Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR910XT GPS Multisport watch


Sometimes you just need a friend when you’re going out and swimming, cycling and running 140.6 miles. No, not scuba fins like Finman. But something more technologically advanced, like, the FR910XT. This multisport watch will track your swims, bikes, and runs and has plenty of battery for even the midnight finishers. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, the FR910XT is there to watch and track me flail about aquatically. Same goes for cycling and running (minus the aquatic part…mostly). Now if I could only have it give me a little extra propulsion on that swim…

Giveaway Opens: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 3:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Garmin Forerunner 910XT In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 3-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

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Thanks all!


  1. Sam

    Huzzah for DCR

  2. Plodders

    yes please again :)

  3. Andrew Collins


  4. Will

    Count me in!

  5. Jeremy MacDonald

    Big Money no whammies!!!

  6. Nocode


  7. Chris Rodriguez

    Ummm yes!!!! enter me!!! haha

  8. Gennadiy T


  9. Yes please they are awesome

  10. speggio

    Why not?

  11. Kevin Tan

    May I have it please?

  12. Jeremy

    Awesome! This is what I was waiting for! Hope I win.

  13. Ena

    Ho maiii! Me please!

  14. CraigM

    This will make me run faster for longer!

  15. Arno Lamprecht

    Awesome I want this watch

  16. Corey Morreale

    i’ll take it.

  17. Brian Lehman

    yes I want this too.

  18. Peeeeeeeete

    Yes please!

  19. Sure, I’ll try again. And thanks again!

  20. Kjell Morten Skaanes

    Me, too!

  21. Ken

    Sign me up pls!!

  22. Matt

    Yes please :-)

  23. Conor

    Would love this! Fingers Crossed !! :)

  24. Ramiro

    I would love to have this watch!

  25. Niki Gaulin

    Woohoo! 😀

  26. Panos

    Now, that’s what I’m talking about :)

  27. cs.senthiil

    It would be great to have this for training… I want this :)

  28. Cindy B

    Cool – another great watch!!

  29. Richard Meyers

    Really want this one!!!!

  30. Laura Morgan

    Nom nom

  31. Ian Denton

    Me too!

  32. Don McAuslan


  33. Chad

    This is one bad ass watch! Would love to have one.

  34. Joe

    I’m in!

  35. scott Rubant

    OK please

  36. James

    That is exactly what I need for my journey to work on my bike via a dip in the Serpentine…

  37. tmponder

    Just keeps getting better!

  38. Jason

    I need to replace my old 310!!

  39. Marius

    Give me Garmin or give me death!

  40. Sheila

    Yep, I’d love it!!

  41. Dawie


  42. Robert

    I’ll take one please!

  43. Ben Mullin


  44. Jon Krzycki

    Exactly what I need!

  45. Juho

    I’m in!

  46. Christian

    I’d like one for running :)

  47. Caio Graciolli

    Lord, please, I really need this!!!

  48. Thom Figueroa

    come to papa

  49. Mehtab Singh

    count me in!

  50. Etienne

    Yes please :)

  51. Paul

    Oooh,yes please!

  52. Lars Ommen

    I am in on this :-)

  53. Jeff Turner

    Oooo, IN!

  54. Lee Acker

    I want!

  55. jason mant

    yess pleese my girly would luv that

  56. Wes Powers

    Definitely what I need. iPhone/runtastic failed me this morning.

  57. Deanna


  58. Jann

    I would love to get this cool stuff.

  59. Shelley White-Picott

    Oh please pick me…could so use this in my training.

  60. Austin

    feeling lucky

  61. rcrober

    Crazy good

  62. ivan

    this one is the most desired

  63. Kirk

    Love this giveaway day!!

  64. Brett

    The 910XT Boo Yahh!

  65. Peter

    This looks nice

  66. Edward Chan

    Awesome watch

  67. Kattie


  68. Josh I

    Sweet! I dropped my 310xt in the lake two weeks ago.

  69. Mansi Gupta

    Yay!! Garmin!

  70. Martin


  71. Nicholas

    Please Please Please

  72. Stefan Wallström

    Yes please! =)

  73. Philip

    got to have it……

  74. Jason

    I love this watch!

  75. Maria

    My husband really wants this….really looking forward to wearing it in front of him as I recreationally swim :)

  76. shannon

    Oh, yes, please!!

  77. Owen Delaney


  78. Bob Kayne

    Thank you!

  79. Christian

    Yes, that would be nice.

  80. uri

    yeh baby!

  81. Jeff

    looks nice

  82. Rene

    wish me luck!

  83. Yves

    What an awesome day!

  84. OMG im like the 64th person! lol another 3000 to go! PLEASE BE ME 😀

  85. Louise Kennedy

    Absolutely awesome watch. I bought one off the back of your review. If I was so lucky to win one I would hand over to my wonderful running team mate (we compete in duathlons together) Winnie. I think she’s bored of me raving about it so this could make up for it!! If I don’t win – whoever does – ENJOY!!

  86. Would be great…

  87. JAG

    AAAHHHH!!!! a garmin….. ppllleeeaaassseeee!!!!

  88. Kurt Koschnitzke

    I’m in.

  89. Eric P

    Hope you had an excellent trip to NYC!

  90. +1.
    Maybe this time …

  91. Rain

    I wouldn’t mind replacing my Garmin 305 with this one :)

  92. Koen Brinkerink

    Whoh:/ would be really nice to be using during my triatlon.

  93. Sunita

    I want this so much!

  94. Peter

    that would work out fine for me

  95. Morris Packer

    Must have!!!! :-)

  96. Emma Pyne


  97. Wes

    Published with typo in email address. Please consider me.

  98. NealieK

    My husband would love this!!!

  99. I just got a 310xt, but would love an upgrade!

  100. Tom

    IN!!! I need every hour of its battery life for IM :-)

  101. Angie Cheng

    please pick me

  102. Jeff

    This is awesome, I’d love to win

  103. Trey

    Fingers and Toes Crossed!

  104. Herbert Grasberger

    Woho! I almost bought this one a while back. Maybe now’s my chance!

  105. Jason

    This makes me happy

  106. Reeli

    I’m in

  107. RichardHR

    Wish to win! Thanks Ray

  108. Mark

    I’m in

  109. Monica Baeza

    nice website!!

  110. Laurence

    the ultimate choice!!!!!! yessssssssssssssssss

  111. Evan

    Could always use another GPS watch.

  112. Nolen

    Would be cool to have..

  113. Robbie

    Me, Me, Me! Come to me! I want you!

  114. Chris

    seems like this is the best of all triathlon watches out there!

  115. Thank you again for having this

  116. Jesse Frank

    I’ve heard great things about this watch. Would love to have one!

  117. Stefani

    Yes, please. Thank you.

  118. Travis Thiex

    I’m in

  119. Ricardo

    I’m in

  120. Brian Anders

    This would make a very happy camper…but then again so would anything up for the giveaway so far :)

  121. Joseph LeBlanc

    what what!

  122. Robert Nash

    I never win anything – so please make that change – yes please!

  123. Richard Elgar

    Yes Please :)

  124. Robert M.


  125. David

    I want that watch.

  126. Andre


    I would like to join the “Giveaway Extravaganza Party” :-)


  127. Josh Clendenin


  128. BroSizwe

    Another great giveaway – thanks!

  129. Simone pillon

    and here we are, crossino fingers

  130. NealW

    It keeps on coming…….
    Most Excellent!

  131. saburo

    Wow….this Garmin is for me!

  132. Janice Lipsky

    Ohh Nice watch.

  133. Yanik

    I wish this will be mine

  134. eli

    Maybe it works now

  135. Matthias

    want one :)

  136. Ted Dumont

    AWESOME content and I look at your site prior to google!

  137. Ross Pyne

    Possibly the best piece of triathlon gear I could ever wish to own!!!!

  138. Noah A.

    Fourth entry’s a charm (amirite?)…

  139. Monica Montero

    Good! thanks!!

  140. Tyler

    Nobody here but us chickens.

  141. J_K

    I could use that too!

  142. Clint

    If at first you don’t succeed! Trying again…

  143. karin

    want it.. soooooo bad

  144. Frank Z

    Looks great!

  145. Brad

    Please randomly select me.

  146. One for me, please!

  147. Steve Knapp


  148. Amanda Carlton

    I’ve been watching this watch for a long time! Great giveaway!!

  149. Tyler Haas

    In on this one!

  150. Aaron

    In to win again :)

  151. Lance Perry

    Me want one

  152. Calvin

    Great watch, see it in hk

  153. Jon Borscheid

    I’d really like to get this one!!!!

  154. Tomislav

    This would be great replacement for dying FR305.

  155. Mikey

    With this I might think about trying a tri. Teehee

  156. Javi

    I am in, wish me luck

  157. Vidal

    Finman! lol!

  158. Martin

    Nyaaan 😀

  159. Bart

    Mine wants to please a friend with a brother 😉

  160. John


  161. Paul M

    Awesome, I’d love to get one of these for my wife!

  162. amvecera

    Yes please.

  163. Brian

    Been thinking about transitioning into triathlons, This would be great.

  164. Rob Goethals

    Oh wow, the best of the best and way out of my financial league. So, before I start to drewl: Yes Please!!!

  165. Tom C


  166. Jack

    Yes please! :)

  167. Matthieu in Taipei

    Oui !!!!

  168. David Chin

    That’s a nice watch.

  169. Simon

    Very cool watch Ray. I am impressed with todays lineup

  170. thundarunna

    beautiful design

  171. Aaron W


  172. Scott L

    ahh, one for each wrist!!!

  173. David Stankard

    Oh yeah, me want

  174. Ben Hales

    Best watch ever! Thanks for the chance.

  175. milkywaye

    oh.. me likey!

  176. Sjoerd Witjes

    It just keeps coming. I hope I’ll get lucky.

  177. Wes

    Me me me

  178. Zumbi

    wow, great watch!

  179. Avi

    Now I am drooling…. being lurking for this baby for a long time :)
    Please please please let is be my name in the draw…

  180. Tj

    Very cool

  181. Mirek

    I am in!

  182. oren

    dream day

  183. Allison Fratto

    What a great watch!

  184. S Dooley

    I’ll take it

  185. Mikey T

    With this I might think about trying a tri. Teehee

  186. Steven

    So many people have recommended this watch to me. Yes please!!

  187. Matthew

    Under 200 this time!!

  188. 910xt for me please!

  189. Tito

    Now we’re talking!

  190. Ruedi

    Me want! A lot!

  191. Manuel Arguelles

    PLease let it be me

  192. Umby

    Here I am

  193. Estela

    YES, this is the one I REALLY want 😉

  194. Olle

    Yes please!

  195. Marcus

    Let’s give it a try!

  196. andrew nagy

    I am the winner!!!!

  197. Christopher Lyle

    Garmin!!! Yes Please count me in

  198. Ewan Hardie

    WOW, lots of cool giveaways today!

  199. Ana

    Hmmm..he and I are meant to be together!!!

  200. Asher B

    makes my marathon real

  201. Chris T

    Woot, daddy needs a new Garmin, mine is laying in the woods somewhere after last nights Mt Bike ride. 6:00am trail run this morning failed to find it.

  202. Alek

    Gotta keep that stroke count.

  203. my 610 is staring at me nervously while I type this…

  204. Dave Fluker

    Love the Garmin!

  205. Maria Montero

    Thanks! good posts here!

  206. Scott Bradbury

    Love it.

  207. watching the windows 8.1 preview keynote at same time

  208. Owen Yeates

    I’d really love this one!

  209. Tom

    Nice one again :-)

  210. Andy Seres

    Mines busted. Please? Thanks!!!!

  211. sami

    kangasniemi/finland checking in.

  212. Scott

    Tri’s for the guys.

  213. velocomp

    This is just what I always wanted. :)

  214. Cindy


  215. Jon

    Wow, another great product.

  216. Daniela S.

    Excellent timing! My Garmin is slowly dying.

  217. Joshua McLaughlin

    If I had to pick which of these things I wanted most I would have a hard time. This might be it.

  218. Jay

    Keeps getting nicer and nicer

  219. Sarah Gillam

    This is what I have been waiting for!

  220. Fabio Pires dos Reis

    Please, ONE TIME!
    Shipt it!

  221. Hubert

    If I win I’ll have to swim and ride :)

  222. Richard Maichle


  223. Nicole

    Hope I get picked for this one!

  224. DRino

    one to tri!

  225. Steve

    I hoped that this one would be included today! Awesome watch.

  226. Pingwin

    Swim, bike, run = triathlon :)

  227. Steve Tornio


  228. Awesome, count me in!

  229. Lars

    Great device…

  230. Roelof


  231. Amanda

    I would love this!

  232. Becky


  233. Ian Darling


  234. Dan

    I could use that

  235. Faith

    Would be nice to have this!

  236. Tom

    Thank you!

  237. Alec S

    Please be me

  238. Maria Montero

    good posts here!

  239. Norbert

    Just can’t belive it! 😀

  240. Jeff


  241. Richard

    I’m in

  242. Lilian

    I have dreams about it..

  243. Tom Albert

    definitely wouldnt turn this down either.

  244. Janet

    WOOT! :)

  245. Arthur Y

    Yearnin for a Garmin!

  246. Petrus Bucur

    Best watch, i want it.

  247. Jonathan.L

    My dream…

  248. Peter De Decker

    this would be a nice update for my forerunner 305!

  249. Luís Sousa


  250. paula

    this one for my father

  251. Leomar Paese


  252. Roy Cuoco

    That sure would be great for lunch break runs!!

  253. Jerry

    Time for a Garmin upgrade – come to papa!

  254. Robert

    Would love to have it!

  255. Chris

    Yeah baby! Pick me please!

  256. Yaw Wei

    Me me me!!!!!

  257. Stephane

    This one is for me

  258. Basti

    Just what I need, right now :)

  259. Alvaro Garcia

    This is the one that I was waiting for :)

  260. I NEED this — I’m still using a hand-me-down Garmin 205…

  261. Amedeo

    with this I will have no excuse for a triathlon race!

  262. Jeff

    Awesome! I really need one!

  263. Tracy Joseph

    Pick me Pick me!

  264. Eeku K

    Nice one.

  265. Michael W

    Ahh, the 910!! What a nice friend!

  266. costa

    Yeah!!! Count me in!!!!

  267. Robert Wortmann

    This is Awesome

  268. Jen

    I need to win one of these swim watch friendly give-aways….

  269. Ian Grant

    Ok, yeah, this is the one I really want pls! My phone’s GPS sucks…

  270. Morten Mortensen

    Me me me

  271. Andrey

    Cool giveaway continues at full speed. I’m wondering, what’s coming next?

  272. Howard

    pick me, pick me

  273. Jeremy Spry

    So pretty

  274. Richard

    Count me in!

  275. maria

    este es el mejor reloj que hay

  276. Adz

    Good evening everyone!

  277. Amanda H

    Yes, please!

  278. Daniel

    I need this in my life, my 305 is getting very tired :)

  279. Giuseppe Belotti

    Perfetto per le ultra

  280. tim

    wow this just keeps getting better

  281. Chris Murrer


  282. Wow, this would be awesome!!!

  283. Nuno Ribeiro

    I WANT THIS!!!!

  284. Dan

    I love you!!!

  285. Jarrod Nall

    My Garming – Edge 500 would love for me to have a dedicated watch, so I don’t have to strap it to my RoadID!

  286. Dan

    it’s just what I’ve always wanted…

  287. bbjm2013

    FR910XT for me?

  288. Philippe

    Nice watch

  289. oedem

    please please please, fortune help me!

  290. Nancy T

    I’ll take one

  291. Lee

    The Force is strong with this one.

  292. Good evening Paris, time to go cycling here in Geneva.

  293. Maria Jesus Montero

    I like this!!!!!!

  294. Roberto

    I got the Garmin 610, but an upgrade will fit me perfectly. I love Garmin gadgets.

  295. Sarah

    I’m here

  296. Monika

    Beautiful! :)

  297. Tiffany

    Very nice…

  298. David Colman

    count me in

  299. Amy

    I need one in a bad way. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  300. pf

    Great watch

  301. Sam

    Yes, please, I would like one of those.

  302. Bill

    Mais, bien sûr!

  303. Wesley Brown

    No cupcake?

  304. Werner

    Yet another awesome give-away. You rock Ray!

  305. The perfect gadget for me! I really want one! :)

  306. Lester

    Would love this!

  307. Daniel Warner

    Ooh, pretty!

  308. Derek P

    Like to win pls!

  309. Pelotondon

    wocka wocka wocka

  310. Will

    Yes please!

  311. Skijeti

    My precious :)

  312. AJ

    Maybe this will make me accountable to actually getting in the pool :)

  313. Archie


  314. Kelly

    not only a need but a serious want!

  315. Patrick U

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  316. Chuck P

    pick me please!

  317. Sara

    Very sweet GPS watch

  318. Fede Laos


  319. Michael

    Would be a great get!

  320. krystian

    Looks good.

  321. John

    I love Garmin products!

  322. Keith

    My wife would love this!

  323. Kevin M.

    A man, a plan, a cam, a yak, a yam, a canal – Panama!

  324. Lindarella

    will a woman win it?

  325. Steve9R

    I need a new one of these!

  326. Mike Weiland

    This will make a fine birthday present for my soon to be 13 year old triathlete son.

  327. Damian

    Must Have this.

  328. David

    So the last give-away will be a car? Incredible products so far!

  329. Daniel

    This would solve my conundrum of how to GPS-log a 200 mile two-day ride without carrying a USB battery.

  330. ATLRB

    Now is my time to get lucky. Awesome giveaways! Thanks.

  331. Cassidy Villegan

    woo hoooooooooooooooo

  332. Kim

    Fifth time lucky, thank you for the watch :)

  333. Will D

    The triathlon watch! Sign me up and count me in!

  334. Matt

    Looks like a cool little watch. I’ll take it!

  335. Droffen

    5. möchte ich auch

  336. Alyssa Wendt


  337. thomas

    Lovely gift again, count me in:-)

  338. AJ

    Now that is a nice give-away!

  339. Esau

    Exactly what i need

  340. Hey now! This would be beyond AWESOME!!!!!!

  341. Gerrit

    Already got one but would take a second one.

  342. george

    Toys toys toys its almost like it’s Christmas in June!

  343. Marcus

    This is the one I was waiting for!

  344. Amber H

    Would love to win this one!

  345. Mark Collins

    this would be an ideal partner for my ironman 2014 training :)

  346. Irene


  347. Francesco

    Nice garmin

  348. Leah


  349. Lisa C

    Great looking watch!

  350. Justin Peele

    This is really cool

  351. RobW

    yes please

  352. Verna Brock

    looks awesome!

  353. Heather Lara

    Please please please

  354. Sara B.

    This would be awesome!

  355. Colin

    I would love that!

  356. Alfredo

    Yes, you can send it to Italy!

  357. JW

    Nice watch

  358. Vilmantas

    That is exactly what I need!

  359. Matt


  360. Jon R

    Go Ray

  361. Raf Assumpcao

    Hey hi from San Francisco!!!

  362. Gavin C

    sweeeeet. i’ll take it.

  363. New watch would be awesome!!!

  364. I’ve missed the Quark :(

    But this one is also great!

  365. Robert

    Pick me it’s my birthday….seriously!

  366. Titan

    I need something like this to motivate me to run instead of cycling 100% of the time!

  367. Victor

    great yet another one.

  368. Mark

    I hope I win!

  369. Leland

    Yesss! This is the thing I need above all!

  370. Alsaziana

    why not me?

  371. Jon C

    Yes please!

  372. MikeRR

    I’ll play!

  373. Si

    Excellent choice…… This or some stickers ; )

  374. Jeff McFarland

    I’m in again.

  375. Yes and thank you!

  376. Vince

    Pick me.

  377. Brian mclellan

    Fingers x

  378. Tucker


  379. Mike

    C’mon lucky number! This would be perfect.

  380. Adam Pockett

    This looks like an amazing watch! The competition keeps getting better!

  381. clara226

    I like Garmin toys :-)

  382. Andrew

    I would be able t track my swims as well! This would be awesome

  383. Alvaro Costa

    Really want this on

  384. James

    In for the win!

  385. Helen

    Wow! I want one.

  386. Juwon Suh

    i will do a tri if I win!

  387. Nizam C

    Who knows huh .. :)

  388. Keep Tring, Always Training! I cannot miss this one!

  389. Jennifer Cook

    I would LOVE one of these!

  390. ALonso Lara

    Hi Ray

  391. Joe H.

    “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!”

  392. Josh Browning

    I want to win!

  393. gabriel


  394. Henry

    Yes please

  395. SBill

    I’m here again!

  396. Nic

    Another excellent prize :)

  397. Falk Mathews

    Me, please!

  398. Roneno

    גם אני רוצה

  399. Lye Yang Suah

    Nice I want

  400. Shlomi

    I want it!!!

  401. Oh yeah!! 910XT!!

  402. Brian D.


  403. Steve

    Thanks, I’ll take that.

  404. Kbartlez

    I’ve wanted one of these for very long time.

  405. Howard


  406. Ubiwan

    Yes please!

  407. Pavel

    My dream watch

  408. Carter Tracht

    Sounds good to me!

  409. JimH23

    Crossing my fingers, toes and legs for this one!

  410. Rick

    My 310 is starting to fail, so this would be nice.

  411. Tord

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

  412. Keith McUmber

    Love your blog

  413. Derek

    Yes please

  414. Frederico Soares Falcetta

    DC rainmaker = the man, the legend!

  415. Mats

    Garmin is good

  416. Nic

    Keep ’em coming!

  417. Amy Shores

    Yes, please!

  418. Emilio

    Ostia!!! I want one of those!

  419. Lee

    this looks great!

  420. Chris

    count me in

  421. AshleyR

    My clunky old garmin needs replacing!

  422. Stephani Mrzena

    Thanks again for your great giveaways and reviews!

  423. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

  424. Nate

    I’ll give this one a try.

  425. Franko Vlahovic

    fr910xt – the one and only 😉

  426. Mark M


  427. Shannon

    I love mine and my hubby needs his own so I can convice him to do IM Boulder with me!!

  428. Juan Lozano

    Want this!

  429. Laurent

    Yummy !

  430. Antonio P

    Garmin FR910XT! :)

  431. Maggie Doyle


  432. Garrett

    Please and thank you

  433. Rob Montgomery

    I like turtles. And 910xt’s!

  434. Matt Stoner

    This would be great before my first 70.3 race in boulder

  435. Randy Cantu

    I’m in.

  436. Fabiana

    I swim but with this I can make anything!

  437. Jeremy T

    Another great watch! I’d take any of the 3!

  438. Ale

    Would be nice to have one of these!

  439. Roger

    It’s me again :-)

  440. Scott Heldman

    I’m probably gonna win this one!!

  441. Brian Hosty

    The best tri watch so far

  442. HP Hwang

    Winning…..whoo hoooo

  443. Raymond

    I like one of these

  444. Marcus Stromberg

    Sign me up!!

  445. Brandon garner

    I am currently PCSing and my family of 6 luggage was stolen in Dallas as we moved from fort bliss tx to ft Eustis va. This included my wife’s and my GPS watches which were in the vacation luggage. She signed us up for the army ten miler!!!! We are currently without home due to the house not being ready until July. Anyways love the site…my 310xt and wife’s timex marathon was in the suitcase as well as running gear!!!!! O well

  446. lawton

    Thanks again!

  447. Simon Jackson

    I’ll take two.

  448. Will the 910XT make me as fast as you?

  449. Tracey Hysjulien

    I have the 310 and SO wish I’d gone with the 910 instead! Would be so great to have it for my upcoming tri in Mpls next month :)

  450. moria


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    Thanks for the giveaways, Ray.

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  488. Jimmy Martin

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  503. Turn The Damn Cranks

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  516. “There is a fine line between brilliant and stupid.” – David St. Hubbins

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    I love this watch and I would like to win it!

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  556. Here we go – this is the one I’ve been waiting for!

  557. razvan radu

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  558. I’m in it to win it

  559. Graham Millar

    Used your website to choose a Garmin 10 watch in the end that I am very happy with great reviews – however the wife is now into running and keeps borrowing it !! Would love to win this and then I can continue to use mine and then she can have the 10. great site.

  560. Jd

    This will be great for training

  561. Tom

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  568. Roger

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  569. Andi McGee

    As much as I want this watch, if I win it, I would give it to my husband, as he needs it more than I do (he currently has a used 305, while I have a new…well, 2 years old, but purchased new 405).

  570. David Snyder

    I would love this…thanks for the giveaways!!!

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    Would beat the stopwatch i use now!

  580. Vinicius

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  581. Best watch in the history of watches. Platinum for traihletes. Pleeeeeease!

  582. John

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  583. Jonathan Palmer

    Want one to start doing Triathlons with!

  584. JoeyI

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  585. Chad Merwin

    Been on the wishlist for quiet some time now!

  586. Lily


  587. Roger

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  593. Just what the coach ordered!

  594. mike

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  595. Thank you for the level of detail in reviews. It really helped me when I was deciding between the new F10 and an old 310xt.

  596. Oh man I want this one, I will ceremoniously melt my Timex Global Trainer and post it on YouTube for it!

  597. Aris Laureano


  598. Hans van Rietschote

    Cool watch!

  599. Jill


  600. Sean Kinsey

    I’m still using a basic Timex wristwatch, so this would be an awesome upgrade. : )

  601. Robert

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  603. Luca Sartori

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  604. kinneret


  605. Pascal

    again, what a great watch and great site.
    Suunto, Polar, Timer, Garmin !
    Now, i ‘ve an issue.
    What if i win them all 4 GPS watchs, i guess i should give them away to Shiva.

  606. Amie

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    awesome device. I’ll take one please!

  612. Melisa

    I SO NEED this and it NEEDS me! I will give a good and loving home! LOL!


    I’ve been waiting for this one but good luck to my fellow contestants! At least one of us will get it. This is so much fun!!

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    I’ll take it!!!

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    Come on

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  650. Put me in the hopper, I’d love to take a photograph of my wrist with this on it.

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    Just starting triathlon so this would come handy

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    hoping to be lucky!

  671. Lauren

    I need! I think there is something wrong with my garmin. Such a common sentence at my house it gets an acronym: Ittswwmg.

  672. Adlin Azman

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  717. EM72

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  718. tracy maccherola

    would be nice to finally have a watch for training! yes, I to date only use rpe.

  719. Steve G.

    Love my 610 but I could go for an upgrade. Let’s do this!

  720. Jessica

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  721. Jacov

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  731. Would love to upgrade the watch!

  732. Philip Balagot

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  734. Ronald

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  741. CoolHandSloot

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  742. Mike B

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  743. jk

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  744. Renee von Behren


  745. Kevin Jeffery

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  747. Dom

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  750. I see what you’re doing with the timing, clever!

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  753. also super cool!

  754. Dan

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  755. Guillaume Vialaneix

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  767. JP

    This is my comment.

  768. Drew W.

    This is the one I have been waiting for! I beg of you sweet baby Jeebus, please find it in your heart to let Ray’s random number generator shine upon me with favor. As a newbie triathlete, this is the holy grail & the cornerstone that I need in my arsenal.


  769. I’m still on the old Garmin 410 – I would so love this for swimming!!!!

  770. Beth

    WOW, just when my current piddly watch died. This would be an awesome upgrade!

  771. Mark Melton

    Would make a great upgrade on my 310. Thanks!

  772. Dennis

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  773. Christian

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  777. Matthew Fowler

    You could literally save my marriage if you pick me for this! The majority of the arguments between my wife and I are over who gets to wear the Garmin 310xt we currently share…

  778. D.C. T.O

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  779. Jill Hart

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  780. Gert Wuyts

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  783. Dan


  784. Ken W

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  786. kyle.

    sounds great.

  787. Ken

    Thanks! The 910’s features would be awesome to have.

  788. Paul Powell

    Thanks for doing this.

  789. Mark H

    Pick me!

  790. Vidar

    I have one and it works well, would be nice to have extra

  791. Really appreciate your efforts and generosity!

  792. Scott

    Would use it like crazy. Somehow I’m completely incapable of remembering what lap I’m on. Ray, LOVE the articles. Keep up the great work…

  793. Ian Johnston

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  794. Mike


  795. Mario

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  802. Brian Bier

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  803. Phillip Partridge

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  804. Antoine

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    If I won this, I’d have to start doing triathlons!

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  809. LT Thompson

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  811. Matt Dokken


  812. Alejandro Hernández

    Need it for my first IM 70.3! Next August

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    As my 10 year old would say “Oh please, oh please, oh please, pick me, pick me!!”

  815. Joe Fitzgerald

    You rock!!!

  816. Yuv D

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  817. Garmin make the best watches and I have an amazing wrist that would compliment this watch.. 😉

  818. Liz

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  819. Glenn

    It’s mine!

  820. Toby

    Please count me in!

  821. Kurt Hufker

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  822. marioho

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  823. Peter oom

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  824. Nathan M.


  825. swani

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  826. Dave


  827. Marc Jay

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  828. Wenzel A.

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  829. I’m feeling lucky!

  830. Matt


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  833. Mark Fingal TRI


  834. Eric

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  836. Ricardo Arnao

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  837. Jón

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  838. Alessandro


  839. Donna Kudzman

    Send that baby MA way!!!

  840. Isabelle Larochelle

    What a great idea! :)

  841. Joy Sherrick

    Time (haha, get it? “time”) to replace my 310xt. And my small wrists could benefit from the 910xt’s narrower profile. (Perhaps it wouldn’t bruise my wrist.) So, what I’m trying to say is, “Yes, please!”

  842. Tim

    great site. fun day

  843. Luc

    Thanks Ray, this is exactly the one I want!!!

  844. Luca

    Just to try… 😛

  845. Vander Guerrero


  846. katie

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  847. Would be a good test / comparison device.

  848. Andi N.


  849. Benjamin Wu

    I JUST signed up for Auckland 70.3 today! Would love to have this gorgeous gadget to help me out in training!

  850. Ellie Mackin

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  851. Morten And

    Nice gadget!

  852. Mike Lamb

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  853. Yes please. I should be so lucky!!!!

  854. really appreciate your reviews!

  855. TJ

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  861. Ed W

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  862. Kaiju Jim

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    im faster than you, give me the prize.

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  865. Jake

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  866. Simon Beeny

    You provide the most comprehensive reviews on the Internet. Bar None!

  867. Ryan Menze

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  869. Are ya feeling lucky? Well…are ya?

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  883. Hopefully Luck is on my side

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  893. This is a comment intended to win the prize. Thank you.

  894. Chris

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  895. MAH

    Oh. My. Word. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time but keep putting it off because there’s always something else I *should* buy instead.

  896. Mike

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  897. Kevin-In-GA

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