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Running Hill Repeats Into The Night

I’ve decided that anytime my coach sends over a map it always ends poorly for my legs.  In kind of a mad scientist sort of way he sent over an e-mail a few days ago proposing a workout based on … Read More Here

Finally summer! A look at my brick-taper weekend.

It’s been a nice relaxing summer weekend back at home in Paris – the weather seems to be largely pleasant, versus the normal cold and rainy.  For example, Thursday night we went out walking along the Seine and it was … Read More Here

Coming to Paris this summer? Here’s where to swim/bike/run!

This post is a quickie!  More FYI-esque than anything else. I’ve always had a Washington DC resources page that listed all the places I swam/biked/ran within Washington DC including my favorite routes.  It was sorta a one-stop-shop when people asked … Read More Here

A White Asparagus Swim/Bike/Run Weekend

A Warm Friday Evening Parisian Run: The weekend started off with a nice 12-mile run.  Just long-run pace, so nothing too crazy.  This would be the first run with the Bryton Cardio 60 multisport watch that arrived into the Queue. … Read More Here

A weekend tapering the run, increasing the bike

This weekend was…well…busy as usual.  With April shaping up to be a bit of a mess travel-wise, I was trying to get as much stuff done as possible before Monday.  Be it spring cleaning, product review shots for later writing … Read More Here

Paris Half-Marathon 2013 Race Report

You know what I appreciate about the Paris Half-Marathon?  It started at 10AM.  Yes, 10AM! That means that we woke up around…ohh…8:15AM, walked a few hundred meters to the Metro, and took a short 11 minute Metro ride to the … Read More Here

A Snowy Parisian Run (and Sledding Into The Water)

It snowed! Well, obviously – otherwise I would have titled it “A not-at-all-snowy Parisian Run” It started snowing Friday  afternoon, and stuck pretty much  immediately.  By mid-day Saturday it took a bit of a break.  So I decided to head … Read More Here