Almost end of summer Garmin Forerunner 610 Giveaway!

Today’s the last day of August, which in my mind means it’s regrettably the end of summer. I know that technically summer doesn’t end until later in September – but since everyone considers September as ‘Fall’, that means that today is more or less the end of summer. The good news is that the fall running season will shortly be in full swing! Which means my running times will hopefully get faster without the heat!

In order help you usher in your cooler weather running mojo I’m going to give away a brand Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS-enabled touch screen watch.  It was either that or giving away a yard rake to clean up the leaves about to fall…and I’m pretty sure I know which one you’d prefer.


And the best thing is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).


All you’ve gotta do is tell me your best summer training or racing memory. It can be anything from the awesome pizza at the finish line of a small-town race, to completing your first Ironman.

The entry period will run until Sunday September 4th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner.  Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner FR610 (with HR strap).

(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in.  For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.  In short – I purchase and giveaway everything here, these are not sponsored by Garmin.  Through careful planning I picked up a handful of them when they first came available…just so I could give them away to you.  Thanks all!)


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  1. Running 2 hours in a rain storm at World’s End near Boston and at the end tripping over a 3 year old kid and summersalting into a ditch/puddle. More fun than it sound like.

    Otherwise I’ve not run for the last two weeks due to quad tendonitis, no no hurricane running. I’ll give running a try again tomorrow.

  2. An Epic 200k ride with 3,000m of climbing with my best training buddies as our biggest training ride in prep for Ironman China, which was cancelled 😛

  3. Yoh Yoh… I’d be happy to look after this love Puppy for you.


    Sydney Mark

  4. Thanks for the giveaway, and for the easy entry requirements. I completed my first Ironman this summer (Coeur d’Alene), and it was the highlight of a lifetime.

  5. Forgot to wear sunscreen when out for a long sat drive. Came back to red leg, nex and face. Perfect outline of my helmet and gloves. The marks lasted for weeks

  6. That’s awesome! I just finished my first Olympic distance tri this past weekend, out of town, and I live in the Bronx. At the finish the announcer said that I must have been running from Hurricane Irene, so that’s my new favorite. Prior to that it was setting a new half marathon PR in the midst of training for the NYC Marathon in 2009. Good luck to all!

  7. I’ve been doing a trail race series this summer – most of the races have been pretty lackluster so far. Last weekend, though, the course was super fun – totally made up for all the rest of the courses.

  8. Finishing Race Across America as part of the 4 man Team 4HIV Hope. Raising money and awareness for people living with HIV as cycled across the country.

  9. I was on a training ride with some much stronger riders. I got dropped and chased to get back on for what seemed like hours but was probably only 15 minutes. When I finally caught them I realised the guy riding beside me was the current national road race champion. This did amazing things for my confidence and I’ve been able to draw on this experience whenever I’ve been feeling pressure in a race.


    Hi Ray, I’ve just moved to Singapore, so endless summer, or no seasons, depending on your viewpoint. My summer racing season fizzled out, I was booked to do the NY Triathlon, the Escape from Alcatraz sharkfest swim and the Ireland 70.3, all fell by the wayside as I was transfered to the other side of the world. Entering a 10k this Sunday, in 90 degree heat and 100% humidity it might be tough

  11. Oh, my most favourite training session this summer has GOT to be my birthday ride! I was traveling in Colorado and decided I’d make an epically hilly ride, including riding over a mountain pass (Independence Pass). The views were beyond stunning.

  12. Pulling myself up onto the beach after six and a half km of swimming, with the feeling of adrenalin mixed with the surge of blood sloshing from the horizontal to the vertical.

  13. Exiting the Hudson river in 95 degree heat covered in silt wearing a full wetsuit, jogging and gagging for the next 100 yards to transition.

  14. Limegren

    Seeing my average heart rate graph for the week go down and down and down to the point where I finally ran sub 7 minute pace at sub 150bpm!

    I came over the final hill to my house and just put my arms in the air and screamed with joy.

  15. Easily 2 summers ago – the last time I was health in summer for a race 🙂 Ran a horrible 50 minute 10k, but managed to beat my best friend, so it felt much faster 🙂

  16. I completed my first marathon this year in Paris. It was amazing to see the finish line.


  17. Knocking 45 minutes off my half-Ironman distance PR.

  18. Bill D.

    Completed my first IM at CdA….great experience!! Thanks for yet another great give-away!!

  19. Our summer is just about to start downunder… lucky us 😉

  20. Riding the first 50 miles of a century ride with the peloton going super fast before I eventually had to stop for water. I hadn’t ridden like that in twenty years. Sure was fun!

  21. Completing my first half after being sidelined with a strained calf for most of the training. Before that the longest distance I ran was 5 miles, so crossing that finish line I felt like I was on top of the world.

  22. My first open water swim in a race and being completely dry leaving T1due to the lack of humidity.

  23. My best training memory has to be when I cycled 414 km across Finland with a friend.

  24. Being able to go for a run or a cycle late at night because the sun doesn’t set in my home town in New Zealand until 9:42 p.m in the peak of summer (early January).

  25. Beating my boss in an Olympic Distance Tri by about 5 seconds. That was pretty awesome.

  26. My first run in the heat and humidity, feeling like a tea bag, after moving to Hong Kong from Europe. Will never forget that feeling.

  27. Running in Punta Mita Mexico on vacation chasing down a beautiful girl running ahead of me to finally catch up and realize it was my wife and why I’m lucky doing what I love, run and my wife.

  28. I’m in my second year of being addicted to running, so I’m anticipating my best racing experiences this fall and winter. I hope a lot of PRs are on the horizon.

  29. Count me in 🙂

    I’m doing lsd with my old polar, i got 67% of my max hr, after some time (10min) still 67%, so far so good, after another 10 minutes 67%, i guess it happens, half an hour gone 67%, hey somethings not right, it stuck, and i was going half an hour with pretty good pace, delighted with the form i’m in on this particular day, lol 🙂


  30. Finished my first triathlon race, and finaly found my marathon training coach. Hope to cut 1h in one year on my third marathon in September.

  31. My best memory was at cross country practice around this time last year. I don’t remember why but practice was around 2PM on a Saturday and it was easily 105*+ because I live in te dessert. We were going through a new course and everyone was ready to pass out and get out of running our long run that day, but then suddenly a cloud rolls over the mountain and just poured rain down on usfor about an hour. It was amazing and we all just had a great time.

  32. Running in my first ‘fun run’ over 10km. It was awesome to run with so many like minded people, great atmosphere. Caught the running bug and have now signed up for my first half marathon.

  33. Running at sunset along the waterfront near Gallipoli, (Italy): link to

  34. exciting! thanks so much for offering the giveaway! all of my favorite summer training memories share the same two elements: the rediscovered joy of road biking on every single ride, and setting PDRs ride after ride!

  35. Definately the beer after my 5th marathon!

  36. My finest memory would be winning the team competition in Trondheim – Oslo 550km. Did it in 13hrs 17mins 58sec.

    All without getting off the bikes (with the exemption of one puncture 8mins into the race)

  37. Three months and a half in hospital now after a crash on a car… Going out in two weeks. I won’t be able to walk on my own two feet, but still plan to start a triathlon again next year.

  38. Participated on a 10km-race first time in life. Usually, I don’t like to compete while running. So, a friend and me agreed to do this together on our own pace.
    A couple of 100m before finish he suddenly speeded up and tried to leave me behind. This awakened my will to win which was real fun!
    Now, I am scheduled for more races; next on Sunday in Düsseldorf.

  39. Over in Oz during your summer (our winter) ran my first City2Surf 14km having had very little opportunity to train, and managed to run the full distance and even surprise myself with a half decent time 🙂

  40. I went to Haiti this summer with my girlfriend, and we were pleasantly surprise to be able to do some training at altitude there.
    Our main training route took us from 4000 ft to 6300ft in 10K. Needless to say, we walked quite a few sections.
    When we got back to pancake flat Miami after a week in Haiti, we were running like kenyans.

  41. Running on the Contra Costa canal trail on a beautiful summer day.

  42. Finishing my first half ironman (my second ever triathlon).

  43. Riding up Mt. Evans in Colorado the day before I started my junior year in college.

  44. The best memory? Running 22k last summer on Hietasaari when I was traveling to Finland on business. I got out early in the morning and got my run in before meetings.

  45. For me it was racing in my hometown for the first time, with my dear friend and get a PR as a bonus! Oh and my parents saw me race for the first time also! I had my kids, husband and parents there. Pretty special’
    Thank you for the chance to win !

  46. I like races where I can fit a swim in… Road races, Trail Races (my days of IRONMAN are over.
    So a couple of Cape Town races I’ve swam in Grape Run, Joenkershoek half old route. (I also swim in winter races!!!)

  47. Running the Tough Mudder with some friends was the highlight of my summer.

  48. Best summer training memory would be a 170km ride through Southwest Tasmania – mostly deserted roads, fantastic vistas, but… it was supposedly in summer, but temperatures down to below 5 Celsius, driving rain, wind, and continual gear changes (with down-tube levers). Fantastic day, 3500m climbing, certainly qualified for ‘epic’ status for me! link to

  49. Manuel

    My best summer training or racing memory?

    One month ago I woke-up from a 20 year routine of office/home/office that didn’t allow me time/energy for nothing else. Bought a pair of running shoes and went for a 2k run, my first in twenty years.
    It was the slowest and most difficult 2k I ever did in my life, but it was the most fulfilling and stimulating.

    One month passed… I’m now training for next years’ triathlons:-)

  50. Best racing memory this summer: improving my olympic distance PB by over 6 Minutes in a stellar race that included a sub-60-minute bike-split on a course that if anything was a bit too long.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. My favorite memory was completing the Inaugural Summit Plummet from the top of Crystal Mountain, WA to Nolte State Park in Enumclaw. I had only done a sprint race before and the 44 bike miles (mostly downhill) taught me that I’ve got a lot to learn about multi-sport nutrition.

    And the lack of summer in WA taught me that bundling for a snowy 3000′ descent is good, until you realize you’re overdressed!

    The tag line of the race is, “It’s about 50 miles long…
    It’s about 7000 feet down…
    And it’s Backwards”

    …and I completed it!

  53. Actually trying to concentrate on training. Sweating like no tomorrow and obviously running after the Earthquake that shook the east.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Taking my first hard pull up a hill during a time trial. Blew up but I got congratulated on the good pull at least.

  56. I completed my first half marathon this summer at the Seattle Rock n’ Roll. Finished 20 minutes under my goal 🙂

  57. On June the 26th, starting the marathon before the winner finished it during the Nice Ironman.
    Everything went fine and nicely until midway when the legs didnt want to run anymore.
    Still made it.
    1:03 6:54 5:15 with 7minute-transition

  58. Running along the Thames in London during holiday. Sightseeing and training at the same time!

  59. Doing trail running every weekend and enjoying the greenary

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. 20km run in Linear Park, Adelaide, South Australia (my local park)

    Was about to turn around after 6km but saw a Koala really close in a tree, which really lifted my spirits and I kept going with a big smile on my face.

    btw – have only recently found your site and I’m loving it. Planning on first Ironman next year so will be a regular visitor for sure

  62. The best memory of the summer of ’11 was an epic 170km bike ride in 40°C. In the end I was exhausted!

  63. I am looking forward to my first race in October – the Auckland marathon, which I’m sure will be my best memory. If only my pulled calf comes right…

  64. I live in Bangkok so its pretty much Summer all year round here. My best memory of running this past year was a supposed 10k event that the organizers mis-measured the distance. We ended up running 16 kilometers and I trotted in dead last over 2 hours later as they were rolling up the carpets and re-opening the roads.

  65. Roberto Nicolai

    The greatest memory of this summer was a bike training with my son in the heat of Tuscany. In the last hill I had cramps and my son helps me coming back home.

  66. Getting back in the saddle after a two month long hiatus due to knee injury is a sweet feeling.

  67. Donatella Manetti

    I never train, but I always follow my son and my husband during training. Sometimes, especially when it’s hot, it is very tough!

  68. My best experience this summer was two day ultramarathon (64+39km) through Lužické mountains (in Czech rep.). Not only it was my first ultramarathon, but there were fantastic people around and the route was wonderful. And although I went it from half IM training, almost no problems occured and I was 4th (of 9). For 3th place I would need 9 minutes off. 🙂 Anyway – I was happy that I even finished strong and with no big pain.

  69. Riding in Snowdonia, through hail training for a Polaris MTB competition back in the 90s, I couldn’t have been more wet if I’d have swam!

  70. Returning to Spain for the summer vacation and running a 10km race with my father. I am 33 years old, he is 63 and I have never beaten him (yet). He does around 38min, this time we run together and help me to do 46min. I am quite happy with the time.

    I will catch you old man… sooner or later!

  71. Running 8.5km in less than 50 mins. Given my track record, a huge accomplishment. 🙂

  72. Running on the beach of Zanzibar, at dawn of course.
    That was awesome.

  73. Trying part of the ironman course during a conference in the big island!

  74. running a PB at high altitude (6000ft+) on a 10km race! My heartrate was through the roof and I still could feel it after few days.

  75. Coming off of a bad mental race and on a whim signing up for another the following week, giving it my all!

  76. Luke Grindal

    A race highlight was running alongside Björn Andersson for around 10km during my last half ironman here in Sweden. He was 5km ahead of me at the time!

  77. Completing my first marathon in under 4 hours.

  78. BEst summer memory is a new one. Yesterday I finally made it under 40 mins on a 10k race. Exhausted 🙂

  79. Lin

    Daily runs along the Singpore River for about 3 weeks straight.

  80. Hi Ray. My best (or worst, I’m not sure) training this summer was a bike ride when suddenly I catched a summer storm. Around 10 minutes end-of-the-world style, and then came the best weather I have biked into. Perfect temperature, perfect smell, perfect sun 🙂

  81. Best summer training memory is a recurrence. The time when outdoor pools open/are warm enough for use!! I can get a really good tan without looking weird being in speedos. HIT!!

  82. want to have to come back to shape after my meniscus surgery.

  83. My first time running in the Ragnar Relay race (Pacific NW) with 11 other team mates, 2 vans, 190 miles, completed in 31.5 hours. Running at 1:30 in the morning to the light of a headlamp was cool.

  84. Hello Ray

    My best training/racing memory of this summer was completing the Paris Marathon after working up to it for the past two years. It may have been slightly too early for summer but the weather was certainly summer!



  85. I’ve been faithfully training all summer for my first marathon. However, the rains came and I got a little lazy. My training went down the drain, got injured and I was not able to join the race 🙁

  86. I recalled my first race. 10km distance just under 1 hour and I was dead at the end. Anything I could think of were tons of ice cream, peanutchips and nutella. Ice cream shop was right next to the finish line (it was in center of Prague), peanutchips found at nearby shop and nutella at home. It was awesome dinner 🙂

  87. Finished my first triatlon training with good feelings…

  88. So far the best experience of the summer is running my first half-marathon – by accident! I only planned to run 15k, but I felt so good, the weather was so perfect, I just kept on going, my time was under 2hours, so I was quite pleased with myself 🙂

  89. Running a beer mile at my best friend`s bachelor party. Being the best runner in the gang, I had a big target on my back… but I discovered I can`t drink and run 😉

  90. Finally managing to go sub-40min in a local uphill race

  91. Training for my third 10K race.

    Thanks for the great giveaways.

  92. I’ll start preparing a half marathon soon! Time to concentrate on running!!

  93. Running my first marathon and sprinting to the line for a 2:59:39!!

  94. I swam over the biggest lake in our country right in the middle of a summer storm. Windy with big waves. I finished it. 🙂
    Great blog and tnx for all the giveaways.

  95. I live by the ocean in San Francisco, and the temperature often doesn’t rise above 65 or so the entire summer. I always look forward to August, when I travel to Tucson for my mother-in-law’s birthday and can train in around in 110+ degree heat!

  96. Hi, this summer i bike in the Sellaronda bike day (Italy): link to

  97. Ubi

    Definitely the Spitsbergen marathon: running with about 50 other runners in a beautiful artic scenery.

  98. The best memory is renting a bike outside of Nice / France during a business trip and trying out some proper mountains. Trying out some looong climbs on the years first outside run led to some serious bonking, but it was well worth it.

  99. Thanks for this giveaway.
    Riding everyday 54km to go to work and return.

  100. I would love to win this beauty! My longest ride in my life: 619 km straight – sleepless in the saddle:

    link to

  101. Roger

    Taking part in the amateur cycle race Husiesvangen in Malmo this year. Really well organized and a scenic route.

  102. Going up Alpe D’Huez by bike in a hot day of summer.

  103. Taking part in the amateur cycle race Husiesvangen in Malmo this year. Really well organized and a scenic route.

  104. Last 3 miles of a long run, coming back down the river getting on for dusk. Beautiful, and feeling good enough that I knew the long runs were starting to pay off & getting to the end of the marathon I was training for would be OK.

  105. I’m STILL in love with the cold watermelon after the Baltimore 10 Miler…that just summed up summer to me! Or, possibly, the run I went on through a beautiful section of Buffalo, NY, to clear my head the night before the bar exam.

  106. Having ran my best pace in the Edinburgh I finished the race and had the best ice cold Innis&Gunn beer after properly hydrating of course! Oh man that felt good!

  107. UTMB 2011 – Col de la Seigne on Saturday morning watching the top 4 runners descend as the sun came out onto Mont Blanc…injured at the moment but this will fuel my training sessions for some time to come and I will be there one day to make it round Mont Blanc.

  108. My far best training memory happened last week, while I was doing a tempo run on a route witch crossed a park here in my hometown Krakow.
    I’ve noticed a group of older runners (as I was informed later they where starting in a Masters race) and tagged along with them through the park. As we came out of a park I’ve noticed a “Finish” sign and then I knew I’ve won a race I didn’t start in (it was local race with 30 competitors)!
    I don’t know who was more socked, me or organizers but after we had a good laugh I’ve still got the lovely apple-pie meant for winners.
    This experience thought me to love the activity not just the outcome.

  109. Mate, it’s midwinter in this side of the globe, so a run with no rain is one remarkable memory.

  110. Did my first run race ever, last summer, while on holiday in San Francisco. I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, so that was special on it’s own.
    The race started at 9am, and I finished at about 9:45am, I crossed the line and immediately someone put a free beer in my hand. I’m guessing that’s USA style??

    Here in Holland we get a free sportsdrink and a banana when we cross the finishline.

  111. Running in Canada near Banff. Going uphill on Tunnel Mountain. Very hot but stunning views. Best way to end our holiday.

  112. Hi, the best training this summer was a day after the Sella Ronda Bike Day in Canazei, Italy. I rode three hours over three iconic Dolomiti passes. Sun was shining, blue sky, no wind, car drivers were polite, legs were good. Beautiful day.
    Thanks for the giveaways.

  113. Unfortunatly I have no race memories yet, as I have just started trainig for my first 10K. Which is next weekend.

    I just bought a used Forerunner 305, so a 610 would be an awesome upgrade.

  114. Michael B. Lauritzen

    Summer MTB team high intensity lap training on the local route named “The Heimlich Manouvre” best training day of the season:-)

  115. My best trainig memory was my first 1.500m of climbing in a MTB!

  116. Crossing the finish line of a 4.5km OWS race here in Japan. It was the longest distance I had ever swum and a personal achievement. Also was for a great cause, raising funds for the Red Cross for the Japan disaster relief appeal.

  117. My favourite memories are from participating in Gigathlon with a team of five, where I did the mountain running segments on both days – in the Alps, with gorgeous weather on both days, great views and running against Matterhorn as the backdrop on the second day.

  118. Finishing my first 40 mile run a week ago on Sunday, and doing it in under 7 hours 🙂

    Great blog squire, I always appreciate a proper geeky blog, and yours never disappoints!

  119. Hot chocolate pit stops, on the boardwalk, during early morning cycles, watching the sun rise with waves lapping the shore…

  120. The best memory this summer has been completing the goal of the year, an IM. Sorry to say that I didn´t follow my race plan but it was a great fealing to enter the finish line.

  121. Melhuish

    Counting down the 1k buzzes coming from the Forerunner 310XT strapped to my head in the 19km Fiji to Beachcomber Island swim. BULLA!!!

  122. My first olympic triathlon 🙂

  123. Finally running 10 k sub 50 minutes, just 5 months after I started running at all 🙂

  124. New gadgets increase motivation 🙂

  125. This summer, my best memory is still “Vätternrundan”, a single day, 300k bike tour around the Vättern lake in Sweden. They claim it’s the biggest amateur bike event worldwide with more than 25.000 starters. They start at 6pm on a Friday night and send off 60 bikers every 3 minutes until the early hours next morning. Awesome!

  126. The Garmin Forerunner 610 is probably the most wanted gadget nowadays, if it were waterproof it would be the perfect watch.

    My best training memory is just a few days old: not well prepared I managed to run 32K each day in the “Vierdaagse van de Ijzer”. Now I’m still enjoying my sore legs, but I met a lot of cool new people on the event and enjoyed every minute of it.

  127. My first half marathon!

  128. Even though it’s winter down here in South Africa, my best run has to be the 22km run in the Franschhoek mountains I had a few weeks ago.

  129. From being 100kg 18 months ago, to being 85kg this summer and completing my first 100miles on the road:

    link to

  130. Sebastian

    The moment I went into T1 in my first triathlon when I realized that I left nearly the whole field behind during the swimming 😉

  131. Getting lost in the New Forest whilst recce’ing race route – Rivers, Bogs, Marshland, heat, hail, wind, rain we had it all! Followed our noses and eventually got back on track!

  132. My daughter was born a week before my second IM, after days without sleep and not much to eat, race day came, and turned out to be the coldest day in July with 10° and rain. My Polar got hit hard and was broken at the swim start. So without any feeling on how fast or slow I was going I’ve finished IM Frankfurt just below 10h in 9:59h.

  133. Jojo Gonzales

    My first full mary conduraskywaymarathon. Truly a life changing experience.

  134. Jonas

    Although I beat my PR a few times this year, my best experience this summer was the Midnight Run (10k) in the central part of Stockholm. 24 000 runners in the same fluorescent shirt, at night and with lots of entertainment along the course.

  135. Tuesday running club. Normally I’m somewhere “middle of the pack”. One Tuesday in the middle of summer, we went to some beautiful fields at the top of town. Long circuits ensued, and the pack got pretty fragmented quite quickly. I end up going up the hills with one particular chap (who I didn’t know) tracking close behind me, I couldn’t lose him. We didn’t speak but no matter how hard I pushed, I couldn’t get well ahead but nor did he overtake me. At the end of the session and jogging back, we did talk and I found out he used to be a performance athlete – lots of track-based distances (400m etc) as well as longer outside of the stadium. He was outside of his competition period but as a new runner myself, I enjoyed that I could hold my own with someone who had real running experience.

  136. Finishing my first half marathon this year. I bike a lot, but never considered myself a runner….until now!


  137. My best summer memory is from this week-end in Frankfurt: went running two days in a row for the first time in months, felt like I could finally train again.
    Because quitting smoking isn’t enough, you just feel unable to resume training, have no valid sensations whatsoever, suffer from a high and fluctuating HR, etc. After a month of struggle and some depressing attempts, I finally found again this basic endurance pace. Felt like some big victory.

  138. First Ironman Busselton 2009 – Early December in southern Western Australia and suddenly the temperature jumps to 35 degrees from norm of about 26. That was a tough, tough day. But loved it!

  139. 28th August 7am on a slight incline in the middle of the grapevines. It was the first time I had hit 5K on my training run. I raised my arms and started hooting on the spot 🙂

    I started running in July to get fitter and have been having a blast since I picked it up

  140. We’re just coming out of Winter in Brisbane Australia, but I ran my first 1/2 Marathon in July.

    Tony, Brisbane

  141. Watching my girlfriend complete her first 10k race one month after having completed chemotherapy for breast cancer was totally amazing.

  142. Finishing my first marathon 🙂


  143. i finish my first half this year and preparing for my 1st marathon this autumn

  144. On km 20 of my first Half-Marathon, I suddenly see my sister and my little baby nephew on the side of the road, cheering. Was totally taken by surprise as she had not told me she would come. So awesome I almost fell.

  145. It was this summer, running 4h30 with 1800m of climbing to the col du Tricot just under the Mont Blanc.

  146. Vaclav

    Mountain race 13 k’s uphill and then running back down again. Very nice!

  147. Dimitri BE

    Thanks for another generous giveaway.

    Best training memory came in August. After 4 months of rehabilitation from knee surgery, I finally made it back outside for a short run in the woods. Pure heaven, after months and months of indoor sweating.

  148. My best training memory is from last Sunday. I started running this June, and i’m loving doing some sport again after five years of inactivity. Last Sunday was the first time i run over 10 Km, and under 58 minutes, a big accomplishment for me.

  149. Running along the beaches of Waikiki and Maui during our vacation. And improving my 10K PB to under 50 minutes!

  150. Really enjoyed the morning runs through the French country side. Sun shining, deer running away, nice hills. The hours just pass by…

  151. does the 610 tell the time?

  152. Oh I so need this – my trusty old 305 is on its last legs! My best training run? Probably when I was training for my first marathon. We were on holiday in Central Otago, in the South Island of New Zealand. I ran trails and roads, past vineyards and old relics from the goldrush days. Very zen!

  153. Best memory so far actually was a 1/2 Marathon in Ashland VA this past weekend in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Turned out to be a PR in the wind and rain.

    Cousin Dave

  154. Sadly the weather was so cold and rainy you could hardly call it “summer”. Still didn’t stop me from going out on my mountain bike a lot. I wish I still had my road bike though… I broke both legs in a crash last year so things are still a little bit worse than they were before but the plan is to slowly start running in a couple of months.

  155. finishing 105mile mountain race UTMB in France

  156. Edwin L

    The most memorable training was just a few days ago with three friends. Cycling in France, 80 miles and 4000m of climbing in very hot weather. The cycling took only 6 hours, but repairing all our technical problems on the road took another 3 hours: busted rim of one wheel, broken spoke in another wheel, blowout on another wheel. But I’ve never had so much fun with my friends on the road.

  157. Almost run down by a cow.

  158. There was too much pain in setting a new marathon PB for it to be my favourite memory.

    My most enjoyable event was doing the Sutherland Half Marathon here in Australia two weeks ago. My first half marathon (even though I’ve done three marathons) wasn’t easy as it was on a muddy cross country track, but I went in totally relaxed and had a fabulous time.

  159. Iain

    One of the most unexpected was the hail storm at Ironman Canada 2010 – ouch!

  160. best racing memory? … finishing my first marathon – ING NY city 2009!

  161. Riding my first organized century (Tour de Lentil) after cheering for my wife as she finished her first 5k. (Psst, if I win the Forerunner will be for her)

  162. On vacation with the family in June. Told them I was going for a run be back in 1 hour. I was running in the Sequoia National Forest. OMG.. I was overtaken by the beauty and tranquility of the forest. The raging rivers, the smell and the breath taking views. My family almost called the police… I was gone for 2.5 hours.

  163. Discovering the beautiful region of Piemonte, Italy for my first training camp of the season. Of course tasting the local produce was a must!

  164. My favourite summer running memory was completing the 2010 Edinburgh Marathon (my first marathon).

    I had bought some full length running tights and a fairly thick, Saucony, long sleeved running top to train in since I started training around the start of December. Add to that the fact that it doesn’t get much warmer in Scotland until…forever – the thermal gear was ideal.

    Since I had used it for virtually all of my training program, the day of the race (May 22nd, still pretty cold here, usually) I dutifully packed it up, headed to Edinburgh early and then changed into my stuff.

    So imagine my surprise when the Sun finally came out and we had a freak weather day where during the race the high was 30 degrees (celsius – Europeans FTW).

    Plenty of more experienced runners than me had collapsed at the side of the road with IV drips in them. My time in that heat? 5:08.

    People were coming out of their houses to spray passing runners with garden hoses, I have never been so greatful for the charity of stangers! Still makes me smile.

  165. best summer training memory: finishing my first 10KM run in more than 20 years!!! and in under 1 hour no less, after I was told that because of a Peroneus Brevis tendon problem I won’t be able to run long distances in my life. Gave me the boost to believe that I’m capable of finishing a Marathon, which I’ll attempt in the next Rome marathon on 03/18/2012 (My birthday no less!!!)

  166. Did my first road race this summer – it was fun!

  167. Fav. memory was running near the coast last summer – after a long run, nothing beats diving straight into ~20C water 🙂

  168. This summer I did a bit of mountain bike (XC) racing. We do not actually have mountains in Latvia, but there are some places where you can have dynamic elevation changes, so it is not about pure downhill or 5 kms uphill, but more of a up-and-down races.

    The entire summer was hot and dry enough, to have “easy” dry races, sometimes even with lots of dust. One race was an exception – it was raining all week before and it started raining 2 hours before the race. And it rained as we were warming up. Rain stopped as soon as the race started, but the damage was done. Race was 40 kilometres of mud, wet pine roots lots of large puddles. The only upside of it was, that it was easy to ride through sand.

    I finished with my best place finish in race series. I had to take my bike in parts, to clean and lube it and it took 2 weeks to get it done (I was being lazy and riding my ropad bike meanwhile).

  169. It was when I trained for my first half marathon. I try different trainnig like mountain running.

  170. Riding completely across the state of Iowa in a touring event called RAGBRAI

  171. Garts

    Got to love shirts off summer!

  172. Running home after running with my girlfriend. It had been raining the entire morning (Belgian summer!), but it was one of the best runs I ever had. I kept adding detours on my way home and had the feeling I could run all day!

    Flying Pig

  173. Karina

    The 5k I ran at the end of July, my first time racing since coming up injured while marathon training last fall. I ran purely by effort, and realizing that I still knew how and when to push, when to pass others by listening to their breathing, how to control my own effort, and how to measure out my own energy for the miles required at 101 degrees, felt like an enormous victory, though my time wasn’t a personal best.

  174. Running all summer without injury! About this time last year I had a serious hip flexor strain. Who knew that almost no stretching before a run would be the cure?

  175. My favorite summer memory was completing the PHYTRI, my first Olympic Tri. I was so nervous going into it. I had done Rumpus (sprint) and two DC practice Tris, but never an olympic.

    I bought a wet suit two days before only have it not legal the day of (was legal the day before for the Sprint). I decided to just settle in… any time was a PR.

    And it ROCKED. I got hooked. It was an AWESOME experience because it was a great course, raced with a great friend, and made me believe that I can do more, I am looking for a 70.3 (Kinetic, maybe) to do Spring 2012.

    And TY for these awesome giveaways!

  176. I can’t decide…

    Either running the Northwest Passage Ragnar Relay with friends…

    or RUNNING the entire 10k at St. Anthony’s Tri as my first race back after being diagnosed with IT Bang Syndrome…


  177. Tim K

    It wasn’t a race, but I’ll never forget crossing the finish line in my first MS150 bike ride. I went from zero biking to 165ish miles in two days in about 6 months. It was very emotional for me, as my wife was diagnosed with MS about 9 months prior.

  178. Keep up the great blog, really enjoy the reviews. I initially followed for running kit advice but you have helped enspire me to enter a tri next year.

  179. Coming up the chute after the swim in my first sprint triathlon feeling exhausted and out of my depth but then seeing my 3 kids (8, 6 & 3) and giving them a high 5. Suddenly I felt like I was conquering the world!
    Now I’m addicted!

    Andrew, Brisbane

  180. Completed my very first race this summer. An all women’s half marathon. What an experience! I’m addicted now and have already signed up for 3 more 🙂

  181. I love running in the summer (I know I’m an oddball) so any day that was hot was a wonderful day, especially compared to the miserable cold of winter!

    Thanks for the contest.


  182. First IM, IM Korea and qualified for Kona……Come on I need a good running watch for Kona and I plan on getting a Garmin 800, so this would make it easy to sell my FR305 😉

  183. My best summer memory definitively is Timberman. I scored a nice 8 min PR on that race, and when I crossed the finish line Chrissie Wellington was there to give me my medal 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  184. I ran my first trail 50 mlier. My husband was there for several of the early aid stations and then dissappeared. I figured he had to go deal with the kids. So as I crossed the finsh line full of emotion I was surprised I ouldnt see them or hear their cheers. I wouldn’t see them for another 20 minutes, hubbs had locked his keys in hs car! Now ts just a funny story and it didn’t take away from the joy of that first 50 miler at all!

  185. I am going to win this… and will take care of it!!

  186. First 3k run since april. I hope my knee problems are gone 🙂

  187. EdwinB

    This is what I need to get going again

  188. G

    My best memory hasn’t happened yet. It’s been waiting for Ironman Wales on September 11th.

  189. Finishing every race is a good memory in itself (I haven’t been in too many). 🙂

  190. Gotta be finishing my 1st ever road race back in june a 10k, sweltering heat (very unusual for ireland) have since gone on to finish 7 other races this summer with improving times gone from 6min K’s to 4.40min k’s

  191. August first race all year because of injuries. It was a fun, non competitive biathlon. I thought I was going to die I was so out of shape, but I did it and had a darn good time.

  192. My favorite moment was jumping off a cliff half way through a 22+ mile trail run. The day was HOT and the water was cold. There was a waterfall to swim around. So fun! I’ve never jumped off anything with my shoes on 🙂


    The start of the season was my first-ever attempt at the half-iron distance. Also for the first time ever, I managed to draft in the swim off of someone. He swam almost a perfect line the entire 1.2 miles, and I felt like I was just floating along–less effort than I put into a warm down.

    I had no business getting out of the water with the time I got. I can’t say “the time I achieved” because most of it was definitely somebody else’s work! I ended up with the 3rd best swim split for my age group; just in front of me by two seconds was my “puller”.

    Awesome feeling to be dragged through the water!

  194. Alex

    Running the North Face Challenge marathon relay with my best friends!

  195. Keith S (Glatt)

    running 10 miles by the canal du midi in south france ,on hols,happy days

  196. A summer training for marathons this fall, running along a new toll road (not open to traffic yet); managing to ride 50miles @ 19mph (after a long break from serious cycling), and Timex pushing out the firmware update for the TGT! Roll on October and Marine Corps Marathon, November and the Raleigh Marathon…then Outer Banks Marathon. Enjoy the fall racing season everyone.

  197. Doing part of RAGBRAI!

  198. A Brick workout with local Tri group at Stone Mountain park in Georgia.

    Thanks Ray!!

  199. Tami

    Finishing my first half ironman!!!

  200. May I join in the fun, too? I’d love to upgrade from my old F205!

  201. volunteering at IMLP and signing up for 2012

  202. ran a pr in a local 5k, poison ivy on my ankles….Thanks for the great posts.

  203. My second time riding with a bike group and we got caught in a severe rain / thunder storm! We took shelter in a fireman’s training “burn house”.

    One guy called his friend to pick us up – to our surprise he picked us up in a limousine!

    The experience was great and ushered in an amazing summer of riding.

    Also looking forward to kicking some butt in my 70.3 on Sept. 11.

  204. 10K run around Little Corn Island off the coast of Nicaragua. Barefoot all on the beach or island trails.
    Finished in 99 degree heat with a soak in the Carribean

  205. Chrisseg

    Tie between knocking 30 min off my HIM PR at Lake Stevens, or just finishing the Chelan half IM after a knee injury that took me out of training for over 14 weeks.

    My alias is chrisseg should I happen to win 🙂

  206. Running the first time together with my girlfriend was really great (even if I was running loops around her as she is much slower than me 🙂 )

  207. I took part in my first multisport event this summer. I finished a dualthlon at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis. Great time and great event.

  208. Colin

    A PR at the Vermont City Marathon!

  209. long runs early Saturday morning to beat the summer heat.

  210. Oh, I’m in! I just completed the Crim 10 miler in a 2 minute PR compared to my last 10 miler in June. I felt two months and two minutes faster was huge progress. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  211. Katie B.

    Chicken wings at the end of a race! Yum.

  212. Hitting a PR on my 13.1mi training run a couple of weeks ago! (training for Richmond half) Makes the hard work worth it. Second would be the summer tradition of trying to get my long run finished in time to watch the start of the Tour de France weekend stages. 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  213. Started running this summer with C25K…

  214. I would say my best memory was yesterday. I went to run around Tobyhanna St. Park in Pa only to find my way blocked by a lake. So I ran the other direction to find my way blocked by down trees all because of the hurricane. It was fun climbing through trees and dodging things 🙂

  215. What a cool watch. I’d like one.
    Please 🙂

  216. after a 50 mile ride a few weekends ago, i had an amazing 10 miler in the rain. it was the most invigorating workout i had all summer and the first time i knew i was going to make it through my first half IM!

  217. My favorite fitness moment this summer was running a PR 5K when I wasn’t even trying to PR! I was just trying out my VFFs in a race situation! I guess they worked!

  218. Completing my first sprint triathlon which got me hooked on tris! Someday I hope to work up to a half Ironman!

  219. Five guys burgers and fries after a half century in 98 degree weather. My pace was slow, but, my burger was gooood 🙂

  220. My best run was a 16 minute mile. Paced by my 4 year old son.

  221. Doing long runs in the 100 degree heat of Texas. For some reason, they always make long runs seem much more epic. I don’t get the same feeling during the winter so I always look forward to these epic hot summer long runs.

  222. I just took up running to get in shape and be healthier and I finished my first 10k race this summer, the beach to beacon. It was great to have completed the first of what i hope is many to come.

  223. Finishing my first 100K MTB race, the Mohican 100! It was EPIC! and I managed to not have a crazy blood sugar drop or end up in the ER because of my diabetes. Can’t wait for the next epic race!

  224. Have two 70.3s left (Diamondman in DE and Pocono) a sprint and then the Philly marathon (see ya there)to close out my season! Needless to say that garmin would come in handy.

  225. Finishing a 40 mile ride without getting dropped by the pack for the first time.

  226. I love running in summer rain! Any run in the summer rain is relaxing and empowering!

  227. My best summer race was a winter race.
    Let me explain: it was the Rio de Janeiro Marathon in last july, winter in Brazil, so we are expecting 16ºC (60ºF) and a dry wether, but the temperature was like 36ºC (96,8ºF).
    A lot of people fell down, past out because of the heat. My race time prediction was 3:50:00 and I finishied the race in 4:20:01, it means more half hour in the fire! That´s my best summer race because I survive to a to the heat of the winter!

  228. CarrieAnne

    Summiting George’s Gap in Blood Sweat and Gears! (almost) all downhill from there!

  229. We did a race a couple months back that was actually sponsored by a local brewer. At the end of each event was free beer for all! I must say, on the last day after a longish race in the sweltering heat of the south, I was happy to throw back a beer or two.

  230. 60k ride with the DF and realizing hey she can ride!

  231. My fav memory was finishing my first 10k two years ago…after being convinced there was no way I could run “that far!” (I was a sprinter in track…)

  232. Made it threw another Georgia summer of running during my lunch hour. That’s a feat in itself since our summers are 90 & 90.

    Great giveaway!

  233. improving my sprint tri time by 12 minutes!

  234. b-day girl

    I’m a month and a half away from running my first half marathon! And I’m celebrating the big 3-0 in a month. The Garmin would make an excellent b-day present 🙂

  235. Hi,

    Don’t know which one is my favorite, between my daily trip house -> work with my fixie, or my last week ride with my first Col !

  236. Savoring the Philly Dog and Fries with no guilt after the Mussleman Tri in Geneva NY.

  237. Just about to start a run I noticed that my dog spotted a rabbit in the far far distance. Changing the path from track to trail she spots another rabbit far far away. And then she spots yet another rabbit far far far away. This trail run turned out to be one of the longest and fastest ones I ever managed to do and I just noticed this after arriving back home.

    Hi Ray; I live in Holland, so, unfortunately we didn’t have much of a summer this year in this part of the world. All I remember is entering my home soaking wet and covered in mud after my run or bike training, and my girlfriend laughing like crazy since according to her I looked like a Dalmatian from all the mud spots on my face and clothes.

  239. hey, thanks for the give away. I have been enjoying reading your blog very much.

  240. Enjoyed watching the draw bridge get bigger and bigger as the finish of Grandma’s approached.

  241. Does bicycle touring count as training? I had a blast cycling the Mississippi River Trail this summer.

  242. Ben Winterroth

    Qualifying for Kona at IM St. George!

  243. Chris N

    taking the age group win at eagleman this year, thus qualifying me for kona.

  244. Running 19 miles with my brother but we got lost on some trails and it turned out to be 23 miles. We were tired but it made the ice cold coke at the car taste even better.

  245. I did my first ever tri this summer. It was an informal sprint put together by a co-worker in and around his neighborhood. I was last out of the pool (as I really can’t swim, but I did it!) and it put me completely behind everyone else. I hadn’t really done any biking in forever (but at least my bike functioned, which wasn’t the case a month prior). And I just took up running a couple of months prior. But I finished!
    And now I’m up to running over 6 miles. And I’m about to do a MS Bike ride. (I could really use that watch).

  246. My best memory of this summer race was when I got off the bike and my legs were fresh and ready to run!

  247. This summer will be remembered for the incredible heat we’ve had in North Texas. 65 days of 100+ degree temps and still counting…

    Racing/training wise, I did break 21 minutes in a 5k 3 times, including a sprint triathlon, which is something I hadn’t done previously.

  248. Helping my cousin finish his first century.

  249. Trail marathon on Memorial Day. Absolutely brutal and totally fun!

  250. Thanks for the giveaway! My best summer training memory is finally feeling 100% healthy after and Achilles rupture and hitting the pavement every day again.

  251. 8th overall and 1st in AG at my July race.

  252. Brian L @ 72764

    This summer I made my first AG podium (2nd place). It was a very small local race, but a podium nonetheless.

  253. My best race memory this year (does April count?) is crossing the marathon finish line in Vienna under 3 hours – after years of trying!

    The best training memory is last week’s mountain run. Up on the ridge, the lake to the left, Dingle Bay on the right – magic!

  254. Finsihing my first Sprint Tri, looking at a half IronMan in the near future.

  255. My first adventure race: 4 days * 60 km per day and we finished third with absolutely no equipment. That was so great!

  256. Favorite memory this summer for me was getting STARTED.

    My twin sister lost 83 lbs in 2 years and is now doing marathons and tris and she has motivated me to get out there and lose this weight and become again the athlete I once was in high school and college.

    This summer was my summer to get back into it, with my third child turning 1, but then I broke my toe June exercising for 6 weeks.. I was devastated, but determined not to let it get to me.

    As soon as I was released from Dr. I started. I went from doing maybe 2-3 miles a month to just logging 118 miles in the month of Aug. I am sure not as much as 99% of your followers, but this is the start of the rest of my life to be healthy and fit. So exciting.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  257. Having my 7 year old boy join me for the run across the finish line at PhillyTri.

  258. Anonymous

    Thanks for yet another great give-away!!

    LUV RUNNing

    doron from tel aviv

  259. chris_yeung

    Finally running my wife’s favourite trail together and having vietnamese pho afterwards.

  260. When Hurricane Irene cancelled my race last weekend.

  261. Ihsan

    Thanks for the generous giveaways!

  262. Finishing my first triathlon, first 10K, started a blog, and signing up for my first half marathon! I am hooked!

  263. Best training this summer has been purely recreational; Riding a borrowed tandem bike with my wife. Neither of us are cyclists, but we now will be by next spring.

  264. Christian

    The best races are those which my wife started with me.

  265. Best moment of the summer has been completing my first tri (sprint) and then building distance while training for my first Ironman, IM Cozumel this fall. Seeing my fitness level and confidence grow as a new triathlete has meant a lot to me.

  266. X-Country running race @ 16 years old. Came in 4th at the regional level. It felt like my shoes were barely touching the ground. I remember it to this day, 25 years later.

  267. Well it’s winter time in south hemisphere… But not that cold, so I’ve raced two Night Run events. Big crowd, rock’n roll, very nice.

  268. 1st day of spring in Australia tomorrow! Lots of fun runs and training sessions to achieve a PB for my 2nd half marathon in 6mtns. Sooo need a Garmin Forerunner to make sense of it all??

  269. Best summer memory for me was doing my long run (20m) in my marathon plan at night instead of the customary early morning (due to the heat/humidity here in SC). Pretty neat running around town at that hour and you see a totally different crowd.

  270. x

    Running my first olympic distance tri and seeing my friends face at mile 5 of the run when I just shook my head at him. He was standing there holding up beer and beef jerky shouting “Beer? Beef jerky? Cold beer? Beef jerky?” … he looked so disappointed. I had the worst ever stomach cramps but I had great fun finishing.

  271. My best racing story from this year is the fact that I did. I completed my first triathlon!

  272. Watching the runners go by in wings and glowing bracelets during the midsummer night’s run.

  273. At the finish line of my first half ironman, when I saw my girlfriend and my friends waiting for me, after more than 5 hours but more important 5 months of hard training I needed to cry, at the end it was just one tear of happiness but it was one of the sweetest tears I’ve ever had.

  274. Three days of beach running in Jamaica on family vacation.

  275. Aaron Ainsworth

    Rocked Ironman Louisville with a 1.5 hr PR. 10:13:19.

  276. Finishing my first ultra, the Jemez 50k. Thanks for the giveaway!

  277. Finishing my first triathlon (olympic distance). What a kick!

  278. Running in the Cascades 10k in Sterling Va it was so hot that the local fire dept had one of there trucks spraying water in the air so it felt like 1 part of the race we were running thru a rain storm. Never knew it could feel so good, and then at the end of the run getting a chicken sandwich from Chick Fil-A! Nothing like summer

  279. Camping at Lake Anna two weekends in a row in April to swim, bike, and run before my first tri. Concurrently, I was also testing the shrinkage factor of the water temperature. Conclusion: High.

  280. Ran 3 ultra marathons this summer, the watch would be great for the shorter ones!

  281. Running on the Vegas strip while on summer vacation is probably my favorite summer training memory.

  282. I broke my big toe in the Swim – to – Bike transition at Timberman in 2009. I sucked it up and finished because I was going to propose to my GF at the finish. The run was pretty awful but I finished and got a ‘Yes’ and then had Chrissie Wellington put on my finishers medal and said a nice word. That was a pretty good memory.

  283. My best memory is placing in my first race this summer at a 5K

  284. Finishing my first half in pouring rain in Immenstadt.
    link to

  285. link to

    finishing half race in pouring rain;)

  286. Akemi

    In the middle of ultra training last July I was getting really down about the endless, solitary miles. Did a short relay race through the mountains with friends. It was a great pick-me-up!

  287. Seeing a tarantula on a ride along the turquoise trail from Albuquerque to Santa Fe!

  288. Running along the coastline in Split, Croatia early in the morning.

  289. First sunny century (metric) of the year completed without sunscreen. I looked like a burn victim for the next two weeks. Not cool, not cool at all.

  290. Best memory this year was doing and finishing the NYC Triathlon and then the next day when everyone asked me how it went, all I said was “today starts Philly Marathon training”. Every one thinks Im crazy, but I guess why thats why we do all this

  291. Out for a run when I came across this couple walking their dog and…CAT – no leash on either one. I came upon the cat first because it was lagging behind them. They called to the cat and it ran to catch up and then practically walked to heel.

    That was a new one to me, can’t say as I’ve ever seen anybody walking a cat before!


    My brother-in-law and two nephews came up for a weekend. We ran a 5 miler in my town on Saturday, the into NH for a 6K on Sunday. Throw in some Boston sight seeing and it was a special weekend. Keep up the good work.

  293. My first trail 10k was a blast!

  294. Best training memory during the summer? Living in the South means being up before 5am to run, but every now and then we get a 75 degree morning that is perfect and I’ll sneak in an extra mile or two.

  295. While on vacation this summer in Jackson Hole, WY, I proposed (she said yes!) and went on one of the best group rides I had ever done. With a group of total strangers we attacked the Grand Tetons and butes around Jackson. It was an amazing trip that I will never forget.

  296. Dan M

    Every favorite summer run begins with miserable heat but as the gray clouds loom there is hope. When the sky opens up as the run gets hard it becomes my favorite time to be a runner.

  297. 50+ new to running this year so not many memories to share. I did just complete my first weekly 5K running series during the summer and had a ball. Have an FR60 that I just go so the 610 would be a mighty sweet upgrade. Thanks Ray!

    – George

  298. I really enjoy your site and the reviews. I hope I win!
    I’m currently using the Nike+ GPS watch. I like it a lot but wish it captured more data points.

  299. My best summer racing memory was during my first half ironman (Vineman) and I had to pee badly. I didn’t want to lose sight of an AG rider who had passed me earlier so I tried to pee while riding. Took me several tries and FINALLY success. In fact, I ended up peeing 3 times on that ride and once on the run. Amazing what one has to do to save time.

  300. I did Fatty’s 100 miles to nowhere on Memorial Day. That was probably my best summer racing/training memory this year, because it turned out I did it on a broken foot and have been non-weight bearing for most of the summer and haven’t biked or run since!

  301. Hmm – has to be a local mid summer 5 miler in 100 degree heat and nasty humidity. Still only about 1:20 off target pace.

  302. Brian Baran

    I would say a great training ride in the Shennandoah mountains through Massanutten and Skyline Drive. 80 miles and 8,000 feet of climbimg. So much fun!

  303. Was still new to cycling, done a round-island of Singapore for the first time!

  304. The depot at Hjallerup City marathon. It was just like a candy store. It didn’t anything

  305. My fave memory from this summer is definitely crossing the line at the London Tri and taking a while to register why the clock looked wrong as I’d knocked *20mins of my PB* Awesome.

  306. Nailing every gravel descent in last weekends metric century monster cross ride. Carving sketchy turns perfectly, bunny hopping the ruts and oh yeah grinning the whole time!

  307. Having the intention to run 8 miles and ended up running 13.10. not realizing until I was talking to my co worker the following day, that i actually ran more than a 1/2 marathon. I was excited since im actually training for a marathon, feel like im accomplished a milestone.

  308. Finishing my first Half-Iron race…took a lot longer than expected, but finished. And now really looking forward to my first marathon in Oct, MCM!

  309. Lately, definitely a great six mile trail run. hard to beat

  310. Would be cool to have this little thing next year at Challenge Cape Town. Actually – off season – no swim, no bike, no run – just work…

  311. Ah great (just bought a FR210, but maybe I should have gone for the 610 instead ;)?!

    First thing that comes into mind is actually last Saturday, when visiting a friend in Evanston, IL:

    Ran from his place down to the beach, then a few k more, took a swim in the Lake Michigan, then tagging along with a group of young runners (just half a mile or so, but still nice to get the pace up 🙂 and finally back again.

  312. Thanks for the giveaway. Best moment of the summer was during the bike leg of the Timberman hlaf-iron, lost my trusty old Forerunner cycling down the last hill…i was going 42 mph at the time and it was awesome.

  313. I’d like to win this Garmin Forerunner 610! I will look good on my wrist and I don’t have to use my Edge 500 while running.

  314. My biggest race this year was the Adidas Sundown Marathon. Wasn’t a great timing. But it was my PB yet.

    Gonna train up for Standard Chartered this year end!!

  315. David B

    Riding up Whiteface (Lake Placid) while training for IM Arizona in 2008. Epic ride in the rain and fog.

  316. for me it’s not a specific moment but it is the fact that before I started training this summer for RnR Philly I had never ran more than 5 miles.

    thanks for the giveaway Ray

  317. My first 4 mile run and only my second race on July 4th in which I placed second in my age group! That along with the excellent post-race food they supplied made for an Epic 4th of July!

  318. Competing in my first triathlon. An olympic distance event, superhigh humidity, forgot to hydrate on the bike, had to walk a good part of the run, but was elated at the finish, much more than after setting a new marathon PR by 15 min earlier this year. Triathlon is a really special event.

  319. My best memory is about to be created when I take part in the Ironman Galway 70.3 this Sunday.

    All of the seasons training has been towards attaining this goal of participating in the first Ironman event to be held in Ireland.

    Now. . . just to finish it 🙂

  320. A contractions during transition from Bike to Run during my first Half Ironman are unforgetable.

  321. Finishing my first Olympic distance Triathlon on the London Olympics Course! What a brilliant day!

  322. Susan

    Personal best for 5k and was racing with a lady in my AG off my shoulder the whole time. I held on really strong and the end.

  323. starting a workout regiment back in september of 2010 in honor of my brother in law who died of a heartattack at the age of 35. I never stuck with any kind of workout/running in the past. My goal run this year is a 25k trail run. Wild Hare, Warda, Tx. Its coming up on september 2011 and i am still going and have lost 50lbs and dont see myself stopping.

  324. I finished Challenge Aarhus in a respectable sub-5 time, after a 14-year hiatus from triathlon. That felt *so* good! (It also hurt very good, like racing should).

    Next up is Challenge Copenhagen 2012.

  325. i did a sprint in the pouring rain on the north shore this summer – the swim was cut short (hurray!) and it was a crappy day. but the best part of it was drinking afterwards for 8 hours at the bar. now THAT is a good day.

  326. For me it was my first 100km+ cycling day trip in the alps. Beautiful scenery, great routes and lots of hills! Fantastic!

  327. Best memory? The epic suffering during Helsingborg Triathlon (Sweden, olympic distance). Cold, near-storm winds, constant rain. The only thing missing was a hailstorm.

  328. A close encounter with a porcupine while ascending the Loyalsock Trail (in the PA wilds) to the top of Smith’s Knob.


  329. Doing the Sunrise to Sunset Relay Race in Florida a couple of years ago and watching the sunset as I was running on top of a levy on Lake Okeechobee. Pretty awesome!

  330. best memory was my first time placing 1st in my AG in a sweltering hot July evening 10K.

    Thanks for the great contests!

    K. Keeler

  331. My first race ever – 10k @ Nordea Riga marathon.

  332. All of my best trrainings ends up swimming at beach. With bikini girls around, much better!

  333. Let the flood begin… My favorite summer race was first sprint tri. I entered as a Clydesdale, and beat the smart mouth seasoned friend by three minutes. I’m down to 171lbs now.

  334. Hallo!
    I completed my second half marathon this year in Riga. I set personal reccord – 17min better than last year.


  335. Got lost while running in a huge vineyard region. Found a worker to ask for directions and he started to laugh! How the hell did you end up here running??? Eventually found the way back… super fun

  336. Finishing Timberman 70.3, and then my wife and good buddy both finishing too! Trifecta.

  337. Highlight of my training this summer has been my Sunday long runs as I prepare for my fall marathon. Last weekend was my first 20 miler and although the weather left something to be desired it was a great run! I would have never thought 9 months ago when 4 miles seemed like it was a “super” long run that I would be capable of 20!

  338. Running sundown marathon for the first time was awesome for a fat lady like me. Best achievement ever! Going to join more marathons and shed more fats!!!

  339. I’m trying to establish a regular running schedule and I forced a run in the night before I wrote my PMP exam (project management professional) with the hopes that it would give me an additional energy boost on the day of the test.

    It had the needed effect – my energy level was up for the day of the test and it reinforced my need to make running a regular habit.

  340. My 50 mile ride early one morning this summer on the Outer Banks was my best training ride this summer. The headwind going out was not much fun, but the tailwind in was great.

  341. I wish I could say completing my first Ironman, but that is scheduled for a week from Sunday.

    This summer my favorite racing memory was racing a half iron with a bruised rib. I took some prescribed pain killers before the race and PR’d by 9 minutes with no pain. Probably a stupid decision, but I guess I was lucky.

  342. This spring i finished my first marathon at Zürich after a half year of training only. It worked well: I was just under 4 hours 🙂

  343. A perfect cycling on a bright Sunday morning in a nice scenery
    link to

  344. Last summer I did a 16 mile training run in the POURING rain. It was a bit of a slog, but for some reason it stands out as a highlight of the season.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  345. Running outside before the record streak of days in a row and overall over 100 degrees in Texas.

  346. Best summer memory: Running a trail race on Saturday, then a half marathon on Sunday where I placed 3rd in my age group. I haven’t been that exhausted in a very long time.

  347. Definitely the day I realized how much easier bike maintenance was with a bike work stand. Or sadly that my A race of the year was cancelled due to weather. Still a great summer of training.

  348. This summer we ran our first run as a family, complete with wife, daughter and mother in law. My daughter also ran a kiddie dash…there is a video on YouTube of her race (link to if you want to check it out. It was a wonderful experience to run as a family and it wont be out last. Thank you!

  349. At the NJ State Sprint Tri this year, it was ridiculously hot, and the run felt awful. At the turnaround, they had a fire hose spraying a geyser across the entire road. It pretty much saved my run, even though my shoes were completely filled with water.

  350. Anonymous

    56 mile London to Brighton bike ride last Sunday followed by fish & chips on Brighton beach, it doesn’t get better than that.

  351. I entered the aquabike division of the Greater Gator Triathlon. I have had an ongoing hamstring injury that has kept me from running. Ironically, I won a pair of Newtons in a general raffle! I also won first place in the woman’s aquabike division! It was my first time to win an award at any race!

  352. @cousin_dany

    had tons of good times this summer both in endurance sport and with general relaxation with love ones, but the end all has to be going back to the scene of my first tri, 3 years back and paying back that course it had become my Moby Dick.

  353. getting cramps on my first century at 58 miles …. Crashing at 72 miles and having to quit at 90 miles when my legs cramped going straight out. Less than a fun day but I have learned a lot about nutrition and hydration since

    peter H

  354. Making it out of my last triathlon swim without drowning! There were 20+ mph winds, and Lake Michigan had white caps and a riptide warning. It was the worst swim ever, and it felt SO good to be done with it!

  355. A training ride to Fredrick that had BACON at the rest stop.

  356. High point? Cycling across japan for endurance. Low point….. Rupturing my ACL 3 days ago…. Boo! Still epic summer

  357. Completed my first triathlon in July (Pewaukee, WI sprint) and my second two weeks later (Show Me State games). Highlight at Pewaukee was managing the entire 16 mi bike (furthest I’ve ever ridden) without having to get off to go up any of the hills. Show Me games was brutal (crazy heat index – I sweated on the swim!). But I got to rock body marking for a few days! 🙂 I’ve been drooling over the Garmin reviews on your site, but unemployment has hit our household pretty hard so definitely not something I can justify right now. Would LOVE to win this!

  358. I ran my first half-marathon and completed my first triathlon this summer. Love the half, hated the swim in the tri. The high I felt after the half lasted a LONG time. Geeked up to do another one, but my mileage is down after training for the tri, so I have to build it up again!

  359. I started Couch to 5K in the summer of 2004. Had no idea it would eventually lead to me becoming a marathoner.

  360. My best racing memory was rounding the corner before the finish of the bike leg on my first tri. I was almost hyperventilating I was so happy that I had completed that leg!

  361. stunning 150k ride along the beatiful blue danube.

  362. Hi Ray, count one entry for me! My favorite summer training memory was running around central park loop on sunny Saturday mornings before it would heat up and before it would be crowded while training for the ING New York marathon. Central park is really a fantastic place!

  363. Best training of the summer? Riding the Savageman half course – what a beast!

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  365. Finishing a half marathon and being surprised by my wife and daughter being at the finish!

  366. My best training memory of this summer was running in the hills in Korea with some Korean ultra runners, who were training for the Busan 100k. Their club provided me with fresh water melon at the highest point in the training course, which was a welcome refreshment in the heat and humidity.

  367. Finishing a 70.3 that allowed me the opportunity of running when it was 100+ !

  368. My favorite part of this triathlon season has been every bike leg. Last year, it was my weakness and it was painful. A new bike some training has turned it into my strongest split.

  369. Getting my new PB on my most recent 10 km race. In hometown Trondheim, Norway 🙂

  370. This comment has been removed by the author.

  371. Well, two great training rides this summer. I did a hilly 171km ride with two guys across the tip of Taiwan and then turned around and return home. The other ride was a two day ride across the center of Taiwan. Elevation topped out at 3275 meters above sea level. Plenty of fun.

  372. Completing my first Olympic Tri. Been doing Sprints for a while, but stepping it up.

  373. Might have been in the spring, now that I think about it, but my second-ever race was a 5k through Philly that ended with a lap at Franklin Field during the Penn Relays. It was sort of awesome.

  374. My favorite race memory from this summer was participating in a triathlon with my 10 year old daughter. She swam 1/8 mile, biked 12 and ran 2. The last 2 miles were tough for her, but seeing the smile on her face as the crowd cheered us in at the finish made it all worth it. She was so happy and proud of her accomplishment and it made me one proud mom!

  375. Kaves

    I’m in. Took my bike out of NYC up into Westchester county, got lost in the hills and as it started to rain my phone died, with the gps, ended up riding straight into a metro north train station by a random act of god – took the train home.

    Nothing like being lost, tired, 70 miles of repeating hills and rain!

    Finished my first 70.3 on July 10th at Providence – highlight of my tri life

  376. Falling at a run aid station during a half-ironman because I was clumsy and having the volunteers think I had just passed out. the finishing photo with blood running down my leg is priceless.

  377. Meeting up with some old high school buddies for a weekend run. Good times.

  378. Earlier this year when I nailed the secret recipe for my recovery smoothie for the first time…mmmmm….

  379. My most memorable summer training bit has got to be the completion of my last practice triathlon at Hain’s Point this past August. I completed the exact same course just a month earlier but with a significant difference.

    Twelve minutes to be exact.

    That’s how much time my hard training paid me off. Twelve minutes faster in one month.

    What a great feeling.

  380. For me it was completing the “Lord of the Flies” competition at the Black Fly tri. 3 races in 3 days.

  381. Losing my lunch in Rock Creek Park, and finishing the loop strong anyway — as several folks looked on in shock that anyone could boot and rally on a 100 degree day!

    Thanks, as always, for the awesome giveaway.

  382. Lots of great summer memories to choose from, but I still can’t beat the feeling of running my first 10k at age 14 with no training. Amazing what you can do when you don’t know any better.

  383. Running/walking my first +35km run in preparation for marathon in september! Trails in mountains, beautiful views and good feelings all the time.

  384. Going for a long Bike ride I made sure to put sunscreen on my arms/legs/face/neck. After the ride though my head was very tender, having short hard I wound up with sunburn through the helmet openings. Ever since then I have to make sure to put sunscreen all over, including the top of my head.

  385. Finishing my first “long” run without stopping before my first marathon. A meager 6 miles.


    Finishing the Mountains of Misery on Memorial Day weekend with my kids running alongside me as I finished the final climb!

  387. My best run of the summer was my second trail race – Blue Crab Bolt up in Little Bennett. It started to rain, there was no one around me, and I just felt so present. My brain wasn’t thinking about anything, not my pace, not the rocks ahead, not what to eat when I was done. I was just there in the moment, in nature. It was fabulous.

    Please pick me. My garmin 405 just died this morning. Thanks!

  388. An annual hike up one of the Colorado 14ers. I never know which I am training for, running races or this hiking trip with my buddies!

  389. All my runs during my vacation in upstate New York – loved the cooler weather. A welcome break from running in Houston during the hottest summer I can remember!

  390. My most memorable training run this summer would have to be running up the Philly Art Museum steps early in the morning a la Rocky…My wife and I did the arms in the air pose and everything! Highly recommended!

  391. Haven’t got anything much but since I am currently hunting for a running watch. Wouldn’t hurt to try =)
    Currently getting myself ready for Mount Kinabalu climb in November, running monday-saturday weekly to condition myself. Being a beginner means that i’ve got alot to do and ofcourse space for improvement!

  392. This comment has been removed by the author.

  393. Running in the dark of night during Ragnar Great River, realizing that hills aren’t so bad if you can’t see them coming!

  394. The best memory I have from this year is returning home after a really hard run in the rain to the happy faces of my two drooling mastiffs, Atticus and Aslan. The memory of two knuckleheads (in the best sense of the word) greeting me with such enthusiasm and love is emblazed on my brain.


  395. Ray, thanks for the opportunity! The highlight of my summer was running the Two Rivers Heritage Half Marathon at Harpers Ferry, WV ( This run is only 60 miles from DC and it is AMAZING! Although it is an extremely challenging course, it takes you through some of the most scenic and historical terrain this country has to offer. The race is very small, around 150 runners, and it has great local support. Additionally, it was sponsored by Mountain State Brewing Co. who provided four kegs for the after party. That was icing on the cake!

    Thanks again,

  396. Running Stockholm Marathon. My first marathon. I did not train nearly enough because of snow (rather snowboarding) but when I got to the finish I had tears in my eyes. I was so happy. I had finally made it! Took 4.49 and I couldn’t walk for weeks after but I made it!

  397. My favorite racing memory this year was finally breaking into the top 10 of my 50-54 age group at Ironman Racine 70.3.

  398. I’ve been doing a trail race series this summer by the coast. Amazing place who motivate indeed I was on holidays.

  399. Having a date with the concrete this past weekend mounting my bike coming out of T1…the mounting area was a little congested 🙂

  400. My best was finishing a triathlon on the island of Bintan in Indonesia back in 09. Fabulous weather and thoroughly enjoyable race.

  401. Hi Ray, my “best” memory so far is going ass over tea kettle off my mountain bike during a local off road triathlon series.

    I was racing the shorter “beginner” route, and chose a path up over a narrow dirt mound to avoid a sand patch. I had done it countless times before, but this time there was a huge divot in the middle of the path, and I didn’t react quickly enough. My front tire went in, and I went over the handle bars.

    I few teenage kids were coming up behind me and all I could hear as I lay there was “whoa that was nuts.” Other than a few scrapes I was totally fine and ended up getting a PR to boot. But wow, that was something.

  402. Lots of racing memories from the tough day at BSLT to the hail and thunderstorm at MIM. STP was also a great ride!


    Epic heat in Texas this summer – can’t beat that training come fall/winter racing.

  404. Swimming in a reservoir is the weirdest thing. It’s all green and you can’t see a thing. But I love the lack of chlorine. Please sign me up for your giveaway!

  405. My favorite memory was finishing Bike to the Beach (DC to Dewey Beach), 100+ miles, having not previously ridden more than 55 on any training ride. Getting to the beach after 6 hours pedaling (longer with rest stops) and having a tasty beer…..Yum.

  406. Set a marathon PR in July. Hoping to shave off 9 minutes on October 1 at St.George Marathon to set another PR and qualify for Boston before next year when qualifying times get 5 minutes faster.

  407. Dunhill Deodores

    Finishing my 1st marathon

  408. I finished my first 10k, hated evry step and loved every step all at the same time!
    Can’t wait to do my next LOL

  409. Andy

    Getting caught in the beginnings of Hurricane Irene downpours while training for a half-iron man in Central Park last weekend…


  410. My best summer training memory was on the first day that I got my new road bike after I finished my ride for the day, realizing that my pace had immediately jumped 3mph simply because I wasn’t riding a huge mountain bike any more.

  411. Took part in the Bulldog Sprint Triathlon in August. Finished strong and felt great!

  412. Starting and finishing the C25k program! Being new to running again (about 80 pounds and 15 years ago I ran about 3-4 times per week) it just feels great to get back into the groove.

  413. Ahh, running while the evening is still light, catching the scent of all the grills cooking dinner. I’ll miss that when winter hits (but I won’t miss the 100-degree temps)

  414. Running 7 halfmarathons in 7 days, in very different weather conditions from showers to 90F 🙂

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  416. I successfully completed the Edinburgh Marathon!!! My first one 🙂

  417. Tuesday night team rides with!

  418. Almost always any event or training done in the rain, it just adds some element of mental difference which keeps those sessions a bit clearer in my mind compared to all the others..

    And thanks as always for the great info you share along w/ the cool gadgets!

  419. I set a PR on a midnight 8K this summer and working on my first marathon.

  420. My best summer memory for 2011 was qualifying for USAT Age Group Nationals!

  421. Thanks for this awesome End of Summer giveaway.

    Did an XTERRA trail run this past weekend and while I finished 20 sec behind my age group winner, I finished mid-pack in the overalls.

  422. Bethany

    My best summer memory for 2011 was qualifying for USAT Age Group Nationals!

  423. Nothing tremendous this summer. My 1/2 marathon which was my summer A race was a bit of a disappointment. I have however been organizing monthly mile runs on a track near the office and I managed to run a post high school and +60 pounds PR of 5:52 last week.

  424. Best training/racing memory is completing my first race…the Broad Street 10 Miler in Philly in 2006. It was a great accomplishment and long before times and place mattered!

  425. Anonymous

    I am training for a half marathon in October, and just ran my longest run, 8 miles. I was so jacked and was ending with my fists pumping and a sense of power I will not forget!! It was then that I knew I was a runner….;D

  426. For fathers day wife gave me a trip to DC so I could go down and train on my old stomping grounds with my friends from DC. Best part of ride was stopping for two hours at Italian Store in Arlington for a nice lunch.

  427. Lol… I think its awesome that you do giveaways like this. Keep it up.

    Anyway, I’m new to running and recently began my marathon training a couple months ago. Well I was scheduled to do a 10 mile run and I kept thinking there’s no way I’m gonna pull this off. Being new to running, having asthma, and a smoker of 11 years(I quit two months ago when I took up running) I was pretty skeptical. The first 3 miles were pretty much a warm up the next 5 miles flew by, and by the time I got to the last two there was no stopping me. When I finally finished I felt as if I could accomplish anything. Thats my best moment so far.

  428. Hi there, preparing for my first half ironman, this would help 🙂

  429. Rev3 Half and picking up a 58 minute PR. Thanks Ray!

  430. Pushing my year-old daughter in the jogging stroller, with her squealing in delight when the pace picks up, and making “faster Daddy” noises when I have to slow down.

  431. Running in the rain this summer. Being in Texas with this killer drought the feeling of rain was absolutely magical.

  432. My best summer memory… my second metric century on a bicycle. 100km, I decided to take a tour of the city I live in. Photos can be found here: Flickr

    Garmin connect info here: Garmin Connect

    It was by far the most incredible bike ride I’d ever taken. I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of doing a metric century. I weighed around 380 pounds at the time, so a lot of people didn’t believe that I was capable of doing something like that. I didn’t care. I knew I could, and I did. I discovered a beauty in my city that I had never appreciated before. It’s amazing how you can live your entire life in a place and not realise how awesome it is. It’s so easy to just drive through a place, ignoring all of the little things that make it wonderful, but when you’re on a bike, discovering every tiny little facet of your city, something hits you.

    I’m down to 360 pounds now, and training for my very first Imperial Century. I am hoping to make an attempt this weekend, but the rain may not cooperate with my plans. My deadline is October.

  433. Getting 2nd in my age division!

  434. First Du in years, along the beautiful Prince Edward Island coast. Hadn’t ridden in the drops in ages!

  435. Riding the Dairyland Dare in Dodgeville, WI. I didn’t know you could have so many hills per mile.

  436. PR-ing in the half IM distance with my first sub-5 hour time!!! Woohoo!!

  437. Finishing my first triathlon and knowing that I can check that off my list of things I wanted to accomplish.

  438. Daniela

    I did my very first trail running race in July. It was a really hot and humid day, but other than that, it was a perfect race.

  439. I finished my first Ironman 3 years ago now, and I’ve never felt better than I did in that moment. I have been training for the last year, trying to get back into the same shape I was that year.

  440. Down here in TX September does’t mean the end of the heat. We have forecasted highs still above 100 throughout the first week of September. A new Garmin 610 would ROCK! Thanks for the chance to win!

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  442. My first ever round the lough! great times even though we got lost and did a 22km detour, never laughed or grinned so much in my life! (that’s Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland btw)

  443. can I please have the watch?

  444. That’s inspiration to get for my fall fitness routines 🙂

  445. Coming in first for my company in the corporate challenge and getting a little wind-up monkey-with-cymbals as a trophy.

    Thanks, Ray!

  446. Great idea for getting comments. THanks for posting. I think we have about 3 weeks left of nice weather, so its still summer for me

  447. Finishing my first full sprint distance triathlon in North Louisiana. The temperatures were 115 at midday, so the morning race saw 96 degree temps on the run and the swim was in a lake that was down 5 feet with water temps just shy of 90. Great experience but HOTTT!

  448. I out-sprinted a dog on the flats and hit 38 mph. Never sprinted that speed since.

  449. This comment has been removed by the author.

  450. Many years ago, a half-marathon in the middle of a heat wave in Kansas (80 degrees at race time, 108 that afternoon). Won my age group, came in 6th overall.

  451. First half marathon in Chicago! Love the ambience in the windy city.

  452. Running with my 10 yr old son for his first 5k this summer in under 34 minutes. It’s not much, but the look of pride on his face after he finished, and our new found way to bond (running together) is what is awesome to me. 🙂

  453. Competing in the Madison Marathon at 9000 ft.
    Great blog!

  454. L8apex

    I went from sitting on the couch to competing in four triathlons and a 1/2 marathon!

    Next up: San Juan 70.3

  455. Losing my timing chip during the swim leg, continuing with the race, appealing for the results, and getting 1st in AG in the end 🙂
    Thanks so much for doing this! (even though the chances of me winning are like 0.1%)

  456. I ran a small local 5K pacing my mom and pushing my then 11 month old, it was full family affair. Little guy fell asleep halfway through the race. It was great!

  457. My first “un-retirement” run about a week after my son’s emergency brain surgery. He is 100% recovered now, but at the time I was giant ball of fear and stress. Getting out the door on an early quiet morning was therapeutic.

  458. Jake Jendusa

    First Overall win at a Triathlon this summer!

  459. Best racing memory is hands down taking the last step to cross the finish at an IRONMAN! The pure joy of completing it and actually being able to stop moving makes the pain go right away 🙂

  460. running my first marathon where I had to run the last 6 miles on a badly sprained foot…

    call me crazy but i’m signing up again next year (hopefully without the sprained foot).

  461. Doing the xterra trail series, which means I get to run at different trails and also meet new runners.

  462. Hello,
    Reached my first 10k last evening, trainging for the 20 🙂

  463. Completed my fisrt HIM race last Saturday, the Provo Half. 95 degrees when I finished. I look forward to my next race in October.

  464. Making it over the top of Old Stage Road at Boulder Peak.

  465. Running a PR at a charity race. Someone I knew in HS that was killed in a car accident. Awesome to run well and help a good cause.

  466. celebrating my ten year running anniversary by running my third half marathon, and ending at the Brooklyn boardwalk!

  467. Scott

    Great give away! Hopefully my running times will decrease with the fall weather as well!

  468. Unfortunately, my memories of this summer are all of my poor training habits. However, we did buy a new house, which means my favorite memories are of discovering new running routes. Now I just need a gps watch to measure them!

  469. Its not summer in this part of the world where I am at but my memorable one is doing long runs and bike rides in the provinces and away from all the chaos in the city.

  470. Spinalrx

    Very simple, when I came home with the family after my first Olympic triathlon my 7 year old son looks at me and says ” I want to do triathlons just like you dad”

  471. Biking 100 miles for the first time in Iowa years ago in 95 degree heat with 90% humidity – could not for the life of me figure out why I had stopped sweating and was getting goosebumps.

  472. My favorite memory this summer is moving to a new house and looking for new running routes. Now I just need a new gps watch to measure them.

  473. I hope this time is my time.



  474. Training for my first marathon this fall.

  475. I just started running at the age of 51. My best day of training was just this saturday during a planned10 mile run. The group leader took the wrong trail back and the run was short by .5 miles. Only 3 of 35 of us kept going to complete the planned 10 mile run. The rest stopped at 9.5 miles. It felt good to be one of the three.

  476. Bryan F.

    Thanks for doing this.

    One of my fondest training memories was riding for hours through a torrential rainstorm. Really felt hardcore after that!

  477. Finishing the local races with my wife! We had a great time!

  478. This comment has been removed by the author.

  479. Finished my first 15k in Jacksonville.

  480. Finishing my first 50 mile ultra last weekend is probably the best summer memory this year.

    In fact, the memory remains in the form of lingering pain and swelling.

  481. Best memory? Breck Epic 2011 MTB stage race. Oh hell yeah.

  482. Realizing that getting into full Marathon training post tri season that I do not like speedwork

  483. This comment has been removed by the author.

  484. Favorite memory was racing my second half after two metric centuries and feeling great!

  485. my best memory is racing my first marathon, the cost to coast marathon on the Amalfi Coast, the first edition, with all the road completely closed to all vehicles, and the car drivers in the small roads waiting for the end of the race, really angry, kind of a revenge….

  486. I started running this June

  487. First Xterra race @ Rocky Gap this summer….awesome! Can’t wait to do another…

  488. I developed plantar fasciitis this past winter and it’s taken January to now for me to be able to run again. So my favorite training memory for this summer was being able to share my first run back (albeit slow…) with my wife. I still have a ways to go, but it feels good to be making progress.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  489. I have only ran in two races since the 9th or 10th grade. It would be july 1, 2010 (Canada Day) finishing 15k, the longest run of my life. Thanks.

  490. 105 miles at Skyline in a 200 mile bike weekend!

  491. An epic 5k open water swim race in Watkins Glen, NY. My first open water swim race and conditions were perfect!

  492. Just got back into running this summer after a long time. Best run so far was completing a 3+ mile run faster (by a couple minutes) than I had the prior week and feeling better during the run.

  493. This comment has been removed by the author.

  494. Angelo

    During an olympic distance somewhere in China on 1995 I forgot to take my helmet at T2.After 1Km in the run I gave the helmet to a soldier who was controlling people in a busy junction road.At the end of the race my helmet was together with my bike in the transition area.That’s awesome !

  495. After a long vacation, slowly getting back in action.

  496. My highlight of the year was either getting my finishers medal from Chrissie Wellington in Kansas 70.3!! And being 777 Kansas luckily qualifying for Vegas 70.3!! But this past weekend rivaled Kansas in that racing Tristar111 I got to talk with Macca at expo and then go on a river boat with all the pros (including Macca) for post race drinks, food, and awards!!! Talk about awesome!! And Im sure I have one more great experience in Vegas + a lot of pain : ) thanks, Jake C

  497. RTighe

    Best moment was finishing in the top 10 overall in an event last weekend.

  498. My 4 yr old son running into my waiting arm at the end of every race this summer…Priceless

  499. My first-ever bike workout, which opened up a whole new sport to me 🙂 (It also made my newly acquired FR210 suddenly feel inadequate as I’d now appreciate ANT+)

  500. Kris E

    I am training for a ten mile race, quite a step up from my 5k last year. I’m running with my super fit sister, so I was happy to complete eight miles Sunday morning. I’ve never run that far before, but it felt good. The ice bath that followed was awesome.

  501. My biggest race memory will be my completion of The Hood to Coast Relay here in the Pacific NW. 32 hr long Race, No Sleep, I totaled 17.25 Miles. Had tons of Fun.

  502. Running a five mile zigzag around hurricane Irene debris.

  503. My biggest race memory will be my completion of The Hood to Coast Relay here in the Pacific NW. 32 hr long Race, No Sleep, I totaled 17.25 Miles. Had tons of Fun.

  504. Summer marathon training, long runs on the weekend watching the sun come up. Not freezing my ace off.

  505. Recording my fast times at the 5 and 10k mark. This was the first time I training with a purpose other than just “finishing”

  506. My favorite moment was watching my wife cross the finish line of her first triathlon.

    I finished about 20-30 minutes ahead of her, collected my medal, and then ran around the course trying to find where she was. From there I ran to various points on the running route and cheered her to the finish. It was great!

  507. Starting to train for a half marathon and my first 8 miler had me run a half mile downhill only to turn around and run back up it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  508. Completing my first Tri this year was pretty awesome. Same race I got over my running mental block and got a 5k PR out of it. Now it’s time to work on that bike!

  509. Cool Garmin. My cousin has a similar model and directed me here. Would love to win!

  510. I finished a half ironman the same time as a friend and we got some funny finishing pics as we’re trying to squeeze through the chute at the same time.

  511. Best part of the summer has to be my first 70.3 race. Finished 4th in my AG at Boulder 70.3. Definitely the highlight of the year. Thanks for the sweet give-away.

  512. The morning after my cousin´s weding I start my program for my 6th november marathon, the night after i was drunk….but at 8 a.m. i was running 8 km warm up and 3×2000 mts , it was delirius my 8 km paca was horrible jeje

  513. Either running my first Go Commando race, or RAGBRAI… it’s a toss up!

  514. Completed my first open water tri, and actually enjoying the swim.

  515. Favorite race: The Camp Pendelton Mud Run. A great course, supremely organized & run by the Marines. And ran it with great friends!

  516. Caleb Willis

    Deciding to do a Half Ironman with little/no training, thinking my previous Ironman training (from the year before) would carry over. Not so much!

  517. in the most important race this year just at the moment my team partner and myself caught the first group he had a puncture …

  518. Ran in a 5k mudrun sponsored by habitat for humanity not a long run but a fun one for sure.

  519. Dealing with the heat, one of my strategies was 2 a days, I didn’t like getting up early and I didn’t like the heat, but I spread the misery.

  520. My best summer challenge was run 24 miles in my summer vacacions

  521. racing the Garden of the Gods 10 Miler. So beautiful, but altitude isn’t my friend.

  522. Running a half with best friend from childhood.

  523. resipsa99

    Training for the provincial summer games as a teenager in an outdoor pool, getting distracted by the sun, clouds and birds in the sky…

  524. Hello I write from Spain and every day I follow your site, I’m training for my first half marathon on September 17. thank you very much

  525. Thanks for a great blog and all these great giveaways! Keep up the good work.

  526. Hallo, I am preparing my fist marathon for this october in Italy and is very hard, I hope I will finish it!
    Italy Mirko

  527. At 40, placed high enough in two summer tris for first time ever to receive age group awards.

  528. TLM

    Yay for fall running season!

  529. Running at night by Tagus riverside, and been cached by a end-summer wind and rain storm with some lightning. Never run so fast with that strong wind gusts helping.

  530. Training for and completing my first ironman.

  531. Would love to check out the Forerunner 610, since my 205 is starting to lose it’s life..

  532. I can never forget trying to finish a 20 miler in the pouring rain. I felt like the scene in Caddyshack when I tried to convince myself that, “I don’t think the heavy stuff’s comin’ down for a while.”

    I went by my house to change my shoes 1/2 way through, but I got it done.

  533. My favorite summer memory was reaching the finish line at the 2011 Eagleman 70.3 and getting soaked by the local fireman man with their fire hoses. I could have stood there all day. Thanks for all the great reviews, I based my Garmin 500 purchase on your site. Spot on.

  534. Completing the Baltimore 10 Miler with a stress fracture and therefore very little training. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to race since due to the fracture and back issues, but am now training for a Fall Sprint Tri and my first half marathon (Rehoboth).

  535. Last summer I moved from jogging aimlessly around the block to ‘training’ for a 5k.

    I figured I was good for it, but I hadn’t run more than a vaguely approximate 2 miles at a time yet, so I plotted out a 3.1 course on gmap-pedometer and ran it, the whole way.

    The feeling when I walked back in the door was amazing, I felt a little bit more like a real runner.

    Thanks for running a great giveaway, hope I win!

  536. I was on my honeymoon last week in Paris/Spain and I was tracking to see how fast the train from Paris to Beaune was going (180 mph btw) using my Garmin 305. When we departed in a hurry, I left the Garmin on the train window sill.

    So a few days later, while doing my training run down the beach of Barcelona, I couldn’t tell how fast I was going and had nothing to look at but old naked people on the beach.

    Please, I need this! Wedding present? 🙂

  537. First ride back after being sidelined for 6 weeks on a broken foot. One doesn’t fully appreciate things until you’re not able to do them for a while. It sure does feel great when you get back to it though!

  538. Best summer experience was last weekend finishing my first OD for the trifactor triathlon and absolutely killing it. Great race, tons of fun, and I’m quite sure i’m now addicted to tri for the rest of my life.

  539. Deciding to HTFU a couple weeks ago, and start my long ride in the rain. Despite the weather predictions, the sun came out about 10 mins into the ride. Great day!

  540. Completed my first 200K bike ride ealier this year, and it had 10,000 feet of climbing!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  541. Running at dawn through old growth forests on trail marked by glow-sticks. Awesome.

  542. Finishing IMWI last year was my best memory so far. Hopefully more to come, especially since my birthday is the day after the giveaway!

  543. Great blog, been reading for a couple months now…

    My best memory of the season was hitting the water in my first tri ever at DC Tri. After a mad 100m dash, I panicked and almost grabbed onto a kayak. I managed a few measly breastrokes and have literally no idea how I made it to the end. Was all the fear I expected in the tri and I’m glad I endured its initiation.

  544. My achilles ruptured. Went to the hospital and met my current girlfirend =)

  545. I ran my first marathon this summer–it was hard but oh so worth it!!

  546. Highlight of this summer was completing the Pikes Peak Ascent (13.32 miles, 7800 vertical feet of gain)!

  547. My best summer time memory is actually the worst when i learned how to hydrate myself properly, after a 30 km run, in the heat even after drinking loads of water i was dehydrated.. Red piss scared me to no end.

  548. Brock P

    Finished my first HIM at Buffalo Springs Lake in Lubbock TX. The high temp that day was 114F. Fortunately I was done well before that point but it was a very hot windy race through the west Texas canyons.

  549. Favorite summer racing memory: Running a Friday evening 5K (that I signed up for at the last minute – originally having no intentions of running in near 100 degree heat and 90% humidity…) and actually winning 1st in my age division!

  550. A 100km bike ride with a friend last Saturday, from Nantes (France) to the sea. Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches…just nice !

  551. As a University of Michigan alum + fan, my best moment was kicking away from an Ohio State fan en route to a 3-minute 5K PR. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

  552. Running with buddy of mine’s high school cross country team and knowing I can still hang with them even though I’m almost 40.

  553. LagunaB

    Finishing my first half ironman!

  554. Best memory from the summer was finishin my first Olympic distance triathlon in Kuopio Finland. It went great and my next project is a marathon in 3 weeks and after that it will be training for next summers half Ironman 🙂

  555. First bike event of my life was a 150km in the pouring rain. Needless to say i had never done more than 50km prior to that 🙂

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

  556. Running at night in Ragnar Great River along the Mississippi.

  557. seeing my wife at the end of the IMFR!

  558. It’s always summer where I’m from but it still has to be finishing my first half ironman with my family cheering me on.

  559. 1/2 Marathon this summer. PR’d by 3 minutes. Beautiful sunny morning for a run and having the family there to cheer me on.

  560. Thanks for the reviews and all! My race this year that I loved was the KRISPY KREME CHALLENGE, it was in early Feb, but I loved every min of having to do the challenge of eating a dozen doughnuts then racing back in under an hour!

  561. Best this summer was the swedish mtb race “Cykelvasan”, the classic 90 km cross country skiing race “Vasaloppet” converted to a 94 km mtb race in mid august.

  562. Long Saturday morning runs!

  563. I try to avoid racing in the summer, because it’s so hot here, but my best summer racing memory is a toss up: breaking 18:00 5k in High School while passing 2 guys in the last 100m to take 5th in a JV meet, or podiuming and wining my AG in a du to finish off the 2009 season.

  564. Working out for fun and not for a race. Viva la off season! I’m gearing up for my first Ironman next year in Canada.

  565. RowTide

    This past March I broke a bone in my foot playing intramural basketball (definitely not something I was expecting, it kind of messed up my entire crew season). I was on crutches until June and then I had to stay in a walking boot for a couple of weeks after that. My best memory of the summer is finally being able to run in mid-July. The feeling I had when I first strapped on my shoes and labored through the hot sun was amazing!

  566. Finally getting back to full on ironman training after battling chronic ITBS for approx 9 mos (since last IM actually)

  567. Anonymous

    Completed my 1st IM at Penticton this past weekend!

    -Francis (

  568. My second ever half marathon, a trail run at the beginning of August with lots of hills. It started at 8am, and it was already in the 70s. It was easily in the 90s when I finished like 2 and a half hours later. The last few miles were the longest miles of my life. But it was a great experience, and my inauguration into trail races.

  569. Jumping in a cold lake after any long triathlon. A summer must.

  570. My first tri in 2007, in Nockamixon State Park in the Lehigh Valley. My result wasn’t much but as my dad said, “you looked like you had a blas out there!”.

  571. after a long bicycle ride i always have to go to In and Out. And order a 3×3. yum

    bye sam

  572. Thanks for the contest.

    My best racing memory this year was at a very small local sprint triathlon because it was the only race I’ve done that hasn’t been wet!

  573. I started training for a half-marathon this summer. Every saturday morning I got the chance to run with my 16 months old boy. Priceless

  574. Finally breaking the 20 minute mark in a 5k race after 6 weeks of racing.

    I’d love to win to replace my dying FR305.

  575. Improving my half-marathon time by 5 minutes!

  576. Just starting to run and realizing how great it makes you feel!

  577. W. Li

    A running buddy of mine convinced me to try Crossfit – i must say, it was quite a workout and a nice change of pace

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  579. Thanks for an amazing blog and for the giveaways. The accomplishment of the summer (so far) was riding 1251 miles in the month of July. I was challenged to ride 1000…so figured I’d do a little extra!

  580. Simone Lylack

    Realizing that getting on the podium wasn’t as important as running a struggling racer into the finish line. I now run to finish upright and smiling!

    Simone L

  581. Hot as Heck Summer 60k trail series with starting line temps over 100F! Yes, it was actually fun! Steven in Austin TX.

  582. Running early in the morning through the streets of Beijing and Shanghai.

  583. This comment has been removed by the author.

  584. Putting on my old HRM yesterday and noticing that my resting heart rate is more than 20 bpm lower than it was three months ago…thank you IM training…

  585. I have two real highlights of the summer season. First, I PR’d on the half marathon. 1:39:16! The second highlight is finishing the Seattle to Portland ride in July. Just picked up cycling last october, so I’m really happy about it.

  586. Watching my 8 yr old daughter complete her first triathlon at Lums Pond, DE.

  587. My favorite training ride this summer had me climbing the steepest hill I ever attempted while still putting up a PB for a 3 hour + run – showed that the training is paying off 😉

    Thanks Ray!

  588. I ran at 32C weather for a total of 26k and ate up a whole watermelon! Yummy!

  589. Ran my first 8k this summer and during the race, as I am going through the neighborhood, there was a guy offering all runners “Beer and Oreo’s”. He had signe made up letting you know Coors light and oreo’s were available. I wish I could tell you that I took him up on the offer, but I didn’t think it would help my efforts in finishing.

  590. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Favorite memory? A 15k trail race with 3000′ climb – sore for a week, but an awesome view at the top!

  591. Finishing my sprint ti and starting my semi tri focused blog

  592. Watching my form and strength improve (after 45 years as a runner!) through judiciously adding VFF-shod and barefoot running into my training mix.

  593. Most recent good one was a July 4th race. My time was good, but the race had DCRainmaker-like giveaways. Everybody left due to the heat, increasing our odds of winning the drawings. My daughter won $125 Fleet feet gift card and we bought her first pair of quality adult size running shoes this summer.

  594. Cold chocolate milk after a long run

  595. Running my 2nd 50 miler.

  596. my best run will be in a few days in my first half marathon in Lisbon, Portugal.

  597. Finishing the hot and humid “Tackle the Trail” 5K 2nd in my age group! (55-60) What a blast!
    I’d love to win the FR 610. Did too many rock concerts as a –can’t hear the alarms with my other devices.

  598. There I was training in Madison, WI, preparing for IMMOO. Although the race is less than two weeks away, I will not forget the hills, the heat, or the excitement of training on the course.

  599. I completed my second OLY this summer in record time! Looking forward to fall and the cooler weather.

  600. I competed in my first triathlon this summer: a short sprint. It’s great to be a part of this sport and I’m looking forward to next season!

    Paul Johnson

  601. Doing a 60k ride with my father for the first time in 2 years since his heartdisease made my summer. Which made reading your report on the century ride very nice.Being able to participate in funsport event with your dad is really priceless.

  602. Running back home at my parents house with my brother. Neither of us have lived there in a while, so it was nice to remember and relive some of the good old days.

  603. completing a century ride with my 68 year old dad. Thanks for the giveaway!

  604. Breaking 18:00 for 5k for the first time since high school!

  605. My first midnight training run. I wore a reflective (construction worker) t-shirt and my nipples chaffed and were sore for a week…. but I also set a new personal best km split time for that distance !!

  606. Completing Timberman 70.3 in 2011, after having a bike crash in the same event in 2010, when I lost consciousness, and broke 3 teeth. It was my 2nd try, and 1st 1/2 completed.

  607. Coming across a dozen cows on the road during a long bike ride. I was afraid they would knock me over if I tried to pass between them (cows are big!!). It took 10 minutes for the gap to get big enough for me to work up the courage to bike through. My farm-raised parents had a good laugh at me for being afraid of cows!

  608. My best race this summer was the Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium at the beginning of August. It was my best because of two reasons. The first one it was for a good cause, 100% of all donations went to cancer research. The second being that I’m a die hard Yankees fan to be able to run on the field it was pretty cool to say the least. My timing was very bad, all the stairs killed me, but it was worth the experience.

  609. Here I am 🙂 Nice blog!

  610. Completing Timberman 70.3 in 2011, after having a bike accident in 2010’s event, loosing consciousness and breaking 3 teeth !!!

  611. My best race this summer was the Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium at the beginning of August. It was my best because of two reasons. The first one it was for a good cause, 100% of all donations went to cancer research. The second being that I’m a die hard Yankees fan to be able to run on the field it was pretty cool to say the least. My timing was very bad, all the stairs killed me, but it was worth the experience.

  612. Crossing the line at the Speed Skating Rink in Lake Placid with my wife and kids cheering from the hilltop. Unexplainable (except to other Iron-nuts).

  613. It could have been the inaugural Rock and Sole 10K over the Hoan Bridge in Milwaukee, or it could have been last weekend’s 20 miler getting ready for another Lakefront Marathon October 2 from Grafton to Milwaukee. At 54 years of age I consider every starting line as a gift and every training run an affirmation. I am so blessed to have the health and opportunity to be out there!

  614. Mr. Cone soft served ice cream at the half way point on one of my favorite rides up near West Point. It doesn’t matter if it is only 10:30am. I always get one.

  615. [sarcasm] My most awesome memory is being unable to walk for two days after my first road run in new Merrill Trail Glove shoes. [/sarcasm]


    Hooked up with an awesome tri team that has been helping me with swim technique. I have always been a runner and picked up cycling pretty easily a year ago. This swimming is a whole new beast! Enjoying being able to complete distance swims for the first time.

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  619. Running through a dog park because the road is under construction. Imagine being “cheered” by 20+ dogs, fun time 🙂

  620. I love free stuff and how great will be the memories when I complete in the Big ACORN this October and the Richmond Half-Marathon in November!!

  621. Since it is monsoon season here in the Philippines and roads are not safe for training, got myself a mag trainer. 🙂

  622. Highlight of the summer was completing the Escape for the Rock (San Francisco). It was a great race, a surreal experience walking down the nearly deserted Embarcadero with a couple hundred people wearing wetsuits. The swim was great, lucked out with a clam day on the bay.

  623. My best summer race memory was finishing the Garrett County Gran Fondo Masochistic Metric. Although not a ‘race’ this was one hard ride with ~8,000ft of climbing over 62 miles. And I raised $1000 for melanoma research and as a thank you for raising so much money I got a Garmin 500! Not too bad for a ‘race’.

  624. i like your blog and your giveaways

  625. Highlight of the summer was finishing my first 70.3 (Timberman). Great venue and awesome race!

    Lowlight was during a small olympic earlier in the season. Long story short, movie theater popcorn and soft pretzels are not good to eat the night before a race……

    Keep up the great work Ray!

  626. I ran my first 50k this year, the North Face Endurance Challenge, DC. While it wasn’t fast, it was the most fun I’ve ever had during a race and has opened my eyes to a whole new world of running!

  627. Pulling out a 5:30 mile in a cross country track practice. Such a contrast to 4 years earlier when I could barely do an 8 minute mile. Its scary how out of shape I was then.

  628. Surviving the heat and hills of the AZ State Champs road race!