Guest Post: ‘The Girl’ Speaks!

(Quick note from Ray: The following was actually written before we got engaged this past weekend.  She had no idea about that, and she put together this post a few months back and I hemmed and hawed waiting to post it until after the proposal…so everything was written as it was prior to Sunday.  Enjoy!)

Many of you over the past year or two have expressed interest in “Who is The Girl?”, “What does The Girl look like?”, “What does The Girl think of all this training?”, and most notably “Does The Girl really exist?”. Well I’m here to break the silence! I’ve pondered many times making Ray write an entire post explaining “The Girl” situation, as he has been berated several times by comments left by his readers who were upset that he “refers” to me in such a manner. Others have simply expressed sheer frustration that he would “withhold” my personal information from his readers! Hahaha…To be honest, I was actually pretty flattered that some readers were so interested in little ol’ me, or so avid in my defense! I think the funniest comments are the one’s who question my mere existence…


So I won’t keep you waiting any longer. To clear up any questions and comments that portray Ray as an awful boyfriend who “won’t even refer to his girlfriend by name”, there is reason for this. In the beginning he simply started off with the title “The Girl” because that is actually Blog Lingo! Lots of bloggers refer to the people in their lives as “The Girl” or “The Boy”, or “The Kid”, and lets be honest, Ray pretty much does everything ‘By the Book’ so if “The Girl” is proper Blogger talk, then that’s exactly what he’s going to use! Later on we kept on with “The Girl” for a couple of reasons; first of all I began to realize how many of you people are actually reading Ray’s blog! And I’m a little sheepish, so that is a lot of people knowing my stuff! Secondly (is that a word?) it was really fun to watch Ray drop little “The Girl” bits of info or promises of photo’s in some of his posts followed by watching some of you research it (me)! I just hope you all actually like “The Girl” if you ever get to find her!

So to sum it all up, Yes I do exist! And if you want to find out all of the answers to your “Girl” questions, you’re welcome to find them here! And for a lot of you who are new to DC Rainmaker and may be wondering “Who is this special guest and why is she talking?” just click here and maybe I’ll captivate you with my favorite cupcake creation!

For the rest of you who might care for some inside Rainmaker humor, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 The Goods & Bads of Dating the DC Rainmaker! Yes, I promise to leave out the mushy stuff!

Here goes:

The Goods The Bads
10. The amount of teasing I get to inflict when other females at races scream… “It’s HIM! It’s the Rainmaker…can we get a picture?” 10. No one will talk to me at triathlons… I always hear “Hey, you’re… you’re Ray Maker!! Great blog, I read all the time!” …sadly, at no time will this person ever make eye contact with me or say hi…it’s like people think I’m sacred. It makes me a little Sad.    :(
9. Dinner! 9. The Cook never cleans… which means I do a lot of dishes!
8. Ummm did you read about our Winter Trip? 8. He finds joy in inflecting Jet Leg – I’m not totally convinced that he’s human!
7. Always easily talked into an adventure, trip, experiment, or whatever off the wall thing that comes up! 7. Have you ever tried dating an Ironman… night life has taken a dive!
6. I get to be the test dummy for many fun Garmin/ Tech toys! 6. Work-a-holic
5. He happily supports my cupcake cause! 5. Ray WILL NOT DANCE  :(
4.We both take time to schedule “regeneration” together… 4. He spends more time riding his bicycle instead of…
3. His Family! 3. His car… smells like old training gear.
2. Never misses a training day 2. Never misses a training day
1. I do REALLY silly things sometimes and he never seems to get too mad. He is in fact as friendly, patient, and sincere as he comes off in all of his response e-mails that he sends out to all of his readers. 1. He has trouble separating “me as a triathlete &his training buddy” from “me as his girlfriend- a GIRL!!”… so sometimes if I do something totally girly or cry over something he’ll tell me something along the lines of “HTFU”…. wimper… :(

Well I hope you have enjoyed my little first post. Maybe I’ll drop in on the Rainmaker site again soon. Thanks to everyone who is a Rainmaker Reader, it has been a lot of fun over the past two years following the comments, words of encouragement, and sincere laughter exchanged amongst the readers. Have a great day,

~The Girl (Bobbie)


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  1. “The Girl” = The myth, the legend, the enigma is true! =)

  2. Oh, I forgot. Congrats to you too!

  3. Ha!

    My wife get ignored at races too with screams of White Hot!

    Good for you and Good for Ray!

    My 7 year old daughter gets the HTFU treatment too. Must be the Ironman syndrome.

  4. Great post. I think the Girl should start her own blog!!

  5. Great to finally meet you Roberta!

    John, I guess you didn’t notice the link to The Girl’s own excellent blog that she and The Boss (not any more buddy, not any more! ;) ) have apparently kept under our noses all year!

  6. Boy I sure wish that I would have done Longhorn 70.3 last fall to have been able to meet you. I did the race in 2008 and I am going to do it again this year. Last year it was too close to Ironman Cozumel for my comfort.

    Roberta, tell Ray that he needs to come back to Texas for a race. Heck, you need to come back to Texas and do a race!

  7. I am glad to hear tha the girl does exist! I have been married to my husband for 20 years now and sometimes his family still believe that I am not real and just a figment of my husbands imagination!

  8. Heh, after reading further in your blog perhaps I should amend my last comment to say: Congratulations Bobbie on your engagement news, nice to finally meet you!

  9. Kim

    yay, The Girl finally surfaces! :) so glad to “meet you”! congrats again.

  10. Looking forward to adding your blog to Google Reader – I am a huge cupcake fan, too!

  11. Very cute post! Congrats to you both on your engagement! I’ll be sure to introduce myself to you both should we cross paths at a future race. :)

  12. Anonymous

    I setn Ray an email yesterday but wanted to say again Congrats to you both! Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacay/visit with family.

  13. Janice

    Wait…my name didn’t get on there Bobbie. It’s Janice. Congrats! I cannot wait to eventually see the ring in person…maybe at the Pacers holiday soiree or the Turkey Trot.

  14. “1. He has trouble separating “me as a triathlete &his training buddy” from “me as his girlfriend- a GIRL!!”… so sometimes if I do something totally girly or cry over something he’ll tell me something along the lines of “HTFU”…. wimper… :(“

    I married my training partner too haha, it has been difficult at times trying to be “married” and not training together. It has been a fun and loving life experience for the both of us.

    Wishing you two the best. Congratulations and GREAT post haha, I was laughing and finding way too many similarities to my life.

  15. All one really needs to do is be bored at work one day and click through the ‘blogs I follow’ section and you would have found ‘the Girl’ months ago like I did :)

    Congrats to you both and I look forward to hearing more about Ray from ‘the Girl’s’ point of view!

  16. Wes

    I guess you do know what you are getting yourself into :-) Congrats again!

  17. You go Girl! Congrats on the engagement. Stopped by your blog as well, sweet! (pun fully intended).

    This was like the big reveal! Worth waiting for. Good top 10 list. Especially the winter vacation; can you say green with envy?

  18. I will just say that *I* said hi to you at Rev3…we were all just a bit nervous pre-race and not very chatty I think (and it’s hard to say hi to someone who is introduced in person even as The Girl). Congratulations again!!!!

  19. @kateshirley

    Great post! And congrats to you both!

    My two cents (b/c you didn’t ask): I’ve been reading DC Rainmaker for about a month now and never once thought the use of “the Girl” was insulting. I tweet and I never reveal my husband’s identity. I always figured that was never up to me. We’ve talked about it, and he’s happy to be “B” in that world. More than anything, what I read on Rainmaker was very complimentary of you, as it should be. :)

    And, I totally get the HTFU treatment from B. He’s not even a triathlete (yet). I think it’s a Venus/Mars thing as much as anything else.

    Btw, love your blog, which I just checked out in the links.

  20. NC Kate

    I say this in a joking way, but maybe it is YOU that needs to give Ray the HTFU treatment! It seems like your race results outshine his! ;) All the best to you both!

  21. I just laughed out loud through the better portion of that…congrats to you(Bobbie) and you’re a trooper for putting up with dating DC Rainmaker!

  22. Doron

    Great to finally meet you.!

    Congratulations on your engagement news

    Doron from tel aviv

  23. Dammit..another blog I have to follow

  24. Congrats to both of you! and thanks for popping in to write a little. Great post! If I ever run into both of you at a race I’ll be sure and say hello to you first and ignore Ray. : )

  25. Don

    Hi Bobbie – I’m rather new to Ray’s blog (about 2 months), but I found it honorable that if you wanted to stay out of the blogging limelight, that Ray respected your wishes. Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for loaning him to us as encouragement for training and guidance in good product purchases.

    Don in Baltimore

  26. That’s not a girl. That’s a beautiful women.

  27. BTW, Ray, show that lady off. Take her dancing. Just call yourself Ramón.