Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Edge 510 or Edge 810


Sometimes you just can’t decide.  Like when eating donuts. Apple fritter or maple bar?  That’s sorta how it was for this giveaway.  I couldn’t decide between the 510 or the 810.  Some folks want mapping, and some want a slightly slimmer model.  Thus, I figure I’ll let the winner decide.  You win, you decide.  And, if you want the slightly more aged Edge 500 – you can have that instead.  Your choice.

At any rate, the Edge 510 & 810 are the first cycling units on the market to connect to your phone and broadcast your current speed, cadence, power, heart rate, and location data to friends and Facebook feeds everywhere.  And, when it comes time to find the way, both units some various forms of navigation – just like I used last week.  Of course, you’ll still have to do all the pedaling, for that, it won’t do.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 9:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Garmin Edge 510 & Edge 810 In-Depth Reviews

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left.  If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US.  Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 3-hour timespan specified above.  All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above.  Winners will be chosen randomly.  Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training.  Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them.  I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments.  So refrain from re-trying 28 times, fear not, it’ll show up.  Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. Andrew Collins


  2. Chris T

    Yes, I need one.

  3. MartinK

    Just what I need!

  4. Sebastian Flores


  5. Plodders

    weeeee 😀

  6. Clint Lehman

    Want one please!!!!

  7. speggio

    here I am….done

  8. Owen Delaney


  9. James

    Just a friendly centipede trying to win…

    …..\…../ ….
    …╚⊙ ⊙╝…

  10. Pat Shea

    Yes please

  11. Renee von Behren

    More Garmin!

  12. erin

    I’d love both

  13. Andrew M

    Yes please!

  14. Mike Owens

    Yes please!

  15. Alvaro Garcia

    I want this too!!!

  16. Ola

    Wow, I’d really like one of those to monitor my bike rides!

  17. Joe

    I’m in

  18. Yes please looks great

  19. Kristian Geleff

    Yes please!

  20. Jake

    Good afternoon

  21. tony


  22. Tim F

    Thanks Ray, I hope to win!

  23. lionel birkenbach

    i need on so bad

  24. Shannon Field

    Very nice!

  25. Josh W

    This is a comment.

  26. AshleyR

    Maybe this time?

  27. Chad

    I really need this!!!

  28. Kurt Hufker

    In it to win it!

  29. Jeremy

    Awesome cycling computers! I look forward to seeing who wins this one.

  30. Stefani

    Such great items today!

  31. Lee Acker

    Great! Thanks

  32. JAG

    Yeah! Nice bike ride…

  33. Arno Lamprecht

    Awesome! I want one

  34. Fernando Garrido

    Lo quiero!

  35. Genevieve Lehman

    This would be great on my new carbon bike!!

  36. jeremy Walden

    I’m in!!!!

  37. James

    810 baby!!

  38. Dave

    I need one of these to replace my phone.

  39. Corey Morreale

    810 please

  40. Susanna


  41. Luc Simoneau

    Cool looking on my bike!!!

  42. Roger

    This would be a nice upgrade from my Edge 305!

  43. CraigM

    Awesome Giveaway!

  44. Mirek


  45. shannon


  46. Paul Beland

    I really need one

  47. Carrie

    Thanks for your great web site.

  48. James

    i want it!

  49. Now we’re talking.

  50. James

    So want to upgrade from 500 to A 810 so my family and friends can keep track of me

  51. Brian

    good stuff going out today!

  52. Colby Raley

    This may be the motivation I need to get a new road bike. :)

  53. Chris Rodriguez

    Garmin FTW

  54. Charlotte Smith

    Wow, either would be great!

  55. Bobus

    Oh yes please!!!

  56. Droffen

    7. möchte ich gern

  57. Joey

    Lets try this again’

  58. Duncan

    Awesome stuff :)

  59. Mike Hufker

    Going to win something!

  60. bcvelo


  61. Mike

    Love it!

  62. 810 for me!!!

  63. Mike

    Cross your fingers.

  64. Eduardo Blanco


  65. Stefan Wallström

    Yes please! =)

  66. L. habraken

    count me in

  67. Manuel Arguelles


  68. Michele Potter

    pick me please!

  69. Rob

    I could use one.

  70. Jennifer in TX

    This would be awesomeness!

  71. Thomas

    alarm clock needed: :) let’s hope for it this time:)

  72. Sharon

    I hate centipedes. I want to win!

  73. Kevin Dawson

    Ad again, the boy delivers

  74. Graham Steven

    Win win win

  75. Michael

    It never ends :-) keep the stuff coming

  76. Sheila

    Thanks as always!

  77. Enrique

    Another great product. Thanks!!

  78. Bcrle

    Definitely want 810 please

  79. Laura Morgan

    Lets go

  80. teleguy57

    Ok, Ray, now it’s my turn:)

  81. andrew d

    so nice of you!

  82. Nick G

    Count me in – hope I’ll have a decision to make!

  83. Hugo Noronha

    Great add to the give away

  84. Justin Hoffer

    Either one :)

  85. Federico Regazzo

    Let’s go!!!

  86. Vinicius


  87. JimH23

    All this gadgety goodness! I’m dying to win something!

  88. Matt F

    And then I can have a dedicated computer for my road bike.

  89. Daniel

    The hits keep on coming!

  90. Ian Cassidy

    Would so love one of these! My mate got a 510 nice unit

  91. Dec

    810 for me!

  92. NealW

    The show goes on and on and on……

  93. Ricardo Pereira

    I’m in!!

  94. Daniel Saurug

    But this one I’m going to win!

  95. Steve S.

    Oh, man, this is the one I need!

  96. Conor Dolan

    810 all the way!! :-)

  97. elquike

    Keep on!!

  98. Chuck Potter

    that would be sweet!

  99. marie

    for realz, i actually need this. i can’t tell you how many times i have gotten lost training on the road by myself because my phone died ;(

  100. Lee

    Hmmm, well happy with either :)

  101. Morgan


  102. Sam Medway

    I would love one!

  103. Ronny Bjarnason

    only one more chance to win after this one – here’s hoping

  104. Eric


  105. Josh C

    Very cool!

  106. Victor


  107. Costa

    count me in!!

  108. another great giveaway!

  109. Linda

    Thank you in advance.

  110. Jason A

    Thanks again!

  111. paul

    810 would be a great replacement for my 305

  112. James Spooner

    In :)

  113. Thomas

    I love this contest!

  114. Chris


  115. Jorge Blanco


  116. Kasey

    oh man, I can’t even believe

  117. Chris

    That would look great on my bike.

  118. Peter Acampora

    me too

  119. Mark Goddard

    Looks cool

  120. ivan

    love your blog, the most desired gadget of the year

  121. loshko

    Pick me, I’ll choose later 😉

  122. Matteo

    i want it

  123. Bill L

    Love me a Garmin!!

  124. Francois

    A cycling computer with maps; why not? I suppose I’ll have to get a Barfly mount if I win. Thanks Ray!

  125. Brett E

    Man I could really use a new computer! (Probably 810, but who knows)

  126. Alan

    Very very nice!!! Would love to have one…

  127. David F

    This would be pretty cool

  128. Mike


  129. Ruben

    Oh yeah!

  130. Mike C

    Yes please!

  131. Louise Kennedy

    Lots of interest in this and why not. Another great giveaway that I’d love to have a chance of winning. Thanks Ray

  132. Aaron

    Sign me up

  133. Brian Doyle

    Edge 810 for me!!

  134. jabowen


  135. Lynette

    Most Excellent!

  136. Phillip Partridge

    I would be totally lost if I didn’t win this.

  137. Frederick Bancroft

    ^ That centipede comment was hilarious.


    Here’s hoping for an Edge in this contest!

  138. Patricia garrido

    I like both. Regards

  139. Juho

    Count me in!

  140. Jann

    That would be nice!

  141. Paul

    I’ll go with the 810! Yay, maps!

  142. Patrick Maese

    Oh oh! Me me!

  143. Teresa Freire

    Awesome devices!

  144. Peter K


  145. Irene Smith

    yeah! I got to comment. Huge thanks from Portland

  146. Kurt Koschnitzke


  147. BroSizwe

    Howzit for the Garmins!!!!

  148. RichardHR

    Thanks Ray, please send me 810, i hope i will win.

  149. maria

    con este entrenaria de maravilla

  150. Daniela S.

    Count me in.

  151. Daniel Pfulg

    810 rocks…

  152. John Fox

    A new Garmin would certainly look spiffy on my old bike!

  153. Joe

    Just what my wife needed!

  154. Dong

    good luck

  155. Jernej

    I sure wouldn’t mind some maps on my bike computer :).

  156. Matthew

    Hope I have an edge to win this edge!

  157. Niki G

    Yay. I love stuff!

  158. Ann

    Another perfect gadget for my new cyclist

  159. Mike

    How many cool gadgets do you have at your place.

  160. Christian

    Please, I would like one.

  161. Paul Powell

    Can’t bring myself to stop entering.

  162. Rkeys


  163. Pingwin

    Either…or…which one to choose…

  164. Lindsey Hull

    Would love it!

  165. Gustavo Adolfo

    Great products !!!

  166. Vicky


  167. James


  168. Jason


  169. Thomas Z

    Really could use this…

  170. Eric

    I get lost all the time!!!

  171. LochlainnM

    I want one

  172. Thor R

    Now you’re talking 😉

  173. Panos


  174. Scott Rubant

    Yes sir!

  175. prem

    i want one for my parent

  176. Jason Mant

    Last one as my bed is calling

  177. Martin Ersdal


  178. Daniel Barnes

    me please

  179. Eeku K


  180. Jeremy T

    This would be great on my (fairly) new bike!

  181. Ari

    Well, once again I’m in!

  182. Steven

    More awesome stuff!

  183. jkissane

    Nice would be cool to have!

  184. David Chin


  185. Blake W

    Sign me up please

  186. Pieter-Jan

    I do tend to get lost on my bike :)

  187. Tony

    Woot woot

  188. Fernando Alvarez T

    Hi! congrats!! thanks!

  189. Jorge Marron

    Great giveway Ray. Congratulatios for your Blog!

  190. Aodhán Murray

    Me please

  191. mark hopkins

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Thank you in advance :)

  192. Eduardo Bustamante

    I cannot wait for the results! I want one!

  193. James White

    Yes please, Ray

  194. Roger

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  195. Tyler

    My madone is requesting an 810.

    Cheers, Ty

  196. James

    In it to win it!

  197. This giveaway extravaganza is really addictive. But, off to bed now!

  198. Monia

    I want one!

  199. Christian

    Wauww… More than 50 comments a minute now… This isn’t going to be an easy win!

  200. Philippe

    Yes !!!

  201. joda


  202. Changren Yong

    810 baby!

  203. Martin Devine

    Thanks again for making these opportunites available.

  204. Andy AJ


  205. Karlis Z

    Comment :)

  206. Jay

    Wow DCR is the best but this is also very nice

  207. Tommy Torwald

    Desperately need an 810 to keep from getting lost in my new home country. The old school way tends to ruin the workouts… Thanks for a great blog!

  208. Lawrence Keller

    It’s time to replace my 500

  209. Sean

    Not cool James, (#12). It’s a pain scrolling down on a tablet as it is..

  210. george

    sure ill take one :)

  211. Kasia


  212. dan h.


  213. Luis Rubi

    This is it!

  214. Alistair

    This and the quarq please 😉

  215. Ben

    Double the pleasure, double the fun.

  216. Mike B

    Looks good

  217. It’s on my shopping list so winning one would be great.

  218. Andrew

    Ray, I won’t sleep this night! ;(

  219. Brian T

    Thanks Ray…keep em coming.

  220. Mike Gagliano

    810 please!

  221. klonnolk

    thanks! :)

  222. Mike G


  223. Patrick

    810 please.

  224. Andrew M

    Full color!

  225. Maybe the 810, or maybe the 510 or…. I think the decision will have to come if I somehow win :)

  226. Steven

    I want whatever I get.

  227. MihaV

    810 would bi nicer!

  228. Isabelle

    Nice again !

  229. Tiago Pinhal

    I’m in!

  230. Ale

    Good night

  231. Runningbezz

    Yes please, thank you very much

  232. Emma Pyne


  233. garrop

    I go for mapping with my mtb…

  234. thija59

    going to bed

  235. Sean

    Mapping for the win!

  236. Johanna T.

    I hope I win.

  237. Dr. D

    Decisions, Decisions….which one :-)

  238. Jack

    Yes please! :)

  239. jimmy


  240. Muffy

    Both look sweet

  241. Adam

    Would really love an 810.

  242. Jamie

    Yes please.

  243. Fred Prats

    Hello i’d like this one

  244. Jeremy

    Would be cool bike accessory

  245. Sjoerd Witjes

    Nice! Would be a good replacement of my old 705.

  246. Markie B

    This is crazy cool and generous Ray. Thanks

  247. Haris Khan

    I’ll take both this and the kikr

  248. Cindy B

    Over the edge x2 – Yay!!!

  249. Dan

    Wow – the “hits” just keep on coming! Very Nice…

  250. Pascual Pérez

    its amazing this big big big giveaway!!!

  251. Antonella

    Yes please

  252. Brian Olson

    I’m in!

  253. Ken W

    I’d love to have one.

  254. Ross Pyne

    Yes please

  255. Rob

    I love me some garmin

  256. JoshW

    I want the 810!

  257. Rob Forshaw

    I want!!

  258. Michael


  259. twoxj

    Cool. Count me in.

  260. Stephane

    Will make good use of it

  261. Dave Fluker

    Wow…gotta have one!

  262. Petrus Bucur

    510 or 810 ?

  263. Martin S

    Amazing devices. It would be a nice replacement of my Edge 705 :-)

  264. Jón


  265. Brian T.

    “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

  266. Rodrigo Lucchesi

    Its mine!!!

  267. Stephen

    Thanks, Ray!

  268. Chris

    Great, I was really hoping you would offer one of these!

  269. Helena

    This is my entry. Thanks for the contest!

  270. Yves

    Oh no … choices …

  271. Dan

    I would love one of these, thank you!

  272. Mike


  273. Brett g

    Would be nice to have

  274. Don McAuslan


  275. J Suh


  276. Nicole

    So generous

  277. Andrew

    Please send one to me.

  278. Jared Holdcroft


  279. Ted Bradley

    Wow :)

  280. Tony Wilson

    Is there a reason you’d take the 510 over the 810?? Count me in.

  281. Iris van Breda

    The 810 please :-)

  282. Sitting on the Edge of my seat…

  283. John K

    Great offer. Drop my name into the hat.

  284. Gae

    still here before going to bed.

  285. krystian

    After this one I will go to sleep 😉

  286. Lilian

    I opt for 810

  287. Francesco

    I love Garmin!!

  288. luki


  289. tom


  290. Could be an expensive husband tracker… So 😉

  291. Lisa

    Night night

  292. Lev

    One more to go.

  293. Mylene Guerin

    Would love one :-)

  294. bettieq

    cool giveaways!

  295. Alvaro Costa

    Yes, please!!!

  296. James Lowden

    I’m there. 810 probably.

  297. Johnsy

    Nice one DCR

  298. jose

    i want one for my bike

  299. Peter Kingsland

    Yay not too late for this one!!

  300. Arnel Dalisay

    Like it a lot.

  301. mila_n

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training for the extravaganza.

  302. Mike

    Count me in! I would like one!

  303. Gingerjedi

    Yet another amazing prize!

  304. nklein

    over here

  305. corresponsal

    I’ ll trink about which one to choose if I’m drawn…

  306. Conor McQ

    fingers crossed :)

  307. Manuel


  308. I want this one!!! 😀

  309. Mark Allen

    The awesomeness continues!

  310. Steve Knapp


  311. Today I got lost on my road bike! I hope I win these :)

  312. Andrew G

    Just what I wanted!! :-)

  313. Tracy

    Ooooo want to get an 810 for the husband

  314. Fabio Pires dos Reis

    Hold one time!
    Ship it!

  315. Chris Skinner

    cool toys!

  316. Chris

    Wife got a new bike, a garmin sure would be nice.

  317. Last chance before it’s time to turn off the lights in Germany. Maybe this (810) might work. Thank you!

  318. Garrett

    for my pops

  319. D.C. T.O

    Wow what a day this has been on DCR lol incredible

  320. Dan

    Love the blog

  321. Andrew

    I missed a couple, but I’m back!

  322. Stuart Stent

    yet another nice prize!

  323. Albert_U

    I’m in the market for one. Why not. I’m in.

  324. edgerider

    cool stuff, actually want one to avoid junk miles :)

  325. Pascal

    810 for me , if that ok :)

  326. TW

    entry, thx!

  327. Martín Levolsky

    I really want it ;D

  328. Alasdair Clark

    One of those would look sweet on my Bike x

  329. Teachertim

    This is just awesome.

  330. Frank Z

    Count me in!

  331. Daniel B

    Yes please

  332. Alex

    Oops, missed the kicker, but at least I can get in on te edges!

  333. Brad

    I’m not picky!

  334. Mike

    Yes please

  335. Would be a nice upgrade from my 500

  336. Neal

    it’s like a call in radio show here. everyone just hanging around waiting for the opportunity to post and maybe win a prize!

  337. Kim Carroll

    Decisions, decisions. Guess I’ll re-read the reviews one more time.

  338. Jessica

    I do love having options.

  339. Stephen O'Driscoll

    This 810 definitely for my brother. I just bought the 810 and have used it twice. My brother is quite envious. He would love it!

  340. Mike

    mmm 810 goodness

  341. Brandon Blanck

    810 I think!

  342. ML

    Yes please!

  343. Tisztul_A_Visztula

    Edge810 for me or an axe, Ray. :-)

  344. Alberto

    Woah! Ray, are you sure you won’t have to move under one of the bridges on the Seine after this giveaway?


    Awesome. I want one!

  346. Matthew Basanta

    Pick me

  347. Ian Denton

    Oh yes please

  348. Zach


  349. Ed

    Looks great!

  350. Dave Gilson

    I want to be a winner.

  351. luis


  352. Justin


  353. Bill

    I am a garmin devotee but have yet to pony up for an 800/500 or 810/510… Would be nice to win one!

  354. Chris Walkup

    Thanks Ray!

  355. Mike

    Either one would be great!

  356. Andre

    Reverse Psychology, I dont want to win an 810

  357. David Weisz

    right here!

  358. a 510 would be nice!

  359. mapping it is :-) still riding with my trusty old gpsmap 60scx and a seperate heart rate and cadence watch

  360. Michele

    This would be awesome!

  361. Ricardo Alves

    it would just fit so nice in my bike!

  362. Sarah

    Fingers crossed!

  363. Hmmm, both are awesome.

  364. Cindy

    OH PLEASE! I would love to win this!!!!

  365. Adam

    I’d really like one of those! :)

  366. Barnabie A

    gives me a reason to buy a bike

  367. Lisa

    I would like the 810, but either would be great!

  368. Tim


  369. Bill

    I could use some live tracking goodness.

  370. Conor

    Keep on trying…

  371. Norbert

    Cool! :)

  372. PattiC

    pick me pick me pick me :)

  373. Jon H

    Would paying you a compliment improve my chances of winning? I like your hair Ray!

  374. Alex Green

    I’m in.

  375. José


  376. Brian Bier

    I could use this also

  377. ThomasR

    I would have a hard time choosing, but I can do it!

  378. David

    Love Garmin

  379. Dan Kuratko

    I’m in!

  380. Clint

    I keep trying. I hope it pays off!

  381. Jonathan Palmer

    I think I would choose the Garmin 810! It would be a nice upgrade from my edge 500.

  382. Monika


  383. Gareth Davis

    Would fit nicely on my CAAD9

  384. Robert

    Cmon bday boy needs some presents!!!!

  385. Zoe

    I would love one of these!

  386. Fabiano Araujo

    Another round! Another chance!

  387. Jim DAmico

    I’m in!!!

  388. Tim

    Would have to be the 810!

  389. Josh

    This is crazy, way to go Ray!

  390. Ganabu

    Mmmmm. Yes please.

  391. Bryan

    Let’s do this!

  392. JP Tareila


  393. Gail

    Along with your instructions for downloading free maps…

  394. Allan

    Here’s my entry!

  395. Jinyu

    510 for me! thanks!

  396. Owen Yeates

    I’m in!

  397. Derek

    Yes please!

  398. Steven

    Last one for me, off to bed now! Good luck everybody!

  399. Fernando

    Wow those are cool!!!!

  400. Shane Manner

    I’ll take a shot

  401. miguel

    good night

  402. Henry Collet

    810 all the way

  403. Courier

    Nice one bro!

  404. MartinT

    Love my 500 – an 810 would be awesome for trips away from home so I don’t get lost!

  405. John Nunn


  406. Catarina M

    I want one!

  407. Jason

    Nothing would make this year sweeter

  408. Yezz pliiiise!

    /Richard from Sweden

  409. Jesse Han

    Yes, please!

  410. Rogério

    I’m in!

  411. Daniel Tremblay

    GL everyone

  412. Jon

    Yes please!

  413. Eric Welch


  414. Simone

    I’m on this one! : )

  415. Jake

    I’ll try another contest

  416. Ian Grant

    Ooh, can’t decide! I’ll wait until I win…

  417. Michael Ferree

    510 is awesome!

  418. Chris

    Definitely the 810, I’ve gotten lost often enough in the suburbs of NYC to really benefit from this!

  419. I never win your contests, but worth a shot!

  420. Jared

    I don’t like getting lost

  421. Alicia Chase

    Me, me, me!


    what about the vector

  423. Becky

    Third time’s the charm?

  424. Mike

    thx dc

  425. Gavin C

    i’ll take the 810 thanks

  426. Fer Pena

    Keep on trying…
    Thanks Ray!!

  427. Brad Goodridge

    i’d have to get a bike i can ride on the road!

  428. TT

    I’m in

  429. Gordon Binnie

    Sounds good, yes please

  430. Philip

    Love it.

  431. santi


  432. Amy Bates

    Very cool – thanks!!

  433. Rick Woten

    Count me in!

  434. Would love to have this!

  435. Bill B

    Gotta be the 810 for me. Thank you Rainmaker!

  436. Matt

    Count me in again :-)

  437. Carlton

    Difficult decision! I’d probably go with the smaller 510 but woud have to think about it.

  438. Chris

    Would love a 510. Cheers

  439. Ula

    any of them would be great :)

  440. John

    In again. :)

  441. Cassidy Villegan

    yes om yes

  442. Greg


  443. Crazy? No! Insane? Yes!

  444. Chris

    I would love an 810

  445. Matt

    Take me to the Edge!

  446. Si

    Nice touch Ray…. Great products

  447. Hans van Rietschote

    This one would be great

  448. Shaun Moran

    Missing Bluetooth on my current Garmin :-)

  449. alex

    want one

  450. Chris Misker

    Looks great!

  451. Rodney

    Pick me!

  452. Fernando Barandiarán

    I want one of these…. definetively!!!!! give me, give me, give me one please!! hehehe

  453. Steve Eadie

    Yes please.

  454. Alex

    Hmm, hopefully this didn’t get posted twice… but I missed the kicker!

  455. Faith

    Nice! Fingers crossed!

  456. Fred Clausen


  457. Chris Bowers

    It just won’t stop. Thanks for all of this.

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  459. gert

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  460. Gerard Brierley

    I love giveaways! It’s like Oprah’s favourite things but for tri geeks.

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    Thanks man!

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  463. Andy D


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  465. Peter Surnak

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  468. Jacov

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  469. Jonathan

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  470. Bob

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  471. Brad Williams

    Count me in!

  472. Cool, I might finally do the switch to a GPS cycling computer ; )

  473. IWONA

    Yeahhh was really waiting for this one

  474. Alex Heldman

    I would absolutely love one of these! Thanks a ton Ray!

  475. Joe D

    I’m in!

  476. James S

    yes please =)

  477. Richard

    Pick me!

  478. I take the chore of picking between the 510 and 810 gladly, if I win.

  479. Wenzel A

    More data data data, can you tell I love data?

  480. Greg G


  481. Chris Murrer


  482. Scott Stevens

    Would LOVE this!

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  484. Jeff

    I’d never get lost with a Garmin 810 again!

  485. Willem Wijnans

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    Currently thinking 810 but will change my mind at least 30 times before I actually make a decision.

  487. Ed Bortoni

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  488. TZCoaching

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  489. DYarab

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  500. Love to upgrade to the 510/810 …

  501. Rex

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  502. Greg Lanz

    Pick me! :)

  503. John

    Garmin bike computers are awesome, I’ve used a 705 and a 305 and loved both.

  504. Glenn

    Awesome, one for each bike!

  505. Monica

    Cool Ray!

  506. Antoine

    keeps getting better and better! :)

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  523. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  529. Nick van Dijk

    Txs, would be great to have one! Greetings from Holland! Nick

  530. BAM! Hope I win! :-)

  531. Patrick


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    Love what you’re doing.

  533. Maggie Doyle


  534. Cadbury

    What a day of giveaways! Thanks for thinking of your fans!

  535. Pall Arnar Erlendsson

    I need either of those with the power meter you gave earlier. Well actually give it to some one else. I just bought the navi2coach so I am good. Thanks Ray for this awesome giveaway and excelent review. Keep it up

  536. David

    I missed the last give-away, do I have double odds for this one? :)

  537. Guide me to… a Garmin 810

  538. Dph

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  541. Debbie


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  545. Lasse H.


  546. anybody

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  547. Eres un fenomeno

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  553. Jennifer


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  556. oh boy – two units! How will I decide?!

  557. Nick Brown

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  559. patti theroux

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    You are really cranking it!

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  585. I am up all night to get lucky

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  592. Count me in!

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  595. Fer


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  599. Tim


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  612. Garmin marca muy recomendada

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  620. Maria

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  621. Allen

    I haven’t seen a new Garmin device that makes me want to spend money to replace my Edge 500 but if I won one.. I would give it a try. :)

  622. Joshua


  623. francisco castillo

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  624. Amazing! Both are perfect for mtb and road bike!

  625. Neil Grunberg

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  626. Steve

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  627. CGomez

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  630. Please


  631. Chris S

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  637. David Fernandes


  638. Arturo


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  642. Could do with this

  643. Mabel Medina

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  644. Kai

    Pick me!

  645. Johan

    Ok, last entrance for me. Gotta get some sleep now. One of these would help me out since my Suunto T6 has passed away.
    /Johan, Sweden

  646. Tamara Sohl


  647. Jim Pencek

    I need this! Pick me please!!

  648. Jim Nostrom

    What a fantastic Item… going to a church now to pray that I win………..

  649. David


  650. Dave

    An 810 would be perfect!


    I need a garmin. To train properly for serving and fighting for my country. :)

  652. Erin

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  653. Deano

    Oh yes please!

  654. Chris May


  655. Edward Torre

    I am in…mahalo!

  656. James


  657. Hy

    810, all the way! Thanks, Ray!

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  659. Tuck

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  661. Ryan Patriarca


  662. Jose Luis

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  666. Heather


  667. Pete

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  668. Krista

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  670. Peter G

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  671. Christopher Lyle

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  672. Jeff

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  673. trdjohn

    this is the most insane sport geek stuff giveaway I’ve ever seen….awesome!!!!…thanks Ray!!!!

  674. Mikael Klingbjer

    I really like to one of these on my Specialized Roubaix!

  675. Logan

    Another great giveaway!!!

  676. Mike Baird

    The new 810 looks amazing. Wish I could own one!

  677. Multisportsdad

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  678. Eric

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  679. MickyC

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  680. Henrik

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  681. Bill H

    Hey c’mon, when are you going to give away a Safer Swimmer or a Swim It???

    (Just kidding … these have been some great prizes so far!)

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  683. Allen

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  684. Tyler Haas

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  685. Randee Roucoulet

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  686. Ben

    I love the social aspects of these devices.

  687. Ebony

    Ooh yes please, hubby has a 510 and I would love one too.

  688. Stephen Louw

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  689. Charles R

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  690. Dave

    Either would be great.

  691. Kaiju Jim

    My old edge is dying.

  692. David Hicks

    Yes please!

  693. Wayne

    Mapping for me thanks. Good on ya Ray.

  694. Edward Pilatowicz

    pedaling is easy, the hard part is writing down my heart rate, speed, cadence, gps coordinates, temperature, power, etc every second. i’m thinking one of these devices would really help with that.

  695. Theo Renkum


  696. Raf Assumpcao

    hey hi from San Francisco !!!!!

  697. Mark Davis

    Please, please, please!!!!

  698. Mike Szekely

    Your reviews have helped me out before (I went with a Garmin for running & love it – thank you!). And thank you for having this giveaway – awesome!

  699. Tyler

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  700. Christy

    Yes, please! 810 for me!

  701. Denise

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  702. Martyn Bellwood

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  703. Mark

    I would like one of these, very much, indeed, oh yes. Thanks!

  704. Chris

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  705. lannen

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  706. Joy Sherrick

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  707. jacek

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  708. Javi

    3 hours go so fast
    back for more exitement

  709. Abigail Ronald-Louw


  710. Jin Han Teng

    Been trying to get one of these so that my wife can track me when i’m out pedaling.

  711. Lisa

    Me too

  712. Jerrold Alcantara

    810 would be nice on my bike :)

  713. Completely awesome.

  714. Milo

    Definitely the 810, my cell phone battery is on its last legs!

  715. Dan

    The 810 would be super. Wow.

  716. Lindsey G.

    My bike will be naked without one of these!

  717. Chad Hathorne


  718. Joseph

    Please Please Please

  719. Hope to pick something, great DCR, following you everyday…

  720. That would be a lot nicer than the forerunner watch I wear now on bike rides…

  721. Scott L

    Me please

  722. Adam

    Would love to have the 810

  723. Mark Reese

    I’m in. Need my address?

  724. Brad H.

    I really could use this for a big ride coming up! Pick me!!

  725. Erica B


  726. Toby

    I like it!

  727. Matt

    Count me in.

  728. Dan Kutchin

    I can just image using my kitchen passes for some really long rides than asking for forgiveness when I miss dinner!

  729. Stephan

    Please pick me! :-)

  730. Matt Foreman

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  731. Mark

    Any one of these would be amazing.

  732. Gerrard Smith

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  733. Chris Menjou


  734. Robb W

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  735. Alec S

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  736. Matt


  737. Henrik Van Ryzin

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  738. Austin

    I’m In

  739. A choice … wow!

  740. Scott

    In ftw

  741. gabe peer

    Oh great and powerful Oz grant me this one wish!

  742. DanL

    Lemme give this a try too — thanks for the opportunity (fine, even if it doesn’t come with the P3)!

  743. Chris C.

    DC Rainmaker rocks!

  744. Peter


  745. Richard

    Would be great to ride with!

  746. Tami

    and still…no more cupcakes!

  747. Joanne Neukirchen

    I once was lost, but now I’m found…with a garmin 810! :-)

  748. AC

    510 please

  749. Thanks for competition.

  750. Dan

    Me, please!

  751. Dan


  752. Katie S

    Fingers crossed…again!

  753. Sandy Milton

    I’ll pay the postage to Scotland!

  754. CARLOS

    Hmmmm difficult but send me the 810 pls :-)

  755. Beth H

    Yes pleeeease

  756. Francisco J. Lopez

    I need one of these.

  757. Estela

    this one is a must
    cross my fingers

  758. Jennifer Wilker


  759. Michael auchenberg


  760. Paul S

    Tough choice! Thanks Ray!

  761. Michael

    I’ll take whichever one the winner doesn’t want 😉

  762. Mike Blair

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  763. Eric Finnen

    Ohh yeah!

  764. Will D

    These is turning out to be a very fun day :-)

  765. Ryan C

    Hard choice, but I think I can handle it…thanks for another generous offer

  766. luis correia

    like it!!

  767. Bart Broux

    Please let me win the 810, my mon wants to implant a dog gps chip so that she can track me.
    So fingers crossed or I have to go to the vet :(

  768. Martialmax

    Good night!

  769. Jim Brasic

    That would be sweet!

  770. John

    I would like one please.

  771. Fr. Br.


  772. Predatrice

    Maps one the bike would be great.

  773. Kyle Shaw

    Sounds great! I’ll take either!

  774. David

    My wife would be thrilled that I got a new toy for free!

  775. Roelof

    Nice, I’d like one.

  776. Jonathan Harris

    I’ll take the one the winner doesn’t want or just pick me

  777. Dan

    Thanks Ray!

  778. Will

    We have to pick one? :)

  779. Rab

    more great items on offer, thanks Ray!

  780. Benjamin

    One time!!!

  781. Gustavo Jiménez

    Thanks again and again Ray

  782. Bobbo

    I’ll take one

  783. Brian Grabowski

    Count me in on this !!

  784. Pablo

    so much stuffffffffffffff. shut up and take my money!!!

  785. Give it here!

  786. Stephen N


  787. Jeremy


  788. Alec S

    Here we go.

  789. Dusty Holcomb

    Oh goody!!!

  790. chris

    4th time is a charm?

  791. Neal

    Very nice giveaway offer, thanks, I’m in!

  792. Matt Weiner

    Wife said I could get one for Father’s Day but would be so much nicer to win it!

  793. Bill Powers

    Very nice! I love these giveaways.

  794. Lee W

    Go Garmin

  795. Dan Gay

    Im lucky!

  796. Chris O.

    Man, either one of these would look great on my road bike.

  797. Even

    Would love one of these!

  798. Erin Haugen


  799. Justin

    Guessing this one will be heavily subscribed :)

  800. Mark

    Want it !

  801. Gustavo Z.

    would be really nice having one of those down here in Brazil :)

  802. Bryan M

    I’m in

  803. Angela B

    Pick me Please! Can give it to the hubby & maybe he wont keep leaving me behind on cycles! :)

  804. Dan

    What a great give away



  806. lc

    pick me!

  807. Justin

    I’d love a Garmin bike computer!

  808. Stu

    Yes please!

  809. Ruadhan O Grada

    Always wanted an edge!! Thanks for these giveaways!

  810. ward

    810 for me will do just fine :)

  811. Kremlin

    both actually.

  812. youpi!!! merci ray!

  813. Gaspar

    Garmin 810 will be an excellent tool for an ironman training! Excellent page!

  814. Would love to win!!

  815. Sammi

    Thanks Ray

  816. Kieran


  817. Bogi

    again a nice one

  818. Chris Quiet

    I’ll take the 810 please!

  819. Garmin garmin garmin ah! Aiyah, looks like a 510 $ 810 just popped out!

  820. Martin Steiner

    These giveaways are amazing! Would love a Garmin.

  821. Cian O'Sullivan

    I’m in!

  822. Luiz

    come here baby!

  823. bruce

    810 sweet

  824. Kristi S


  825. Shawn

    Would LOVE either of these!

  826. Miguel

    This time

  827. Joe

    Yes please.

  828. Sammi

    Thanks Ray!

  829. Dwayne

    810 is cool

  830. Alex P.


  831. Jason

    Pick me

  832. Paul Dengel

    would love a Garmin anything at this point …

  833. Abhishek

    Holy cow.. This is sooo freeking awesome.. I so want this !!

  834. Jerry

    I’ll take any of them! Thanks Ray, you’re the best!

  835. Steven

    Thank you please

  836. Branden

    me me me me

  837. Gina


  838. Nocode

    Oh my, I would absolutely adore the 810!

  839. Chris

    Great giveaways!

  840. tmosvold

    810 ftw

  841. Ken

    Can’t decide…

  842. Frank B.

    all out!

  843. Andrey

    Sign me up.

  844. Kim S

    Yes! Please and thank you!

  845. Joshua O'Sullivan


  846. Howard

    Would love one

  847. Please, let me win that baby!!!

  848. Stephen S.

    This would be really handy as I’m trying to get into cycling to support my running.

  849. John Hopkins


  850. Myria

    Ride on…

  851. Mike Sudrovech

    It’s nice!

  852. Josefpm

    Guaooooaa other garmin Hey dcrainmaker nooo its Santarainmaker 😉

  853. Alex

    Just got back from a dawn ride in the Adelaide hills to this. Awesome!

  854. Nick Fournier

    I’m in.

  855. Michael

    I would love these

  856. Greme

    count me in!

  857. Max Spradley

    Giveaway Extravaganza Fo Sho!!

  858. BrokenHeartedIfIDontWin

    name says it all.

  859. Harry


  860. Clark

    Great opportunity, love the outreach back to the commentariat.

  861. Daniel Rode

    My bike really needs one of these. Pick me please!

    ——– __~@
    —– _`\<,_
    —- (X)/ (X)

  862. Cornelius Kruger

    I’ve wanted one of these for some time….

  863. Billy S

    Awesome stuff!

  864. Scot

    Cool device like to try mapping features

  865. Trey K

    Oooh, pretty Garmins.

  866. Mark

    This is real nice …

  867. Jons

    Add me to the list.

  868. Brion

    Me please!

  869. Jeff Linkus

    810 plz!

  870. eli

    I’m in too

  871. Malou

    I’ll take the 810

  872. Laurits Fischer-Hansen


  873. Currently borrowing my friend’s cycling computer. Having my own would be sweet!

  874. keith mcumber

    Love the blog

  875. David Bennett


  876. Erik

    Wow, if I win, then maybe I won’t have to raid my daughter’s college fund…

    …or I can still raid it and get new wheels.

  877. Steve G.

    I’ll take the 810 please.

  878. Ahh so many good give aways!!

  879. Matt


  880. Kevin M

    Count me in.

  881. Chad Materniak


  882. David Hale

    It would deffo be the 810 for me!!

  883. Jim Ford

    So much sweet gear. You are going to make several people very happy today!

  884. joshua leahy

    yes please

  885. Chris Harding

    These would be so nice please

  886. Jack

    Please :)

  887. MAH

    Wahoo! Need a new bike comp!

  888. Jose

    Nice Garmin Units, count me in

  889. Peter De Decker

    I hope I’ll win this one because the edge 810 is high on my wish list!

  890. Eric

    Come to papa!

  891. Natasha Plewka

    Whoop whoop! You’re the greatest DC

  892. elc

    super offering!

  893. George S

    Non stop action!!!

  894. Eric

    Can I win please?

  895. james v

    I’m in.

  896. Luis Arniella

    Ohh Yeah!!! I want one.

  897. Noah A.

    Keep ’em coming

  898. Katrin

    Just bought the Garmin fenix for kayaking, already have the Garmin Oregon for geocaching…one of the two Edges would be the perfect choice for cycling! By the way, love reading your reviews! Please keep going! Enjoyed your layover story (when you went swimming) a lot! All the best!

  899. Kent

    Don’t know which I would want. Decisions, decisions.

  900. Jo

    Crossing my fingers!

  901. Andrew Kerr

    This one is almost certainly mine?

  902. adam

    Fingers crossed.

  903. Justin Peele


  904. Franki

    Ray for president

  905. Oskars

    Fingers crossed!

  906. I’d love to replace my 500!

  907. Syd the Kid

    I want it

  908. Rob

    do want

  909. dan loots

    Is it odd I’d go for the 510?!

  910. Kirk

    An 810 would be an awesome addition to my bike.

  911. Ken Murayama

    I’ll take either!

  912. Ryan T


  913. Susan

    Wishing and hoping

  914. Yes, please! I will force myself to take either one :)

  915. TLDrs

    Please register me.

  916. Jacek

    I want it. Waiting for delivery man :)

  917. Mike Galante

    I hope I win!

  918. I’d love one!

  919. Mike


  920. Sarah Gillam

    Checked in

  921. KM

    Love the site!!

  922. Joro

    cool, I’m in!

  923. Travis H

    Gotta go for the 810!

  924. Martin

    want! 😀

  925. Shelly L

    Would love one of these!

  926. Kristyl G

    I’d love one! :)

  927. Tony

    Got to be in to win, Cheers Ray

  928. Stuart Edwards

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  944. Matthew Johnson


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