Stages drops prices, down to $529US


Two weeks ago Stages tweaked their European pricing, along with announcing their first carbon crank offerings (and talked about dual left/right power meters).  Today at Interbike they announced their US pricing, bringing the lowest model pricing down to $529USD – about a $170 drop from their long-standing price of $699.

Meanwhile, products across the rest of their lineup dropped in price as well – such as their Shimano Dura-Ace power meter from $899 to $649.  And their newly announced Stages branded carbon power meter is $629 (FSA BB386EVO) or $699 (SRAM BB30).  There’s a massive listing of updated product pricing of course, but in general most of them are from $579 to about $649, with their most expensive offerings being the Campagnolo offerings going up to the $950 range.  Plus of course some full crankset offerings being in that same price-range.


The Stages Shimano 105 5800 (the one priced at $529) is slated to be available this month.  It’s available in crank lengths from 165mm to 175mm.

Because the list of crank arms, pricing, and availability is massive and sorta a mess to re-type here (and honestly, Starbucks is calling) – I’m just going to give you the full PDF they sent over, which I’ve uploaded here.  That allows you to find your BFF and figure out how much it’ll set you back to expand that relationship.

From a pricing standpoint, this move by Stages was pretty much required.  Both spring and summer drops in price by Power2Max, Quarq, and PowerTap (with new products) and many others have really pushed the floor down lower.  Plus others like Pioneer getting into the one-legged space too.  That’s not even considering products by new companies in the space such as 4iiii, Watteam and others at or below these prices.

As I’ve noted before – Stages can afford to sit at this price point because of brand name recognition and having a ‘known good’ product.  I’d suspect though by next spring, they’ll have to lower prices again if the new players are able to deliver stable products.  Until then they can kinda play ‘wait and see’.

With that, thanks for reading!  If you’re looking to burn a bit of time, here’s all my Interbike 2015 posts!


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  1. Sean Lally

    I think next year will be the year I finally get a power meter…

  2. Erik

    Oh, if only the Powertap P1s were at/below $1k. Last I checked, they weren’t even on the Interbike exhibitor list, though.

    • Zom


      the holy grail will be the P1 at the Stages price point… /drool. I think we’re about 3 years out.

    • They’re at Interbike, had a good chat with them today (they’re listed on Cycleops/Saris – just the way the listings go).

      As for P1’s being at sub-$1K? I’d be surprised if that’s not the case by spring. At $500 price point? Probably some variant of 12-18 months out.

    • Zom

      at $500, it’s “shut up and take my money” time. hope you’re right!

  3. Eoghan McArdle Ruane

    Will these price cuts carry across to the eu?

  4. Cory

    Hope to hear about DynoVelo powermeters – they just launched their website yesterday and say that they are at Interbike!

  5. Benjamin Gordon

    This still seems too expensive to me. The power2max FSA gossamer model is $630 and measures both legs as well as coming with both crank arms and the spider. I’d much rather spend an extra $100 just for two sided power.

    • kw

      If you’re on a 24mm spindle, the “classic” Power2Max FSA Gossamer is only $499. link to

      But if you’re on a BB30, there’s no Power2Max model close to the Stages price.

    • Benjamin Gordon

      Well I guess it depends what you consider close. The FSA gossamer model I mentioned is $630 and compatible with BB30. I consider that pretty close, especially since you get so much more with the type s than a stages.

      link to

    • I’d snap one of those up in a heartbeat but us poor European folk can’t get them… they start at €739 for us – which is a massive difference! Grrrr…..

    • kw

      That’s true, but for the BB386 FSA model, which has a longer spindle than a BB30. It’ll work, but you’ll be adding two ~1cm spacers on either side of the bottom bracket shell. This will take up space without getting you the advantage of moving the bearing farther apart (as would be the case in a true BB386 shell). Will it work? Sure. Will I like it? I don’t know, probably, but I’d like to try it out before plunking down the cash. The only true BB30 model is the Rotor 3D Plus, at over $900. But there’s plenty of options to let everyone find what works for them, and that’s a good thing.

    • kw

      Quick update on the use of BB386 cranks on a Specialized OSBB bike. It looks like several of the 2016 Crux models will be fitted exactly in this manner. I called Specialized to confirm that their BB shell was still 68mm (it is). If they figure a BB386 crank with spacers is good enough for OEM on their bikes, I would no longer have any major qualms about putting a BB386 Power2Max/FSA unit on a BB30-spec frame.


    • John

      Scott, that’s what it’s like to buy Tacx trainers or really anything Campy in the States. Because geography.

    • Daniel B

      FYI, the Rotor 3D+ is basically a BB386EVO crankset. The spindle is approximately the same length as a true FSA BB386 model. This is a big selling point for Rotor as it makes it compatible with almost all frames if using the correct bottom bracket.

      Power2Max doesn’t sell any short spindle BB30 models, so you’d be using similar spacers with any of them.

    • taichimaster

      kw, for a bb30 frame, would you recommend a p2m classic with the 24mm gossamer megaexo crank using the FSA m3 adapter (with embedded steel bearings – link to, or the 386 version (type s) with 30 mm using spacers to take up the extra spindle space?

      classic would be cheaper, but I am wondering if there is any advantage of spending more for the 386 version (other than a little less weight).

  6. Tod Cox

    What PM would you recommend for using across multiple bikes?

  7. Ernesider

    I recently bought a Stages from Merlin – Ultegra for £399 – a reduction of 43% ..!!

  8. Scott Harding

    Remind me again when we can expect your Fall 2015 Power Meter Buyers Guide? Can’t wait for a run down of what’s out there.

    • It’s typically the week after Interbike (or the week after that). I’m going to start working on it this weekend, so we’ll see how things shake out and if it’ll be done next week.

  9. Leib


    I am on the cusp of purchasing the powertap P1 powermeter.

    With all the price drops going on with crank arm and crank sets is this a wise decision. Primary reason for pedals vs anything else is the dual power of pedals and easily transferable.


    • Any and all price changes have been announced as of today. It’s possible you could still see some random Garmin Vector rebate sorta thing like they’ve done in years past, but I’d expect no further pricing changes this year by any players.

      (Note, I still have a few power meter posts to post about over the next 24-48hrs – but pricing wise the only other notable one is Pioneer’s 1-leg option).

    • Leib

      Tx DC

      Do you have plans in updating your powermeter comparison chart?

    • Yes, I plan to as part of my post annual post. It’s part of what’s going to take a bunch of time.

  10. Howe

    Just got the Stages power meter two weeks ago. I hope Stages honor their customer by matching the current price and provide refund.

  11. Pavlo

    What about Sram GXP?

  12. Ernesider

    “You have been denied access to the Stages Cycling Online Store on the basis of your IP Address ( and IP Address Country (United Kingdom).”

    So no chance of importing direct from Stages at the reduced $$ price ..?!?!?

  13. Yen

    access denied here in Taiwan also

  14. Joules Per II

    Love this trend of power meters dropping in price. I wonder what their margins have been in the past years and if they are cutting those or starting to use cheaper components to get the price down. If the later, then will be see quality, accuracy, and precision drop off?

  15. RobHug

    Stages need to sort out their battery issues first and foremost. I recently returned mine and got my money back and I know of multiple people in the same boat.

  16. Daniel

    I’m still keen to find out if the new Stages PM will allow me to use an Ultegra/Dura Ace rear brake down at the bottom bracket (2014 Trek Madone) as my current Stages PM doesn’t allow it due to clearance issues.

    • j

      Doesn’t work for the Felt AR. The problem is the position of the battery on the crank arm, so the thinner portion of the new PM is not the answer for those brakes.

  17. Josh Parks

    i have a Stages and a Power2Max. I understand this price point.

    The Power2Max provides calculated Right/Left. And at these prices I’m very seriously considering waiting for the P2M Xmas sale and replacing my Stages.

    On my bikes there’s no comparison in terms of stability. The Stages craps out and eats batteries like candy. I don’t get the ‘it just works’ factor that I need to be happy.

    Stages pricing both understandable and head scratching. Bu let’s be clear the lower priced pending options seem to have serious drawbacks versus even what Stages is doing. Fun times.

  18. Lee Parker

    Doesnt seem to be common knowledge or any form of change in EU, Ive emailed PowerMeter24 and got this response:-


    this price drop actually only seems to affect the USD prices, at the moment we have no knowledge of further EUR price drops.

    • zuzubeedo

      the new prices for RRP are available in the stages eu store.

      this brings the prices generally inline with PM24s “reduced” sale prices.

    • Remember, Stages already announced the European price changes at Eurobike 19 days ago, as such, there’s no additional price changes. It’d be up to various retailers to implement those price changes, but most did it basically that same week.

  19. Vincent

    That durianrider crazy guy lead me to your posts and updates. A lot of us out here including myself are glad you’re the main guy keeping us informed. When I saw your info about Precision having a product for $400, I was excited. Since Stages is my favorite (Team Sky and Craig Alexander are smiling), you can imagine how I felt to see your post about Stages prices dropping and confirming this on their website that my Ultegra 6800 crank went from $799 to $579.

    This beginner triathlete is wondering now if I should have a pre Christmas present or belated one for the 2016 racing season. My wallet is feeling a little better :)

  20. Chris

    Still prefer my Power2Max

  21. Martyn

    stages prices in UK are still more in £ than the U.S. Price in $ despite the favourable exchange rate. Can’t help but feel like you are being ripped off! P2M it is then!

    • …you do have to remember that since the units are made in the US, when imported into the UK they face an import charge there, which adds the cost. Whereas P2M is made within the EU, and there’s no EU to UK import charge (Duty).

  22. Doug

    I’ve noticed a sudden drying up of stock on the Dura Ace 7710 (track) model. Any sense on what’s going on? I now have a fancy crankset for my fixed gear bike but am loath to pay £799 (pounds sterling!!!) for the stages unit, especially when everyone had these on sale until about 5 minutes before I finally talked myself into going this route.

  23. Bart

    Ray, so, the new pod got sleeker in order to improve frame clearance issues – how much clearance is now needed? Their website still mentions 10mm. Is it too simple to say: 10mm -28% = 7.2mm?

  24. Giovanni

    Quando sarà effettivamente disponibile stages fsa 386 in Italia?

  25. Yohana Kakwaya

    some how I got the concept

  26. Hxs

    I really wanted to use the new Stages power meter on my RED BB30 crank-set. But unfortunately by whatever reason, Stages only offer it in 165,170,172.5 and 175mm option. Where is my 167.5mm :(