Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer


I told you I wasn’t going to stop with just watches and power meters….

While it may be a few days into summer for those of us up north, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend some quality time on the trainer. The Wahoo Fitness KICKR is the first trainer on the market to blend both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, and allow any app to connect to it and control it. The unit is essentially a modern-day CompuTrainer, ready to completely own you. Or at least, it owns me during my workouts. Pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes Friday’s. Occasionally Sunday’s. Really most days now that I think about it…

Giveaway Opens: 3:00PM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using Clever Training to pickup the KICKR, which is listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 3-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 21.7 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. Andrew Collins


  2. Frederick Bancroft


  3. David Weisz


  4. Corey Morreale

    !!!!!!!!! Jesus Lord Please!!!!!

  5. Jeremy MacDonald

    Over here – I’ll take that!!!

  6. Jens


  7. Ben Mullin

    Winter riding.

  8. Wahoo! Count me in.

  9. Erica B


  10. sign me up please!

  11. Jamie

    Holy crap!

  12. Elliot


  13. Niki Gaulin

    Yay first?!

  14. Ewan Hardie

    Holy Crapton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Eric

    I’m in! I need this.

  16. Kurt Hufker

    Lets go! Going to win one of these!

  17. Luke


  18. Shelley White-Picott


  19. dan h.


  20. James Brown

    The giveaways just keep getting better!!

  21. Dack

    This is the one!!

  22. Paul

    Cool, that’s what i need!

  23. Josh

    Sick ride

  24. Suzanne

    Pick me!

  25. Fabrice A

    Wahoooooo !

  26. Jesse

    Would be such a good help for IMoo training!

  27. David Snyder

    Sweet…thanks for the giveaways!

  28. FIlip

    Yeah!!! great

  29. Dennis

    Perfect for training at home!

  30. KM

    I’d love to replace my Computrainer with a Kickr!!

  31. anton møller christensen

    Give me

  32. Josh C


  33. Jessie Verbeke


  34. Daniel Warner

    This would come in handy!

  35. Keith McUmber

    Love your blog

  36. Mike W

    Pick me, pick me, pick me…please

  37. Dirk szameitat

    Oh yeah

  38. Bernt Olav Økland

    Yes pleas:)

  39. Jason Bingham

    This is over the top awesome, please, please, please Lady Luck!!!

  40. Paul M

    Incredible stuff on all these giveaways!

  41. Ian Darling

    better and better!

  42. Jeff

    Looks great, I’d love to win this.

  43. Ed W

    Oh yeah!

  44. Peanut

    I need this! Please?

  45. kab

    this would be beyond amazing!!!!!

  46. Mike Hufker

    Thanks Ray!

  47. Kristina Kempkey

    Hi! I hope to win this! Thanks for the giveaways!

  48. Morris Packer

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  49. Adam Pockett

    That’s an amazing prize! Thanks Ray!

  50. crmov

    I want that!!

  51. Stuart Stent

    keep them coming :)

  52. RichardHR

    Wahoo ! I’m in

  53. rcrober

    Been wanting one of these

  54. Kevin

    Did I get in first this time ?

  55. Jim Brasic

    C’Mon! You GOT to be kidding! This is GREAT!!!!

  56. Thomas

    What?! A trainer?!

  57. cs.senthiil

    I must be very lucky to get this. Hope I get one… Thanks Ray for you generosity

  58. Chris

    This is cool — want

  59. Jason Uhlrich

    My current trainer is pants.

  60. Adam Tomlin

    me me me

  61. Hujan

    Crazy cool.

  62. Robin

    This would look great in my office.

  63. Arturo


  64. Peeeeeeeete

    Oh man, this is so cool

  65. Ben Lee

    Let the sweetness begin!!! Could really use the Wahoo fitness about now.

  66. Mike

    woot woot!

  67. Elaine


  68. Jørn

    Oh la la!

  69. Ian Denton

    Certainly kicking the prizes up.

  70. Chad

    I need this, this is awesome!

  71. petri


  72. Jeff H

    They see me rollin’.

  73. Sashinho


  74. Chris O.

    Awesome!!! please please please please please. this is definately on my want list! I was hoping this would be part of the giveaway! Thanks DC and clever training!!

  75. Mike T

    indoor training!

  76. Karen

    I definitely want this!!!

  77. Steve Fines

    This is the lucky one!!

  78. JAG

    Bike part… Bike trainer…. Olé olé olé!

  79. Ville

    Count me in!

  80. Ken

    please sign me up !!!!!!

  81. Chris R


  82. Renee von Behren


  83. Mark

    I could use a nice trainer. Not that mine isn’t nice, but that’s really nice

  84. David Schmidt

    could use one!

  85. Stefan Wallström

    Yes please! :)



  87. Brian

    let’s do this

  88. Sandy


  89. Andrew G

    Unbelievable giveaways! This is quite exciting.

  90. robin l

    It just keeps getting better!

  91. Drew W.

    You know what sucks about summer in the south? Being outside! This would be perfect to keep the training rolling while beating the heat. Hook me up Ray!

  92. David Chin

    Holy cow!

  93. Jason

    simply incredible

  94. Tisztul_A_Visztula

    Me, myself and I

  95. Mansi Gupta

    Maybe this one?

  96. Indoor trainer… just perfect – it’s been raining all summer so far where I’m located.

  97. Matt


  98. Amanda Carlton

    This is super exciting. I was just doing research on trainers. I currently don’t have one and this one would be great to have! Super excited about this!!

  99. Gustavo Adolfo

    Great product !, I really want it !!

    Thanks again Ray!

  100. Ricky

    Would be perfect after this summer

  101. speggio

    This is getting really funny

  102. Kristina

    Who doesn’t love a good Wahoo?

  103. Pillious


  104. jacek

    Good stuff !!!!

  105. Kristyl G

    Yes, please!

  106. DougM

    Oh, and my trainer just broke….

  107. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh….

  108. Ari

    Now this is getting serious. Once again, I’m in!

  109. Reuben

    get on the pain train! WA WA HOOOOOOOOOO!

  110. Baden


  111. Frederico Soares Falcetta

    I NEED this!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Federico Regazzo

    Wow. I love the kikr!!!!
    Well donne Ray!!

  113. Sam

    Huzzah for DCR

  114. Jon R

    Go Ray

  115. Andrew

    Sure why not.

  116. Dan Lipsher

    Holy cats, Batman!

    Some lucky DCR devotee will score this sweet, sweet door prize. Prolly won’t be me (just not statistically likely), but I’m sure whoever’s name is chosen will be very grateful to Ray and Clever Training for their incredible generosity. Ride thirsty, my friend.

  117. Robert

    Now we’re really talking!

  118. Hill reps done, time for dinner.

  119. Carl Roberts


  120. Mehtab Singh

    Count me

  121. jonnie nilsson


  122. Jeff

    This would be a huge upgrade to my current trainer.

  123. Brian

    If you must give it to someone I’ll take it off your hands. :)

  124. Fer

    Mine, Mine!!!

  125. Martin

    Really want one of these!

  126. Jacov

    Kick me. I must be dreaming.

  127. Jamie Cox

    Would love to win this…pick me!! :)

  128. Si

    Wow. This is the one for me

  129. candace z


  130. Sjoerd Witjes

    I thought I enter only the contest with the gadgets I really want. Happens to be all of them :-)

  131. Olli

    Thanks for the reviews!

  132. Jeff Turner


  133. Ger


  134. Peter

    Please sir may I have this?

  135. Boy oh boy. I wanna win.

  136. Charlotte Smith

    I would love this!

  137. Lexa

    This would be great for this northerner

  138. Ryan Glover

    awwwww snap, this would look sweet in my basement

  139. Steve Knapp


  140. Jeremy

    It would be so much cooler to use this instead of a normal elliptical machine! I definitely would like to try it.

  141. Harry

    Sign me up!

  142. Noah A.

    Yes please.

  143. Faith

    This would be awesome to have this!

  144. Dathan Chesnut

    I would LOVE this!

  145. Rihari

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  146. Paul

    oh yeah, would love that!!

  147. tiago

    Let’s rock!

  148. Nancy T

    I’d like one

  149. Lars Ommen

    My dougther in law would love it 😉

  150. Pete Thomas

    Here’s my entry for this Competition!

    Fingers crossed!!

    Cheers Ray.

  151. Ted Dumont

    This would be the motivation I need to get through January!

  152. Brett

    ohh yea, this trainer looks great!

  153. Reid K

    I am consistently amazed by this site.

  154. af5ive

    I sure could use this for winter work here in Germany – Shawn

  155. Mark


  156. PinkPengui

    Now I can ride in snow.

  157. Sebastien Gagns

    Say what ? You’re really outdoing yourself with this giveaway !

  158. Mike W

    Yes please!!!

  159. Oh hell yes!

  160. Bramble

    I’d love to have this.

  161. Phillip Partridge

    I’m a summer cyclist so this would come in handy during the winter months 😀

  162. Alyssa


  163. Paul Martinez

    Right here dude!

  164. Dan

    i need this, please!!!

  165. Alinda Kokkinou

    It’s like Christmas in June!

  166. Dan

    Sign me up!

  167. Ronny Bjarnason


  168. Thien

    woot! woot! woot!

  169. Bill

    I’ll take it!

  170. Bill Powers

    That would look so awesome with my bike on it.

  171. I’m running out of useful comments. Sweet stuff.

  172. Alex Kirkpatrick

    This would be a large set up from my current trainer!

  173. neonka

    wau !

  174. Chris L

    Kickr…sounds good to me.

  175. Tyler Kacsor

    Please consider me.

    Thanks, Ty

  176. Jason

    That looks fun

  177. Paul Guy

    yes please.

  178. Costa


  179. Nicholas

    THis would be awesome since the roads here in Africa are so dangerous to ride on

  180. Dan

    Thanks Ray

  181. Bryan M

    Sign me up.

  182. Alfredo

    Yesssss, this is mine!!!

  183. Brad Hautala


  184. karlstub


  185. Tom

    I want one! IN!

  186. Louise Kennedy

    Unbelievable!! It would be a dream to get this but you never know. Thanks Ray for all you do!

  187. Lee Acker

    this give away has REALLY cool items

  188. Rod McBain

    Really, 3,000 odd folk with nothing better to do all day……

  189. Brian Lehman

    Yes. This is another awesome item. Fingers crossed.

  190. jimmy


  191. Martin Levolsky

    Yeah, my winter dreams !!

  192. Scott white


  193. Nic


  194. Jorge Blanco

    Fast and Furius!!

  195. alex


  196. MLE

    Yup, I need that

  197. Caitlin

    Please let me win this!

  198. Daniel Gay

    Psyched for this one!

  199. Andy

    What a prize! Congrats to the lucky winner! Thanks for the contest, DCR!

  200. Erik Meijer

    I hope I will be the lucky one!

  201. Holly Geldhauser

    Want. Like. LOVE!

  202. Peter

    Sounds awesome.

  203. CraigM

    Waaaahooooooo! Train Hard, Race Easy.

  204. greg

    would love it.

  205. Brett


  206. Chris Walkup

    I’m in – thanks Ray!

  207. Gina

    Sign me up too

  208. Guillaume Vialaneix

    That is just awesome !

  209. Kevin Murray


  210. Chris


  211. Aaron

    Wow, this is like Half Christmas much better than half birthdays!

  212. Karlis Z

    Comment :)

  213. Mike

    Please and thank you!

  214. Tom

    I like!

  215. Jake H

    gahhhh I want

  216. Matt

    Count me in! I want it!

  217. smachim

    want one

  218. Nick

    Please pick me

  219. Thomas G

    This day is awesome!

  220. Estela

    yay, on time again

  221. Shawn

    Another great giveaway!

  222. Jorge Marron

    I want it!!

  223. Argiris

    Great one

  224. Sammi

    great prize

  225. MartinD

    WooHoo a Wahoo!! What a Kickr!

  226. Peter Day

    Me again. Unbelievable give aways, totally stoked

  227. santi

    me too

  228. loshko

    Count me in!

  229. Vince B

    Just injured my shoulder so am looking to focus on indoor training for the next month or two.

  230. Diana

    Pick meeeee!

  231. Steven

    Love wahoo gear!

  232. Blake W

    Another nice give away!

  233. David Stankard

    You da man!

  234. Mike

    safe way to train. nice.

  235. Aodhán Murray

    I want one!!!

  236. Niek te Hennepe

    I cycle tooooooo.. Best site for product reviews

  237. Caio Graciolli


  238. Tyler Haas

    I’d love this!

  239. Forrest

    What!! A KICKR?? I’m in.

  240. Branden

    way cool

  241. Bill D

    I’m in!!!

  242. Joe

    thank you rainmaker!

  243. Alex

    Thanks again, just need to buy a bike now.

  244. Peter De Decker

    you’re too generous Ray. The person winning this can not be less than very pleased!

  245. Kurt Koschnitzke


  246. Andre

    Your my 2nd man crush behind Anderson Cooper!

  247. Kevin Harris

    I could train all winter in the north east when the snow is flying or the roads are ice/snow covered

  248. Lisa Appelson

    Ooh, this is the one I want! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!!

  249. snir

    I’m in !

  250. Steve

    Looks like a pretty sweet trainer.

  251. Jenny

    I’ll take two 😉

  252. Francesco

    ohhhh c’mon…pick me 😉

  253. Ryan

    That would be a good way to spend the winters up North.

  254. Leanne

    Wow. Amazed at the giveaways!

  255. David Passarelli

    Help me get my weight loss groove on!

  256. Nick Pawley

    Now that it’s winter here in SA I could really use one of these.

  257. Glenn Alverus

    I want it!

  258. Justin Hoffer

    Oh wow

  259. Kirk

    That would be awesome to get!!

  260. John

    Very generous of you to be doing this. Count me in!

  261. Javi

    Keeping my fingers crossed.
    love this giveaway

  262. Mark

    Perfect for winter training!

  263. Mark H

    Really, desperately need one of these!

  264. Becky


  265. JimH23

    It’s going ot be over 100 degrees for the next two weeks where I’m at….save me!!!!

  266. nick

    Count me in!

  267. Patricia garrido

    I love Ciclyng!

  268. kim quick abruzzese

    This would work really well with my training.

  269. Fontes

    Come to cologne!

  270. Tom

    Count me in!

  271. Steven Shearer

    Would love this for my bike!

  272. Jason L.

    Yes please!

  273. Greg G

    That would be great!!

  274. Phil Carroll

    oooh… pick me, pick me!

  275. Matt

    Yes please, again! :-)

  276. Manuel Arguelles

    Another great give away!

  277. Ian Grant

    Yes pls!! P.S. Hope Federer loses…

  278. metaxnerd

    Wow. Ray, this day of give a ways just gets better and better.

  279. Billy C

    gimmi gimmie!!!

  280. Patrick


  281. My bike is already waiting her:)

  282. Jinyu


  283. Claus Kaastrup

    Me too

  284. Brad Clements

    Pick me! Pick me!

  285. Thom Figueroa

    Come on lucky 7’s…..

  286. Ruben


  287. Joe H.

    I’ll give it a try!

  288. Roy Cuoco

    Thats an awesome giveaway!! I already know where in the house I would put it!

  289. andrew d

    wow. please.

  290. Euan

    I’m in

  291. Ruedi


  292. Amanda

    Yes, please!

  293. Nathan M.


  294. Jeff Held

    Sign me up!

  295. Panos

    Indoor training!

  296. mainlyrock

    Must have!

  297. krystian

    Should be nice to have on for the winter’s workouts

  298. LochlainnM

    I’ll gladly win hi

  299. PFradique

    Hi Ray
    Thanks for the giveaways

  300. dave

    Yes Please! Looks like a burner!!

  301. Chris


  302. Evan

    Having this would be amazing

  303. Don McAuslan

    Fingers crossed!

  304. Kasia

    Me, please!

  305. Eduardo Blanco

    Mi bro love spinning.

  306. Floris Van de Vijver

    that’s perfect for the european ‘summer’

  307. Daniel m.

    Yes, Please!

  308. Bruno Mussoi de Macedo

    This is awesome!!!!!!

  309. Querfeldein

    Wow! Please count me in.

  310. Sam


  311. Ben Bruno

    Me want!

  312. Ooh, this is the one I want!

    Got all my fingers (and toes) crossed

  313. Will D

    My father would absolutely love this stationary trainer. Thanks for organizing thia give-away day!

  314. Chris

    I am looking for a trainer for winter, so this would be great.

  315. Lucas

    Score! I’d love one of these.

  316. OperationOne

    count me in, although in my country the weather allows you to go cycling very often :)

  317. Kendra Carroll

    Train me!!

  318. Duncan

    OMG… This gets better and better in 3 hour splits :)

  319. charles Parsons

    I would like this,

  320. Brian

    ok, I could really use this one for my winter of training for St George.

  321. Tudor

    OMG!!! Now this is an extravaganza…:-)

  322. Chris Misker

    Oh yeah, want want want!

  323. Francois

    I can’t hold it: I want one! Thanks Ray!

  324. Kim Bo Jensen

    I’m in.

  325. Stewart

    Wahooooo they just keep getting better. Too bad this is my last one for the day.

  326. Fernando Garrido

    Para regalarselo a mi cuñado.

  327. Count me in…

  328. Ben Nelson

    yes please

  329. Craig

    Even better!

  330. Elena Vispe

    Great option to follow a training plan in rainy days.

  331. Jason Axe

    omg yes please :)

  332. Mieszko

    Wow, just wow!

  333. D.C. T.O

    DEFINITELY need one with the weather I’ve had thus far.

  334. Håkon S

    FIngers crossed!

  335. Michal

    I’m in

  336. Matt M

    Woot-woot! So awesome; thanks Ray!

  337. Ben

    Scoop scoop. I’ll take one :)

  338. Eric

    Count me in!

  339. Brian Anders

    A newer trainer would really kick my training up a notch

  340. Shannon Field


  341. Pedro Navarro

    Want. Need!

  342. John


  343. Lora Barkenbus Fox

    this would be great!

  344. Javier

    Would love to get this home

  345. Bryce Coulter

    Count me in

  346. corresponsal

    kickr it like…

  347. Shawn Bohrer

    Wow! You’re giving away some amazing prizes today. I’d love a nice trainer.

  348. johannes

    and again:-)

  349. Seong Lee

    getting a gym for myself if i have this lol

  350. LaAkea Siverts

    Sweeeettt!!! Thanks for the giveaways Clever Training and DCR!

  351. Alvaro Garcia

    This one has to be mine!!!

  352. Michael

    This would be perfect!!!!

  353. Evert


  354. Shir

    Me Me Me

  355. Craig Chambers

    I’ll take that off your hands 😉

  356. Benjamin

    one time!

  357. cycloscott

    oh hell yeah

  358. Matt W

    So far I’ve entered all of these. After this it’ll get harder

  359. Stefan Horrer

    Need it for the Winter

  360. Casey

    Go DC Go!!!

  361. Jeramy

    I would hurt so good with this all winter…

  362. BAG

    yes please!

  363. Glenn

    WOW a Kickr too! Hopefully the random number generators are kind to me

  364. Chris Bowers

    This is awesome. They just keep getting better!

    • Joel Longoria

      I’m sorry, I can’t “hear” all the other comments over the sound of how AWESOME this trainer is!

  365. Susanna

    Like it!

  366. Joshua McLaughlin

    Ill take two. One for the front and the back.

  367. Brad

    Please randomly select me!

  368. Greg

    Nice, trainer :-))

  369. Robyn

    This would be amazing!

  370. Nathaniel

    I really really really want the KICKR!

  371. Paul Soper

    We should all have to race for this..
    I wouldn’t win, but I would race.

  372. Tyler

    Not to be confused with the fine actor Yahoo Serious.

  373. kat candler

    Need that around here with the heat this time of year

  374. Dawie


  375. Andrew

    Just what I need, another trainer!

  376. KJBNZ

    We still can’t buy the Kickr here… So yes please Ray, send away!!

  377. Lior D

    Really, you just give that away?


  378. Tanner

    Kick me…am I dreaming?

  379. MAH

    Good grief. Another incredible prize!

  380. Jacob Bugno

    I dont win i hope my wife does. She said she would let me borrow it if she’s not using it already.

  381. Joonas Kursu

    Looks good!

  382. unbelievable, what else can trump this one???

  383. Chris T

    I’m in…

  384. Antia

    If I get this I promise to ride my bike every day to work.

  385. Nate

    It’s about time. My old trainer is on its final legs.

  386. For the cold days or (here in Portugal) for the extreme hot days!!! 40 degrees outside?!?! Geee, i’d rather train at home with one of these :)

  387. AiMs


  388. DYarab

    Nobody knows, more than my bike splits, how much I need this thing.

  389. Dominika


  390. James W

    Awesome stuff. Cheers.

  391. Meaghan

    I want to go to there! Fingers crossed!

  392. broken

    this would help me get over the fact that I cant race or ride this summer!

  393. Bernard

    So… I think randomness should be on my side by now.
    Thanks Ray!

  394. Jeff McFarland

    Always wanted to try one of these.

  395. Esau

    Let it be me

  396. It won’t fit the ElliptiGO, but it will work on a regular bike.

  397. Steven Murphy

    Wow, some big give aways here

  398. Arnel Dalisay


  399. Gareth Davis

    Unbelievable – never seen anything like this giveaway extravaganza!!

  400. Suz

    A new trainer would be nice.

  401. Aaron S.

    Making the cold weather productful.

  402. Nic

    This just gets better and better!

  403. Thanks for a really plenty of emotion and good tension journey

  404. Dr. D

    Spin KICKR, Spin…..

  405. Allen

    I want one

  406. Brian Olson

    I’m in!!

  407. Giuseppe Belotti

    What a prize!

  408. Dan K

    Count me in.

  409. Laura Morgan

    Win now please x

  410. Jay

    Woohoo ride away

  411. Psm Goodley

    Hoping it’s’ me! :)

  412. Tim

    When do we find out who won?

  413. Tanel

    Would love to win one of this.

  414. Rob


  415. mary

    pick me! :-)

  416. Kris

    This would be awesome! Thanks!

  417. Robert Olasz

    It would allow great traning ride in bad weather. I would like one :)

  418. julien


  419. Steve C

    Oh man, I need one of these 😉

  420. You are the man. Plain and simple.

  421. Rob

    You are so generous, this an amazing range of prizes! Count me in for this :)

  422. James Wilson

    Oh yeah! Perfect for those indoor workouts.

  423. Mats Jogback

    Hey ho!

  424. chuck b

    Even on hot day, it would nice to train indoor.

  425. Erica

    my fingers are crossed!
    thanks for running the giveaway!

  426. Colby Raley

    Zomg, I could really use one of these!

  427. orit

    Wahoo i want one

  428. Mike Lamb

    Thank you for the giveaways Ray!

  429. Daniel N

    this is interesting

  430. Jim Shepherd

    Thanks for all of the great reviews and now the great gear!

  431. OK, this will hardly fit into my post box…but why not, bring it on!!!

  432. Dominic Picard

    That’s an amazing give away!

  433. Xavier Norris

    Ready for a ride!

  434. Susan

    Love this!

  435. Hans van Rietschote

    Very cool idea.

  436. Ross Pyne


  437. Craig Newell

    Indoor sufferfest, Wahoo!

  438. Lindsey G.

    If I could only get this to avoid 100+ degree TX weather!

  439. Chad Lerma

    This would be a great training addition.

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  447. Koen

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  448. Patrick U

    WOW, much appreciated, even if I don’t win!

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  451. Stefano


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  617. Julia


  618. Sven gren

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  619. I love all of Wahoo’s stuff. I already use their heart rate monitor, blue speed and cadence sensor, and just started fiddling around with the RFLKT. This would be perfect for rainy days through the whole season b/c of just how much fun it can be let alone a powerful training tool. Please pick me! I need power training to help me not blow up on the run!

  620. Cecil


  621. Jeff

    Huge props to you and Clever Training for putting on a great giveaway!

  622. syd


  623. Ellie Makin


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  680. Mike Weiland

    I can’t wait to pair my new Garmin 910x to the Quarq power meter and ride this Wahoo KICKR, for the hat trick!

  681. Sean Makin

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  683. Eric Schulthess

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  691. Francois


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  698. Lev

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  773. Matt Regimbal


  774. oha! already 200 participants.
    great price!

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  780. charles


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    I need all the help i can get!

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  785. kate


  786. Rick

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  789. Fernando Alvarez T


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  798. kyle.

    this would be really awesome.

  799. MihaM


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  815. Donnie brooks


  816. Mark H

    love training indoors! is that odd?

  817. Tej

    good to see so many offers..!

  818. Paul H.

    This would really help with our first kid coming in 1 month. Don’t think I’ll be able to get out for as many long rides.

    Btw, great site and great contest!!!

  819. DAP

    Pls win

  820. SAM M

    oh, summer is coming

  821. Roelof

    Count me in.

  822. Travis Thiex

    OMG I have to win.

  823. Sarah C

    That’s very cool!

  824. Bill

    I would love a trainer with power.

  825. Robert King

    now that thing is cool

  826. Alan

    Winter training would be much simplier with this

  827. I met the Wahoo guys @ Interbike: it looked like a fun project.

  828. Ron

    I would love this for winter training!!!!

  829. Amy W

    I want it!!

  830. Austin

    I’m pretty sure I could put this to good use

  831. moria

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  832. This would be a fantastic replacement to my Wind trainer.

  833. Steve

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  834. Scot RIngo

    You ROck :)

  835. That i never have seen before, looks interesting

  836. Amy Bates

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  837. michele

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  838. Fredrik Jönsson

    Oooo, I’m in. Some spare time to kill in less bike friendly weather coming up.

  839. Jason Venema

    Been thinking about getting this for a while. Would love to own it. Keep up the great reviews!

  840. Jon

    Guess I’ll put my comment in just in case I don’t win a different one.

  841. Nico

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  842. Tim

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  843. Guy

    Dreaming already of the first workout !

  844. Ole

    Do you ever stop?

  845. Barry B

    WOW RAY! Ready to spin!!

  846. Tyler

    I need a new trainer

  847. Daniel B

    One please!

  848. Marco Polo

    Please Ray, rig that Algo name picker for me.
    Moving to the burbs and this is on top of my shopping list! See-vooo play?

  849. tal

    count me in!

  850. Christian

    If I couldn’t get a PM, I’d take this instead 😉

  851. Corey S

    Me me!

  852. Jason Andersson

    I need a kick

  853. Cue Finding Nemo scene: Mine, Mine, Mine!

  854. Erik

    This would look great in my apartment in Paris… oh, wait, that’s you. I’m back here in DC and need the trainer to get out of the 100% humidity you left behind.

  855. Christopher

    Just in time!

  856. Rob

    looks good for 10 degree days and 100 degree days

  857. TIm Churchill

    Ooh now thats a cool prize! I’m in

  858. Bogi

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  859. jesi

    i want

  860. JOhn


  861. Nate

    I’m here!

  862. Dave

    Help me replace my aging 2008 Tacx flow!

  863. Torsten

    That’s it for my winter training!!

  864. Derek

    Perfect for me

  865. Jerry

    I’m in!

  866. Jeremy


  867. clinton fisher

    Pick me, Please…

  868. Justin


  869. Asaf

    Do I need to say much? Whaoooo!

  870. Matthias

    The next winter comes for sure…

  871. That is one sweet trainer that sure would come in handy here in Norway come wintertime :)

  872. Philmer Lewis


  873. tim hacker

    Yes Please

  874. Janusz

    It is insane. I want it.

  875. Hy

    Boom. Gotta kick it!

  876. Rob

    Greetings from York, uk!


  877. Tim

    Wow!! Nice

  878. Jeremy

    Maybe I’ll get lucky

  879. David F

    Seems like this would be too cool for me, but it’d be worth a try

  880. Chris

    That would look good with my bike on it.

  881. Kevin-In-GA

    Want it

  882. Guy

    count me in!

  883. Sarah


  884. I could use this!! UStriAthlete

  885. Brian

    Hoping this comes my way.

  886. Jennifer Wilker


  887. Wow, this is awesome!

  888. Stephen

    Thanks, Ray.

  889. Please kick me!

  890. damian


  891. emes

    want it

  892. Peter G

    this is a kicker

  893. Bob J

    I am in great need of the Kickr and have been saving for one. I recently had bad crash that left me with two broken clavicles, three ribs, a punctured lung and a lots of bruises. Having lofty goals for the season, I need help getting back to riding shape. A Kickr would do wonders to this end.

  894. Matt Dreyfuss

    I have the perfect spot for this in my house

  895. Darragh C

    Count me in on this one too!

  896. Paul

    OMG. Ray, you have the best giveaways!

  897. Stephen N

    Looks good, will look even better attached to my bike!

  898. Lilian

    Good stuff keep going.. good job!

  899. Andrew

    I’ve always wanted to do the 100 miles of nowhere.

  900. Hugo Noronha

    No Way!!!! Can’t be true!!!

  901. Cbflo

    Oh pick me here plz!

  902. Thomas

    Lets win this thing

  903. Oh yeah…Awesome Trainer. Hook me up!

  904. Ryan


  905. Jen

    Hi Ray – thanks for all your efforts here! I’ve learned a lot!

  906. Martin Lind Ommen

    Omg, it would be incredible to win that one. – potentially one crazy-happy birthday boy 😉

  907. Paul

    Wouldn’t mind one of those

  908. Eduardo Bustamante

    With one of that o would be able to train even in heavy rain!

  909. Sean

    This keeps getting better and better!

  910. Peter


  911. Chris Bates


  912. Jonathan Bernhardt

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  913. Mark Melton

    I’d love to have this. Thanks for the extravaganza!

  914. Vincent Pimente


  915. Mike Hex

    More toys for the pain cave

  916. Mark L

    yes please!

  917. Amanda H

    Very nice!

  918. Daniel

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  919. Vinh

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  920. Jasiu

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  921. Devin Wade

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  922. Sander


  923. Aaron W


  924. Thomas Funch

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  925. Gabe

    WOW! I was hoping this would make the list! I’m in it to win it!

  926. Björn

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  927. riki

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  928. Gordon Harvey


  929. Bill Fish

    This would totally solve my offseason issues.

  930. Dan Fortuna

    Trainer time!

  931. Michael


  932. Kristof

    Let s kick it

  933. Melissa

    Pick me pick me

  934. thorre

    me like!

  935. Daniel Rivera

    Using my Jedi Mind Powers… As an Android programmer, I can only imagine what I could do with this! :-)

  936. Suzanne Inman

    I would LOVE to have this!

  937. Derek P

    Love it

  938. Don Wanzer

    Maybe this time.

  939. Kris Tyson

    I’m all in!

  940. Alwin Reinders

    Yes please

  941. tracy maccherola

    it keeps getting better!

  942. Scott Heldman

    Excited to win & use a Kickr

  943. Steve K

    third time’s a charm?

  944. Brian Grabowski

    Now this is a cool giveaway item !!! Hope I win..

  945. Michael K

    I’m loving it

  946. Ramiro

    It’s summer but sometimes it’s too hot to go outside :)

  947. Alek

    w00t, looks nifty. May have to pick one of these up if I don’t win.

  948. Sofie

    Unbelievable how fast this goes.. this time around, it just post way ahead of the stop-time… no way the internet explorar will kill my entry again!
    Just starting triathlon and really need some bike-training extra! Would be unbelievably nice to win this one!

  949. Adam

    I’d love one for the winter!

  950. Jan

    I like it 😉

  951. Martin

    Like! Winter will come ; )

  952. Daniel

    This is like Christmas in June!!!

  953. AaronMFJ

    This is the solution to all of my problems. Yes.. ALL OF THEM! :)

  954. AWESOME! Yes please!!!

  955. Saule Duffy

    This would be great to have !!!!

  956. since we don’t have any summer at all (actually it has frozen last night in the netherlands) I want this. training inside were it’s warm instead of the freezing cold dutch summer

  957. Thorsten Roth


  958. Smokin'Schwalbes

    Power on!

  959. Matthieu in Taipei

    Tanks ray

  960. Andrea

    yes, please!!

  961. Yeah! 5/6 in entries so far!

  962. Kathy Hsu

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  963. Nancy Canterbury


  964. JimL

    Whoa. That is awesome.

  965. Awesome, sign me up!

  966. Andrey

    Unbelievable! Count me in.

  967. Kayla

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  968. Mans

    Oh i can use this, next To my c2 erg. So i can train everyday

  969. Mike Q


  970. Nigel

    Have you seen the British weather forecast for the next 10 years??? This is a must have if I’m gonna stay fit & avoid getting webbed feet!!

  971. NickM

    This is the one I need!

  972. Conor


  973. Snacksizedbelly

    Is there special prize for the wittiest comment too?!?

  974. matej

    It’s getting hot here…

  975. NealW

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  976. Steve Inderkum

    In it to win it!!

  977. ron


  978. Mark R

    Please me!

  979. nicolas

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  980. Ricky Henstock

    Wow Ray you are banging out the prizes today!

  981. Perfect for indoor trainning !

  982. Martin Sanderhoff


  983. Chris L

    Yes please.

  984. Mike

    Oh nice

  985. Vince


  986. It’s a great product

  987. Henrik

    That would be nice. Now I just have to find a place to hide it from my wife! :)

  988. Mike G


  989. Gary71

    you rock man

  990. Zach Brown

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  991. Alejandro Hernández


  992. Sebastian Flores

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  993. Dpom


  994. Christoph

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  1001. Jeff

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  1002. Franziska

    here i am!

  1003. John Kelly

    I wouldn’t mind having this trainer. Not at all.

  1004. Jack H Coulter

    This would be an upgrade to my current trainer for sure. Im in!

  1005. Kai

    very nice

  1006. Samuel L.

    i want it

  1007. JuliaOH

    Ready to ride

  1008. This one would also look good in our winter garden! :-)

  1009. Leomar Paese

    Good indoor trainning for brazilian winter…

  1010. Michael K

    Third time lucky?

  1011. Phil

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  1012. trdjohn

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    Quality film

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  1020. Pascual Pérez

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  1022. steve mccoll <