Coming to Paris this summer? Here’s where to swim/bike/run!


This post is a quickie!  More FYI-esque than anything else.

I’ve always had a Washington DC resources page that listed all the places I swam/biked/ran within Washington DC including my favorite routes.  It was sorta a one-stop-shop when people asked where to go run or ride.

Now that I’m living 3,848 miles away, I figured it was probably time to do the same for Paris.  Especially given I’ve been here almost a year now (I probably need to do a ‘Fun observations after living in Paris for a year’ post as well).  So I sat down and put together a slew of running and cycling maps that highlight all my favorite places to go.  Along with some specific route recommendations (including downloadable course file).  I also added my favorite 10-mile running route and details on how to make it longer or shorter.


And in the unlikely event you want to add yourself to the 17 others swimming in the same lane, I included details on which pools I use and how to find ones nearest your hotel.

Over time I’ll continue to add more to it as I find new and interesting places to train.  Plus, if you want to add your own swim/bike/run suggestions you can do that as well at the bottom of that page.  Though, I’m asking folks to include any links to routes or facilities, to help make it easier for visitors to find/figure things out.

With that, go wander on over to the ‘Paris Swim/Bike/Run Recommendations’ page and prepare to work off a small portion of the three daily Pain au Chocolat croissants you’ll eat (or cupcakes).

Thanks for reading!


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  1. edgerider

    problem being is CO2 emissions in a city, Paris is a big one, so I am always skeptical about doing something breath-intensive in such places.

  2. Nice! We’ll be there next month for a little over a week and I have been looking around for where to get at least my runs in– getting a bike is probably unlikely given all the other stuff on the itinerary, but if I can at least do the running, it should be great. Had already planned the river run but good to know that it’s doable. Going to have to try your favorite run route, too! This post couldn’t have come at a better time, thank you!

  3. bob

    Perfect I’m going to be in Paris in July and have a 1/2 IM 2 weeks after I get back so I need to get into the pool a couple times if possible.

    Bertie’s is on my short list, do you have any stats on when they typically run out (it would be a good stat to track).


    • Hi Bob!

      Typically she sells out in late afternoon – around 4-6PM. We decide each night how many to make the next morning, based on a lot of factors – though quite honestly the weather is the biggest factor. All of the flavors are done by noon (though we open earlier), so between 12PM to 1PM you’ll have the best selection of everything.

      Looking forward to having you drop in!

  4. Matthieu In Taipei

    you should give a try to : Parc de St Cloud, ( direct acces by Metro, Line 9) this parc has some nice vistas on Paris because of its elevation, you can find there, trails and paved roads and some gentle hills

    link to


  5. John


    You are all about full service!

  6. Vince

    Thanks! I am going to Paris for work in Sept and would be eager to run these routes. Would be nice if you could also suggest some nice routes for cycling near Paris that I can go by train during weekends.

  7. I love these posts, great for knowing where to swim/bike/run when traveling! But if I’m jet lagged and willing to get up real early on the bike (with lights) before the city wakes up, does that provide any additional opportunities on the bike?

    • Yes and no. It can get you relatively traffic free routes, especially along the river. When I’ve done some early morning rides, even 7AM on a weekend is plenty early to avoid almost all traffic. Parisians aren’t exactly early morning people, so it doesn’t take much to get ahead of it.

      In that case, I’d pretty much just stay along the river, primarily on the South bank (though you can only go one-way in some sections).

  8. Tyler

    I’m absolutely terrible at planning trip logistics outside the U.S. Need to plan a trip with the wife.
    Any chance you’d publish a guide on how to find reasonably priced accommodations and airfare, given how much you travel.
    Or, maybe just specific to Paris.
    I realize it’s not gadget related; just seems like an area you’d be more knowledgeable about than most.
    Or, maybe a recommendation to a blog that already does this.

  9. If you like trailing or hiking go to Fontainebleau forest, at the south of paris (not very easy to go from Paris but your effort will be rewarded).
    There is a wonderfull track called “25 bosses” (can be traduced by something like “25 hills”) . It is the HOTSPOT near Paris to walk/run like in mountain (we go here for training). There is also good tracks for cycle, but I have never tried it.
    Search on and “25 bosses fontainebleau” or “fontainebleau massif 3 pignons” to have more details.

    And sorry for my beautiful french accent !

  10. Ben

    Parc Buttes-Chaumont is a great place to run hills. Smells fabulous too. I do my long runs out the canal St. Martin, did a 13.5 a few weeks ago. Very pleasant.

  11. Hi Ray,

    I came across your blog recently and I have to say that it’s a very good one (very interesting content).
    Regarding your recent post, you can have a look at my blog (am crazy about running), in the JogIn part. I have listed and tested all the parcs in Paris where you can easily run : link to (I plan to translate it in english but I run out of time at the moment).

    And btw, am part of an association of Blogger & Runner here in Paris so if you’re interested in meeting other crazy sportsmen like you, give me a shoot.



  12. I’ll be in Paris July 8-11, coming from Detroit. I’m touring Europe with my wife on motorcycles for 3 weeks. We’ll be stopping for a cupcake and maybe seeing Notre Dame…no workouts scheduled though!


  13. I also really dig running on the “promenade plantee” between Bastille and Bois de Vincennes. As for cycling, I usually head down to La Vallee Chevreuse past Versailles.