The mother of all Triathlon/Endurance Sports Black Friday Deals listing

So the other night I started collecting some of the deal e-mails I was getting from various companies, intending on putting together a bit of a Friday post on Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals relating to endurance sports.  But once I stumbled on this linked post from Michael Hutto, my little list looked like a rather wimpy collection.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it lost ‘collection’ status next to Michael’s massive library of deals.

So instead of duplicating what he’s done – I really just suggest you go check his list out instead.


There’s also another good pile of options on this Slowtwitch thread as well.

And if you’re trying to decide what to buy sports-technology wise, just think of Monday’s ‘2011 Sports Technology Recommendations’ post as a gift guide.  Or a cash-spending guide.  Or something to make you feel better about all the turkey you ate on Thursday.

Also watch my Twitter feed, because as unannounced things pop-up that I think are worthy, I’ll notate it.  Though, it’s gotta be really worthy – not just sorta worthy.  As an example,’s BF sales wouldn’t even qualify as barely worthy.  Having the price be equal to what others already charge doesn’t really count in my book.  To catch my attention – it basically has to be both an awesome product and be the best price I’ve seen for it.

Finally, I just want to again thank everyone for all the incredible comments on my Philly Race Report post from Wednesday, I really appreciate it.  Your comments and flood of e-mails really mean a lot to me.  You’re just awesome people.

Additionally, many folks requested that The Girl (aka, my wife) write up her race report.  So she caved to your pressure cooker and posted her own race report last night – right on her blog.  So now you can read all about her first marathon, and some of our pre and post antics that didn’t quite make my post.

Thanks for reading,  and have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. thanks!! will check it out :D
    Happy BF

  2. Amazon has sake on gar 110, 305, and 310xt

  3. Jordan

    I did not see anywhere where you discussed about the two tragic deaths at the Philly Marathon. What are your thoughts? and why have so many people been collapsing at the end of marathons recently?

  4. I have decided that there is nothing that I need so much that I am willing to fight Black Friday (if I needed it, I would have bought it). That being said, I am supposed to do an 8 mile trail run tomorrow and my Garmin hasn’t been holding a charge and I really want to go REI and exchange it. What’s a bigger nightmare – doing a run “naked” or braving the flagship on BF?

  5. Wow, this is awesome, I just picked up the Swimsense watch at for $114 plus $10 shipping using the 40% off code. Retail price for this watch at most sites is $180-$200.

  6. Probably everyone’s least favorite Garmin, but the 405 will be on sale for CyberMonday at Amazon for “less than $140”

  7. Hi Jordan-

    I wish I had something to say there – but it’s really outside my field of expertise. It’s incredibly sad. One of the two was a well known Slowtwitch member, with two kids. Here’s the thread on it:

    link to;;page=unread#unread

  8. Ray, thanks for the links. The 1BandID will make a great Christmas present for a fellow runner. And I ordered one for myself too.

  9. Jordan

    Hey Ray,

    Thanks for the response and link. It is really sad.
    I ran the Rothman Institute 8k version on Saturday so it felt weird hearing about such an incident that happened at an event that I was just at the day before.
    Well, I am glad you and your wife finished safely!

  10. First time I’ve seen the popular Garmin 610 on sale anywhere. Actually all watches seem to be 20% using coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” but better deals can be found elsewhere for the others. Here is the link:
    link to

  11. Anonymous

    Posting again in this thread :)

    The newest Garmin foot pod is onsale today for CyberMonday at Amazon for $34.95!

  12. whoops that last anonymous post was me. Forgot to mention is’t also on Amazon prime, so free 2 day shipping.