Monthly Archives: August 2011

New Garmin Connect Updates (including courses and workouts!)

I mentioned last week in my Garmin update post around Vector and new watches that I had one more item of note from Garmin, but needed to wait to more to discuss it.  So this is really more of a … Read More Here

DC Rainmaker on the cover of Bicycling Magazine

Well, mostly. In a textual sorta way. And that’s what counts anyway, none of you really want to look at my picture…plus, we can save that instead for Men’s Health magazine. So, what’s the deal you ask?  Well, let’s start … Read More Here

Fun with a Garmin GPS while running on cruise ships at sea

Ever since booking our honeymoon months ago I was curious exactly what the GPS map would look like while running outside on the circular running track while the ship was underway at sea.  Would you be able to see the … Read More Here

The Seattle Century 2011 Ride Report

Since my triathlon season has largely transitioned to running for the rest of the year, I was able to mix things up a bit and enjoy doing a fun century ride with my Dad while I was out in Seattle … Read More Here