Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar RC3 GPS Running Watch


There’s no question that the RC3 is my most favored Polar product to date.  It’s the first Polar unit to fully integrate GPS into the watch itself.  The unit is primarily aimed at the running crowd, but can easily do cycling as well – and both activities support a variety of sensors.  Of course, just running and cycling is only part of the approval package.  After all, if it doesn’t get The Duck’s approval, it won’t likely get a positive review.  Thankfully, despite spending quite a bit of time in the shower with The Duck, the watch was no worse for wear.

Giveaway Opens: 3:00AM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 6:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Polar RC3 GPS In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself (Note: Mr. Duck not included)

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left.  If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US.  Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 3-hour timespan specified above.  All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above.  Winners will be chosen randomly.  Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training.  Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them.  I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments.  So refrain from re-trying 9 times, fear not, it’ll show up.  Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. James

    Nice Polar hrm

  2. Robert Scrivner

    Love it!

  3. Mats Jogback

    A bit quicker to post on this one…

  4. OOOH! Need this one even more 0.o

  5. Andrew

    done deal

  6. Tom Smulders

    Me please!

  7. Fred Prats

    This one is for me !!

  8. Rene

    Suunto looks nicer but i have used Polar before and its a great training aid!

  9. Uri N.

    Me, me, me.
    Count me in!

  10. Andy

    Thanks for the contest!

  11. Nate

    I stayed up until 3 AM for this!

    Thanks for all the giveaways, Ray.

  12. Christofer J

    Too bad the duck isn’t included 🙁

  13. Karan Tsoi

    I want the bath duck (wouldn’t mind complete with the watch!)

  14. Alex

    Random comment!

  15. Sarah L

    Another great giveaway. Thanks!

  16. Kevin Tan

    May I have it please?

  17. Elena A.

    Your blog is the best not only in US but in many other countries too. My Russian friends were very happy when I shared your blog with them! Thank you!

  18. Peter

    Woot watches

  19. Kristian

    Duck yeah!

  20. adam lewis

    I wonder if its a random selection or I should be thinking of something clever or amusing to post!! Oh well, lets hope its random!

  21. Logan

    Awesome giveaways!!!

  22. Stijn

    bring it on!

  23. Colin Reidy

    It is a tough choice – Suunto or Polar.

    Keep up the good work Ray!

  24. Si

    Want the duck

  25. MakeenB

    Im in again! Still little chance of winning though 🙂

  26. Marcel

    I will no longer be able to break my PB’s, but maybe this watch allows me to break some age records!

  27. Kester Spindler

    Great website.

  28. Jase

    Looking forward to the “Congratulations” email 😀

  29. Steven

    Last site to visit before bed

  30. Mansi Gupta

    I really hope to win one of these this time round!

  31. Manuel

    Nice duck!

  32. Anthony Alexander

    I’ll take it.

  33. Jerry

    One for me! 😉 add the duck please… 😉

  34. Dave Waterworth

    I’ll take one, is the duck included?

  35. Francesco


  36. Lee Acker

    I have enjoyed my 2008 RC model Polar watch. It has served me well.

  37. Sjoerd Witjes

    Thanks for this day full of goodies. I like the watches, keep ’em coming (or pick me ;-))

  38. Andre See

    Great job DC Rainmaker!

  39. alan

    Looks great, work even better !

  40. The Polar long waited for. GPS inside!

  41. Matt phan

    Fingers crossed…..

  42. Yuri Merkulov

    I like it’s multifunctionality!

  43. Micah Moore

    Thanks a bunch

  44. Sebastian Flores

    Here i am again, hope i win

  45. Eric Siebert

    Here we go again!

  46. Deb

    Yes please

  47. Victoria Nguyen

    love polar

  48. Sash

    2nd try….

  49. Kevin Dawson

    Nice duck – and the watch isn’t bad either 🙂

  50. Edge

    Nice! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  51. Tanner

    Number two it is. Thanks again!

  52. Mark L

    pick me please! love your blog

  53. Preet Bains

    watch please!

  54. Jeramy Girard

    I would love one!

  55. crmov

    Let’s gooo!

  56. Lilian

    I used a Polar Training Watch before (FT4). Quality is good. This one with GPS must be even better.

  57. Hugo Noronha

    Now for the Polar…

  58. edsion

    come on come on

  59. Ramiro


  60. Maybe I can try this Polar 🙂

  61. yuval aharoni

    please!!!!! im in 🙂

  62. Kristaps

    Hey, need the watch 🙂 Thanks for such a giveaway action!!! 😉

  63. Leah

    Please count me in!

  64. Dom

    Definitely in time for this one…

  65. Olle

    Polar Polar…

  66. Carl Purczel

    PIck me! 😀

  67. Blake W

    Add me please.

  68. Steffen

    The poor rubber ducky is all squashed up there – I’d happily rescue it by taking away the Polar. Purely out of concern for the duck, of course!

  69. hans

    why not

  70. Andrew H

    Yes please!

  71. Joseph LeBlanc

    what what!

  72. David

    good luck to everyone

  73. Anthony B.

    Let the extravaganza begin.

  74. Qi Luo


  75. Bill


  76. Martin Anso

    Yes please! Does it come with the rubber ducky? (or maybe a giant one, like the one that Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman had in Hong Kong harbour?)

  77. Kristian Geleff

    Fingers crossed!

  78. Faith

    great watch!

  79. Romeo Cordova III

    wow… comments are just up… 🙂

  80. Lars

    The GPS watch is great – but i also like the rubber ducky…

  81. Angelus

    Oh yes, please!

  82. Robert Olasz

    Nice Polar, would like to use in my orienteering 🙂

  83. Drew W.

    I’ll take the watch. I already have a duck!

  84. Gabe

    Lucky #2! Your the one!

  85. Time to go back to sleep!

  86. lionel birkenbach

    another great watch – its way better & more useful than a rolex

  87. Matej

    I want the duck also….

  88. Paul

    I want!! Haha!

  89. Jorge Coto

    Thanks for the great website Ray! Crossing my fingers…

  90. Pete

    My alarm freaked me out!

  91. Ron

    Quack, Quack, Waddle, Waddle all day long,
    Quack, Quack, Waddle, Waddle sing a duck song.

  92. Stanislav

    Let’s see…

  93. Virginia

    I was all excited about the duck! Though the watch looks pretty good too 😉

  94. Johan

    Count me in!

  95. Meredith E.

    #comment #below

  96. Moh Boon Howe

    Mine… please!!! Mine!!!

  97. Niek te Hennepe

    This is a watch, witch is made for me

  98. JW

    Cool duck

  99. John

    Ooooh, with this I could finally determine which is better Polar or Garmin 🙂

  100. Peter Day

    Nice watch!

  101. Simon L

    Yes please

  102. Mathias

    Good morning!

  103. I more of Garmin, but this is a good gadget too ;P

  104. Pingwin

    Polar Duck 🙂

  105. Jeremy

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    I hope I win!

  106. Tom B

    Scrach me lucky

  107. Mbg

    Great, for compaire with my Garmin clocks…..

  108. Maria

    My baby screams in my ear every three hours. Coincidence? I think not….

  109. Shane O'Brien

    Do we get the duckie as well?

  110. Just the one my wive has 🙂

  111. lexelfr

    Time to play

  112. Thomas

    Nice one again; looking forward to see how things go: thank you!

  113. Michael Madsen

    please pick me

  114. Steve E.

    Simply leaving a comment below…

  115. Nicole

    The excitement continues

  116. Victoria

    Fingers crossed x2! Plus for the duck.

  117. Daniel N

    Wish me luck

  118. Will

    In. Thanks Ray!

  119. Henry Collet


  120. Adi mulmule

    I m in

  121. Tim

    Great pic, great way to keep your kit tidy

  122. francisco

    love the duck

  123. Eric

    Not on the rug, man.

  124. Martina

    Give me the Duck!

  125. naomi

    would love this watch

  126. Bartek

    I’m a Garmin user but I’d love to test Polar

  127. Ryan P

    Thanks Ray!

  128. Jerome

    Another great!

  129. Michal

    number two

  130. Elizabeth Madsen

    really cool

  131. Here I am. pick me pls.

  132. Ruben R. Espelid

    Hoping to win!

  133. eli

    From Bike Virginia

  134. Roger

    Trying my luck again 🙂

  135. Martin S

    Polar were my first sport watch bought almost 5 years ago. I think I will always be curious about what progress they did since then 🙂

  136. MartinK

    I’d love to win this.

  137. Giedrius

    Nice duck. Love yellow.

  138. Jacov

    Looks good

  139. Keith

    Polar for me

  140. af5ive

    I have never had a Polar watch before. -Shawn

  141. Tuty

    Hoping to win this sweet polar gps unit:)

  142. Sean Mackin

    Thanks Ray!

  143. Ari

    Oh well, let’s get on with this too. And a big thank you for your very informative site.

  144. Fabrice A

    I love the little duck !

  145. Mabel verde

    nice duck, love the watch

  146. Colin waugh

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  147. Tomasz

    Let’s try this one

  148. Marcos

    That’d be a nice addition

  149. Roger

    Want it!

  150. Mike

    yes please

  151. Jaime

    Quack quack!!!

  152. German


  153. Seamus

    Yeah! Polar!

  154. Tal

    Count me in!

  155. Juan76

    Here i go

  156. RichardHR

    Great! I’m in! Thanks Ray!

  157. Patrick


  158. MarcinD.

    Maybe this time…

  159. Daniel Tremblay

    GL everyone !

  160. Anna

    I want it!

  161. Thorre

    duck duck go!

  162. Jann

    It is perfect for me!

  163. Mau

    Ok, at least I’m not late on this one:)

  164. Jason

    Rubber ducky, you’re the one…

  165. Vincent Pimentel

    Half asleep!

  166. Simon

    Quack Quack Quack !

  167. Ron Oliver

    Thanks for running the contest.

  168. Marco Passarelli

    Si por favor!

  169. Michael W

    Another sweet 3-hour prize!

  170. Mike

    Awesome, good luck everyone!

  171. Alex

    Love the website

  172. Erik


  173. Nathan

    Goodies, goodie-goodie-yum-yum

  174. Peter

    Your website seems slow today. I wonder why…

  175. Robert M.

    Still sleepy!

  176. Rob

    ooga booga

  177. Lynn B.

    Got this one in a little sooner….maybe that will help

  178. Jennifer Wilker

    Woo hoo

  179. Sucheta

    Count me in 🙂

  180. Dean

    It’s a shame that the duck is out…

  181. sergio

    I like it. Please count me in!

  182. Nate

    I’ll be running in AK; quite appropriate.

  183. Duck looks fantastic!

  184. Brandon T

    I really appreciate this kind gesture to the community!

  185. eugen

    Bring it! And thanks again Ray!

  186. Wayne

    Holy crap. I was a bit late in on this one. Pick me. Cheers Ray.

  187. Rod

    So, 03.00 US Eastern Time is 08.00 in UK – your site is an education as always.

  188. Chris bates

    Nice watch

  189. Robert

    Sounds Good to Me

  190. Joeri B

    My wife is collecting ducks :-), can you win that as well ? I’d be more interested in the watch though !!!

  191. Anders Majland

    Here we go again – but your server’s time is ahead with ~3-4 minutes

  192. Rick Smits

    All good fun! Reviewing my file from my recent Alpe D’Heuz ride. Loving it! Living it!

  193. Sienna

    I like to run and I can use a watch…

  194. My second the best choice as a gps watch 🙂

  195. Snir

    Great !

  196. Rob king

    Thanks for the good info

  197. Amy Bates

    love that watch

  198. Dave

    I could certainly use a GPS watch!

  199. Nick Josey

    Hi Ray – as I said last time, love your work (although I wish had more cash to spend, all this power meter talk is building an urge… :))

    Would love to win – thanks.

  200. Alan

    Would love to have this watch!!

  201. Frank medina

    Love the watch

  202. Mieszko

    My precioussss! ;P

  203. michael buglass


  204. Rain

    Nice piece of training equipment. Good choice for giveaway.

  205. Jarrod Williams

    A great looking watch 🙂

  206. Jim Libecco

    I can tolerate not winning the duck.

  207. Martin Smith

    Yes Please 🙂

  208. Arnaud

    Count me in!

  209. stefan

    Does the watch come with the duck? Way cool!

  210. Love the duck, I want one…

  211. cekino_doro

    Count me in!

  212. Tom

    I like ^^

  213. Henrik

    Everybody and their dogs are here to try to get some free stuff! 🙂

  214. Ryan Suarez

    Great watch. My Garmin 610 broke 2 Mo back so I could use a good GPS watch. Thnx DCR

  215. Bruce L

    Comments seem to be going up quicker at 3am than at middnight! Could my son have the rubber ducky?

  216. Ganabu

    I’m in for the Polar. Thank you.

  217. Avan

    I’m in… yo-yo

  218. George Tujan

    count me in!

  219. Don Kiely

    I’d love this one! Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  220. Onno Wouters

    Absolutly needed to improve my training!

  221. Juergen

    One Polar and one Duck please.

  222. Paul Wakeford


  223. klonnolk

    I’m not gonna think about comment. 😀

  224. RomanTheCube


  225. oldSAP

    must try using a Polar now that the GPS is integrated. does the giveaway include the rubber duckie? 🙂

  226. Costa

    YES pls!!!

  227. Jay

    Love this site! Thanks, Ray!

  228. Hans

    Cool duck!

  229. Stefan

    I’m in 🙂

  230. Hope to be my running watch

  231. iamuwere

    in to win

  232. Cam

    Am i too early?

  233. speggio

    Why isn t the duck included? ahahahahah

  234. Lisa

    I feel like I’m cheating by being in GMT. My tune may be changed by tonight!

  235. Reid K

    Duck, duck, hrm.

  236. Alex Robinson


  237. Timo

    Wat, did I make it into first 300 commenters?

  238. Ron Kopilov

    Yes please!

  239. John Nunn


  240. georg pieber

    yes please

  241. Wow it gets better!

  242. Yves

    Nice Duck ;-P

  243. Alessandro

    Oh yes, I would appreciate it

  244. Colby Raley

    Love the watch, and the duckling. Would be happy to just get the watch!

  245. Andy D


  246. Arbra


  247. Peter

    Hello from Belgium!

  248. MihaM

    Yes. Like it!

  249. Chunyan

    I sure hope to win 1!

  250. Isaac Ramirez

    count me in!! I want it !! please!!

  251. Harry


  252. In to get it ! The Polar rocks for sure

  253. Chris T

    Round 2

  254. Reidar von Hirsch

    I want it!

  255. RobW

    beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

  256. Andrew

    My mom is so fat! :<

  257. Ronen

    look great 🙂

  258. Never had polar before…

  259. Eric

    Here we go again

  260. PattiC

    Hope I make it!! Please!1

  261. Ryan

    trying again!

  262. Peter oom

    I like!

  263. Roelof

    Yes please.

  264. Patrick

    Need a new watch!

  265. Jeff Timleck

    Thanks ray!

  266. D

    Thank you!

  267. Pete

    yes please !!!!!

  268. Tim Carpenter

    Yes please!

  269. Sebastian


  270. Arno Lamprecht

    I really want this watch

  271. Putting my name in the hat.

  272. angelo

    Give me that watch! Haha hi ray! send some of those over here in the Philippines

  273. Alan Pope

    Not sure what to say really…..just got back in from early ride and I’m fooooooked!

    Oh well, have a great day everyone!

  274. Tomek

    Count me in! 🙂

  275. Fra77

    Gimme one 🙂

  276. Robert

    Very Cool.

  277. Adrian Walag

    i want!

  278. Jørn

    Run run 🙂

  279. Duck! There is a HRM coming…

  280. Neeraj

    Me too!

  281. Paul

    Yay, Polar! 😀

  282. Cameron M

    Polar rocks; just like your site! Thnx Ray and Clever Training.

  283. Kbartlez

    Me please!

  284. Joel

    I’m in.

  285. Patrick Leegte

    Awesome training tool. Pick me, pick me!

  286. Matej

    Nice watch 🙂

  287. Wow – does it come with the rubber duckie?

    Thanks Ray!

  288. Jason

    Hello from Sweden!

  289. Danno

    By the end of the day the site will have reached 70000

  290. Would love to upgrade from my hrm to a GPS watch

  291. alex

    Yeeha! Thanks for the giveaway!

  292. I have the same duck!!!

  293. Svein-Erik Bjørnholt

    Would love one. 🙂

  294. Keep Tring, Always Training? RC3 is the tool I need!

  295. Sara

    Absolutely love the watch !

  296. Alfredo

    Nice, send it in Italy please! 😉

  297. Droffen

    2. einen für mich

  298. Harrison


  299. Here we go round two! Will this be my first time to win a price on DC Rainmaker

  300. Rimants

    life is like a box of chocolates…

  301. Wollac

    IMHO Polar is making the best heart rate monitoring devices out there. I had to switch to Garmin because of their GPS support some time ago. So, I would love to try out this new Polar!

  302. Bryan

    Include the rubber ducky

  303. Rob

    I just started running and this Polar would fulfill all my running needs. Too bad the duck is not included though… 🙂

  304. Duncan

    A competition open to an international market – Absolutely awesome!

  305. Yves

    Supercool! To bad the duck is not included.

  306. Verbeke Jessie

    me me me me 🙂

  307. Ivar

    Me too.

  308. Gerrit

    Yes, nice watch, maybe a good time to switch back to Polar.

  309. Rosemarie Flores

    i’m not a fan of fancy gps watches (which sometimes has too many functions for me) so this watch is good enough.

    yay! hope i win. 🙂

  310. Anssi

    Hello from Finland! 🙂

  311. David

    hello again!

  312. Frankie Cheang

    I hope to win this!!! 😛

  313. Bernard

    Maybe this time… ?
    Maybe just the duck (haven’t seen that review yet!)

  314. Kevin J

    I’ll take one….

  315. szyMarek

    Who let the dogs out! Who?

  316. Natalie

    Quacking Watch!! 😀

  317. Michael

    I need that one 🙂

  318. Roy

    Great watch. Pity there’s no duck 😉

  319. Jinyu

    …just posting a comment to get mr duck!

  320. Omri Pelerman

    Dibs on the duck!

  321. Kip

    I’m in!

  322. Anouk

    Pretty please…..awesome tool!

  323. d'heilly seb

    Yes me !!

  324. Miss the first one. But here i am!

  325. alan galang

    #368 my lucky number!

  326. Sara

    No pain, No Gain !!

  327. Scott

    I’d take the time to make a pun about a running watch, but it’s past midnight and I’m going to bed.

  328. Mattias B

    bring it on to me!

  329. Koen

    There we go again!

  330. james denton

    i wonder how many will enter this one???

  331. ZD

    This looks great.

  332. Daniel

    Does the little duck come with it? Thanks for the give-away!

  333. Alex

    Hello from Perth, Australia! Great website btw 😉

  334. Laurence

    Love this stuff DC. Keep smashing it.

  335. Round two, begin!

  336. enrico

    Oh well here i am…lucky?!…let see

  337. LKP48

    Yay lets enter!

  338. From Russia with love!

  339. MartialMax

    Were is my duck?

  340. Petrus Bucur

    Nice duck, great swimming technique.

  341. Joe

    Thanks for doing the give aways!

  342. Chris

    Me likey. 3:15am eastern, so tired. But want to b be prepared for zombie apocalypse.

  343. Stefan Bayer

    My Old polar Just broke

  344. This is probably the best Polar unit right now. Finally they went for a integrated GPS instead of external.

  345. Daryl

    RCX3 with integrated GPS – excellent watch!

  346. kim

    Keep trying and thanks for the watches 🙂

  347. Nice duck! But the watch would be nice too 🙂

  348. Antonio Cruz

    Just what I need…

  349. Gordon Binnie

    Totally quackers

  350. She touched my wrist lightly with her hand.

    “Be brave,” she said.

    “It’s not a duck, is it?”

  351. Trent

    Another awesome giveaway!

  352. GOOD LUCK!
    I really like this watch

  353. HP Hwang

    Nice duck!

  354. Phil

    I’m craving for this one! 🙂

  355. James


  356. Rob

    Love the blog after I read your Paris marathon report, which I was in too!
    While we were there we came to see Bertie’s cupcakery but it was closed!
    Anyway, hello from York, uk

  357. Dom Rogers


  358. Ronen Ben Ari

    Fantastic site!! Keep with the good work!

  359. Sheila

    I’m in too. Thanks.

  360. Sara

    Yabba Dabba Doo !!

  361. OMG it looks like dishwasher 🙂

  362. Angie Cheng

    This watch is awesome

  363. Tom Barry

    Yes please!

  364. tmz

    You’ve got to give away the duck.

  365. You rock DCRAINMAKER

  366. berber


  367. Johnny G

    Awesome duck – awesome watch!

  368. Joe

    I’m in!

  369. Jan

    running with Polar RC3 will be motivation! 🙂

  370. Jacob bugno

    Second one down

  371. Edward Chan

    I like this

  372. Taylor

    Nice Nice Nice.

  373. Conor Dolan

    Very cool looking polar!

  374. il me la faut 😉

  375. Marcus Rees-Whybrow

    I hope I can convert between GMT and Eastern Time okay.
    I want one! Please.

  376. Nic

    Wow almost 500 posts and only 20 min in. The odds are against me :/

  377. heiha

    This one is for me 🙂

  378. dddavidee

    yeah!! me me me!! moi!

  379. Ricky

    Great site and Reviews
    And that Clock is probably great on my arm 🙂

  380. Emil

    I’m in!

  381. I need a Polar RC3

  382. Davide

    Good choise, the polar with gps, very slim with a big screen!!! perfect for run!

  383. martins ozolins

    a Polar for my lady please

  384. Daniel B

    Awesome duck!

  385. Anthony A

    I’m in!

  386. Nick

    Please be me

  387. Adam

    Yes Please

  388. Johannes

    GOOOOOOOOOD Morning!

  389. Tashunko


  390. Anoik

    Nice one. I want it!

  391. Mart


  392. Matt

    Love this watch

  393. Eric S

    I think I saw a putter tat!

  394. Nicholas

    Pick meeeee!!!!

  395. don

    immprove my training!

  396. David Passarelli

    My original ambit is gettin’ old…sign me up for the Garmin!

  397. Sebastian

    Thats it baby! Want that watch so bad…I’ll have a nice spot for the duck as well as my swim partner

  398. Stephen O'Driscoll

    Ooh I would love this!

  399. Terry Reich

    It’s mine!

  400. Martin Sanderhoff

    Looking good

  401. Daniele Iozzino

    Hey there.

  402. Sean

    Count me in.

  403. Jonathan.L


  404. Laurent

    Dear Ducky, I know it’s going to break your heart for you to split with your RC3, but be sure it’s going to be well taken care of…

  405. uri

    my precious!!!

  406. Robin Warrington

    Yes please

  407. Brian T.

    “And broke a major rule of engagement!” Name the movie! I finished my workout.

  408. Damir Gabeljic


  409. I was told today that running with my iPhone just isn’t cool enough :-), so this watch would be perfect for me right now!

  410. Herbert

    is the duck included?

  411. Stefan

    I’d give it a try!

  412. griz

    love it.

  413. Marcell

    I use Polar for most of my trainings, and uhhh…. a GPS would be quite helpful, Ray:)))
    Thank you for the extravaganza opportunity!

  414. Swampo

    Ermm I’d like to win this watch please.

  415. Janus

    nice watch

  416. Gijs

    Nice watch!

  417. Kevin

    I did want to try this Polar out, but I will get a chance now.

  418. Adz

    Lucky twice?

  419. Peter G

    Polaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!! 🙂

  420. Filipe

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  421. Tejbisht

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    Thanks a lot!

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    Maybe time to retire the Garmin.

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  627. Asher B

    I recently got my hands on a used RCX5 (after reading, or more to the point getting addicted to this blog). It came with speed/cadence sensors which I sold off and along with selling my old FT80 more or less upgraded for free.

    Anyway it completely changed my running and my running motivation. I am also a very busy traveler for work and managed to ‘collect’ runs all across the world recently (I upload them to FB). My favorites are across London and in Shanghai (as I like to collect runs on a map I prefer ‘one way’ maps and thus one way runs, I take the metro back…..)

    SO this coming weekend is my first race, I pretty much last minute decided to upgrade to the full marathon instead of the half have run 18M max in training. (it only cost a few more $$$ for full marathon over half, so better value for $$$ or cheaper per mile, kind of the use speed vs use pace issue). It’s a friendly race only 100 in the marathon and a few more 100s in the 10K and half

    I have been training using speed only, and will convert to pace after this race, decided not to cnfuse myself before first race

    Lastly my RCX5 allows you to put a personal logo on it I put DCrainmaker (split in 2 DCRAIN above MAKER)

  628. Samuel

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    Thanks for the giveaways

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    Although the watch seems nice. :))

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    Keep up the great work

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    Us Swedes needs some DC Rainmaker representation. Hit me up with a watch and a bunch of stickers would you? 😉

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    I hope so!

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    I’m a Garmin owner but would love to try a Polar watch

    great site. Congrats Ray!

  760. “That day, not a single duck was given”


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