Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR910XT GPS Multisport watch


Sometimes you just need a friend when you’re going out and swimming, cycling and running 140.6 miles. No, not scuba fins like Finman. But something more technologically advanced, like, the FR910XT. This multisport watch will track your swims, bikes, and runs and has plenty of battery for even the midnight finishers. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, the FR910XT is there to watch and track me flail about aquatically. Same goes for cycling and running (minus the aquatic part…mostly). Now if I could only have it give me a little extra propulsion on that swim…

Giveaway Opens: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 3:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Garmin Forerunner 910XT In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Ben

    need it ;)

  2. johan nieuwendijk

    The watch would be perfect to motivate me for my first triathlon

  3. Craig

    Hope to get it

  4. Whitney Faust

    Have been meaning to invest in a Garmin!

  5. Jordan Oosterveld

    Would love this!

  6. Stephen

    Love the garmin

  7. My much-loved, much-repaired, doddery old Polar S625X could finally retire!!

  8. matej

    I’m the lucky men

  9. dbf

    please enter me for this one too

  10. Eric

    Yes please!

  11. Jennifer B.

    Me me! Pick me!

  12. Stavros D

    zuperrr garmin!!

  13. Daniel Cottle

    Would really love this!

  14. Voon

    Yes please

  15. Robert Polintan

    Better than a cronut any day!

  16. Ed Bortoni

    Yes! Pick me random number generator!

  17. woooooooo Count me in!

  18. Jamie Cox

    I know one person who would absolutely love this watch…pick me!!! :)

  19. will auch haben…

  20. Paul S

    Me 2

  21. Mike L


  22. Tony

    Cheers DC.

  23. Candase H

    I’m in!

  24. Fabiano Araújo

    Hope to win this one!

  25. Colby Raley

    Thank you!

  26. Luann

    I would love to win!

  27. Just what Im looking for to record my cycles.

  28. TW

    In, thx!

  29. Kim K

    nothing but the best

  30. Fab watch, I need one badly

  31. Ja'far

    I love running, I can swim, but cycling? I’ll need a bike!

  32. Jon

    I love Garmin products!!!

  33. Lars

    One for Denmark please!

  34. mjlamora

    Big bucks, big bucks, no whammies, annnnnnnd STOP!

  35. Alex

    The mother of all GPS watches.

  36. Dan K

    I am in.

  37. Paul Soper

    count me in!!!
    Gadgets could make me the champion, or at least keep me motivated

  38. Gary J

    yeah baby yeah

  39. Jason Shafer


  40. Brett

    this would be sweet!

  41. Isabelle B

    I want this! Tks Ray!

  42. Mathias Boeberg

    I love this Garmin device. Please let me win!

  43. Fabricio D'Amico

    That’s what i need!

  44. Brent Gaudreau

    Me Please

  45. Yeah, baby! Yeah!!!

  46. chris S.

    Thanks Ray

  47. Alex james

    I’m in

  48. D

    Thank you

  49. Olivier

    I’m sure the GF would be very happy…she’s been jealous of mine.

  50. Cecil

    This watch is amazing

  51. Aaboe

    I am sure this watch will add 10+% to my running pace…

  52. tveria


  53. Kim

    tick tock – i like my watch

  54. Please let me be the winner.

  55. Justin

    Me Please!!

  56. brenan

    if I win I will run like crazy

  57. Rui Ribeiro

    This one is for me. Cheers

  58. Mike

    Yesy yes yes

  59. kelsey

    Please enter me! Thanks for the extravaganza

  60. Chris L

    For my son!

  61. brent

    love it!

  62. Alex

    I give it a try

  63. SPerez

    Me please :-) thanks!

  64. Dirk

    Yes please

  65. Jeff D

    I would happily use such a device

  66. Gary71

    Does it come with a foot pod as well – or am I being greedy?

  67. Nick Wisdom

    Woot! More great giveaways!

  68. Daryl

    Santa Claus, this is on my Christmas wish list! It’s the only one on the list! haha

  69. brenna

    got get this one

  70. Bianca

    Me likes the cupcake! :)

  71. Kristina

    My husband would love this!!

  72. Jeff H

    What a lovely watch!

  73. Josephine Ong

    Please? Pretty please?

  74. syd

    please please

  75. Simon

    I’ve been swimming in Loch Lomond and have no idea of distance so it would be a huge help. Either way you do a great job, thanks Ray.

  76. Haghedooren Renata


  77. Paul Douglas

    This would be great for my wife as she would benefit from the data they provide while trying to dominate the tri field
    Many thanks for you great work


  78. andres


  79. Jan

    I like your reviews ;)

  80. Adam Peterson

    Crossing my fingers!

  81. kar

    need this badly

  82. Matt Lau


  83. Tam

    Yeah! Love it!

  84. Michael

    Lets do this

  85. SpiderPete

    In it to win it

  86. Jason Bingham

    Oh, this would be awesome.

  87. oui oui oui !!!

  88. griz

    every tri guy needs one of these!

  89. Bill D

    I’m in…I hope!!!

  90. Elliot


  91. Željko

    I’m not a lucky man… :-)

  92. Need another one as backup!

  93. Richard fisher

    Count me in please

  94. Oskars

    Love it!

  95. Garmin 910XT, what a great device for thiathletes !!

  96. Tisztul_A_Visztula

    Me, myself and I

  97. Przemyslaw Mycek

    My favorite watch. I want it!

  98. Luke