The 2014 Annual Giveaway Extravaganza Winners!


Sleep?  You didn’t need no stinkin’ sleep!

With the 2014 edition of the Annual DCR Giveaway Extravaganza behind us, it’s time to get on to the most important part – the winners!  (Or, perhaps in some cases…sleeping).

Thanks to everyone who entered in yesterday – it’s much appreciated!  Y’all collectively broke a huge site record for the day (perhaps to the chagrin of my hosting company), and it looks like everyone had a bit of fun.

This morning I went through and removed any accidental (or otherwise) duplicates of comments.  You were allowed one comment per giveaway, though you could enter as many giveaways as you’d like.  So I got those all cleaned up as well as ensured that any comments that got tangled up in the SPAM filters were carefully put back in place.  Thus everyone is all accounted for (once per giveaway)!

From there it was off to Random.org for the winners.  Here’s the full tally (and here’s the screenshot of all the Random.org winners)!

12AM: GoPro Hero3+ Black & 3-Way Grip/Arm/Tripod

Total Entrants: 1,765

Winner Number: 499


Congrats Even S. – go forth and create video awesomeness!

2AM: Garmin Fenix2 Multisport GPS Watch

Total Entrants: 2,282

Winner Number: 1,806


Congrats Antonio!

4AM: Suunto Ambit2 Multisport GPS watch

Total Entrants: 2,303

Winner Number: 358


Congrats Den!

6AM: Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch

Total Entrants: 3,370

Winner Number: 3,028


Congrats Robin!

8AM: Garmin Edge 1000

Total Entrants: 4,585

Winner Number: 370


Congrats Felix E.!

10AM: PowerBeam Pro Cycling Trainer

Total Entrants: 3,925

Winner Number: 3,157


Congrats Reman!

12PM: The Wahoo Package: RFLKT+, TICKR, iPhone Bike Case

Total Entrants: 3,283

Winner Number: 937


Congrats Harliv! Looks like you’ll get to try it out now!

2PM: SRAM Quarq RIKEN Power Meter

Total Entrants: 4,502

Winner Number: 125


Congrats Randy!

4PM: Garmin FR15 and a Scosche RHYTHM+ Optical HR band

Total Entrants: 4,461

Winner Number: 4,433


Congrats Kevin!

6PM: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505

Total Entrants: 3,231

Winner Number: 2,929


Congrats Jun!

8PM TomTom Cardio Multisport (with optical HR)

Total Entrants: 3,054

Winner Number: 2,001


Congrats Navnit!

10PM: Swimmers Package–Garmin Swim, FINIS Neptune Swimming MP3 Player, and more!

Total Entrants: 2,792

Winner Number: 2,538


Congrats Tim Lo!

Thanks for the support!


Of course, the giveaway wouldn’t be possible without the support of Clever Training.  They’re my partner here on the site and sell just about every sports tech gadget around.  And not only that, but as a DCR reader you’ll save 10% off anything you purchase with them – either via the VIP club or DCR reader coupon code, plus free US shipping for orders over $75!

Below is a listing of all the products that were given away yesterday, as well as all the links to reviews and to support the site.  I appreciate it!

‘2014 Giveaway Extravaganza’ compatibleStreet Price / Price / Price for trainerAmazon LinkClever Training - Save a bunch with Clever Training VIP programMore Info / Review
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated July 1st, 2018 @ 12:45 pm
Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+$130LinkLinkLink
Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505$429LinkLinkLink
GoPro 3-Way Grip/Arm/Tripod$69LinkLinkLink
Garmin Forerunner 15$139LinkLinkLink
Scosche RHYTHM+$79LinkLinkLink
Wahoo TICKR$59LinkLinkLink
Garmin Edge 1000$599LinkLinkLink
TomTom Multisport Cardio$299LinkLinkLink
Garmin Fenix2/Fenix2 SE$399LinkLinkLink
Polar V800$449LinkLinkLink
Safer Swimmer OWS Buoy$45LinkLinkLink
GoPro Hero3+ Black$399LinkN/AN/A
Quarq Riken R$1099 (with cranks, no chainrings)LinkLinkLink
Suunto Ambit2$319LinkLinkLink
CycleOps PowerBeam Pro$799LinkLinkLink
Garmin Swim$150.00LinkLinkLink

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Brian

    Thanks for all the work Ray! try to take some time to relax now.

  2. Paul E

    Thanks for doing this massive giveaway! While I didn’t win anything, I still appreciate your time in your postings, reviews, and the generosity of you and Clever Training!

  3. Chris Jennings

    But my name’s not listed? 🙁

  4. Rob

    Congrats to all lucky winners!!!

  5. JimL

    Thanks Ray and CleverTraining. I had to just breakdown and place an order instead.

  6. Erik

    You made a lot of people happy! Thanks.

  7. Drew

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray! I didn’t win, but hopefully my comments made a few folks smile!

  8. Daniel Herrera

    Congrats all!

  9. Vasily

    It was realy cool! Thank U!

  10. scott pasatiempo

    what a day. thank you

  11. Filippo

    I didn’t Windows anything but thanks! Thank you and Clever Training!
    Would be nice if even tris post Will receive 4k comments for thanking you! 😉

  12. Paul

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

    maybe i’ll have better luck next year 😀

  13. Thanks for doing these, it’s always good fun!

  14. Well, snap. Two years I’ve played in this thing, and I’m 0-2. Here’s hoping for next year!

  15. Wow!
    This is the first time ever I won something so great!
    Thank you, Ray!

  16. Joshua Parks

    thanks Ray, shockingly this post isn’t receiving a thousand responses/posts per hour…?

  17. Daniel

    Thank you for all the giveaways!


    Awesome job and thanks for the opportunity. Same thing to Clever Training!

  19. Well at least it was fun. Off to buy some stuff.

  20. Patrick Leegte

    Too bad. Better luck next time. Congrats to the winners

  21. Lior

    Thanks, it was a lot of fun.

    Congrarts to all the winners.

  22. Justin Myers

    Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the hard work, Ray!

  23. Filipe Lopes

    Thanks for the opportunity, Ray!

  24. Róbert Olasz

    Thanks for the opportunity. Congrats to all winner.

  25. Raymond_B

    That was a lot of fun, thanks so much!!!

  26. Patricio

    I’ll win next time!!
    Thanks Rainmaker for creating such interesting, informative and fun page. You change the face of how a review page must be done.
    My first giveaway and was a blast!!!

  27. MAGNUS

    Congrats to all the winners! One day I’ll be a winner too!

  28. Nikola Lazarevic

    Congrats to all winner. But i want that Fenix, uffff

  29. maxbrescia

    Thanks Ray, but it was impossible to post a comment, an error message was coming…

  30. Maddy

    Contgrats to the winners! It was nice to be hoping, definitely better chance to win than in the lottery. Thanks for all the hard work, Ray! And thanks Clever Training for donations.

  31. Karen

    Thanks for putting this together. It was fun, even though I did not win.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    Might just have to buy some of these items myself!!

  32. Chris K

    What a fun give-away, thanks again Ray and Clever Training … sadly I didn’t win this year but I’ll be back (next year).

  33. Matt B

    Thanks Ray and CT for a load of fun… weirdly having called it a day at 1am, I woke up completely randomly at 4.56 – just in time to enter the last draw though no energy for another groan inducing pun, then straight back to sleep!

  34. Fran

    No luck as usual, I will try again next year!
    Thanks DCR & Clever Training for the fun times!!

  35. Remco Oudhuis

    Thanks Ray! You’re the best! Love your blogs and such a great giveaway is an epic bonus offcourse, congrats to the winners!

  36. nice work Ray! Winners, enjoy your new gadgets 😀 …what a race 🙂 .

  37. Lars

    Great fun
    thanks @DCRainmaker 🙂

  38. Empewu

    Congrats to all winners and Ray – thanks for organizing ! I am Not a winner this year, but maybe next time 🙂

  39. John Friesen

    Thanks to Ray and Clever Training for their generosity! Congratulations to all the winners.

  40. Todd Thorsgaard

    Thanks for the give away and all your amazing work! And thank you to Clever Training. I love ordering from them.

  41. Even

    Wow, I won?! Thank you so much Ray, what a nice and totally unexpected surprise!

    • Robin Skibo-Birney

      Me too – Polar V800! I must say, I was kinda hoping for the GoPro or the Edge1000 but I’m delighted to have won anything. What a great giveaway.

  42. Tatar Pastiu Horatiu Andrei

    congrats to all winners!

  43. Patricia Didone

    awww didn´t get it this time! I´ll just hope for better luck next year. Thanks for everything Ray, you´re the best!!!!

  44. Navnit R

    Thank you, Ray!!! lucky to get the TOM TOM…..its great!

    Once again big thanks for massive giveaway to you and Clever training.!

  45. Simon

    Thanks for doing this Ray. Your site is an outstanding resource and all your effort is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  46. Leandro

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training!

  47. Chris

    Thanks for putting that on!

  48. Martin

    Thanks for the fun bro! now I better buy something and pretend that I won it to justify that 2hr madness 😀

  49. Race D

    There seems to have been a mistake! I am not listed!

  50. Simon Freathy

    Congratulations to the winners, next time maybe… Keep up the awesomeness Ray

  51. Doug

    Great job Ray. Thanks for running the competition. This is by far the best blog or site I visit and your reviews are invaluable. Really appreciate the effort you put into this site.

  52. It’s easier to win the lottery than it is to win one of these giveaways…

  53. sherman

    This was the first night I was not swearing that the kids were waking up every two hours.

  54. Thanks for the fun Ray. You blog generally does a good job demonstrating how ridiculously organized you must be, but contests like this especially show it. Thank you for all your work.

    Now the question is, do I go back through all the threads and see how ‘close’ I was to winning? It’s much easier task with the monthly giveaways.

  55. AlbertMC

    Congrats Ray and thank you and Clever Training for this Extravaganza, It was really fun!

  56. Louwana

    Disappointment 🙁 but thanks for the opportunity Ray.

  57. Gunnar

    Thanks Ray for your hard work! And thanks too to Clever Training! And congrats to the lucky winners!

  58. Dan Maartensson

    Congrats to all winners! Ray and Clever Training, a huge thanks for putting this together, great fun and a excellent bonus on the already best blog ever!

  59. Marcella

    Congratulations to all the winners and a huge thank you to Ray and Clever Training for this nice opportunity 🙂

  60. Stephen

    Thank you, I’m already looking forward to next year! But for now, I’ll just keep enjoying your reviews.

  61. Chris Furner

    Congrats all! Thanks Ray for organizing this awesome event!

  62. Sheila

    Thanks Ray, these really are a lot of fun! Nice to dream that I might win one day too.

  63. Musette

    Thank you, Ray and Clever Training! It was a of fun! I’ll be sure to look out for the next giveaway so that I can enter, have fun, and most likely not win anything again. 🙂

  64. Scott H

    Any chance we’ll see something like this around Christmas time? I think Santa Clause Ray has a nice ring to it…

  65. Thanks, Ray, lots of fun and a reminder of how many cool products you get through reviewing. (And the tweaks to the comment posting format since last year seemed to work really well. Bet the tech team breathed a sigh of relief! I slightly missed the thought of someone clicking the Notify me box and getting a gazillion emails though. 😉

  66. Harald

    congrats to all and a big thankyou to Clever Training – and you for organizing this

  67. Paul

    You never pick me… *runs away crying*

    • isa

      Awwww, you can sit at our lunch table, with me the the rest of our club of Ray’s Loozers, if you want. We used have dues and we were going to have our own contest where everyone would win, but Joey our treasurer got a girlfriend and spent our dues on her. Joey can’t sit at our table anymore. You can have his seat.

  68. Kopi Zoli

    Thanks Ray and CT to doing this.
    Congrat to all the winners

  69. Pedro Navarro

    Congrats, winners!

  70. Kenneth

    Thank you for a great event! Maybe I’ll be lucky next year.

  71. ste

    Thanks for the fun Ray!

  72. Thank you Ray! Even though I didn’t win I enjoyed the thrill and excitement! Even in the middle of a MTB course I had to check my phone for a new giveaway… The other riders didn’t understand although I tried to explain and get them to participate too. 😉

  73. Michelle

    Shoot, maybe next time. Thanks!

  74. Alex

    Always an special moment to check the list of winners. But better luck next year…. Thanks for the giveaway action.

  75. BlakeW

    Appreciate the work you put in on the reviews and the chance, even if for only a day, to dream of updated equipment. One day the Ergomo and the Garmin 310 will actually quit on me and my wife and I will have no choice but to let me upgrade equipment 😉

  76. Trevor Ross

    Ray, thank you for running such a great extravaganza for us. Congratulations to all the winners.

  77. Congrats to all the winners! Thank you Ray for making it a fun day. I set reminders in my calendar for every 2 hours to check in with the site to see what was next and to be sure I entered. It was fun!

  78. Stephane

    Thx a lot Ray…
    Will take revenge next year :-)))

  79. Tim

    Thanks, Ray! This made for an exciting couple days.

  80. tom

    Congrats to all the winner and thanks for Ray make it happen. it been funny day

  81. Jason

    Congrats to the winners. Thanks for a great site with great reviews Ray! Also a shout out to CT for their support as well!

  82. Adrian Walton

    Thanks for the fun, Ray!

  83. Sandy Milton

    Thanks for the effort Ray, keep up the good work!

  84. Joshua McLaughlin

    That was fun. Thanks for the awesome extravaganza. One of these years I better win or else…

    …I’ll have to just buy the items myself.

  85. Troy Braxton

    Thanks for the fun, and the sleep I lost. Good job with the site!!!!!

  86. Tomas Hektor

    So close! 😉 Hope next year is my year. Thanks for some exciting 24 hours!

  87. Stefano

    Thanks for the fun

  88. Taylor Drage

    Really awesome event. I didn’t miss a single chance and look forward to it again! Thank you Ray and Clever Training!

  89. cj

    Much thanks to you Ray and CT for the give aways and fun! Congrats to all the winners!

  90. Pedro

    In my dreams last night I saw, crystal clear, that beautiful Fenix 2 arriving at my doorsteps and now I wake up just to realise that I have not won anything… So, so unhappy… 🙁

    Congrats to the lucky winners and a big and heartfelt thank you to Ray and CT!

  91. TheBlackKite

    Thanks a lot Ray for your great page and these giveaways are like the cream on the cupcakes 😉 even that I didn t win…
    Congrats to all the winners

  92. federico

    Tnx Ray!!

  93. Funmi

    Thanks Ray & Clever Training!

  94. patti

    Thanks Ray! The contest was fun, good picks for giveaways! I wanted everything! Thanks for all the helpful testing and reviews!

  95. Awesome job Ray, thanks a lot and congrats to all winners!

  96. Felix E

    Looks like I won! Stunned! Thank you so much 🙂 Will Clever Training contact us?

  97. Gary

    Fun reading the contest item descriptions. Congrats to the winners!

  98. Adrian

    Congrats to all the lucky winners.

    Ray – Thanks for keeping hope alive.

  99. Ricky

    Thanks for this fun giveaway Ray
    And congrats to all the winners

  100. Scott E

    More fun than a barrel full of tri-athlete monkeys!

    Dang you Felix E, you were just one entry above mine!

    Now explain again we aren’t doing this once a month? 🙂

  101. Mike Richie

    Boo, I didn’t win anything. But you know what – that was still fun, missed sleep and all. Just another reason this is the best run blog on the net.

  102. Christian


  103. Alberto Federico Turelli

    Thanks Ray for such an entertaining day, loading your blog every couple of hours just to know which gadget was to be given away. I didn’t win anything… but I won’t miss next year’s extravaganza!!!

  104. Trish

    Thanks Ray – must be hard work and fun from your end.
    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Maybe next time?

  105. Milt MacFarlane

    Good onya Ray thanks

  106. Robin Skibo-Birney

    Wow, I can’t believe I actually won something. Thanks, Ray, your site is a fantastic source of information and has been of immense help. Keep up the good work!

  107. Dennis B

    Thanks, what a great promotion! It was fun for winners and the not so lucky ones alike. Next up, place an order for the Garmin 1000.

  108. Inigo Casado


  109. Thanks for doing this Ray (and CT)! It was a lot of fun 🙂 And congrats to the winners!

  110. mucher

    Congrats to all the winners – and thanks for Ray and CT for having this giveaway!

  111. Roberts

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance! The best thing about it was that anyone from anywhere could participate!

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers from Latvia – the country that showed where BMX, ice hockey and beach volleyball actually come from. 😉

  112. laq

    while i may not have won a product (nothing new there, and congrats to all who did) .. just by having Ray review stuff I feel like a winner anyway!

    *plus it was fun to enter over and over

  113. Ellie

    Thanks Ray, keep up the good work.

  114. Jeremy

    Thanks Ray! It was fun dreaming for a day how great it would be to have a power meter. Maybe next year…

  115. Eric

    Awesome extravaganza! Thanks Ray, keep up the great work!

  116. Hoss

    Thanks Ray and CT for another exciting extravaganza! Better luck next time to those of us who’s names weren’t drawn and hearty congratulations to those who were.

  117. Janne P

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for a great event!

  118. Luc Simoneau

    As everyone has said already, thanks Ray for putting the effort and the fun into this annual event. Last year was every 3 hours, this year every 2 making for short nights ,,, so if the trend remains and you go for every hour next year, I’ll have to convince My Girl to pinch in and help me out with some of the comments.

    Congrats to all the winners and looking forward to all the greatness coming by your way in the coming months. (Now if my trusted FR305 can become useless then I’ll be able to get some goodies also!!!)

  119. Ty

    Thanks Ray and CT!!

  120. Yiannis Galatas

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I’ll be luckier next year 😉

  121. Jeff cave

    Thanks for the fun! Keep it up with the GREAT reviews!

  122. os

    I was hoping to win all the watches in one giveaway. That way I could run with several watches on each arm just like Ray!

  123. Bob Croucher

    Thanks for all of your hard work Ray. I don’t look forward to the time when you and the girl decide to turn your life upside down and have kids (it’s a good kind of upside downBTW). Our community will be drastically changed for about 20 years! I love reading your reviews and postings. I’ve been a techy athletic nerd for 30+ years, but since I discovered your site, you have diverted a lot of my spending dollars to the products and websites you like. I think I’m going to pull the trigger on that GoPro at CT that I didn’t win now… 🙂

  124. Toby

    Great to all the winner, enjoy 🙂

  125. Shaunak

    Same time… Next year!! Thanks for all the hardwork Ray. Thanks to CT as well!

  126. Pedro

    What a great and funny giveaway! Thanks Ray!

  127. Allyn Crowe

    Darn, killed by the odds again! Congrats to the winners! And thanks to Ray and CT for putting it together. Better luck next year to the rest of us!

  128. Eric

    Thanks Ray and CT for the giveaway. Will continue to support these site. Congratulation to all winners

  129. moose

    Thanks for the dream of winning!

    24 hours was a marathon. Who’s up for an ultra next year?

  130. Mark Rogerson

    Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for such an amazing site Ray.
    Started reading because of the excellent in depth reviews but love the race reports just as much!

  131. Matthijs

    Thanks for the extravaganzas! No win, sadly. Got to be comment #2000 in one of the give aways though, that was nice. Lol

  132. Phil

    Ah well…
    Congratulations to the winners, I reckon there must be a mistake as my name isn’t up there though!

  133. Kent

    congrats to the winners (awwe better luck to me next time as I was hoping for the fr watch) once again thanks Ray for this 24hours of fun =)

  134. Eyal Z

    Thank you so much Ray and CT, It was a lot of FUN.
    Thank you Ray and the Girl for sharing with us your adventures and (of course) the reviews.
    best regards and thank you again :@)

  135. brokv

    Thanks Ray

  136. Paul M.

    Thanks for the chance at so many lovelies, Ray. Always enjoy your site. Congrats to all of the winners!

  137. morey000

    well done Ray. (even tho’ my name, somehow, once again, didn’t appear on the winner’s list. 🙂

    May the new toys motivate all the winners to train with renewed vigor (uh… unless they’re in my age group).

  138. Wayne

    Once again, thanks for a great giveaway event Ray. I missed out but it was fun setting the alarms and getting in on the game. Congrats to all the winners.

  139. Chalese Reid

    thanks for everything!

  140. San Sai

    Congratulation for all winner!

  141. giorgitd

    congrats to the winners and a *big* thanks to Ray – awesome, awesome, awesome!

  142. John Paul I. Sepe

    Thank you for all the great reviews.
    . The raffle was a race indeed.

  143. tbeilby

    Congratulations to those who won. Thank you Ray for the great event!

  144. AK

    I usually comment only on the giveaways, but the energy and effort that you put in to each of your posts is definitely inspiring. Great job with this giveaway marathon.

  145. Colleen Duffy

    Thanks Ray for such a fantastic giveaway, I had dreams for a short while of possibly being a winner, but it was not to be. But congrats to all those who did actually win.

  146. jazun

    thanks ray! and congrats to the lucky ones! looking forward to another extravaganza!

  147. Modi Peled

    Thanks.Nicely done.

  148. Thanks Ray for putting on such an awesome giveaway. Also, congratulations to all the winners; I hope your prizes will push you to new levels of fitness.

  149. Thanks Ray for hosting the giveaway! Was great fun even though I didn’t win anything 😀

  150. Kevin Tan

    Thank you, Ray and Clever Training for spicing up our day and making it so exciting. It was fun to have my alarm ringing every two hours. I hope you have had as much fun as us. 🙂

    Thank you once again. 🙂

  151. Congrates to the winners!

  152. Just as a quick heads up to winners – all of my e-mails to you have been sent. So if you haven’t received an e-mail from me (and double-checked your SPAM/Junk folder), then hit me up via the contact form via the top of the page. Sometimes my winner e-mails look very similar to those from Nigerian princes asking for contact information, thus, they often get delayed along the way. Congrats!

  153. Jun Buensuceso

    woohoo! i won! 🙂 thanks, ray!

  154. Dona Cardenas

    Wow. What a crazy day. First alarm, midnight, and we were off. Followed by a very busy busy day with more alarms every two hours. Alas, no winning ticket. Congrats to all the winners. It was exciting. Thanks for all the work this must have been Ray. And for your website!

  155. Hubert

    Congratulation Jun!
    thanks Ray, great job on your side!! as usual:)

  156. Nathan Simpson

    Congrats to the winners. Congrats to all who entered. And of course, congrats to Ray and his sponsors.

  157. Great job Ray, I hope the annual event becomes semi-annual soon 🙂

  158. Kyle Polansky

    Congrats to all the winners. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win something one of these days. As always, thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  159. Rado

    Thanks for the game, it was fun!

  160. Matthias

    Congrats to the winner and thanks Ray for a great job and a sleepless night 😉

  161. Ola

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    @Matthias: I suspect that Ray has some kind of automation in place, that publishes the post he in advance already has written, so he has probably slept better than most of us! 🙂

  162. Marcel

    This is why Triathlon is so much fun.
    A bunch of weirdos having fun.
    This was so much fun.

  163. Itamar Kass

    Thanks for doing this massive giveaway Ray! While I didn’t win anything, I think it was an excitement time.

  164. Yannick Lange

    Thank for this awesome giveaway Ray.
    Gratz to all the winner, hope to be one of them next year!

  165. Jaka Ercegovčević

    Thank you Ray for the chance to win those awesome devices!

  166. TimRPM

    Huge thanks for this, was great fun taking part.

  167. Manos

    Thank you RAY for all of this 🙂

  168. sebas

    This must be the most awesome and easiest to enter competition ever! Thanks Ray!!

  169. Nathan

    Lots of fun. Thanks Ray !

  170. Ivan B.

    woosh, so close…
    thanx Ray, keep on creating the greatest gadget blog on the web

  171. Well it never hurts to try 😀 I entered all but the last one (apparently my alarm couldn’t get me awake for that one!). Maybe next year? Thanks for this, Ray!

  172. Julien

    I’ll have to wait one more year now 😉

    thx anyway!

  173. Iñaki

    Thanks Ray, I had good fun.

    You made an interesting day changing the routine (not sure my wife liked too much the alarm at 4 AM, but it is just one day and the kid does that quite often anyway, so…).


  174. flarunner

    Thanks Ray and CT for putting this on. And congrats to all the winners.

  175. BWinter

    Didn’t win in the ones i tried but what great Giveaway.
    Keep up the very great reviews because that’s the other 364 day per year Giveaway which everybody wins.

    Will Clever Training ever enter the European market with a “local” shop?
    I know you can order in the US but as always the final end price and delivery time will be unknown because of the combination Taxes, Shipping cost, customs add-on’s, transport-added cost (beacuse of tax an customs).

  176. Chris Howard

    Congrats to all of the winners.

    I felt so gutted this morning that I didn’t win all of the prizes (I was sure I had a fair chance) that I had to recover with some retail therapy. Just got myself a new Garmin Swim and will be giving it a first dunk tomorrow morning.

    Ray FYI I did check out Clever Training but the postage alone (to Sydney) far outweighs the 10% saving (otherwise I would have been quite happy to support the cause).

    Thanks for a fun 24 hours.

    • Chris Howard

      Forgot to mention I got told off on a Qantas flight yesterday morning for using my phone before take off. I had to be told a number of times to put my phone away but I was desperately waiting for 10am in Sydney to post a comment before my flight took off. The things we do for free stuff.

  177. Martin Smith

    Thanks for doing the competitions Ray….even though I didn’t win.

  178. Patrick

    Congratulations everybody!!

    A big thank you to DCR and Clever Training for all of the fun!

  179. Gordon

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training.

  180. Mo

    Many Thanks to Ray&Girl Friend and Clever Training

  181. jkissane

    Didn’t win but thanks so much for the giveaway & the great blog as well!

  182. Stefan Verstraeten

    Thanks mate.

  183. Thanks for the giveaway… I scrolled down this results post very slowly hoping it would help my chances but no 🙂

  184. Laurent

    Thank you for the great reviews and all publication always worth reading.

    Still trying to figure out how you manage to write all these contributions and reviews AND work AND train AND eat cupcakes 🙂 …. MY days only have 24 hours, it looks like yours have a few extra hours in….

    Greetings form Switzerland

  185. Hans

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