Giveaway Extravaganza: TomTom Cardio Multisport (with optical HR)


Fricken lasers beams!  While I originally asked TomTom for sharks with laser beams on their heads, they balked.  They said they didn’t do sharks and asked why I wanted a shark anyway.  I called them wimps, and we went our separate ways.

But then months later they came back – not with a shark, but with a watch with a laser beam on the back of it.  They pitched that this green laser beam (well, of sorts) that would instead bite deep into your skin and measure your heart rate without any uncomfortable heart rate strap.  I noted that a shark could also bite into the skin and measure heart rate just as easily.  Strangely, they said triathletes wouldn’t find that funny.  Go figure.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: TomTom Cardio Multisport & Runner In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Malcolm

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  3. Tim Kerby

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  6. Tomer Slaney

    They just keep coming :)

  7. Diego

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  16. Jasonb

    Make it RAIN!!

  17. TomTom is awesome

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  20. Matt Seeds

    could always use a new watch

  21. Dennis b

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  24. John

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  25. Andre

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  28. Tad

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  30. JimL

    Friggin lasers

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  32. Kent

    TomTom oh yes

  33. Mack Huntress

    Pick me!

  34. Ruben E

    I want it. Thanks!

  35. Efraim Shaw

    Awesome watch. I’ll take it!!

  36. Colin McLean

    Would be a nice upgrade from my current non-cardio one!!

  37. Eric

    Woohoo tomtom cardio

  38. William Haskett

    Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

  39. Conrad


  40. Fred

    Guess ill try on this one too

  41. László

    Me too. Thanks

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  43. Mark Wynn-Edwards

    yes please

  44. Nicklesmn

    My wife wants this one.

  45. Sagar


  46. Abraham

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  48. Sethjk

    awesome stuff

  49. Rob

    Thanks again Ray

  50. Jonathan

    I would like to try one of these out

  51. Ryan

    I’m in to check out something other than Garmin.

  52. Glen Smetherham

    Hooray for Ray!

  53. Craig

    Optical HR!

  54. Mike Guitard


  55. Quentin

    I so want to wear this with my shark costume. Really.

  56. hans

    yes, I want one!

  57. ErR

    I’m in.

  58. Victor

    Love it! Good stuff Ray.

  59. Kathleen

    Pretty please!

  60. Chris


  61. Tyler Haas

    I could use a better GPS watch…

  62. Gilles Levesque

    The TomTom seems like a great watch!

  63. rcrober

    Maybe this will be the one.

  64. Joe

    Thanks much ray!!!

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  66. Jon Douglas

    Count me in!

  67. Youri

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  68. Steve

    I’m going to win this time!

  69. scott lynch

    land shark…

  70. Steven Wiens


  71. Paras

    Me Again!

  72. Benjamin Winter

    Tom Tom FTW!

  73. Danny

    Me please! :-)

  74. Gail G

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  75. Johan Carlhem

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  76. Alex

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  77. Ghoumard

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  78. Jon

    yes please

  79. Whineray

    First, at last

  80. Jacob

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  81. os

    We’re almost there.

  82. Hugo Noronha


  83. Paul Reed

    Products with lasers are scientifcally proven to be 87% cooler than similar products without lasers.

  84. Yuming

    Cool watch!

  85. Eric M Wisniewski

    pick me pick me

  86. Jon Niehof

    Optical heart rate, yes please! (my Garmin is biting a hole in my chest for no good HR data).

  87. Chris

    what time is it

  88. JF

    Would love some new gear.

  89. Jonathan


  90. Hendrik Hemmler


  91. Paul Frylink

    This looks like a nice watch

  92. james Gordon

    I’m in!! time for new toy

  93. Richard Elgar


  94. Ken

    Thanks! This will be great. Here we go!

  95. Lester

    getting close to the end!

  96. chan pick me

  97. Silas

    This will be great as my HR chest strap is causing me problems.

  98. Shaun

    I need

  99. Andrew

    sweet watch! laser beam!

  100. Jo

    Pick me please!!! :-)

  101. Alex

    Really like this one.

  102. Tim


  103. John Bonneville

    worth a shot right?

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  105. Glenn Gervais

    Nom Nom the Tom Tom

  106. Josh O'Sullivan

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  107. Denise

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  108. Ronir

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  109. Luca

    This would be nice too on my wrist!

  110. Luke Martinez

    Pick me! :)

  111. mgresele


  112. Ryan Gard

    For the win!

  113. Brian Carty

    It’s no shark, but it’ll do.

  114. josee barrette

    Moi, moi. Moi

  115. Chou Li

    want one tooo

  116. Gordon Mah


  117. Ben


  118. Raiki

    Really cool giveaway.

  119. Jesse Bennett

    I have been entering the abyss since 2 am I think I’m almost there….

  120. eli

    At bike Virginia

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  122. Wayne

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  123. Ty

    Optical watch. Yes Please!!! Awesome giveaway!

  124. Mike B

    Thanks Ray!

  125. Smokin'Schwalbes

    Event horizon.

  126. Jenny


  127. Drew

    TomTom? Get me a pair of bongos!

  128. James Cable

    Throw me a freakin’ bone here! I’m the boss! Need the info!

  129. Minh

    Party time

  130. Dan

    Crossing my fingers.

  131. Greg bell

    Pick me!

  132. karolyn

    I want one

  133. beardyweirdy

    TomTom, be kind to me please!

  134. Fabio

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  135. Beckie

    would love it!

  136. Mary Wiens

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  137. Kate

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  138. Jean-Paul

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    I want these so bad.

  139. Neil

    Did I make the top 40? :o)

  140. Chappo

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  143. Jess

    In it to win it!

  144. Nancy S

    11th time lucky!

  145. Will

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  146. Robert Lendvai

    About to try swimming with my Garmin 305

  147. Paul

    sweet :)

  148. Melissa

    Wow! This is awesome. If I don’t win I’m selling my fenix 2 and getting this!

  149. Peter McDonald

    I love the site … and giveaways too! Awesome job.

  150. William Fish

    This will be cool.

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  152. Scott


  153. Jake Downing

    This looks cool

  154. Chris

    I really want a tomtom!

  155. David

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  156. Meglesmn

    I want this one, pick me.

  157. ariel

    heart rate monitor!

  158. Stephanie

    Yo quiero mi TomTom :)

  159. Ann Clarke

    Yay, no HR strap.

  160. Zac

    TOM TOM!

  161. Aaron Q.

    Sharks aren’t funny. But sharks with lasers are.

  162. kar

    ME ME ME

  163. David Miller

    A fancy new watch would be great!

  164. Blake

    I want one!!

  165. Michael Jones

    Very Nice

  166. Rima

    This one, I really want.

  167. Ian


  168. Arielle S.

    Pick Me Pick ME!!! :)

  169. Nadine

    So need please

  170. olin lester

    I’d love to get this watch and give it to my running partner who still uses a timex… He would crap himself.

  171. chris hutton

    yes please

  172. Emma Palmacci

    Pick me :)

  173. Jarrod


  174. Weesan

    No more heart rate strap abrasion!

  175. Uldis V

    this one for me

  176. Marcella

    I’d really like this one!

  177. Jeffery Rehner

    Optical HR!

  178. Chris Jennings


  179. Doug

    Yes please. Thanks Ray’

  180. Russ Terrell

    Me likey!

  181. Tracy Katzenstein


  182. Stefan Wallström


  183. Erica

    Very cool! Fingers crossed. Thank you for offering these giveaways, and for doing what you do.

  184. Bart

    Yes please!

  185. Mike

    Thanks for all you do!

  186. Yes. Not just for the optical HR, though.

  187. David

    I want frickin’ laser beams.

  188. Chuck Babbino

    I have been wanting this!!! Please pick me oh random generator thingy.

  189. A Downing

    Oh yeah!

  190. Bryan M

    Pick me!

  191. Glenda


  192. Wendy Hughes

    I’d love this for myself

  193. Rick

    Me pls

  194. Ian Ivanoff


  195. mr-p

    me please !

  196. Justin


  197. Ken Young

    Yes sir, please!

  198. Brenna

    could really use this

  199. Sam Pérez

    How many coments!

  200. Joe

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  201. Martin Syvertsen

    Sweet optical goodness :)

  202. Tony Goncalves

    Maybe 5th time lucky?

  203. tom


  204. Jake

    Now, this is the one I really want!

  205. Ted D

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  206. Matt

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  207. Malc

    I would love to be able to give this to a very deserving friend.

  208. Matt Brown

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  209. Larry

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  210. Nick

    I hope I win, thanks Ray!

  211. Viacheslav

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  212. Brian Pederson

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  214. luis correia

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  215. Ruben van Dijk

    Perfect! Especially your recommendation on swimming

  216. Hans

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  219. Filipe Lopes

    I’m in.

  220. Neil

    4 me…..

  221. Frankie

    Yes please.

  222. Chris Thompson

    otro vez!

  223. Super User

    In for the TomTom

  224. Tom Sauerbrei

    Interesting looking watch

  225. Dan

    looks like a pretty trick little gadget

  226. Adam Miarka


  227. Sydney

    this would be great

  228. doubleplushomophobic

    I’d love to try one of these out

  229. JASON


  230. jorge Marron

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  231. PeterK

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  232. Ian Darling

    8:00 already!

  233. Garrison Parker

    My turn!

  234. letub


  235. Javier

    Nice! Techie!

  236. Mayra

    OHHH yes! That looks like it wants to be owned by me!

  237. Nicolas

    I`ll get this one

  238. Björn

    Optical HR cool.

  239. Jacov

    Yes please

  240. Tyler


  241. Kristen

    I’ve always wanted a GPS watch with integrated HR sensor!!

  242. BrianC

    I’m so ready for this.

  243. Thomas Strande

    Hit me!!

  244. Laura

    oh my gosh, I want this one so bad!!!

  245. Tom V

    This would be awesome since my skin doesn’t like my hr strap.

  246. Xiaobola

    Yes !

  247. Martin Anso

    Cool! Bring on the laser beams! Err, bring on the TomTom watch!

  248. Camille Hershey-Wojtowicz

    Oh yes I need a green laser beam HR measuring device.

  249. Mike A

    Papa needs a new watch!

  250. Brent

    Would be great to have this

  251. Tom Billinghurst

    I like the look of this un

  252. Adam Murray


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  254. Ruedi S

    i want it!

  255. Matt

    Check it!!!!!!

  256. Dr. D

    Another Shark Bites The Dust!

  257. Derek Chow

    You beauty!!!!!

  258. Dawn

    Me me me… :)

  259. Luis

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  260. erica


  261. Dan Spangler

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  263. Craig V

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  264. Jeffrey O.

    Would love the upgrade!

  265. Patricia Garrido

    For me

  266. Nils

    Hey Ray. This giveaway is amazing. Thanks!

  267. Jeffrey

    This would look great on my wrist!

  268. Thor R

    My wife would love this!

  269. Eugene Teo

    A new watch would be good…:)

  270. Matthew


  271. marc

    Sounds nice. Thanks.

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  273. Jamie pennell

    This would make my heart happy! :)

  274. Mike

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  277. Tim Schulze

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  280. Bryan

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  282. Steven Cameron

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  283. APW

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  285. taylor

    Why don’t crabs give to charity?

    Because they’re shelfish.

  286. José Fernandes

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  287. Shai Simchi

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  291. Matthias

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  293. Patrick Lemieux

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  294. Daniel Churco

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  295. Rebecca

    Maybe this one is a winner…?

  296. Christine

    I’ve read your review on this countless times because I love it so much!

  297. Michael

    Badass Watch

  298. John


  299. Great watch…!

  300. Justin

    So cool.

  301. Alison


  302. Brian T

    Thank you again

  303. Nancy T


  304. Brent

    Frickin laser beams people.

  305. Frank Goehner

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  306. Tyler

    One time

  307. Mark Rogerson

    Has Ray jumped the shark with this post?

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  310. Simon Befort

    I’ll take it!

  311. Christian

    Sweet Watch!

  312. Mary C

    Would love this!

  313. Maggie M

    woooooooo I WANT THIS ONE!! Pick me, please. pretty please? pretty, pretty please??

  314. Tim Marriott

    Tom tom?

  315. Jorge Blanco


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    Why not?

  317. Kevin M

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  320. arunas

    That’s some new tech that woud be nice to try out

  321. Justin

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  322. Charlie D.

    Another good one.

  323. Lior

    I timed it so I only need to wake up once to enter both this and the previous extravaganza.

    See you in two hours :)

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  326. Eyal Drori

    Would love to win this one!

  327. Kevin

    Pew pew !! (Laser sounds)

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  330. George H

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  331. Pat

    I’m really not picky… this will do!

  332. Greg Lanz

    Me please

  333. NyquilInquisitor

    Optical HR FTW!!!

  334. jeff k

    Fricken laser beams for me!

  335. Andrew Kerr

    Something thoughtful and meaningful that will appreciate

  336. cj

    I doubt this can replace my new ambit2 R….but lets try!

  337. Anne M.


  338. Scott Mason


  339. Brian

    I’m feelin’ lucky!

  340. Drew Mates

    Nice offer, thanks!

  341. Heather

    Cool, I’d enjoy the laser watch :)

  342. Brian Ross

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  343. Matt Dz

    yes yes YES

  344. Andreas

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  345. Nicolas Cote-Nolin

    Me, please!

  346. Cam Taylor


  347. tbeilby

    DC Rainmaker, you are fantastic!

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  349. Jennah

    Perfect for the gym & other activities

  350. Leomar Paese

    I’m all in!!!

  351. Coral

    Sharks with laser beams would be pretty cool though perhaps not attached to my arm – or would attaching one to my arm make it a fantastically intimidating looking tool?

  352. Kim

    This promo is great! Thanks for all your reviews.

  353. D Pindell

    My wife would love this…

  354. cory johnston

    can i have it

  355. Kevin

    Semper Tri!

  356. Shiri Shapira-Simchi

    Yes! get rid of the horrible chest strap!

  357. Scott H

    Get one!

  358. Colin

    Pick me

  359. Genevieve Lafontaine

    Pick me pick me! 😉

  360. Dustin

    I want one of these!

  361. Maciej

    I’m down with lasers.

  362. Jeremy

    You’re just getting more witty as the night goes on! Awesome stuff.

  363. Nick B

    I have a good feeling about this comment

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  365. David Egan

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  366. Dave

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  367. Chris Walkup

    11 for 11 – one to go. At first, this seemed like an interval workout – now it feels like a 24hr relay race – I hope I win!

  368. DC Tri Wombat

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  369. Stephen morriss

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  371. Manon

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  374. Leo Svahnback

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  378. Matthew

    Pretty sweet! Thanks, Ray.

  379. Greg

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  380. Philip Oertle

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  381. Greg C

    Why do I want to win it all, Ray you rock

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    This is miiiiine

  384. Charlton Alabastro

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  385. Steven Keller

    I believe that we will win!

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  392. Ryan

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  393. Kim

    Good luck….everyone …..
    from Ireland

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  404. Michael Swann

    Release the sharks!

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    Yes, Please! Who doesn’t love lasers?

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  409. Carl Purczel

    pick me please! :)

  410. Juancho

    Kill em with lazers!!

  411. Nikola Lazarevic

    Thanks Ray!!!

  412. likepend1

    Optical HR? Let’s give it a shot!

  413. Stephiane c

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  414. Viesturs

    All in

  415. Mathieu D

    Best day ever! Can’t wait for the results!!!

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  417. Robert Finke

    This would be awesome!

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  419. Jonathan Easy

    Cool. I need a new watch :-)

  420. Eric

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  421. Corey Morreale

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

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  423. Gavin

    i’ll take it

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  426. alan l


  427. Mark

    Tom Tom’alicious

  428. Steven kim

    Definitely need this one haha

  429. sak

    nice tomtom watch

  430. Ethan

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  431. Carlton

    Love this watch!

  432. Cameron Mumby

    Pick me pls

  433. Shawn

    Would love one of these!

  434. Ben

    Pick me

  435. Anthony Tummillo

    Ooh. I’ve been thinking about getting this one for a while….
    Great review of this one, by the way!

  436. Kyle Pennell

    We have Sea Bass!

  437. Chuck Lee

    Looks cool!

  438. Nathan Simpson

    You can never have enough running watches.

  439. steven p

    Cool like the optical hr

  440. Nick

    need it

  441. Alexandre

    I am in!

  442. Mike A


  443. Chris

    This will be mine! Maybe

  444. huffo

    As a student of Dr Evil, I totally need this.

  445. gilles

    I want sharks with lasers!

  446. Lights are fun.

  447. bob

    In for 1

  448. Emil

    I’m in!

  449. Michal

    nice watch

  450. Andy

    I want to arm that laser

  451. Mike

    Let’s do it!

  452. Chris M.


  453. Gary

    I’m afraid of sharks. Perhaps this would help me get past that fear.

  454. Sofia

    Laser time!

  455. Lawrence


  456. Erica

    Scotty don’t!

  457. Paul c


  458. Helen Roberts

    Yes please!

  459. Marko

    Yes please!!!!

  460. Mike Peerless


  461. Andrew

    I’m in!

  462. Evren

    Thanks Ray!

  463. mike

    I’ll take one.

  464. Tamas

    Count me in.

  465. steve

    Delayed my run so I could enter the 8pm drawing.

  466. Mike

    Funky looking watch useful for a number of disciplines. Go on then,

  467. Matt B

    Give it TomeTome…. :)

  468. German


  469. Changren Yong


  470. Matt Lipa

    I’m in

  471. Bettina A

    Hit me with it!

  472. mike L


  473. amadeo

    Flashy!! 😉

  474. Sebastian Levesque


  475. Doug

    let’s do it

  476. Kristi S

    Would love!

  477. Tony Byrne

    Hello me again from sunny Melbourne

  478. Bob F

    I NEED IT!!

  479. Alex

    Could it be the one?

  480. PC


  481. Harry Roberts


  482. Rob

    Dibs!! That means by the laws of physics that I should get this!!!

  483. Christopher Ong

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  484. AnimalPlan

    That’s what I mean!!

  485. suzy

    the red one is so pretty!

  486. Burnbank


  487. DC

    Pick me!

  488. Dane

    I would love to see how this compares to my old nike+ gps watch

  489. Ian

    Thanks Ray!

  490. Joshua Brooks


  491. shiva bissessar


  492. Suzanne

    Holy, laser beam, Batman!

  493. Pete Blair

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a freakin watch with lazer beams!

  494. AP422

    Game on! Freaking sharks with laser beams!

  495. Dan Dombey

    oh fo sho

  496. Luiz Carlos Nunes

    Its mine

  497. Francis

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  498. JasonK

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  499. Henrik

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  500. Jamie

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  501. Swan

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  502. Christopher Stephens


  503. Jean Marc Gagnon


  504. Rafael Dienstmann

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  505. Jonathan Warner

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  506. Ian

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  508. Will

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  509. Rob Hahn

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  512. Sharks with laser beams would have been super cool!

  513. Kostas

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  521. simenru


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    For once…..

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    WOW I really want one of those.

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  783. Luís Sousa

    Cool! An optical hrm would be lovely since my garmin HRM keeps me with some marks on my chest :/
    I need to try your bandaid solution.

  784. Tony C

    Of course, they added the integrated optical HR *after* I bought mine… 😉 LOL

  785. Bob Kennedy

    Thanks – I’d love this one!

  786. Darren Roffey

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  787. Cristiano Goncalves

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  791. Dave


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  793. ProSchro

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  797. Khoo Teng Hin

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  800. Newbie Ultrarunner

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  806. Michelle


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  813. Janyne Kizer

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  815. Doug Morrison

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    A watch with lasers, hopefully, is a bit easier to care for.

  822. Lkutter

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  823. Kusi

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  824. Joey D

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  847. Andrew Taylor

    Ray I’ve never met you
    And this is crazy
    But here’s my entry
    So pick me maybe

  848. Jennifer Mackie

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  849. Monika

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  850. Scott Schaeffer

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  851. Titan

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  855. Miko Santos


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  885. Thien

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  892. Matt W


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  895. Juan

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  897. Darren

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  902. Braden Elke


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  904. Richie


  905. Kathy

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  906. Paul Stock

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  907. Cristina Burbach

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  908. Ned

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  909. Jeff cave

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  910. Pascal larochelle

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  911. Coedy

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  912. Nikolinjo

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  913. Meagan

    Enter all the giveaways!

  914. I wish every running watch had an optical heart rate monitor.

  915. Tovi

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  917. Charles Geer


  918. viki

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  919. Andy F

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  920. laner

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  921. David

    Where do I send my shipping address?

  922. Attila

    sign me up!

  923. JeremyM

    I just bought one from clever training. If I win this will be the one.

  924. Thomas Brayshaw

    Would love one

  925. Sean

    Please pick me

  926. Karl Pointer

    I love that you are willing to give these items away like this.. awesome!!

  927. Pietra Paese


  928. WillHtr

    Thanks 4 the chance

  929. Saif


  930. Jeffrey Morgan

    I would sport that at all my races

  931. keenan


  932. Bart

    Awesome sauce!

  933. Trace Thompson

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  934. Catherine

    Ok, let’s do it!

  935. Dylan

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  936. John Havill

    103rd time is the charm?!

  937. Alan Ashley

    Lasers FTW

  938. Chris Kuchin


  939. Cataluna

    A new watch! So cool!

  940. RunFit

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  941. Håkan Marklund


  942. Jon Lumpkin

    Have and like the non cardio watch but fed up with the strap. Give me fricken laser beams!

  943. Matt Johnson

    Count me in!

  944. AECSUSN

    Another awesome giveaway! I want this one as well.

  945. Oz

    Nice !

  946. Johnny

    Thank you!

  947. Brandon


  948. Bob R.

    Could really use this one.

  949. D Chan

    It looks brilliant

  950. Bridget

    This is my favorite one!

  951. JClarke

    Laser shark watch? Sounds great!

  952. vivian

    Me doy una chance para enteenar con este relojjj

  953. Charles Geer

    Please disregard my last comment, the email address was wrong.

  954. Eric Oshlo

    Keep on trying!!!

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  956. bear_down_chicago

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  959. Brandon Dawson


  960. Brad Baldwin

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  961. Matt Cross

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  962. Ryan

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  963. Kathleen


  964. Bob

    Tomtom Terrific!

  965. Deanna d

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  966. Martin


  967. Michael Zhou

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  968. Guillermo

    Awwww… sad to see this wonderful day slowly coming to an end… after this one, only one more…:-( -Guillermo

  969. Derek Briton

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  970. Tom Albrecht

    This would be pretty awesome!

  971. BG

    Thank you!

  972. EricaHP


  973. Pablo Gonzalez

    Yeah yeah!!!!

  974. Steven Knapp


  975. Dave


  976. Chris K

    One more to go!

  977. patricio


  978. PK

    can i be lucky now

  979. Tim Stevenson

    Hi Ray!!

  980. Kyle J

    Love it

  981. Nick Modrzejewski

    Maybe optical HRM will help the constant chest chaffing!

  982. Frank Scott


  983. Tyler r

    Sure why not

  984. Chris

    Fingers crossed

  985. Harry


  986. Michael

    Need this

  987. George Lin


  988. Douglas

    Yes please!!

  989. roberto aliaga


  990. And not have to deal with my HR strap slipping from my rib cage? DONE DEAL

  991. Louis Deslauriers

    Nice stuff!

  992. John B


  993. Jane J

    This would be great

  994. Paul M.

    A sharp little all-in-one.

  995. Jeffrey Morgan

    No need for a hr strap?

  996. Jason uhlrich


  997. Merlinbk

    Wish these giveaways were everyday.

  998. Daniel

    Sign me up !

  999. Jason

    Pick me

  1000. Jenson


  1001. Steve W

    Yes please

  1002. Pawel

    hope it was worth

  1003. Susan

    Thank you,

  1004. Edin smajlovic

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  1005. Kevin

    On the trainer now

  1006. Emily Spearman

    Who’s got the keys to the jeep

  1007. Mike

    Here! Here!

  1008. Pedro Navarro

    TomTom me!

  1009. Phil Goodwin

    Frickin’ laser beams! YES!

  1010. David

    Want One!

  1011. Derek

    Yes please

  1012. Robert T


  1013. redblack

    Love it

  1014. Daniela S.


  1015. Tim

    It’s got a freakin laser!

  1016. David K

    Pick me

  1017. Curt

    I Believe that I Will Win!!!

  1018. Eirik

    Yay, I’d like to win this one.

  1019. William Richardson

    Would be super nice on my return to triathlon after major injury.

  1020. Chris

    Yes please

  1021. Dave Dammer


  1022. Margaret


  1023. Been waiting all day for this one!

  1024. Zana

    Cool idea.

  1025. davidc

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  1026. Edward Gerovian

    Yes please

  1027. Kieran

    Laser beam me!

  1028. Shaunak

    Can I please get this one!! you rock!!

  1029. Eisen

    Its more fun in the Philippines

  1030. Steven Tucker