Giveaway Extravaganza: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505


You know those people in life that we call ‘overachievers’?  The ones who somehow manage to wake up at 5AM (all perky), go to the pool for a swim, then run 20 miles, then come back and mow the lawn, followed by cooking up a full breakfast for the whole extended family – all somehow before 9AM?  Well, that’s kinda like the Cyclo 505 bike computer.

While most bike computers would have been content just tracking where you rode and how fast, this one went all out and added a bunch of overachieving things.  For example, it can control the music on your phone.  And, it can talk directly to both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors (nobody else can do that).  Not to mention that it can control your ANT+ trainer as well (kinda bossy that way).  And that’s all before we talk about Di2 integration, text message notifications and WiFi built-in.  Maybe I like those overachievers after all…

Giveaway Opens: 6:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

First Look Review: Mio/Magellen Cyclo 505 First Look

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. doubleplushomophobic


  2. Jeroen


  3. Nick Tume

    Here we go again!

  4. derNathan

    Count me in please Ray,

  5. Krista Johnson

    Make Mio mine!!

  6. Stephen

    You’re awesome!

  7. Matthias


  8. Chris


  9. Hugo Noronha

    What a nice GPS

  10. ale

    Repr Sweden :-)

  11. Jamie Watson

    Let it go, let it go!

  12. FunThomas


  13. Chris Howard

    Yes please

  14. tiffany


  15. Chris Woosnam-Savage

    I need this in my life dc!

  16. Olivier


  17. Tim Stevenson

    Thanks Ray!! Please enter me! :)

  18. Jeffrey Held


  19. lex

    last before bed

  20. Inma MS


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  23. Davidc

    That would be great

  24. ronnie mcconachie

    yes please

  25. Joseph

    Hey Hey!

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  27. Kevin

    Semper Tri!

  28. Pc


  29. Thomas Reher

    that would be nice indeed! now good night :)

  30. Manuel

    Not bad

  31. Fabian M.

    want this

  32. Huy Nguyen


  33. mantis


  34. Corey Morreale

    MIO it changes everything!

  35. Oliver Christmas

    Loving this!

  36. Sathit Rompultan

    Nice on!

  37. Newbie Ultrarunner


  38. Aaron


  39. Jimmy

    Yes please!

  40. Mick Oliver

    Last one before bed

  41. Dominic Robichaud

    Mine! Mine! Mine!

  42. Chris s

    might be nice to try something other than a garmin

  43. Vincent

    Yes, I like it.

  44. Tim


  45. Kerem Darici

    I’m in.

  46. Ty

    So cool!

  47. Rob

    Hopefully I’ll get lucky!

  48. K Richardson

    That’s the ticket

  49. mander

    Here’s my entry. Good luck everyone!

  50. Ryan Gard

    In for the win

  51. alphanso

    want it!

  52. Steven Wiens


  53. Paw

    Will fit nicely on my bike

  54. Wayne

    Me please

  55. Taylor Drage

    winner winner, chicken dinner

  56. JimL


  57. Chris Portman

    I’m in!

  58. trevor

    Sounds good

  59. Adam Zucker

    better than a garmin

  60. ChrisG

    Count me in….

  61. Tommy

    Me Me Me!!!

  62. Danny

    Cool gadget, like it!

  63. Floris Van de Vijver

    awesome giveaway day

  64. Mark


  65. Ryan M

    Please, pretty please!

  66. Jared Baker

    Do want :)

  67. Javier Jose Romano

    Will this be a long day? :) Thanks DC!

  68. Alex M

    Mmm coffee time.

  69. Ben Fysh

    Do I need another bike computer … maybe

  70. Nicklesmn

    Looks fun for biking!!!

  71. Stuart Stent


  72. Sergey

    Early bid!

  73. Stephen k


  74. chris

    Last time I’m in….. off to bed (UK)!!

  75. pauldr

    fingers crossed!

  76. Joe Radench

    Make my day!

  77. jean

    Cool Device

  78. Gloria

    Cool device

  79. Steve

    Thank you please!

  80. Lasse

    Why not, I could use one!

  81. Karina


  82. Jason M

    I totally want this!!!!

  83. Manos

    Op Greece to the next round. Yesssss

  84. Tomek

    Incredible Gains!

  85. Konstantinos

    That’s it

  86. Damien

    Let’s go.

  87. Mayra

    Awww for meee??? You’re so kind! :p

  88. Marcus F.

    Once again!

  89. Martin

    I want to be in the first ten!

  90. Tord

    Wonderful stuff!

  91. mucher

    How many more are there?!

  92. carndegos

    I’m In

  93. Jim Files

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  94. Michal

    Uh! Nice – would love getting my hands on one!

  95. Andrew Kerr

    just here

  96. Not sure I’ll be awake for the next one. :-) Thanks again, Ray.

  97. Kate

    Would love one of these

  98. Helen Roberts

    Count me in! Thanks Ray :-)

  99. Tyler Haas

    I would love this!

  100. Luke Martinez

    Pick me!

  101. Kathleen

    Pretty please!

  102. Szilard Oroszi

    Nice device

  103. Jason Newville

    You rock with all the giveaways!

  104. Antonio Grimaldi


  105. Jonathan C

    I want it

  106. German Merino

    More goodies Excelent

  107. marc

    I missed the Edge 1000 give away.. maybe this one will be the one!

  108. Mike

    Wow, this thingi is awesome

  109. Diego

    Thanks Ray

  110. carnetremula

    love your blog! thanks!

  111. Matthew Patterson

    Thanks !

  112. Benjamin Winter

    Error 505 – Not in My Possession!

  113. lex

    alarm set: 3:55

  114. fabian g

    Muy cope

  115. franki

    You can´t always get what you want.

  116. Sean Dooley

    in again

  117. Jacek


  118. E McG


  119. Tomas

    Good luck for all :)

  120. Mário


  121. Jon Borscheid


  122. dave


  123. Brett E


  124. Steven M Knapp


  125. Tom

    Hey, gimmie that!

  126. IsItMyLuckyDay

    Last chance….

  127. Brendan

    One my try

  128. rudy

    So sick

  129. Nicola

    Yeah that should ne mine 😀

  130. TheBlackKite

    I want this :-)

  131. Joe Matchette

    Yes please.

  132. Sam

    Checking in.

  133. jazzar

    Goodbye Edge 200!

  134. Sergio V.

    Would love to have it.

  135. Steve W

    My Mio

  136. Chris M

    I like

  137. Rogelio Abrego Rivera

    Send me one!!!!

  138. Scott Mason

    Hell yeah!

  139. Roger


  140. Mark

    Oh pick me!!

  141. Tim Gainsford

    Finally, one at a reasonable time for Australia!

  142. Geoff

    Thanks Ray!

  143. john

    I need a bike for this.

  144. Lindsey A.

    Sweet! This is great! Thanks for the giveaways today!

  145. Melanie Miller

    I would love one of these!

  146. Louise Kennedy

    Yes please!

  147. Ornoth

    He’s going to tell…

  148. Andre Funke

    This would take me anywhere :-)

  149. Kikimanki


  150. RLanrivain

    One more !!

  151. khai

    Win something

  152. Matous


  153. Christian Karlberg

    Yes pls

  154. Nancy S

    In it to win it!

  155. lewis

    What a nice day

  156. Shai Simchi

    That’s an interesting one!

  157. Frankie

    Would be nice to have!

  158. Tim

    still kicking on with no sleep !

  159. Neil

    i want it!

  160. Peter

    I’m in!

  161. Donal

    Another one already?!

  162. Chris Walkup

    10 for 10…

  163. Mary Wiens


  164. Ricardo Pereira

    Great extravaganza!!

  165. Silas

    It’s so early where I am. dropping in to say hi

  166. Olivier

    Happy to participate

  167. Jean-Paul

    Het wordt al laat.
    Greetz from Holland!

  168. Victor W.

    Would love this!

  169. Pierluc


  170. Walter S

    nice prize!

  171. zmiko

    This looks pretty fun

  172. Andjelko

    never lost again

  173. Fernando


  174. piechu

    fantastic! I want it!

  175. Dave F

    Very, very cool!!

  176. Hayden Smith

    Yes please!

  177. Claes

    Go Norway!

  178. Dan Spangler

    Can surely work with this if given a chance.

  179. Neil

    Oh yes please. Yes please

  180. John

    I’ll win this one for sure!

  181. Erica


  182. Nick G

    7 comments already? Wow…

  183. Marco Heinen


  184. nikos

    this is amazing

  185. Eric

    Oh my mio

  186. Michael

    Yes please

  187. Stephen

    Again hope i win :)

  188. Andrew

    This would be nice to get because my 310xt is crapping out.

  189. Kevin Weiner

    I am still stuck with a bad last name but winning would make me feel better

  190. Heather

    pick me!

  191. Wimme

    MIOOOO :)

  192. Jonatan

    Never heard of it before but sounds so cool!

  193. Jeffrey Miller

    could definitely use this!

  194. Saltinis


  195. Alex Walton

    Will it get me up that early?

  196. falling asleep!

  197. Victor

    I could use one.

  198. Joel White

    Back away people!

  199. Jane


  200. Troy Braxton

    Hope posting early is good. But I definitely want this one!!!!!!!

  201. William Haskett

    Thanks for providing this giveaway once again! Crossing my fingers for a win this year!

  202. Joe B

    Yep. This one too please!!

  203. Lisa

    You are awesome Ray!!

  204. Jacqueline

    I would totally benefit from this.

  205. ale c

    Muy copante

  206. Aleš Kramarsr

    Nice :)

  207. Geri

    love to have one

  208. grant

    Tired, but I’m in 😉

  209. Pawel


  210. Eyal Drori

    Looks great! Thanks for doing this Ray!

  211. Fabian Campo

    Thanks Ray!

  212. Rem

    Hey, me again :)

  213. Jose Dalisay


  214. david bird

    Yes please!

  215. Vincent D


  216. Keenan


  217. László

    To navigate from my work. Thanks Ray

  218. Dirk Szameitat

    Me again

  219. Linda mckellar

    Mini mio!

  220. Jeremy

    So need

  221. Richard Warner

    Yes please

  222. corresponsal

    Looks good ☺

  223. Roy Chan

    I like overachieving units!

  224. Tom Billinghurst

    Pick me pick me pick me

  225. Patrick Myers

    I feel like 7 comments in may be too close to the front to win. *womp womp*

  226. José Fernandes

    Here I am!

  227. Alex

    Allez Allez !!!

  228. Adrian Walton

    I’d like to be an overachiever.

  229. Simon l


  230. ryan


  231. John Tobin

    would love one of these

  232. Dom

    Streetlamp Le Moose.

  233. DafLJ

    Yes please

  234. Tony

    In to win 😉

  235. Jonathan Ho

    I’d really like to win between a broken down car and waiting 3 hours for a tow, it’d be nice.

  236. william mcanirlin

    Good Luck!

  237. Larry Gray

    I’ve been called an overachiever, so this would perfect!

  238. Neil

    I’m here again.

  239. Jerzy Trzebiatowski


  240. Rebecca

    Pick me!

  241. Martin

    A Mio for Me(o)??? Yes please.

  242. Gordon Mah

    I want it

  243. Michael

    Go Ray!

  244. Mark Ingle

    Missed the last one. :(

  245. Tom

    looks cool

  246. Colleen Duffy

    I’ll take it!

  247. J K Brennan


  248. Kevin H

    I could use this, Thanks

  249. Bruan Abraham


  250. Maria Svensson Karlberg

    Yes pls

  251. Michael


  252. Mikael Hilton

    Yes please 😀

  253. Devon kijewski

    Yes please!

  254. Steve Tornio

    This is a comment

  255. Brian


  256. Tapani Tuppurainen

    I’m in again!:D

  257. Kyle Pennell

    GO GATORS!!!

  258. Olli


  259. Lisa

    Me me me

  260. Ben

    Another awesome device I can’t live without…

  261. Maggie M

    Pick me!

  262. Brandon


  263. Stephanie

    Ooooooh nice little gadget!!!

  264. David

    Overachievers. I like it…

  265. FEI


  266. Defraeye nIcky

    probably last one before bedtime…

  267. Jon

    Great site, and please pick me!

  268. Kelsey T

    Yes please :)

  269. CMB

    No Whammy!

  270. Quentin Lachaud

    Yes yes yes!!

  271. Ebe Boettcher

    I like this one too

  272. Jeffrey

    This would look beautiful on my new bike!

  273. Thomas

    I want it!!

  274. MB

    Thanks Ray!

  275. Matt Field


  276. Shiri Shapira-Simchi

    Love me a new cycling gadget!

  277. TheBigYin

    Got to be in it to win it…

  278. Jessica Dow


  279. Filippo

    Good luck to me! 😛

  280. Justas


  281. David

    I like cheese

  282. Mark Wynn-Edwards

    yes please

  283. Marcel

    Me please :)

  284. Tom Box

    Yes please!

  285. Dave m

    Yes pls

  286. Jakub

    Thanks Ray!

  287. Daniel

    It is too early!

  288. Karl Pointer

    Mio Myo!

  289. Matt Dz

    Cool beans

  290. anibal c

    Jaja es para mi

  291. Wow, that looks incredible!!

  292. Super User


  293. Gaelle

    I am in. Thank you.

  294. Kristina

    Does it tell me how awesome I am?

  295. SOUQUIERES Philippe

    Thank’s :-)

  296. Richard

    Asome stuff, would be nice to use.

  297. Jochen

    Could be a nice upgrade for my current one… :)

  298. Paul Tourkin

    Hello Magellan

  299. Alan Duggan

    Count me in please!

  300. Emir


  301. Chris

    I’ll probably still get lost even with a GPS

  302. Mikkel Holme

    Sounds really nice!

  303. Ankit

    I feel lucky

  304. No luck so far in any giveaways.

  305. Vidar

    Nice toy!

  306. Marlene


  307. Luc Simoneau

    9/12 – OK, here’s goes another entry … who know, maybe this one will be the good one!!!

  308. Seth Downs

    Never enough cpu’s or data!

  309. jason mant

    Still up arghhhh!

  310. Josh

    Yes please

  311. Jallal

    Last try for me before going to sleep. Good luck for everyone !

  312. Chris Stanton

    Ole Mio!

  313. Clark

    That would look very nice on my bike.

  314. Will Maginn

    Nice :)

  315. juan

    i will absolutely love to have this one

  316. kathleen

    I’m all about overachieving!!!

  317. Mike

    Sick!!! Need this!

  318. Philippe


  319. Tadeusz Trzebiatowski


  320. Keith forshew

    Yes please!!

  321. Torkil

    Wish me luck!

  322. John

    If it comes with the kitchen sink I can get in a few turns while doing the dishes :)

  323. Domika

    Good night! 😀

  324. Dan Morley


  325. Raymond_B

    Entered, now I have 2 hours to go shopping and get home for the next one!!!

  326. I’m in! Awesome stuff!

  327. Avigail Cohen

    Everyone is getting excited – but this one is mine!

  328. James M


  329. Greg

    Alright, I’m in!

  330. nick keen

    Twould be nice

  331. Traci

    A dedicated bike computer might be fun!

  332. Sandy Milton

    Put me in for this please Ray.

  333. Liza Alonzo

    I cant wait to put this on my bike!

  334. Philip Cumbus

    Fingers Crossed. Thanks again for the website.

  335. Mike

    Wow, another giveaway. Mio!

  336. ludtoll


  337. Tracy Joseph

    Wow!! How long will this madness last!! Thanks Ray!

  338. Matt Johnson

    Taking a shot at it!

  339. Michal

    I’m in!

  340. JLG

    Too cool to be true !!

  341. Gerard O

    Good luck folks!

  342. Bounty

    One more 😉

  343. Kipras

    Pick me

  344. SethN

    Great device count me in on this!

  345. YUAN YUE

    Thanks in advance.

  346. Lawrence


  347. Chris

    Looks cool!

  348. joda

    Yes, please!

  349. Bib

    Yes Please

  350. Claire

    Yes please

  351. Wouter Nijdam

    Would love it.

  352. Robin


  353. Carla

    I wanna win :)

  354. Adriana Airinei

    Over here please :)

  355. FRiC

    Please let me win.

  356. Jared Harley

    Oooo pick me

  357. Tom

    Thanks for the competition!

  358. Jeff Sje


  359. Tiago Cardoso

    Bring it to Portugal!

  360. Tanya M


  361. Andrew Robinson


  362. Brent


  363. Allen Leibovitch

    Gotta win one of these, please. :-)

  364. Mike Parker

    Please enter me

  365. Stefan Wallström


  366. Sirapat Konkham

    So exciting!!!!

  367. andrew

    sure, why not

  368. Matt Charlton

    I hope it’s my lucky day!

  369. Robby

    Yes, please!

  370. Sarah


  371. Mike McNeilis

    Looks great. :-)

  372. golfernailpincher

    Present good luck all

  373. Frank

    Count me in!!

  374. Darren Wrigley


  375. Simon Tan Suan Bemg

    Great little gadget to have.

  376. David S.

    Why not.

  377. Nick

    I win!

  378. Vance

    Cyclo505, awesome product

  379. Joe


  380. Yahor


  381. coach dion

    Why am I up at midnight

  382. Joe P.

    I can do this all day. Keep it coming!

  383. Kim

    Good luck to all from Ireland :)

  384. Gediminas

    Why not? I will take it :)

  385. Getting late now…

  386. B Carter

    yes please

  387. Jen

    Yes, please!

  388. wim

    Hello! :)

  389. Matt

    Don’t pick anyone else pick me 😉

  390. Mike


  391. Frank B.

    give it all to me

  392. L

    So much cycling…

  393. Raiki

    Would push me to a new sport-field.

  394. Ronald

    It is getting late!

  395. Rónán

    If I get this, I promise to go out and train!

  396. Simon Freathy


  397. Peter G

    Pick me !

  398. Trevor Davenport


  399. Felipe Telles

    Vai Brasil!

  400. Joshua Blazzard


  401. Adam

    love it

  402. Adam Murray

    Still no whammies!

  403. patricia

    Para rodar a lo loco

  404. Leks


  405. Bryan

    I could really use a bike computer

  406. george h

    More nice stuff.

  407. Matthew

    Wow! This just keeps getting better!

  408. Andre


  409. Daniele

    Hey that’s mine 😉

  410. Ernesto

    I’m in for this one!

  411. Bryan S

    Looks sweet!

  412. Alex

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  413. Chris M

    Tasty cakes

  414. Greg

    Yes please. Thank you.

  415. kenneth Goodin

    Let’s make the Tri watch I just bought obsolete.

  416. Juanita

    Nice screen

  417. James

    Mmm. Computer.

  418. gage

    winner, winner??

  419. john

    I need it!

  420. martin

    Want! :-)

  421. Jake Downing

    Good luck everyone

  422. Daniel Vasset Haugsboe

    Fingers crossed!

  423. Egle

    Would lov eto have it

  424. fanis konst

    fingers crossed!

  425. Jeff Beck

    Blasted work has kept me away – but I’m on this now! Here’s to hoping!

  426. kbeweb92

    giddy up

  427. Mark

    In for this!

  428. Daniel Eriksson

    Perfect on my bar!

  429. Dusan

    Nice device…

  430. Elliott

    I’ll take the bike too!

  431. James C

    Sure why not?

  432. Rob Ingersoll

    I didn’t even know I wanted one of these, but I do!

  433. Charlie D.


  434. Jacob deCastro

    I would love this

  435. Aaron Q.

    Thanks again Ray.

  436. Taylor


  437. Matteo

    I’m here again.

  438. Giuseppe Belotti

    I’m in

  439. Deano

    Last entry before jumping on a jet plane :-(

  440. Mikael Klingbjer

    Would look nice on my bike.

  441. Dan


  442. Jamie pennell

    I need this so i wont get lost!

  443. Ignas Rybakovas

    Wow! I like it!

  444. Dave M


  445. Byron

    Want one please.

  446. Mark Jarred


  447. Scott

    Dem gainz!!!

  448. Joshua Grant

    Looks great

  449. Maria Jesus

    Me, please.

  450. Thor R

    In case I missed out on the other bike computer. :-)

  451. Kamil

    I’m back.

  452. jonathan

    product looks awesome!

  453. Beckie

    Looks cool!

  454. Andreas S

    Mio my Mio. Great stuff.Have early comments a real chance…?

  455. Kat

    I want this.

  456. Matt Seeds


  457. ms

    want it!

  458. Colin R

    Very nice!

  459. Benedict

    Yo ho ho

  460. Kris

    Yes please!

  461. Vitalija

    For the greater good

  462. John Stuart

    Yes please!

  463. Sheryl Davies

    My son says this will make him a better cyclist.

  464. David Manley

    I’m in

  465. kelvin lim

    It hasn’t end yet! Lol

  466. Gosia

    Count me in !

  467. Renato

    I want to try this one!

  468. Ken Young

    Yes and yes please!

  469. Rob h

    This or the edge 1000, I’m not picky 😉

  470. Fran

    Count me in, thanks!!

  471. Fernando

    Does it prepare breakfast too?

  472. Jurassic

    Must be mine

  473. jason K

    I want

  474. Patrick o regan

    Count me in

  475. Andrew smith

    (Fingers crossed)

  476. Mans

    Could use the make a route size x option!

  477. Alex Pull

    This one is awesome.

  478. Enrico


  479. Henningway

    I like!

  480. Charles

    But I waaaaaannnntttt it

  481. Dustin

    Yes please

  482. Brian T

    Thank you for doing this contest

  483. S de Vos

    Goodluck Everyone! Hope I get this nice GPS Cycling gadget!
    Could really use it! <3

  484. Kevin M

    Count me in.

  485. Joe

    Thanks again ray!

  486. Steve Clements

    Me please!

  487. eshed

    I could use one of those!

  488. Matthew Aguirre

    Yes please! Thanks Ray

  489. stiantyvandhorne

    Why not go all inn for an all in product?

  490. Kate W

    Would love one

  491. Dawn Ashbee

    That’s nice!

  492. Mark Burghart


  493. Fiachra

    I’m in.

  494. MarkP

    Yes please

  495. Kent

    Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 =)

  496. Efraim shaw

    Me want:)!

  497. Tommy

    All it takes is a comment and a dream…

  498. Roberto Saldana

    Me. Me. Me!

  499. Kevin Bragg

    New to Biking!!

  500. Louwana

    I’m in on this one.

  501. Bill


  502. flopi

    Me lo voy a quedar

  503. Gerhard Olsson

    Good reviews, good stuff

  504. Nick

    One of these would be fun!

  505. John B

    Sign me up. Please.

  506. Seamus Crowley


  507. DT

    Let’s see this!

  508. Quentin

    I am an underachiever…

  509. Neal

    Mio Please.

  510. Lauryna

    Last entry before jumping

  511. Onno Wouters

    Yes please

  512. Kal

    There we go again!

  513. Pafleherisson

    Nice gift

  514. Horia Neamtu

    Count me in

  515. Ruedi S

    I want in! Thanks!

  516. jorge Marron


  517. Artur

    What a crazy day.. and night.

  518. Daniel

    Hey, hey, hey!

  519. Janet

    Comment goes here.

  520. Harvey Berger

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

  521. Seba

    Will try

  522. Robert Lendvai

    Ride cut short today by rain and storms in Toronto

  523. Hugo

    I want more data…

  524. Daniel

    For my wife’s bike

  525. Anthony A


  526. Mike

    Should be an interesting training tool!

  527. Chris Shaw


  528. Dan

    definitely worth a shot

  529. Luke

    I’m running out of (possibly) funny comments to make

  530. hollyoak

    Yes please !

  531. Derek Chow


  532. Lou W

    win win win

  533. Matt Farra

    Looks cool!

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    Ohhh, that’d be fun.

  536. Jon Lumpkin

    Awesome! I’d love to try this.

  537. Ben

    Need it!

  538. Christopher C Turner


  539. Jason Nuss

    Me, me, me

  540. Stacey S

    Me want

  541. ppor

    Good luck for all of you 😉

  542. atul

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  543. Keith G

    Bikes, gadgets, what’s not to like!

  544. Andy

    Thats cool

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    Yes please!

  547. Alina

    Pick me

  548. Niiiiiiice ! Want want ! 😀

  549. mg460


  550. Bora

    Last shot before going to bed. Hope I’ll be picked up. Good luck to all in NA time zones for the rest of the great stuff.

  551. Philip Leschhorn

    Just one!! Please!!

  552. Alfredo

    Hi there!

  553. Alex

    Pick me ¡¡¡¡

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    i want it !

  555. I would love a cycling computer!

  556. Steve


  557. Kate

    I like it!!

  558. Pedro

    fine also!!

  559. Kate

    Another great gadget I wouldn’t mind having :)

  560. Vivek A


  561. Hj

    Sent it to Sweden

  562. Joe

    This guy

  563. Colin McLean

    Would look good on my bike.

  564. Runningbezz

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    Pick me please!

  566. Antonio


  567. viki

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  569. Harry


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  574. LT


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  579. BrianC

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  580. alejandra negrete

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  581. Sad

    I never win anything, but I’m glad I found this site, so it’s not all bad.

  582. Jeff

    chicken dinner

  583. Jérôme

    Thanks for the contest, Ray !
    I am happy to participate

  584. Darius

    Mine. :)

  585. Mykantas

    Ido it

  586. Alistair

    Yes please!

  587. Mark

    Signing in

  588. Snacksizedbelly

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  589. Patricia Garrido

    For me. Thanks

  590. Fingers crossed!

  591. David Keith

    I’m in. Thanks Ray!

  592. Vaughn


  593. Maciej

    It goes well with your bike.

  594. Rom1


  595. Juha

    A golden ticket

  596. Allen

    Looks amazing

  597. Trace Thompson


  598. Warner Blom

    All right, I’ll just take this one :-)

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  601. Stephani Mrzena

    Thanks Ray!

  602. Tassman


  603. jm1

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  607. Sonja Futehally


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  609. Jouko Virta

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  610. Le chemin est encore long… :-)

  611. Shaun

    so need

  612. Troy

    Looks nice to me.

  613. eric

    It even matches my frame color! You know that’s the most important aspect of biking. :)

  614. Christian

    Great piece of tech! I need that!

  615. nina

    Yes please!

  616. Jason

    Yes Please

  617. Big Zeus

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    Pick me!

  619. maria

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  620. Evan Kuhl

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  621. Aubrey


  622. Adam B.

    Thanks for your awesome site!

  623. Steve C

    Thanks Ray!!!!

  624. ray b

    yes, please

  625. Paul


  626. Ryan R

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  627. AlbertMC

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  628. Nina Peycke

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  629. Pete B

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    That’s a lot in a bike computer.

  631. vivian

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  632. os

    So can we win multiple prizes (at least hypothetically) or is one item per person?

    Like we have to worry about that happening.


  633. ariel

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  634. Gabor Szilagyi

    wanna have it

  635. Does it make espresso, too?

  636. Don Kiely

    Boy, I’m going to HAVE to become a better cyclist with all this bike goodness! Thanks, Ray!

  637. Mark Strawbridge

    Would love this

  638. Justin

    Fingers crossed…

  639. Jason

    Giving it a shot!

  640. Mark Walling


  641. Evelyn


  642. Neil

    It does get good reviews from owners and it’s nice it uses open source maps.

  643. Matt Lipa

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  644. tal kman

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  645. Time to sleep, so I will miss the next giveaways. Perhaps I wake up as a Cyclo 505 owner?

  646. Tt brown

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  647. Konrad Hołowinński

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  650. Michelle

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  651. Chad

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  652. Joel A


  653. Titan

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  654. David

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  655. archie stringer

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  656. George Lavalette

    looks great

  657. Derek Loughlin


  658. Nancy

    Di2 Integration!!! Perfect for my Trek Domane 5.9 WSD with Di2

  659. morey000

    wow- this is a very cool unit.

  660. DanielB

    here we go

  661. June Lien

    Cool beans!

  662. AliusSaltinis

    On my way:)

  663. Nadine

    very nice

  664. Jorge Blanco

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  665. YetiCotic

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  666. Valerie

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  667. KS

    Will submit all 12 giveaway

  668. Adam

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  669. stan


  670. Panagiotis Kyrtatos

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  671. Heater

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  672. Martin


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  674. Roger

    Last one before going to bed. Hope I can sleep while I am missing the rest of the prize draw.

  675. Samantha

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  676. MT


  677. john bonneville

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  681. Scott proscia


  682. Tarsh

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  683. Richard Chamberlain


  684. Nico

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  685. Steve Fines

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  687. Meghan

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  688. Jack Toland

    Interesting alternative.

  689. Steve

    Very cool

  690. Ari

    Looks great. Let’s try this one too…

  691. David

    I just bought a Edge 500 for this coming racing season. But I’ll gladly swap it out for this bad boy.

  692. Kevin


  693. David Slawinski

    Sign me up!

  694. Mike Braun


  695. JR Riding

    May the odds be ever in my favor!

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  698. Randy Hammons


  699. Will Nickell

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  700. Priit Rebane

    This unit would also look great on my stem. :)

  701. Johan


  702. I’ll buy a bike if I win this :-)

  703. Andrew Porte

    Ah again the misses might stop nixing my garmin if I win this for her.

  704. Gary Pigott


  705. RomanTheCube

    Really need this one for nav abilities!

  706. pabboy

    love your blog!

  707. Katarzyna Wroblewska


  708. Jason

    Hook me up

  709. RQE

    big money, no whammies!

  710. DRB in CT

    Pick me. Woohoo!

  711. Tim Rice

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  712. Michal


  713. Murphy Flynn

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  714. David00

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  715. Clever bike unit – quite interesting.

  716. Neil bowler

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  717. james drummond

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  718. scott

    Yet another comment

  719. Alex Frost

    Eat the wagon wheel and let me win!

  720. Andy F

    These have all been amazing giveaways..Good luck everyone!

  721. Nuno Simões

    Super GPS!

  722. jim m

    hope it slices bread

  723. gerard

    Looks like a unit that could really give Garmin a run for the money in this space…

  724. Stuart Crichton

    Nice bit of kit!

  725. Rob

    Yes please

  726. Muzman

    Can be a good present for my friend.

  727. parralix

    i want them all

  728. Mike

    Never getting lost again!!!

  729. Jessa Vatcher

    This is the best day. :)

  730. Louise

    Can’t wait !

  731. Tim Davies

    DC Rainmaker is my go to expert for all the tech!

  732. Todd Schoeni

    Count me IN!

  733. Mike B

    Great device

  734. Peter

    Hello, I am your comment and I love you.

  735. twoxj

    Would be perfect for rides this summer.

  736. Sam Blowes

    I’d LOVE a bike computer!

  737. Scott

    way cool

  738. David Zuniga


  739. Michael Gibbs

    Yes, more bike stuff!

  740. Sylwia Nowak

    I am an overachiever therefore I should get one!

  741. Mike Smart

    Final attempt!

  742. Björn Lundgren

    I’m in from Sweden…

  743. Uriele

    Winning this would really change the crappy day I’m having :)

  744. Tom Goulooze

    cycling prowess!

  745. Lisa

    Awesome Sauce!

  746. Mark A.


  747. Standajanu


  748. dean-m

    Very nice!

  749. Philippe Godbout

    Would love to have one!
    Good luck everyone!

  750. Dominique

    Wanna find my way home

  751. Pedro

    Off to bed I go… Nighty night, everyone.

  752. Inneke

    One for The red devils of Belgium!!

  753. Mark Goddard


  754. Philip

    Yes, Please!

  755. Sagar

    Hat in the ring

  756. Charlton Marc Alabastro

    I’d like to have one please, thanks

  757. Andrew

    Very cool.

  758. white

    looks cool

  759. Dustin


  760. Bill Powers

    I would like it.

  761. Dillan

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  762. Andy

    Oh to have a lawn to mow, or even a yard full of dirt to try and grow some lawn

  763. Damian Muldoon

    Thats some bike computer.

  764. Tyler B

    Now that’s a computer!

  765. Julianna Denes-Perry

    I need all the help I can get!

  766. Kasper Vainio


  767. Gavin Hodgson

    White matches my bike 😉

  768. Jeff


  769. Chris

    Yup, could use one of those

  770. Janne P

    Feeling lucky today.

  771. Bastian

    ok I LIKE IT

  772. earnie

    Im in, tnx 4 everything :)

  773. knut

    I’m in

  774. Peter Sumner

    One of these days.

  775. Mark Rogerson

    Soo many nice toys!

  776. ignacio

    Excellent, a lot of mony you put in!

  777. Bill Jessup

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  778. Matt


  779. Daniel

    Yes please!

  780. Clara

    Perfect!!!!! OK.

  781. Christopher Larson


  782. Rickey

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  783. Andy

    yup yup

  784. maarten

    i`m in

  785. Jay

    I am lost!
    Mio help me out

  786. Harry

    Me. Me…… I need to get upgraded top maps and colour …

  787. John

    I’m in

  788. Chappo

    Pick me! Pick me!

  789. Houston


  790. Stewart Nisbet

    I’ll have that….. Thanks!

  791. johnnyo


  792. Milt MacFarlane

    69 Banna Lane
    P.O Box 215

  793. Michel

    Where there is a will, there is a way

  794. Jason Berg


  795. Michael Jones

    Time to upgrade my Garmin 500

  796. John B

    So cool

  797. Tate

    Thank you!

  798. Pedro Navarro

    Bike computers are nice!

  799. Henrik

    Now this could only happen to a guy like me

  800. Dr. D

    Mama Mio!

  801. Martin Villanueva

    It will look great on my white bike!

  802. Nathan

    Yep… Still my birthday… Could this be another present?

  803. Henry Collet

    Under a chiva

  804. Gregory Radomyslsky

    I will definitely use it

  805. Michael

    Haven’t heard from that thing, looks nice

  806. Eirik

    That would like great on my bike.

  807. Steven s

    Would be nice to win.

  808. becky


  809. I need a new bike computer

  810. Rory Quinn

    Yes please

  811. Tess

    Looks great!

  812. Scott Steven


  813. Maurice


  814. Stephen Murphy

    Can never have enough bike computers..

  815. Johan Carlhem

    Still awake… need to set the clock for next giveaway at 2am…

  816. Derek Wheeler

    Another sweet giveaway!!

  817. Eric G.

    Show me the money! Errr…. I mean bike computer.

  818. Stefan Raab


  819. Kyle Polansky

    Really need a bike head unit, hopefully I’ll win!

  820. another day, another try 😉

  821. Lars

    Maybe the replacement for my Edge 800…

  822. Tom

    DC Rainmaker!

  823. Gary Kellett

    Yes please

  824. santi machimbarrena

    I want one please

  825. Tate

    Chicken dinner!!

  826. Danw

    Looks good

  827. John Fox

    In again

  828. Paul Young

    Nice one Ray :)

  829. Stuart Edwards

    Yes please! :)

  830. Donald M

    I could use this !

  831. Bob Lukes

    My edge sucks!

  832. Paul

    I’m an underachiever. Together we’d be golden.

  833. Stephan

    Wanna navigate to the beach

  834. Rachel

    You’re doing so many giveaways I’m running out of clever comments

  835. Maddy

    Would love to be that overachiever (or at least own one)

  836. Claude

    Still trying! Claude

  837. Tom


  838. Ann Clarke

    Me too please!

  839. Matt Brown

    New day alarm got me up in time :)

  840. Steve Pratt

    Enter me!

  841. Mike

    I’ll take it!

  842. Mike

    That’s the cherry on top’

  843. leeka

    Jep jep!

  844. Marco V

    The last one before going to sleep (?)

  845. Jerrod

    Yes please!

  846. Michal Matuszak

    Pick me!

  847. Christopher Stephens

    Mio mio!

  848. Adam Lewis

    A big one this! Fingers crossed!

  849. Thomas

    This one’s for me please

  850. Emmett

    I would gift this to my roommate who is terrible with directions.

  851. Looks cool, will it make me faster?

  852. Graham

    Now this would be awesome

  853. Skammenv


  854. Overachievers, I hear you. I’ve always considered you one 😀 But this bike computer looks lovely and not like something or someone I would be jealous of (as opposed to the overachiever writing this blog) 😀

  855. Martin

    me me mememememe!!!

  856. Maarten

    Yeah, more navigation

  857. Glyn


  858. Ken

    And the hope builds anew…!

  859. Sizwe


  860. Tonny Madsen


  861. Martin Cashman

    Routing for this one.

  862. Tim Horsburgh

    Does it come with a kitchen sink?

  863. Julien R.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and all that you do

  864. Lars


  865. Neil P.

    Count me in

  866. A Nicholas

    I want an overachieving gps! This looks awesome!

  867. Tyler

    oh mio my.

  868. Jared

    Let’s give this a try over my garmin

  869. Tom

    Does it come with the bike as well 😉 ?

  870. Corey

    Best giveaway extravaganza ever

  871. DC Tri Wombat

    I am coveting a new bike computer.

  872. Derek

    like it!

  873. Eric Ericson


  874. Carl

    Froome to win the TDF

  875. John Gavin

    Me me me!

  876. Doug

    Yes please. Thanks Ray!

  877. Domi

    I loooove white gadgets

  878. clinton fisher


  879. Peter

    Bless you!

  880. Chris

    I’ll take seven!

  881. Laura

    Yes please!

  882. David Colman


  883. Romeu

    Very nice!

  884. JQC

    Thank you!

  885. Stefani

    Love this giveaway!

  886. Ange C


  887. Allen B

    I could use one.

  888. Tim Marriott

    Everyone needs a little competition!

  889. angel

    miles to go before we sleep…

  890. Colin H

    This would look good on my bike.

  891. German


  892. Steve T

    The mio will be mio.

  893. Owen Delaney

    Go on then

  894. Iñaki

    C’mon, almost there…

  895. James Nguyen


  896. Isabel E. Vélez

    Wow, finally a comment number that doesn’t run into the four figures! Here’s hoping for a win.

  897. Scott H

    I’ve got to win something, right?

  898. SamSamB


  899. Dom

    Birthday is coming soon, yippee

  900. Ben Yeung

    Pick me.

  901. Martin

    This one would be awesome :-)

  902. Jill


  903. Craig

    Yes please

  904. Kyle

    Want it want it want it

  905. Martin

    Midnight CET and ttg to bed. Hope I can sleep now.

  906. Rico

    I’m in

  907. David Dallin

    Win win win!

  908. Mark Yurich

    This thing looks ridiculous, I’ll take it! (hopefully)

  909. Bryan r

    Fingers crossed.

  910. David

    I’d love it! Thanks Ray.

  911. Sandi Gavin

    I’d like one thanks :-)

  912. Faisal

    Cracking piece of hardware!

  913. ErR

    Di2? I didn’t know that.

  914. Crispin Ellisdon

    Mio my one of these would be cool

  915. ed

    can i has mio thingie?

  916. Jens Einar


  917. Derek Green

    This time for sure :-)

  918. Sean

    Yes, yes I would love to win one of these

  919. Chris Ehlers

    Feeling lucky

  920. Peter C

    Looks nice

  921. Justus

    I get lost a lot when I ride my bike, this device would be ideal for me. In addition, I stepped into heap of dog poo and I think I deserve a compensation.

  922. Sean Sullivan

    Count me in!

  923. Larry


  924. steve

    In it to win it!

  925. Help I’m lost! Don’t worry Cyclo 5 oh 5 will save you :-)

  926. mtbquing


  927. Adrian Cowan

    Count me in please!

  928. bryan thomson

    Hoping to win big here. Good luck to all

  929. Onder Eren

    i want it

  930. Joe

    boppity zop zip!

  931. Josh

    This would be sweet !

  932. Kim

    so many nifty gadgets!!

  933. Andreas

    Mio like thanks

  934. Osman mir

    Love this giveaway.

  935. Steve G


  936. Brian S

    yes please.

  937. glbr

    i wonder if even an underachiever like me could overachieve using this.

  938. Shawn


  939. Pilita


  940. Sean Kelly

    My attempt!

  941. Roser

    Go go go

  942. Victor meinhardt

    Very cool!

  943. Gilles Levesque

    This seems like a great option too. Great cycling gear!

  944. Bond

    Nice to have it

  945. Sebastian

    For my cycling plans it will be perfect!

  946. Ellie

    I need more things to boss me about!

  947. Thomas


  948. Mike C

    Want it!

  949. Oscar


  950. Need one of these!

  951. ThomasR


  952. Scott Turvey

    Maybe it’s better than my Garmin

  953. Stefan K

    If the Reflekt did not work out this would work too 😉

  954. David

    much thanks.

  955. Alvis Swee

    Pick me! :)

  956. Juwon Suh


  957. Andrew

    Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! :)

  958. Claudio MV

    The last one before going to bed…

  959. Malcolm

    I’m in

  960. Juan Otavo

    Count me in!!

  961. s alderton

    Go Froome-dog. Vive le Tour

  962. PeterK

    Please and thank you.

  963. Gert Wuyts


  964. Martin Syvertsen

    Can’t wait for the review on this one. Looks to be a very flexible and future proof unit

  965. Time to hand down the 500.

  966. Didi

    Now my last try from Germany. It’s time to sleep and dream of all the gadgets i blogged for… I’m looking forward to the next “giveaway action” !

  967. Mark

    This would be very cool!!!

  968. Anthony

    Bonza Ray!

  969. Eric Lofgren

    Pick moi!

  970. Paul Reed

    Hmm. If I won this, I would have to get Di2 for my bike… 😉

  971. Pat ramos

    Want one!

  972. Amie

    Yes, please!

  973. Kyle.

    I could use this for sure.

  974. Patrick U

    Thanks for the great extravaganza!

  975. Mark

    Thanks Ray.

  976. Cheri Lutz

    Love gadgets.

  977. Haukur

    Love navigation..

  978. Mike

    Love it.

  979. Chipper Nicodemus

    I’ll take it!

  980. burnbank


  981. federico


  982. Wesley Brown

    Typing this because my husband is driving and doesn’t want to miss out. Hope he wins.

  983. Tim Nordberg

    Been considering the mio unit for real purchase, this would be even better than me buying it :)

  984. Dennis

    Don’t mind overachievers :)

  985. Andy Wulff

    Pick me! I want to be an over achiever too!

  986. Tim

    Runnin out of comments

  987. This would be a great birthday gift!!

  988. Thien

    One more try

  989. Chris O.

    Hey, that would match my white road bike!!!

  990. Ron Green


  991. Darren

    It just keeps going and going….

  992. Lisa Rogers

    Please pick me!

  993. Paul Goulbourn

    Great blog Ray – thank you.

  994. miros

    this is it

  995. Chris K

    TdF, here I come…

  996. Calvin Chen


  997. I would love to win this.

  998. Kim

    ok last 3

  999. Chris


  1000. Felipe Payet

    sign me up!

  1001. jonny

    This would be crutual to helping me up my game! All I have is a Nike+ stopwatch for GPS on my bike!

  1002. Chris Bigley

    1 please :)

  1003. Alfred Swee

    Mine. :)

  1004. Leslie Baker

    So great!!!

  1005. afrofrench


  1006. Marcella

    Very nice!

  1007. jakub

    Looks nice, i want one :)

  1008. Karl Hunt

    How big? Not very aero :-)

  1009. Alek Amrani

    Looks Awesome!

  1010. Dennis B

    Be happy with this one or the garmin 1000

  1011. Rob

    Mio my!

  1012. Mary

    This would be awesome!!

  1013. Mixuli

    I’m in. Fits my bike.

  1014. Want. Hard.

  1015. Dávid Farkas

    Like it…

  1016. Dwayne


  1017. Jonathan Weiss

    Can it save me 15% on car insurance?

  1018. Marko

    Very nice!

  1019. sak

    Good bike com

  1020. Matthew Elam

    Yes yes!

  1021. Heinz


  1022. Mansi Gupta


  1023. Dustin

    Looks like a great computer.

  1024. Mark Nelson

    Thanks for doing this!

  1025. Catherine

    Thanks Ray

  1026. Petr

    Hope I win at least one of the giveaways…

  1027. Janis Zaharans

    This could be a really good motivator for more frequent bike trainings.

  1028. Gary Hall

    Not seen this before. I like!

  1029. Joe Walsh


  1030. Chris

    Count me in ✋

  1031. Nice alternative to garmin

  1032. Paul Allen


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