Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR15 and a Scosche RHYTHM+ Optical HR band


It’s like peanut butter and jelly (or in the case of Europe: Nutella and anything).  The Garmin FR15 is one of the best little GPS watches and activity monitors out there.  Then you combine it with my current favorite heart rate sensor – the Scosche RHYTHM+, and you’ve got the perfect duo.

The FR15 can easily pair right up to the RHYTHM+, allowing you to get heart rate readings without the annoying heart rate strap.  Then, after you’re done exercising you can use the FR15 as an activity monitor for the rest of the day.  Which is anything like my last days is mostly doing…nothing.  But don’t worry, it’s good at monitoring nothing too.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin FR15 In-Depth Review & Scosche RHYTHM+ Optical HR band (ANT+/Bluetooth Smart)

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase the FR15 through Clever Training you can join the VIP club and save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Josh

    Way cool

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    I really want this giveaway! So awesome!

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    Awesome watch!

  19. Steven Wiens

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  20. Barrie Smith

    I like bananas (still)

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  23. Martin G

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    This rocks

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    Garmin :)

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  29. Kasper Brink

    nice set

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    This would be perfect for my wife.

  33. Wim Schelfaut

    Yes, please.

  34. urya

    Yeah! go runners!

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  36. Ryan

    Really interested in the optical heart rate technology.

  37. Tyler

    Yay! More running gear!

  38. Mark

    lets play

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  41. Jaclyn

    pick me!

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  43. Jon Borscheid

    I’m all over it. replace my fitbit tody!

  44. Shai Simchi

    Me want!

  45. Michael

    Winning would be great

  46. Nate

    In for the win!

  47. Marc Kirsten

    This site is great.

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    This would be cool to own!

  49. Jeff

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  50. Chris Jmio

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  52. Chris

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  54. Emir

    in it to win it!

  55. Samantha

    This is fantastic!

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  57. bycho

    must have!

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  59. Oooh the heart rate monitor!! This is what I wanted. 😀 Please pick me!!

  60. Tom Billinghurst

    Ooooooooo nice

  61. Cameron Mumby

    Here’s my entry

  62. Yan

    S’il vous plait :)

  63. Margus

    I swim too !!!

  64. brian mclellan

    Can’t fault all your hard work

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  66. David

    I can use this.

  67. I have a friend that could really use that

  68. Roberto Germanos

    Not giving up! I want it!

  69. Dustin

    I really want this one!

  70. Kirk

    Pick me :)

  71. Adam

    No Whammies No Whammies No Whammies

  72. Lucas Fuentes

    Maybe this year

  73. Joe

    Just what I was looking for!!!

  74. Julie

    I so need all of this, STAT!

  75. Brent


  76. Chris M

    Fingers crossed

  77. David

    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

  78. Ilan Goldfeld

    Nice combo

  79. Fletcher Adams

    Yes, I want them both!!!

  80. Ryan

    I hate traditional HRM straps!

  81. Ricky

    Good luck all

  82. watch… me! I wear garmin :)

  83. Jarrod

    This would help so much!

  84. Jørn

    Perfect gift for the wifey

  85. Kai

    Also very nice

  86. Tommy

    pick me!!!

  87. Sam Baldwin

    Bring it on!

  88. Ken M

    Last try. Good fun.

  89. Louise Mortensen

    I need that for my trainings .. great watch

  90. glenn elliott

    This stuff is all great stuff!

  91. One more try :)

  92. Scott proscia


  93. Jack Toland


  94. Tom Liguori

    Smart combo.

  95. Alex Masidlover

    Swimming with HR, yes please!

  96. wannes

    Let’s get the misses into running.

  97. RQE

    big money, no whammies!

  98. Brian Hosty

    Very nice!

  99. Mayra

    TEAM THIRSTY!!!! Want this!!!!!!!!! please??

  100. Kate

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  103. Hugo

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  107. Marcus F.

    Definitely Interested! Great job with the giveaways so far!

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  110. J_T

    thats great!

  111. Gary

    This whole extravaganza is AWESOME!

  112. Michael Hebert

    Probably won’t win this either!

  113. Ty

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  114. Jonathan C

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  115. Kyle Shaw

    Great combination. I’m in!

  116. inma MS

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  117. Eric

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  118. Eyal Drori

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  119. Mike

    Ray thank you for this contest!

  120. Michele

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  121. Moe

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  122. simenru

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  123. Daniel Kittaka

    Optical HR is awesome!

  124. Jean-Paul

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  125. Danny

    Awesome, great day and a lot of fun!

  126. Henry Collet

    Dum di dum

  127. oooh ooh pick me

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  129. Chad Beert

    Can’t win if you don’t play.

  130. Nick

    Definitely like the band, wouldn’t mind the watch too!

  131. Bart

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  132. Katie Wilson

    This would make my day!

  133. Flore

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  134. Tomas

    need it :)

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  138. Ian Darling

    I like the look of the armband.

  139. Lisa

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  140. shawn skillman

    as my two year old daughter says….mine….mine daddy….

  141. Nancy T

    Back again. Looks sweet!

  142. Alex

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  143. Kent

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  144. Meagan

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  145. Kathleen

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  146. Kevin

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  147. John Friesen

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  152. Mike Parker

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  156. Pablo Raffo

    Yes! Scosche RHYTHM+

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  159. Gerard Colling

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  160. Tera

    Sounds awesome.

  161. Dave

    Thank you.

  162. Matt Johnson

    Count me in!

  163. Steve Smith

    Keep on trying :-)

  164. Anish

    Giving it another try.

  165. Bryan


  166. Raymond

    Would love to have this

  167. Alfredo

    Send it here 😉

  168. German Merino

    really nice, yes please

  169. Chad Merwin

    I’ve got a good feeling on this one

  170. This is gonna be a long night.

  171. Pedro Teixeira Santos

    The perfect kit!

  172. judy

    This is the one I really want!!!

  173. Alex

    i’m in!

  174. Duebrithil

    In for this

  175. Mick Oliver

    rude not to

  176. minja

    wow, very cool combo

  177. Ricardo Macias Arias

    I need a watch like that, its worth it

  178. Erik T. O.

    What a neat duo!

  179. JJJ

    Sweet watch!

  180. Nick Valaitis

    no whammy.. no whammy!

  181. Nelson


  182. Guille

    I want this one as well!

  183. Mihi

    Nice little Garmin

  184. Troy Braxton

    Dont like this one as much as the previous 8

  185. Francesco Chemolli

    Thank you!

  186. Christer Sehlstedt


  187. Loena Bank

    Want itt so badd

  188. Neil

    Yes please

  189. David Manley

    In for the win

  190. Lisa

    Pick me!!!

  191. Matias Casiva

    My heart is beating for this ones!

  192. Geert


  193. Joe Matchette

    My wife would like this….

  194. Neal

    Optical opportunity.

  195. Simon Morton


  196. Pedro

    Come on!!! Great watch!

  197. Shiri Shapira-Simchi

    I want this!

  198. Mary Wiens

    I want one.

  199. Arie Kraak

    Kom maar op met dat mooie spul.

  200. Bart De Weirdt

    LOve the sensor ….

  201. Gareth

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  202. andrew nagy


  203. Put my ticket in!

  204. Jeremy

    Super cool!

  205. Tom Smulders

    Pls, pls

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  207. Gian

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    Appreciate all your work for a great site!

  211. Dennis

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  213. Steffen

    That scosche sensor sure looks interesting!

  214. Greg

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  215. adeel

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  216. Jeroen

    Yes, I want to monitor my doing nothing!

  217. Kurt

    I think peanut butter might be an acquired taste.

  218. William t

    I’m one of the first comments…. Hope that helps me win!

  219. Patrik Akselsson

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  220. Oleg

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  221. Patrick Uchino

    Great combo, thanks for the opportunity

  222. Geo

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  223. jiipee

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  224. Enrique Ortiz

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  225. fabian g

    Es para mi

  226. tobias

    and another garmin!

  227. Peter Chueh

    you are awesome!

  228. Antonio Grimaldi


  229. Scott

    The new Garmin looks awesome.

  230. Katie G

    Yes please!

  231. Lawrence


  232. Jay

    Yeah this little combo is the one
    Cant wait to try it out on my next run

  233. Clayton Montgomery

    i’m all in

  234. Rich

    just missed out on posting on the last one. didn’t hit submit time. hopefully no mistake this time.

  235. Jann

    Me me me!

  236. Souquieres Philippe

    Nice gift for my wife :-)

  237. C.J.

    Fun for days!

  238. Stephani Mrzena

    Like & Want.

  239. David

    This is mine

  240. Mike T


  241. carndegos

    Ooh great!

  242. Daryl Klassen

    Yes please

  243. Stuart Stent

    my favorite so far!

  244. Jonathan

    Time to win one.

  245. Jco2

    Not Thatcher bad

  246. Dustin


  247. Guille

    I wish!! I Whish!!

  248. Philip Cumbus

    Awesome. Good luck me.

  249. Rhonda H


  250. Matous

    We wants it!

  251. Heikki

    My wife would love it :)

  252. chris


  253. Tim. Horsburgh

    No more cheststrap!

  254. lieke

    Nice watch

  255. Puneet Maheshwari

    Looks good!

  256. kate

    my daughter is doing her first tri. This would be awesome for her.

  257. Tom Goulooze

    Runner reporting in!

  258. Adam Neilson

    Hiya Ray, hiya pal.

  259. tero

    Count me in

  260. Arno

    Nice watch!!

  261. LukeJ

    We wantssss it:). (Read using Gollum voice)

  262. Larry H

    I’ll take it

  263. tudor

    I’m iiiiin 😉

  264. Tom

    Great pair!

  265. David Slawinski

    Yes please!

  266. Grant


  267. ms

    maybe this time?

  268. RW

    i was just reading up on optical HR stuff here. Would love to try it out.

  269. Allen

    This would be great

  270. Maria de Lourdes Macias Arias

    My old GArimin stop working. I need a new one and that is perfect

  271. Davey

    Great stuff keep it coming :)

  272. Ryan Logan

    winner winner…

  273. Nathan

    This is the one!

  274. Bryan Alsdorf


  275. Etienne

    Yes Please!

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    Woooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like Christmas!

  278. James A

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  282. Álvaro

    DCR for President!

  283. Dr. D

    FR15 r us :-)

  284. Heather

    This is the one I REALLY want to win!

  285. Espen


  286. Avigail Cohen

    This should be mine!

  287. pawel

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  288. Malte

    One more – going to sleep now. Thank you, Ray! Really appreciate it!

  289. Olli

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  290. Antonio

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  291. James Wilson


  292. Paul

    oh yeah, i’d really like to win it :)

  293. Richard

    Count me in…

  294. Bart Tassignon

    Last chance…

  295. Susan

    Love the armband HR monitor.

  296. Neil

    Another reason to get out and train.

  297. Tomas Hektor

    I’m curious about that optical HR sensor.

  298. Paul Cole


  299. Dennis


  300. Brian Grober

    Winning would be fun!

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  303. twoxj

    Another cool prize…Hope i win.

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    Let’s the games begin…again

  306. Semi Ennafaa

    Yawn ! bit tired after whole day in front of computer watching DCs updates :)

  307. TheHut

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  308. Jason

    Scosche !

  309. Ken

    Fantastic products.

  310. taylor

    Yeeesh I am getting tired of commenting…But I also love stuff.

  311. Abraham

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  312. Marc Beyer

    I really need to find my way…

  313. Roy Chan

    Wow these aren’t even in the shops here!

  314. Knutz

    I wholeheartedly approve of the European nutella-and-anything comparison.

  315. Mike A

    Yes! Let’s get some more watches in the mix!

  316. Bib

    G min to me DC

  317. Sarah


  318. Pete Blair

    Activity comment, that counts as an activity right?

  319. Tom Clark

    would love these!

  320. Jeff Miller

    here goes nothing!

  321. AK

    Finally a running-related giveaway. Seriously this is one awesome day, Ray.

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  324. wycherlm

    Much appreciated

  325. Jonathan Ho

    Hoping to win!

  326. Matt Field

    Need a upgrade from my Casio.

  327. Remco


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    Great way to track my fitness and calories. Really want one!

  329. Ben

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  330. Karen

    Bring it!!

  331. Nancy Schwertfeger

    I’ll take mine with a jar of Nutella, please.

  332. Pedro Santos

    WOW 😀

  333. Rob Hahn

    Rookie Triathlete, Please Pick me!!

  334. Jeffrey O.

    I want it!!

  335. jaan

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  336. paul frylink

    yes please, i need a new heart rate monitor

  337. Peter W


  338. Pat

    All right!

  339. Don van D

    Thank you for making my day just a little bit better.
    Well maybe a bit more than just a little bit. 😉

  340. Ryan Gard

    Big money no whammy

  341. Tomas Castillo

    Ughhh.. Did not set alarms to remind this was going on! First attempt

  342. derNathan

    Count me in please Ray,

  343. Missed the power meter by 30 seconds… Must mean I’m meant to win this. :-)

  344. ale c

    Le dare mucho uso

  345. Scot Gray

    I’m in

  346. Harmen

    Yes please :)

  347. Kyle Kennison


  348. Sabrina Adams

    I want this too.

  349. Vrabie

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  350. Felix

    Nice indeed!

  351. Angie

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    Great pair

  354. Robert

    Really praying for this one – the perfect set for me!

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  356. Jaime

    Jaime for the win!

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  361. Mike

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  362. Bert Rich

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  363. Keith

    This one’s mine guys/girls.

  364. Dennis

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  365. Ian

    Only desirable if they’re the items worn on air for FOX TV in NYC…

  366. Daniel B

    perfect for my sig fig

  367. Quoc ngo

    My first one!

  368. Mark

    Great combo, would really improve my training!

  369. Helen Roberts

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  370. James Gordon

    looks great!

  371. Noel

    More Garmin goodies!

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  380. Ruben van Dijk

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  381. Colby Owens

    Here’s to getting LUCKY!

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  383. Daniel Vela

    My wrist needs this!!

  384. Klitgaard

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  385. Brian Carroll

    Appreciate the opportunity!

  386. judy

    sounds like a good duo to me!

  387. LT

    Awesome site

  388. fascik

    FR 10 was easy to use cool GPS watch but FR15 with HRM it’s quite good and cheap choice for every runner.

  389. Krystel Perez

    I just started training and my friends said its really good besides your review

  390. Robert Pettifer

    Looks good to me

  391. Martin

    I am in :-)

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  393. Chris C.

    This one is for me :-)

  394. I need to start tracking my fitness again…

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  397. Patricia hough

    This is the one I need

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  399. Marius Risa Bachmann

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  400. Jake VanDewater

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  402. CMB

    WOW this is a lot of give aways. Pick Me regardless. :-)

  403. Derick

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  404. corey

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  405. LMAN


  406. Eric Lofgren

    I’ve been thinking about this HR band, actually.

  407. Sarah C

    OH this is the one I would want!! Thanks again for all the awesome work you do here on this site!

  408. Damir


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  410. Bing

    Fingers crossed!

  411. Martin

    This one will be mine!

  412. Laura K


  413. jazzar

    Yeah! LEDs!

  414. Chuck McGee

    Love the looks of this thing…Would love to have one to call my own!

  415. Andreas

    Would loveeeee to win :)))))

  416. Tim

    The giveaway keeps on getting more awesome

  417. Chad

    Yes please

  418. Pat

    persistence pays off – maybe

  419. Chipper Nicodemus

    Would make a nice gift for the Mrs.

  420. art thompson

    I’m in!

  421. Matthiss

    I really want to have the Rythm+

  422. Dawn

    This one has my name all over it :)

  423. John White

    The high-end dual channel scosche+ is hard to find online!

  424. NyquilInquisitor

    I need this for my dog!

  425. HA

    Scosche! Nice.

  426. Julian Middlewick


  427. Casper

    Again really nice!

  428. Ben Richards


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  430. Lev

    I’m still standing!

  431. Jessica Teixeira Santos

    Pick me!

  432. Joy

    Yes Please!!

  433. Goszcz

    luv it

  434. Ole

    Yes please!

  435. Javier Jose Romano

    How many calories are we burning by following and commenting the 2014 Giveaway Extravaganza? I’m exhausted, but keep them coming! :)

  436. marc002

    pick me!

  437. Peter

    Nice :)

  438. Stephan

    This has the just works factor!!!

  439. Mike

    cool, thanks!

  440. James

    I like free stuff

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  443. Paul

    The armband looks great!

  444. Dan

    Pretty pretty please.

  445. Dustin McKinney


  446. joe

    (Insert witty, funny comment here.)

  447. My precioussss… :-)

  448. Andreas H

    I’m in.

  449. L

    I want this the most!!

  450. Bob Hickes

    bring it!

  451. sebastiaan


  452. Morten

    I’m all over this one

  453. Mike K

    It’s mine!

  454. Maggs

    Not Spam :-)

  455. Kristian Geleff

    Yes please!

  456. chris

    I’d like to step up my game so as to win one of these, but I have no idea how.

  457. Edwin


  458. Stanislav

    I never win anything

  459. Thom Z

    Nice one!

  460. merlinbk

    Colombia! Greece! :)

  461. Michael Rodgers

    Man I want this one…

  462. Felipe Telles

    Uhuu another one!

  463. Flemming Vind

    Let me get updated

  464. Chris

    Yes please

  465. Well, optical HRs don’t work well for running, but this might be different from MIO’s…

  466. Patrick Lemieux

    Thanks Ray!

  467. Greg C

    Yes Please, please make me a better runner

  468. Levente Varga

    You should do this every day! :)

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    Nice combo!

  474. Randy

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  476. Dávid Farkas

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  477. beardyweirdy

    Beardy FTW!

  478. glbr

    this is the last one i can enter. why? why?!

  479. Dan McGowan

    Pick me random number generator!

  480. Nick

    I hope I win, thanks Ray!

  481. Craig V

    Count me in Ray!

  482. Todd Thorsgaard

    My heart quickens at the thought of winning 😉

  483. Michael

    An entry.

  484. Kate


  485. Andy D

    Yes please…

  486. Attila

    Great combo, thanks Ray!

  487. phil mills

    good to go

  488. Nick G

    Please give to me

  489. screwdriver

    Goodbye HR chest strap 😉

  490. Cory Delavalle


  491. ThomasR

    I like the Scosche!

  492. Caitlyn Brown

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Would love to win this one!

  493. Onno Wouters

    I’m in

  494. Cuervo

    This will look good on the floor next to my running shoes.

  495. GordonMah

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  896. difficult to track all those over night 😉

  897. Victor W.

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  985. Adrian Cowan

    Yes please!

  986. Tracey M

    Count me in! Thanks.

  987. Larry M

    Man, this is what I need… my old 205 has seen me through 14 marathons and countless runs and is about gone!

  988. dai

    me wants

  989. Kamil

    You are so awsome

  990. Nina

    Ooohhh I want this one!

  991. Heather


  992. Joe P.

    Thanks Ray.

  993. Steven Nail

    I’m in!

  994. Paul H

    Pick me

  995. Chris Y

    I might actually run if I win one of those.

  996. Lorcan

    Perfect for training!

  997. Erik Noppa

    I like.

  998. Alan Cardwell

    If you are telling me it’s good then I’m thinking it’s probably well used!

  999. nick campbell

    running success depends on wearing the right shoe (and the left one)…

  1000. Neil

    Pick me…..

  1001. Nick

    Pick me

  1002. Karina


  1003. Lev H

    So ready to trade in my chest-strap monitor!!

  1004. flarunner

    Count me in!

  1005. Rebecca Cain

    Whoa, this is awesome!

  1006. Mel G

    I want one!

  1007. Ben P

    This would be great!

  1008. Another try!!

  1009. RunFit

    I like the RYTHM+ band

  1010. BL

    This one is for me.

  1011. Gabor Kmetyko

    I’d try this instead of the hr strap

  1012. uzzy


  1013. Bridget

    I wouldn’t say no.

  1014. Oliver

    I Like DC Rainmaker!!

  1015. Stu

    Still don’t have an activity tracker.

  1016. Rz605


  1017. Brian Carty

    Blue on the Garmin matches my Felt B2

  1018. Mike Lin

    Nice combo!

  1019. Ashley Kolb


  1020. Maria Svensson Karlberg


  1021. Joshua Smith

    I’m in!

  1022. Martin Syvertsen

    That optical heart rate monitor looks sweet :)

  1023. Struan Lownie

    Still want to win something

  1024. Jon Lumpkin

    I’d love the HRM. I hate the sweaty band around the chest.

  1025. chiya

    i really wont one

  1026. Ivan L.


  1027. Norby

    Would love to run with this gear!

  1028. Andreas

    Come on, new running watch…

  1029. Matteo


  1030. aburton

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  1031. Mark

    Nice combo!

  1032. Chris

    Great products.

  1033. Ryan R

    Time, distance, and heart rate? Sold!

  1034. Peter

    Looks like a nice duo.

  1035. Christian


  1036. Bob Keele

    The fun continues!

  1037. Oz in LA

    In it to win it.

  1038. gawith87

    great 😉

  1039. Thomas

    Me please :) :)

  1040. wojtek

    Yes, for my wife. She hates heart straps

  1041. Simon Nilsson

    I want this one :)