Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer


I told you I wasn’t going to stop with just watches and power meters….

While it may be a few days into summer for those of us up north, that doesn’t mean you can’t spend some quality time on the trainer. The Wahoo Fitness KICKR is the first trainer on the market to blend both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, and allow any app to connect to it and control it. The unit is essentially a modern-day CompuTrainer, ready to completely own you. Or at least, it owns me during my workouts. Pretty much every Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes Friday’s. Occasionally Sunday’s. Really most days now that I think about it…

Giveaway Opens: 3:00PM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using Clever Training to pickup the KICKR, which is listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 3-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 21.7 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. Mike Harris

    My Kurt Kinetic is SO boring compared to this thing! :-)

  2. John Pierz

    Would be perfect for NE winters!

  3. Chris

    Pick me.

  4. Tyler

    Pick me!

  5. Ben

    Wow you’re definitely not holding back :)

  6. Erik

    Wouldn’t mind if this is delivered at my doorstep

  7. Eric


  8. Nancy Templeton

    WOW!! This would be a dream come true to win. Thanks DCR and Clever Training : ) Woot!!

  9. pete

    please pick me from london

  10. Cervelo Joe

    Would love a Kickr – thanks for the opportunity Ray. Keep up the great website.

  11. Melvin

    Great giveaways. I hope I’ll be the lucky one.

  12. Dan AK

    Please and thank you

  13. Scott

    Yes please!

  14. luis

    that is mine!

  15. Scott

    Training, training, training, keep them doggies training!

  16. Garts

    Giddyup – this is better than the night before Christmas

  17. Tucker


  18. Tony Z

    Neat gadget, but I’d have to buy a bike (or hook it up to my wife’s).

  19. CH

    Don’t mind to give Wahoo brand a try…

  20. tve

    probably buying one, unless …

  21. Randee Roucoulet


  22. Graham Steven


  23. Sarah

    fingers crossed!

  24. Gוט

    Me me!

  25. David

    Yeah, need that also.

  26. Colin

    I bet I could put on 30 watts over the winter with this bad boy.

  27. Kent

    Now that is awesome.

  28. Lindarella

    vincerò, vincerò, vinceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeròòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòòò!!!!!

    (…. from the final act of Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot)

  29. Joe Stromberg


  30. Jacek

    I want to have this stuff!

  31. alessandro


  32. Barb Kennedy (@LuckyMum22)

    Count me in! I’d love to win!

  33. Greg Gibson

    I need a good Wahoo Kickr in the pants.

  34. Dave H

    Would love me some wahoo action for the winter ahead!

  35. Jon B.

    Looks interesting…

  36. Karl Watanabe

    My garage is just waiting for my first trainers.

  37. Luis Rubi

    Here we go!

  38. Kenewayne

    Oooooo….nice! :O)

  39. Steve Hopkins

    Yes please!

  40. Simon knighton

    I want this so much

  41. alsaziana

    wow, I would like to win it!

  42. Kevin Walker

    I could use this as well.

  43. Tiago Pinhal


  44. Brian

    Thank you!!

  45. lars

    Pick me please! :-)

  46. Scott

    Might help with that poor weather motivation.

  47. Christina

    Looks good!

  48. Micheal gaffey

    Drills-important for efficiency in all 3 disciplines

  49. Joseph

    Pretty Please….

  50. Wow, not many comments here yet! ;)

  51. Jens van de Water

    Looks great!

  52. bbjm2013

    Trainer for you. Trainer for me.

  53. Rob Johnston

    sweet, I want it!

  54. valerie figueredo

    would love to win this.

  55. Robert Nash

    ohhh, Yes Please!

  56. Nick

    After moving from SLC (very bike friendly) to Virginia (NOT AT ALL Bike friendly) I could definitely use something like this!

  57. Erik B

    My one chance as a european to get a kickr :)

  58. Mike Owens


  59. Stu Duckworth

    ba da boom tish!!!

  60. Tom

    Great stuff! Would love to see that in my pain chamber …

  61. Lance

    Pedal to the medal!

  62. SBill

    bicycle, bicycle,bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…… my home :-P

  63. Jason K


  64. Cliff

    very cool!

  65. Jeff

    Try this one I guess

  66. Steven

    Thank you please

  67. Martin Femsteinevik

    I want it

  68. Rick McCullough

    This could save me from having to do spin classes in the middle of winter!

  69. Shaska


  70. Fabiana

    another chance to win

  71. cody riley

    Bring the rain…

  72. Brian Dominguez

    OMG I’ve been lusting over this since I first saw the videos from Eurobike.

  73. Maria

    I want it!!

  74. Steve E.


  75. Wow, the cool prizes keep coming!

  76. bonny mcclain

    Looks like a sweeeeeet ride! Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  77. Ehretjs

    Yes please!

  78. Fabiana

    Yes, I’m here too

  79. David Wegehaupt

    Want this trainer so bad! It’s too hot to bike outside in Phoenix right now… 118 degrees this weekend. This would be so amazing for summer training.

  80. Meredith E.


  81. Ion Dan Marius

    Me me me me me!!! ;)

  82. Erika

    I want to play! :) THANKS!

  83. Antoine

    Of all the awesome gadgets today, this one is by far the one i would enjoy the most! :)

  84. Juan76

    That looks fantastic!

  85. Zack Desmond

    Now that is one fancy trainer!

  86. David Sanchez

    Mind=BLOWN!!! This giveaway is NUTZ!!!!

  87. bar

    Hey, I want it !

  88. MaciekZ

    Long live DC Rainmaker!

  89. Carl


  90. ChrisC


  91. Dave S

    Thank you!

  92. Wayne

    Yes please. Too cold to ride outside here now

  93. Urmas


  94. Yves

    I’m not too late??

  95. Bryan R.

    Yeah – I finally am able to post – only took 16 hours but I am in!

  96. Maarten

    I am interested. I can pick it up on my way to France this summer!

  97. Awesome trainer.

  98. Edward Pilatowicz

    do your other trainers get jealous that this one owns you so often?

  99. lior

    new training regime

  100. Mark

    So many great things.

  101. Tom

    me … me … me

  102. Mike

    That looks pretty cool actually

  103. Pesciolina

    is this my lucky day?

  104. rolando raffaelli

    Count me in!

  105. Gina


  106. Brandon T

    Whoa! I didn’t expect anything like this!

  107. Jimmy Spets


  108. Martin Smith

    Perfect for winter :-)

  109. Jared


  110. Ben Diamond

    Please consider picking me! Thank You!

  111. Kimberly

    Can we get a DCR sticker too? :)

  112. angelo

    I’m in again!

  113. miu miu

    KICKR me one of those! ;-)

  114. Mark


  115. Tom Winder

    Pick me! Pick me!

  116. Marc Robards


  117. Alisha Mclaren-Smith

    Hubby can use this in the garage!!

  118. John

    I want one!

  119. Vanonymous

    Kick it up a notch!

  120. Tommi Holmgren


  121. Daltonico

    I’m just waiting for receiving the box :-D

  122. Mike

    Looks like fun!

  123. Kim Kronshage

    I really could use the kickr

  124. Julie Bugno

    I would love this for the winter.

  125. Yanik

    I want this one.

  126. darlene Fitzgerald


  127. Pete

    Hi Ray!

  128. Dan Seifring

    Yes sir.

  129. Morten

    Booya – in on this one as well :)

  130. Neil G

    Head to head battles in the garage this winter!

  131. I’m feeling lucky!

  132. Bill

    This is perfect for those long, cold, New England winters…

  133. Greg P

    make it so

  134. Pascal Larochelle

    That is so nice..!

  135. PeteDin206

    Comment… This would be awesome.

  136. Dressel


  137. TomBx


  138. David B.

    I’m in.

  139. Anthony Alvarado

    You should select me because I use your link every time I buy something from Amazon!

  140. Gae

    and now a good espresso.

  141. mjlamora

    Okey dokey… I’ll find a home for that.

  142. I want this too! =) May I?

  143. RomanTheCube

    Definitely in!!

  144. Monica

    This is fun!

  145. Michael Grove

    Maybe im lucky this time?

  146. Robbie

    Oh man, I’ve been eying these up! Come to daddy, pleeeease!

  147. Øyvind Aardal

    I hope I’m not too late

  148. Morgan

    Geez – the hits keep coming!

  149. carlo

    gotta win something at this rate right?

  150. Shannon

    Yup, need a second trainer too. IM dreams about here…

  151. Andy

    i would like to train with power to enhance my power

  152. Ola

    I know just the one that would benefit from this!

  153. Scott Spees

    I would wear this thing out.

  154. Brian Jacobson

    I’ll take it!

  155. Uwe70


  156. Drew Kahns

    This thing looks insane haha!

  157. Peter Surnak

    I am gonna love this… ;-)

  158. Lisa

    Consider me for this giveaway. Thanks

  159. Michael

    This I do need

  160. Colin Lacy


  161. Dylan

    Oh heck yes please!

  162. Dana Powers

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

  163. Michal

    Want it!

  164. JJ

    In it FTW :-)

  165. Omar A.

    If I win this, I’m buying lotto tickets because it’s my lucky day!

  166. Jim C

    In like Flynn!

  167. James Gould

    Really want.

  168. Lenard Cole

    Would help a lot during the cold winter months

  169. Dave van Eijsden

    Please count me in. My racebikes backwheel is broken. With this trainer I can train again :-)

  170. Jim DAmico

    I’m in!!!

  171. Dec

    I’m in.

  172. Arend


  173. Jared


  174. RPH


  175. Joshua

    That is sick. Perfect for my training between classes

  176. Can’t stop today!!!

  177. Tabatha teRaa

    Me please :)

  178. Chris Stanton

    Way to go, cool stuff.

  179. Todd

    Yes please!!

  180. ylr

    I want to ride my bicycle..

  181. Wes Little

    My turn now??

  182. Ian CROSSLEY


  183. Greg

    just what I need for the long, dreary New England winter!

  184. Sytse

    Pick me!

  185. Craig Hoskin

    As we enter into Winter … this would be so welcome!!!

  186. Jesse Frank

    I’m tired of burning my tires on my mag trainer. Would love to have this!

  187. Wow! Yes, this!!!

  188. Heather


  189. Tagg

    oh yeah!!!

  190. Roberto

    I really want this gadget. Please pick me.

  191. Fingers crossed for this on, would be great on rainy days in the UK

  192. Ric

    Oh sweet. I hope DC picks me.

  193. Paul Sanders

    Oh dear God please…. I will eat my Brussels Sprouts , help old ladies across the street, and well maybe even cut back on beer if I can win this awesome trainer!

  194. Brian

    Hi Ray.

  195. Roy

    Wahoo, Power ON!

  196. Jeremy T

    Thanks for doing this, Ray!

  197. Javier Perez

    Wow! I love extravaganza giveaways! :)

  198. Reeli

    Gotta have one!

  199. Ben

    I ‘m about to get lucky

  200. Graham Hammell

    Would love to win this. Thanks

  201. Looks awesome! I want one!

  202. Martijn

    great, gimme please!

  203. Matt Amargo


  204. keith chant

    I so need one of these!

  205. dbf


  206. Whitney

    This would be GREAT for the winter trining! or any time :)

  207. John V

    This would be awesome, wanted one after your review if I could afford it.

  208. Chris M


  209. matt

    in on this

  210. Jeff

    Wowza! I want it!

  211. Pat Shea


  212. Chris

    Best giveaway ever!

  213. Kevin booth

    Yes please!

  214. Doug Ennis


  215. Henry

    Yes please

  216. Peter

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  217. John B

    I really really would like one of these.

  218. Cadbury

    Thank you to you and Clever Training for the amazing giveaways today! I’ve been holding out, but I think I have to comment on this one!

  219. Kevin

    Pick me Ray!!!

  220. Joe

    Did I win?

  221. Luc Simoneau

    Would love to have this for the long winter season here in Canada!!!

  222. corina

    news time

  223. Eddie

    Great site Ray

  224. susanne vanzijl

    hidey ho yo can I get one?

  225. Mack

    This is what I’ve been waiting for!

  226. Fabiano Araujo

    Even better to win this one!

  227. Sara

    This would look great in my workout room

  228. Ryan C

    You should have saved the Kickr until the very end! What a nice thing you’re doing for your readers.

  229. curtis

    this is awesome!

  230. JFK

    Woohoo! Nice one…

  231. Patrick Hughes

    Yes please

  232. Ron Kopilov

    Yes please

  233. Alex

    Best of luck to me!

  234. Edward Torre

    I am in…mahalo!

  235. Tharzi

    looks sweet!

  236. Bruce L


  237. David Fernandes

    … Again. Big up

  238. ColoradoNate

    One of these would be fabulous.

  239. Steph

    very cool ray – thanks for doing this.

  240. Alex

    You are kidding

  241. Erik

    Pick me

  242. Lori T


  243. Sarah Waters

    Love your blog and would love this trainer too!

  244. Håkan


  245. Might actually motivate me to get back on the bike

  246. Stevie

    yes, please!

  247. Lisa


  248. chris k

    Love it – thanks DCR!!

  249. Brian Doyle

    I’m in!

  250. Aaron

    Count me in!

  251. Dan

    Yes, please! I need one of these for the winter.

  252. Curt

    i need a new trainer – this would be sweet to have.

  253. Matthew

    Oh heck yeah!

  254. John

    Woah, couldn’t tell time earlier – in again.

  255. Frode

    Nice one! Beats my spinning bike :)

  256. Jeff D

    Dig it!!

  257. Gordon Binnie

    Nice trainer

  258. Leandro

    Wow!! Thank you Ray!

  259. Aigars

    Hope finaly I’ll be the lucky one…

  260. Richard

    Wahoo rules !

  261. Charlie

    could use this…

  262. Peter Acampora


  263. Dave Manno

    Hope I win this trainer, I need it so I can ride without getting run over on the road.

  264. stijn

    Gotta kick it!

  265. Kimberly Brooks

    I want in

  266. Paul Teini

    This would be great.

  267. Dave

    oh yes please that just looks so good!!

  268. CJ

    Please.. oh please

  269. Lauren

    I have been wanting this forever!

  270. Dave

    I’m in!

  271. Rusty Davis


  272. stephanie

    feeling lucky about this one!

  273. Steve S.

    Yes, please!

  274. James

    Maybe I can win this?

  275. Rick Woten

    Sign me up! Just what I need for Northern winters!

  276. Jared Holdcroft

    Yikes. Want one of these.

  277. Thomas Z


  278. Allen Balaj

    Software developer and burgeoning triathlete here who loves your site and would love to program kickr apps and finally be able to ride inside. Also used this blog for advice to enter my first triathlon and a half ironman last summer. Thanks!

  279. Kooki

    Huge fan!

  280. Vasilios

    This is it. It’s happening.

  281. Lukas


  282. DP

    Count me in!!!

  283. Janus

    i need it

  284. Ned Bowen

    Perfect for those snowy winter days

    • Dom Ellis

      Winning this competition might be the only way to get one of these in Europe for the forseeable future, so yes please!

  285. Dan Kuratko

    I’m in!

  286. truman

    news time

  287. Anders Majland

    Ready to move the kettler ergometer out of the way :-)

  288. Joey

    Ack! Freaking flipboard doesn’t update often. I missed a whole slew of opportunities

  289. MARGIT

    super – I want to use this :-)

  290. Tashunko


  291. That sounds fun!

  292. David B NYC

    How did you know my birthday is in three weeks???!!?!? THANKS!

  293. Nocode

    *want!* *please*

  294. david

    my wife would love if this was in our living room

  295. Erin Watson

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I’ve been bugging the husband for one of these since your review came out.

  296. Jørn

    i need it

  297. Andrew McCabe

    Thank you!

  298. John

    Thank you very much

  299. Droffen

    6. auch meins

  300. georg pieber


  301. Billy S

    Yes, please!

  302. Stephen

    To be picked would be an honour. much love DC Rainmaker. Merci.

  303. This would be a very great prize to win because in our house we don’t have any fitness equipment. My goal for the summer is to gain a lot of muscle and this would surely help. I’ve always wanted one of these and I would be so grateful if I won.

  304. Alan Moore

    Just how sweet would this look in my basement!!

  305. Kim S

    Pretty, pretty please!

  306. Ronda

    wahoo!! sweet!!

  307. Mike

    Thank you!

  308. Stefan


  309. Nicole

    Love it

  310. Borje Lindh

    Can’t resist to enter this one too

  311. Justin McLamb

    Ill take one.

  312. Matt C

    Great! Hello from oz

  313. Owain


  314. CCC


  315. Tony


  316. nick


  317. Gary

    Pick me!!!

  318. Special K


  319. Antonella

    Thank you for the opportunity

  320. Tony West

    Hi Ray, love what you do here

  321. Chris Thompson

    Unicycle winter practice!

  322. AJ

    In it to win it? Lol.

  323. This would be fun!

  324. Hans

    Man, that would be perfect for all those rainy days in the PNW…

  325. Noah Pene

    Everyone needs power on a trainer. Would this give me additional motivation to perform at the highest level possible?

  326. Tim D


  327. Rui Ribeiro

    I’m going to win at least one thing

  328. Frank M


  329. Anthony A


  330. jeremy S

    Yes please!

  331. Brandon


  332. Shawn

    It would be nice a nice upgrade.

  333. Jill Holdcroft

    Wow! My husband would cry if I won him one of these!

  334. Peter

    Wow an amazing giveaway

  335. Rasmus Jensen

    Wonder what shipping to Denmark Will cost ;-)

  336. Adam v.

    Count me in!

  337. Jen B

    Ooooh me me me!!!

  338. Ray is AWESOME!!!

  339. Dan


  340. Andy Durow

    nice device

  341. Michael


  342. Rohan

    I need one of these!

  343. taniwha

    sacrebleu… what’s next? a car? a house?

  344. sam


  345. Dustin ray

    Woo woo!

  346. Tom

    If I win this one, there is absolutely no excuse to ever use the weather as an excuse not to ride anymore. *fingers crossed*

  347. CGomez

    Wahoooo or wooohoooo. I want one!

  348. Would be great to replace my indoor cycling… count me in :)

  349. Peter Sumner

    Good stuff sir!

  350. Nicola

    In it to win it

  351. IzzyODT

    Now that’s awesome!!!

  352. Seriously kickin’ it! Nice!

  353. Søren Friis Larsen

    Awsome site I keep returningvtpm

  354. Jason

    Count me in.

  355. Ted Bradley


  356. Tim Mai

    You ROCK!!! Now it’s my time to win!

  357. Sean

    Now this would be awesome to win!

  358. MihaV

    Mmmmmm nice one!

  359. Bert

    Ha! I figures this one would be coming… :-) Would love to win it, actually!

  360. Inagin Finnagin fantastic prizes thanks again Ray

  361. James W

    …..\…../ ….
    …╚⊙ ⊙╝…

  362. David S.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  363. Andreas Kristensson


  364. Davy Simpson

    Great plan

  365. Scott Bradbury

    Yes, Please.

  366. Joanne Clark

    yes please

  367. Will

    Awesomeness thanks ray

  368. Markus

    Would love one!

  369. Alice

    you rock!

  370. wow… this one is great

  371. Danni K

    I would like this one!

  372. Martin

    Yes yes yes

  373. johnsy

    need one of these in my life

  374. Derek


  375. Kevin Toerne

    I’d love to Wahoo in the morning!

  376. Emlyn Simpson

    Thanks again

  377. Zlatko

    Wow, now that’s what i call extravaganza!

  378. Zidon


  379. Håvard Nordahl

    Pick me!

  380. CARLOS

    With Soooo much rain here in NL is really welcome :-)

  381. Johno


  382. Spencer

    IWKMATTKYT! This would be a nice addition to the sufferlandrian pain cave

  383. Jonatan Kristensson


  384. Darren

    Hook me up.

  385. Elliot

    Need one now… =)

  386. James S

    pick me!! please…

  387. Kieran


  388. Gotiniens

    Would love one of these, because here up north, even summer has shitty weather.

  389. Chantal

    Me please.

  390. Christian

    Yeah! Looks sweet!!!

  391. Etienne

    Yes please!

  392. Kostandinos

    WOW! This would be huge! I currently use a Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor with the Wahoo Blue SC speed and cadence sensor… which I bought because of your review. The Wahoo Kickr would complete my ultimate training set up and would be a welcome addition for our Michigan winters!

  393. John Saharsky

    This is just wonderful. I haven’t had this much fun in hours (3 hours to be exact).

  394. elou

    It’s an option.

  395. Joakim

    Lucky me

  396. Elliot


  397. Terry Reich

    I am in.

  398. Mary S

    For my son

  399. GPS


  400. Craig R

    contests for everyone!

  401. Mihai Serban

    I’d love one of these. Please! :)

  402. IWONA

    Coooolll I’d love it

  403. Mike Hardy

    would love to have one of these for my SufferShed, thanks!

  404. Hector Pacheco

    I need this one to train in the Winter.

  405. Andrew Kerr


  406. Cole

    Very Cool

  407. Aleks Sternfeld-Dunn

    I definitely need this!

  408. Andreas

    Me too!

  409. John

    Yes please!

  410. Jenny

    Yes yes

  411. Kate

    My boy is so fat! :)

  412. Oldrich

    Greetings from Prague

  413. AdeptJR

    I would love this

  414. Susan

    Pick me! Oh please

  415. gage

    sign me up, for pain.

  416. Cadeyrn

    Count me in!

  417. Need one of these babies!

  418. David

    Make my day and pick me :)

  419. Kenton

    Wahoo Wah!

  420. Danilo Friolani

    Simply love your site and reviews and I am sure this trainer is gonna come to Brazil. I’m still a beginner in the triathlon but I WILL GO TO HAWAII IRONMAN SOON!!!

  421. Job

    Wow, i”ll love one

  422. falconeye

    i would take one!

  423. JLittle

    kick’r up a gear?

  424. John Nunn


  425. Jason Kummer

    Get the DVR ready

  426. Pinoy2C

    Cool, I can use this

  427. I’m in. Thanks!

  428. Aaron

    IF I enter all of them I’m bound to win something at least right? I heard the internet is fair like that

  429. Bryan Thomson

    I would love this.

  430. Brian

    Count me in!

  431. Daniel

    Count me in for this!

  432. Looks great! Need one of these!

  433. Jenny

    Need one!

  434. Daniel

    I’m in

  435. Kjell Morten Skaanes

    That would be a nice one!!!

  436. Russ

    Roll out!

  437. James Saunders

    I’d love one!!

  438. Steve

    Thanks for this contest.

  439. Jensd

    yes please :)

  440. Tommy Torwald

    Long time reader, almost feels like I deserve this :)

  441. Rafael

    hey – hi from San Francisco!

  442. Mark Fingal TRI

    Me plz

  443. Helen


  444. Dan


  445. Felipe S

    I’m in.

  446. Joan

    I want it, i want it, I want it

  447. Tina

    Need me a trainer!

  448. Shawn


  449. Matthew

    Great trainer. Here’s hoping.

  450. Jarrod Nall

    This thing, I need it.

  451. Vidar Th

    Looks good

  452. Andre LM


  453. OJ

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    Keep up the amazing work!

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  955. Erik

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  956. Mylene Guerin

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  957. Paul Wilkinson

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    I would love this!!

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  972. Nice piece of hardware to train indoors

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