Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR910XT GPS Multisport watch


Sometimes you just need a friend when you’re going out and swimming, cycling and running 140.6 miles. No, not scuba fins like Finman. But something more technologically advanced, like, the FR910XT. This multisport watch will track your swims, bikes, and runs and has plenty of battery for even the midnight finishers. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, the FR910XT is there to watch and track me flail about aquatically. Same goes for cycling and running (minus the aquatic part…mostly). Now if I could only have it give me a little extra propulsion on that swim…

Giveaway Opens: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 3:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Garmin Forerunner 910XT In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 3-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. Marty Serauskis

    Sweet watch!

  2. Dan

    Hey oh! Beautiful day for a run. I love running in the rain.

  3. JLittle

    910 + me = happy!

  4. I am feeling lucky! I need a backup unit!

  5. Aurom Mahobian

    Great googly moogly!!

    Holy GARMIN Batman!!!

  6. Eric M

    yes please.

  7. Jim Shepherd

    Thanks for all of the great reviews and now the great gear!

  8. Steve

    heck yea

  9. Runningbezz

    Be good to have a spare as always going wrong!

  10. Just loose mine

  11. Lynn Follansbee

    Count me in!

  12. Martin Haugen

    Crossing legs.. ehh.. fingers I mean .

  13. Erin Watson

    Another good one!

  14. derlinzer

    Would be so great to win… I’m stuck with a Sigma RC 14.11 🙁

  15. Stephen

    Thanks, Ray!

  16. Samuel L.

    i’m in

  17. MartialMax

    Still hoping

  18. Peter

    All the way from Singapore!!!

  19. nick campbell

    bob babbitt for president! Anyone who does Hawaii ironman with panniers is ok by me…

  20. Dale

    This would be great!

  21. Joe

    Yes please!

  22. Oscar Roig

    I want it!

  23. Alistair Groves

    Yes please!

  24. Gustavo Adolfo

    I hope to win and enjoy discovering all the features during the summer.

  25. Pete

    Its me again. One please.

  26. Fred

    I try again

  27. Idy Chiu

    Count me in! Love it!

  28. Ditte Lind Ommen

    I would LOOOOVE this one

  29. Amalie Fjelstervang

    Pick me pick me

  30. roamingseaside

    Hit me up!!!

  31. Mike G

    Cool, thanks DCR!

  32. Cheryl

    Because every girl needs a watch the size of her fist.

  33. Victor

    Have been dreaming about an instrument like this for a while.

  34. Johnny B

    I would like one of these, too

  35. ewan

    Would go well with the Quark and the cupcake that I’m already hoping to win 🙂

  36. Peter G


  37. Kevin Dawson

    This just gets better and better

  38. Matt

    Please please please!

  39. jvecer

    love it

  40. Maryann S

    Love Garmin!

  41. Andre

    this is exciting

  42. Dan

    sign me up

  43. Markus

    You really cha lange your forum today. But i’ll hope To win this time.

  44. DougM

    Yes please.

  45. Mark

    Fingers crossed!

  46. Mikael Klingbjer

    I really like to have a Forerunner 910XT.

  47. ron

    Sometimes the fourth time is the charm.

  48. Eric

    heck yeah

  49. mark mathieu

    Sign me up!!

  50. Dominic

    Thanks again for the giveaways!

  51. Bruce lam

    I’d love to win this!

  52. David

    Garmin’s are awesome!

  53. Dave

    Sign me up!

  54. I would love to upgrade to the 910 and love your in-depth reviews.

  55. James bittner

    I’m on.

  56. Jim S


  57. Gaofeng Zhu

    910XT is my favorite Tri watch. A friend of mine had it days ago after his Polar died. I liked it because it tracks your swim too in addition to do a almost perfect job in tracking bike and run!

  58. gatriguy

    gimme gimme!

  59. Fernando Barandiarán

    should I become a tri?????? COME ON!!! LET IT BE ME!!!!!

  60. Jeff Gibson

    Oh yea. Put me in … thanks!

  61. Charlie Brandwick

    Signing up for my second Ironman in a couple months. This would be perfect for training.

  62. richard murphy

    I want one of these. I have entered several times but never a winner. This is my time!

  63. Ryan M

    Again, thank you so much for doing this. Love the site!!

  64. Brian Walsh

    In again

  65. T

    Bricks will be less boring (ie painful) with such a toy!

  66. Warren

    Looks good!

  67. Janus

    Give me please 🙂

  68. Jason

    Count me in

  69. Hayley Curtis

    I love the chance to use this watch for my workouts

  70. Kevin


  71. Leonardo

    Hope I get this one!

  72. William T

    FREE Garmin 910 you bet! I’ll take it!

  73. Andras Okros

    Instant get!

  74. Oliver Medina

    very inspirational to get back on my bike!!

  75. TT

    I’ve been waiting for this one

  76. Caio Nóbrega

    Yes! lucky for me.

  77. Jeff

    This would be a nice upgrade to my current GPS watch.

  78. Gabriele

    HAHAHAHA if I win this, it’s gonna be my 5th FR910XT in a year time AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Signed. 😛

  79. Nate

    Count me in!

  80. Dr. D

    Run Garmin, Run….

  81. Liam

    Love this site!

  82. Daniel

    I’m in

  83. Matt

    Oh yes! And cheers for this great giveaway…

  84. Matthew

    Great watch!

  85. Josefpm

    Jujuju GARMINNNNN 910xt this is it a EXTRAVAGANAAAA

  86. SARA

    I need it Ray!!! 🙂

  87. Morgan


  88. Becky Reutlinger

    OMG I NEED THIS!!!!! My Hubby has one and I need to be able to keep up with his Techy stuff!

  89. Fred E

    sign me up

  90. Ganabu

    Why not aye.

  91. Zhiquan Yeo

    i would like one 😀

  92. Tristan

    count me in!!!!

  93. Jonas Damgaard Schmidt

    Thats a nice watch!

  94. carl bush

    would work great for my adventures.

  95. Artur

    This one would be great to have.

  96. David Keith

    Thanks Ray!

  97. John

    This watch is already on my Christmas list.

  98. Mark

    Pick me please!

  99. Alejandro

    Need it… Getting it…

  100. Alexandre de Quadros

    Excellent device!

  101. Juergen

    That one would be nice.

  102. alex p

    great watch. thank you!

  103. Scott - Ohio Tri Guy

    This would be AWESOME, just like you Ray (does sucking up get me another entry?)

  104. Ferdinand Pregrad

    A piece of Art for a Triathlete!

  105. Jonas

    Very nice gadget! This would be perfect for me.

  106. Samantha Hunter

    I bought my first garmin a few years ago (a used 350) after reading through all of your reviews – thanks for all the info you put out there, it’s great!

  107. Dan AK

    Yes Please

  108. Bogi

    I wish I had this one….

  109. Chris Walkup

    I’m in… Thanks Ray!

  110. Robyn

    Awesome draw!

  111. Marnus

    Yes please!

  112. Dave

    One of my buddies just got one of these, and I’m green with envy.

  113. Romeu Gaspar

    Great extravaganza!

  114. Brian

    Would love to have it!

  115. Would be a great update for my FR310XT and then I even might try triathlon as well.

  116. Alan Torrigino

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. I really appreciate it.

  117. Joseph McLeod


  118. Doug Ennis

    For my wife!

  119. Jason Andersson

    I would loce this watch. Doing my first sprint this summer

  120. Adriano

    Choose me please……..

  121. AC

    I could use one of these.

  122. I want the watch AND to run 10.5 miles at a 7:05 pace. Awesome.

  123. Michael

    Been wanting one of these!

  124. Alun Riley

    Ooooo, yes please.

  125. Kristian West


  126. ian

    now were talking

  127. Jamie


  128. TZCoaching

    Yes please!!!

  129. borden

    yes please…

  130. I hope I win, thanks for putting it all together. It is fun.

  131. Chucktown Runner

    I’m feeling lucky!

  132. Preston Beasley

    Yeah buddy!

  133. Matt

    Must have it. Thanks for a great website.

  134. Stevie


  135. Justin McLamb

    Would be a good one to have.

  136. Richard C.

    Hi Ray,

    Love your blog.

  137. Kimberly Brooks

    Would love a watch that can be worn running biking AND swimming.

  138. Scrumoo

    Ding I want one, ding I want one,
    Gimme Gimme a Garmin
    Gimme Gimme a Farming
    Great prize from great blog…

  139. Chris

    I’m sure just putting this on would improve my times.

  140. Semih

    Let’s give it a try!

  141. Cian O'Sullivan

    I’m in!

  142. Jon

    Love your site! Thanks for all the great reviews!

  143. Ruben

    Im in!

  144. j chris s

    i’m in

  145. James V

    Count me in.

  146. Jesus T.


  147. Fred Peters

    Perfect for training – PICK ME!

  148. MGH

    Always great reviews.

  149. My second chance with this one… let’s go for it!!!

  150. Chris Souza

    Best watch on the market

  151. Dalibor

    Thanks for these, Ray!

  152. Kristina

    Great. A tri watch.

  153. Mike Lancaster

    I would love one of these watches!

  154. dustin ray

    crossing all fingers and toes for this one.

  155. Catherine

    Yes please!

  156. James Brown

    Wow. SO NICE. DC Rainmaker is amazing.

  157. Bethany

    The 910XT is a great device!

  158. Tyler

    What a cool watch! Love this blog. Great gear reviews.

  159. chris poston

    Great device.

  160. dragos

    nice watch

  161. Steve T

    Thanks Ray,

    Count me in!

  162. Randy

    That would sweet wrapped around my wrist!

  163. Massi

    It would be really nice to get the 910xt

  164. Ciarán


  165. quetzalina

    This is a great gift!!!! for me to start doing triathlons. Thanks!!!!

  166. Anders Majland

    Another cool gadget – ain’t they all ?

  167. Thomas Lee

    Gonna stop by the cupcake shop next time I’m in Paris…

  168. Very nice gadget 🙂

  169. Marco Passarelli

    Ill settle for this!

  170. jujugo

    I like it!

  171. Matt J


  172. Eric

    Very nice.

  173. Jon D


  174. David Sanchez

    My mind is blown by how awesome this giveaway is!!!

  175. Daniel

    More things I want!

  176. Pablo


  177. David S


  178. Hidde


  179. Sashinho

    I`m back!

  180. Brandon

    Pretty Please!!!!

  181. BG

    Sweet! Pick me please!

  182. Alon Bar

    Love your reviews! Count me in for this one!

  183. Daniel Saurug

    I was waiting all the time for this watch as giveaway!

  184. Riccardo

    one for me please,
    cheers mate.

  185. Annie-Claude

    Hey really need this one! Thanks!

  186. Edwin

    Pick me! me!

  187. Conor

    Me Me ME!

  188. Brian

    Checking in from work – see you in 3 hours

  189. Matt


  190. Lisa G

    Very cool

  191. Hoby Strahl

    oh wow! I’m in.

  192. Julianus

    For me!!!

  193. Wow, this watch looks amazing!

  194. James Wilson

    Excellent. Would Love to win one of these!

  195. Simone

    Round two… let’s go : )

  196. roger

    The most versatile gps watch…I want it

  197. Benjamin

    Ive always wanted a training partner!

  198. Henry Collet


  199. MarekB

    I’ll take it 🙂

  200. Michael


  201. Brad Williams

    Let this be the one!

  202. dieter neirinck

    My precious…

  203. MihaM

    The right one for me 😛

  204. Márcio

    Very nice…

  205. Michael


  206. Gary

    Pick me please!!

  207. Ken

    Very nice…. Need an upgrade..

  208. Clint Kale


  209. Catherine


  210. E vd Berg

    Beautifull !!

  211. Gae

    time for dinner after a swim workout

  212. Sarah

    C’mon, please pick my reply# ! 🙂

  213. Griffin

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  214. Jonathan

    would love one

  215. the numbers on the watch exactly match my run to the grocery last night, must be karma

  216. Gene

    Why not?

  217. Gingerjedi

    More awesomeness!

  218. Brad


  219. Jason

    Quality of blogs ebb and flow but I can always count on Ray to strike the fine balance between technical, informative, and digestible.

    Also … giveaway! 😀

  220. I’m actually in the market for a 910, since I’ve been using my 500 for running duty, and it really isn’t suited to it. Thanks, DC!

  221. Sean

    PLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE (and thank-you!).

  222. Daniel Norwood

    count me in!

  223. Jason Mah

    My 310 was stolen… could sure use a 910 as the replacement 🙂

  224. Samantha

    Having a fun day watching the giveaways. Thanks!

  225. Mike C.

    I’d love to update my Garmin 210 to this one.

  226. Carl Belanger

    Sign me up! 🙂 Thx!

  227. Pablo

    here is my comment…

  228. SamB

    cool, count me in!

  229. Jim DAmico

    I’m in!!!

  230. David Rodriguez


  231. Corey

    I like it!

  232. Rytis

    Very nice 🙂

  233. Karin Cabrera

    How long will it take it to ship the 910X to FL? Cheers!!!

  234. Jeanine

    Actually in the market for a nice running watch, thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  235. Martin Hammer

    More gadget = more km

  236. Greg


  237. Sylvain Fan

    Nice watch for my training !

  238. few weeks till IMLP this would be perfect!!!! Thanks!

  239. Vasilis

    I hope i’m lucky..!

  240. David Hicks

    Count me in…

  241. JFK

    Cool – great stuff. Count me in!

  242. Matthias Dorner

    Great opportunity, thx!

  243. Mike S

    Who would not want one of these?

  244. Dustin

    Sure! count me in!

  245. Andrew

    If I get this, my wife gets the 310.

  246. justin

    I would definitely like this!

  247. William Yu

    I want that!

  248. bobbi

    Thank you!!

  249. thorre

    yes yes YES!

  250. Michelle Grant

    Track my swim, yes please 🙂

  251. Uwe70

    +1 🙂

  252. Frederick Bancroft

    Nice work, DC!

  253. Janine

    winna winna chicken dinner

  254. Gordon bolles

    I definitely am in need of an upgrade from my FR305!

  255. Judson Mallory

    Hey Ray – sure is a nice device.

  256. Markie Mark

    Winner??? Winner!!!!

  257. This is the the missing piece of my training puzzle. What a generous giveaway!

  258. training improvements becoming a possibility.

  259. Bryan M

    Sign me up.

  260. chuck b

    It does a little of everything.

  261. Francis

    Hum this Will be perfect for my triathlon training.

  262. Alex

    Uh ah! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  263. shirley c

    Omg I think this would look lovely sround my wrist!!!

  264. Deanne

    I wouldn’t mind having one of these! Mine old one is going bad anyway!

  265. JTL

    I was thinking of replacing my 305……this would be great!

  266. dumb car joke

    Cooler than a Porsche 911…

  267. Joshua O'Sullivan


  268. Cameron

    Love your give aways!

  269. Scott S

    Would love one!

  270. Andy Wood

    Yes please!

  271. jesse

    Sign me up!

  272. Nat Shaver

    Looks good.

  273. Claus Kaastrup

    Just what I need

  274. nick

    Hellllllo! pick me!

  275. Elske

    I dream of having this watch! It is amazing!

  276. Diana

    I want this!

  277. eugen

    Bring it on! Thanks

  278. Lori T

    I’ll never do a 140.6

  279. Elaine

    me me me!

  280. Noah McMurray

    Might make a good replacement for my aging Forerunner 305.

  281. Courtney A

    Rock on!

  282. Kevin Toerne

    Can’t get enough 910xt’s!

  283. Kris

    Count me in for the ‘lottery’!

  284. Josh Potter

    Yet again, thank you so much for this Ray – it will help me so much for my summer plans cycling across Europe (starting in Amsterdam!).

  285. Clint Lehman


  286. Brett

    Definately please!

  287. charlie

    I need one. Thanks.

  288. John

    Yes please!

  289. Jeff


  290. Monia

    Count me in!

  291. Drew

    Looks nice

  292. Jesper

    I like it 🙂

  293. Ehretjs

    Yes Please!

  294. Matt

    Tried to buy one last weekend, but the LBS didn’t stock it…bummer.

  295. Genevieve Lehman

    Then I could have the same watch as my husband!!

  296. Kip

    Me please

  297. chris k

    Woo hoo!

  298. Phil Carroll


  299. Adam Lewis

    This is what I really need!!

  300. Gerrit van der Heide

    Like this one, count me in

  301. Franki

    Ray for president!

  302. ooh, pick me random number generator, pick me!!!

  303. Chris Quiet

    If I win this I will enter a Triathlon just to take advantage of it!

  304. Brian Weatherington

    Yes please

  305. Nathaniel

    Looking forward to winning!

  306. Tadej

    Me want 🙂

  307. keith chant

    First half IM next month, first IM in Sept. I need this!

  308. Would love a 910XT! Although, my 310XT is still a champ! (it might quit on me for saying that so I figured I needed to give it some praise).

  309. Aaron

    This would be awesome!

  310. Dave

    Would really love one of these.

  311. Dirk

    Must… have…. 910XT!!

  312. Vincent Pimentel

    Sorry guys this is just for me!!!

  313. Fr. Br.

    Yippi yeah!

  314. Robert

    Thanks ray. You rock.

  315. Mark Norfleet

    My 305s are dying… They have had a full life, have been well taken care of and have surved me well, but they are looking forward to retirement! 🙂

  316. Stefan

    Yes Please! Love to run with Garmin! Great products…

  317. Scott P


  318. Sean Cunningham


  319. D. Smith

    Great giveaway! Please pick me.

  320. I have been wanting one so bad! Please me me me. 🙂

  321. Randee Roucoulet

    DCR is my go to for in depth gadget reviews!

  322. Rob

    Hi Ray,
    Love the site!
    Greetings from York, uk


  323. Chris

    Would be very nice

  324. Thomas Funch

    This is mine!

  325. tina

    Ooo, fancy gadgets! Would love to win 🙂

  326. Mike Sudrovech

    Yes, please 🙂

  327. Nic

    DCRainmaker rocks !
    love your giveaways.

  328. Iain

    This would be a great upgrade to my 410

  329. Sebastien Gagns

    DCR is the best !

  330. Jeff K

    Yes sirrie bob. One of these would match my life.

  331. Pete Thomas

    This is the exact reason I found DCRainmaker, so i’d love for it to come full circle and win one!

    Cheers Ray.

  332. Benjamín Lelevier

    Hi DC, I want these wacth!

  333. Claude

    I give it a try as well. Claude

  334. Frank B.

    Warum liegt denn hier Stroh rum!

  335. Mike

    Not sure if I want this or the Quarq more???

  336. Kelvin Ng

    Yes Please

  337. vince

    love it!

  338. Erica

    Would love to win something:)

  339. Yes! I need an update too! Thanx!

  340. Austin Robinson-Coolidge

    Watching these giveaways is so much more fun than working.

  341. Jessica

    Count me in!!

  342. Joey


  343. Carlo

    Come’on, incredible giveaways…just one item, and I’ll be happy for the rest of my life 🙂

  344. Greetings from Poland!

  345. Bruce carter

    Why not me?

  346. Larry McDonough

    Count me in on this. I’ve got one now (thanks to your review) and I’m sure a family member would love another!

  347. Jim Dillon

    Have been following your reviews since last yr. Helped immensely with my Garmin 410. Thanks for the opportunity!

  348. Ryan

    Thanks Ray

  349. Vincent

    It would be so great to have one of those. Please choose me.

  350. James Saunders

    Yet another great giveaway

  351. javel silveira

    Count me in!!!

  352. Holly

    Love Garmin products. Would love to have one!!!

  353. Gloria

    Dry and in the 80’s this weekend in Seattle area….

  354. Antonio Cruz

    One more try …

  355. GWkibo


  356. Marc Diede

    GO GO GO

  357. Scott Proscia

    DCR Thanks man.

  358. Kent Wilen


  359. I could give it a good home.

  360. Mark

    My father would love this watch!

  361. Jo

    Woo! Would love this one 🙂

  362. IzzyODT

    Holly smoke!

    Count me in, please!

  363. bikedc

    Awesome watch!

  364. unhombrecualquiera


  365. Joro

    This would be perfect for my boy, starting his tri career this summer 🙂

  366. leeka

    Would accept Garmin too

  367. Erica M.

    Count me in!

  368. Josef

    Hello Ray!

  369. Patrik

    Give it to me

  370. Markus lindegardh

    That would come in pretty handy on my crash course in crawling.

  371. Eloy Balatbat


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  373. Liv

    Love your reviews! 🙂

  374. Chris O

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  375. Randy

    i want this!

  376. Pat Shea

    morning run and bike to work.

  377. Martin Dupuis

    Time my life!

  378. Mark Jones

    Garmin love!

  379. Best sport watch ever… I’m in!!

  380. John B


  381. Fredrik A

    Sign me up! My 310xt needs to be pensioned.

  382. EJ

    cool! Awesome!

  383. ErwanM

    This one is for me, pleeeeaaaaase!!!!

  384. Benny Perales

    I need a training partner!!!

  385. John Mickle

    That would be a nice replacement for my Timex Run Trainer GPS!

  386. Would love that!

  387. Eyal

    WOW !!!

  388. Kimberly


  389. Kevin

    sure would be swell if I won 😉

  390. Diana

    I’m excited

  391. Job

    Would-be Nice !

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  393. Connie Keehn

    I hope to win! That watch is awesome! 🙂

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  396. Eric

    Yay, more free stuff!

  397. Scott C.

    thanks for the opportunity-

  398. David Corsi

    My dream watch! Thanks Ray for everything you do for us.

  399. Bert

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  400. Tom

    Another excellent watch !

  401. Carsten


  402. joe

    let it be me!!

  403. ron kopilov

    yes please!

  404. Erik B

    Crazy day 🙂

  405. Ben Bruno

    It would be terrific to have this item. I would be forever grateful.

  406. Rob

    Yes please, me too.

  407. Jonathan Hair

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  408. TIm Churchill

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  409. Jason Uhlrich

    I would love a 910xt.

  410. Palm35

    I love this Garmin watch !

  411. JN

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  412. James Lowden

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  413. Brienne Lee Brown

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  418. Joe


  419. Jonathan Harris

    Give me “lust”

  420. Blake Sills

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  421. Tomas Hektor

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  422. cycloscott

    yes please

  423. Sam M

    Yes please. Mine just broke.

  424. Mike

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  425. luis

    has my name!

  426. PFradique

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    Thanks for the giveaways

  427. Kristy Lahoda


  428. Jeff

    Pick me!

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    Luck be a lady, tonight!

  430. Bernard

    OK, so not the other watches – THIS ONE !!!
    Thanks Ray.

  431. Dom

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  432. Matt Harris

    woohooooo, love this watch!

  433. Steve Duval


  434. Michael

    Please please be me!

  435. Jason Axe

    I’m in.

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    The 910 is the missing piece to my training program to run both a half and full marathon in the next 12 months.

    Here’s how:

    910 x 13.1
    Divide by 26.2
    Multiply by 2 races
    Sum: 910

    It’s fate!

  811. Anatol

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