athletes and movers and shakers in the triathlon scene, detailed articles on equipment and fit, as well as cover many of the major races.

But, for me, I find the greatest value in the forums there.  While jumping into them isn’t for the timid, there’s a lot of really smart folks who contribute there – many of the worlds top athletes (yes, even current Olympic Medalists).  Some of my favorite threads are when Ironman champs have their ‘Ask me anything’, such as Ironman Arizona winner Jordan Rapp’s “Ask me anything about Ironman Arizona” thread…now some 270+ questions and answers long.  Awesome information in there.

Ok – so with the intro done – what’s going where and who’s on first?

Well – just the Weekly Mailbags are moving over to Slowtwitch.  This gives them some great content that’s usually gear & gadget focused – while giving me an opportunity to be partnering with one of the best triathlon sites out there.  All the rest of the normal posts you get here from insightful analysis of sports technology, to tips and tricks,  to building the Worlds Largest Rice Krispy Treat Running Shoe…is all still here. (Side note: I just went back and read that post…and totally forget about the completely awesome semi-timelapse I put together over days of building it…hilarious!)


And, because I realize that not everyone subscribes to the RSS feed, at the end of the week I’ll loop back around and post a pointer over to Slowtwich with the Weekly Mailbag topics and any other of other randomness that I collect during the week.

So with that, here’s what this week’s mailbag covers:

1) Picking a swim-friendly heart rate monitor
2) Wahoo Sports iPhone ANT+ Adapter Update
3) Timex Global Trainer and Multisport Mode Recording
4) Which Power Meter Head Unit for Power Tap?

And, you can read it in all of it’s usual awesomeness right here.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. this is huge! well done, rainmaker.

  2. never heard of ST! Thanks for introducing me, I have like 8000 questions so that will help

  3. Hello

    Thanks for introducing ST. On the heartrate monitor for swimming section, SUUNTO has the smartbelt which records the swimming heartrate in the belt. But, similar to what you wrote there is no transmission in the water, and the results are read after it has been uploaded on the computer.
    Are you able to point us to the ANT+FS belt website?


  4. Congrats on the partnership with ST. Funny enough, yours and ST are the only RSS feeds i have subscribe to!

  5. DOH! Shoulda gone BT since that’s where I found you :)
    (But congrats)

  6. Thanks all!


    I should have some more details on the ANT+ FS strap here in the next few weeks to share once I get down to Interbike and the following week at the ANT+ Symposium. Right now, things are mostly under wraps.


  7. Congrats! Your in the big time now!

    And as fruther proof I was checking on race pics from my last race and what do I find…they must have read your blog!


    Fantastic I hope there is a good pic just so I can see how well it works!