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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Woah! This weekend flew by, it started in Amsterdam and had Paris squished into the middle of it all.  We’re already back in Amsterdam and playing catch-up as always, but here’s what went down! 1) Got the keys to the … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Yet again, it’s Monday.  This weekend was filled with both gadgets and non-gadgetry things alike, so go forth and enjoy! 1) The Eiffel Tower: To The Top Fun fact: Since moving here over 5 years ago, we’ve yet to go … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Despite August being the time when most Parisians vacate the city, we’re still here.  Although, we’ve moved a bit.  More on that in a moment! 1) Running the park I headed out Friday evening prior to dinner to do a … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

It was a wet and windy and generally miserable weekend in Paris.  But I still made the best of it! Here’s what was happening. 1) Night photos around town To combat the cold rainy weather, we started off the weekend … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

The last weekend in February – already?!?  I feel like February just started last week, and now somehow it’s basically over.  In any case, here’s what I was up to as we split our time in both Paris and Barcelona. … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

A gadget packed weekend is in the books!  Here’s what I was up to. 1) Putting in trainer time I kicked off the weekend with a bit under an hour on the trainer.  Nothing fancy, no apps or other complexity.  … Read More Here

The Santa Corrida de Noël 10K Race Report (2016)

It’s that time of year again!  Yup, time to run with a few thousand other Santa’s as part of the 10K race, Corrida de Noël d’Issy les Moulineaux!  We’ve been doing this race every year we’ve lived in Paris.  Albeit, … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

I have now had two weekends at home in a row!  And both of them had mostly great weather.  Here’s what we were up to the last few days. 1) Accuracy Testing on the 4iiii Precision Dual-Leg Thursday I got … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Here’s what I was up to over the last few days as summer slowly starts to wind down (and finally cool down!). 1) A bit of playing with the Garmin Varia radar & Edge 1000 update Sometimes I have all … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Here’s the rundown of what I was up to over the last few days, a bit of a calm weekend in comparison. 1) Friday Night Date Run We started off the weekend with a bit of a (rather hot) run … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the last few days here on the home front. 1) A bit of a long run Saturday afternoon I headed out for my long run.  In this case it was about 1hr and … Read More Here

The 2015 Paris Half-Marathon Race Report

Ok, so I’m a bit behind on posting this race report.  Which is probably appropriate given it’ll match my running of the actual race.  No worries though, unlike Snapchat, the photos here don’t expire (though regrettably aren’t likely as titillating … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

A rather busy weekend home in Paris, but also quite an enjoyable one.  It almost seemed relaxing actually. 1) Friday night lights…err…run. I did both a longer run and a shorter Friday night run this weekend.  While the longer run … Read More Here

L’Equipe Paris 10K 2014 Race Report

A few weeks ago a Parisian reader let me know about an upcoming 10K race slated for this past weekend.  Given I had nothing else on the calendar and given that it was a huge race in Paris – The … Read More Here

The Paris Color Run 2014 ‘Race’ Report

I’ve done many types of races and/or endurance events over the years.  From dressing up as Santa to jumping in a frozen creek to  swimming from Alcatraz and many others.  But I’ve yet to do one involving getting painted along … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Past Weekend

Since I’ve got less than 45 minutes until my flight departs, we’re going to go bullet-point style to cover the randomness that was this weekend: (Edit: Ok, my attempt to publish before departure was thwarted by my little friend…slow internet.) … Read More Here

Running to the Château with new gadgets and muscle oxygen monitoring

I got home around 11PM Friday night, from a week split between the UK and Finland.  Stepping off the plane from Finland was almost identical to stepping off the plane in the Caribbean.  While the temperature was only about 50*F … Read More Here

The last flight of the year, and other antics of the weekend

Finally, home. After over 250,000 miles of travelling this year – almost all for work – I took my last flight this year and go onto enjoying some time back at home.  I was (back) in Mexico for a few … Read More Here

The Santa Corrida de Noël 10K Race Report (2013)

I eagerly signed up to once again race the Corrida de Noel 10K, just like we did the last year. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we knocked out packet pickup the night before – one of the last to … Read More Here

A short weekend at home testing action cams…in the rain.

Ahh yes, with October behind us the last tattered threads of summer weather are most definitely gone.  Welcome the rain. And the cold. And the wind. All at once. Nonstop. The other problem is lack of sunlight.  Not because I … Read More Here

Running a lot so I can justify going to the Parisian Chocolate Fair

Somehow in the crazy-busy last few days in getting a slew of product reviews published I didn’t quite get to talk about my weekend at the chocolate fair.  Obviously, that’s a problem.  Anytime I skip out on talking about chocolate … Read More Here

A brief weekend at home celebrating

After speaking at the ANT+ Symposium on Thursday, I caught a flight back home to Paris on Friday morning, which ultimately would plop me at the Charles de Gaulle airport at 9:25AM Saturday morning.  In general, when coming from west … Read More Here

Paris-Versailles 2013 Race Report

Many of you know I’ve changed up my training routine the past month or two in preparation for one of the huge local races here in Paris – simply named: Paris-Versailles.  This 16km (~10mi) course goes from the Eiffel Tower … Read More Here

Running hill repeats with the Velib bike share

The last few weeks in preparation for the upcoming Paris-Versailles running race I’ve been doing a variety of hill-related workouts on the main hill of the course itself (a nearly 2-mile long and 600ft climb).  However, while that works out … Read More Here

Running my way to Château de Versailles

When it comes to races, it’s always highly advantageous to be able to pre-run or pre-ride the course ahead of time, especially if you don’t live in Florida where everything is pancake flat. In this case, I’d be running the … Read More Here