Starting in 24 hours! The DCR Giveaway Extravaganza!


For those loyal readers who were around last year, you’ll remember the massive Giveaway Extravaganza I launched last year about this time.  Normally when I do a traditional giveaway, I giveaway a single item and the entry period lasts a few days or so.  But with the Extravaganza style, it’s sorta like a Woot-off.  Which means that I’m giving away one item at a time, but the entry period only lasts three hours for each item!

Last year I gave away a slew of items.  It was a mixed collection of new items, and items that companies didn’t want back from reviews (I don’t keep any items post-review).  This year though, it’s all new items.  The giveaway is sponsored by both myself and Clever Training.  We’re going splitsies on it!

Except this year, we’re going big.  Really…really…really big.  About $5,000 worth of giveaway items big.  I’m pretty much taking the most popular items that I know you want to have – and giving them away.  Of course, telling you what those items are would take away half the fun!  Well, at least my fun.

Thus you’ll want to set whatever alarm clocks you need, to ensure you’re ready to start pouncing at 12:00AM Eastern Time.  I suggest repeating alarms for every 3 hours.

You’ll need to follow the entry instructions for each giveaway you’ll enter throughout the day (essentially just leaving a comment).  Every three hours on the dot, a new giveaway will appear (and the previous one will close).  To sum up, it’ll work like this:

12:00AM US Eastern on Wednesday– First giveaway begins!
3:00AM US Eastern – First giveaway closes, second giveaway opens!
6:00AM US Eastern – Second giveaway closes, third giveaway opens…

…and on and on every three hours until midnight!  For those not familiar with US timezones, here’s a handy-dandy page to help you figure out what time it is there.  Of course, all international readers are welcome to enter and win – that’s just how I roll.

My only hint is that almost everything I’m giving away tomorrow has been launched this year.  Crazy huh?

Get ready to rumble!  And thanks for reading and supporting the blog!

(Note: Leaving a comment on this post doesn’t enter you into anything.)

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  1. Calvin

    First writing , first place 1#

  2. Gerard Thijssen

    With such a giveaway, the second place may also get lucky!

  3. Jon Rose

    Sweet. Let the fun begin.

  4. eli

    Last day of bike Virginia, this will be interesting. Guessing I’ll miss many of the time slots 🙁

  5. Mario Oliveira

    I’m shaking already!

  6. Hubert

    Being in Mauritius it will end up being a long long night :).
    Thanks Ray for this kind of stuff you only are crazy enough to do

  7. Wow, finally being in Australia may actually help with timezones!

  8. iseeka

    EST = GMT -4

  9. Speggio

    Fantastic. I m sure I ll be able to get the timing wrong ( EST, GMT…….) ahah classic

  10. lionel birkenbach

    sweet free swag – I’m in it will be tough to keep up my training the next day – thanks ray your blog is awesome

  11. Mr Magoo

    I read your blog for few months, as we say in french “Chapeau” for sharing your experience and your generosity.
    Always instructive, specially on french/paris life when we are Parisian like me ;-))

  12. Jujugo

    Ready!….hum? But how does it work?

  13. cs.senthiil

    where do we enroll ourself… or any link ???

    • Tomorrow (Wednesday), every 3 hours a different product will be given away. You’ll go ahead and just post a comment to that particular post if you want to be entered into the giveaway. Just like normal, except multiple times per day.

  14. Joe rosati


  15. Isaac Ramirez

    thank you ! I will follow close!

  16. Isaac Ramirez

    Thank you !! I will be watching !

  17. Ramzi Hammoud

    let the games begin!!!

  18. Roger

    Le’ts have a look!!!

  19. Kevin Old

    This site just gets better and better. Brilliant and informative reviews and now giving stuff away. Outstanding!!!

  20. Nick Pawley

    Great initiative!

  21. Arniegeddon

    I’d just like to say good luck to you all and I sincerely hope that you all don’t forget to set your alarm clocks.

  22. Jim Brasic

    primed and ready!

  23. Paul

    i gues i won’t sleep a lot 🙂

  24. angelo

    Ready when you are!

  25. Avishai

    Wow!!! Great stuff!

  26. Patrick


  27. Dan S.

    come on lady luck!

  28. This might be good for our preparation for a month on France time for the Tour De France…if I could only fathom it! Did I win?

  29. Juan Restrepo

    Great as always!

  30. YeRZ

    Good luck for everyone 🙂 I’m ready too!

  31. Seb

    Will there be cupcakes?

  32. Lorri Moyer

    DC RAINMAKER and Clever Training are the bomb!!!

  33. Angelus

    8 giveaways a 5000$ = 625$ average price per giveaway (o_O;)

  34. Stefan

    Is there a tri-bike in the giveaways ???!? 😀

  35. I still love you man! (I wanted to see if my profile picture worked!)

  36. Roy

    Just stocked up on my Nespresso! Thanks Ray!

  37. anon

    Any chance of posting times in GMT/UTC format so we can convert them more easily? There are a lot of Eastern times… link to

  38. Awesome! Love your reviews and would not buy any gear without checking your review out first!

  39. Judson

    Thanks Ray! Can’t wait!

  40. Love giveaways! Love DC rainmaker !

  41. Pelotondon

    Can’t wait for the Woot-Off!

    I have a deal for you. Reply to this comment including your address and you’ll instantly win 2 butt-sniffing cats. I’ll send them asap and you will be victorious (don’t ever get cats).

  42. Mick T

    Ray you truly are a generous man!

  43. Frank M

    Free stuff? I’m in.

  44. twoxj

    Looking forward to it!!!!

  45. Calum Mackay

    Just a note for the Brits, although it is probably obvious…

    Eastern is indeed GMT-4, but us Brits aren’t on GMT at the moment, we’re on GMT+1, so Eastern is UK-5.

    It’s like that all year around, except for a week or two caused by the US not changing to/from summer-time the same weekend as Europe.

  46. Andrea Wells


  47. Jeffrey

    sounds sweet

  48. Thanks, DC! Looking forward to participating!

  49. Chuck

    We are LIVE!!!!

  50. Very exciting!

    Question, I just moved into a new apartment and don’t have internet this week, will I be able to enter through my iPhone?


  51. Jonathan E

    Can’t wait!

  52. Will you be sending stuff from France or US? We are entering the EU in 4 days, so I could save on customs 😉

  53. But my vacation doesn’t start until Friday.
    Done now. This will be awesome and since I don’t sleep well anyway. Hooray insomnia!

  54. John I

    Sign me up.

  55. Dean

    Let’s do it!

  56. Dalton

    This is awesome!

  57. Sash

    Really great page! Regards from Germany….

  58. Matt

    Can we write a script to post a comment every three hours or is that cheating?

  59. Matthew

    Top 100, that must mean my chances are better this year right?! 🙂 And YES, I know that I don’t get an entry for this, but I’m pretty pumped none the less…usually get to these in the thousands!

    Thanks Ray for doing this, and Clever Training for splitting. I found you quite some time ago and have used Clever Training for my purchases, so this “giving back” thing is great!

  60. Estela

    It’s a question one entry every 3 hours? First tme for mr

  61. 606david

    cool I’m in… daddy needs a Garmin Edge 500!

  62. Dan

    Very nice – Thanks Ray!

  63. Jason

    Perfect, free stuff is the best, I feel like I’m due to win something!!

  64. Rod McBain

    Just practising – which is my usual excuse when I come in at #83 in any event.

  65. jveithmac

    You are an holy man!

  66. Matt J

    Wow. Very cool of you to do this.

  67. Douglas

    Can’t wait!

  68. Shan

    Looking forward !

  69. FIlip Kudrna

    Great oportunity, thanks

  70. Helder Rodrigues

    According to this site:link to 12am doesn’t exist. Is it midday or midnight?
    Anyway I’ll just check in as often as I can.
    Thank you!

  71. speggio

    the first comment wins….am I right?

  72. Gareth Davis

    Holy Karp!

  73. Lex

    How do you ensure that everybody enters only once? or is it allowed to enter multiple times?

  74. Robert

    Do we have to write a review on the winings 😉

  75. Tisztul_A_Visztula

    Are you going to give away only hardwares, or softwares, too? There would be at least one lucky guy to get a brand new software update for his 910XT. Ha-ha. 😉

  76. jim

    good stuff! thanks!

  77. bbjm2013


  78. ABEN

    just in time for my first marathon

  79. Simon

    alarms set…… looking forward to a free sticker

  80. Robert M.

    Not going to sleep much tonight.

  81. Juan76

    Alarm clock already on

  82. Mike

    Thanks Ray!

  83. Matthew Cortez


  84. Sheila

    Thanks Ray, this is great!

  85. Peter

    I’m so excited for this

  86. Helen

    Thanks, Ray! Looking forward to it. The winners will be randomly drawn, right?

  87. Luiz

    Come on man this will start at 1 am in Brazil… could someone please give me a call to remember me??
    01 55 32 8814 4163

  88. Ricky


  89. RichardHR


  90. Daniel

    Looking forward to it. Love what you’re doing here!

  91. Cindy

    Very nice! Great web site 🙂 Thanks!

  92. Rosy

    Looking forward to it! I just stated reading your blog about a month ago. Love it!!

  93. Eric

    Looking forward to it!

  94. Tomorrow is my 30th birthday so I should at least get automatic entry for each one…

  95. Jim Libecco

    that first entry is going to make my morning swim slightly more unpleasant. I don’t like 5am swims, let alone after a midnight wakeup!

  96. David Riggans

    This is a very useful website! It become somewhat of an authority on reviews of triathlon equipment and has been very useful for me in the purchase of some of my more expensive gear.

  97. I NEED A KICKR!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Mike

    Looking forward to it.

  99. You’re the man, Ray. Excited to see what you’ve got this year!


  100. Sara

    Super excited…. 🙂

  101. Drew W.

    WOOT! Can’t wait for midnight to roll around. Less than 2 hours to go!

  102. Diego Prado


  103. Gregory

    Yeah I’d like to buy some DCR stock, if possible. Keep us posted when you’re going to do your IPO!

  104. gabe

    Thanks Ray! Your the Gift that keeps on Giving!

  105. Chris

    Is this a first to post giveaway or a random number generator give away or the cutest profile picture giveaway? Cool beans regardless. I do like your website/ blog.

  106. Frank medina

    Hi ray, what if there are two readers of your website at home? Still one post ?

  107. Gary71

    I’ve just become a clock watcher……tick tock tick tock

  108. Neeraj

    Just checking if commenting works for me! =)

  109. Eric S

    Sounds awesome! I can’t wait!

  110. Mabel verde

    Ray thank you sooooo much!!! Can’t wait

  111. Champ

    coming close to the first give away now, where do we post the comments to enter?

  112. Eric Siebert

    Very exciting!!

  113. Jacov

    Did I get the time wrong? I don’t see anything yet?

  114. David Riggans

    Did I get it?

  115. John S.

    Great blog during the past year of power meter shopping!

  116. FIlip

    thanks for the web

  117. Daryl

    I am ready!

  118. Brett

    Where’s the goods? I prefer FedEx.

  119. morey000

    er… i got out of bed for this … and no giveaway?

  120. Zac rempe

    First give a way woot woot

  121. Estela Castro

    first time….
    cool stuff

  122. Jacov

    Oops. I did get the time wrong by 3 hours. Even with the world clock in front if me! But now it’s officially Ambit 2 time. Thanks Ray! Back to sleep time.

  123. Joe r

    Count me in!

  124. Keith Mcumber

    Chose me

  125. Joe R

    Does entering twice double or half my chances? 😉

  126. You rock Ray. And for all the work you put into these reviews, it should be the other way around-we should be giving you stuff!

  127. I bought TRT2 three month ago. Did not thought that I will start swimming and cycling. So already looking for change! Crossing fingers!

  128. milkywaye

    I’ve got sunshine in my stomach
    Like I just rocked my baby to sleep.

  129. Don Thompson

    No idea about the timezones, haven’t had my morning coffee yet, so no idea if i’m in time or not. But i’m in for a nifty watch 🙂

  130. Alan Torrigino

    I really appreciate all that you do for us. Thank you very much!

  131. Brandon T

    How very generous of you, thanks!

  132. christina

    Me please!

  133. edward chan

    please pick me

  134. ERiC APPLE

    What’s up Ray ? Tech problem? It’s Wednesday and I see no giveaway? Anway thanks! Ea

  135. PascalDG

    Would I be lucky ?

  136. Sjoerd Witjes

    Just in time for this one. *fingers crossed*

  137. Rene

    Point to me

  138. Gundam

    Okay fair enough. 50/50 chance. Either I win or don win. 🙂

  139. adam lewis

    Hopefully this is in time!

  140. David Riggans

    Good luck!

  141. John S.

    How about now

  142. Wilson thomas

    thank you for such good reads and indepth info.

  143. Andrew LIM

    Well, I am here. So where’s the surprise…

  144. Hi All-

    Remember that posting comments here doesn’t qualify. Instead, visit the home page ( or the listing of posts link to to add a comment for the most recent giveaway.


  145. Eeku K

    Yes please!

  146. Renate

    Ooh, great!!

  147. Mal Macnair


  148. Bruno

    Sorry my mistake. I didn’t see the note: “Note, only one entry per person.”

  149. Wally

    Christmas in June? Hooray!

  150. Koen Brinkerink


  151. Rihari

    Count me in for the win – thanks for the opportunity!

  152. Dave Doyle

    Well Ray, today is my 51st birthday and I using today as my good luck charm to try and pick up some of the SWAG you have generously decided to give away throughout today! Dave

  153. Mike Clark

    Give me a chance!

  154. Avery

    Yes please. Nice!

  155. pawel

    I’m in!

  156. Holly Geldhauser

    Fingers crossed!!

  157. Rod

    Road biking…my new love, even though Mountain Biking “Rocks”

  158. Martins M


  159. Daniel

    When are the winners announced?

  160. Geert Goossens


    It’s the best Giveaway Extravaganza ever 🙂

    greetings from Weert Holland

  161. David Riggans


  162. Jerry Evilsizor

    dont let your meatloaf!!!!!

  163. Rihari

    Thanks DC Rainmaker!

  164. David Riggans

    Hey! What’s up?

  165. Patrick

    Me too 🙂

  166. I can’t wait for midnight to get here! I have already set-up my first alarm to wake me up at midnight.