Giveaway Extravaganza: SRAM Quarq Riken Power Meter


What? You thought I’d be just doing watches today? Oh how wrong you are…you just wait…I’m only getting warmed up.

The Quarq power meter allows you to more accurately pace your race and training efforts, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a more successful day. By using power instead of speed, you’ll be able to normalize the impacts of wind or hills, and keep a constant effort according to your race plan. Wait, you did have a race plan right? You know, something roughly sketched out that said more than just ‘find finish line’? Oh dear…maybe we ought to just start with nutrition first…

Giveaway Opens: 9:00AM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: SRAM/Quarq Power Meter In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Plodders

    wow please :)

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  13. Giveaway #4 is awesome. Count me in!

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  16. Calum Mackay

    I’m feeling cranky today, yes please…

  17. Michael

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  21. Mabel verde

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  36. Hugo Noronha

    Sweet!!!! A Quarq

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  39. David Schmidt

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  42. Pingwin

    And the power is back :)

  43. Matt

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  44. Joshua McLaughlin

    This would be awesome. I am amazed at the amount of awesome gear you are giving away.

  45. Emlyn Simpson

    So the story of my day continues….
    Gig was good, was in a small church. Kind of weird seeing a rock band in a church, especially with some unethical lyrics.

  46. Yuri Merkulov

    Wow, powermeter. Never used it, but I need it! May I have one FOC?

  47. Ger

    I’ll take it

  48. Steve S.

    Oh yeah, now we’re talking…

  49. Mansi

    Count me in!

  50. Mihai Teodorescu

    pick me :)

  51. Lisa

    Yes please

  52. Bill D

    I’m in!!

  53. D.C. T.O

    My first power meter?

  54. Adi

    good lord !! High on my wish list :)

  55. Maybe… maybe I don’t have to sell a kidney to get this?

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    Zoom zoom

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    I want it!

  60. Rickey C

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    The Blues lost. #StateOfOrigin. Bring on game 3

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  69. Jennifer

    Super cool – both this giveaway and your site!

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    Yes Please!

  78. Alison F

    The hubby just talked about wanting one of these….

  79. Robbie

    Just in case I don’t get a watch (you never know), I’d better try for one of these!

  80. David

    This is it! I’ve been struggling for some time with my economy to buy a power meter, and here is my best chance!

  81. Tomasz

    that would be amazing….

  82. Joe H.

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  83. Vincent C

    Please me!

  84. A power meter would be amazing…

  85. Ventci Naidenov

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  86. Jeff Roberts - England

    Great site.
    Awesome Power Meter.

  87. What’s that? O_ó I want it ^_^

  88. Ricky

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  89. yeah, a powermeter. count me in…

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    Thats a very nice power system

  92. Gabe

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  93. Gustavo Jiménez

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  94. Eeku K

    This I’d really like.

  95. Courier

    SRAM, yes please!

  96. Amedeo

    it would be the right time I start to train with bike seriously

  97. lionel birkenbach

    it getting better & better wow thanks ray

  98. Mark

    Now that is sweet! Come to daddy!

  99. Robert

    That would be so awesome.

  100. Dustin

    I just finished IM Coeur d’Alene. Wish I had that PM for the race.

  101. Bruno

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  102. Pieter-Jan

    This is something that I would really like and I have been thinking about buying it too.

  103. Simon Wang Langer

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  104. John

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  105. Mark

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  106. H.E.

    Best product review website. Awesome giveaway. Thank you! :)

  107. Evan

    Would love to get one of these for the bike!

  108. Nick Pawley

    This is the best shot I’ll have at one of these in a loooong time!

  109. Snir

    Awsome !

  110. Such a beauty! And a new one? WOW!!! Maybe i should start to train harder and harder and prepare myself for these new challenges huh? Sorry… tri challenges!!! 😉

  111. amvecera

    C’mon luck!

  112. yucko

    this is the next thing in tri equipment I am “missing”

  113. WOW! Forget the rest, I want this one!

  114. Pete Thomas

    Oh my! What a prize!! Really hope I get this!

    Cheers Ray!

  115. Rihari

    Count me in for the Quarq win – Thanks for the opportunity!

  116. WIN WIN WIN … EPIC WIN :-)

    Cheers from Belgium :-)

  117. Howard

    would make a world of difference to my training

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  119. Lars Viborg

    Gonna pimp up my ride :-)

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  121. Frank Z

    Wow. Would love this one

  122. ATLRB

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  125. Ryan

    I did think it would be just watches given away.

  126. Omar

    Winning this would give me a great excuse to buy a new bike!

  127. Jay

    Bike away extravaganza!

  128. Brian Bier

    This is the one I want!!!

  129. Fer Pena

    Thanks Ray for this kind of stuff you are a truly generous man to do this!!
    Have a nice day!!! and yes this is just I need it!!!

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    yes please

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  134. Dave D. - Boz44

    I’m in! Thanks for putting together this special give away day!

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  136. Matej

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  137. Matthew Basanta

    It keeps getting better!

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  139. oldSAP

    first time i’ll be able to use a power meter if i get lucky

  140. Andrew

    Also my girl is fat :<

  141. Frank medina

    Yes please

  142. Nate

    YES PLEASE! This is awesome… Look favorably on my post oh powerful random number generator!

  143. Steve

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  145. Travis bottomley

    Giddy up!!

  146. Virginia

    Just Brilliant! These are getting better and better :)

  147. Jens

    how cool is that

  148. Arno Lamprecht

    Would love to win this!

  149. RobW

    This would be nice!

  150. Justin Cudmore

    hmmm, nice, I think I could live with one of these

  151. liorD

    Wonder if the duck included

  152. Oranj

    Gimme the power

  153. Oh I’d love a power meter!

  154. John

    Very nice. Wouldn’t mind having that.

  155. Christy

    I’ll take two :)

  156. Jason

    Oh my gosh – I would love to win that!

  157. Panos

    Thanks Ray

  158. I hope I can win . Need the power training !

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  160. Tony B

    me, me, me!

  161. Gary J

    Yes way

  162. Laura Johnson

    Power corrupts, absolute power is kinda neat….

  163. Avi

    Hey 4/4!!!
    I dont have a power meter so that can be a very nice tool. Crossing my fingers…

  164. Todd

    I want

  165. John K

    Great piece of kit. Fingers crossed :-).

  166. Scott N

    Thanks for this give away Ray and all your thorough product reviews.

  167. Ian Grant

    OMG… my bike was stolen (pause for sad face), but if I win this, I’ll buy a new one!

  168. Ronny Bjarnason

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  169. More power, more power, more powermeter :)

  170. Sean

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  181. ThomasD

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  182. Robin

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  183. Roger

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  185. Albert

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    I’m need!!! Please pick me!

  198. Derek P

    I would like to win please!

  199. stephen

    So many cool things :-)

  200. Lara

    Count me in!

  201. If there is one thing I really want but can’t afford…it is a POWER METER!!!!

  202. Estela

    if I get this one, I know who’s getting it

  203. Joe Rosati

    Oh Yea!

  204. John

    Wow! Quarq is amazing, i’d love to get one of these!!

  205. Kim

    yeah baby!

  206. Jeremy

    Power meter! I’d definitely like to try one of those out! The giveaways just keep on getting better and better.

  207. Katie


  208. Christian

    Oh man… please give me some POWER!

  209. Alberto

    Incredible, a Quark power meter! Awesome Ray

  210. Mariano

    Fantastic. I want one!

  211. Elena Vispe

    This could be a key point to improve my training !!
    Thanks !

  212. Peter G

    What an idea!

  213. Kate

    Hope it’s me!!

  214. Joshua Harris

    Yes, please! This would be awesome!

  215. Keith S

    Would love one of these. yes yes yes

  216. Shir

    Pick me!!!!

  217. Bill Powers

    That is sweet, it would be nice to finally see how much power I have. Hope I win!

  218. TY

    So Cool

  219. Brad

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  220. Maurice

    I like cheese!!!

  221. Lynn Follansbee

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  226. Ron

    These giveaways are awesome

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    wow!! thats a real cool one

  228. TZCoaching

    Awesome!!! Count me in.

  229. Francesco

    It would be nice to win this one!!

  230. Steve Reid

    If it Quarks like a…. o never mind.

  231. Iona

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  232. Donnie brooks

    Awesome I need a power meter!

  233. Tina

    This would be great!

  234. Bruce L

    Wow, you’ve taken it to a new level this time!

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  238. Chris Murrer

    I promise to order some cupcakes!

  239. Daryl

    This is exactly what I want for Christmas Santa!

  240. Dr. D

    Ride Quarq, ride…

  241. Ian Denton

    Now that is a prize and half.

  242. Moonis

    Nice! mighty useful for getting value from workouts

  243. Saule Duffy

    Gift for my husband =)

  244. S. Wall

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  245. Rob

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  246. Stephen O'Driscoll

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  250. Wow! Awesome giveaway, would love to win! :-)

  251. Sander Goes

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  252. Robert Olasz

    Nice powermeter with Ant+ would be perfect to my Garmin :)

  253. Derek

    Definitely in on this one.

  254. Shelley White-Picott


  255. Bill B

    Woohoo! Now you’re talkin! A new power meter is on the top of my list. Pick me pick me!

  256. Matthieu in Taipei

    Jeeeezzz ! I need this !

  257. Aaron

    Wow, I need a power meter!

  258. OMG….. Am I dreaming ?

    Just thinking… how quickly could I ruin that in the harsh Swedish winter conditions ?

  259. Ken

    yes please!!!!!!!

  260. pya

    Have never won anything… maybe that will change

  261. Jackie

    Captain — I need more POWER!

  262. Faith

    omg this is the best!

  263. Alex james

    bring it home

  264. Diana

    I wouldn’t say no to this 😉

  265. James

    I have no idea whatsoever about my power figures, but it would be interesting to see them!

  266. William T

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner — I want the Quarq Riken Power Meter!

  267. Daniel N

    And finally the biking stuff comes

  268. w

    Need this badly

  269. Ryan

    I’ll take that, please!

  270. Christopher Lyle

    What!?!? This is one of the best giveaway ever! Count me in!

  271. Oliver

    thanks Ray!

  272. Monika

    Such a nice gear you give away :)

  273. Amedeo

    ops, I write a wrong email address

  274. Alex A

    Love your reviews, Ray! Could really use some power in my life.

  275. charles

    i’m in man !

  276. Fabio Pires dos Reis

    I’m IN!
    DC Rulez!

  277. Allen

    pick me

  278. Robert Pettifer

    What a great piece of kit.

  279. Logan


  280. worth trying for this one….

  281. peter lijten

    This would improve my training :-)

  282. Leanne B

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

  283. Javi

    still hoping to get any of these beauties

  284. John

    Hand raised.

  285. edgerider

    if not now, then when?

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  287. Ben

    That would be amazing.

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    Wow this would be a dream come thru!

  291. Kaiju Jim

    I want that! I was hoping to get one for Fathers Day, but alas….

  292. Don Miller

    I love when you clean out your closet! Thanks!!

  293. Pete

    Oh Yes!

  294. Ivar

    love it

  295. more power… yes please

  296. Tom


  297. Francis Oliver

    Nice! I want one of these :)

  298. Peter

    wow indeed! this must be the most pricey item in your extravaganza giveaway and the person winning this item will most definitely be overjoyed!

  299. Justin C

    Count me in!

  300. helen

    put my name in the hat.

  301. Jason G Brown

    Me likes!

  302. Tina

    Would be nice!

  303. Alicia Chase

    Dang Internet is so slow! Yes please!

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  307. Kim

    Fourth time lucky, ok really got to get a bike for this :)

  308. Željko

    come on. here I am… :-)

  309. Sam Hamilton

    Bam! Thats a game changer. Really hoping I get lucky. Never win these things.

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  311. David Lindsay

    A Quarq Riken? Yes please!

  312. Genevieve Lehman

    OMG! Please pick me!

  313. Erlend Larsen

    That power meter would be very cool to try!


  314. Nate


  315. Jimmy Spets

    Hopefull again!

  316. Jerome

    I miss this tools for my training! :-)

  317. Romeu Gaspar

    Would be cool to replace the PowerCal with one of these!

  318. Chris

    This is worth more than my bike!

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    Mmm bike prawn!

  326. Harry

    Yeah! And thanks for this awesome giveaway!

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  328. OMG, are you kidding me? Yes please!

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  331. enrico

    looks like it is calling me 😀

  332. Gary71

    yes please

  333. Darius Kintanar

    yipee! i hope i win this one. :)

  334. angelo

    Oh boy I want that pm so bad! I’m in! Haller when I win ok 😀

  335. Philipp Hardt

    nice extra for my bike…

  336. Josh


  337. Stuart Catt

    Wow, that is a great give away.

    yes please!!


  338. Wow, I would love to win!!

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  340. Mike S

    Wow! HUGE!

  341. Craig Santelman

    I’m in!

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  343. Adam Buttacavoli

    A very nice addition this would be indeed!

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    In for this, as well! Thanks

  346. Sarah

    Fingers crossed!!

  347. Scot Ringo

    Would be great 😉

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  350. Erik

    Would love to win this. Thank you for all the great work Ray!

  351. heiha

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  352. Ale

    Power for me

  353. Brian Doyle

    I’m all about free stuff!

  354. DennisM

    A powermeter is still missing in my collection :(

  355. Ella

    I hope to win this one!

  356. Holy shhh! I need this!

  357. Roy

    Power On!!

  358. Ruben E

    I need this!!!

  359. Richard Reilly

    Have a few friends with this unit. It is on my list of wants!

  360. Kevin

    I wonder how he’ll choose…..

  361. Ronen


  362. Jon

    This would be incredible to have!!

  363. Jonathan E

    I’ll take this one.

  364. Robert Bunting

    Can’t wait!

  365. Hans

    yes, please :)

  366. Maggie Doyle

    Me Please!

  367. Clint Lehman

    This would be perfect. I am impressed with the giveaways thus far. Way to go Ray!

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  369. Robert

    BEST PRIZE YET!!! need it for IMNZ

  370. DRino

    what a wonderful object!

  371. Hack Kampbjørn

    Yes please

  372. Skijeti

    Omg, 10 sec after i saw the facebook announcement, it already hit 250 comments. Guys are you using somekind of a comment scripts :)
    Thx to Ray and CT.

  373. Fred Prats

    One more

  374. Alec S

    Please, please, please

  375. Yaw Wei

    Cycle power… What’s next? An actual trip bike???

  376. It would be nice to win this PM.

  377. Jared

    That could work.

  378. Rain

    Looks very nice addition to training equipment.

  379. Ruadhan O Grada

    This is nice, it would finally be nice to know my power output!

  380. Eric Sommer

    Pick me, pick me!

  381. Marie


  382. Jørn

    Wow — that would be nice :)

  383. Jason

    sweet baby jesus!

  384. Kim K

    i want it

  385. Thomas Nielsen

    This has been my wet dream for some time now!!!

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    That would look much better on my bike.

  389. rolando raffaelli


  390. Scott Bradbury

    Love this!

  391. Frank

    Oooh, Oooh, please

  392. Peeeeeeeete

    Is this going to end up like Oprah… where just give everyone a car at the end?

  393. Allen Foster

    Win me some Cinquo power!

  394. Sebastien Gagne

    Nice giveaway !!!

  395. There are A LOT of people wanting this Power Meter! Please let it be me that wins 😀

  396. Peter Oom

    me please

  397. Anthony A

    ohhhh. I need this!

  398. Well, this is something really big. Big as Bear, big as beer after really good ride. Please God, make it mine…

  399. Mikko


  400. Mark Mathieu

    Sign me up B2A

  401. Jón


  402. Ryan C

    That’s just downright awesome…time to quit trying to convince myself I can live without power!

  403. Never had a power meter before. this would be nice

  404. Sean Mackin

    Thanks Ray!

  405. Alberto

    A Quark power meter. Incredible! Awesome Ray

  406. Sean

    yes please!

  407. Fra

    I like it!

  408. Fr. Br.

    Watt are you doing?

  409. Dph

    My precious! 😉

  410. speggio

    you blink and you miss it

  411. Dana Powers


  412. Damian

    Soo much unmeasured power, must have this.

  413. Rob Forshaw

    SUPER DUPER WANT THIS!!!! Please pick me!!!

  414. Euan

    Blimey what a prize.


  415. oedem

    I’m in!

  416. Fredric

    This would be nice nice to use on my weekly long-rides on Sundays

  417. Robert

    Dear random, please choose me!

  418. Stef


  419. JR

    I shall be the talk of the town.

  420. Brian Ballard

    Oh my!!! Please please please!

  421. Måns Grünberger

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  422. Sala

    This one will have nice shipping costs….

  423. Pete M

    Very nice.

  424. Ronen Ben Ari


  425. David Corsi

    Are you kidding? Thanks Ray for an incredible giveaway!

  426. Jyrki Puttonen

    Oh yeah!

  427. Jeff Turner

    Bring the POWER!!

  428. Kevin-In-GA

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  429. Doug

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  430. Matt J

    um wow

  431. Andre LM


  432. Ohad


  433. Jann

    Very nice one!

  434. Luís Sousa


  435. Sam Medway

    I would LOVE this bit of technology!

  436. This would more than double the value of my bike!

  437. John

    Couldn’t pass this up!

  438. Jake Fouts

    That would be a huge training benefit!

  439. Paul Martinez


  440. Youngster

    This would look good on my bike.

  441. Fede Laos


  442. Kevin Walker

    Whoa – this would be sweet for my new Fuji!

  443. Kevin

    Gimme gimme gimme!!!!

  444. Brian Anders

    You’re only getting warmed up? I can’t wait to see what else you have in store

  445. Audra June

    Loving TrainerRoad and need REAL power – please pick me!

  446. Erica S

    Yes please!!!

  447. Alan

    Oh man, would love to win this. Time to retire the old powertap!

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    I just got a new bike and this would help me train for Arizona!!

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    Thanks again Ray…best stuff on the Internet.

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    Keep up your excellent giveaway promotions.

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    Maybe if Skeletor had a SRAM Quarq Riken Power Meter, he wouldn’t have gotten his butt handed to him by the powers of Grayskull all the time!

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    If I don’t get the congrats to the person how gets it this.

  712. Sven Gren

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    Well, at least I think I do… A Quarq Riken Power Meter would let me know for sure.

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    Thank you in advance!

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    I’m gonna’ take back all those nasty things I’ve said about you. 😉

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  747. Please!!! Crossing fingers.

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