Giveaway Extravaganza: TomTom Cardio Multisport (with optical HR)


Fricken lasers beams!  While I originally asked TomTom for sharks with laser beams on their heads, they balked.  They said they didn’t do sharks and asked why I wanted a shark anyway.  I called them wimps, and we went our separate ways.

But then months later they came back – not with a shark, but with a watch with a laser beam on the back of it.  They pitched that this green laser beam (well, of sorts) that would instead bite deep into your skin and measure your heart rate without any uncomfortable heart rate strap.  I noted that a shark could also bite into the skin and measure heart rate just as easily.  Strangely, they said triathletes wouldn’t find that funny.  Go figure.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: TomTom Cardio Multisport & Runner In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. steve walker

    This is indeed an extravaganza.

  2. Kristene

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  3. Chris m

    Light amplification by simulated emission of radiation

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    Thanks for the TomTom Cardio Multisport (with optical HR)!

  18. Sshearer

    Shark lasernado…the latest bad syfy movie.

  19. Terence Hatten

    Thanks for this!

  20. Tony West

    Yes please. The garmin heart strap is too unreliable now.

  21. Jules

    OW swim tmo 5AM, think the beam would keep the fish away. Pls say it would….
    Here fishy fishy….

  22. RobE

    Count me in!

  23. Chris Ennen

    Tom tom is fun fun

  24. white

    hook me up

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    Optical sensors FTW!

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    Love it!

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    feel free to send it my way!

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    It is mine! I can feel it! :)

  37. Alessio Urso

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  40. Ted

    Sweet does it come in white?… Great white! Lolz

  41. Jon P

    Another great offering! Thanks for all of your hard work!!

  42. Vincent Fortin

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    Looking good

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    Love the watch. Please throw my name in. Appreciate your work.

  50. Sean Runnette

    You’re a patient man. Don’t read all of these. You’ll get bored.

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  52. Laura

    Yes please!

  53. Jason Nuss

    Bang the drum with my TomTom

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  59. lisalisadc

    better than a rolex

  60. Andrew Murdoch

    Would love to try one of these ..

  61. juan zorrilla

    Me please

  62. Sam

    Optical HR looks a great option

  63. Aaron

    Purdy neat

  64. becky

    i look forward to using this, hand it over

  65. Pat T

    Yes, I want!!

  66. Chris

    You had me at hello!

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    to get back on the triathlon road again

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  79. Kyle Polansky

    I love your commentary. Only one more after this, hope I win!

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    Crap, I missed out on the mio, back in for the watch

  82. David L

    Always wanted laser treatment

  83. Thomas Anderson

    Looks good

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    Cool item.

  85. Ryan

    all mine

  86. Anna

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  87. jaka Ercegovčević

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  89. Another opportunity!

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  91. Wes

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  96. My heart is a thumpin for one them there units!

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  98. Bren

    I’d red with embarrassment if I won

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  108. alex

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  110. Henry

    Shark watch is my favorite watch.

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  113. Marco V

    It would be great to try the optical HR measurement ;-)

  114. Elena M.

    Awesome! Thanks!

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  116. Atis

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  117. adam specjal

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  123. Robert

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    cool watch..time for multisports!

  134. Rosie

    Maybe the laser is in the shape of a shark fin.

  135. Chris Y

    Tom Tom is my middle name.

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    Great site and reviews. Hope I win! Been looking at one of these.

  149. Metaxnerd

    Like the optical heart rate.

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  151. ryan jiv

    Laser beam

  152. yesica olazabal

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    This is the one I really want! Please pick me!!

  155. Rob S.

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  161. Rob McMurry

    Really? Another great watch.

  162. Matt Steiner

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  163. Richard

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  164. John

    Has a shark ever worn a heart rate monitor?

  165. Simon Tan Suan Beng

    Love this….

  166. i want this for my next marathon!

  167. Seb

    like it

  168. Catherine

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  169. Roger

    Thanks for making this great prize draw possible.

  170. Noel

    Shark is good

  171. Elaine K

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  172. Miranda

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  173. Martin N

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  174. Bryan r

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  175. Steve

    Hope everyone is ok with me winning everything.

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  178. Marjan

    Woke up… back to bed :D

  179. Jean

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  181. Anthony

    Awesome giveaway

  182. Sean

    Pretty Please.

  183. Elizabeth Shull

    That would look good on my wrist!

  184. Daniel Vela

    My HR is skyrocketing for this!

  185. Joe Radench

    Ooo la la!

  186. RayB

    Yes Please

  187. Steve Eroskey


  188. Gary

    I’d like this

  189. Craig

    Can’t wait to get one of these

  190. Colleen Duffy

    Oh yes, this will be running with me soon.

  191. Ebe Boettcher

    Yes please

  192. Pat


  193. Henrik Braune

    I’ve always wanted a HR monitor! Please count me in :)

  194. Lisa

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    Yes please

  198. Robin

    Love the HRM!

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    Come on baby……

  202. Adam Neilson

    Gimme, gimme, gimme a watch after midnight.

  203. Andrii

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  204. Marcel

    This is the one I was hoping for

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    Laser light show on the night rides!

  206. Jesse Dewey

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  207. Patricia Didone

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  208. Tiago

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  209. Sabrina Adams

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  211. Amie

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  212. Sara

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  213. Race D

    Not first on my list but beggars can’t be choosers ;)

  214. Daniel B

    If I win this I could be just like my training partner.

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  217. Alli

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  218. Dana Gilbert

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  239. Max

    Ray rules! Thanks for giving us a chance :)

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  249. Dainius

    “a desire to work in the dirt with your bare hands”

  250. Tom Groenhof

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    Yay! No strap! ….or caning either!

  255. Mei Fang

    Nice,give me pls.

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  257. Eduardo

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    Not as awesome as a shark with laser beams but I’ll take it!

  275. Damien

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  295. Jeff

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  313. Julia

    I was thinking about getting the Sosche heart rate monitor, but this would work too!

  314. trevor

    here’s hoping

  315. Natalie

    Awesome! I hope I win :)

  316. isa

    pick me!

  317. Ryan

    watches with laser beams? Shut your cakehole! I want one!

  318. Kenneth Dandy

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  319. Bob Zipperlen

    Love the color, it matches my kit and bike!

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  325. Brian Anders

    It sure would be nice to not wear a heart rate strap

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    Jenny Talia would be a fan of this!

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  333. Turn The Damn Cranks

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    Looks like everyone just got home from work. I’ll take the TomTom Cardio, firmware bugs and all!

  335. enrique ortiz

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  337. Ashley

    I WANT THIS WATCH SOOOOO BAD! I’ve wanted it since you first reviewed it before it was even for sale!!

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  351. Steve E


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  388. Oooh, I want to play with that!

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  403. Lazer Beams!

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    Help me to stay off the couch for a little longer

  437. Jay Antinnes

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    Hope this works down under in Australia!

  439. olivier CHAMPOUX

    I’m in again

  440. Oleg

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  441. Derek Loughlin


  442. Wes

    So you’re saying I have a chance

  443. Martin K.

    I’m playing this from the start and my wife thinks I am crazy! (well I disturbed her sleep every two hours) I say Extravaganza ruleees!
    And this watch is awesome.

  444. Magali havard

    Me too

  445. valerie

    Want this one!

  446. Adam Stevenson

    For twice the Tom power

  447. Van Soetaert

    Yes, please!

  448. Patrick

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  449. Max


  450. DM

    I’d prefer the shark with laser beams but beggers can’t be choosers I spose.

  451. Sergey

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  452. Miranda Hughes

    Me, please!

  453. Eli Modlin

    Would love to try an optical HR monitor.

  454. Patrick T

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  455. Adrian Wong

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  456. Aaron

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  457. German Merino

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  464. gena melick

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  465. Tom

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  466. Raff

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  467. Tomas Escalada

    Like Tom Tom like my name

  468. Niklas Johansson

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  469. Ashley Y

    Would def enjoy this Ray

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  471. Phil

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  472. Only 1 left after this!

  473. Nick S.

    Feeling it.

  474. Monica


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  476. Peter Speight

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  477. Edward Ng

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  481. Thomas H.

    Beam me up, Scottie *(Ray), and thanks for this swing at the pinata, we keep hoping we’re hitting…

  482. Chris


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    TomTom good!

  484. Tim Rice

    Go to be in it to win it …..

    When is the Garmin VIRB Camera going to come up – that’s the big one I want……..

  485. Giuseppe Belotti

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  486. Warner Blom


  487. HA

    yes please.

  488. SethN

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  491. Bob Gannon

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  492. Fabio Pires

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  493. Galen Davis


  494. Renato Rodrigues

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  495. Liz


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  497. Matthew M

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  498. Nadz

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  499. Andy D

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  500. Joshua Kim

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  501. Brandon

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  502. Frank Z


  503. Bob Croucher

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  504. Kevin


  505. Tyler

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  506. dimmer

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  507. Jay

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  508. bhavna

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  509. Sirapat Konkham


  510. Martin

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  511. Shannon

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  512. Kate

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  513. Ken

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  514. a second optical HR setup, hooray!

  515. Louwana

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  516. Jose

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  517. Pierre-Luc

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  518. Kris

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  519. Travis Johnson

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  520. Kasper Vainio

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  521. Dan

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  522. Mike


  523. dblA

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  524. Mike Mcmillen


  525. Mark A.


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    Nice… Except that I forgot about this for 14 hours

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  532. cam k

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  533. David

    Shark bait right here!

  534. Ian CROSSLEY


  535. Alvis Swee

    Pick me! :)

  536. Hakon Hrafn


  537. Awesome, I need this!

  538. Robert Baldy

    Looks like a cool watch!

  539. Mario Lira Junior

    Let’s see if I’m lucky this time

  540. Grace

    This one has been on my “want” list for a long time…

  541. Px

    Laser lusciousness

  542. Alfred Swee

    Mine! :)

  543. Brian

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  544. Den

    JerreJerry :)

  545. David Hill

    This watch looks great!

  546. Glen W


  547. Geoff k

    I want

  548. Matthew


  549. marcio

    hey, I wanna it

  550. matty

    I’m in

  551. nate

    I’m in!

  552. Mike

    I believe that we will win!
    I believe that we will win!

  553. Ed H

    yes please

  554. Matthew Patterson

    Sharknado with Lasers !

  555. Eric

    Looks cool… I’d definitely get some use out of this device!

  556. Richard Mable


  557. Stu

    Yes please

  558. Ken M

    Go Tom Tom!!!

  559. xzolien

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  560. Katie

    hopeful Newfie!

  561. Henry Holt

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  562. Dave H.

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  563. Tim Bulger

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  564. Victor

    Winner !!!!!

  565. Kent

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  566. Eric B


  567. Will W.

    That’d work too :)

  568. ceo

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  569. Alex

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  570. Ben M

    I’m in…

  571. Cat

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  572. Steve Fitz

    Thanks for all you do for us.

  573. Steve

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  574. Brian muldowney


  575. penny

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  576. lepadatu

    very nice, i wish you pick me

  577. Denali

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  578. Phil Tanguay

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  579. Dale Woitte

    Looks fantastic….I can sure make use of one

  580. Todd Kauffman

    That’s rad!

  581. Jean Wood

    LOVE IT!!!

  582. Fernando

    Thanks, Ray!!!

  583. Raymond_B


  584. adrien


  585. Scotty

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  586. Bruno

    Another great watch

  587. Tim

    Have been wanting one of these!

  588. Mike Hardy

    Why not? Never tried TomTom fitness gear before…

  589. Matt R.

    Here goes nothing.. Love your site!

  590. rick vincent

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  591. Paul

    Dude, what’s mine say?

  592. Kjell Morten Skaanes

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  593. Peter Turk

    I came here looking for a multi sport watch review, now I’m hoping to win a watch.

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  595. Sheila


  596. John B

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  597. Randy featherston

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  598. Randy M

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  599. Michael Sumbs


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  605. Nate

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  609. Chris


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  613. Ying

    would be put to good use

  614. Simon J

    I’ll buy lots of cupcakes if I win

  615. Darren


  616. Jason


  617. DelaneyBC

    I can’t believe you did a power meter while I was training! This is nice too, though, really.

  618. Steve Bishop

    Meant to be!

  619. Tommy Larsen

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  626. Jason Wilder

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  627. Tom Cavanaugh


  628. Elijah Lyke

    Pick me, I’m in Fairbanks Alaska! I’m probably the farthest north entry. I’m a road cyclist and cross country skier who contemplates triathlon, winning this might push me over to the dark side!

  629. Robert Wilkinson

    Tom and Jerry

  630. marcus

    I like an optical hrm !

  631. amy

    entering to make dad happy

  632. Carole

    Looks super on me

  633. jonathan

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  637. Maarten

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  641. Lars Riegman


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  644. Steph

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  649. Joeh


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  657. Tim


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    This would be an awesome birthday gift. :)

  668. Brian e

    Yes please. Sure hope my phone doesn’t die before the end of the extravaganza.

  669. Ellen M.

    Yes please!

  670. JSN

    my entry

  671. Chris Tallman

    That would be nice

  672. S Schwark

    Going to IM CDA – maybe I could use this next year………..

  673. Dustin McKinney

    Next to last

  674. Ben

    Nice, I want to try it…
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  675. sherman


  676. Denise


  677. Amy

    will sign up and use in a marathon if i win…secretly hoping i don’t

  678. John Frey

    Great to have!

  679. Richard

    It’s a long shot

  680. Craig

    I’d like it for my Dad!

  681. Ian Harrington

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  682. Erica M


  683. MarkW


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  685. Micah Brafford

    Keep hope alive

  686. Duane


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  689. Pat M.

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  691. Phuwadol Samphaongoen

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  693. Mitchell


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  695. Gordon bolles

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    Here I am !! Pick me !!

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  704. Matthew Talbot

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  705. Patrick


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  707. Lye Yang Suah


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  709. Jeff Sje


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  713. B Southern

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  714. Matthieu

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  715. Levente Varga

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  716. Angie


  717. Colin


  718. Colin


  719. Andrew

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  720. Alex Smedley


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  722. would love to!

  723. Brian

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  726. Renee Preziuso

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  727. Mark Giguere

    when do you sleep?

  728. jason

    C’mon Tom Tom!

  729. troy


  730. Kelly

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  731. Nathan S

    Cause I can’t see Apple putting GPS in their watch.

  732. Fabio Reis

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  733. Felipe bezerra

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  734. Rayne Woo

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  735. This is a really sweet giveaway.

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  737. Aksiniya Asenova

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  738. Wil

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  739. Fred

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  740. Rohitashwa Jain

    I’ve always preferred Tom Tom over any other GPS, now it’s time to try the running watch…I’d love to try this

  741. Mariska

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  742. Nathaniel

    Cool tech

  743. Bernard

    Let’s go!

  744. Please enter me in the contest! Thank You.

    Oh And… Zooooom!

  745. Alejandra Negrete

    want one

  746. Sam M


  747. Joe Fitzgerald

    Tom Tom

  748. scott

    Last reply b4 bed

  749. jerc


  750. Nicholas

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  751. shawn

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  752. David Shirley


  753. Santiago Machimbarrena

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  754. Peter Shellabarger

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  755. Scott Lawson

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  756. Zoe

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  757. Devon Kijewski

    this would be awesome to have for training!

  758. Jay

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  759. Ben Holster


  760. Nicholas Fournier

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  761. Justin

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  762. Jacques Cuneo

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  763. Shawn B

    This would come in handy!

  764. Kevin R

    Interesting watch, I would like to try it.

  765. Brienne Lee Brown

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  766. grayson

    Pick me.

  767. mary

    very cool watch!

  768. Martin Levasseur

    I’d love one of those. Great job on the site!

  769. Tim

    Yes, please

  770. Chris Charron

    Lasers are cool.

  771. Scott gray

    I’m in

  772. Gerhard Olsson

    This is probably my favorite

  773. Garrett M


  774. Júlia Peixoto

    It’s me, once again.

  775. Erwin Campos

    Really nice watch

  776. steve

    Would be nice to try one of these

  777. Rodolfo Araujo


  778. Linda


  779. Harry Charlton


  780. Kyle k

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  781. Michael T

    yes please!

  782. Dirk Ackermann


  783. Mark

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  784. paul

    laser beams are way cool

  785. Chris k

    No doubt good stuff!

  786. Janelle Holt

    Pick me ;P

  787. Rock

    Pick me please!

  788. Steve

    Birthday dinner!

  789. Optical HR is the future, isn’t it?

  790. Andy Wulff

    Tom Tom me!

  791. Abby

    My the odds be ever in my favor!

  792. Timur A

    Cool thing! Need to try

  793. Marc

    Still going strong from the UK…pick me!

  794. Ooooo lasers.

  795. Jia

    am I too late?

  796. Jerry Smith

    Go Go Gadget Extravaganza!!!

  797. James C.

    I’d like to thank all the people for making this possible.

  798. Nick G

    Tom Tom for me?

  799. chad Lerma

    heart rate while swimming??

  800. Barry D

    Putting my name in the hat. Worst day to have to do running around and hard workouts. Bah.

  801. Ryan

    This optical hr stuff looks awesome!

  802. Ken P

    Oh, mighty Random Number Generator:

    I will legally re-name my kids Randon, Number and Generator if you pick me.

  803. Oleg

    I like it.

  804. David p

    Pick me

  805. Tt brown

    I don’t need this

  806. Chuck

    I gave my multisport to jump back in bed with garmin. It was so much better at lap counting that what I currently use. I miss it every time I get in the pool

  807. Jeroen

    Sharks? Nice!

  808. Mucher

    Another worthy one!

  809. Mark

    I like the optical HR. Nice feature!

  810. I would love, love to win this. It would really help me with a charity ride I am training for

  811. Lisa B

    Yes, please!

  812. Todd

    How’s my luck?

  813. Philippe vennes

    Is it gonna be my turn?

  814. andrew

    one watch to so me how slow i run? yes please!

  815. Robert Ouellet

    My wife has the previous model of this watch and loves it! However she doesn’t like the wrist strap and she REALLY doesn’t like heart monitors around the chest…. She finds them…how would I say…. Over the top ;). Boy would she be thrilllllled about this new model…..please, if there is a superior force out there (other than her that is), make it happen….if she’s out training, she ain’t here nagging! Hahaha

  816. Mark Ingle

    One more time!

  817. Winner winner chicken dinner!

  818. Belinda

    thank you

  819. Ian

    Yes please.


  820. Ben Bruno

    Favorite blog ever.

  821. Ellisa

    Here here

  822. Marc Britten

    Just what I wanted

  823. Nicklespickles

    Need this!

  824. Xavi

    I promise to be good for the whole year if I win this…choose me and make the world a better place Ray!

  825. Gary Henderson

    please me!

  826. JonC

    Yes please!

  827. Mike Quinn

    I’ll take it

  828. Mansi Gupta

    Me too

  829. Henrik Bruntse-Olsen

    Please come home

  830. Matt

    Pick me

  831. Troy

    Tom Tom.

  832. Stefano

    TomTom me! :)

  833. Steve

    Want want bitte!

  834. Steph

    a red tomtom would look good on my wrist

  835. Aaron Redinger

    Very cool!

  836. Zhiquan Yeo

    Me please? :)

  837. Jonny bee good

    It would be totally rad to use this!

  838. Sam Blowes

    I want to switch to optical!

  839. ben

    C’mon random number generator

  840. Josh S

    Count me in!

  841. Mehtab Singh


  842. Gennadiy Treyger

    Yes, please!

  843. Brian

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  844. Tom tom wears short shorts

  845. firsthuman


  846. Johnny Hsu

    Pick me!

  847. Molly K

    TomTom please!

  848. Deanna Simmons

    Super cool! TomTom.

  849. Jonathan Smith

    Love to have one!

  850. André Perron

    Im in

  851. Martin

    Yes please!

  852. Natalie O.

    Yes, please!!!

  853. Scott

    This looks cool!

  854. Scrappycoco

    Send it my way,,,,,

  855. Rob

    Try and try again.

  856. Andria Kerkof

    no sharks, right?

  857. Jorge


  858. Robbie

    Looks quite interesting, too. Thanks Ray.

  859. Chalese


  860. Sean S

    Keep em coming

  861. Brian

    Yes please

  862. Dublin Port

    Who is John Galt?

  863. Hans


  864. Jonathan


  865. Katie Erikson


  866. Sue

    Please please please!

  867. Joel A

    Let’s try it again!

  868. Brian


  869. Nic

    Yes please :)

  870. Julie Nixon

    Yeah – I finally made it in for one!! This would be an awesome addition to my training!! Thanks

  871. Fiachra

    This would be nice.

  872. Karen

    Yes please!

  873. Tobias

    I am in

  874. Kirk

    Let’s go!

  875. Renea

    love the site. learning a lot as a new runner and biker

  876. Helder Rodrigues

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  877. Brett

    Awesome. Thanks

  878. Jay

    best of tI am doing the raindance

  879. Colin


  880. Jason Lines

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  881. Dillan

    No more HRM strap! :)

  882. Jamie Vanhuis

    Feeling lucky!

  883. Philip Cumbus

    big thanks

  884. Mike

    Ray’s the man!

  885. Jake

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  886. Pete Nixon


  887. Tomer shahar


  888. Ashutosh Kaushik


  889. KS

    Just in time!

  890. Meghan

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  891. Ankita Garsa


  892. Andrew

    Yes please

  893. ivan

    que bonito poder controlar el cardio

  894. Jean Bourgault

    Me please!

  895. Isaac

    Hey, thanks for doing this. I would like to be put into the drawing. Thanks!!

  896. brent k

    Yes please

  897. Jon borscheid

    I need this one!

  898. Susan

    I’m in. Thanks!

  899. Jason Vance

    Oh yeah! Pick me!

  900. Paul


  901. Kristin

    Entered just in the nick of time!

  902. Keith mcumber


  903. maria


  904. Anders Majland

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  905. MacB

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  906. Max Raykevich


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  908. Jason


  909. James


  910. ivan

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  911. meara

    A little late but under the wire!

  912. Rex Richards

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  913. Bradley


  914. Alex

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  915. Christian C

    Tom? Tom!

  916. Joost

    Will you make it to 3000 comments? easily!

  917. Jorja

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  918. Garrett

    Me please!

  919. Rob

    Yes please

  920. Gary B

    This has been going so long now I was out for a run and almost forgot. Lucky I am back in time.

  921. Tina Reilly

    Just made it!!

  922. Christina Klein


  923. Tony

    I’m in

  924. Duebrithil

    Just one more

  925. Zhen Ning


  926. Richard Diz

    Better a witty fool than a foolish wit

  927. Dustin

    Yes please!

  928. prem

    me encantaria que me tocase

  929. Sergio V.

    Yes, please.

  930. Boon Howe


  931. Jim Damico

    I really want this!

  932. Colin S

    Pew pew pew!

  933. Ziv


  934. Jim Trout

    what a site

  935. Derek


  936. Genevieve Brehl


  937. Yoshi Yoshida

    Lasers on my wrist!

  938. Emma

    Loving the write ups for each prize. very funny. Go TomTom

  939. Lucy D'Aloia

    It doesn’t need an HR strap?

  940. Iñaki

    So this is it. Just one left.

  941. Jens Einar

    Like this one as well

  942. David


  943. vrubletz

    Me too

  944. Juanje


  945. Rett

    Did I make it in time?

  946. Tate

    I could use that one!

  947. Neil

    Nearly 3AM here in the UK, but I’m in.

  948. Pete Knapp

    Either the watch or the sharks with the laser beams, please.

  949. Jota


  950. Erik Krueger


  951. Brian O


  952. Nicole

    If I win, it goes to my little brother!

  953. Michel

    Everything on the wrist

  954. Jamie Young

    The wife would love it !!

  955. Ben

    Woosahhh!! :)

  956. lex

    3:55 in the night

  957. IDF

    I like this one also. Thanks.

  958. Marcus J Pace

    I sure want to win

  959. JJCV

    Very nice!

  960. frosty

    Gday mate

  961. Sean Kinsey


  962. lex


  963. Steven Ren

    Love cards

  964. Charles B.


  965. Blake Weishaar

    me me me!

  966. Anika

    Nice one!

  967. Jon

    No more guessing

  968. Maddy

    Nice colour

  969. coreyt



    I want it!!

  971. nick


  972. Donna Scope

    Take the next turn on your right

  973. Sam Baldwin

    Looks nice!

  974. Tim K

    just made it on this one – last minutes

  975. b cole


  976. liftandrun

    Great watch for sure :D

  977. Carndegos


  978. May Cheung

    I’m a huge fan. Need a garmin for my first triathlon.

  979. gerard

    Man, this sure would look good on me…

  980. Anabel

    A nice one!

  981. Curtis


  982. Olli

    Pick me.

  983. Aleš Kramaršek

    Nice ;)

  984. burners38

    Nice replacement for The old 305

  985. Rado

    HR strap no more!

  986. James C Ewing


  987. Inma MS


  988. Gen

    Houla! No more straps:)

  989. Ok, ready set….. Pick me!

  990. Chris C

    Yes, please

  991. Tim Weaver

    Looks awesome

  992. David Manley


  993. Mica


  994. Tonny Madsen


  995. K T Dowler

    Would love to use this Sunday!

  996. Stuart

    Yes, please!

  997. Mike McGinn