Giveaway Extravaganza: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505


You know those people in life that we call ‘overachievers’?  The ones who somehow manage to wake up at 5AM (all perky), go to the pool for a swim, then run 20 miles, then come back and mow the lawn, followed by cooking up a full breakfast for the whole extended family – all somehow before 9AM?  Well, that’s kinda like the Cyclo 505 bike computer.

While most bike computers would have been content just tracking where you rode and how fast, this one went all out and added a bunch of overachieving things.  For example, it can control the music on your phone.  And, it can talk directly to both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors (nobody else can do that).  Not to mention that it can control your ANT+ trainer as well (kinda bossy that way).  And that’s all before we talk about Di2 integration, text message notifications and WiFi built-in.  Maybe I like those overachievers after all…

Giveaway Opens: 6:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

First Look Review: Mio/Magellen Cyclo 505 First Look

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Damien Fosnot

    I want it

  2. Mike

    I love this website.

  3. Alex

    Can’t wait to see the results of this day :)

  4. Thomas Anderson

    Looks great!

  5. Kevin

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  6. Would be awesome to have :)

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    I’d love to put this bike computer to the test.

  14. Brian Sharbono

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  16. Christopher Ong

    This would be a nice training tool to get me all excited about cycling again!

  17. Randy

    Enter me

  18. David K.

    It looks fantastic!

  19. Hugo

    Yes !!!…

  20. I’d never considered Magellan before. Shall I??

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  22. Larry

    Give it away, Ray!

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  25. Norm Corriveau

    Count me in!

  26. Rene moenster

    Count me in

  27. Trisha

    Yeah, Baby needs a new pair of, i mean cyclo computer.

  28. Christian C

    Me, yo!

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  30. Tabatha

    Yes please!

  31. Kyle

    Mio for Me?

  32. John Leitch

    One entry please.

  33. Anthony

    This is AWESOME!

  34. Tim

    Another amazing giveaway.

  35. Andrew

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    Nice device!

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  45. peter oom

    yes please

  46. Jonathan

    Me me

  47. jenx

    Love it!

  48. Peter Felix

    make me feel better after England losing at cricket and footy

  49. Olly

    I need to try this out

  50. Jota

    It looks great.

  51. David Kayda

    No whammies!

  52. kinase

    Worth a shot

  53. Tony West

    Yes please; need a new bike computer.

  54. Jennifer Mackie

    fingers crossed again!

  55. Jeff

    Love it!

  56. pierre

    It’s just like christmas.

  57. Nick

    Will I win?

  58. Keegan

    Nice. Thanks for your work

  59. Michael Simpson

    Yes plz

  60. David

    Oooh, oooh, Mr. Maker, Mr. Maker!!

  61. Tom

    Pick me, pick me

  62. Kenneth N

    I like it!

  63. Tiago Ferrão

    This one is 4 meeeee

  64. Oscar P

    Murphy’s law says that if I say please don’t pick me, I will be picked. It happened all the time when I was in school. So… Please don’t pick me!

  65. Gerard Thijssen

    Hi Ray,
    this is great, just what we need for our 2 week Spain cycle holiday!



  66. Mike

    Yes, please

  67. JJCV


  68. Justin

    Yes please!

  69. Jason

    Yes please! Great extravaganza Ray!

  70. Cliff

    This is so generous of you. Thank you for picking — heh, just practicing.

  71. Chris Slocombe

    I need one of these now

  72. Chris

    No more getting lost. Yeah!

  73. Scott

    Id love one

  74. Brianne

    Would help so much whole training for my tri!

  75. Zohaib Mussadiq

    Thanks for giving away such nice things.

  76. rafael

    Thanks, dc!

  77. HugoP

    Great !!!…

  78. Jason Gray

    Hope I win this one :)

  79. dai

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  80. Jim

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  82. Anika

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  83. Linus De Paoli

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  84. Antoine

    please, please, please! :)

  85. Steven Cameron

    Go on then

  86. Erik

    Oh, yes please!

  87. Daniel Sharp


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  89. Ben

    Cool, another high end gadget for our next bike trip…
    Thanks for all!

  90. Johnny Hsu

    I’m in!!

  91. Fka


  92. Anabel

    Thanks, Ray!!

  93. Mike Brand


  94. Jan

    Why not?

  95. Troy

    Way to go!

  96. Gary B

    I really really like the look of this device, great addition to the giveaway. Excellent picks Rays

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  98. Jayson

    I guess I’ll just keep entering!

  99. Mark T

    Very cool

  100. Eric Meunier

    Ok, I’m in.

  101. Wes

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  102. Eric McMinoway

    This underachiever needs an over achiever.

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  104. Andrew

    Trying again, when I missed the Garmin 1000. ;)

  105. Murray

    Dollar and a dream =)

  106. Joan

    Me want!

  107. Kyle Kennison

    Thank you.

  108. Jonathan

    I hope I win

  109. Travis

    Yes Sir…I have a home for this baby

  110. Viorel Vasile

    Still here!

  111. Kerri

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  112. Steve

    Thanks for the offer

  113. Daniel Vela

    Pimp my ride!

  114. Emma

    DCRainmaker is the best

  115. Mandy Breen

    I really need a Bike Computer, pick me!!!

  116. Eric Anderson


  117. JeremyM

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  118. Jon

    Need some breakfast now!

  119. Pat Dupuis

    Yes please!

  120. Van Soetaert

    winner winner chicken dinner

  121. David Opalach

    Yes, Sir!

  122. Jamie

    I’m in.

  123. Alison

    Rainy day winner!

  124. Tim Frielingsdorf

    I need an overachiever in my life

  125. Scott

    That is sweet

  126. Bob Keele

    I’m in!

  127. Andy


  128. Ted

    I want the gold… Get me the gold!

  129. Yoshi Yoshida


  130. Camille Hershey-Wojtowicz

    This would be a great help.

  131. Tom Weber

    Would it be excited to use this on my weekend rides!

  132. Marcelo Braun

    Would love to have this overachiever

  133. Ted D

    please randomize me

  134. NyquilInquisitor

    I must have this white thing!!

  135. Jason Lines

    That is the Ducks Nuts… Yes Please!! Send it to East Coast, New Zealand!

  136. Glenda

    Mio for me please?

  137. Alejandro Ramirez

    Maybe…just maybe.

  138. john stubbs

    Would really help with training! Love the blog

  139. steve castle

    Would love one for long distance racing

  140. eric

    Me please

  141. Magnus Norlund

    Once again.

  142. brian

    Thank you

  143. William Breen

    Maybe this way I can find my way home.

  144. gareth

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  145. John

    Fingers crossed!

  146. Bob Kowalski

    This would help me show up all the cool kids.

  147. HugoA

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  148. Rob M

    OK, this one is mine!

  149. steven

    In for 2 if you have it.

  150. Bradley

    I would love to win this.

  151. Doug Ennis


  152. Gotta get some sleep but want to win this one :-)

  153. Jeremy

    A device that bosses me around to do my workouts. Just what I needed.

  154. Colin

    Pick me

  155. Matthew

    I’m in cuhbf

  156. simenru

    I’m in!

  157. Anthony

    Awesome giveaway

  158. Jay

    Would be sweet!

  159. Jan

    Looks nice!

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  161. Travis

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  164. Will

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  165. Fletcher Adams


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  168. Tony

    4 of 4 for me

  169. Anthony Tummillo

    I might take up 5am riding if I had this!

  170. David Miller

    Thank you sir! And waiting for the next one!

  171. Rob ford

    Hope I wn. :)

  172. Ryan

    Thanks again…wonder if this will be the highest replied all day.

  173. Oscar

    The Forerunner 405 doesn’t cut it on the bike! Hook me up!

  174. Erica

    I want this!

  175. Mary C

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  176. George

    Here we go again

  177. Victor D

    I want this

  178. Saif


  179. Mei Fang

    I need it for cycling, pick me pls.

  180. scott pasatiempo

    thanks for the offers. Hopefully i can win this time around.

  181. Andrew Hynd

    Great bit of kit!

  182. Keith

    Yes please !

  183. karen

    yes please!!

  184. Ken Miner

    That looks fun!

  185. jason

    C’mon Mio!

  186. Paul

    Here I am!

  187. John

    Ohhh please :)

  188. Geo

    Let’s go!

  189. Gustavo Jiménez

    Thanks Ray, for the oportunity !!!

  190. James Gordon

    good luck to me!!

  191. James

    I want one!

  192. rcrober

    Gilligan lives. His name is bill.

  193. chris


  194. Erwin Campos

    Love it

  195. Andrew D

    Over here!

  196. LacoKis

    Here’s hoping…

  197. I need to be more “perky”.

  198. Sarah W

    Sounds good!

  199. Roddy H

    yes please

  200. Jason

    This is my favorite giveaway of the day so far

  201. RR

    Any luck to me?

  202. Dove

    Sweet giveaway.

  203. Angelo

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  204. Laszlo A

    Random number generator, be generous! :-)

  205. ENX

    Thanks, much appreciated!

  206. Viesturs

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  207. Case Jeffords

    I would love to win this thing.

  208. Regan Booth

    Awesome work Ray!

  209. Katie M

    Fun day of giveaways!

  210. Wil

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  211. Darren Guy

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  212. Mattias


  213. Terry Jeffords

    Looks really cool

  214. Erika

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  215. Chris Wallis

    i’ll comment for the chance of one of those

  216. This would make me an official pimpster!

  217. Grant Ironside

    The hits keep coming

  218. Lisa

    Eventually I will be lucky!

  219. Brendan

    Thanks for the great giveaways! Would look great on my bike out here in Australia! :)

  220. Andrew

    I appreciate you giving these items away.(separate from me winning anything)

  221. Renda

    Yes, I’m waiting for you. :-)

  222. Chris G

    Surely I must win one of these

  223. Laner

    trying again! woohoo!

  224. i can find a lot of places with magellan

  225. Adrian


  226. Feet

    Yes, I want it

  227. ProSchro


  228. Jill H

    Lucky last auction

  229. james

    Yippee can go to bed now. This is one I really want.

  230. Jin

    yes. yes. yes.

  231. Mark P

    Thanks Ray!

  232. Thor


  233. Kurt

    Right here, pick me!

  234. Steve T

    Looks interesting! Thanks.

  235. JoeH

    Had my best half iron this weekend in Syracuse.

  236. Jamie Baker

    Not sure I’m worthy!

  237. Lee

    That looks good.

  238. Robert

    Thanks Ray for the extravaganza

  239. Anders

    I’d loove this.

  240. Jack

    send it my way :)

  241. Eisen

    I want one

  242. Michael Swann

    This would look good on my bike too.

  243. Shaun Callaghan

    me, me – pick me

  244. Bente

    Is it mine?

  245. Nick Connor

    Count me in.

  246. Jean Bourgault

    Would love one!

  247. Kevin


  248. Ryan Lee

    Overachieving is my MO.

  249. Paul Savala

    Thanks for doing this Ray!

  250. Gary

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  251. Shaun Hurry

    That would make my bike look great!

  252. Toni

    Looks good!

  253. moose

    I may have to take up cycling

  254. Yanik

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  255. Erik Krueger

    You’re the best!

  256. LVbob

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  257. Sebby

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  258. frank


  259. Bettina A

    I really hope I can get this!

  260. Nate

    Wang dang gimme that thang!

  261. albert Jordana

    Mine mine mine!

  262. JvT

    All inn…

  263. Kew L. Ang

    I want one

  264. Bruce Burkhalter

    Mio for me, please!

  265. Bruno

    Getting tired

  266. Letub

    Fingers crossed

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  268. Clint Lehman

    Yay me.

  269. Jim

    Wow super bike tech

  270. Michelle Buczkowski

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  271. Antonio Monllor

    Ok, let’s give it a try!!!!

  272. Zach

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  273. Show me the way Magellan.

  274. Caroline

    Love your blogs

  275. Dylan H

    Very sweet – good job Ray!

  276. Gavin

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  277. Landon Mueller

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  287. Eric

    Swim, run, mow, and breakfast before 9…you call that overachieving? Where the bike ride and only before 9??? Come on… :)

  288. Perzo

    Its time for me to win!

  289. Sergio matos

    It’s mine!!

  290. Scott

    riding :)

  291. ITS MAN TIME!!!

  292. Jennifer Cook

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  293. Peter

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  294. Erik


  295. Robert Van Os

    Whoh I just neeeed this! Thanks in advance :P

  296. ken

    Seems interesting

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  298. Sam

    Fingers crossed.

  299. Tumblebug

    Used the 300 series on a European multi-day bike ride and loved it!

  300. Rich

    Might as well try again … :)

  301. Paul Wilson

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  302. BERT

    Wouldnt mind winning this baby!

  303. Tom F

    It’s Mio…

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  306. Camille King

    Do-it-all device

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    This looks like a very well featured product!

  310. Tomer Slaney

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  311. Marty

    Maybe this will be my winner!

  312. Mike

    Go go go!

  313. Tom Albrecht

    Count me in!

  314. Karen Whitlock

    Would love this!

  315. Oh yes. Competition for the Edge 1000; particularly, they will add a lap/interval function. It’s getting better reviews in spite of that (hopefully temporary) limitation

  316. John Havill

    5th times a charm!

  317. Paul H

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  331. Todd

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  332. Steve Bishop

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  333. Scott Stoddart

    wow, the day keeps getting better and better; merci mec; love the review on this one

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    Would bike again with this

  345. Eddie

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    I’d love one!

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  349. William

    This one is on track for only 5,000 comments. Best odds yet!

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  351. Nathan Brice

    Cyclo 505 FTW!

  352. Kristin K

    Count me in! Thanks.

  353. Jim O

    I’ll takethe sink.

  354. James Gill

    Why is it that other companies don’t combine both Bluetooth and Ant+, but then again I suppose sensibility isn’t a strong point in business. If the Garman 1000, had STRAVA segments rather than their own daft system, I would’ve bought it like a shot. As it is meh, so garmin lose a customer upgrade.

    if someone partners with strava, garmin loose me full stop!

  355. Lucas Gourley

    Good Luck All!!!

  356. nicholas

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  357. marian

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    Don’t know how I missed the review! Nice unit!

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    Looks like an awesome unit!

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  374. Chuck

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  375. Mayan

    that would look pretty on my bike

  376. Brett

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  378. Jessica voss

    Just bought a road bike and would love this!

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    We love DCRainmaker!!!!

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  387. This would be awesome to have!

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    Starting to get the hang of this ;)

  390. Daniel Santos

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  391. Keith

    Perfect upgrade from my edge 200

  392. jlms

    This is even better than world cup

  393. Ken Gidley

    Looks cool.

  394. Ashley

    My husband would love this!

  395. Brad Christian

    DCRainmaker rocks!! and I need a new bike computer!

  396. Adam Webb

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    perfect for a data geek like me

  401. Frank Scott

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  404. Shateela

    Hopefully 3rd entry is the charm.

  405. Scott

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  406. Michael Frazier

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  407. Jamie

    Would love one of these! Thanks Ray!

  408. Rondon


  409. Omg yes please!

  410. Darrin kinney

    I don’t think it will make my bike faster
    But definitely will be cooler

  411. Mike


  412. Mark C


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  415. Mark rowsell

    I would like that

  416. Charlie MacArthur

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  426. This would make a great gift for my husband.

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  428. Jonn McCurry

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    have I won anything yet?

  431. Anthony

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  432. Michael

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  433. Phil Mills


  434. Gavin Keating

    Yes please.. Missed the power meter.. Not missing this

  435. Jake C

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  436. Sabrina Adams

    I will take this too

  437. Achim Schumacher

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  438. Mark

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  455. Matt Dreyfuss

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  456. Todd Langland


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  462. Koo Chan

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  463. Andrii

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  464. Brian Pederson

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  465. Coral

    Does saying “pick me” increase my odds? I’m not too ashamed to beg too! Lol

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  467. Adam York

    Pick ME

  468. Susan


  469. Sorry I missed the earlier stuff!

  470. Dalton

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  471. Don


  472. Vincent Fortin

    I would put it to good use !!

  473. Neda Nguyen


  474. Guillermo

    Yeah, I pulled over on my 2+ hr commute home via the WOD just to do this. I’m that hardcore… to the giveaway at least. :-) -Guillermo

  475. Gibabaisch

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    Been quite the day. Can’t even remember if I already posted to this one!

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  491. foot596

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  492. Rick Vanderwal

    This would be very cool – would make me go biking more! :-)

  493. Matthew


  494. Adrián R

    It would be a very useful tool!

  495. Jacky

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  496. jason owens

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  497. Zlokroshka


  498. hula

    please gift wrap it for me

  499. Shawn

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  500. Clai Selden

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  501. Kyle Shaw

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  502. Ian o Driscoll

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  503. jason whitley

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  504. Lance Ware

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  526. Mark Ward

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    This would save me from the hell that is my Garmin Edge 1000 :)

  528. Luc dancause

    I would be very happy to wake up at 4:15am for my routine workout with this great tool!

  529. Alvaro

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  531. Abraham


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    Please!!!! I believe I can fly!!

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    So may think they want it….
    …but I NEED it!!! :D

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    Actually, a big thinks! Off your reviews I made a couple of sound purchasing decisions. Cheers!

  730. Tracy Katzenstein

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  731. Stefan


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  733. Steve Smith

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  758. Wendell Baucom

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    Good luck to me

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  785. Michael


  786. DM

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  787. Amanda


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  823. Hm. Interesting. :)

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  841. Cedric Vivanco

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  845. steven p


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  860. Here’s my entry.

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  866. Pick me, please!

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  881. Yun

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  890. mio/magellan! woohoo!

  891. Julie

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  892. Robert Thompson


  893. Pat


  894. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
    ― Oscar Wilde

  895. Montana Steve


  896. Chris J

    Count me in. Thanks!

  897. Jonathan Wise

    Data fiend

  898. Bill

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  899. Rayne Woo

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  900. Mary

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  901. Mike G

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  902. Alvin Seetoh


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  905. Tobias

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  916. MAGNUS

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  920. Adam Uribe

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  922. DeanAZ

    Will be interesting to see how well Mio 505 sells in comparison to Edge 1000.

  923. Michele

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  926. James Bruce

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  935. Ronit

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  936. Sean

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  937. Jem

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  938. Chris


  939. B. Wayne

    Batman will succeed

  940. Kurt

    I would love to win this.

  941. Hey Ray !!! This is very cool, if you have a chance check out my FB page, we will be sending you a prototype soon :)
    link to

  942. Natalie cudney


  943. Juan

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  944. Kevin

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  945. D Yamada

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    This is a marathon of giving! Thx Ray!

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  1009. Got to love new bike toys!

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